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On the Design Report display, you left a filler line below the TITLE record format.If
you leave a filler line between 2 records, RLU generates the Space Before keyword
with a value of 2 lines [SPACEB(002)] for the second record format.

To delete the filler line and define two blank lines separating the TITLE record
format from the HEADING record format:

1.Type D in the sequence number area of the filler line, and press Enter to delete
the filler line.

2.Use a keyword for the HEADING record format to insert two blank lines imme-
diately before it.Position the cursor on the HEADING record format, and press
F18 (Record keywords)(B).The Space Before (SPACEB) keyword is already

Chapter 5.Designing a Complex Report - Example


specified for RCD002, which has a value of 1 line.To specify additional
spacing lines, type a 2 in the Opt column beside SPACEB on the Work with
Record Keywords display, and press Enter.The Specify Space Before display

3.Type a 3 in the Number of lines to space before printing prompt, and press
Enter.The SPACEB keyword is specified for the record format with a new
value and the Work with Record Keywords display reappears.

4.Press Enter again to return to the Design Report display.The two blank lines
you specified with SPACEB appear on the display as filler lines before record
format RCD002.

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