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Jackson 5 Tour Booklet [1975]

Jackson 5 Tour Booklet [1975]

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This musical phenomenon begun about twenty years ago in the town of Gary, Indiana, and has become one of the most amazing success stories of our time. A guitar player named Joe Jackson" who also wrote songs. began to realize that there was too little money for him in showbusiness, He married a pretty clarinet playing young girl named Kat herine and because of theirmutual love for children! they decided to make a down payment on a home they felt large enough to house the large fam il y Hurt they planned to have. Although Joe still sang with i:!I group called The Falcons, he also worked as a crane operator in a Gary steel' mill to support himself and his wife, but when they started to have a family" Joegave business career. up thoughts of a show

First came Maureen. who sang and played violin as soon as she was old enough to join her parents. Then. one after another came Jackie. Toriano and Jermaine, three boys who picked up instruments just as rap[dly as their Daddy put them down around the house. "Ever since the boys were hig enough to gel around the house by themselves they would take up one of the instruments and try to play it. If they liked it, I would encourage them," says Papa Joe proudly. "When they tried to play harder things, they would sometimes get disgusted and frustrated and then 1 would help them over the hump." "We liked being together und singing together," Joe continues, kept the boys interested "and it as at home as opposed to running the streets

many kids in our ueighborhood were doing.J didn't want that kind of life for them.'; The three older boys began to sing together, songs they beard on the radio and songs they learned from their father ..At that time Jerrnaine would sing Readand they learned to harmonize, Soon, more children were added to the Jackson family glee club. Laytoyapicked up clarinet from her mother and Marlon and Michael joined the boys' singing group, with 'Michael taking the lead every once in a while ..They would always entertain at family gatherings .. About that time, Joe began to think that the boys were serious enough about their music to try tomake it a profession. One of Joe's brothers has twelve children! a sister has six, and Katherine's sister has twelve, When the familiesgot together. it was quite an impressive audlence. Two younger children have nowbeen added to the Jackson bousehold: Randy who plays congos and three year old J anet who shows promise of becorn ing a songstress. When Michael turned three, he joined the group offkiaUy and went on stage for the first time in 1965 singing a Temptation hit; "My Girl", to win a local talent show at Gary's Roosevelt High School. The next year the boys won a city-wide talent contest and in 1967 walked off wjth first prize in an amateur talent show at Gary's Memorial Auditorium. Joe Jackson was getting more serious about the children's career by this time and he began spending more time rehearsing them and working on

an act that he could call professional. He got them several jobs around Gary, never straying too far from home because of school and his joh.'~We didn't get paid too often," Joe recalls, "Most of H was to spread our name around," Paid appearances aftthe Apollo Theater ~n.New York were sandwiched between school vacations" They received standing ovations there as well as at The Uptown Theater in Philadelphia and the Regal in Chicago, It was a political benefit. however) which really paid oft The children left such an indelible impression on Mayor Richard Hatcher at a benefit for his campaign that when Diana Ross came to appear at at Hatcher-ForMayor rallv, the candidate spirited her away to see the group at alocal talent show. That was in 1968. Immediately Diana caned Motown's President, Berry Gordy. Jr. Travel arrangements were made for them to audition for him in Detroit. It was Mr ..Gordy whose instinctive genius immediately recognized that the Jackson 5, with the proper training, grooming and professional counsel could become the hottest group in the world. His vision has since become a reality. The J-5's debut was a private performance at the Daisy, an exelusive Beverly Hills discotheque, Diana then includedthe boys in several. concerts and TV dates with the Supremes, At that time she stated, "I'm very happy to have been able to give a richly deserving group an opportunity to perform, because that's how we got our big chance. Had

it not been. for Berry Gordy searching for talent in the Black community, The Supremes wouldn't have been. discovered." The press reviews and word of mouth admiration for the grolLlp were marvelous and all that remained was for recording robegin.Meanwhlle, the Jackson's 20-year-old daughter.Maureen.wasmarried to a handsome young man and they made their home in Murray, Kentucky. Mi chael 1l, Marl 0 n 13, J e rm aine, 15, T ito (Tor iana), 16 and Jackie, 19 live in: their Beverly Hills home high above one of the Canyons with their parents, sisters Laytoya 14, and Janet 3., brother Randy 7. cousins Johnny jackson and Ronnie Rancifer 18and 19'respectively. Lobo. their German Shepard, a gopher snake and Jour white mice are the family pets. It is a typical home with children who are very busy being children as well as professional singers. The household awakens at an early hour and all take turns in the bathroom. getting themselves and their rooms together as SOlOn as possible so' that Joe can drop them off at school, After school they usually spend two hours rehearsing, come home Ior dinner, homework and bed. "On the weekends, we try to have same special type of recreation for them that they enjoy. They get pretty good grades in school and I keep
after them to do their homework but we never hassle", says theID.[ other; m

Katherine. They are quite a religious famHy. with Katherine the most active. She and Maureen, the oldest girl are Jehovah's Witnesses and thebovs and Joe are Baptist.

When asked if his boys ever step out of line. Joe reveals part of the wise phHosphy that makes his such a strong family unit. ,.All kids step out of line once in awhile and it's up to their parents to step them right back in line again. Holding back their allowance is the one thing that really gets to them, I manage their money of course; and a lot of it is held in trust, but we have strict allowance systems too and I dock from that when something comes lip wrong." The biggest change in their lives of course has been the security problem, Wherever the boys go, they are recognized, mostly by little girls, and while one or two girls are delightful to have around, crowds are dangerous and the girls often get carried away with hysterical adulation. Talking further with Joe Jackson reveals that he is a very sensitive father who has done a lot of observing and uses a strong inner wisdom with his kids, tempered with a lot of love. He prides himself in being able to be outspoken with his children and can instinctively ten when things aren't going exactly right. He has educated them in areas of finance, drug abuse and the obligation that they have to themselves and their public, He warns them of the penalty of "getting the big head" just because everybody likes them ... il tills happens, pretty soon they wouldn't be well liked at all. TOo parents who want their children to get in showbusiness Mr. Jackson saYS1 "First make sure they really want to be in the business. If they want it, keep them to strict rehearsals and give them lots of praise when they do well. When they start getting successful you must work even harder. Show Business has a lot of good traditions and newcomers. especially


.I stars ON THE JIM NA D S SHa


when they are kids, have to learn them. One o~~ most important is to althe ways give a show everything you have even when everything else is not right" And what are this wise father's boys like? Jackie, the oldest; was born May 4, 1951. He finished high school last year and is a serious, quiet young man. He has a keen interest in sports" especially baseball and basketball. Tito is also in high school and he gives a shy first impression. When warmed up though, be has a natural wit. He plays guitar and is a born mechanic. He once made ago-cart from an oldlawnmower and scrap parts. J ermaine, who playsbass, was born December 1ill, 1954 and s,eems to he the group clown. He sings Iead and finished. Junior High Schoof this year. Marlon, a Pisces, goes to Junior Higb Schoo] with Laytoya and has a flair for dancing. He is building a crystal radio set. Michael, whose birthday is August 29th. is the most boyish of all, He laughs a lot and possesses 8! lot of soul, A born leader, "What makes the Jackson Five so outstanding is that the boys work 'in total harmony; there is respect for each other's abilities and absolutely no jealousies;' states Motown founder Berry Gordy.Jr .. Any outside observer can. readily see that this holds true for their nonprofessional lives as well, even at basketball games and picnic lunch. They live with no jealousy and lots of respect for each other. If this sounds unusual" you have to remember thatlhe.ir father is an unusual man who. treats each of them with deep respect.

MiCMl"l1 Joe Jackson at the lende~


of eleven. is the leader



fastest rising singing ot

'group, an E!x.pert. dancer of oyrrernt style, qUipster, eomte and ShQWTnil'f'i.Hie is also a veteran

,se\i'en years stage expedenoor,al~ as a prn~essional singer, Born August 29, 1959 he wa..s the las! af tne Jackso1'l~ar1liJy to join the groop lout hils younQer Icrother Ra.ndy who is seven may force the
group to ohange irs name as


as he


I'Ils thing tOgetMF on the oongos. 0


is, the

OM' rrn wUh most oJ the time." says Mk:haell. "cause the rest of 'em--Iney'd

rather go, 10 the park but

he'd rather stay home ,and rest with me, IrI e's Ihe Oiilly on e I can be a big brothsl" to." 0 Th e older Jackson boys oH'emtease tl\etr lI'ounger brothers.. "When Ho ,and J:ad<te want 10 m.8~ LIS mad:' Mi.chaellaughs, '"Jhey call J,ermaine 'e~gl Head', Marl'oll 'Liver Ups' and the'y' call me 'Big INose'."



Michael's room at home contalns many etcturss, he loves to drs,w cartoons as much as he ~0'II!!3S groups he likes. Diana Ross, The Supreme-s,IRare Earth, Temptati:on:s and several others 0 Be is very proud of his clothes also, mostly 01 the ui5lJtdmod style" although ne oHen wears silK Shirts wHh matching sastillel1s. "llov9 slilk, or cowboy outl~ts complele wil:h hat" boots, 'gun aM h:o,sfar': 0 Mlchael also eelleets pets lof tne' sort a rifle 'lear old ooy liS moot fond. He,keepswl1ite Imice in a cage in the'farntly room when he's nat wearing them on his shoulders, 0 "I halVea.snake too that we found out on the beach," 01 M[chaei doesn't Mile, a girlfriend, •., don't know it I want one.' he say.s thoughtfuUiy, "Tille girls at school, ~hey jUlst play hit and fli.lll1-thBt's all ~hey do, th~ hit me !!1M FUln-1Ilks big girls better. big girls dOLl'1soct ~if<i9! mat," 0 Since movIng to CaJifornia Michael has made SE!lferal ohang,es in his live' slyle. 0 "lrirsl of 0111got laHer and my voice is changing a Ilittle, I have m0i19 to do at home now and less Iilme to play. I wash dishes sometimes. sweep, take out gar'bage. jLlst hellp out because we' stay lin a bigger house now, 0111 yeah".and clean my room, II draw most of me time when we're not recording or pracllciog:'O' I've 'started jJl.aYing drums bli.l'llli'm not real good yet. ~VIIOn't play on stage yet, people mighUa.l!.!Ighat me. They did thai 011-00 whEln I fell on stage and I dldn't !know what to do so II lust kept going:' 0 Mlcnaell'oves being in s:tlcMI busJness. ,especiaHy learning new song-s. He' has two method s for this. ''When YOl! do a song someone else has done you already Iknow the rlM.'!lodyso YOUmust 1 lsten reall carefully write down rna words. mal«! SUf@ 'they make saMe and learn tnern, With new so rig,s" ~ha,ve the 'lMOrd s written down and 'the producer shOWS, 'YOU how' 1M melody goes. Them 'YOu IPractiioe 8J tot." 0 At recording seselcns. Michae~ is tll'Yinglhard tOI learn to read music. "l've learned an awfullo! 'out I still have a long way io ,go" We spend a lot of time· recording and it's all YI'Of'K. II try to ge'l done as fast as I can 510I can hurry up and leave because' sometimes I li'u;,we ,other things to do-drawi!'lQ or homawork or gettingl oohoo~ clothes readlll,," 0 Miclhael admires many pertormers. 001' chlej 1.I"l'ong the nfI1 ~s Diana, Ross and J'ol'! n ny Marh is-:" I don '1' s~ng I ~ke 111 thai's n CIt u.sually my m. style. but I like 'the way he does it a.nd James Browl'il ...he's good." 0 Michael's j;~vol"1te soort is soccer and l1e plavsthat very well. Another favorite is swimming and he is happy te be in Callfomia where l'ie can ernjoy ~r all year. 0 Miohael tS so "normall" as a matter of fact, you eerrt help but wondler wlllat does botiher him. what problems he has, 10 "Problems?" he asks, "I don't ha\.loeany probiems-if'lol a one. I 'guess the worst one' wouldl 00 ~f I \lVaS conoeited. bu,1 I don't have tl1ooo' kind of problems, 1Il00000".mayOe' when I get oldef."
to watch ~hem on !:elevision. He also has pictures, o~ ,allihe


11'1:1 There Be REPEFlTIQIRE It's Your Thing

There Was A lime I FOilno Thai Girl

Call You Remembe~

Walk On By
The l.ove You Save

love VOIJSave'

Feelln' Alright

I WantVou Back

Mama's Pearl

Th lrtee n year old M arr~[lnJackson is the q VJ iet serlOUS,


playful J ackson, Born March 12,

'1957! Marloni s a Pisces and so has two sides to his nature. His quiietsi de prefers the so Iitud e of 1ii00bby projects he WClrl\:s on,i:he mo:tB'g,~eg2!rious side of him plays ~ittle fun g'ames wirth people that endear
him to them.




has many interests


hobbies. He is f.E!sc:i neted by etec~ronics, and has a f lai r for work ingi with thI3i ntricate parts ~ nvolved in builcling j:liie crystal radio set he has been working on rew,ntly. 0 He is also fascinated by television ~ ~ in generall and ~ncartoon programs in particular. ~ But not for tlheir stories as much as, for thetr techn ique$ "I like to try and fig u re out how they make things happen-ltke an animal chasing another and geUlng all cut up, then the s~ioescome back together agailn."
OSuch essence 'i » non-violent fun is tIMe very

of Marllon J1ad"sQrL He plays

"touch and! nun" wit'h people and runs little games-on familyv~sHors. D Mar· ~o.noften goos off by himself ln the large Jackson house and has to 00
drag.gedfmm the ~elev~siol1 set, or a

project or book, by h~sQlder brothers Jackie or Tito for dinner or a rehearsat D On stag e M arion does Ihi s th ~ ng and very seldom clowns, At recording ~~sions however he does his job efficienlly but still finds time to clown a~

round.Tl He is very close to his younger brother Mi" f*I't' . chael and looks forward to having him join him ln Junlor High School this year. 0 Marlon likes colorful clothes, "shirts witn lois ofllhings on them and lots of colors, not just one color, Illike bellbottom pants too. and vests, becausa I like to p~ay wr~hlhefringe and beads,'· He wear;;, turouolse blue a tot with warm flower prints or striped shtrts. U He:has (II filair for dandng and likes to help witch the 91roup'schoreography. Heffinds Sammy Davis, .Jr. his favorite dancer. D Diana Ross is his favorite singer and he llkes to vis~t with her. 0 Mar~Qn is really the sweetest otthaJaeksen F.ive, not the most fussed over. not the tall handsome: one, not the downing middle one, but the sweet loveable one. The one you wou:ld really moot want to taJke 'nome-and keep.



Jackson top singing

is a slender

tenth! grader '111Mli.kefiJ

SCll001 and maintsins astrona stsr ln America's Sagitarius, tDecember favor it€! v~catio'nspot

B average, He is the rnidd~1!) Olllilg- . y

gmuplod?y, 0 Jermaine who is a

1 t 1955} ~sold enough., where, hscen

yet sli~1young


oug h at fou rteen. to miss his Oil hom e in Gary, indiana, Th isis hk;. d visit old friends, There is an sings lead. he was old gir'lfriend there (he deesnt go wilt. a girl now) and a dog t!hey

had to leave, behind.

0 .Jerrnalne sometimes

the on Iy lead s~nger befo~e Mar10n and Michae~joi ned the group,

there Jack~@,lito and .Jerrnalns, and Tito p'I.s;yedguitar aga.in,s!Jermaine's bass ..0 .,I taught
only the three otlderboys b~ fooling! myself to

pl.ay mostly

around w~th it. my lather showed

t ""1

a lot. I want to maior in mus~cwhen l,gotQCQllege,~loJcanle\9TnmOreabou~!t" 0 Jer- ~;~ m~i ne loves vests .and be111ottom pants ~it h ~n ght eoio red ~h ins" ~ ~,o b His tavorlts color IS purpli8 and most of hls shirts naV'e a slf'lpe of purple or some of ~tn the print 0 He has expensive taste in cars i
me' some when I got stuck, and ~ practiced and would like to own a Rolls RoYce one day, 0 AI~hoLlg;h Jermaine likes a.thletic actiivities. phy.sical education is his least favorite su bjeot ail schoot _.' I goet 1"00 ti red to showEl'r ... or'll.)' five m 11"'1u.1:es- ou really fee'l di tty all day Mter that." 0 Y He has a great love



for his History ctass but really digs !".;()okin!J. "l look rooking in school and ·got an A ilf1 it I can fix enchlladas, tacos and lasBiQ na,
but ~Iike greens, hamhoocs and corn bread best off all;" 0 He enjoys ~ecordliflg sesslens "1.11 a way, .. out not when we have to keep . oomi'ng back for the sa me so ngs_" 0 A dl plomat, JI srmalne doesn't 1h.~l"'Ika",yonememooroftne group is best On stage he's considered Ihec:lown ot the group and says, "It's lust part ottne act, you know. but II like dolnq lt." 0 Contrary fa many recent rumors, Jermaine enjoys good tlealtih flOW, but had aserlous kidflsy problem when he

wEllS ne. "I area whol e box. of sal t and !hadlto ce rushed to the nosni pita]. They soared meat first. beoausetnev had to tralilsferblocx[' lJA boy collldeo witll him while w1l!rmirlg up lor ateseoeu game. o '1M coach hit a f~yand we both went for it.. he sure. had a. hard forehead." 0 Jermalne enjoys listening to other groups,
such as the Terrrptations, The Rare Earth or tile Beatilss. but for
SOUl I he' finds Stevre Wonder

more to his ~iking, '0 Is Jermaine


wi se guy? ,.N D, that's for when you g,e'lt he big head. t


way you


get it is when you don't do what you know you should do",you think yOnd knO'W i~&I~ and you're the bftggest star and all that." "~We·ust don't have lt.. none of us." j
For'.r Ja.

",~."'i~~ a"~.rrn'·"~ ... ""


Toriano Jackson work, school,

IS a sturdy·bl!JlHt youngl msn of 16. Bom October

15, j 9.53, he is a Libra. and ts able to balance his recreation and hobbles.T) him. is a good athlete. His favorite being catcher.

Hm well

betwssn calls

Tito, as the family

sports are base-baH and football

and he most admires Em~e Ban ks, Wihen Tlto pi ays baseball he likes He likes boxing and spars often


Berry Gordy,

Jr. {who also, used to box] and shows enough natural talent to pursue lilghting as a career,


His life has changed a good deal since

tile family left Gary, Indiana, but he has retained a and conn n ues his hobbles as he did at home. ifornia. Ilothing changed much' lInti Iwe got

o "OJ.ming out to Cel-

sense of



"HoHyvl/ood PalThen

ace: wuth

the Supreme-so

kids started to recognize us, and then records came out."

o "BoYS startedacrinq


at firs.f, YOli know ...tryun.g to say got more interested Teachers

we weren't that good. The girls in me but my girlfri,end took care of them.

know who we are and that's kind of handy." D Tlto

notices. a girl's perooll"l8liity first and he likes a frie,ndly warm girl best of all, Looks are his second corlsidemtiOI1 and he likes a figUre· "just right-not doesn't like girls, too slender, but not too round." He

who are too

lbossy Of who pull at his clothes

and try to take a pieoe of his hai r. Tlto is very serious aIJout hi S

music, He is siudyi'ng classics in his favorite class lnschool and plans to malm ~nmusic in oCoJle:g8. He says, he plays guitar best but also is capable with a saxophone, violin, <lind bass fiddle. He' sings bass, with the 'group, 0 Tito got his first guitar ata very early age, "It was a lo"! guitar," he recalls" "Wiith ptasnc strings. I tried to play for a lo,ng time and when my father thought I was serious he QO'.
me a bass guitar. I learned to play within a year and my father then gave me his eloctric gUiitar, I

started to pi ay the bl u es tirst, I'd IiIKeto get as good as 8. B. Ki ng one day, h 9'S the 9 real,est ."One of Tito's great loves is cl'othes and his second 'favorite subiect at school is Art. because he waJnts to master clothes desl·g n,iIlQ. Hie's mas'! i !'"Nfl uencec by the mod lock and he Iiikes suits best. ,He
goes window shop pi ngl first "to check out styles" and then malkes hls choices. 0 In music today, Tito Ij~es arnd the Tempts., the Roillingi Stones, The Supremes

and he digs S'Uperstar Diana Ross and Af,etha Franklin o Tlim miglht have been a rneehanle if il were riot for
singing!, He ~ov:esto assemble' model k.its and has Duil1 a go-cart from an old lawn mower and spare can't waii!,to get a car so he can customee brothers consider him the most serious



it 0 TilO'S
of the family

and his job with the group is to keep the oond: together and make sure the ,guys pl'ay behind IhiS guitar cues.

o About

his own personality

M says, "I don't get the else-this ls

big head ...never.

I'm just like everybody

just like a hobby Of mine. If it mak~s' lots, of people'

know me and like me," he shyly adds, "'that Jlust makes me happy."

Sigmumj Esco Jao~strn. at nineteen,' is theoldlest of the IFive J:ao1<so Brothers whQoompnise tihe w()'f~d's hottest new vocal n grolJP. the Jackson Five. 'T~ey ctM~ me Jackie fO'r short," he smi les shyl y. "My real name is Spanish and W.3.l> given to me by my aunt" D Jackie is 8 Taurus, born Mow 4, 1951, He ]ust comp~eted higlh school and is on the brink some mom€n~andSO'rne the men never quite the cross between 'boyish manhood and msnlsh boyhood. Cute one



one second-stern

next: teasl Ilg i rl one breath-adarrant but fee~s "It all p.ays off, I wouldn't

the next and very; very

serious about "life," D Hsbetleves his parents

kir'1dof strict

chaFlg~ the way they are. I

can't ·goout on dates, you Mow. 11e if I had my OWl'! car o r anyk thilno;Jbecause of security problems, Anyth~r1g could happen to me out there." 0 He doss 'have girlfriends 1fllough, who vU~sit with him arthome or at the homes of friends. D Jackie prefen" the mod-look ofcliQtMs. Hj(il,lavorite cotor is Ilme-gireen ruld his r"ie~JJbf>C"wn complexion is comllilmen~ed by the coolness of it. H@ prefers S8&tnrOUlgh::;hiirl:$, ve<m and ben bottom pants. 0 He would one day like to hav~ a Fleetwood Cadli lac.andssserlcus as he is about his work, he w,1111 Pfobab~y eam one soon. 0 JaCki e lik;es sports a tot, espec~8Iliy basketball. He had a cl'laJ1ce to play on the school baskietball team bUI"could n 't beeeu se of f€flOro i.ng sessJons, Baseball sccuts ill Indiana ratoo h irna: toOP prospect as a major league pitcher. 0 "I guess, you have to choose whm IS'most ~moo:r1arrt,and singing has been to me. But i .alwa:ys 'Watch the Lakers. My favmite players are Elgi rnBaylor and J enry West. " D Jaclkie admires tne singing of 10m Jones with his vlgorousstYI:e and del Ivery .Of course hi is f8JvoMte fema~e si nger is Diana Ross, but wihen noomee to groups, he says: "I like the Temptations, The rOIJIr Tops, Tr,e Sljpremes and the lBeaJtI,es:' As in alii farnil les, there D are 11 mss when even the o!d:es1 ~OOks.wmi ad rnuration at his ym.mger brothers ..0 "Jermaine plays



bass. really well. Tlto takes a lot in, he's an observer.



Marlonl are

a. lot ali"'e.~q~iet

Ali ot thern tool areund too muc~ eV€l~ now anc then, nbwev'Sir."' D Jackie plans to

goto college to major in business so he ca~ handle his earninigs pr-operly when he is old enough to

supervise the fu rids, He ~ ve rv content though r klilpwi ragthat SQ rnenv peopl e are concernsd for 11 s is welfare, not just now. but are weally he.lping] to protect hisfulure, 0 "Motown has taught us recording tschn j,qUElS 8Jndthey' arehel pi n9 us to become stars. 1i1hey've taught us how to make the most of rehearsals and reQOfd~ng sessions:' D And wlmatdOBS ~e think about the gir'ls who have, mobbed the '9reu P o:nstagsand ~he ones Who can the house and write ietters. to the !:Joys? 0 "They get a !little carried away oom.eti mes, " Jadkte shyly laughs. "but thsrs are so many other guyS out Hliere .. " "There's only one of me. and I'm not that djfjferent ... am II?"


Oesi!;l nredl by WEI.lk.erS~iI.ldlQi!: Pll:tll~sl'led by A:a,ydel! !?ublisMnlQ and Di$rit;lLilling Corp, AddiitflDmll coples may be purcha$edby maililllQ .$ 2 .00 to Ra.yda!l~ l""\JblisrHl'Ig Mel Difllll'~b1Jlin;g. Corp..

1;9 WeM 44tn $'t",ee~New yorl.!;. N,Y. l003E1





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