Naeem-uddin Hasan, COO Shehreen Rafiq Bawa, CMO Abdul Samad, CFO Syed Huzaif Ali, CTO Taha Bhatti, CRO

Market Need The frequent power outages have effected both the rich and the unprivileged ones all over the country The basic requirement Light and fan backup for at least an hour .

391.490 ! Our promised customers lie in the low lying areas with monthly saving of Rs 600/.Target Customers And Market Size Our target families are 6.who is unprivileged to buy expensive backup power solution. .

UJALA UJALA is a customized product engineered to cater all the preceding problems. Universality Greater luminescence (compared to Emergency lights) 2hrs backup time Auto start provides greater convenience After sales service is available for repairs and maintenance .

Business Model. manufactured locally. emails. Go-to-Market Strategy and Key Risks UJALA. will be supplied to local stores through our distributor Our plan is to aggressively advertise UJALA through flier distribution and cable TV. radio and through vehicle marketing The major risks or threats are: ‚ Resolution of Power Crisis appears as a major threat. ‚ Copy cats (infringement of intellectual property rights) .

Financials Financial Projections Year 1 Total Revenues Gross Profit Net Income Investment Needed 213 Million 101 Million 75 Million 21.6 Million Year 2 475 Million 223 Million 167 Million Year 3 697 Million 342 Million 343 Million Exit Strategy ‡Out source production ‡IPO .

Summary UJALA ! UPS GENERATOR Thank you Q&A .

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