To: Area Supervisors, Territory Leads and Customer Development Supervisors Sales Training has determined the reason why

some Merchandisers are not appearing on the PTM Assessment eLearning Report is because after taking the assessment they are advancing to the next slide before their answers are collected. If Merchandisers have completed course(s) but are not appearing on your PTM Assessment eLearning Report, they should NOT retake courses to take the assessment. Using the links listed below, these Merchandisers should complete the following steps. Please Note: These procedures must be followed when completing all future assessments. 1. Take the assessment at the end of the course. 2. Scroll down and click the Done button and wait until the data finishes processing.

They may see a meter at the bottom of the browser screen while the data is processing.

3. The assessment screen will change automatically to a Thank You screen when the assessment has been collected.

4. Click the Done button on this screen. 5. Click the Next button to advance.

Note that only Merchandisers who have completed the assessment as outlined above will appear on the report. We are in the process of updating the assessment instructions in all the Merchandiser courses and the Merchandiser New Hire Packet to include the new instructions. the following links should be used to complete the assessment.surveymonkey. The Sales Training Team .For those Merchandisers who completed course(s) but are not appearing on the PTM Assessment eLearning Report. please contact the Call Center at Seasonal Best Practices http://www. If you have questions.surveymonkey. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and patience. Reminder: They should NOT retake courses to take the Everyday Best Practices http://www. February 22 you can access an updated PTM Assessment eLearning Report for your Beginning next POSR Safety http://www. 1-800-AG CARDS.surveymonkey.

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