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AgileSwitch Switch Driver Requirements

Plug and Play IGBT Drivers. Perfectly Matched For Fuji Switches.

Complete as much of this form as you can, however items with an asterisk* are required Send to AgileSwitch by email info@agileswitch.comor fax 866-788-7794. A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours, however feel free to call us any time at 484-483-3256.

Parameter Date Company Name Company Location Contact Name Contact email and phone


Value Examples July 11, 2011 SolarTech Systems Vail, CO USA Carol Smith 970-555-1234

IGBT Specifications IGBT Manufacturer* IGBT Model Number*

Fuji (FE) 2MBI225VN-12050

Key Driver Requirements Operating Frequency (Khz)* Parallel? If so, how many IGBTs are being driven? (2 or 3?)* Post Header Connector*

10Khz No or Yes, If yes, then two or three

14, 20 pin, Fiber

Supplemental Requirements Flying Lead Isolation preference Temperature Range (C) Fault Signal Types

No Transformer, OptoIsolator -20 to +85 C IGBT temp, Ambient temp, Overshoot voltage No or Yes Yes Additional specifications /requirements

Fault Lockout Control RoHS required? Special Requirements

Application Related End use Application Stage of Application Quantities initial (#) Initial timing (Weeks) Quantities production (#) Production Start Timing Alternatives Other Comments Solar inverter In development, building prototypes 16 4-6 weeks 1,000 per year 9 months Will produce on own. Would like driver/IGBT as subassembly

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