(A Central University established by an Act of Parliament No. 53 of 1985)


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Vice Chancellor’s Message
uman Resource development and higher education in India are focused on access to a large number of aspiring students to undergo higher education with quality and affordability. As one of the Central Universities, Pondicherry University has facilities and amenities to students to stay and study a wide range of 157 programmes. The main campus located at Puducherry has a lush green tropical evergreen forest along the east coast of India bordered with the Bay of Bengal. The University has established two more campuses to offer P.G. Courses and Doctoral programmes, one at Karaikal (UT of Pondicherry) and the other at Port Blair (UT of Andaman and Nicobar Islands). The University has excellent ambience for higher studies, research and cultural exchange. It has nineteen hostels, networked Wi-Fi campus, support services. Scholarships and freeships are provided to help deserving students to pursue their education and research. The modern laboratories, library with electronic access to over 27,000 Journals and e-resources, conference halls, play fields, health centre, placement and other services such as free buses to reach the University, eco friendly commutation in campus by electric cars & bicycles are


a few to mention. The University offers many inter-disciplinary courses in Arts, Pure and Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Commerce, Management, Education, Electronic Media, Environment, Nano sciences, Green technology, Performing Arts and Computer science through Choice Based Credit System. Expansion, Excellence with Equity is the punch line and thrust of the University. A large number of national and international conferences and seminars are held. Recently, the University has taken a big leap ahead with expansion of teaching departments, infrastructure, research facilities with an ultimate objective of 400% expansion of the student, teacher and scholar strength by the end of 2011-12. There will be 450 faculty spread over 14 schools. The University is conscious that with increasing inter disciplinary nature of job opportunities available globally, it is inevitable for any student to cross the borders of his specialized field & learn more in allied fields, to make himself adaptable to the changing scenarios. To fulfill their need, the University has started 22 P.G. Diploma programmes, 8 foreign language and 2 Indian language certificate courses thus providing them add-on options in various relevant disciplines. For example, a student of ‘Master in Social Work’ can

now possess two additional P.G. Diploma in Industrial Psychology and Labour Laws, which will add immense value to his/ her employability. Similarly any student in Bio-sciences will now have an option to add a P.G. Diploma in Biotechnology which is currently in great demand. All the Add-On courses are also made open to the local population of Puducherry enhancing their access to higher education. 5 Basic Clinical P.G. Programmes are offered jointly by the University and Affiliated Medical Colleges from this academic year. The University believes in affirmative action to promote inclusiveness in higher education. Several concessions such as Free Education including hostels to physically challenged, free accommodation to girl students, subsidised mess for "below creamy layer" sections are a few to mention. Over 41,000 aspirants wrote the entrance in 2010, and the campus has students from 31 states of the country. We welcome overseas students for a semester or a full two year programme. We welcome you to India's fastest growing Central University during the XI plan.


Governor of Puducherry VICE-CHANCELLOR Prof. SAMPATH Librarian Dr. SURYA PRAKASH RAO Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences: Prof. PRITHIVIRAJ School of Performing Arts: Dr. A. PRATIBHA DEVISINGH PATIL Her Excellency. VENGUATTARAMANE Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language & Literature: Dr. RAMADASS School of Medical Sciences (i/c): Dr.S. LOGANATHAN Finance Officer Shri S. J. the President of India CHANCELLOR Shri MOHAMMAD HAMID ANSARI Hon’ble Vice-President of India CHIEF RECTOR Dr. R. PANDIAN www.M. (Mrs. Educational Innovation and Rural Reconstruction Prof. S. & Technology (i/c): Dr. R.K. TAREEN School of Management: Prof. H. Chemical & Applied Sciences: Prof. LALITHAMMA School of Physical.pondiuni. V.in . RAMASAMY School of Humanities: Prof. J. RAMADASS Registrar Shri S. AROKIANATHAN Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies: Prof. SAMBANDHAN School of Education: Prof. A.S. M. S. K. RAJU School of Media & Communication (i/c): Dr.VISITOR Smt. RAGHAVAN IA & AS Controller of Examinations Dr. TAREEN Director of Studies. SAMYUKTHA DEANS OF SCHOOLS School of Life Sciences: Prof.A. S.edu. IQBAL SINGH His Excellency. R. J. MAHADEVAN School of Engg.) M. M. M. D. PRIYA DAVIDAR School of Social Sciences & International Studies: Prof. the Lt.

Director (i/c) Dr. Hariharan Director www. Sakthivel Dr. S. Balakrishnan Dr. A. Ramathirtham School of Social Sciences and International Studies Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences School of Physical. (Mrs. A. K.Schools.) Nalini J. co-ordinator) Dr. Govindaraj Co-ordinator Dr. Academic Staff College Dr. Anjaneya Swamy Dr. G.edu. Nivedhitha Dr. G. T. Mohanty Dr. S. V. Thampi Dr. N. P. P. Sampath Kumar Dr.in . Arokianathan School of Management Department of Management Studies Department of Commerce Department of Economics Department of Tourism Studies Department of Banking Technology Department of International Business Department of Mathematics Department of Statistics Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Department of Earth Sciences Department of Applied Psychology (Course co-ordinator) Dr. P. K. Subramanyam Naidu School of Engineering & Technology Department of Computer Science Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan Centre Head Dr. Ramachandran Dr. Chandrasekhara Rao Dr. S. Venkata Raghotham Dr. A. Vizialakshmi Dr. (Mrs) D. Ramaiah Dr. Ramanujam Dr. Dhavachelvan Department of Electronics Engineering (Course co-ordinator) Dr. C. Ravi Kanth Kumar Centre for Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering Dr. V. Jha Dr. V. Programmes in Basic Clinical Sciences (Univ. Thomas Centre for Foreign Languages Escande Chair in Asian Christian Studies Department of Anthropology Department of Sociology Department of History Department of Politics & International Studies Department of Social Work (Course co-ordinator) UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation (UMISARC) & Centre for South Asian Studies Centre for Women’s Studies Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies Dr. K. Mohan Dr. K. Murali Dr. S. Kumari Principal Dr. Dhanavanthan Dr. Sambasiva Rao Dr. P.) Nalini J. Govindaraj Dr. K. Srinivas Dr. Abbasi School of Education Dr. Chellaperumal Dr. Satyanarayana Dr. A. S. Indumathi Dr. Arulselvan School of Humanities Department of English Department of French Department of Hindi Department of Sanskrit Department of Philosophy Department of Physical Education and Sports Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies Dr. Chemical and Applied Sciences Prof. Tamizhmani Dean Dr. S. S. Devan Associate Professor College Development Council Students' Welfare Directorate of Distance Edn. N. P.Sc. V. Srikumar Dr. Prabhakara Raya Dr. Govindarajulu School of Medical Sciences M. Mohan Dr. B. G. K. N. K. M. N. C. H. Lalithamma School of Life Sciences Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department of Biotechnology Department of Food Science and Technology (Head i/c) Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences Department of Ocean Studies & Marine Biology Department of Coastal Disaster Management Centre for Bioinformatics Dr. Arivunambi. Arumugam School of Media & Communication Dr. Mohanan Dr. K. Dean (i/c) Dr. H. G. (Mrs. S. N. Parthasarathy Dr. M. Venguattaramane. T. Prathap Kumar Shetty Dr. V. K. Departments/ Centres & respective heads Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language & Literature Dr. S. Thampi Dr. B. Usha V. R. Srikumar School of Performing Arts Department of Performing Arts Department of Mass Communication Department of Library and Information Sciences Centre for Electronic Media Centre for Green Energy Technology (Course co-ordinator) Centre for Nano Sciences & Technology (Course co-ordinator) Community College Central Instumentation Facility Karaikal Campus Centre for Adult and Continuing Education Dr. C. Malabika Deo Dr. P. Radhakrishnan Dr. Dr. Surya Prakash Rao Prof.pondiuni.K. R. Mathur Dr. M. N. B. M. P.

Nallaperumal Pillai (DDE) S. Durai R. Sankaranarayanan Dr. Punitha (Administration) Assistant Registrar N. Lalitha Ramakrishnan Dr. Franklin Thomas (Academic II) Assistant Registrar Dr. M. P. Sultana Dr. P. Parthasarathy M. Palanivel S. Anbu Mr.A. Venguidesvarane Project Officer. Manivannan (DDE-Examinations) Deputy Registrar Dr. – I (SS) Central Instrumentation facility P. Subramanian Deputy Registrar (Administration) P. Sheela Das Dr. Giridharan (Establishment) Assistant Registrar M. – II Technical Officer Gr. Segar Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Assistant Registrar (PCR) S. B. Vadivel Engineering Wing Superintending Engineer Executive Engineer Assistant Engineers Other Officers Central Library Deputy Librarian Deputy Librarian Assistant Librarian (SG) Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Computer/ Information Scientist Systems Manager Systems Analyst V. Olirvel Marie Stanislas Ashok K. Ramalingam VIGILANCE AND SECuRITy wING Assistant Registrar D. Sankaramurthy K. Sabiah Dr. Sampath Kumar Dr. P. M. Chandramorthy Assistant Registrar (Finance) P. Jayakumar Dr. Baskar K. D. Manivannan Dr. S. R. M.S. M. R.Administrative officers OffICE Of THE VICE-CHAnCELLOR Assistant Registrar R. Chitra (Examinations) Assistant Registrar P.R. Vallathan (Public Relations) Assistant Registrar (Ramanujan School of N.N. K. Dwaraganathan N.Gadi Padmavati Hostels Chief Warden (Men) Chief Warden (Women) Assistant Registrar Bharathidasan Ilango Adigal Kalidas Kamban Subramania Bharathi Tagore Valmiki Kannadasan Kabir Das Foreign Students’ Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan(i/c) Moulana Abul Kalam Azad(i/c) Karaikal (Boys) Ganga Cauvery Saraswathy Yamuna Kalpana Chawla Hostel Karaikal (Girls) Ladies Hostel(Port Blair) Wardens : Men’s Hostels Computer Centre Placement Cell Placement Officer Horticulturist Horticulture Health Centre Medical Officer – I Medical Officer – II Media centre Producer FM Radio Executive Producer Wardens : Women’s Hostels Central Maintenance Workshop Technical Officer Gr. Gunasekaran Assistant Registrar (Accounts) G. Alamelu Registrar’s Secretariat Deputy Registrar (Academic II) P. Muralidassan Public Grievances Officer Dr. Sivasubramanian Z. M. A. Thillaimani S. Santhosh Mathew Dr. S. Thirunavukkarasu Dr. Subramanian Deputy Registrar (SC/ ST) M. Rejoyson Thangal Dr.K. Kasirajan Directorate of Distance Education Assistant Registrar Centre for Bioinformatics Information Officer V. – I (SS) Technical Officer Gr. R. Subhadip Bhadra Dr. Ravi Mathematical Sciences) OFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER OF ExAMINATIONS Deputy Registrar Dr. Gopalakrishnan R. Sampath Kumar Dr. Babu R.pondiuni. Sampath Kumar Dr. Sundara Mohan Dr. S. Velayutham (Purchase & Stores) Assistant Registrar B. Devan OFFICE OF THE FINANCE OFFICER Deputy Registrar (F&A) K. Hema Dr. Rajendiran (Planning & Development) Law Officer A. Mumtaz Begum Dr. Balasundaram Assistant Registrar (Exams) P. Radipe (Academic I) Assistant Registrar L.edu. R. Routtramourthy Dr. Mahalakshmi Sanjeev Kumar Saleema Rabiyath P. Krishna Sri. Vaitheanathan (Examinations) Assistant Registrar DDE (Exams) Dr. Meibalan U. Rajan K.V.K. Sankara Subramanian G. Balasubramanian Assistant Registrar Dr. Subhadip Bhadra Dr.in . Pramod Singh Dr. Jitendra Mohan Mishra Dr. R. Amilan Ms. Jagannathan Deputy Registrar Dr. K. C. Ilamathy Janakiraman B. Amutha Dr. Project Cell S. K. S.A. Archana Pan Dr. Saravanan (PUCC) N. Vallathan (Planning & Development) Assistant Registrar S. Nagalingam V. Ramasamy www.

Supervisors Academic Calendar 08 09 10 11 12 13 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 22 24 33 35 42 42 43 46 56 58 144 147 148 149 150 151 157 07.pondiuni. 17.CBCS Entrance Examination Centres How to Apply Selection Process Reservation Admission Requirements Ph.Phil. 09. 11. 18.D.G. 08. 13. 19. 20. M.Ph. www. Programmes A-Z Schools & Departments/ Centres Puducherry The University Quality Living Common Facilities Library Computer Centre Central Instrumentation Facility International Financial Assistance System of Instruction .G.edu. 24 25 26. 23.Table of ConTenTs 01. 15 16. 03 04. Courses P. 14. P. 22. 05. 02. Diploma courses General Conditions of Admission Course/ Centre Codes Fees Hostels Conduct and Discipline Add-On Courses UGC Academic Staff College Pondicherry University Community College Directorate of Distance Education Placement Cell Affiliated Institutions . 21.D. 06. 10. 12.in .

Nano Sciences & Technology 105.Com. International Business 130. (Accounting & Taxation) 122. Green Energy Technology 103. Phil.S c . Politics & International Studies 104. Food Science & Nutrition 95. Business Administration 62. Applied Psychology Asian Christian Studies Banking Technology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 96. French (Translation & Interpretation) 103. 134. Computer Science 90. Politics & International Relations 104. MSW.. Economics 122. Library & Information Science 62. Chemical Sciences 93. Environmental Technology 95. Sociology 119. Education 127. Tamil M. French 103. Coastal Disaster Management 96. History 74. Sanskrit 121. 68.Ed. Philosophy 117. Food Science & Nutrition 95. English 137. Statistics M. Applied Economics 100. History 126. Social Work 113. Politics & International Studies 104. Electronic Media 95. Mathematics 142. Economics 100. Hindi 115.S c . Applied Psychology 86. Bioinformatics 88. 65. Applied Geology Chemistry Computer Science Economics Mathematics Physics Statistics 63.Ed. History 71. Hindi 115. M. English 137. Microbiology 78. Drama & Theatre Arts 82. Bioinformatics 88. Mass Communication 105. 82.in . International Business 66. Physical Education & Sports 78. Mass Communication 74. Physics 75. 86. Tourism MCa.P. Social Work 113. Sociology 119. Tamil (Modern Literature) 60. Statistics 60. Biotechnology 80. Computational Biology 134. Sanskrit 121.Com. M. (Master of Physical Education & Sports) M. Chemistry 63. Nano Sciences & Technology 134. Electronic Media 100.. Southern Asia Studies 75. (Business Finance) 112. M. Applied Geology 84. Sociology 60. 134. Environmental Engineering & Management 82. 78. M. M. Exploration Geosciences 140. Network & Internet Engineering MBa 68. MPA (Theatre Arts) 114. M. Sanskrit 113. 107. Women’s Studies 8 www. Management 92. Physical Education & Sports 78. Anthropology 84. Tamil 66.pondiuni. Physics 117. Tamil (Religious Literature) 120.Ed. 82. Women’s Studies Ph. (Master of Education) 106. South Asian Studies 119. MCA 130.P.. Earth Sciences 90. Green Energy Technology 142.PRoGRaMMes a-Z with page numbers 112. MLIS. Physics 117. Coastal Disaster Management 63. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 96. 74.Com. 134. Anthropology 107. French 140. Computer Science & Engineering 136. Anthropology 65. Ecology and Environmental Sciences 65. Ecology and Environmental Sciences 127. M. Philosophy 106. Asian Christian Studies 80. MSW (Master of Social Work) 63.. Mathematics 86. Tamil 60. Electronics 137. Food Science & Technology 102. MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) 109. Tourism Studies 120. Mathematics 105. English & Comparative Literature 102. South Asian Studies 60. Computer Science & Engineering 109.edu. Insurance Management 71. 112.a. Commerce 109. Food Science & Technology 92. Commerce 134. Marine Biology 74. M. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policies 114.P. Marine Biology 126. Banking Technology 62.Ed. Philosophy 106. Biotechnology 80. 75. M. Chemistry 93.D. (five Year Integrated Programme) 80. M. Drama & Theatre Arts 65. Environmental Technology 102.Tech. Hindi 115. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policies 114.a.

Department of Mathematics Department of Statistics Department of Anthropology Department of Sociology Department of Social Work Department of History Department of Politics & International Studies UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation (UMISARC) & Centre for South Asian Studies Centre for Women’s Studies Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies 77.pondiuni. Centre for Green Energy Technology Centre for Nano Sciences and Technology Department of English Department of French Department of Hindi Department of Sanskrit Department of Philosophy Department of Physical Education and Sports Centre for Foreign Languages Escande Chair in Asian Christian Studies 144. 71. 105. 107. 102. Add-On courses 147. 99. 115. 82. School of Life Sciences 86. 96. Department of Mass Communication Centre for Electronic Media Department of Library & Information Sciences 85. 80.sChools & DePaRTMenTs/ CenTRes with page numbers 59. 90. School of Media & Communication 126. 84. School of Performing Arts 109. 106. 127. 142. 113. 68. 107. Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences 74. Placement Cell www. 137. 120. Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies 140. Department of Management Studies Department of Commerce Department of Economics Department of Tourism Studies Department of Banking Technology Department of International Business 108. 73. 88. School of Physical. Chemical and Applied Sciences 78. 117. School of Management 62. 93. School of Education 124. 92. School of Social Sciences and International Studies 112. 63. 114. UGC Academic Staff College 148. School of Medical Sciences 125. 104. Department of Computer Science Department of Electronics Engineering Centre for Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering 139. 136.in 9 . Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department of Biotechnology Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences Department of Ocean Studies & Marine Biology Department of Coastal Disaster Management Department of Food Science and Technology Centre for Bioinformatics 133. 103. 121. School of Humanities 100. 130. School of Engineering & Technology 134. Department of Physics Department of Chemistry Department of Earth Sciences Department of Applied Psychology 122. 65. 75. Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language and Literature 61.edu. 119. Department of Performing Arts 111. Directorate of Distance Education 150. 95. 66. Pondicherry University Community College 149.

a staunch disciple of Subramania Bharathiar. Puducherry Tourism provides more detailed information in this regard. Indology and Culture. 160 k. Puducherry. The intellectual activities are fostered in many of its institutions such as Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the French Institute which caters to research needs in Science.D. is a veritable repository of treasures.m. Some of the other places worth seeing are Auroville. Lake and Garden.edu. Beaches. Churches and Mosques. whose poems stressed social revolution and emancipation of women. It is also the place where the national poet Shri Subramania Bharathiar wrote several of his masterpieces that fanned the flames of freedom and also enriched modern Tamil literature. which attracted the French to settle here two centuries ago still carries several marks of French culture and heritage. 10 www.PuDuCheRRy P uducherry is situated on the Coramandal coast.in . Heritage Buildings and Monuments. was also an eminent son of Puducherry. The Puducherry museum houses rare kinds of pottery from the Arikkamedu site which was a bustling port city in the first century A. Temples.pondiuni. Bharathidasan. Backwaters. where Roman ships called in for trade and friendship. It is now a growing city and the capital of the Union Territory bearing the same name. The Romain Rolland Library which is more than 150 years old and preserves a rich collection of several rare French and Tamil manuscripts. south of Chennai.

and Doctoral programmes. etc.in 11 . The University’s objectives are to disseminate and advance knowledge by offering teaching and research facilities. and to promote inter-disciplinary studies and research.  Fee waiver for differently abled students.The unIVeRsITy P ondicherry University is a Central University established by an Act of Parliament in October 1985. The salient features of the University include:  Add-On Courses in all Schools  Remedial coaching for weaker section students. It is an affiliating University with a jurisdiction spread over the Union Territory of Puducherry.G. In addition. to make provisions for studies in French and integrated courses in Humanities and the Sciences. www. The University also has campuses at Karaikal and Port Blair which currently offer P.edu. the University Placement Cell has also MoU with reputed firms like TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. Lakshwadeep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The university has entered into MoUs with a good number of reputed international institutions in India and abroad for collaboration and faculty development.pondiuni. The University’s motto is ‘Vers la lumière’ meaning ‘towards the light’ The main campus is located in Kalapet 10 km from the town of Puducherry in a serene and beautiful campus of 800 acres adjoining the scenic Bay of Bengal.

24 hours free emergency Medical facilities Yoga Classes at subsidized rates University Book Shop 12 www. food and transport for all differently abled students.5 lakhs.pondiuni.edu.in .4.QualITy lIVInG QUALITY LIVING The university provides: Tranquil pleasant and spacious green campus  Comfortable hostels – Rent free for women.  Food subsidy for students below creamy layer sections  Exclusive hostel for international students  Sports stadiums and fitness gymnasiums for women and men  Free eco-friendly electric shuttle and cycles for in-campus commute         WiFi enabled campus 100% Power back-up Free transport between University and town Electric wheel chair for physically challenged students at the mess and library Free education including accommodation. subsidy on hostel fees for deserving students with annual family income less than Rs.

it is in process of a major expansion in its infrastructure and information services. Web 2. it has transformed through the past two decades into a Knowledge Resource Centre catering specially to the information needs of the students.m.edu. is focused in developing with technology. e-journals (full text) – 23. Besides these members. Access being IP based. e-resources are accessible in the University network.m.N. e-journals. to 8. Secretariat in New York has arranged for the distribution of U. 8. is under construction to offer 24 hour reading facility.D.30 p.N.m. print journals (back volumes) – 8984.30 a. during period of examinations. Pondicherry University Library is identified as one of the 22 Document Delivery university libraries in India under the UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium to cater to the journal article requests of all the universities in the country. An additional new building with 50. the automated Library presently facilitates value-added services such as Referral service. a special section for the visually challenged. e-databases – 21 UN Documents – 2057 (special collection). to 10 p. research scholars and faculty. Faculty and other Staff. comparable to any world class library. the Governor of Pondicherry during the British rule. Personnel Services U.pondiuni. Pondicherry University Library has the honour of being one of the 16 U. 1946.455.m. Documents and publications to users and Research Scholars around the world through its depository libraries since Library has a team of highly qualified information professionals with the potential and the drive to facilitate the best possible library service to the information seekers. Exclusive collection for competitive examinations is popularly sought after. The mission of the Library is to enhance learning and facilitating research.320.68. output (in process). research scholars and non-teaching staff. Orientation programmes.N. large number of computers to access e-resources with high speed bandwidth facility. Samyuktha www. print journals – 327.30 a. A recent unique addition is a Bookshop cum Stationery and Souvenir shop to cater to the requirements of the Students.N.470. Institutional Repository of research The Dag Hammarskjold Library of the U. Access to a digital library of e-reference works. the Library also attracts a lot of scholars and visitors from other academic institutions and research organizations in search of information and research tools. Exhibitions. on week days and from 9. M.30 p.m. Pondicherry University Library is a member of the UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium and has access to about 6600+ e-journals and 9 e-databases. Citation analysis. e-databases. Depository libraries in India. The spaces have been revamped and modernized with modular furniture. ft. e-reference works and e-books – 7. students. There are about 405 depository libraries in 145 countries and 16 of them are in 13 cities of India. who was the Dubash of Lord Dupleix. Ph. a children’s library etc.859.30 a. to 5. In tune with its mission. Infrastructure UGC infonet Consortium service Collection The University Library collection is hybrid with its traditional information resources being gradually supplemented by the electronic resources. Membership Library has 4904 members comprising of faculty. Theses – 623. Conferences. An independent Library building with a beautiful inspiring ambience of greenery around. online tutorials and the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is also made available through the Library portal.CoMMon faClIlITes LIBRARY The University Library is named after Ananda Rangapillai. R.0 applications such as newsfeeds. Book collection is over 1. Workshops.000 sq. Established in 1986. on week-ends. Inter-library loan.in 13 . e-books. e-alerts and open sources. Depository Parallel to the traditional library services.m. Librarian Dr. Information product presentations and free trials.Phil Dissertations – 4. Working hours Library functions from 8.

Administrative Officers. etc.)/M. Pondicherry University is one among the few institutions in the country to be provided free 1Gbps connectivity to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) which is an ambitious project of the government of India to connect all Universities and colleges in the country. simple web development applications. Department Heads. In-house Training In house training to administrative staff of the University is regularly provided to update them on essential ICT skills. general computing .A. computer laboratory courses are offered to the PG students of Economics.m. in near future. The internet services are well utilized by the teaching/ learning.COMPUTER CENTRE A full-fledged and well-equipped Computer Centre is available for the use of students. on holidays.Tech. 14 www.online journals both from University resources and UGC-Infonet Consortia. network maintenance. Library. high-speed CISCO switches and router. (Computer Science) students of Computer Science Department. CMIE Prowess and through Library .edu. They are exposed to on the field training in the above cited areas. research scholars. Internet A quantum leap in internet access throughput was made in the month of October 2010 from 32 Mbps (1:1) to 64 Mbps (1:1) to all users on the campus through the intranet on 24 x 7 basis. for the first time. cataloguing. Currently. access to online data base. The Centre has completed 4 batches of trainees.in .Tech( NIE )/ M. research and administrative community of the University. voice and video (in future) services to the campus community is established. NKN would serve as a platform to share knowledge among the educational institutions to facilitate our country to emerge as a global knowledge player/ resources.C. Online application for admission to MBA offered by Department of Management Studies has been developed by Centre since the academic year 2010-11 and has enhanced the reach of the programmes to a wider population.30 p. Web Services The web server and e-mail server of the University are established and maintained on the campus by the Centre. the off-campus centres/ units of the University to the intranet.m. troubleshooting. the services offered over this platform are: internet.30 p. modern AVAYA IP phones were provided to faculty and departments in the new buildings through the same Optic Fibre Cable (OFC) backbone saving significant capital cost and new digital exchange using AVAYA SIP server was established. in particular to M. to 5. The Centre functions between 9. These trainees are given exposure to PC integration. This intranet serves as the Information Highway of the University offering a variety of services to the campus community. In addition. on all working days and from 9. Statistics. The campus is now Wi-Fi enabled thereby facilitating users access to online computing and allied services at their convenience on 24 x 7 basis. CD database subscription./ M.m. It is also proposed to connect. of India since 2006. etc. On-line application facility is provided for admissions to various courses offered by the University. faculty and non-teaching staff of the University. apprenticeship Training The Computer Centre conducts one year long Apprenticeship Training to the ITI (COPA) students in PASSA Trade as per the requirements of Ministry of Labor. Computer Centre is responsible for its operations and maintenance on the campus. Halls and class rooms in departments and all hostels are connected to the intranet. Currently 150 Mbps is enabled on this network. Access to online journals provided by the erstwhile UGC-Infonet consortia are now shifted to this NKN platform.30 a. Tourism Studies. Govt. academic The staff of the Computer Centre offer regular theory. National Knowledge Network (NKN) Voice Communications Integrated Communications Network (ICN) Integrated Communications Network providing data.m. etc. It has also contributed to a steady increase in the research output and enhanced the functioning of the administration. Seminar Recently under ICN project. The campus-wide computer network Intranet links all buildings and therein the Schools/ Departments/ Centres/ Sections on the main campus of the University through Optic Fibre Cable (OFC) backbone.Sc. to 8. offices of the Deans. Faculty members. Besides access to internet.30 a. laboratory and project courses to students of the University.pondiuni. Banking Technology. This network is now being extended to the new Silver Jubilee Campus buildings and is an advanced stage of completion.(Computer Science & Engg.

Software The following software are available: Microsoft Campus Agreement . Marie Stanislas Ashok. MCA. Cisco Network Assistant. SNMPc.CMIE database subscription Solaris/ Linux Platform .. Access and SQL Server. Lynx. Senior Technical Assistant 5.pondiuni. Intel Pentium Servers and Intel Pentium Multimedia PCs running MS Windows/ Red Hat LINUX/ Sun Solaris operating environments are available. Senior Technical Assistant 4. Sun Storage system.0. Intel Quad Xeon Servers. Peripherals A variety of peripherals like Color Laser Printer/ Network Laser Printer/ Dot Matrix Printers/ Inkjet Printers/ Scanner/ Web camera are available. B. M.Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Staff 1. Apache Web Server. Systems Analyst 3. www.The campus agreement signed with Microsoft to cover a bundle of MS product. Star Office Suite. M.MS Windows 2008 Enterprise Server/Windows 2003 Advanced Server. MS Windows Vista Business/ XP Professional Client. Computer Assistant Computer Systems Sun Database Server.0/ 11. Oracle 10g Suite. JAVA 1. Squid Proxy Server. C++.Cisco Workgroup for Windows. K.0/4. Network Management .edu. Visual Basic. Rasan. MCA.in 15 .E.0 (Networked) Database Subscription . network systems and renders web and e-mail services to the University community as well to other government and non-government organizations. It renders service coordination for the maintenance of computer systems in the campus.Tech. Kanagalingam. Balquisby. S.1. Macromedia Suite (Director/ Flash/ Fireworks/ Dream Weaver) Statistical Package – SPSS 19. MS Project Adobe . Systems Manager & Head 2. Palanivel.0. MCA.Other Services The Centre provides consultancy for identifying proper configuration of computer systems. MS Windows Platform .Acrobat Editor. Solaris 10. A. Postgress SQL. Sun Application Server.

SPEX –F111 6 FTIR Spectrometer Thermo. Outside Experts and Centre Head as Member-Secretary. PGDDI Technical Officer . BRIT. SX100 In the year 2010. universities in the region and industry. Facilities: I. Cocept-80 12 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph-Shimadzu.  To organize short-term courses/workshops on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students. Nano Series Zetasizer 14 Surface Area Analyzer. Microcontroller based Instrumentation Er. BANk The University offers free transport facilities to the students for commuting from the city to the Campus for attending classes. affiliated institutions.I (SS) General Electronics. Fritsch. Thillaimani.edu. LA20 13 Particle Size Analyzer. the facility has been bifurcated into two divisions. M.I (SS) Electronics Design. The Glass blowing shop is attached to the Department of Chemistry. India (Co-60 source ) 11 Broad band Dielectric Spectrometer NOVO control. S4 Pioneer. various workshops and support facilities. teachers and technical personnel from our University. Miromeritics. Deans Science Schools.CENTRAL INSTRUMENTATION FACILITY Excellence in teaching and research by Science Schools need state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment. The ATM facility is also available on the campus. Pulverisette -7 5 Spectroflourimeter Horiba Jobin Yvon . Ramasamy. Nicolet. Heads of Science Departments. G. a few years back Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) was started in Pondicherry University with a mission to enrich the resources on a shared basis for promoting R and D with the following objectives. Ph. CIF Faculty/Officers: Dr. BET system 15 Electron Probe Micro Analyzer. research scholar and students to carry out globally competitive R & D in basic and applied sciences. Electronics and electro mechanical appliances and Instruments..E. It is governed by the Management Advisory Committee consisting of Vice-Chancellor as Chairman. Malvern. Cary 5000 3 Scanning Electron Microscope Hitachi – S3400N with EDX and Cathode-luminescence detector 4 Planetary Micromill.  To strengthen technological infrastructure to carry out advanced research in various science disciplines under one roof and make their services available to academic departments and schools. Bruker 8 Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Bruker.Tech. Analytical Instrumentation The Health Centre of Pondicherry University functions round the clock in association with Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences with limited facilities for the benefit of students and staff. Govindaraj.pondiuni.  To provide guidance in acquisition of data and train personnel in operation and maintenance of Sophisticated Instruments.. CANTEEN Indian Bank operates a branch with all services in the University Campus. Cameca. Coordinator & Professor of Physics. CIF continues with the operation and maintenance of analytical instruments with facilities to fabricate mechanical components such as Sample mounts / cells / adopters etc. POST OFFICE Three canteens are available on the campus. These equipment and facilities help the faculty. The other division formed as Central Maintenance workshop shall undertake the maintenance needs of other departments and Centres for their Electrical. Major Research Equipments 1 Vibrating sample Magnetometer Lakeshore.D. Cycles and Electric cars are also available for in-campus trips.in . M. DCPCI Technical Officer . 7404 with High & low Temperature attachments 2 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Varian. 9 Thermal Analysis System (Waters) TA instruments. In campus trips are operated for mobility of the students from one place to another. HEALTH CENTRE A post office functions on the campus where all postal services including savings bank facilities are available.Sc. Condensed Matter Physics (Experiment and Theory) Er. An ambulance is also available for emergency medical care. P.. and preventive and post failure electronic maintenance functions of the Analytical Instruments. 6700 7 400 MHz FT-NMR. M. SDT600 DTA/TGA and Q20 DSC 10 Gamma Ray Chamber. Since individual researchers may not be able to generate huge research funds for these research instruments. S. TRANSPORT 16 www.

programmes the applicant should submit their application to the university with the details of proposed research. Proficiency in English is a condition for admission. The foreign students may be required to appear for the written test and/or viva-voce in case they are already here in India at the time of the written examination.D. who are otherwise qualified and working in academics/research/industry at least for five year.in 17 . copies of the relevant certificates and mark sheets together with the English version of such documents duly attested.D.InTeRnaTIonal admission of Foreign Students Admission of self-supporting foreign students who desire to study in the University may apply directly to the University for admission in the prescribed form for various courses except Ph. Semester in India Program The University also offers Semester in India Program in which the students can study various courses available in the University on credit transfer basis. For admission to Ph. if any. The students desirous to visit the University under the program must take an application at least six months in advance. Candidates admitted under MoU between Pondicherry University and a University/ Institution in India or abroad where specific clause(s) exist for registration of candidates to PhD degree by the university and those selected under international cultural/ educational exchange schemes of Government of India/ UN bodies are exempted from taking the admission test.com www. if they are abroad at the time of applying for admission. For details and the application forms please visit the University website or send an email to sipcoordinatorpu@gmail. Full-time and Part-time (external) program.edu. However. programme needs a valid research visa and approval of the research project by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development). However the admission to the Ph. Non-Resident Indians and foreigners residing/working abroad. Those who have passed University degrees outside India should enclose with their application form. No foreign student will be admitted WITHOUT A STUDENT VISA.D.pondiuni. programmes.D. they are exempted from written test and viva-voce examination. if they are in a different language. are also exempted from entrance test but they shall give a seminar before the Admission Committee which shall evaluate and give its opinion about suitability of the candidate for admission to the Ph.

fInanCIal assIsTanCe
fellowship/Scholarship offered by University:
M.Phil. / Ph.D. UGC scholarship
All the full time scholars admitted to M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes of the University departments, will be eligible for a fellowship of Rs.3000/- p.m. & Rs.5000/- p.m. respectively Ph.D. scholars are eligible for contingencies grants. (These scholarships shall not apply to students in the affiliated colleges). on the annual income of the parents which should not exceed Rs.1,10,000/(rupees one lakh ten thousand only).

N.B.H.M. Scholarship
The National Board for Higher Mathematics, Mumbai (Department of Atomic Energy) provides scholarships for those students who clear the NBHM examination.

Scholarships for M.Sc. Marine Biology & Coastal Disaster Management
All selected candidates will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 1000/- p.m. to study these courses at Port Blair, Andamans.

Government of India SC/ST Scholarship
The Governments of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Union Territory of Puducherry provide Government of India Scholarship to the candidates belonging to the SC/ST communities.

Scholarships for M.Sc. Computational Biology
All selected candidates will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 5000/- p.m.

P.G. Scholarships Merit Scholarship
(i) The candidate who secures the highest percentage of marks in P.G. admission entrance examination shall be eligible for the award of Merit Scholarship @ Rs.500/- p.m. for the Ist semester. (ii) For the subsequent semesters the Merit scholarship at same rate of Rs.500/- p.m. shall be awarded to the candidates as noted here under. (a) For the II semester who tops the class in the I semester exams. (b)For the III semester who tops the class in the II semester exams. (c) For the IV semester who tops the class in the III semester exams.

Scholarship for M.Sc. Integrated students
All M.Sc. Integrated students will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 750/- p.m. for the first three years of their studies. Besides the eligibility criteria prescribed for the award of scholarship the candidates should also fulfill the following conditions: (i) should secure at least 70% of the attendance every month. (ii) should pass in all papers registered for each semester. (iii)in case, these conditions are violated the candidate shall not be eligible for scholarship and the next person in merit shall be considered for the scholarship. (iv)the Head of the Department concerned shall certify in respect of conditions i to iii.

Rajiv Gandhi National fellowship for SC/ST Students
The UGC has created Rajiv GandhI National Fellowship for the SC/ ST students of Ph.D./ M.Phil. Every year the UGC notifies the eligibility and the last date for applying the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship twice.

Government of Puducherry fellowship / Scholarship Merit and Merit-cum-Means Scholarship
The Government of Puducherry awards Merit and Merit-cum-means scholarships for the students belonging to the U.T. of Pondicherry enrolled in various courses of the University. The Government of Puducherry provides two fellowships to the residents/ natives of Pondicherry @ Rs.800/- per month to two students admitted in the M.Sc. Biotechnology programme in the Department of Biotechnology.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (MCM)
20% of the students in each P.G. degree programme are eligible for the award of MCM Scholarship of the University. The scholarship is based both on the merit in each semester and the parental income of the student. The annual income of the parents should not exceed Rs.1,10,000/- (Rupees one lakh ten thousand only). Amount of scholarship is Rs.500/- p.m. Period: one semester.

fellowship / Scholarship / offered by other agencies:
Junior Research Fellowship UGC / CSIR NET qualified JRFs are eligible to receive fellowships @ Rs. 12,000 p.m. for two years. This may be enhanced to Rs.14,000/- on completion of two years and subject to fulfilling certain conditions laid down by the UGC /CSIR. They are also eligible for a contingent grant of Rs.20,000/- per year. The award of fellowship and contingency grants are subject to approval by the UGC / CSIR.

Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship
1) Full scholarships for 16 students of M.A. South Asian Studies - 2 for each SAARC country - covering travel, boarding, lodging and tuition fees. 2) The meritorious candidates from the M.Tech (Green Energy Technology) entrance test will be eligible for the Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship.

20% of the students in each of the P.G. degree programme are eligible for the award of freeship. The first six students who join the P.G. programme in Hindi and Sanskrit are eligible for the award of freeship. The freeship would cover tuition fee for one academic year based



system of Instruction - Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
The University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) from the academic year 1992-93 onwards. Under this system the students have a good deal of freedom in designing their own curriculum to suit their needs. The students can take any course offered in any department as long as they fulfill the prerequisites for that course. The students can also take as many courses as they can handle subject to a maximum of 30 credits in any semester. Each course is associated with a credit value and this accrues to the student when he/ she successfully completes the course. The minimum credits required for the award of degree in various PG Programs are given in the following table.


Program M. A./ M.Sc./ All M.Tech. except M.Tech (Nano Science & Technology) and M.Tech (Electronics)/ any other 2 year P.G. Programme not mentioned below M.Com., M.A. Economics All M. B. A. programmes/ M.Tech. (Nano Science &Technology) M.C.A. 5 year Integrated P.G. M. Phil. Programme M.Tech (Electronics)

Hard-core Courses credits 48 to 60 68 to 78 72 to 86 72 to 90 148 to 162 30 70

Soft-core Courses credits 12 to 24 12 to 22 14-28 18 to 36 30 to 44 6 3

Total (Minimum credits required for award of the degree) 72 90 100 108 192 36 73

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1) The courses offered under a Program of Study are designated as Hard Core and Soft Core. 2) A course designated as Hard Core for a particular Program of Study must invariably be completed by the student to receive the degree in that program. The Hard Core Course cannot be substituted by any other course. 3) A student needs to earn certain number of minimum credits by successfully completing Soft core courses to receive the degree (see Table above). Each student, soon after he/ she joins the course, will fill a plan of study detailing the courses he/ she plans to take. Depending upon the availability of the courses every semester, he/ she registers for a set of courses before the semester starts by filling in the appropriate forms. Each student should submit the registration card to the Head of the Department on or before the last date prescribed for the same.

Letter Grades
Performances of students in each paper are expressed in terms of marks as well as in Letter Grades. In case of fractions the marks shall be rounded off to nearest integer. The class interval for the purpose of awarding the grades can be arrived at by dividing the difference between the highest mark secured and the minimum pass mark by 6 as there are six passing grades. The formula is given below: K = (X-50)/6 Where, K = class interval, X= the highest mark in the subject. The grades may be awarded as given in the following table.



Range of Marks in % X to (X-K) (X-K-1) to (X-2K) (X-2K-1) to (X-3K) (X-3K-1) to (X-4K) (X-4K-1) to (X-5K) (X-5K-1) to (X-6K) Below 50

Letter Grade A+ A AB+ B C F

Points for Calculate of CGPA 10 9 8 7 6 5 0

K should not be rounded off to less than two decimal places. The numbers given in Range of Marks column, (X-K), (X-2K), (X-3K), etc., can be rounded off to the nearest whole number. In courses where the number of students who have secured 50 marks and above is less than 10 then grading may be given based on the Table below Range of Marks in % 81-100 71-80 66-70 61-65 56-60 50-55 Below 50 Letter Grade A+ A AB+ B C F Points for Calculate of CGPA 10 9 8 7 6 5 0

The GPA and CGPA will be calculated as weighted average of points secured by the student in all the papers registered by him / her. The weights are the number of credits for each paper. For example, a student getting in A grade in 4 credit course, A- grade in 2 credit course, A+ grade in a 3 credit course and F grade in a 3 credit course will have a GPA as (9x4 + 8x2 +10x3 + 0x3)/ (4+2+3+3)=(36+16+30+0)/12=82/12 = 6.83 out of 10.0; GPA = 6.83. The CGPA shall also be calculated in similar lines taking all subjects taken by the students in all semesters. Students with a CGPA of 9.0 and above and did not fail in any of the courses taken by him/ her shall be awarded Distinction. A CGPA of 6.0 and above shall be placed in First class. Student who has secured less than 50% marks in any paper gets F Grade and he is treated as failed in that paper.

The entrance examination for admission to each programme will be held as per the scheduled time table in the following centres provided sufficient number of candidates opt for the given centre. Please indicate the name of centre clearly in the application form. Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jammu, Jhalander, Karaikal, Kochi, Kolkatta, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi, Patna, Port Blair (Andamans) , Puducherry, Pune, Ranchi, Shillong, Srinagar, Tiruchirapalli, Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam

enTRanCe eXaMInaTIon CenTRes



Write NA against columns that are not applicable. Pondicherry University.in Send the hard copy (in A4 size) along with the original bank challan for the prescribed fee. (Name of the course)” Candidates applying for more than one course should send their applications in separate covers. Any claim based on wrong information.. Candidates who apply for M. Madurai Kamaraj University and Pondicherry University should give their order of preference of the University at relevant column of P.edu.) which are offered both in the University Departments and in the affiliated institution(s)..subject to submission of relevant certificates. Chennai.. In such cases one application is enough.. Pondicherry University. care should be taken to provide the relevant marks/ grades. 15.edu.. Nagar. Retain a photocopy of the application and produce the same along with postal proof. Puducherry . 10/.pondiuni. V. 14.. should give their order of preference of centre of study at relevant column of the PG application form.Phil/ Ph. 13.. 4.Com..Venkataraman Nagar. the candidates should appear for a common entrance examination. stamped for Rs. Submission Filling of application form 1. centre code..D. R.in 21 .. and Ph. Request for application must be superscribed on the envelope “Request for application form for admission.Sc. DO NOT send any enclosure along with the application form.pondiuni. programmes are offered in the University the candidates should give their options at the relevant column of the M.as service charge. Physics. Candidates should ensure that they use correct application form.D. 3.Phil. In the cases of subjects where both M. 50/.D. Exempted for differently abled candidates . aPPLICaTION FEE For all courses Rs. Fill in all columns with complete and correct information after going through the prospectus.Phil. (Course name)". Write with black ball point pen inside the boxes.D. only or for both (One application is sufficient if applying for both M. Kalapet. Puducherry 605 014. The application form can be obtained from the Army Headquarters on payment of prescribed application fee. Return the filled in application forms by Registered/ Speed Post or in Person to the Deputy Registrar (Academic-II). He/ she will be allowed to take up only one examination of his/her choice in the particular session even if he/she has applied for more than one course in the same session.. 11. application form as to whether to be considered for admission to M. subject to fulfillment of the eligibility and residential conditions. 12.. programmes. All columns should be filled correctly and unambiguously. only or Ph. and MCA courses which are offered at Puducherry and Karaikal Centres of the University. 6. Use only HB pencil for shading inside the ovals/ brackets. Due care should be taken in filling the application form. In respect of Ph.for SC/ST. 10.D subjects (e. etc. While filling in the qualification and marks. 5. 9./ Ph. write to The Deputy Registrar (Academic II). The candidates will have the option to join either in the University department or in the affiliated Institution as per their choice vis-à-vis their position in the merit list.hoW To aPPly BY POST For Application form BY POST and Information Brochure. There are two application forms One for PG/ PG Diploma courses and another for M. Application form. in case of non-receipt of hall ticket. Army personnel who apply for admission (see Chapter "Reservation") as per the MOU should submit the prescribed application (offline only and not by online) through the Army Headquarters. along with original bank challan for the prescribed fee and a self addressed envelope of size 32cm x 25cm.D.. etc. Incomplete applications and those received after the last date i. Superscribe the envelope as “Application for admission to .. Kalapet. Candidates are free to apply for admission to as many courses as he/ she wishes after ensuring from the schedule for entrance examination that there is no clash in the dates of entrance exams of his/ her choice.e. Rs. 8. Computational Biology which is offered at Anna University.605 014 so as to reach him on or before 08 April 2011.... IN PERSON The application forms can also be obtained from the Pondicherry University Staff Co-operative Credit Society at the University campus on payment of the cost of the application form plus Rs. Apply separately for each course.. Chemistry. Incomplete/ false/ wrong information will entail rejection of application. wrong course code. Do not fold or staple the application form. 16. The University assumes no responsibility for a candidate who has applied for subjects for which examinations have been scheduled simultaneously. 7. For each course a separate application form has to be submitted with the required fee.90/-...g.Phil.Phil.G... ONLINE Application form can be submitted online through the University Website www. www.). R. will not be entertained at a later stage..100/-. Candidates who apply for M. The selection will be based on a common merit list. and Ph.. 2. 08 April 2011will be summarily rejected. Enter correct course code in the relevant column which is very important.

5 lakhs.D.seleCTIon PRoCess The selection of candidates for admission to the P. The selection to M.5% for those belonging to the scheduled tribes with a provision for inter-changeability between these categories.D. • The University reserves the right to increase / decrease the intake of any of the programmes ReseRVaTIon SC/ST Candidates In accordance with the policy of the Government of India and the guidelines of the University Grants Commission. at a later stage. Candidates are advised to take up the examination only if they satisfy the eligibility criteria. The candidates may have to undergo a fresh medical examination if required by the University before being admitted.Phil. Chennai and Madurai Kamaraj University. Each differently abled candidate shall be required to submit a certificate from a government hospital indicating the extent of physical disability and also the extent to which the disability hampers the candidate in pursuing his/ her studies.D.Sc.Sc Computational Biology which is offered under network teaching programme in collaboration with Anna University. 22 www. if any will not be counted for working out the average of the entrance examination.in . However. The maximum cut-off marks for OBCs in the entrance examination will be 10% below the cut-off marks of general category candidates.Phil. it is found that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility criteria prescribed for the course.edu. the negative marks. Candidates should submit a certificate about their caste from a Revenue Officer not below the rank of the Tahsildar at the time of admission. there will be no entrance test. If the number of applications received is less than the prescribed intake. The minimum cut of mark for OBC/SC/ST/Physically challenged candidates will be 10% below the cut off marks of the general category candidates.e. there is no relaxation in the eligibility criteria. Even if a candidate is placed in the admission list based on his/ her performance in the entrance test but does not meet the eligibility criteria. i. The list will also be hosted on the University website. • Admission granted will be cancelled at any time. • The NET/JRF qualified candidate with fellowships will be given direct admission to Ph. etc./Ph. The entrance examination will be of 2 hours duration. Differently abled Candidates 3% of seats in each course are reserved for the differently abled candidates. • For the purpose of working out the average. programmes. • Only selected candidates will be informed of their selection.D. only ‘O’ and above will be taken into account. if it is found that the information furnished by the candidate is false or incorrect or if. & Ph.D. OBC Candidates The Pondicherry University is implementing 27% reservation for OBC category (Non-Creamy Layer) as per Government of India instructions. For further details refer the chapter “Admission requirements for Ph. Marine Biology and Coastal Disaster Management offered in Andaman centre should give an undertaking in writing to the University that they join the course at their own risk and shall take an insurance policy to the tune of Rs. the University has reserved 15% of seats in each course for candidates belonging to the scheduled castes and 7. The allotment of candidates to each University will be made on merit and choice of Institution furnished by the candidate in the application form. admission will be granted based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination. and M. Madurai . wherever necessary. • The University is not responsible for any postal delay or non-receipt of hallticket/select card/ admission intimation. All SC/ST candidates who have passed the qualifying examination are eligible to apply for admission irrespective of the percentage of marks obtained in the qualifying examination.pondiuni. will be made based on the Common Entrance Examination conducted by Pondicherry University./M. • Mere appearance in the entrance examination does not entitle a candidate for admission to any course in this University and he/ she will be granted admission only if he/ she fulfils the eligibility criteria fixed for the courses. admission shall be half of the average of the entrance examination marks scored by all the candidate in the respective subject. he/ she will not be granted admission.G. programmes will be based on the marks obtained in the entrance examination only. Programmes”. • The candidates selected for admission to M. • The minimum cut off mark for general candidates in respect of Ph.

A.A.All subjects of Social Sciences and Humanities (External / Full time) Resident Research Scholars in South Asian Studies (Chairs of Excellence) 10 2 each (10) Max of 20 per year (subject to a maximum of 2 seats in each Department) Max of five per year No. Candidates from the Union Territory of Puducherry 25% of the seats are reserved for the Puducherry Union territory candidates with respect to M. (iv) Reservation of at least one seat in merit quota in technical/ professional institutions.Sc. (Physics).D programme as per the provision contained in 2.Tech. Definition of Residence of Union Territory of Puducherry An applicant is considered to be a resident of Puducherry provided he/she is an Indian national and satisfies at least one of the following criteria: (i) Those candidates or whose parents have been residing continuously in this Union Territory for at least the last five years as on 1-7-2011 www. write the Entrance Examination at an exclusive centre for the Army at a mutually convenient location. (Computer Science & Engineering). (iv) Children of Defence personnel who were killed or disabled in action and children of the Central Government employees /Defence personnel / Employees of Public Sector Undertakings as referred to in category who died while in service in Puducherry.aDMISSION OF aRMY PERSONNEL 1) Admission will be made for the Army Personnel in the following courses of Pondicherry University as per the number of seats mentioned against each in accordance with the terms and conditions of the MoU and regulations of the University.Sc.in 23 . Two Students hailing from the Union Territory of Puducherry shall be admitted to M. 4) The nominated army personnel shall.B. New Delhi. of Seats (ii) Those who have passed the graduation or any higher public examination and for that purpose had under gone academic training. M. M. but instead should produce a certificate of registration issued for this purpose from the French Consulate at Puducherry. M.D. M. M. (Ecology and Environmental Sciences). (ii) Relaxation in cut-off percentage up to 10% subject to minimum eligibility requirement.1(f) of Ph.Sc..Tech.Com. (vi) Facilitation of migration in second and subsequent years. These French nationals shall not be considered for admission under the quota of non-residents. Such French nationals will not be required to produce a residence certificate. M.D regulations of the University. Electronic Media and M. failing which for students from Karaikal. M.Sc. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.(Applied Geology). M. .(Tourism). (Environmental Engineering & Management). M.A.No. (v) Waiving of domicile requirements.A. Sl. 2. Biotechnology programme based on the merit list prepared by Jawaharlal Nehru University. M. (Applied Psychology). 3.Sc. Name of the Course M. 2) The number of seats to be allotted to Army personnel will be over and above the sanctioned strength in each subject mentioned above. In respect of MCA & M. M. (iii) Increase in intake capacity up to 5% course-wise.edu. (Mass Communication). however. (Food Science & Nutrition). (Network & Internet Engineering). M. Master of Education. (Business Finance) which are offered at both Karikal and Puducherry Campuses Reservation to Wards of Kashmiri Migrants in admissions Based on the Instructions of MHRD: (i) Extension in date of admission by about 30 days.Sc.Sc.Sc. 1. the reservation will be as follows: Karaikal Campus: 25% for Karikal residents failing which for students from other regions of Puducherry and Puducherry Campus: 25% for Puducherry. 5) Admission will be given to those officers serving in DRDO seeking admission for Ph. M. A separate merit list will be prepared for these seats from amongst the Army candidates.pondiuni. 4. (v)French nationals residing in the Union Territory of Puducherry and covered by the terms of the Treaty of Cessions shall be treated on a par with candidates who produce the prescribed Puducherry Union Territory Residence Certificate. 3) The army personnel nominated by the Army Headquarters have to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria prescribed for various courses.Tech. Master of Social Work. Master of Library & Information Science. Mahe & Yanam residents.A (South Asian Studies) MBA (All five) Ph.(Applied Economics). (South Asian Studies).Sc (Computer Science). (iii) Children of the spouse of Central/ State Government employees/ Defence personnel/ employees of Public Sector Undertakings wholly or substantially run either by the Central Government or by the Puducherry Administration posted in Puducherry at the time of admission or who have declared Union Territory of Puducherry as their home town and so certified by their respective Head of Office.

admission committee. Part-Time (Internal) (a) Teacher candidates working in College/ University departments and such other institutions recognized by Pondicherry University with at least one year of continuous teaching experience at degree and/ or post-graduate level in the subject concerned. through regular full time study. Veterinary Science or the degree of Doctor of Medicine or Master of Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine of this University or any other University. two papers in standard journals or reports/ monologues/ book of equivalent standard or a patent registered. Part-time (External) (a) Permanent academic staff of colleges/ universities/ other educational institutions of higher learning/ Research & Development Laboratories and Organizations with at least two years of continuous teaching/ research experience. There shall be sufficient correspondence between the candidate and the supervisor to effectively evaluate the candidate’s potential and feasibility of supervision on the identified topic. programmes Educational Qualification (Ph. (c) Technocrats. Admission requirements for Ph. full-time and Part-time programme.pondiuni. Social Scientists & Scholars and Administrators with at least 10 years of experience in India or abroad and educational qualifications as prescribed for Ph.D.D. (d) Candidates under the regulations of part-time (Internal) shall be required to work in a department approved for research by this University while the Guide/ Supervisor may or may not be working in the same department. having sufficient exposure in research & development and generated useful data/ patent/ knowledge as evidenced by their contributions in their respective area of research. (c) Candidates who have studied under 10+2 pattern of education and qualified for the Degree of Master of Science of three-year duration in the School/ Faculty of Medicine of this University or of any other University recognized by this University securing a minimum of 55% marks (or equivalent grade). in the concerned subject/ area of research. Science. Commerce. A well written research proposal should be placed before the 24 www.Phil. Interdisciplinary research for such part-time internal candidates shall be allowed only with the approval of the Chairperson of the Academic Council. at least. Fine Arts and Languages and such other disciplines of Pondicherry University.D. Scientists. (d) Candidates of Indian origin or overseas students who have qualified for a Master’s Degree of an accredited overseas university securing a minimum of 55% marks (or equivalent grade).D.in . (b) Teacher candidates teaching in Recognized Schools at the High School level situated within the jurisdiction of Pondicherry University and have put in at least 5 years of continuous teaching experience in the subject concerned. (c) Non-teaching staff employed in a time scale of pay in this University and other affiliated research institutions provided that (i) the candidate has at least 10 years of work experience of which at least two years should be relevant to the field of research proof of which to be evidenced through two research papers published in standard journals OR (ii) the candidate has at least 5 years of work experience with M. recognized Institutes. pro-vided the candidate has experience in the relevant field of research for at least three continuous years out of ten years of service and published. recognized by this University securing a minimum of 55% marks (or equivalent grade). (e) Candidates under the regulations of part-time (Internal) are prohibited from taking any other remunerative assignments or joining any other course of study without the prior approval of the Chairperson of Academic Council.D. (d) A candidate possessing a master’s degree from an accredited overseas university and who is residing abroad or working abroad in a university/industry may also apply. full-time and Part-time) (a) Candidates who have studied under 10+2+3 pattern of education (or 10+2+5) and qualified for the Master’s Degree in the subject concerned or in allied subject and qualifications as pre-scribed by the regulations for the sub-ject concerned under all the Schools/ Departments/ Centres of Humanities and Social Sciences. (b) Employees with a minimum of ten years of experience in Government. Public Sector Undertakings. Requirement of Experience Ph. (b) Candidates who have studied under 10+2 pattern of education and qualified for the Master’s degree in the Schools/ Faculties of Law. in the subject concerned and published two research papers in standard journals in the subject concerned.edu. Agriculture.aDMIssIon ReQuIReMenTs admission requirements for Ph. programmes Requirement of Experience for Ph.D. Non-Governmental Organizations. Management. Education. Local Bodies. Engineering and Technology. or a degree accepted as equivalent by the University securing a minimum of 55% marks (or equivalent grade).D. Such applications shall be routed through the concerned department and placed before the Ph.

Part-time external. (h) Non-resident Indians and foreigners residing/working abroad. (Full-time) programme and fulfill the required eligibility criteria for Ph.edu. Mere possession of required educational and other qualifications alone can not be claimed as a right for admission to the Ph. who are otherwise qualified and working in academics/research/industry at least for five year. under Quality Improvement Program or equivalent program to do full-time PhD are exempted from the admission test. Such a seminar may be fixed with mutual convenience of the candidate.D. could be registered at a time in a Department. if necessary. (c) There shall be an entrance test for all the candidates. (e) The candidate would be required to give a seminar on the proposed topic of research in the concerned School/ Department/ Centre. in addition to the University Guide/ Supervisor on the recommendation of Doctoral Committee. (e). NET without JRF qualified candidates will have to take the entrance test. a Co-guide duly recognized by the University may be permitted.in 25 . are also exempted from entrance test but they shall give a seminar before the Admission Committee which shall evaluate and give its opinion about suitability of the candidate for admission to the Ph. (g) Pondicherry University teachers and teachers from affiliated colleges who have cleared NET Lecturership seeking admission to part-time PhD are exempted from the written admission test and are eligible to register immediately after completing probation in the University. form and submit the same within the prescribed date specified in admission announcement. Part-time internal.admission committee along with the consent of the supervisor. These candidates could be admitted any time of the year. Full-time. Part. (Full-time) are also exempted from entrance test. The NRI and foreign candidates who apply for Ph. the supervisor and the admission committee and held before the application along with research proposal is sent to the University. The admission committee/ University may also adapt any other method of evaluation of the candidate which will also form the basis for considering the provisional admission to the candidate. (b) The candidates seeking admission have to fill in the prescribed admission www.time (external) are exempted from written entrance exam. not exceeding two.pondiuni. Academic Council. programme in the Pondicherry University.D. Such candidates. Programmes shall be advertised in leading news-papers and also in the University’s website once each year. Part time (external) program. The Admission Committee/ University should be convinced of the potential of the candidate to carry out research. (e) The admission test is waived off for candidates who have qualified National Eligibility Test/ UGC/ CSIR or UGC Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship for SC/ ST or DBTBINC or such other examination recognized by University as equivalent and awarded a Junior Research fellowship (JRf).D. program should submit at the time of interview. on the recommendation of the Admission Committee constituted by the Head of Department with the approval of the Dean of the concerned School. (f). except those mentioned in para (d). including in the field of media.D. and obtain the consent of a guide duly recognized by the University within the University area. (f) All the part-time internal as well as external candidates applying for admission to the Ph. who have a rich collection of data in their field and seeking admission to Ph. a clear written proposal of the research to be conducted. but they shall give aseminar before the admission committee. In case of candidates working outside the University area. (d) Teacher candidates working in the institutions admitted to the privileges of this University and other Universities provided they are qualified. Mode of admission (full-time and Part-time) (a) Admission for Ph. (h) & (i) below. giving sufficient back-ground material and the proposed line of research. The short-listed candidates have to appear for interview and/ or give a seminar or group discussion or any such method of evaluation as per the requirement by the Admission Committee/ University. have at least one year of continuous teaching experience at degree and/ or post-graduate level in the subject concerned and granted leave for the required period. (g).D. but they have to give a seminar before the Admission Committee which shall evaluate and recommend on the suitability of the candidate for admission to the Chairperson. D.D. (f) Candidates admitted under MoU between Pondicherry University and an University/ Institution in India or abroad where specific clause(s) exist for registration of candidates to PhD degree by the university and those selected under international cultural/ educational exchange schemes of Government of India/ UN bodies are exempted from taking the admission test. (i) Persons with five years of industry experience.

m Banking Technology 5 29.in .05.2011 2.00 to 4.D. Master’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 55% of marks History 6 International Business Politics & International Studies 15 1 26 www. (Elementary Education/ M.00 noon 28. degree in Christian studies from any University or its equivalent with a minimum of 55% of marks M./ M.Sc. CAIIB.Ph.pondiuni.00 p.E.Com.05. (Banking Technology)/ M. Systems).00 to 12.05. (Information Technology)/ other professional degrees like C.00 p. with a minimum of 55% of marks in all degrees Master’s degree in Commerce with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Drama & Theatre Arts or in Performing Arts or related subjects with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Economics with a minimum of 55% of marks M.2011 10. (Educational Technology)/ M. M.00 p.05.05.m 7 10 10 English 15 French 6 Master’s degree in French with a minimum of 55% of marks Hindi 3 Master’s degree in Hindi with a minimum of 55% of marks Master degree in History/ Ancient History and Archeology/ Indian Culture or any degree in Social Sciences with History as a subsidiary subject with a minimum of 55% of marks MBA (International Business) MBA (Marketing.A.2011 2.00 p.00 to 4.2011 2.Tech. B. Tourism.05.00 noon 28..Ed. A. A.m 28.05. admission Requirements Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in Anthropology/ Ecology/ Forensic Medicine/ Home Science/ Population Studies/ Sociology / Women’s Studies / Humanities and Social Sciences or any other related discipline with a minimum of 55 % of marks M. HR. B. Master’s degree in Foreign Trade.2011 10.2011 2.00 to 4.A.Ed. (Finance/ Systems)/ M.00 to 4. etc.05.00 to 4. ICWAI.. Economics. and other relevant disciplines with a minimum of 55% of marks.00 noon 29. (Computer Science)/ M.Com. ACS.00 noon 28.Ed.2011 2.2011 10.2011 2.00 to 12.00 noon 28.00 noon 28.00 to 4. MIBA.00 to 12.00 to 12.2011 10. (Computer Science/ Information Technology)/ MCA / M.00 to 12./ M.05.00 p. with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in English with a minimum of 55% of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 28.00 p. Education with B.m Anthropology 4 Asian Christian Studies 3 28.Education with B.m 28. Finance.05.edu.Sc.Ed.2011 10.00 to 12.Sc.00 am to 12.05.00 noon 8 Commerce Drama & Theatre Arts Economics Education (Puducherry) (Karikal) 4 28.2011 10.m 28. Business Finance/ PGDM of IIMs/ equivalent Management Degree with Banking/ FInance specializations/ M.05.A.2011 10.05.

Candidates with affiliation to Examination Oriented Professional bodies such as ICAI. level is required.A. Sociology.M.05.m 6 8 3 2 4 6 6 Chemistry 7 www.00 noon 28.00 to 4. Social Work.m 28.00 to 4. Production Engineering.2011 2.m 28. Operations Research.Tech.00 to 4.00 p. (Tourism). In addition students should have Maths at +2 level.00 to 4. Foreign Trade.T.B.00 noon 28.00 to 12.05. Sociology.05.2011 2.2011 10. in Political Science/ International Relations/ South Asian Studies/ Economics/ History/ Sociology or related disciplnes with minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Tamil with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 55% of marks M. Economics.T.A. Mass Communication and other relevant disciplines with a minimum of 55% of marks.2011 10. Social Work.2011 2./ ME with a minimum of 55% of Marks Master’s degree in Applied or Industrial Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Biophysics/ Chemistry/ Chemical Sciences/ Material Science/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ any other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks. Andamans) 5 9 8 2 - 28.m 29. Public Administration.2011 2. Tourism. Statistics.m 28.00 p.A with a minimum of 55% of marks. Master’s degree in Philosophy with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Physical Education with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s or Acharya degree in Sanskrit with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Sociology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Anthropology.2011 2.A Tourism.00 noon 28.m 28. Hospitality.00 to 12.Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in Management.Sc.05.05. Hospital Management. M.05.05. Industrial Management. Home Science.00 to 12.00 to 4. Master’s degree in Social Work with a minimum of 55% of marks M. M.A. Industrial Engineering. Psychology.00 p.05.00 to 12.2011 10. Economics and any other relevant discipline concerned with the subject of Inclusive Studies with a minimum of 55% of marks.00 to 4.2011 10.2011 2. M. For 3 seats Maths at B. Master's degree in Hospitality Management.00 p.2011 2. M.00 p.05.05.pondiuni. Commerce.in 27 .m 28.2011 2.05.00 to 4.B. Date & time of Entrance Examination 30 Management (Puducherry) (Karikal) 10 28. Business Administration.00 p.edu.05.00 noon 28.00 p. ICSI and ICWAI and any other relevant disciplines may also be considered.00 noon 29.00 to 4.m Philosophy Physical Education & Sports Sanskrit Sociology Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies Social Work South Asian Studies Tamil Women’s Studies Tourism Studies Biotechnology Coastal Disaster Management (Port Blair.00 p.05.2011 10.00 am to 12. Master’s degree in Agriculture/ Biochemistry/ Botany/ Microbiology/ Veterinary Science/ Zoology or in any other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Geology/ Geography/ Geo-Physics/ Chemistry/ Physics/ Maths/ M.

00 to 4.m Earth Sciences Ecology & Environmental Sciences Environmental Technology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Bioinformatics 4 13 6 8 9** Computer Science & Engg. Master’s degree in Ecology & Environmental Sciences or any related branch of Science or Technology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Science/ Technology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology/ Microbiology or any other branch of Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks.00 noon 28.m 28.2011 2.pondiuni.00 am to 12. IT.05.edu.00 p.00 noon 29.00 to 12.05.Tech.2011 10.m 29.m 28. Mass Communication OR Master’s Degree with 55% of marks in Applied Sciences.2011 10.00 am to 12. Isotope Geochemistry (1) and Paleontology (1). Fisheries Sciences or Life Science with at least 55% of marks Master’s degree in Statistics with a minimum of 55% marks Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition/ Home Science/ Industrial Biotechnology/ Biotechnology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology/Food Engineering/Food Technology/ Food Process Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering/ Chemical Engineering with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s Degree with 55% marks in Electronic Media.00 p.00 p.05.2011 10. Marine Biotechnology/ Physical Oceanography. 4 Mathematics Physics Marine Biology (Port Blair. Electronics and Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 55% marks OR MCA/ M.00 to 12. Biochemistry.Tech.00 noon 29.m 29.00 p.00 p.00 noon 2. Sports.2011 10. Engineering and Technology.S.05. Journalism.Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in Geology/ Applied Geology/ Marine Geology with a minimum of 55% of marks.00 am to 12.2011 2.05. Specialisation available for this year’s admission are Ore Geology (2). Master’s degree in Mathematics with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Physics/ Material Science and Technology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Marine Biology.00 noon 29. in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum of 55% marks. Andaman) Statistics Food Science & Nutrition Food Science & Technology 2 16 29.Tech in Electronics and/or Communication Engineering/ M.05.05. Botany. Master’s degree in any relevant areas of Physics/ Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks.00 noon 29.2011 2. M.00 noon 29. Geological Oceanography.2011 10.05.00 to 4. Education.2011 10./ M.00 to 12. Chemical Oceanography. in Electrical Engineering or other related specializations in Computer. Microbiology. Agriculture.Sc.00 to 4.00 to 4.05.00 to 4.m 28.00 p.05.2011 2. Computatinal Sciences. Medicine and Health Sciences Master’s Degree with 55% of marks in Mass Communication.in .05.2011 10.00 to 4.00 to 4.2011 10. Zoology. Journalism.00 p.00 noon 7 4 1 1 Electronic Media 4 Mass Communication Library & Information Science 3 12 28 www.05. Electronic Media OR Any other subject of study with one year experience in Media and Communication related works Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a minimum of 55% marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 29.2011 2.00 am to 12. in Computer Science and Engineering or Information Technology/ M.m 29.2011 2.05.00 am to 12.

00 p.00 am to 12.05. In addition students should have Maths at +2 level.Tech (Physics/ Chemistry/Applied Sciences/Industrial Chemistry/ Electronics/ Mechanical/ Chemical/Metallurgy/ Materials Science/Bio-chemistry/Bio-technology/ Microbiology) passed students with overall marks of 55% in the above mentioned courses and relevant subjects.00 noon 29.00 noon Southern Asia Studies 2 28.m Nano Sciences & Technology 12 Green Energy Technology 9 28.m Entomology 2 www.Sc in Physical Sciences. Biological Sciences or equivalent or M.2011 2.Sc.00 noon 28.m ** Three candidates will be selected to work at IoB.E in Mechanical.2011 10./ M. Programmes offered in the Affiliated Colleges/ Institutions of Pondicherry University Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC).05.m Regional Medical Research Centre. andaman & Nicobar Islands Microbiology 6 Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks 29. Puducherry (Candidates with/without fellowships.E / M.00 to 4. Power System or equivalent with at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in qualifying examination. For SC/ST students mere pass in the above mentioned courses.edu.05.00 p.00 noon Zoology 3 Chemistry 4 29.A.) Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in Zoology/Physiology/Entomology /Life Sciences/ Parasitology/Genetics/any other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Applied or Industrial Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Bio-Physics/ Chemistry/Chemical Sciences/Material Science/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ any other related areas with a minimum of 55 % of marks.Applied Psychology 10 Master’s Degree in Psychology/ Applied Psychology with a minimum of 55% of marks M.05.Tech in Green Energy Technology.2011 2. in Political Science/ International Relations/ South Asian Studies/ Economics/ History/ Sociology/ Defence Studies or related disciplnes with minimum of 55% of marks 29. students with M.05. M.00 p. M.D.00 p.m Epidemiology 1 29.2011 2. MBBS/MD/MS in any branch of medical science with a minimum of 50% marks.05. Hyderabad Ph. Port Blair.05.Sc. Biotechnology are also eligible to apply for Bio-energy discipline.00 to 4. Electrical.05.pondiuni.00 to 4.00 to 12.2011 10.00 to 12. Apart from this disciplines given above.2011 10.05.2011 2. Chemical Sciences or equivalent degree. M. Nanotechnology/ M.00 to 4. Candidates employed in research projects and permanent employees involved in research at VCRC are eligible.00 am to 12.2011 2. Bangalore and two Candidates will be selected to work at Institute of Chemical Technology.00 to 4.2011 10. Students should have knowledge on application of statistical techniques Date & time of Entrance Examination 29.00 p.Tech. Two positions will be alloted for Bio-energy discipline.in 29 .

00 to 4.00 p.2011 10.05./ M.Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post-graduate Studies.pondiuni.00 to 4.05.m 28.2011 10.00 to 2.00 to 12.in .00 to 12. in Computer Science and Engineering or Information Technology/ M.05.00 to 12.00 to 12. Electronics and Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 55% marks OR MCA/ M.05.00 noon 30 www. Puducherry Subject Electronics & Communication Engg. Pondicherry Engineering College.Tech.2011 2.E.05.Sc./ M.00 to 4.Tech in Electronics and/or Communication Engineering/ M.05.edu.2011 10.Tech. IT. in Electrical Engineering or other related specializations in Computer.m 28.05.00 noon 29. admissions are restricted to candidates belonging to Puducherry region only) Botany 5 Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in Physics/ Material Science and Technology with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in Applied or Industrial Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Biophysics/ Chemistry/ Chemical Sciences/ Material Science/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ any other related areas with a minimum of 55 % of marks.00 to 12.05.2011 10. Master’s degree in Tamil with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Commerce with a minimum of 55% of marks 29.2011 2.Tech degree in ECE/ Electronics/ Communication/ Other related specialzations with an overall minimum aggregate of 55% of marks or equivalent M.D. in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum of 55% marks. 37 29. Puducherry (Ph.00 noon Zoology Physics 6 4 Chemistry 3 Tamil Commerce 9 4 English 2 Master’s degree in English with a minimum of 55% marks.2011 10.00 p.00 p.00 noon 30 Computer Science & Engineering 26 29. Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 29. Intake Eligibility criteria for admission M.00 to 4.m Mechanical Engg.S.2011 10.2011 2.m 29.00 noon 29.00 p. In addition students should have Maths at +2 level.00 noon 28.

edu.pondiuni.2011 2. Puducherry.00 p.00 to 4.m 29.E. In addition students should have B.Technology / Bio-Technology / Bio-Chemical Engg.m 29. Taxonomy 3 Master’s degree in Zoology/Marine Biology/Wildlife Biology/ Ecology/ Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Zoology/Marine Biology/ Wildlife Biology/Ecology/ Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Zoology/Marine Biology/Wildlife Biology/ Ecology/ Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks 28.00 to 12. iv) Transportation Engineering v) Advanced surveying and Photogrammetry vi) Environmental Engineering / Environmental Technology / Environmental Management / Advanced Construction Technology.05. (First priority to the residents of Puducherry) Home Science (All branches) 8** Master’s degree in any branch of Home Science 29. (Full-time) programme.00 p.05.Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission (a) M.00 to 4.m 28.00 to 4.2011 2.00 noon Mathematics Physics 2 4 Master’s degree in Mathematics with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in Physics/ Material Science and Technology with a minimum of 55 % of marks Master’s degree in Applied or Industrial Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Biophysics/ Chemistry/Chemical Sciences/Material Science/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ any other related areas with a minimum of 55 % of marks. with a minimum of 55% or equivalent with specialization in: Energy Technology / Environmental Bio .m Ecology 6 Zoogeography 3 Bharathidasan College for Women.m 29./ M. 2.00 to 4.m www.05. Chemistry degree and studied Mathematics at +2 level.Tech.m Chemistry 5 Electrical and Electronics Engg.00 p. 30 Zoological Survey of India (ZSI). / M.2011 2.00 to 4. degree in any branch of Engg. Port Blair Ph.00 to 4.2011 2.D. degree in Civil Engineering with a minimum of 55% of marks or equivalent with specialization in: i) Structural Engineering ii) Geotechnical Engineering iii) Hydraulic & water Resource Engineering irrigation water Management / Ocean Engg.05.2011 2.00 to 12.00 p.00 noon 29.2011 10.2011 2.00 p.00 p./ Industrial Biotechnology Date & time of Entrance Examination Civil Engineering 25 29.Sc. vii) Geo informatics viii) Urban Engineering / Town & Country planning (b) M. Masters' degree in specializations related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a minimun of 55% of marks.00 p.Tech.00 to 4.in 31 .

Phil degree in Population/ community/ landscape Ecology.edu. Two positions will be alloted for Bio-energy discipline.00 p. Puducherry Law 10 Master’s degree in Law with a minimum of 55 % marks 29.2011 10.00 p. Agama) Philology.05. Programmes irrespective of their nationality.2011 10.2011 2. Biodiversity conservation. Distribution of species.Tech in Green Energy Technology.00 p. Chemical Sciences or equivalent degree.05. As Department of Geomatics of IFP is a transversal service and many IFP projects are interdisciplinary.Sc.05.m 28.m 29. Spatial analysis) in the application part. Biochemical Pharmacology/ Biochemistry/ Pharmacology with a minimum of 55 % marks Master’s degree in Agriculture/ Biochemistry/ Botany/ Microbiology/ Veterinary Science/ Zoology or in any other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks M. Paleo environments. a considerable aspect of computer science is involved.Sc. M.2011 2.00 noon 29.00 to 4. Puducherry (Seven Doctoral Scholarships in the fields of Ecology. Earth sciences Master’s degree in the subject concerned OR in allied subject OR a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 29. Sanskrit studies (Grammar.m Geomatics2 1 Candidates already registered in a University are only eligible to apply for IFP Ph.00 to 4. 2 It will be possible to propose a subject in one of the three thematic fields at the Institute. which integrates an important part of geomatics (GIS. spatial modeling. Cherian Heart Foundation Biochemical Pharmacology Biotechnology Cardiovascular Biochemistry Clinical Biochemistry Toxicology 3 3 M. Saiva Agama.Tech. Biotechnology are also eligible to apply for Bio-energy discipline. Saivasiddhanta. Literature 4* Ecology2 Masters or M.Phil degree in South Indian History (history.05.00 p. Nanotechnology/ M. M. ambedkar Govt. Pharmacology/ Toxicology/ Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Cell Biology/ Biotechnology with a minimum of 55 % marks M.Sc.05.05.Sc.D.00 am to 12. MLT/ Biotechnology with a minimum of 55 % marks M.2011 2. * The best applications will be considered rather than distributing the seats subject wise.00 to 4.2011 2. Forest dynamics. but also in the research part.m 3 3 3 Green Energy Technology 3 28. archaeology.05.Sc.00 to 4.00 am to 12. Power System or equivalent with at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in qualifying examination.00 am to 12.m Indology2 29. Biomass.E in Mechanical. Electrical.00 p. Apart from this disciplines given above.00 p.French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP).00 to 4. epigraphy). Indology and Social Scineces are offered) Subject 1 Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Masters or M. Literature. classical Tamil studies.00 noon 32 www.00 noon 29.Sc. Tamil Studies (contemporary Tamil studies.05. Manuscriptology.Sc in Physical Sciences. Biological Sciences or equivalent or M.00 to 4. Law College. Remote sensing.pondiuni. Dr.00 to 4. Biochemistry/ Clinical Biochemistry/ M. Diaspora studies).05.m Frontier LifeLine & K.in . Forest structure. Biology/ Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Cell Biology/ Life Sciences with a minimum of 55 % marks M.00 p.05.2011 2.2011 2.2011 10. 28.m 28.2011 2. students with M.

00 to 4.2011 2.00 to 12.00 p.Ph. the candidates should appear for a common entrance examination.2011 10.D programmes are subject to change based on the availability of vacancies with the concerned supervisors.00 to 4. The candidates will have the option to join either in the University department or in the affiliated Institution as per their choice vis-à-vis their position in the merit list.00 p. etc.00 to 4.m 28.D.00 to 12.2011 10.05. subject to fulfillment of the eligibility and residential conditions.2011 2. admission Requirements Subject Anthropology Asian Christian Studies Intake 15 Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in Anthropology with a minimum of 50 % of marks Master’s degree in any discipline from any University in India or abroad or any Pontifical Institution in India or abroad with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Commerce with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Drama & Theatre Arts or in Performing Arts or related subjects with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Economics with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in English with a minimum of 50% of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 28.m 28. 29.05. note: 1) In respect of Ph.05./ M.00 to 4. Chemistry.2011 10.Sc. 2) The intake for Ph.05.00 p.in 33 .00 Noon 28. Supervisors".00 Noon 9 Commerce Drama & Theatre Arts Economics English 31 15 26 23 French 23 Master’s degree in French with a minimum of 50% of marks Hindi 9 Master’s degree in Hindi with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in History/ Ancient History and Archeology/ Indian Culture or any degree in Social Sciences with History as allied subject with a minimum of 50% of marks History 15 www.05.m The name of faculty members recognised to guide Ph.05.m 28.2011 2.pondiuni.g.E / M.00 p.D.00 noon 28.00 to 12.Phil.00 noon Nano Science & Technology 3 28.05. For SC/ST students mere pass in the above mentioned courses.2011 2.) which are offered both in the University Departments and in the affiliated institution(s).00 Noon 28. research in the affiliated institutions are given under the Chapter "Affiliated Institutions .2011 10. M. Physics.2011 10.05.2011 10.00 noon 28.2011 2.00 to 12.00 p.00 to 12.05.00 to 12.m 28.D subjects (e.00 to 4.Microbiology 3 Master’s degree in the subject concerned or a Master’s degree accepted as equivalent by the University with a minimum of 55 % of marks M.05.Tech (Physics/ Chemistry/Applied Sciences/Industrial Chemistry/ Electronics/ Mechanical/ Chemical/Metallurgy/ Materials Science/Bio-chemistry/Bio-technology/ Microbiology) passed students with overall marks of 55% in the above mentioned courses and relevant subjects. The selection will be based on a common merit list.05.edu.

2011 10.2011 10.2011 2.00 p.05.00 to 12.2011 2.2011 2.05.2011 2.00 to 4.00 Noon 29. Economics and any other relevant disciplines concerned with the subjects of Inclusive Studies with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Tamil with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Tamil with a minimum of 50% of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 28.00 Noon 29.00 to 12.05.pondiuni.m 28.edu.2011 2.00 Noon 29.05.05. Home Science.05.2011 2.2011 2.00 to 4.2011 10.2011 2.m 28.05.00 p.05.2011 2.00 to 4.00 to 4.m 28.05.00 p.Subject Politics & International Studies Philosophy Physical Education & Sports Sanskrit Sociology Social Work Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies Tamil Tamil (Modern Literature) Tamil (Religious Literature) Women’s Studies Intake 23 23 23 15 15 12 Eligibility criteria for admission Master’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Philosophy with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Physical Education with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Sanskrit with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Sociology with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Social Work with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Sociology.m 28.00 to 12.00 p.in .m 28.00 to 12.00 p.05.00 Noon 28.00 p.2011 2.00 to 12.05.00 p.00 to to 4.00 p. Social work.00 to 4.00 Noon 28.m 12 30 9 9 Master’s degree in Tamil with a minimum of 50% of marks 15 Master’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% of marks Master’s degree in Chemistry/ Chemical Sciences and any other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks in addition students should have Maths at +2 level Master’s degree in Science/ Technology with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Mathematics with a minimum of 55% of marks Master’s degree in Physics with a minimum of 55% of marks Chemistry Environmental Technology Mathematics Physics 9 9 12 23 34 www.2011 10.m 28.m 29. Anthropology.2011 10.m 29.00 to 4.m 29.05.00 to 4.00 p.00 to 4.05.00 p.

00 Noon 29.2011 10.00 Noon 28.00 to 12. M.Post Graduate Courses Title of P.00 Noon 28.00 to 12.00 to 12. Applied Economics Business Finance Accounting & Taxation Master of Performing Arts (Theatre Arts) English & Comparative Literature French (Translation & Interpretation) 72 72 M.edu. History Mass Communication Politics and International Relations Philosophy 52 M.2011 10.M. (Edn.05.A. Hindi 26 M.05.A.05.00 Noon 31 M.pondiuni.00 to 12./ B.00 Noon 28. (Vocational) with a minimum of 50% of marks Any Bachelor's degree in Commerce or any other degree with degree level papers in Accounting are eligible Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in English with a minimum of 50% of marks in part III or a high second class in English under part I or Part II.00 Noon 28.05.A.00 to 4.2011 10.A.Com.00 to 12. course and Subject M.00 to 12. 72 M./ B.)/ B.05.00 Noon 28.B./ B. economics and sociology) with history as an ancillary or subsidiary paper with 50% marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 55 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit with a minimum of 50% of marks or Sanskrit as a subject under part I or II/ minor / optional in the bachelor’s degree or traditional degree (Sastry)/Sironmani/ Vidya Praveena Date & time of Entrance Examination 28.2011 10.A.00 Noon 28.05.00 Noon 28.P.00 to 12. Sanskrit 15 www.A.05.00 Noon 28.05. 60 M.05.Com. Bachelor’s degree in French with a minimum of 50% of marks in part-III or any degree (other than French) with a minimum of 50% of marks in part III with 55 % of marks in French under part I or II (in the 1st and 2nd year aggregate) Bachelor’s degree in Hindi with a minimum of 50% of marks or any degree with Hindi as a subject of study under part I or II or Praveen degree obtained from Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Bachelor’s degree in History with 50% minimum marks or B.A.G.Com. 31 M.00 to 12. 52 M.A.A Co-op.05.A.00 to 12.05.A. Anthropology Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in Economics (with Quantitative Techniques / Statistics) or Bachelors degree in Mathematics/ Statistics/ Operations Research with a minimum of 50% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/ Foreign Trade/ Corporate Secretaryship/ B.00 to 12.05. 40 M.2011 10.2011 10.in 35 .00 p.2011 10.05.m 28.2011 10. in social sciences (political science.A.00 Noon 29.2011 10.00 Noon 28.Com.2011 10.2011 2.00 to 12.00 to 12. (Puducherry) (Karikal) 31 30 M.A. 31 M.C.2011 10.A.2011 10.

A. 36 www. candidates who desire to join MBA programme should have CAT(Common Admission Test) scores.A. Insurance (Karaikal) 30 28.00 p.A.A. The graduation can be in any diecipline. Tourism International Business 72 29.B. degrees and in case of other proessional degrees like engineering in the applicable years of graduation).00 to 12. M.00 p.00 to 12.m M. A separate advertisement has been made for this course.A.2011 2.00 p.B.A.2011 2.G.00 Noon M. M.05. Electronics and Instrumentation.2011 2.m 28. science.05.2011 10.2011 10. Banking Technology 60 (5 sponsor) 29.B.00 to 4. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering/I nformation Technology) or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology or Bachelor’s of Computer Applications or Bachelor’s Engineering degree in ECE.05. 72 M.B.Litt.B. (M.* Business Administration 92 - M.00 to 4.00 p. course and Subject M.05.00 to 4.00 Noon M.) Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Graduates must be (10+2+3/4/5 pattern) with a minimum average of 50% marks (in Part III in case of arts.05.2011 2.m * The admission process is already on. Instrumentation and Control Engineering or B.00 to 12.A. with a minimum of 55% of marks or any Bachelor’s degree (other than Tamil) having Tamil under part I with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks. is made in Puducherry through group discussion and personal interview which are normally scheduled in March. Selection from among those short-listed candidates on the basis of the CAT scores.A.2011 10.pondiuni.A. humanities etc.Com. Sociology South Asian Studies Tamil Intake 40 40 54 Eligibility criteria for admission Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks Bachelor’s degree in Tamil/ B. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.00 to 4.edu.m 28.Title of P.05. but from a recognized university from India or abroad.B. (Computer Applications) or any other Bachelor’s degree with PGDCA (only from recognized universities) with a minimum of 55% marks in all degrees/ diploma Date & time of Entrance Examination 28.00 Noon 28.in . commerce.05.

P. Physical Education 62 28.G.in 37 .I.edu. degree / Four year Integrated B.Ed. Ed.2011 10.pondiuni. 40 M. M. 52 www. Ed.05.2011 10.00 Noon 29. Maximum: 20 marks.05.P. / B.00noon (b) Games Proficiency Test in any one of the following games: Badminton.S Master of Library and Information Science Master of Education Master of Social Work 31 Any degree with a minimum of 50 % of marks B. Kho-Kho and Volleyball.) or Bachelor of Physical Education (B.E. course and Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission (i) Bachelor of Physical Education (B. B.Ed. Handball.Ed.Ed.00 to 12. Basketball.Com.00 to 12./ B. (a) Physical fitness tests: Maximum: 30 marks (10 marks for each event) Men 100 meters Shot-put (16 lbs) 12 minutes run/ walk Women 100 meters Shot-put (8 lbs) 8 minutes run/ walk Date & time of Entrance Examination M.P.2011 10. (iii) should be medically fit (iv) Physically challenged candidates are not eligible to apply.S.00 Noon M.W.A.05.00 Noon 29.Sc.Title of P.L. Football. Cricket.00 to 12. 3 years) with a minimum of 50% of marks (ii) should have represented the District/ College and participated in inter district/ inter collegiate tournaments/ competitions in any one of the games or sports. Kabaddi. of recognised universities with a minimum of 50% of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks 28. Hockey.05. (c) Entrance examination: 50 marks.Ed.00 to 12.2011 10.

00 to 4.m 28.00 to 4.E.2011 10.m M.) M.Sc.00 to 4.Tech.00 to 12.2011 10. / B. with evidence of Maths at +2 level with minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Main) or with Chemistry as one of the major subjects with a minimum of 55% of marks and Mathematics at plus two level Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications/ Computer Science/ Information Technology or Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/ Corporate Secretaryship/ Economics / Business Administration with Mathematics/ Business Mathematics / Statistics /Computer Applications as one of the subjects or Bachelor’s degree in Science with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of the subjects with a minimum of 55% marks Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Technology/ Applications with a minimum of 55% of marks B.00.Sc.m M. Biology as ancillary subjects with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Genetics/ Marine Biology/ Fishery Biology/ Botany / Zoology with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture/ Biochemistry/Botany/Microbiology/ Veterinary Science/ Zoology or in other related areas with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degre in any relevant area of Physics/ Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Life Science/ with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degre in any relevant area of Physical/ Chemical/ Life Sciences/ Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Bachelor of Engineering/ M.Sc.05. in Computer Science and Engineering Engineering/ Information Technology or M.S. in Computer Science/InformationTechnology/ Software Engineering or MCA with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Computer Applications/ Mathematics/Statistics/ Physics/ Electronics/ Applied Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks B.000/.00 p.00 to 12.05.00 Noon 29.2011 10.m M.00 to 12. New Delhi) ** 20 Students are admitted under self financing mode (Rs. Computer Science Computer Science & Engineering 60 29. Marine Biology (at Port Blair) 52 M. Applied Geology 30 M. course and Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Bachelor’s degree in Geology as the major subject and any two out of the following .2011 10.Sc.2011 2.00 p.05.00 to 12.Sc.Sc. degree with a minimum of 55% of marks.Mathematics. in Physics/Chemistry /Mathematics/ Life / Environmental Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination 29.Sc. 1.05.2011 2.05.00 to 4.Tech. Computational Biology ++ Chemical Sciences M.2011 2.Sc. Chennai and Madurai Kamaraj University.B.05.05.m 29.00 Noon M. Biotechnology* (23* + 20**) 43 M.2011 10.Sc. Bioinformatics 40 36 (12Per Univ.2011 2.A. Environmental Engineering & Management 20 29./ B.Title of P.00 noon * 23 Students are admitted based on merit in the All India entrance examination conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru University. 60 M.pondiuni.00 p.05. 38 www. Physics. Madurai will also be based on the entrance exam conducted by Pondicherry University.B.00 Noon 28.per year) based on merit in the entrance examination conducted by the Pondicherry University. 24 28.2011 2.E. ++ Admission to Anna University.00 Noon 28.C.edu.G.00 to 12.00 to 4. OR M.Tech.Tech. Computer Applications (Puducherry) (Karikal) 60 31 29.00 p.05.00 p.05. Chemistry.in .

. Chemical Sciences. 52 M.Tech in Electronics.00 to 4. Electronic Media 40 28.00 to 12.Sc. with a minimum of 55% of marks and working knowledge of Mathematics and Science subjects at higher secondary level Bachelor’s degree with Journalism / Business Management / Physics/ Electronics/ Computer Science/Mathematics/ Statistics/ Visual Communication as one of the subjects with a minimum of 55% of marks OR Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 55% of marks and having one year diploma in Computer Applications or one year working experience in video production in a recognised organisation Date & time of Entrance Examination M. Minimum 55% aggregate marks in qualifying examinations. in Computer Science / InformationTechnology / Software Engineering with a minimum of 55% of marks OR MCA with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Applications / Mathematics / Statistics / Physics / Electronics / Applied Science with a minimum of 55% of marks in each degree Master’s degree in Geology/ Applied Geology. B.00 p.Tech.2011 10.E.00 to 4.05. etc.2011 10.00 Noon www. with at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in qualifying examination./ B.E/ B. / B.E.05.Tech.Sc. Technology.m M./ B.00 to 4. E&I.05.00 Noon M.05. M. Humanities. Biological Sciences or equivalent degree. 24 M.2011 2.Tech.2011 2.05. Physical Sciences.edu.Title of P. in Computer Science and Engineering / Information Technology / Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering / Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering with a minimum of 55% of marks OR M.2011 10. B.E/ B. Marine Geology with a minimum of 55% of marks B.2011 10.00 to 12. (Electronics/ Electrical/ Computer Science/ Information technology/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical/ Metallurgy and Material Engineering/ Civil/ Biomedical/ Biotechnology/ Chemical Engineering or Technology/ Engineering Physics). Green Energy Technology 18+4* (SAF Sponsor) 28./ B.05. Nano Sciences & Technology 18 28.E.00 to 12.Sc. (Hons) three years course in Psychology with at least 55% marks for Bachelor's degree with at least 55% marks in aggregate in any discipline with Psychology as one of the subjects for three years.Sc. Applied Psychology Coastal Disaster Management (at Port Blair) Ecology & Environmental Sciences 52 29. Civil Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.m 29.in 39 . in EEE. Bachelor’s degree in any discipline in Science/ B.2011 2.Tech IT.05.A.Sc.Tech. i.05.2011 10. course and Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission B.00 to 12. Electronic Science. B. 31 M.00 Noon M.m 29.Sc. Arts.00 to 12. Those who apply with M.A. IT and B. Geography/ B. ECE.00 Noon M.Tech. Electrical.Sc. Exploration Geosciences Electronics 8 29.G.Sc.Tech.E. Network & Internet Engineering 24 28. Mechanical or equivalent degree excepting M.2011 10. background should have Mathematics in under graduate level M.00 to 12.00 Noon M. in Science.00 p. Physics/ Applied Physics/ Electronics/ Information Technology/ Material Science/ Chemistry.Sc.Tech.e.pondiuni.05.Sc in Material Science.Tech.00 p.00 Noon 28.Sc. Physics with Electronics/ Material Science with Electronics/ Solid State Technology with Electronics with a minimum of 55% of marks M.

M.00 to 12.00 p.05.m 29.L.m M.00 to 12.2011 10.L.Sc.00 to 4.Tech in Agriculture/ Home Science. Food Science and Nutrition.Sc.Sc.00 to 4.Sc.05. M.m 28.00 Noon 29.Sc. Mathematics Computer Science Statistics 20 16 16 Pass in +2 with a minimum of 50% of marks with Mathematics. Food Science and Nutrition 40 29. Biotechnology.Sc.00 p. 15 62 60 52 Five Year Integrated M.T.00 to 12.Sc. Maths at +2/ PUC level is compulsory Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/ B.Sc.Sc.2011 10. Microbiology and other life science related subjects.2011 2. Applied Geology Chemistry Physics 31 31 31 Pass in +2 with 50% of marks and should have studied Physics. 46 M. Physics and Chemistry as subjects of study (Candidates with other branches in +2 are not eligible for this programme) Entrance Exam will be common 28.Sc.2011 10.05.00 noon Five Year Integrated M.G. M.)/ Chemistry/ Botany/ Zoology/ Biotechnology / Microbiology or any other branch of Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ B.2011 2.00 noon M.00 to 4.00 p.Sc. Chemistry and Mathematics Pass in +2 with 50% of marks and should have studied Physics. M.pondiuni.00 p. course and Subjec Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Candidates should have completed 10+2+3 with food and Nutrition/ Food Technology/ Food Science and Quality Control/ Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics or Composite/ General Home Science/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Zoology/ Chemistry/ Botany/ Microbiology/ Agriculture dairy or fisheries or any other allied science sujects under life sciences at B. M. M. Food Science and Technology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Microbiology Mathematics Physics Statistics 12 28./ B. Biochemistry.2011 2.Sc.Sc. Chemical and applied Sciences M. (M.00 to 4.Sc.m 28. Chemistry and Mathematics Pass in +2 with 50% of marks and should have studied Physics.05. Programme for +2 Students in the School of Physical.Sc.Sc.05.Sc.2011 2. M.T.m 29.edu.Sc.Title of P. (M.00 to 4.in .00 p.)/ Chemistry/ Botany/ Zoology/ Biotechnology or any other branch of Life Sciences with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minimum of 55% of marks Bachelor’s degree in Statistics or Mathematics with Statistics as a allied subject with a minimum of 55% of marks Date & time of Entrance Examination M.00 p. Programme for +2 Students in the Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences M.05.2011 2.m 40 www. Clinical Nutrition.05.00 to 4.05. Food Science and Quality Control.Sc. Chemistry and Mathematics Entrance Exam will be common 28.2011 2. level with a minimum of 55% of marks B.05.

G.pondiuni.00 noon * (1) Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences.00 p. Economics Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Pass in +2 with a minimum of 50% of marks and should have studied Economics. Candidates with MBBS degree recognized by MCI are also eligible to apply.00 to 12.2011 10.Sc.05.00 noon 40 M.00 noon M.05.Sc.G. Anatomy 18* M.00 to 4.m M.Sc.00 noon M. Statistics or Computer Science Date & time of Entrance Examination 29.2011 10.2011 2.in 41 .05. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry / Pharmacy / Biotechnology / Zoology / Medical Lab Technology or any other branch of Life Sciences including Molecular Biology with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognized University in India.05. course and Subject M. Mathematics. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Medical Lab Technology or any other branch of Life Sciences including Molecular Biology with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognized University in India. Candidates with MBBS degree recognized by MCI are also eligible to apply.Five Year Integrated M.edu.Sc. Commerce.00 to 12. (2) Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital (3) Sri Venkateswara Medical College and Research Center www. Programme for +2 Students in the School of Management Title of P.2011 10.Candidates with MBBS degree recognized by MCI are also eligible to apply. Medical Microbiology 18* 29.2011 10. including Molecular Biology / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Botany / Zoology / Medical Lab Technology.Sc. Candidates with MBBS degree recognized by MCI are also eligible to apply.Sc. course and Subject Intake Eligibility criteria for admission Bachelor’s degree in Zoology / Genetics / Botany / Biotechnology / Medical Lab Technology or any other branch of Life Sciences including Molecular Biology with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognized University in India.05. Medical Biochemistry 18* 28. Pharmacology 18* 28.2011 2.00 p. Physiology 18* 29. Date & time of Entrance Examination 28. Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Life Sciences. Bachelor’s degree in Zoology / Genetics / Botany / Biotechnology / Medical Lab Technology or any other branch of Life Sciences including Molecular Biology with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognized University in India.00 to 12.05.m M.Sc.00 to 12.Sc. Candidates with MBBS degree recognized by MCI are also eligible to apply. Programmes in Basic Clinical Sciences offered at affiliated Medical Colleges * Title of P.00 to 4.

programmes respectively offered at each School/Department / Centre. Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from any University in India or abroad or any Pontifical Institution in India or abroadwith a minimum of 50% of marks 20.e. the candidates should have passed the +2 examination with at least 50% marks.. Candidates qualified through other system ofstudies should obtain eligibility certificate from the University before admission. degree and. For example 49. as per prescribed norms. however. / Ph.G. Those who need accommodation in the hostels must report to their Departments prior to registration and counselling. Such candidates. • Candidates awaiting their results are also eligible to apply.pondiuni. • The students will be required to take up a group health insurance (for hospitalization.05.G.) through the University.in . Diploma Courses For admission to P. i.P. degree for admission to courses under science disciplines. if granted. the candidate should have studied for 15 years to obtain his/her/ bachelor’s degree and 17 years to obtain his/ her Master’s degree to apply for admission to P.Phil. • The minimum eligibility criteria for different courses are as prescribed in the appropriate sections. • Admitted students are required to carry the University Identity Card all the time while they are inside the campus. • All admissions are provisional.G. Eligibility marks will not be rounded off. and M. students should have. creed. subject to verification of required documents. Diploma Courses.G. • Students are instructed not to miss the classes since 70% of attendance is required to appear for the examination.G. P. Criteria for Resolving Tie in the Entrance Exam Marks The tie in entrance marks shall be resolved by applying the following critera one after the other. candidates should have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in part III (core and allied) of their U. General Conditions of admission • Admission to the University is open to all those who have the prescribed qualifications without any discrimination of race. language or sex. must produce the mark sheet / degree certificate as the proof of fulfilling the prescribed eligibility criteria on or before 1st September 2011 failing which provisional admission.D.2011 10.G. obtained the Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree from a recognized University under 10+2+3 / 10+2+3+2 system. caste.Phil.00 noon Post graduate Diploma in Asian Christian Studies 46 Unless otherwise specifically stated. degree examination for admission to courses under Humanities and Social Science subjects and a minimum 55% of marks in part III (core and allied) of their U.99% will not be rounded off to 50% for the purpose of admission.. in general. • Unless otherwise stated. till it is resolved: (a) First Criterion: The candidates with more positive marks in the entrance examination (b) Second Criterion: The candidates with less negative marks in the entrance examination. etc.00 to 12.edu. • Any course (M. For the Five Year Integrated Programmes. G. Diploma) may not be offered if sufficient number (at least 5) of students are not available. P. candidates possessing the eligibility criteria indicated below and qualified under 10+2+3 system of study are eligible to apply. (c) Third Criterion: Date of Birth (elder be placed on the top) 42 www. will be cancelled.

(English & Comparative Literature) M.A.G. (Comp.A. PROGRaMMES Course code 376 394 304 393 305 306 307 Name of the Course M. (Green Energy Technology) OTHER P.A. (Biotechnology) M.Sc.Sc. & Mole. (Hindi) M.Tech.) M. (Mathematics) M.Com (Business Finance) (Puducherry & Karaikal) M.Com (Accounting & Taxation) M. (Electronic Media) M. (Environmental Engg.a.L. PROGRaMMES Course code 351 311 354 377 390 391 392 Name of the Course M. Sciences) M.Sc.Tech. (Network & Internet Engineering) M.a. (Bio Chem.A. Five Year Integrated Programme (Applied Geology.edu. Biology) M. PROGRaMMES Course code 367 388 368 378 303 369 379 370 371 387 389 396 373 372 308 374 375 352 310 Name of the Course M.S.P. (Food Science and Nutrition) M.Tech. (Bioinformatics) M. (Chemical Sciences) M.C.CouRse/ CenTRe CoDes M. (Tamil) 5 YEaR INTEGRaTED PROGRaMMES Course code 380 384 309 Name of the Course M. (Master of Social Work) M. (Master of Performing Arts) (Theatre Arts) M. French (Translation & Interpretation) M.A.P. (Politics & International Relations) M.pondiuni. (Exploration Geo-sciences) M.in 43 . Five Year Integrated Programme (Mathematics. Computer Science & Statistics) M. (Sociology) M. (Sanskrit) M.A.Sc.Sc. (Computer Science) M.I.Tech.Sc. Five Year Integrated Programme (Economics) M. (Library & Information Science) M. (Nano Sciences & Technology) M. (Anthropology) M.a.Sc.Sc. (Food Science and Technology) M. (Electronics) M.Ed. (Applied Geology) M. PROGRaMMES Course code 381 382 383 395 Name of the Course MBA (Banking Technology) MBA (International Business) MBA (Tourism) MBA (Insurance) (Karaikal Centre) M. (Philosophy) M.Sc.A.Sc.Sc.A.Sc.Sc./ M.Sc.Sc. Chemistry & Physics) M.Tech. (Physics) M. (Statistics) MCA (Master of Computer Applications) (Puducherry & Karaikal) M.A.Tech.Ed. (Coastal Disaster Management) (Andamans) M.A. (Ecology & Envtl. (Microbiology) M.Sc.Sc.S.A. PROGRaMMES Course code 349 350 356 357 358 359 386 361 362 363 364 385 366 Name of the Course M.B.Sc (Computational Biology) M.Tech.Sc. (South Asian Studies) M.Sc. (Physical Education) M.Tech.A.) M.Sc. (Mass Communication) M.Sc. & Mgt. (Applied Economics) M. (Applied Psychology) M. Science & Engg. (Marine Biology) (Andamans) M. (Master of Education) www.A.W.A. (History) M.

D.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Ph. English Ph. PROGRaMMES IN BaSIC CLINICaL SCIENCES Course code 501 502 503 504 505 Name of the Course M.D.D. Electronics & Commn. Drama & Theatre Arts M. Commerce Ph.D.Phil.Phil.D. French M.D.Home Science Ph.D. Sanskrit Ph.Phil.M.D.Phil.D. Tamil ( Religious Literature) M.Phil. Economics M. Earth Sciences Ph.Phil.D.D.D. Management Ph.D.Phil. Zoology Ph. Chemistry M.D.D. Sanskrit M.D. Marine Biology Ph.Sc (Anatomy) M.Phil.Geomatics Ph.D.D.D.S C. Tamil (Modern Literature) M.D. Mathematics Ph.D. Port Blair) M.Sc (Physiology) Ph. PROGRaMMES Course code 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 Name of the Course M.D. Ecology & Environmental Sciences Ph. Tamil M.D. Physical Education & Sports M. Bioinformatics Ph. Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies Ph.edu. Women’s Studies Ph.D.Phil.D. Philosophy M. Anthropology M. Social Work M.D. History Ph.D. French Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering Ph. Asian Christian Studies M.D. Sociology Ph.D.Phil.D.Sc (Medical Biochemistry) M.Zoogeography Ph.D.Phil.Phil. Physics Ph.Phil.Phil. Environmental Technology Ph. Civil Engineering Ph. Sociology M.D.D. Engg.Phil.Phil.in .D. Ecology (Offered at French Institute of Pondicherry and Zoological Survey of India.Phil.D.pondiuni.Phil. Epidemiology Ph. Hindi Ph. Chemistry Ph. English M. Politics & International Studies M. Physics M. Women’s Studies M.Taxonomy Ph. Philosophy Ph. Entomology Ph. History M. Environmental Technology M.Phil.D.Sc (Pharmacology) M. Hindi M. Economics Ph. Tamil Ph.D.Indology Ph. Botany Ph.Phil.Phil. Biotechnology Ph.Phil. Commerce M. Anthropology Ph.Sc (Medical Microbiology) M.Phil. Microbiology Ph.D. Ph. PROGRaMMES Course code 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 Name of the Course Ph.Phil. Mechanical Engineering 44 www.D.Phil. Politics & International Studies Ph. Physical Education & Sports Ph. Mathematics M.

140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165

Ph.D. Drama & Theatre Arts Ph.D. Electrical & Electronics Engg. Ph.D. Tourism Studies Ph.D. Asian Christian Studies Ph.D. Law Ph.D. International Business Ph.D. Banking Technology Ph.D. Coastal Disaster Management Ph.D. Statistics Ph.D. South Asian Studies Ph.D. Education Ph.D. Food Science & Nutrition Ph.D. Social Work Ph.D. Electronic Media Ph.D. Mass Communication Ph.D. Library & Information Science Ph.D. Applied Psychology Ph.D. Food Science & Technology Green Energy Technology Nano Sciences & Technology Southern Asia Studies Biochemical Pharmacology Cardiovascular Biology Clinical Biochemistry Toxicology

Centre Code 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Centre Name Allahabad Bangalore Bhopal Bhubaneshwar Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Goa Guwahati Hyderabad Jammu Jhalander Karaikal Kochi Kolkatta Kozhikode Lucknow Madurai Mangalore Mumbai Mysore New Delhi Patna Port Blair (Andamans) Puducherry Pune Ranchi Shillong Srinagar Tiruchirapalli Thiruvananthapuram Vijayawada Vishakapatnam

Course code 482 Name of the Course Post graduate Diploma in Asian Christian Studies




Details of fees payable by the candidates selected for admission and remittance under various heads in the Indian Bank University Branch are as follows: name of the fund/fee Account no.

University Development Fund .................................................................................................... 413264251 Group Medical Insurance .......................................................................................................... 845872540 *Student Welfare Fund *Alumini Association Fund *Caution Deposit *Library Fund *Laboratory Fund/Computer Lab Fund *Industry Interface Fund *Internet Fund *Academic inf. Devpt. Fund *Special Academic & Placement Fund .......................................... 413264171 All the other fees ....................................................................................................................... 413264148

Fee Table:1 - Ph.D. Programmes
Sl. No Item Ph.D. (all figures in Indian Rupees) Full-Time & Part-Time Internal Research Fee: (p.s.) 1 For Foreign national (p.s.): SAARC / Developing Countries South-East Asian Countries Others Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee: For degrees from Indian universities For degrees from foreign universities Identity Card Fee Sports Fee (p.a.) Medical Examination Fee (p.a.) Library Fund (p.s.) Laboratory Fee Science Courses having laboratories(p.s.) Internet Fund (p.s.) Students’ Welfare Fund (p.a.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid before submission of thesis) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Laboratory(Science Courses) Library Group Medical Insurance (for full-time candidates only) University Development Fund Software Subscription Fund (For Ph.D. programmes offered under the School of Management only) 1000 (Humanities) 1200 (Sciences) US $250 US $500 US $750 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 600 500 250 100 100 500 500 555 500 3000 Part-Time External 2000 2400 US $250 US $500 US $750 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 600 500 250 100 100 500 500 500 3000 845872540 413264251 413264171 413264171 413264148 Account No

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16



Fee Table: 2 - M.Phil. & Post-graduate Programmes (Except courses at Tables 3-11)
Sl. No Item Tuition Fee: For Indian national (per credit & p.s.) For Foreign national (p.s.) SAARC / Developing countries Non-SAARC countries Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For degree from foreign universities Identity Card fee Physical Activities fee (p.s.) Students Welfare Fund (p.a.) Sports fee (p.a.) Medical Examination fee (p.a.) Library Fund (p.s.) Laboratory Fee (p.s.) (if laboratory is used) Internet Fund (p.s.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during the final semester along with tuition fee) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Laboratory (Science Courses) Group Medical Insurance (one time fee) University Development Fund Software Subscription Fund (For Economics and Commerce only) Industry/ Institution/ Hospital interface Fund*** M.Phil. M.A./M.Sc./ M.Sc. 5yr. Integrated /M.Com. All figures in Indian Rupees 50 US $250 US $500 100 50 200 500 25 100 100 50 300 600 150 100 30 US $250 US $300 100 50 200 500 25 100 100 50 200 200 100 100 30 US $250 US $300 100 50 200 500 25 250 100 100 50 200 200 100 100 413264171 413264148 M.P.Ed Account No.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18.

500 500 123 500 2000 -

500 500 123*/246/ 555** 500 1000 5000

500 500 274 500 845872540 413264251 413264171

*For M.Ed. Students only ** For integrated students only *** For M.Sc. Applied Psychology Students only

Fee Table: 3 - M.Tech/ M.Sc. (Computer Science)/ MCa
Sl. No Item Tuition Fee: For Indian national (per credit) For Foreign national (p.s.) SAARC / Developing countries Non-SAARC countries Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Identity Card Fee M.Tech. M.Sc. (CS), M.C.A Account No All figures in Indian Rupees 100 US $500 US $750 100 50 25 100 US $500 US $750 100 50 25



2 3 4



000 1000 50. (CS).000 413264171 413264148 Item Indian Students Per Semester Fee 3000 500 1500 50 100 50 100 246 20. Tourism Sl.s.s.Sc.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during the final semester along with tution fees) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Computer Lab Group Medical Insurance University Development Fund M.a.C.) Computer Lab Fund (p.) Internet Fund (p.) Group Medical Insurance One Time Fee Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For Degree from Foreign universities Identity Card Fee Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Computer Lab Industry Interface Fund * Software Subscription Fund Academic Tour Fund 100 50 200 500 25 500 500 7500 1000 10.) Students’ Welfare Fund (p.) Medical Examination Fee (p.a.) Library Fund (p. M.M. 200 500 100 50 250 1250 100 100 100 500 500 246 1000 M.Tech. No 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Item Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For degree from Foreign universities Sports Fee (p.a.a.in .000 4000 5000 500 500 50 100 845872540 413264171 413264148 NRI/ Foreign Students Account No 48 www.edu.000 1000 50 1500 1500 25 5000 5000 40.A 200 500 100 50 250 1250 100 100 100 500 500 246/ 350* 1000 Account No 413264148 413264171 845872540 413264251 * For MCA students only Fee Table: 4 .a.Sl. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Tuition Fee: Library Fund Computer Fund Sports Fee Internet Fund Medical Examination fee (p.pondiuni.s.B.) Students Welfare Fund (p.a.

Industry Institute Interface Annual Event Fee Table: 5 M.To be paid at the time of admission 150 100 200 500 25 500 500 5000 7500 10.in 49 .pondiuni.edu.000 5000 1000 7500 200 300 413264171 413264251 413264171 413264148 II Semester 3000 1000 100 500 100 100 III Semester 3000 1000 100 500 100 100 50 100 IV Semester 3000 1000 100 500 100 100 413264171 Account No 413264148 Per Semester Fee Per Annum Fee . (Banking Technology) and M.for MBA International Business Course www.a. No 9 10 11 12 Item Placement Activities Fund (Including Brochure) Special Academic Activities & Infrastructure Fund Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during final semester along wth tution fees) University Development Fund Indian Students 2500 4000 100 1000 NRI/ Foreign Students 4000 4000 100 5000 Account No 413264171 413264251 * AKANKSHA .a.Sl.1000/. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Tution Fee Special Fee Library Fee Computer Fund Sports Fee Internet Fee Medical Exam Fee Students Welfare Fund Group Medical Insurance Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee For Indian university For foreign university Identity Card Fee Caution Deposit (Refundable ) Library Computer Lab Computer Lab/ Software Subscription Fund* Industry Interface Fund Academic Infrastructure Fund Special Academic Placement Fund University Development Fund Media/ Publicity/ Placement Brochure Fund Journals/ Magazine subscription Fund Alumini Association Fund Item I Semester 3000 1000 100 500 100 100 50 100 246 One Time Fee .B. (International Business) Sl.To be paid in the begining of I and II year 413264171 845872540 * Rs.B.

000 12.To be paid in the begining of I and II year 413264171 845872540 One Time Fee . No 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Tution Fee Special Fee Library Fee Computer Fund Sports Fee Internet Fee Medical Exam Fee Students Welfare Fund Group Medical Insurance Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee For Indian university For foreign university Identity Card Fee Caution Deposit (Refundable ) Library Computer Lab Industry Interface Fund Infrastructure Development Fund Software Subscription Fund Special Academic Placement Fund University Development Fund Media Fund Journals Fund Alumini Association Fund (To be paid at the beginning of the final semester) Item Indian Students Per Semester Fee 3000 1000 500 500 100 100 50 100 246 150 100 200 500 25 500 500 7500 10.000 1000 12.edu.Fee Table: 6 M.000 84.000 65.a.To be paid at the time of admission 50 www. (Insurance) Sl.000 1000 5000 5000 7500 200 300 26.B.500 8400 6400 8000 1500 1500 1000 1000 2500 500 2100 2400 200 5000 5000 60.750 5000 4000 4200 825 825 50 100 1250 200 1650 1650 200 5000 5000 45.000 1000 5000 1000 7500 200 300 20.pondiuni.000 200 300 413264171 413264251 413264171 413264148 413264171 413264148 NRI Students Foreign Students Account No Per Annum Fee .in .000 12.

a.000 1.M.000 845872540 413264251 M.000 413264148 4 13 Note: For the above courses.000 0 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 250 500 200 100 50 500 500 500 2.000 246 1.a.000 3.500 50.500 50.000 246 1.a.000 0 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 250 500 200 100 50 500 500 500 2.Sc.000 1.500 50.Fee Table: 7 .000 3.00.pondiuni.N Item Tuition Fee: For Indian National (p.000 10. Green Energy Technology. INR) For Foreign National 1 SAARC / Developing countries (p.Tech.00.000 25.a. Sl. Microbiology/ M. Exploration Geosciences.00.) Students Welfare Fund (p.000 3.a.a. (Nano Sciences & Technology.a.000 25.edu.000 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 250 500 200 100 413264171 50 500 500 500 2. internship.000 1.a.500 50.000 1.in 51 .000 25.a) Medical Examination Fee (p. INR) Non-SAARC countries (p.000 1.) Computer Lab Fund Wet Lab fund Internet Fund (p.Sc.s) Lab Fund (p.000 246 1.) Group Medical Insurance University Development Fund 3.000 10.) Library Fund (p.000 0 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 250 500 200 100 50 500 500 500 2. Microbiology Nano Sciences & Technology Green Energy Technology Exploration Geoscience Electronics Account No All figures in Indian Rupees 3.) Alumini Association Fund (annual contribution) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Deposit Computer Lab Deposit Wet Lab Deposit 14 15 16 17 Academic Infrastructure Development Fund Advanced Lab Fund (p.000 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 250 500 200 100 50 500 500 500 2.500 50.000 246 1. off campus training and field work related expenses are on actuals www. INR) 2 3 Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee: For degree from Indian Universities For degree from Foreign Universities 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Identity Card Fee Sports Fee (p. Electronics) M.Tech.00.000 246 1.00.

) Medical Examination Fee (p.s.a.edu.) Wet Lab Fund (p. Bioinformatics/ M.) For Foreign national (per semester) SAARC / Developing countries Non-SAARC countries Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For degree from foreign universities Identity Card fee Sports Fee (p.pondiuni.) Internet Fund (p.a.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during final semester along with tuition fee) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Computer Lab Wet Lab Academic Infrastructure Development Fund University Development Fund Group Medical Insurance Item Amount (In Rupees) 100 US $500 US $750 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 1250 500 100 100 100 500 500 500 2000 1000 246 413264251 845872540 413264171 413264148 Account No.s.) Students Welfare Fund (p.M. No Tuition Fee: For Indian national (per credit & p.Sc.Fee Table: 8 .) Library Fund (p.Computational Biology Sl.a.in .s.s.a. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 52 www.Sc.) Lab Fund Computer Lab Fund (p.

) Medical Examination Fee (p.a.s.edu.a.pondiuni. Food Science Nutrition/ Food Science & Technology Sl.s.) Lab Fund (p.) Internet Fund (p.) Library Fund (p.) For Foreign national (per semester) SAARC / Developing countries Non-SAARC countries Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For degree from foreign universities Identity Card fee Sports Fee (p.M.s.) Students Welfare Fund (p. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 413264171 www.a.s.Sc.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during final semester along with tuition fee) Caution Deposit (Refundable) Library Laboratory Computer Lab Group Medical Insurance Academic Infrastructure Development Fund University Development Fund Food Science & Food Science & Nutrition Technology 30 US $250 US $300 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 200 200 100 100 100 500 500 500 246 500 100 US $500 US $500 100 50 200 500 25 100 50 250 1800 100 100 100 500 500 500 246 2000 1000 413264251 413264171 413264148 Account No. No Item Tuition Fee: For Indian national (per credit & p.Fee Table: 9 .in 53 .

in .pondiuni.Fee Table: 10 .) For Foreign national (per semester) SAARC / Developing countries Non-SAARC countries Registration Fee Matriculation Fee Recognition Fee : For degree from Indian universities For degree from foreign universities Identity Card fee Sports Fee (p.a. No Tuition Fee: For Indian national (per credit & p.P. G. Diploma Programmes Sl.) Internet Fund (p.s.s.) Alumini Association Fund (to be paid during final semester along with tuition fee) Library Caution Deposit (Refundable) Group Medical Insurance University Development Fund Item Amount (In Rupees) Account No.edu.) Students Welfare Fund (p.) Medical Examination Fee (p. 413264148 1 50 US $250 US $500 100 50 200 500 100 100 50 100 100 100 100 500 123 500 845872540 413264251 413264171 413264148 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 54 www.s.a.) Library Fund (p.a.

00 rupees per day thereafter upto the last day of the month in which the fees is due. on recommendation of Academic Advisory Committee. The Account Number in which various kinds of Fees/Funds/Deposits are to be remitted in the Indian Bank Branch at the University Campus is indicated against each. Students shall not be issued hall tickets or allowed to appear at the examination unless they have cleared their dues. A student whose name has been struck off from the rolls of the University.PaYMENT OF FEES All the students including M. Security deposits and library caution money are refundable.09.D. the last date for payment of the above fees will be the preceding working day. 500/-. If any student does not claim the refund of any amount lying to his/her credit within one calendar year of his/ her leaving the University.1000/. or on his behalf. Provided that these provisions shall not apply to students in the affiliated colleges. if any./ Ph.1000/. may relax any of the conditions for payment of fees in special cases.edu. under the above clause. The period of one year shall be reckoned from the date of announcement of the result of the examination due to be taken by the student or the date from which his/her name is struck off from the rolls of the University whichever is earlier. a candidate desires to discontinue he/ she shall be refunded all fees after deducting Rs.plus University Development Fund of Rs. paid the prescribed examination fee and produced a “No-dues” certificates. after deducting all dues against him/her.provided he/she discontinues on or before 01. scholars shall pay all the fees to the University at the time of admission and for the subsequent semesters within ten days from the beginning of each semester. on an application from the student on his/her leaving the University. be deducted from the security deposit due to him/ her. REFUND OF FEES. it shall be deemed to have been donated by him/ her to the Students’ Aid Fund. late payment.pondiuni. any other officer to whom this power has been delegated.Phil.2011 If a student owes any money to the University on account of any damage he/ she may have caused to the University property. ETC.00 rupees per day for the first 10 days (ii) @ 10. it shall along with outstanding tuition fees and fines. If. after having paid the fees. If the above dates fall on Saturdays or Sundays or any other holidays. together with a re-admission fee of Rs. shall be as levied as follows at the time of payment: (i) @ 5. fine./Centres concerned and on payment of arrears of fees in full and other dues. www. If a student does not pay the fee on time.in 55 . Names of the defaulters shall be removed from the rolls of the University with effect from the first day of the following month. may be re-admitted on the recommendation of the Dean/ HOD/ Coordinator of the Dept. SECURITY DEPOSITS. Examinations fees shall be payable on or before the last date prescribed in this regard. The Vice-Chancellor.

Hostel admission.Refundable The rent is to be paid every year at the beginning of the Academic year in June/ July as follows: • P. Of the five girls’ hostels. Ph. students are 15 months and 4 years respectively from the date of admission / occupation of hostel rooms. General Amenities Fund. • Ph. 25/no room rent is charged from girl students and SC/ ST boy students (copy of community certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer to be produced). Hostel fees Refundable The caution deposit of Rs. However they have to pay all other fees like application for admission. and photo copies for other challans with Bank seal. Of which eleven are for boys. All the messes. Establishment charges.1800/.pondiuni.Phil. etc. except the research scholar’s. Fees and Discipline Admission to the Hostel will be subject to the recommendation of the concerned Head of the Department. and subject to availability of rooms.G and M. Non . 900/. Students from distant places will be given preference on first come first serve basis. students and Ph. 300/. No permission will be granted for dining outside the respective hostel mess under any circumstances.D.D 4 years from the date of admission to the hostel.a.(for 56 www. Open Cheque will not be issued under any circumstances.(for Indian nationals) and Rs. • Application Fees (at the time of admission only) – Rs.6000/. • Establishment Charges – Rs. Hostel mess is compulsory for all hostellers.Phil 15 months of stay from the date of admission to the hostel. 500/.D (Room rent for 10 months) – Rs. Therefore student must necessarily open Bank Account.p.3000/. students (room rent for 10 months) – Rs. Mess Fees. Note: Except Research scholars all students must vacate the hostel during summer vacation. Of the eleven boys’ hostels. Students must obtain No Dues certificate for Mess & Room Rent from hostel office before writing semester exams producing challans for payment of Hostel dues.hosTels Pondicherry University has seventeen hostels on the campus at present. the approval of the Chief Warden. Hostel accommodation for M. submitted their theses or not completed the viva. two more Research Scholars hostels will start functioning soon.p.Phil. • General Amenities Fund – Rs. have been outsourced. five are for girls and one for foreign students. Those who are availing Bank Loan must keep their original challans for caution deposit for claiming refund while vacating hostel. The hostel messes are run by experienced and qualified caterers.p.p. free education including accommodation and food for differently abled students. Apart from these. one Research Scholars hostel is for boys and one for girls.a. All the 16 rooms are air – conditioned with attached bathrooms. nine are for PG courses and two for Research Scholars (with a total capacity of 1350 students). Duration of Stay M.a. Two well equipped mega messes (one for boys & one for girls) are available for the use of students of the University. Of which. Caution Deposit. The University has a well furnished hostel for foreign students which can accommodate 32 students in 16 rooms whose fees structure will be different from the general hostel fees. four are for PG students and one is for Research Scholars (with a total capacity of 600 students).a.in . foreign national) is to be paid while joining the hostel. They cannot stay in the hostel beyond this period even if they have not MESS Students who are admitted to the hostels are provided food in the mess. Disciplinary action will be taken against those hostlers who do not pay their dues on time.edu. This will be refunded after vacating the hostel by means of account transfer/ account payee Cheque subject to surrender of original Challan after deducting dues if any. The messes offer meals at moderate rates. with a total capacity of 400 students.

In addition to University buses and vans.June and January as follows: The present rates for boys are Rs. Subsidy The University provides a Mess Subsidy Grant of Rs. 400/. Free Electric wheel chair is provided for physically challenged students at the mess. Exact rates will be intimated at the time of admission. etc.and Rs. i. (the limit prescribed for creamy layer) subject to approval by the Vice Chancellor (copy of Annual Income certificate Issued by www.. bus facility is provided within the campus for every half-an-hour during working days. battery operated vehicles and bicycles are also plying in the campus free of cost throughout the day covering all hostels to enable the students to visit departments. and even result in dismissal from the hostel by the University whose interpretation of the rules shall be final. Discipline All communication from the inmate to the University authorities shall be routed through the proper channel.e. For the mobility of the students from Hostels to Departments.respectively.a.4.8100/. 4800/.pondiuni. misconduct.in 57 . misdemeanor.Mess fees The mess fee is to be paid in two installments in a year .edu. disobedience. through the wardens of the respective hostels and Chief Warden. Any subversive activity. Library. Revenue Officials duly attested by a Gazetted Officer to be produced). 7200/. library. General facilities The University Health Centre offers medical facilities round the clock to the students residing in the hostels. These rates are likely to be increased. ragging. Computer Center. Wifi connectivity is also provided to all hostels to enable the students to have 24 hours internet access.(June) and Rs. failure to clear dues. lab etc. obnoxious behavior. flouting of Hostel Rules & Regulation. shall be severely punished.5 lakhs p. 5400/(January) and for Girls Rs. etc.per month to the inmates of the hostels based on the annual income of the parents which should not exceed Rs.

Disciplinary Measures Disciplinary action may include: a) reprimand or warning. e) the possession or use of illicit drugs on campus. Students should not bring mobile phone to the class rooms / seminar halls/examination hall. e) withholding of official transcripts. the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory. b) fail mark for an assignment or a course. c) required withdrawal from a particular class or classes. or damages to University property. Misconduct Students’ misconduct includes but is not limited to the following: a) disruption of class room activities or hindering the learning of other students anywhere in the University. f) suspension of campus privileges. c) behaviour which interferes signifi cantly with University operation.pondiuni. f) the falsification of documents or the supplying of false information in order to obtain admission to classes.edu. endangers the health or safety of staff or students. d) the possession or use of intoxicating beverage on campus. the authority would expel him from the institution. to faculty and to other students. Senior students are not permitted to invite their juniors to their rooms for any introduction meetings after dinner. Failure to maintain appropriate standards of conduct will attract disciplinary action. 58 www. g) the possession of weapons. PROHIBITION OF RaGGING Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.ConDuCT & DIsCIPlIne Students enrolled at Pondicherry University must realize their responsibilities to the University. b) cheating on assignments or examinations. disrupts education. During the academic year 2008-09 six students (hostellers) who were involved in ragging were expelled from the hostel for a period of one year.in . g) other disciplinary action which the University authorities deem appropriate in the circumstances. d) suspension or expulsion from the University. and h) the failure to return loaned materials or settle debts with the University. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority.

Devotional Literature. Comparative Literature. Bharathi Day Celebration: As part of the birth anniversary of the national Tamil poet Bharathi 4. Pajanivelou has joined as Post Doctoral Research Awardee under the UGC Research Award for two years since 2009. More than 300 students received M. Durai Seenisami was appointed as Emeritus Professor for two years since 2007. Every year. The School is functioning with the following academic and research activities for betterment of Tamil Language & Literature. At present 47 scholars are doing research for Ph. programmes. Epic Literature. AROkIANATHAN The Department of Tamil was started in 1986.Phil.subRaManIa bhaRaThI sChool of TaMIl lanGuaGe anD lITeRaTuRe Dean: Prof. 48 students are currently engaged in M. (i) “The contribution of Puducherry to the Development of Tamil Literature” (ii) “The Prosody of Tamil Literature through Ages” The School has produced more than 100 Ph. Dr. Dr. Gnanasundaram is appointed on Kamban Chair to do research on Kambaramayanam from 0901-2009. Dr. This School offers facilities for intensive study and research in different areas of Tamil Literature such as Sangam Literature. degree until 2009. 1. D. Guest Lectures: 25 (each academic year) 3.edu. the School of Tamil is conducting the following Tamil Literary functions for the benefit of the students.K.pondiuni.Phil.Ds. It has been promoted as Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language and Literature in 2003. Students interaction programmes with eminent Tamil scholars from leading Tamil institutions The School has UGC sponsored Special Assistance Programme (Phase – II) in the following two research areas from 2009-2014. Modern Literature. www. S. Endowment Lectures: 13 2. Tamil Grammar and Folklore. scholars as well as faculty members of School of Tamil. in the School. More than 10 students have cleared the National Level UGC/ NET examinations.in 59 . The thrust area of the School is Literary Theory and Grammar.D. this year.

Modern Literature (Full-time) M. (Pondicherry University.Phil. literature and culture. Ph. Tamil . Religious Literature. Ph. Ph. Ilamathy Janakiraman. The written examination will consist only of objective type questions on Tamil language. and Creative Literature.A. Tamil -Religious Literature (Full-time) Ph. The written paper will consist of objective and essay-type questions on Tamil language. FACULTy S. Ph.Phil.Thirunagalingam. Chidambaram) Specialization: Modern Literature & Literary Criticism. B. (University of Madras. Fine Arts and Manuscriptology M. Arokianathan. Tamil (Full-time) entrance examination M. Mathialagan. A. nalangilli. Dramatics and Folklore. (University of Washington. (Madurai Kamaraj University. Ph. D. (University of Madras.edu. 60 www. K.Litt ( Tamil University. Madurai).General (Full-time) M.D. Chennai) Specialization: Folklore and Manuscriptology.Phil. (Annamalai University. Literary Criticism & Creative Literature Photo: Gopinath S. Ph.S. Women Studies and Women’s Writing. (Madurai Kamaraj University.D. Thanjavur ) Specialization: Tamil Literature.D. Ravikumar. Arivudainambi. Ancient Literature.D. Professors A. M.Phil. Puducherry) Specialization: Modern Literature. Ph. Ancient Tamil Grammar. Chidambaram) Specialization: Siddha Literature. Karunanidhi. Arivunambi. Chennai) Specialization: Comparative Literature and Literary Theories.Programmes of study M. & Ph. USA) Specialization: Tamil Grammar. Dean Lecturer (Senior Scale) Assistant Professor M.D.D. Mass Communication and Spoken Tamil-Teaching. Marxism and Literature. Ph. (Pondicherry University. Saiva Samayam. literature and culture.D. R.D. M. Puducherry) Specialization: Folklore.D. Literature and Psychology.A.in . Tamil . Madurai) Specialization: Epics. Tamil M. Ph.pondiuni.D.D. (Annamalai University.

programme and the Department of International Business offers MBA with specialization in International Business and Ph. the Department of Tourism Studies offers a MBA programme specializing in Tourism and Ph. the Department of Commerce offers M. M. including MNCs.A. programmes.D.sChool of ManaGeMenT Dean: Prof. programme. www.in 61 . (Business Finance) programme offered by the Department of Commerce has attracted the attention of companies which are involved in Finance and Investment.Com.Phil. M. programmes.D. While the regular MBA students are found getting good placements in leading MNCs and large Public Limited Companies involved in manufacturing. M. service industry as well as in high profile Software Industry. The students of the MBA programme of the Department of International Business are finding placement in leading industries in India. the MBA (Tourism) students are finding total placement in travel and tourism industries as well as in hospitability business.D. (Accounting & Taxation).(Applied Economics). and Ph. the Department of Economics offers M.pondiuni. programmes. Fund Management. The Department of Management Studies offers MBA & Ph. Five Year Integrated Programme in Economics. M. Banking and Non-banking activities. Government department of Economics & Statistics.A.Com. (Business Finance). MBA Banking Technology degree programme started drawing attention of top leading banks and software companies concentrating on Banking software. etc. The School of Management offers the above said programmes with a total placement focus.D.D.Sc. M. Economics students are found in great demand in those organizations involved in policy making such as National Institutes devoted for Economic development. Programme. and Ph. M.Phil.edu.D. the Department of Banking Technology offers a specialized MBA programme in Banking Technology and Ph.Com. RBI.Ramadass Department Department Department Department Department Department of of of of of of Management Studies Commerce Economics Tourism Studies Banking Technology International Business School of Management is one of the popular Schools of Excellence in the campus primarily focusing on the business related courses since the very inception of this University. Stock Broking. M.

Group Dynamics. It has state-of-the-art facilities with well equipped library.M. (Cochin University of Science and Technology) Specialization: Marketing. Rajeswari. Research Methodology. Aligarh) – (on EOL as Vice-Chancellor. Ph. Operations Research. Innovation Management. Chennai) Specialization: Actuarial Mathematics. Coimbatore) Specialization: Insurance Management. (Insurance Management) at Karaikal Campus Ph.D. Hariharan. Ph. Ph.B. Puducherry) Specialization: Marketing. Vizhakapatnam) Specialization: Human Resources Management / Knowledge Based Organizations/ E-Governance & Social Sector Management S. (Sri Venkateswara University. Ph.D. M. Ph. Puducherry) Specialization: Production & Operations Management / Supply Chain Management/ Quality Management/ Management Information Systems Chitra Sivasubramanian. Riasudeen. (University of Madras. it offers MBA (Insurance Management) programme. Marketing Management Readers Readers S. Statistics for Insurance. Ph. Victor Anand Kumar. (A. Training and Development K. Ph.D.D. Ph. Chennai) Specialization: Production & Operations Management.D. Insurance Company Management. (S. Centralized Computer Lab with internet facility.(VIT University. (Anna University. International Finance R.D. Entrepreneurship. Anatapur) Specialization: Risk Management & Insurance. nambirajan. Chennai) Specialization: Human Resource Management.pondiuni. Advertising and Sales promotion. Jharkhand) Specialization: Marketing Management / General Management/ HRM R. Fire Insurance 62 www. Venkatesakumar. (Osmania University. Cross Cultural Management. Warangal) Specialization: Marketing Management.D. Human Resource Management. Madhavaiah. Derivatives. Ph. Kasilingam.D. University) Specialization: Services Marketing.V. Ph. Principles of Insurance. Madurai) Specialization: Human Resource Management / Retail Management / Organisational Behaviour / Strategic Management Uma Chandrasekaran. Insurance Law and Regulation.D.P. (University of Madras. Quantitative Techniques and Systems M. Tirupati) Specialization: Marketing Management. Specialization: Marketing.D. Training and Development B. Ph. Senthil Kumar. (Business Administration) M. Faculty Professor & Coordinator Lalitha Ramakrishnan. Ph. Customer Service & Relationship Management. Chennai) Specialization: Accounting. (Kakatiya University. Ph. Merchant Banking.D. Corporate Communication. Consumer Behaviour L. Kanagalakshmi. Vellore) Specialization: Marketing. Ph. Services Marketing.D. Housekeeping & Public Systems Management. S. Non-Government organisations G. Karaikudi) Specialization: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.DePaRTMenT of ManaGeMenT sTuDIes School of Management Programmes of study M. Sales & Distribution D. E-Commerce / Systems /Business Communication R.in . Infrastructure.D. Financial Services.D.D. Motor Insurance. Hyderabad) Specialization: Business Environment. (Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Mothilal.edu. Human Resource Management. MHRM Specialization: Human Resource Management. Insurance Company Management C. Ph. Dharmalingam. Quantitative Techniques. Services Marketing. Health Insurance M.D.D. Managerial Accounting. (Pondicherry University. (Madurai Kamaraj University.Phil. LCD projector for presentation and Teaching. Organizational Behaviour. Corporate Finance and Strategic Cost Accounting. Malini. Basheer Ahmed Khan.B. Production Management. Project Management.A. Liability Insurance.D. Engineering Insurance Assistant Professors Assistant Professor (SS) L. Raya.D. Ph. CRM B. M. The Centre is also facilitated with separate hostels for boys and girls. E-Governance & Sustainable Development Assistant Professors Faculty (Pondicherry University Campus) Professors R. Ph. HRD Established during 2007-08. Ph.U. Brand Management. MBA.Phil. Specialization: Finance KARAIKAL CAMPUS Associate Professors T. MSME Management S. Panneerselvam. Trichirapalli) (Deputation to ASC. Charumathi. Entrepreneurship.A. (Bharathiar University. Madan Mohan. Marketing Management Byram Anand. Pondicherry University) Specialization: Managerial Finance. Ph. (University of Madras. Advertising. A. Financial Services & Financial Engineering. (Pondicherry University. (Sri Venkateswara University. (Alagappa University. (Andhra University.D. Management Management. Tirupati) Specialization: Strategic Management. (Bharathidasan University. Entrepreneurship.D. Ph. Issue Management.H. SMK University. Lavanya Latha.

Com course the Department came into existence to offer a much sought for specialized Post-Graduate course in Commerce in form of M. similar to the JRF NET examination conducted by UGC. Epsco are the merited facilities in the Department FACULTy: Professor P. Indian Financial System. The students of this course with their acquired knowledge and skills. Investment and Portfolio Management. Portfolio Management. Associate Professor D. Business Economics.Phil. (Accounting & Taxation) from the academic year 2011-12. find themselves well equipped for the activities like Investment Management. Overhead LCD projectors for presentation constitute the basic infrastructure of the department. industrial/field visits. The entrance examination for admission to M. educational tour and students’ participation in academic activities of Universities and other institutions. group discussions on contemporary themes.Com. application of ICT. Multinational Financial Management. Bank Management etc. natarajan. The written test is of objective type. Banking. International Financial Management. PALAnICHAMY.Phil.Com. career guidance & counseling. The admission for M. Taxation. LAZAR. Ph. It is of objective type in line with JRF/NET examination. Legal Aspects of Business. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Business Statistics. “Derivatives and Risk Management”. Organization Behaviour and Personneld Management. MALABIKA DEO. Accounting & Taxation M. Cooperation and such alike. Derivatives Management. (Accounting & Taxation) Degree programmes consist of objective type questions. internship training & project work.edu.G level courses.DePaRTMenT of CoMMeRCe School of Management The Department of Commerce is one of the pioneering departments of Pondicherry University. Forex Dealing. www. Financial. Ph. interactive sessions. Organizational Behaviour. Auditing. The admission formalities are carried out by inviting the candidates for a written test.D. Forex & Global Financial Markets. Programmes of study M.D. SPSS statistical software package. Micro Finance. Entrepreneurship Development. Financial Management. Operation Research and Derivative Management P. Portfolio Management. Treasury Management. The Department has introduced another specialized M.in 63 . The Department is supported by UGC under SAP (DRS) to achive academic excellence with the thrust on one of the most contemporary areas in finance i. and Ph. Photocopy facility. The admission of Ph. Commerce (full-Time) Ph.Com. The Award of SAP is a proof of the capability and credentials of the learned faculty of this department. Taxation Management. Programme in the field of Finance Banking Marketing and Personnel Management. Corporate Secretaryship. case analysis. Accounting Fund Management. Personal Finance. Insurance. This course is designed to fill the man power requirement having Accounting and Taxation knowledge other than professional courses like Charted Accountancy and Cost Accountancy in the corporate sector. Programme consists of entrance test aimed at assessing the advanced knowledge of the student at his/her P. Costing Statistics. (Madras University) Specialization: Corporate Finance. Security Market Operation. Project Execution and Management. (Business Finance) and M.pondiuni. Business finance M.D. International Finance. Direct. (Alagappa University) Specialization: Project Management. institute-industry interaction programme. on-line journals from Science. The Department also offers M. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Banking Financial Institutions & Markets.Com.D. The department is housed in School of Management building (ground floor) with spacey class rooms and well equipped common computer lab with 50 computers with internet connection.Com(Business Finance) with the focus on ‘Finance’. Ph.D. The department aims at imparting indepth knowledge and professional skills required for handling the “ Finance Functions” of business entities and corporate enterprises. Fund Management and International Business. Around the clock internet facility with access to CMIE Prowess data base. Commerce (full Time and Part-Time) PG Diploma in Investment Management (Add-on Course) Infrastructure facilities entrance examination The admission for the course is based on national level entrance examination. The Department imparts knowledge through lectures.e. Ph. Cost and Management Accounting.D.Phil. Differentiating itself from the traditional M. Foreign Trade. Derivative Management.Com.D. These questions are mostly aimed at assessing the candidate’s basic understanding of concepts in Accounting. programme is based on the vacancies available with eligible guides and the field of specialization that a scholar wants to pursue.

M. degree.D. Alagappa University. Statistical Methods for Data Analysis Infrastructure facilities The Department has modernized infrastructure with well equipped library. (Calicut University. XLRI. LCD projector for presentation and Teaching. Accounting . IIT Mumbai. educational tour and students’ participation in academic activities of Universities and other institutions. The department also has produced high quality research works and the research scholars of this department have got placement in reputed business school like IIM(Indore). Karaikal. Business Research & Analytics. IIM(Calcutta). Investment Management. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Securities Analysis. International Finance.Com. IFMR NIRMA Institute of Management. IIMs etc. FORD.S. soft skills for employability quotient.CO-ORDINATOR Specialization: Accounting & Finance. (University of Madras. programme. Retail Marketing and Rural Marketing. institute-industry interaction programme. independent projects and consultancy on contemporary themes.D. Karaikudi) . Arulmurugan M. (Alagappa University. The Department offers Master of Commerce in Business Finance and Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce (Full Time and Part time) Placement Facility The Department provides placement assistance to the students and our Alumni are placed in leading business concerns from the inception of the Department at the Karaikal Campus. V. Assistant Professors K. for their Ph. Financial Management. application of ICT. Centralized Computer Lab with internet facility. after completing M. Intellectual Property Valuation. Infrastructure Finance & Private equity KARAIKAL CAMPUS The Department of Commerce. industrial / field visits. Ph. Logistics. Assistant Professors V. Chennai) Specialization: Investments. Financial Management & Forex Management. NIBM. Multinational Finance & Marketing Management.D.D. HRM. naresh Ph. NIDEESH M. The Centre is also facilitated with separate hostels for boys and girls. Banking & Financial Services S. M. Security Analysis. Amilan Ph. Research Methodology The mission of the Department is to cater to the needs of corporate and public services. Capital Market & Financial Counseling. Intellectual Capital. Global Marketing & Corporate Technology.. pursue M. Systems. interactive sessions.D. SHIJIN Ph. (Calicut University) Specialization: Taxation. Organisation Behavior. S. Financial Services.B. International Business & Marketing. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: International Trade. Fund Management & Stock Broking Consultants. Sheena.pondiuni./Ph. group discussions on contemporary themes. Investment Management.in . Stock Market Operations.Phil. TAPMI and Universities like Pondicherry University.Phil. Financial Statement Analysis.S. case analysis. Madras) Specialization: Investment and Portfolio Management. Credit Insurance. Some of the students. etc. HCL.. ARAVAnAn .Com. (Alagappa University Karaikudi) Specialization: International Finance. The Department inculcates knowledge through lectures.Phil. (Pondicherry University. Periyar University and Bharathidasan University. Pondicherry University was established in the year 2007-08 at Karaikal involved in Teaching. in addition to a good number of placements in Banking and Insurance sectors like RBI.Com. Quantitative Techniques & Financial Econometrics. SHAnMUGASUnDARAM. Karunya University. Derivatives Management. VELMURUGAn. Our students have got admission in reputed institutions like IIS. Accounting. University. Delhi University. Taxation. Ph. internship training & project work. Valuation of Assets. Karaikal Campus. FACULTy Readers Placement The students belonging to this programme find placement in finance divisions of major MNCs like IBM. 64 www. Accounting. Accounting. TCS. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Accounting. Calicut) Specialization: Brand Management.D. Research and Extension Activities to cater to the local demands of the Karaikal region as Karaikal is poised to become a trade centre with major port and special economic zone. Portfolio Management. Kavida Ph. Hyderabad Central University. P. Software Companies concentrating on Accounting Solutions.Reader G. Scientific Commerce. Anna University. by inculcating conceptual and practical knowledge in the area of commerce and to undertake research activities with social relevance. career guidance & counseling. Finance. International Finance.edu. Cost & Management. Financial Markets and Institutions. Christ University etc. G. Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) S. Puducherry) Specialization: Banking. Financial Management. ICICI Bank. Bharathiar University. Derivatives & Risk Management. Laxmi Vilas Bank. M. Ponds India Ltd. (IIT.D. HLL.D.

Ph. (University of Madras.D. Macroeconomics. Ph. with fellowships in IIT. M.D.G. while P. Indian Economic Journal. Ph. Health Economics. So far.D.. Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics R. TATA Institute of Social Sciences. it has produced a large number of Post Graduates. Madurai) Specialization: Agricultural Economics.G. S. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Economies. (Economics) Five Year Integrated Programme institutions. executives in multinational companies/banks and M. Economics of Money and Banking. Chennai) Specialization: Financial Economics.Sc.in 65 .D. Mumbai. Trivandrum) Specialization: Fishery Economics. Chennai) Specialization: Microfinance. (Applied Economics) Some are employed as faculty members in various educational M. (University of Pune. programmes are based on a written examination of 2 hours duration. A. Trivandrum. the question paper is based upon U. especially. Readers Amaresh Samantaraya. Ph. University Grants Commission. P.Phil. M. 250 M. (University of Hyderabad.A.D. Indian Journal of Labour Economics. Research in International Business and Finance. Economics of Education. (University of Madras. Economics of Education. Labour Economics and Gender Studies J. Ramadass.D. RBI and ICSSR have been undertaken. Margin. Ph. faculty members have published several articles in reputed journals like Economics Letters. For M. Professors Thrust Area of Research & Research Projects undertaken: The thrust areas of research are Public Finance.D. established on 15-12-1986 is one of the oldest Departments of Pondicherry University. Public Economics. Diploma in Planning and Evaluation (Evening ProFACULTy: gramme) entrance examination The selections for P. (University of Hyderabad. Prajnan. Besides. Regional Economics V. Singapore Economic review. Srinivasan.Phil/Ph. Agricultural Economics and International Economics. Wi-Fi facilities. in the area of Econometrics. entrance tests.D. degree course syllabus is the basis for M.D. Part-Time (Internal & External)) P. University of Programmes of study Hyderabad. Pune) Speciliazation: Economics of Education. Artha Vijnana. Raja Sethu Durai. The Department is discharging three functions namely Teaching. Trichirapalli) Specialization: Industrial Economics. (Madurai Kamaraj University.’s who are placed in some of the premier Institutions in the Country. For M.pondiuni. Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics. Associate Professors P. Hyderabad) Specialization: Monetary Economics. Journal of Asian Economics. Energy Economics and Health Economics. Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. Indian Journal of Agriculture Economics. M. Man-Power Journal.D. Monetary Economics.edu. Oxford Economic papers. Applied Econometrics Assistant Professors Infrastructure facilities Placements: A well equipped Computer Lab with 40 systems. Mumbai. Ph.D.Phil’s and 40 Ph. the question paper is based on Plus Two syllabus in Economics. (Full-Time) civil services officials. degree course syllabus. Ph. Ph. Centre for Development Studies. (University of Madras. Some of the students who completed P. Ph.G Programme are doing M. Internet facilities. Journal of Policy Modeling. Economic Modelling. Ph.. (Kerala University. the Department has carved out a niche in the Economics Education Map of India.D. etc. degree programme. Journal of Quantitative Economics. (University of Madras.DePaRTMenT of eConoMICs School of Management The Department of Economics. New Delhi. etc. (Full-Time.D. Major Projects from Ministry of Education. Hyderabad) Speciliazation: Open Economy Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics. GOI. During the twenty four year existence.Phil and Ph. M.D. Ph.D.A. Ibrahim. (University of Madras. Economics. Several students have cleared UGC-NET and SLET Examinations.Sc.Phil and Ph. Today it is emerging as Centre of Training and the National Organizations are looking forward to the Department for Training of their Officers and Research Scholars. Institute for Social and Economic Change. nirmala. Chennai) Specialization: Agriculture Economics. Chennai) Specialization: Agriculture Economics.G. Bangalore. Sankaran. Chennai) Specialization: Demograph www. etc. Health Economics. Ramachandran. Research and Extension.D. Government of Puducherry.G. Journal of Rural Development. Muthaiyan. Gender Studies. Lousome. Yasmeen Sultana. Mathematics and general awareness. Jawaharlal Nehru University. (Bharathidasan University. Ph. Applied Economics Letters.

66 www. SOTC. Placements The written test is along the lines of other popular competitive tests like CAT.D. hostel on campus. Post-Graduate Diploma in Event management(Evening Program) and Doctoral program leading to the award of Ph. Cox & Kings. (Andhra University. students are encouraged to participate in the extra curricular and co-curricular activities. Vishakhapatnam) Specialization: General Management.time MBA(Tourism) program.Further. the Department develops and supports a spirit of enquiry and innovation that help the students meet the diverse human resource requirements of the industry. Eco and cultural tours are part of the academic program besides guest lectures delivered by eminent scholars and industry experts. access to online journals. Government of India with the objective of creating professionally competent manpower to meet the managerial requirements of tourism and allied industries. To pursue its mission further. ICICI. Makemytrip. The Department has an impressive track record of student placements over the years. in Tourism Studies: Based on the vacancies available with eligible guides and the field of specialization. latest books on tourism and management.in . Ph. Diploma in Event Management (Evening Program) Infrastructure Facilities entrance examination MBA (Tourism): Admission to this program is based on an entrance test conducted by the University. Ascon Travels. The written examination consists of 100 objective type questions in FOUR sections of 25 questions each. Program through written examination. With the active support of alumni. etc. Milesworth.D. Orbitz.D. Section A: Section B: Section C: Section D: English Comprehension Logical Reasoning Simple Arithmetic research Methodology Our recruiters include major companies like Thomas Cook. Hi-Tours.pondiuni.com. conducted for admission to management programs.DePaRTMenT of TouRIsM sTuDIes School of Management The two-year full time Master’s Degree Program in Tourism Administration (MTA) was started in the year 1991 with the seed financial support from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The department offers at present a two year full. IDBI and Sonata Software have offered enviable packages to the students of the Department.D. the prospective scholars are admitted to the Ph. computer lab with educational software. Stic Travels. Apart from the regular curriculum. subscription to national and international journals and magazines. Ramoji Fim City. Anjaneya Swamy.D. The annual InstituteIndustry Interface Event called AKANKSHA is one such popular events of the department conceived and organized by the students.. etc. Carlson Wagonlit. consultancy and research. Ph. LCD projectors and other multimedia aids. The post-graduate program was rechristened as MBA(Tourism). the centre was elevated to the status of a department during 2005-2006 with full fledged faculty and state of the art infrastructure facilities. Wi-Fi facility in campus.G. degree. Some of the students are placed in banks and IT companies. (Tourism Studies) P. Kingfisher Airlines. Programmes of study MBA (Tourism) Ph.edu.the Department has the honor of being supported by the UGC Special Assistance Program(SAP) at DRS Level –I from the academic year 2009-10. MAT. the Department has been striving tirelessly to emerge as a centre of excellence in tourism management education. The Entrance Examination (Two hours duration) consists of 100 objective type questions in FOUR sections with 25 questions in each section: Section A: Section B: Section C: Section D: English Comprehension Numerical Ability Test of Reasoning General Awareness The physical and academic infrastructure comprises of well equipped class rooms. Entrepreneurship Development and Service Marketing. Started of as a Centre for Tourism Studies. The Department is also known for organizing several events on the eve of World Tourism Day. FACULTy Professor G.

Assistant Professors Jitendra Mohan Mishra. www. Hospitality Management and Tourism Product Development and Management. Tourism Economics and Tourism Planning. (Bharathidasan University) Specialization: Hospitality Management. Eco-tourism and Sustainable Development. Sibi George. Ph.Phil. (Kerala University) Specialization: Destination Marketing. Photo: Gopinath S.D. International Management and Organizational Behaviour. (Utkal University) Specialization: Airlines and Travel Management and Ecotourism. Travel Agency Operations. Ph. (Tezpur University) Specialization: Human Resource Management. (Madurai Kamaraj University) Specialization: Airline Management. M.edu. Sustainable Tourism. M.Readers Y.in 67 . Travel Geography and HR in Tourism and Hospitality. Ph.D. Eco-tourism and Event Management. Venkata Rao. Photo: Gopinath S. Wild Life and Health Tourism. Sherry Abraham.Phil. (HNB Garhwal University) Specialization: Eco-tourism.D.D. Accounting for Tourism.pondiuni. Anu Chandran. Sampad Kumar Swain. Ph.

IT Infrastructure Management.DePaRTMenT of banKInG TeChnoloGy School of Management The Department of Banking Technology came into existence to offer a specialized M. Banking & Finance along with IT subjects required to manage Technology and develop software solutions. • Financial Management. Programmes based on an All India level Entrance Examination conducted by the University. This Programme is open to both Engineering Post . focusing on IT Research in the field of Finance & Banking. • Developing skills in the Technologies used in modern banking industries.A programme in Banking Technology from the academic year 2005 -06. Reasoning. Admission test for Ph.D. • Management of Banking & Financial Institutions • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.B. Major Highlights of the Curriculum The courses offered under this MBA: Banking Technology is a blend of General Management.Graduates as well as to MBA Graduates.in . Forex market. The entrance test for MBA is similar to that of any standard All India Management Admission Tests (on lines of CAT / MAT / GMAT) with objective type questions in General English.: Banking Technology entrance examination Candidates are admitted for both MBA: Banking Technology and Ph. capital flows. Data warehousing. Information System Audit.D. working of euro currency markets for possible global exposure on the working of Financial networks.Tech and MBA students. A mix of IT and Management enables the students suitable for Managerial positions in software companies and Data centres of large Private / Foreign Banks. banking operations. this programme is aimed at: • Imparting managerial skills and knowledge required to manage modern business enterprises involved in providing Finance and Banking solutions. • Network Management.edu. Finance. Ph. • Software Architecture. General Engineering & Contemporary Business Issues. Information security. arbitrage operations and derivative instruments. in Banking Technology The Department of Banking Technology has initiated a Ph.D.D. Programme in an inter-disciplinary area of Technology Management. MBA (Banking Technology) is a specialized inter-disciplinary programme primarily focused on developing manpower with knowhow and know-why skills regarding management of technology used in the bank and finance industries More specifically. • Information Security • Data Warehousing & Data Mining. Problem Solving. E-commerce.D. 68 www.pondiuni. • Derivatives Management. Four streams of electives with eight specialization papers in Systems. Programmes of study MBA : Banking Technology Ph. Programme contains two sections to suit to the requirements of both M. Basics of Computer Science. All objective type questions are from the domain-specific subjects at Post Graduate level. HR and Marketing are offered during third semester. Broad areas of Research • Banking Technology Management. etc. stock market operations. • Providing the basic knowledge on the working of financial markets. The UGC has sanctioned this programme under its Innovative/Interdisciplinary scheme of 10th plan funding to be offered jointly by School of Management and Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences.

Financial Reporting. Ramco Infotech. Marketing Strategies.in 69 . Bank Management. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management. Strategic Specialization: Finance. Bank of America. Chandra Sekhara Rao. Abdul Gafoor. Software Professionals. M. P. In addition.D. Cyber Crimes. Experts from Industry on a regular basis. include TCS. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management. Sankaranarayanan. • Pentium IV Work Stations • HP LaserJet Printers • HP Scanner Software: • Windows 2003 Server • Windows 2000 Advanced Server • Novel Linux 9. Foreign Exchange Management.Com (Calicut) Specialization: Indian Banking. Cholamandalam Finance. Royal Bank of Scotland.D. The lab is connected to the internet which allows students to enrich knowledge round the clock. Sudalaimuthu. Managerial Economics. (Delhi University) Specialization: Finance &Accounting. Bank of Maharastra etc. Programming Languages. the students have undergone summer project training placement in reputed companies. Placements This MBA programme with a focused course curriculum on dual electives of Finance and Information Technology has been attracting good number of IT companies. Banking Technology Management. FACULTy Professor K. R.D.D. Chithralekha. Ph. Ph.2 • Visual Studio • MS Office • Java • MYSQL • Oracle 9i • Turbo C++ networking: • Intranet using Optical Fiber as back bone • D-link 24 port switches • Leased line for internet connectivity • All computers connected through structured cabling/ Wi-Fi The Department subscribes to the Corporate Databases like CMIE Prowess annually for organizing Corporate Finance Lab. Keanes. Object-Oriented Systems. Insurance. Ph. HCL Technologies. Financial Information Systems. Treasury and Derivatives Management. Ph. Derivatives Management and Global Financial Markets & International Banking.D. IDBI. Academic Infrastructure • • • • Industry integrated curriculum 24x365 days Internet Campus AC class rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity Laptops usage by every student to participate in Webbased teaching learning process • Case studies on Fortune 500 companies • Guest Lectures by Bankers. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Information Security. IndusInd Bank. The recent visitors to the Department are as follows : www. Prasanna Venkatesan. Ph. Ph. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Software Architecture. The specifications of the hardware. The Software companies with verticals in the areas of Banking. Forex Management. LVB.edu. (Gandhigram Rural Institute) Specialization: Banking & Finance. Readers: T. Logistics Management. Agent Technology. the Department has been organizing special lectures by inviting visiting Professors.Infrastructure facilities The Department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with the necessary software and potential hardware to catalyze the learning process of students. The flag-ship companies where the students are placed Adjunct / Visiting Faculty In addition to regular faculty. Balakrishnan. Management Strategy. Ph. V. (Bharathiyar University) Corporate Specialization: Finance. ICICI Bank. Mariappan.D.pondiuni. Financial Services. software and network connectivity are as follows: Hardware: • Intel Xeon Servers • HP Net Server • Server for Corporate Database (CMIE Prowess). Multilingual-based systems. in addition to the Banking including RBI and Financial Institutions. Assistant Professors: A. Capital Markets and Business solutions are finding interest in this MBA: Banking Technology degree programme. S. Data Warehousing.D. (Madurai Kamaraj) Banking. Industrialists. Associate Professor: V. C. Access to on-line International Journals is available through Intranet in the campus. (Nagarjuna University) Specialization: Financial Management.

Ramanathan – CGM. Ramana – Professor. Chennai Dr. K. Singapore Dr.pondiuni. IOB Sri. Venkatratnam – Director. D.S. TCS Sri. Ganesh Kalyanasundaram – IBM Global Services India Pvt. NABARD. Information Technology Department. Chennai Sri. Sri. Pelly Periasamy. Ltd. Anantharaman – Whole Time Member. Ministry of IT. Lakshmi narayanan – TVS Net. Venkata Subramanian – Director.D. Mumbai Sri. IDRBT. D. International Management Institute.V. Chennai Sri. Mumbai Sri. Rajamohan. Ganapathy Subramaniam – Global Security Lead. RBI. Merill Lyrch 70 www. G.in . P. Natarajan – DGM. Accenture. – California State University Dr. Delhi Sri. Ganesh Subramaniam – Senior Consultant. Ravi Narain – MD.edu. XIM.Dr. Nanyang Technology University. Sarjah University Sri. Bhubaneswar Sri. Mumbai Sri. C. NSE. nandhakumar. Ph. Cherukuri U Rao. Mumbai Dr. Sujith Christy – TVS Net. CEO. Gulati – Director. Hyderabad Dr. Bangalore Sri. Puducherry Sri. SEBI. Phil (oxn). VP. V. Saikumar – DGM. S. Ragunandan – World Bank Consultant. S.P. A. STQC.

in 71 . managing in emerging economics. The short listed candidates in the written examination will be called for an Interview and will be admitted into Ph. (International Business) P. the Department of International Business (DIB) under the School of Management to offer a specialized two-year fulltime post-graduate degree in MBA-International Business for the students to have a thorough understanding of those aspects of business which are trans-boundary in nature. HR and Systems with greater international thrust in each of the functional areas of Management.D. Infrastructure Facilities MBA (International Business): The DIB has designed the MBA-International Business Programme with a special focus on imparting training and molding aspirants to acquire necessary core competencies. a sizable number of Indian MNCs are also gearing up their international business operations across the world. relationship management. which are specifically required to manage global business operations. hospitality and customer The DIB is housed in the School of Management with state of – art facilities. Test of Personal Judgment and General Knowledge). cross-cultural management.D. Test of Reasoning & Logical Thinking. international logistics. Winter Project. The course curriculum is so organized that the students are groomed to take up the challenges of new millennium. which are truly international and competitive in nature and not restricted by geographical or political boundaries. Ph.: Admission to Ph.G. programme in International Business. Ph. The uniqueness of the MBA (IB) Programme is that each student during their study period will be carrying out four different projects (Summer Project. The Programme offers specialization Stream in Marketing. team projects and internship  Guest lectures by top executives from MNCs www. international tourism. Programme in International Business with inter-disciplinary thrust covering all the functional areas of management. Intern-ship on Export-Import procedures/ International Operations and a final Semester Project) in leading organizations to gain practical exposure. At the same time. Pondicherry University has established.edu.pondiuni.D. It is in this emerging and transforming scenario. retail management.D. Some of the facilities which are offered include the following:  Congenial air conditioned class rooms with audio visual aids  24x365 days internet campus  Class rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity  Laptop connectivity for every student for effective participation  Placement cell with good track record  Well equipped central library  Case studies with international perspectives  Terms papers.(International Business) The Department of International Business offers Ph. programme in International Business shall be based on the field of specialization and the vacancies available with eligible guides in the Department.D. Besides giving conventional management education inputs.D. during the academic year 2006-07. a highly competent set of faculty has designed and developed a course structure that will provide core competency skills in chosen areas of International Business ranging from geo-political issues. Test of Mathematics. foreign language and environmental issues. Finance. international finance. Diploma in Foreign Trade (Add-on) entrance examination MBA: Admission into the MBA (International Business) Programme will be based on All India level entrance examination to be conducted by the University.DePaRTMenT of InTeRnaTIonal busIness School of Management The process of globalization has enabled India to emerge as economic super power and it is attracting investments from giant global business players of multi-nations. The entrance examination shall consist of 100 Objective Type questions and will be on the lines of CAT/ MAT/ GMAT (covering Test of English & Comprehension. The selection procedure is based on the entrance test which shall consist of 100 objective type questions covering all the functional areas of Management at the MBA level. fully equipped with all infrastructural requirements needed for the students to develop themselves as global leaders. Programmes of study MBA (International Business) Ph. The Department has all the facilities and infrastructure to encourage the candidates to do serious research in their chosen fields of research. export and import system.

D. Specialization: International Marketing. Rajeesh Viswanath. Wipro. ICICI.D. Trichirappalli) Specialization: International Trade & Logistics. Ph. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Financial and Management Accounting 72 www. Pillai.. Ph.D. Operations Research. Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Cross Cultural Management. Cholamandalam. Corporate Finance. Specialization: Strategic Management. Srinivasulu.D. International Advertisement & Research. (Bharathidasan University. Assistant professors Adjunct Faculty D. Pepsi. Quantitative Techniques. International Trade. International Economics. etc. HCL. (to name a few) have recruited our students in the past. Readers FACULTy Bushan D. (University of Madras. Advertising P. Ph. (Gokale Institute. Thiyagarajan. Specialization: Organisational Behaviour. G. Services Marketing. Sudhakar. Industrial Marketing M. Puducherry) Specialization: Strategic Financial Management.D. Ph. Green Marketing.D. Banumathi. Reliance. S. Ph.D. Ph. IDBI. (Pondicherry University. Chennai) Specialization: Accounting. Global Financial Markets.edu. City Union Bank. Ph. Sridharan.in . Bajaj Allianz. Human Resource Management Dr. Ph. HRM Associate Professor P.pondiuni. Arul. International Finance. Pune) Specialization: Managerial Economics. Business communication & Negotiation.Placements The Department has very good track record of placements for its students and leading companies like TCS. Specialization: Marketing Management. Ramco.D. Management Accounting. Ph. Brand Management. Indiabulls.D. Advertising and Branding Y. International Economics Professor Mohan K. Sambandhan.

DST and UGC add to the credit of the School. Infrastructure facilities: The Integrated Programme has seminar halls/ class rooms with modern audio/ video facilities and well-equipped computer laboratory. From the Academic year 2007-08.Sc. a candidate of M. Plus 2 programme). The course of study during the first three years is common for all the students offering the branches of Mathematics. Research projects funded by AICTE. RAMASAMY Department of Mathematics Department of Statistics The Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences comprising of the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics was established on 23.03. About 17 research scholars mentored by experienced supervisors are currently pursuing their research works in these disciplines.RaManujan sChool of MaTheMaTICal sCIenCes Dean: Prof.edu. www.04 as per the Academic Ordinances of the Pondicherry University.in 73 . Statistics or Computer Science.M.pondiuni.S. making a total of 48 for the integrated M. Course Pattern During the first three years. the School offers five year integrated M. Statistics and Computer Science. Mathematics. all the candidates have to compulsorily take 2 courses in English and one course in Environmental Science of 3 credits each. The School aims at imparting quality education in Mathematics and Statistics which are realized by the various post graduate study programmes in Mathematics and Statistics offered by the School. programme.Sc. NBHM. The School also paves way for the plethora of employment opportunities to the students by organizing Campus Placement Programmes by inviting various IT Companies. A. The intake of students for each subject is 16.Sc. Entrance Examination: The selection for the 5 year integrated programme will be based on an entrance examination consisting of 100 questions in Mathematics of objective type at higher secondary level (i. The students of the 4th and 5th years of this programme have to take the courses in the respective departments of Mathematics.e. Statistics and Computer Science. Research activities in emerging research disciplines are being carried out in the Departments. In addition. Statistics and Computer Science) and a minimum of 5 soft core courses of 3 credits each covering all the three subjects viz. Both the Departments of the School have distinguished faculty and well equipped laboratories with excellent computing facilities.. integrated programme has to take a total of 33 hard core courses of 3 credits each (11 hard core courses in each of Mathematics. Statistics and Computer Science. programme in the three branches of Mathematics.

(Five year Integrated Course) M.T. (I. theory of equations.2008) Placement The Placement Officer of the University organizes campus interviews every year for the M. differential equations. Mathematics will comprise of 100 objective type questions at the B. Kanpur).D. Chennai). the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Thanjavur) Specialization: Graph Theory. Ph. there will be 100 questions of objective type at the M. Kanpur) Specialization: Number Theory V. Ph. complex variable.T. limits. vector spaces. analytical geometry of 3D. real analysis. Chennai) Specialization: Abstract Approximation Theory.. Tamizhmani. real analysis.I. differential calculus. Ph.12. level.Sc. Government of India’s FIST programme for the development of infrastructure and National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM).D.pondiuni. series. Math. Ph.Sc. linear transformations.DePaRTMenT of MaTheMaTICs Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences The Department was established in 1986 and it aims to train people who are oriented towards research and teaching in advanced areas of Mathematics. students. Kanpur) Specialization: Hydrodynamics Stability Associate Professor V.Phil.Sc. Ph. For admission to M./ Ph. Ph. Ramasamy. The Department is supported by the University Grants Commissions’s Special Assistance Programme (SAP) for Departmental Research Support. Chennai) Specialization: Combinational Representation Theory Syeda noor fathima. linear algebra.T. (I. trigonometry. (PU/AS-II/Aca-II/2008-09 dated 15. The department participates in the Special Coaching for Weaker Sections for UGC-CSIR NET and All India Services Examinations entrance examination The question paper for admission to M. Sci. Bangalore) Specialization: Numerical Analysis S. sequences. Ph.. Unselected candidates in the merit list for admission to M.D.. Various mathematical softwares for course work and research are also available. Muruganandam. differential geometry. Duraivel. Joseph Kennedy. PhD.Sc. Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms K. Lebesgue measure theory. sets.D. The University subscribes for several national and international journals in Mathematics. group theory. Ph. fluid mechanics and basic probability. 74 www. functional analysis. Mathematics (Full-time) Ph. Mathematics M. a seminar hall with modern state-of-the-art audio-video facilities.D. graph theory. Doc.I. A majority of questions will be on the following topics: classical algebra. (I. matrices. (University of Warsaw. discrete mathematics.D. Chennai) Specialization: Fuzzy Clustering Assistant Professor A. complex analysis. M. Mysore) Specialization: Number Theory S.I. vector calculus. The Department of Science and Technology provides a grant of Rs.D. modern algebra. topology. rings and fields. Ph. On Leave Specialization: Harmonic Analysis T. FNASc. ordinary differential equations. Geometry of Banach Spaces H.in . (Pondicherry University.Sc.D. (SASTRA University. Mathematics (Full-time. M. (University of Madras.6 lakhs for procuring books Rajeswari Seshadri. (I. P. Statistics. Indumathi. Poland) Specialization: Graph Theory. if they so desire. conics. Dharwad). Part-time (Internal & External)) and journals for the library.. Subbiah.D.edu. Programmes of study M. continuity.D.Sc. (Karnatak University.I. eigenvalues of linear transformations. FACULTy Professors A. level. Ph. The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) gives an annual grant of about Rs.D. (University of Madras. dynamics and elementary probability.4 lakhs per annum for purchase of books under FIST. Ph. R. determinants. rank.T. well-equipped computer laboratory and a library.D. (University of Madras. francia Raj. A majority of questions will be drawn from algebra. analytical geometry of 2D. Specialization: Integrable Systems M. (Mysore University. analytical dynamics. Patil. Puducherry) Specialization: Commutative Algebra Reader Infrastructure Facilities The Department has a separate building.Sc. Mathematics will be considered for admission to M. S.T. (I. number theory. Kannan.Sc. Government of India’s grant for Library Books.Phil. statics. integral calculus. nullity.I.D. Department of Atomic Energy.

0. Ph. The syllabus for the examination will be Unit IV of the syllabus for the CSIRUGC National Eligibility Test (NET).Sc. Programmes of study M.in) Unselected candidates in the merit list for admission to M. the department offers M. PU/AS-II/Aca-II/Admis/2008-09/33 dated 15-12-2008) The Department of Statistics has new premises constructed exclusively for the Statistics department.Statistics M. .D (Statistics) programs and also a Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical and Research Methods.Sc. There are fifty terminals in the laboratory which will enable the students to work independent of each other. (Refer the website www. (vide letter No. the students will be facilitated in taking NET examination and the competitive examination for the All India Services. The course curriculum includes a project work under hard core. Design of Experiments.Sc. Diploma in Statistical and Research Methods Infrastructure Facilities entrance examination The question paper for the entrance examination for admission to the M. Out of these.Matrices. www. Quality Control. The department aims to train students in the development and applications of Statistical techniques for analyzing data arising in the scientific investigation of problems in the various disciplines. In the present scenario.Descriptive Statistics.D programme will consist of 100 objective type questions. In the new location the department has all modern facilities. Since the redrafted syllabus includes CSIR-UGC NET examination contents.Sc.pondiuni. SYSTAT 12 and STATISTICA. Currently. level. The computer system supports the standard statistical softwares SPSS 19. Probability. Determinants. Internal and External) P.Sc. It is also proposed to provide first hand practical experience in handling modern statistical softwares in the analysis of such data.Sc Statistics. Statistics course will consist of 100 objective type questions. Placements The Placement activities of the Department are taken care of by the University Placement Cell which comprises of a student member and a faculty advisor. This will enable the students to interact with industries and know about the real life applications of the statistical methodology using the statistical software.Sc Mathematics will be considered for admission in M.Sc course provides much scope for the students to select job oriented Elective subjects according to their preferences. Statistics books (both text book and reference book) worth more than 18 lakhs have been added to the library and so the students will have ample opportunities in accessing the necessary curriculum material.G.DePaRTMenT of sTaTIsTICs Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences The Department of Statistics was established during October 2006. There is a separate seminar room and a computer laboratory equipped with all modern facilities exclusively meant for the department. The remaining 40 questions will be from the following topics in Mathematics:. Sequence and Series. Part-time. The recently redrafted syllabus for the M. Distribution. if they so desire. The question paper for the entrance examination for admission to the Ph. Programme in Statistics (Full-time.in 75 . The placement cell organizes campus recruitment programmes every year and takes pride in facilitating placement for eligible students in Multinational Companies and other companies in the private sector. Applied Statistics and Official Statistics at B.Five year Integrated Statistics Ph. The students will have ample opportunities to get themselves fully trained in the use of these softwares which will guarantee them immediate placement after graduation. even to think of any field which does not employ modern statistical tools to arrive at rational conclusions from research studies and a statistician is always an indispensable part of any research team carrying out any research investigation. M. Statistics. Differentiation.res. allied level.edu. 60 questions will be from the following topics:.csirhrdg. . it is rather impossible. Integration and Algebra at the B.Sc Five Year Integrated (Statistics). During the last four years. Sampling Theory.D. Statistical Inference.Sc.

D. Chennai) Specialization: Data Mining.D. Regression Analysis 76 www. (University of Madras. (Banaras Hindu University) Specialization: Reliability Theory Sudesh Pundir. Chennai) Specialization: Design of Experiments. Sampling Theory Kiruthika.FACULTy Professors Assistant Professors P. Chennai) Specialization: Cluster Analysis.D. Rajagopalan.D.pondiuni. Artificial Neural Network navin Chandra. Ph. Ph. Chennai) Specialization: Distribution Theory.D.in . Statistical Computing V. Ph. Ph.D. Operations Research M.edu. (Oklahoma State University. Vaidyanathan. S. Subramani. Dhanavanthan. Ph. Ph. Ph. (University of Madras. Vishnu Vardhan. (Punjab University) Specialization: Applied Statistics R. Ph. (Sri Venkateswara University) Specialization: Biostatistics. (University of Madras.D. (University of Madras.D. USA) UGC-Visiting Professor Specialization: Statistical Inference Reader J.

D. ICP MS and X-ray diffractometer. students of the School have clear national level tests. Earth Sciences are also supported by UGC-SAP funding. Chemistry and Applied Geology for the +2 students. gamma ray chamber etc. The Departments in the School also offer an integrated M. The School is uniquely placed to conduct interdisciplinary teaching and research activities in Physical Sciences. Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray (SEM-EDX) Analyzer that are recently acquired in the Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF). M. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (Lakeshore..in 77 .Sc. There are more www.Sc. Physics. Sophisticated equipments have been procured under these funding and these are extensively used for teaching and research.Phil. UGC-CSIR. Germany). Bruker. The students and researchers of the school routinely use common facilities like. The Departments of the School offer M. Some Departments of the School are supported by DST-FIST programme and the Department of Chemistry. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (400 MHz.Sc.pondiuni. NET and GATE which stands as testimony for the quality of teaching and reseach. (two year). and Ph. H. USA). UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer (Carry 5000). Dr. programme of five years duration in Physics.sChool of PhysICal. Surya Prakash Rao Department Department Department Department of of of of Physics Chemistry Earth Sciences applied Psychology than 60 research scholars engaged in frontline areas of research.edu. programmes. A very high percentage of M. All the Departments have distinguished faculty and excellent laboratory and computational facilities. CheMICal anD aPPlIeD sCIenCes Dean: Prof.

AFM/STM. Physics (Full-time) The thrust areas of research are: • • • • • • • • • • • Solid State Ionics Nonlinear optics and dynamics Magnetism & Magnetic Materials Lasers & Photonics Nanomaterials Computational Physics & Biophysics Ion-Solid Interactions Spintronics. The research activities have resulted in publication of more than 425 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. For five years integrated M.Sc with three specializations viz. 78 www. VSM. GATE / CSIRUGC resulting in research placements in India and abroad.pondiuni. and TGA. Lasers. DAE. (Physics) programme. The Department currently offers a five-year integrated M. (Physics). Physics Ph. DSC. Laser based optics experiments. Laser physics M. DTA. Ultrasonic interferometer.G. Spectroflourimeter. Programmes of study M. with three specializations Condensed matter physics. EMPA.Sc.Sc.G. course in Physics. Electronics. Thin film unit. Impedance analyzer. FTIR spectrometer. Infrastructure Facilities Research / Placement Opportunities The students of Department were placed in leading scientific laboratories as well as in MNCs. Multiferroics and Photovoltaics Quantum mechanics and Field theory Plasma physics Atomic Physics entrance examination The question paper will consist of 100 multiple choice questions. Physics (2 years). Susceptibility meter.G. Glove box. Department has access to a well equipped Central Instrumentation Facility with the following facilities: SEM with EDX.0 crore from different funding agencies such as DST. The faculty members have obtained major research grants exceeding Rs 7.D. Differential scanning calorimeter. the questions are drawn from Physics. At present. Research seminars by eminent Indian and foreign scientists and also by students are periodically organized for the benefit of research scholars and P. For M. AICTE. The department offers postgraduate programmes and conducts research in frontier areas of Physics.Phil. The members of the faculty have been accorded with several national. Battery cycle tester.edu.in . Department has major research facilities likes: Powder X-ray diffractometer. the questions are from all the subjects of U. Chemistry and Mathematics at +2 level with equal weightage. Chemical and applied Sciences The Department of Physics came into existence in June 1987. etc. students. referees of many national and international journals. Microwave bench. courses. Government of India.. UV-VIS-IR and FTIR Spectrometers.Sc. IFCPAR.. Computer laboratory. for advanced research work. Condensed Matter Physics and Electronics.D. Sc. The Department has been recognized for special funding by DST under the fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure (FIST-Level II) and UGC-SAP DRS-I Programms. UGC. degree with Physics as main and Mathematics and Chemistry as ancillaries. For two years M. Physics (5 year Integrated) M. DRDO. our faculty members are doing collaborative research work with leading scientists in India and Abroad and are doing International projects with Germany and Brazil Scientific agencies. WD-XRF. a two-year M. fellowships and are members in the National Committees. High temperature furnaces. Spinner magnetometer.. and Ph. Broad band dielectric spectrometer. Our students have been successful in the national level examinations viz. INSA and CSIR. Department also has conducted several national level seminars / workshops and many DST-PAC meetings to encourage research activities in and around the University. international awards.Sc. In addition to the above facilities.DePaRTMenT of PhysICs School of Physical. the objective questions are drawn from all the subjects under P.Phil. A large number of visitors come to interact with faculty/students and for collaborative research work with faculty members.

Ph. (Bharathidasan University. Ph. Madras) Specialization: Fluid dynamics. R. Ph. (I. (Annamalai University. Multiferroics and Photovoltaics D.D. K. Germany) Specialization: Spintronics.D.pondiuni.T. Hyderabad) Specialization: Cognitive Science. V. Ravi Kanth Kumar.D. Kolkotta) Specialization: Magnetism and Magneto-transport phenomena.D. Experimental nonlinear Optics. G. (I. Hyderabad) Specialization: Semiconductor Lasers.T. S. Ph. (I. M.D. V. Sivakumar. Secure communications. Chennai) Specialization: Solid State Ionics and Batteries. Ph. Solid State Ionics K.D. Chandrasekaran. Kanpur) Specialization: Lasers. Ph. Alok Sharan Ph. Gandhinagar) Specialization: Plasma physics. Tiruchirapalli) Specialization: Nonlinear Dynamics. (University of Hyderabad.D. Suraj Kumar Sinha. Hydrogen Storage Materials. Ph. M. University. Kolkata) Specialization: Quantum mechanics and field theory on noncommutative spaces. (Technical Universty/IFW. Hyderabad. Gangineni Ramesh Babu. Nanocomposite Coatings. (University of Madras / IGCAR. Annamalai Nagar) Specialization: Magnetism and Magnetic materials. Nonlinear Dynamics. R. Ph. Puducherry) Specialization: Solid State Ionics and Lithium Batteries.D. (S.D.D. Spectroscopy. Satyanarayana Ph. (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Solitons. Sivaprakasam. (University of Hyderabad. V.D. nageswara Rao.Phil.edu. Associate Professors V. Muthukumar.FACULTy Professors n. Ph. Dresden.D. Govindaraj. Flexible Displays.I. Ph. S. Statistical Mechanics. Rabindra nath Bhowmik Ph. Murugan. S.D.D.I.in 79 . Assistant Professors S. Mesoscopic Physics www. Dielectric Nanomaterials. (Pondicherry University.D. Photovoltaics. Nonlinear fiber optics. (Institute for Plasma Research. G. Satyanarayana. (University of Madras. Chennai) Specialization: Impedance /Dielectric Spectroscopy. A.D. Tirupati) Specialization: Photonic Crystal Fibers. Ph. (Jadavpur University / Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Ph. Porsezian. Ph. Ramesh naidu. Kalpakkam) Specialization: Computational Biophysics. B. V. Computational Physics.I. (University of Hyderabad.T. Bangalore) Specialization: Atomic Physics: Ab-initio electronic structure calculations. V. Glass / Glass-ceramics. Condensed Matter Physics. P. Hyderabad) Specialization: Superionic Conductors.(University of Hyderabad.D. Ph. Nanomaterials. (Magalore University / Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Ph. Bharathi Mohan. Lata. Ion-solid interactions. on EOL from 15th Dec 2010) Specialization: Hydrogen in silicon.D.

EPR (Q-band). Chemical Sciences (2 years) M. Infrastructure Facilities M. while the remaining 90 questions are distributed equally among Inorganic. M. and Ph. C/H/N/S analyzer. The faculty and research scholars take active participation in National and International conference/workshops to present the results of their research work. Organic and Physical Chemistry at post graduate level. while the remaining 90 questions are distributed equally among Inorganic.Phil. Research output is recognized by publications in International and National journals and by awards. X-ray fluorescence. GC-MS. NMR (400 and 60 MHz). out of which 10 questions are from Theoretical Chemistry. The question paper consists of 100 questions. From the very beginning.Phil. Chemical and applied Sciences The Department of Chemistry. M.DePaRTMenT of CheMIsTRy School of Physical. Other sophisticated instruments such as ESI-MS.Sc. Pharmaceutical companies visit the Department every year and conduct campus interviews to recruit students for suitable positions. etc. CSIR.Phil. All the faculty members have individual laboratories with good research facilities to carry out day-to-day research.Sc. programs. Research seminars.Sc. are exempted from taking written examination.D. Chemistry (Full Time. In fact. The question paper consists of 100 questions.Phil. offers 2 years M.D. scholars and 12 M. The Department is supported by the Department of Science & Technology. Entrance Test. Organic Synthesis. There are about 50 Ph.Sc. Govt. Organic and Physical Chemistry at under graduate level. Interdisciplinary and collaborative research is a feature of the Department. Chemistry (Full Time) Ph. The Department has excellent computational facility and computer networking for intra and internet. The scholars have access to several online journals and databases. Digital Polarimeter. from National funding agencies. The Department of Chemistry is well equipped to support high quality teaching and international standard research activities. FT-IR. The Department has highly qualified faculty members to conduct research in forefront areas of Chemistry. will be added very shortly. of India through FIST program and by the University Grants Commission’s SAP (DRS) program to achieve the academic potentials.Sc. (Chemistry) – (five-year Integrated): The selection is based on Entrance Test comprising of objective type questions. Bio-inorganic Chemistry. Green Chemistry. The faculty members have Research collaborations with other departments in the University and other National / International Universities. The candidates applying with JRF/SRF etc. Chemistry (5 year Integrated) M. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. UV-Vis spectrometer.Sc. Mathematics and Physics at +2 level. Part-Time (Internal)): The selection is based on entrance examination held in common with M. students of the Department have qualified either CSIR JRF/UGC JRF/Lectureship and GATE or both. Research facilities include EPR (X-band). invited lectures and group discussions are constantly held for the benefit of 80 www. Glove Box and Silicon graphics to conduct research in areas such as Magnetic Resonance. 5 year M. Porphyrin Chemistry. Chemistry (full-Time. The question paper consists of 100 questions. started in 1987. Chemistry (full-Time): The selection is based on Entrance Test comprising of objective type questions. UGC and AICTE. all the M.in . Chemical Sciences (2 years): The selection is based on Entrance Test comprising of objective type questions. out of which 10 questions are from mathematics at +2 level and the rest 90 questions are distributed equally among Inorganic. Part Time (Internal)) entrance examination M. Solid-State Chemistry. such as UGC-CSIR NET/GATE to seek academic progression.D. Ph.edu. out of which 10 questions are from English at +2 level and the remaining 90 questions are distributed equally among Chemistry. Research work of faculty members is supported by the premier national funding agencies such as DST. Organic and Physical Chemistry at Post Graduate level. Single Crystal XRD.Sc. Supramolecular Chemistry. Periodically experts from various parts of the country and world visit our department and interact with the faculty / students through seminars. Theoretical Chemistry and Drug design.pondiuni.D. Inorganic Photochemistry. The Department has excellent working culture and facilities to carry out research in forefront areas of Chemistry. Photocatalysis of Nano particles. Organometallic Chemistry. Programmes of study M. (Chemistry) Integrated. students engaged in research activities. the department has an excellent track-record of finding its postgraduate students qualify for the National level tests. HPLC. during 2009. The question paper consists of 100 questions.Phil. out of which 10 questions are from Theoretical Chemistry. (Chemical Sciences).

Reaction modelling by Correlation Analysis. research scholars and students. Kanpur) Specialization: Main group organometallics. G.D. UGC. Fuel Cell Membrane.D. Ph.D. (IIT-Madras. (IISc.D. Tharanikkarasu.270 lakh and also the Department is supported (around Rs. (University of Hyderabad. 250 lakh) by special funding through DST – FIST program and UGC-SAP (DRS) program. (Nagaland University. Bio-chemistry EPR.Sc. Organometallics. Electrochemistry. Canada and European Universities for Ph. K. Ph.Phil. Associate Professors Placements Outgoing Ph. OLED and PLED. EPR of Bio-molecules.D. get Post-doctoral position in renowned Universities/Institute in USA. Bangalore) Specialization: Homogeneous Catalysis.edu.V. Venkatesan. Bioinorganic and Computational Chemistry. (Madurai Kamaraj University. Binoy Krishna Saha. Bala. EPR and Optical Studies on minerals. AICTE etc. The Research scholars after successful completion of Ph. P. www. C. Japan and European countries and some obtain faculty positions in colleges/ universities.D. Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited etc. R.D. Bangalore) Specialization: Synthetic Organic Chemistry. (Bharathidasan University. Ph.K. Hyderabad) Specialization: Quantum Dynamics. Ph. K.D. Padmanabhan. (IIT-Kanpur. (IIT-Bombay.Phil. Ph. (IIT-Kanpur. Biosciences.Sc. Ph. Sambasiva Rao. transition metal based homogenous catalysis./ M. Ph. Ph. M. Stereoselective Synthesis and Chemistry Education (Constructivist Learning). Scholars/ students find employment through campus interviews as well as by direct contact.. and M. Drug design and discovery. Chennai) Specialization: Polymer synthesis using Controlled Radical Polymerization and Anionic Polymerization. Hyderabad) Specialization: Crystal Engineering. SRF. Tiruchirapalli) Specialization: Chemical Information Sciences.D. Coordination Chemistry. Optical / Electronics properties of Nano crystalline semi conductors.faculty. Hyderabad) Specialization: Asymmetric synthesis.D. Nanoscale Materials and Supramolecular Chemistry. for about Rs. Shasun Drugs. S. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (EPR. Balakrishnarajan.in 81 . Organic Semiconductor. The Department also conducts national seminars and DST-PAC meetings to strengthen the research activities. G.D. Chemical Oscillators. Stereochemistry. Ph. Green Chemistry and Industrial Organic Chemistry. Ph. Mumbai) Specialization: Organometallics. (University of Madras. NMR). Kanpur) Specialization: Synthesis and state-of-the-art structureProperty relations in Electronic and Magnetic Materials. Ph. Polymeric Solar Cells. students qualify TOEFL and GRE and get admissions in USA.pondiuni.D. Surface Adsorption Dynamics. Madurai) Specialization: Green Chemistry. Mumbai) Specialization: Inorganic Photochemistry. Ph. R.. FACULTy Professors H.D. Ph. CSIR. Host-guest Chemistry. Sivasankar. C. Chennai) Specialization: Nanomaterial Photocatalysis. n. Ph. Dastagiri Reddy. M. (IIT-Madras. (University of Madras. Sabiah. Nanocomposite. (University of Hyderabad.D. EPR Dating. Vasuki. Ramanathan. Chennai) Specialization: Single Crystal EPR Studies on transition metal ions. Bidhu Bhusan Das. Manimaran. Polymorphism.D. Canada.D.D. Some of the M. Ph. M. programs. Computers in Chemical Education.D. Reddy Research Laboratories. Assistant Professors Ongoing Research Projects Research programs of the individual faculties are supported by national funding agencies such as DST. (IISc. Ph. Anbalagan. Toka Swu. Lumami) Specialization: Material Science.. (IIT-Bombay. Excitation energy transfer. R.D. (University of Hyderabad. Chennai) Specialization: Bio-inorganic chemistry and Metal-carbene chemistry. Surya Prakash Rao. students find employment in leading pharmaceutical companies like Dr.

The Department is being supported by UGC. This laboratory also has other minor equipment like Furnace. TIMS. ArcGIS. Programmes of study M. Automatic sieve shaker are available for sample preparation. SLR and Digital cameras are available to carryout geological field studies effectively using modern tools. pH meter. Earth Sciences (Full-time.Sc. 82 www. ICP-AES.Special Assistance Programme at DRS level and by DST-FIST Programme. Geochemical Laboratory: Advanced analytical facilities like ICP-AES. Infrastructure Facilities The Department has well equipped laboratories with sophisticated equipment to cater to the needs of practical course-work of M. Exploration Geosciences (2 Years) This post-M. New Delhi. Major facilities available in the Department are listed below: Mineralogy. course was introduced in 2010-11 session with an emphasis to provide specialized training in mineral. Mounting machine for polished ore blocks are available for preparing thin sections and ore mounts.D. Laser Particle Size Analyser. Applied Geology (2 years) M. Geoscience Workshop: Rock cutting machine.DePaRTMenT of eaRTh sCIenCes School of Physical. MilliQ Water Purifier etc. and M. Applied Geology (5 years) These M. including XRD. State of the art research facilities. and a project work supported by sophisticated equipments. This laboratory is also used for cosmogenic isotope studies (10Be. Applied Geology will be based on performance in entrance examination which will include objective type questions in Geology at B. ore minerals. Electronic balance. Part-time (Internal & External)) The research programme includes courses designed to develop research orientation. thin section preparing machine. as well as. Ph. SEM.Sc. entrance examination Selection for M. Selection for integrated M. Chemistry and Mathematics at +2 level. Tech. students as well as for research. Ball mill and Planetary mill with agate grinding sets. industrial minerals. Isodynamic Magnetic Separator are available in the Department. courses are designed to develop basic understanding of the earth and the earth processes. X-ray Powder Diffractometer. programmes. intensive field training at the best locations in the country. ICP-MS.Sc. emerging areas of geosciences. there will be a common examination consisting of objective type questions at M. For admission to Ph. level. The Department strives to achieve academic excellence and to produce geoscientists with world class training. Additionally XRF. Spectrophotometer. as well as. Flame photometer. Curriculum includes theory courses offered by experienced faculty. ENVI-IDL. Museum: The department has a Geology museum with a collection of about 800 rock forming minerals. Conductivity meter.pondiuni.Sc.Tech. practical courses with world class laboratory facilities.edu. 26Al) in collaboration with IUAC. Survey equipments. Total Station Microsurvey CADD2010 softwares and digital satellite imageries for remote sensing and GIS applications are available. Applied Geology will be based on entrance examination consisting of objective type questions in Physics.in . ERDAS. skills to apply this knowledge to solve problems of global and national importance.Sc. various type of rocks and fossils. field Equipment: Global positioning system. A National Facility for geochronology and isotope geosciences in housed in the Department.Sc.Sc. Computing and Remote sensing & GIS facility: Adequate number of PCs with internet connectivity through University intranet and online access for large number of journals and other e-sources. XRF and EPMA are available in CIF to support paleontological / mineralogical / petrological studies. and supervised research work in conventional.D. M. Chemical and applied Sciences The Department of Earth Sciences at Pondicherry University was started in September 1994. optical microscopes and heating-freezing stage are available in the Department.Sc. Sm-Nd and U-Th-Pb geochronological and isotope studies is available. petroleum and groundwater exploration. ICP-MS are available. level. Petrology & Paleontology Laboratories: Student’s and Research model Polarizing Microscopes with Photographic facility heating-freezing stage for fluid inclusion Analysis Stereoscopic zoom microscopes. EPMA and other sophisticated research equipments useful for geoscientific research are available in the Central Instrumentation Facility. Isotope Geoscience Laboratory: Thermal ionization mass spectrometer with ultra-clean laboratory to carry out Rb-Sr.Sc.

D. All the faculty have research projects funded by DST. Pramod Singh. Ph.D.D. & Tech. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. Micropalaeontology. Ongoing Developments: A new ICP-Mass Spectrometer Lab is being developed now and a Laser ablation system will also be added to this facility. Stratigraphy. Tectonics. Sedimentology.D. DST has provided funds under FIST programme (Rs. Isotope Geochronology. Mineral Exploration. M. Geochemistry. FACULTy Professors S. Subhadip Bhadra. Managave Shyreyas Ramesh.D. Aligarh) Specialization: Sedimentary Geochemistry. Ph. Senthil nathan. Dhanbad) Specialization: Economic Geology. BRNS. Ph. (Mohanlal Sukhadia University. www. New Delhi) Specialization: Isotope Geology. Balakrishnan.CSIR. Portable magnetometer and Resistivity meters are available. 78 lakhs) for the Second Phase and UGC has sanctioned funds under SAPDRS programme (Rs.edu.D. GATE. (Indian School of Mines.D. Kharagpur) Specialization: Structural Geology.pondiuni. Presently. Tectonics. Ahmedabad) Specialization: Paleoclimatology & Isotope Geology. Kharagpur) Specialization: Paleontology. Interdisciplinary research with the Departments of Chemistry and Physics are being actively pursued in the fields of EPR spectroscopy of minerals and paleomagnetism.D. etc. Ore Geology. (IIT. Metamorphic Petrology and Paleoclimate studies. Ph. Ph. Ahmedabad) Specialization: Isotope Geology. Amit Basu Sarbadhikari. Private companies also recruit students through on and off campus placements. ONGC. Manisha Kumari. PRL.) Specialization: Geophysics (Seismology & Gravity. Kharagpur) Specialization: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology. CGWB. Research activities on paleoclimate has been initiated. Geochemistry. Topographic maps and Geological maps: Large collection of topographic maps in 1: 50000 scale covering southern states of India and Geological maps of Indian states. Precambrian Crustal Evolution. (Aligarh Muslim University. Ph.D. 70 lakhs) recently. Interinstitutional collaborative research involving IITs. Udaipur) Specialization: Palaeontology. Ph. New Delhi) Specialization: Geochemistry. S. 21 full-time and 2 part-time scholars are working for Ph. Structural Geology. Oregeology. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. Assistant Professors Placement Opportunities The academic curriculum of the Department helps a good number of students to qualify in national level competitive examinations including NET. UGC. Sedimentology. Districts and important mineral deposits in various scales have been procured. and PRL are also in progress. Ph. Sedimentology.in 83 . (IIT. Geochemistry.Geophysics Laboratory: Digital refraction seismic timer with geophone. Sedimentology. Rajneesh Bhutani. (IIT. PLANEX etc. D. Ph. Pandian. (Physical Research Laboratory. Terrameter. Research Activities Associate Professor Readers The research areas offered by the Department are Geochemistry. NHPC. Ph. Recognising the research capability of the Department.D. nural Absar. Lasitha.D. S. (Maharaja Sayajirao University. Ph. and to find placement in major geoscientific organizations like AMD. GSI. (Cochin University of Sci.D. Paleontology.

(Calcutta University. Clinically related Counseling and Psychology of Advertising. Statistics in Psychology Lecturers The Department has two well equipped laboratories for experimental psychology and clinical psychology. the first two semesters are common for all the students which include papers on Advanced General Psychology. M. Kolkatta) Specialization: Clinical Psychology. Therapeutic Psychology. Dhanalakshmi. Mysore) Specialization: Evolutionary Psychology 84 www.Sc.C. Labour Legislation and HR Practices. M. Ph. Mental Health.pondiuni.Sc. etc. Social Psychology. (University of Mysore. (Full-time & Part-time) At present the department has established scholars to guide the doctoral students in different areas of psychology. will be taught for Clinically Related Counselling specialization. (University of Mysore. FACULTy Professors V. (Bharathiar University. students have to do extensive field work assignments at three spells during third and fourth semesters in HR departments of major organization or Hospitals. Clinics. Cognitive Processes.D. Barani Ganth. Delhi) Specialization: Humanistic Psychology. During the fourth semester students have to undergo 3 months internship and submit a dissertation to the University. instills in the students the professional competence and training to emerge as mental health professionals. will be taught in Industrial Psychology specialization. (Delhi University. School Psychology Surendra Kumar Sia. aims to bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts with practically applied domains of psychology. (Osmania University. etc. students have to select either Clinically related Counselling specialization or Industrial or Organizational psychology specialization. Counselling Psychology. etc. It also has a departmental counselling centre. taught by competent faculty. Marketing Psychology. Field work and internship Under both the specializations. Counselling Psychology Rejoyson Tangal. Ph.D. C. is through an All India Entrance examination conducted by the University. (Delhi University. and Ph.Sc. Experimental Psychology. Psychopathology. Thomas The Department established in the academic year 2007-08. Rangaiah. etc. Research Methods.Sc. V. The curriculum is integrated with field work in hospitals. depending upon their specialization. Educational and Vocational Counselling.edu.DePaRTMenT of aPPlIeD PsyCholoGy School of Physical.Sc. Ph.D. B. (Applied Psychology) course. industries and advertisement consultancies. There may be some questions on general knowledge and current affairs. Chemical and applied Sciences CO-ORDInATOR: Dr.D. Human Resource Development. Mysore) Specialization: Cross-cultural Psychology. The Department offers specialized focus on Industrial Psychology. keeping in view of students’ placement after the successfl completion of the course. well stacked library and spacious class rooms. Phenomenological Psychology Sibnath Deb. It consists of 100 objective type questions on psychology and allied subjects. Applied Psychology.in . Hyderabad) Specialization: Health Psychology D. Programmes of study M. The two year M. Papers on Organization Behaviour. Ph. Neuro-psychology. In the third and fourth semesters. Thomas.Phil. Applied Psychology As for M. Readers entrance examination The selection of the students for both M. Psychodiagnostics. Delhi) Specializaiton: Organizational Psychology. NGO.D.D. Ph. The Department is well equipped with stateof-art laboratory and well stacked library.D. coimbatore) Specializaiton: Industrial Psychology. Ph. Infrastructure Facilities D.

Photo: Gopinath S. The School also has an Animal House. The Department of Marine Biology and Ocean Studies is based in Port Blair. and M.pondiuni. www.edu.Tech. Andaman Islands. The School is developing into a dynamic hub for multidisciplinary and cutting edge research carried out in collaboration with institutions in India and abroad. degrees.in 85 .) and research in interdisciplinary frontier areas leading to Ph.D.Sc. PRIYA DAVIDAR Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of Biotechnology Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology Department of Coastal Disaster Management Department of Food Science and Technology Centre for Bioinformatics The School of Life sciences has five Departments and one centre offering diversified courses at the postgraduate levels (M.sChool of lIfe sCIenCes Dean: Prof.

edu. courses in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB). The areas of research focus includes Reproductive Biology & Toxicology. ICMR.D. In 2004. DBT. CSIR. and Diabetes. The Department Faculty secured extramural funding worth several crores of rupees from different National funding agencies such as DST. Molecular Biology. The test consists of multiple choice questions in Biochemistry. Research Fellows selected in Research Projects who are desirous to register for Ph. and Ph. Microbiology. Genetics. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology M. For admission to the Ph. Students can join the Ph. and Ph. Sc. Programmes of study M. INSA-DFG. Program based on merit as per list prepared following the National Level Entrance Examination conducted by Pondicherry University and are entitled to receive the University Fellowship.Sc.Self-financed (offered jointly with the Dept. Two of the faculty members were recipients of the Rockfeller Foundation Biotechnology Career Award and one of the faculty members was a recipient of the Biotechnology Overseas Award (DBT). Our faculties were Visiting Scientists to Population Council (USA).D program. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology entrance examination Selection of students for the M.Sc. The Faculty in the Department have established research collaborations with Indian and foreign investigators. Since then this Department has been offering M. The Department has received support from DST as special funding under DST-FIST beginning 2002 with a repeat support in 2009. University of Virginia. USA for training students in Reproductive Biology. Germany and France. Microbiology .D. Cancer biology.DePaRTMenT of bIoCheMIsTRy anD MoleCulaR bIoloGy School of Life Sciences The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology was started as Department of Biological Sciences under School of Life Sciences in 1987 and had been offering M. have to appear for the Entrance Examination.Phil. Chemistry. Sc.. Microbial Biochemistry. Physiology and allied areas. Cleveland Clinic (USA).in . the Department was renamed as Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Biophysics. Biopesticides.. research training and for individual growth.pondiuni. Immunology. Ph. The Department has an excellent complement of teaching Faculty who are involved in basic and applied research in different areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. DRDO and Ministry of Environment & Forests. John Hopkins University (USA). UGC. Zoology. and some were Fogarty Fellows. of Food Science & Technology). Metabolism involving Natural Products. Program is based on the National Level Entrance Examination conducted by the Pondicherry University at various centers in the country. Protein Biochemistry. Apart from these prestigious awards. UGC/CSIR. M. 86 www. D.D degrees in Life Sciences. CSIR-CNRS and have visited USA. The Department has also attracted funding from international agencies like Population Council (USA) and the Rockefeller Foundation (USA). Botany. The Department has established collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic. This Department offers a congenial environment for Knowledge development.D. The Faculty have had teaching and research experience prior to their appointment in this Department.Sc. the faculty members have been traveling within India and abroad on various academic assignments. Liver toxicity.NET qualified students are directly admitted to the program.

D. Bangalore) Specialization: Nutrition Biochemistry.  Microbial Biochemisty & Biotechnology  Natural Principles.. Geldoc apparatus. Ph. (Associate Professor. Pondicherry University under the IPLS program of the Department of Biotechnology. Phytohormones/ Natural products. Puducherry) Specialization: Immunology. Ph. LABORATORy AND INSTRUMENTATION FACILITIES AVAILABLE FACULTy Professor The Department has state of the art laboratories with an excellent modern instrumentation facility for teaching and advanced research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Degenerative diseases Cancer. (IISc.D. Rukkumani.Thrust Areas of Research  Reproductive Biology  Thermostable Enzymes. www. Diabetes. Phytomedicine. Thirunavukkarasu. Alzhemier’s. Natural Principles and Heart disease.70 Lakhs) • The Department is a recipient of a Collaborative Research Grant awarded to the Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. (University of Hyderabad. Enzymology.D (Banaras Hindu University. Folate receptor and Immunotoxins. Dept. P. • The Department faculty and students are provided access to the School of Life Sciences Animal House facility for experimental research. Cell Signaling.D.. R. The Department has facilities to carry out research in in vitro and in vivo systems. Biotechnology and the Center for Bioinformatics. Ph.9 crores). Also some of our students get high scores in GRE/TOEFIL exams and enter foreign Universities to pursue their Ph. Cell Signaling in Degenerative Diseases-Diabetes. PCR. Mathur. Chennai) Specialization: Stem cell biology.High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges.. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics companies. UV-Vis Spectrophotometers. Srikumar. Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology K. Tissue regeneration. Latha. Our students also have been placed in Pharmaceutical. Chennai) Specialization: Cancer biology. Trans-blot apparatus. Varanasi) Specialization: Reproductive Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Ultracentrifuge.edu.D. Ph. Heart and Liver diseases  Reproductive toxicology  Phytomedicine  Gene delivery –Targeted therapy Employment Orientation / Skill Formation / Knowledge Generation Every year a good number of students from this Department qualify in the UGC/CSIR-NET Exam and GATE and enter into Premier Research Institutes in India. Gene Expression.in 87 . Cell Signaling in Liver. (VCRC. Ph. of Biotechnology.D. CO2-incubators. Ph.pondiuni. (University of Madras. programs in US and European Countries. Cytokines and Molecular biology • The Department has an equipped animal cell culture facility. • The Department has an exclusive computer laboratory with a high-speed internet connectivity. Environmental Endocrinology and Bioinformatics K. (University of Madras. Assistant Professor Special Grants Received • The Department has received DST-FIST repeat support in 2009 (Rs.D.D. Ultra pure water-purifier and cold room. Temperature controlled plant growth chamber. Chidambaram) Natural Principles and Liver Toxicity. IIT. Pondicherry University. ELISA. Reproductive toxicology Recognized External Guide R. Sudha Rani.. P. Ph.D. Gene Delivery-targeted therapy S. New Delhi. Parkinson’ s. Metabolism. (Annamalai University. Ultra sonicator. Verma. The instrument facility includes. S. in 2010 (Rs. Parkinson’s and Alzhemier’s Disease C. Phase contrast microscope. OTHER FACILITIES: P. Ph. Hyderabad) Specialization: Protein Biochemistry. Jeevaratnam. Chennai) Specialization: Genetic engineering.

1. DST.000/.D. programme and students are admitted based on the entrance examination conducted by the University. of Puducherry are also admitted to M. CSIR.D. Biotechnology teaching programme.Sc. 1. The students admitted to M. Additionally. and Ph. All the students admitted to M.pondiuni.D. The students who have joined the research projects awarded to the faculty members are required to qualify in the University entrance examination.D. The publications coming out from the Department attest the exemplary research work carried out in the Department. AICTE and BRNS) and international (Rockefeller Foundation and Danish Government) funding agencies. Programmes of study M. 88 www. New Delhi on all India basis. Ph. Biotechnology (full-time) The Department offers a full time Ph.T. Govt. Biotechnology Ph. Biotechnology (Full-time) PG-Diploma in Biotechnology entrance examination M. programmes in Biotechnology. Twenty Students are admitted based on merit in qualifying examinations and reservation is given as per University norms.p. 2 top ranking students from among those who appear in the entrance examination who are also natives of U.per year) based on merit in the entrance examination conducted by the Pondicherry University.Sc Biotechnology programme. of India has given an additional grant to strengthen the M.Sc Biotechnology programme through JNU-DBT entrance examination are offered fellowship @ Rs.Sc.Sc. PG-Diploma in Biotechnology This is an Add-on course of two semester duration offered during evening hours. To augment the infrastructure facility and to develop a vibrant research group. the members of the faculty have attracted extramural funding from both national (UGC.Sc.DePaRTMenT of bIoTeChnoloGy School of Life Sciences Since its inception in the year 1992 the Department of Biotechnology is offering M.edu. Biotechnology Twenty Three students are admitted based on merit in the All India entrance examination conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru University. Twenty students are admitted under self financing mode (Rs.m. The Department of Biotechnology. Biotechnology programme are those selected in the combined entrance examination conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru University.200/. New Delhi. DBT.in .00. Sc.

ELISA reader. Ph. Real-time PCR. Ph.D. UGC. LCMS. Bremen. Medical Microbiology. Thanjavur) Specialization: Biochemical Pharmacology and Toxicology. Flow cytometer. (Tamil University. (JIPMER. Bioreactor system. Sudhakar. PCR. Bangalore) Specialization: Stem Cell Biology. Ph. Puducherry) Specialization: Medical Biotechnology.D. Nano Biotechnology The Department has well-equipped.D. Plant tissue culture facility. Ph. (Jacobs University. Germany) Specialization: Epigenetics. (Madurai Kamaraj University. V. Madurai) Specialization: Aqua Culture. TG and IEF Electrophoresis. (Indian Institute of Science (IISc). n. Infrastructure facilities A. Ph. Chennai) Specialization: Marine Microbiology and Microbial Ecology V. Molecular Plant Breeding. Protein Engineering www. Coimbatore) Specialization: Plant Biotechnology. Associate professors Special research grants received The Department receives research grants from various organizations like DBT. Sakthivel. Biochemistry. DST. Flash Chromatography. Hannah Rachel Vasanthi. Animal cell culture facility and Animal house. Herbal Drug Development B. and Puducherry Government. Immunology. Ph. Arul.Sc.D. Chennai) Specialization: Plant Biotechnology.D. HPLC. Photodocumentation facility. All M. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. Assistant Professors Lata Shukla. Free Radical Research K. Gel apparatus. CSIR. Multimode detector. UV spectrophotometers.in 89 . Fermentor. (Madras University. Molecular Microbiology Arunkumar Dhayalan. Marine Biotechnology.D. students undergo summer training in National Research laboratories. and universities in India. Prashanth. Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction. vacuum concentrator. CO2 incubator.D. Pondicherry University. Biosafety facility. Ph. Ph. Balasubramanian M.edu. spacious laboratories with all modern facilities such as Cold room. Readers The Department is supported by the DST-FIST and the UGCSAP programmes. Arumugam. The Department also has sophisticated equipments such as high speed refrigerated centrifuges. (University of Delhi. (University of Madras. Lyophilizer and Phase contrast. GC.Thrust Areas of Research • Drug discovery from microbes and plants • Nucleic acid and immunodiagnosis of plant pathogens and fish pathogens • Immunostimulant and probiotics for disease control in fish and shrimp • Plant genomics and Genetic engineering of crop plants • Quorum sensing in bacterial pathogens • Stem Cell Biology and Nanobiotechnology • Epigenetics and Protein Engineering FACULTy Professors n. Venkateswara Sarma. (Tamilnadu Agricultural University. Ph. Delhi) Specialization: Plant Biotechnology. V. Gel documentation system.Sc. New Delhi) Specialization: Plant Biotechnology.D.pondiuni. Fluorescence and inverted microscopes.D.

Some have also been elected to the fellowship of National Academics and Professional Societies and are on the editorial boards of national & international journals. Ph. Human Ecology and Environmental Health.edu. V.Sc. Khan. (Annamalai University. Soil Faunal Biodiversity. ATREE (Bangalore) WII (New Delhi). Department of Environment of Puducherry Govt. Resource Recycling & Management. Shillong) Specialization: Applied Soil Ecology. Mumbai) Specialization: Conservation Biology. Constructed wetlands. Water Pollution. Ph. (University of Madras. Wildlife Ecology. Infrastructure facilities The department has well equipped laboratory with sophisticated equipments such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Chidambaram) Specialization: Marine Ecology. Ph. Medicinal Plant Resources K. Forest Ecology. Ph. Ph. (Annamalai University.D.in . Ph.D. Skalar Auto analyzer. Field Ornithology. Environmental Law & Policy. Deviprasad. Programmes of study M. (Andhra University. Ornithology and Wildlife Ecology.D. Ecology and Environmental Sciences Ph. Industrial Ecology. Yogamoorthi. Behavioural Ecology. Marine Ecology. Remote sensing and GIS. Weed Ecology. ONGC.D. is based on All India Entrance Examination. Gel-apparatus. Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Full time) FACULTy Professors entrance examination Selection of students for M. Anisa B. Madurai) Specialization: Human Ecology. A.pondiuni. Diversity and Ecology of lianas. Ecotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology. Associate Professors Placement Students from this Department are working with TERI (New Delhi).D. Marine Biodiversity. R & D Projects: Faculty members received funds for research projects from UGC. Vikram Reddy. Coastal Zone Management. Resource management. Rockefeller Foundation. Agro-Ecology and Industrial Ecology D. Conservation Biology. Land use planning. Bioactive compounds 90 www. Eco-Tourism. (Bombay University. Ph.D. of Jammu & Kashmir and in various other Universities in India and abroad. Parthasarathy. Ph. Environmental Pollution.D. The faculty have received international and national research awards and medals. Chennai) Specialization: Biodiversity & Conservation. Priya Davidar. Constructed wetlands. UV Spectrophotometer.Sc. Cooling high speed Centrifuge. Thrust Areas: Biodiversity and conservation. Visakhapatnam) Specialization: Environmental Epidemiology. and Ph. G. The question paper will consist of objective type questions. and Govt. (Madurai Kamaraj University. Ramamoorthy. Plant Animal Interactions. US Fish and Wildlife Service and other funding agencies.D. Bio Remediation. DST. USA) (on leave) Specialization: Bio-Physics.D. FTIR Stereoscopic microscopes and Flame photometer. Mathematical Modeling. MOEF. Plant Animal Interactions (Pollination Ecology).D. Wetland Ecology. (North Eastern Hill University. Poyyamoli. (Purdue University. Pesticide Effects. Marine Ecology M. Chidambaram) Specialization: Agriculture and Weed Ecology.Theoretical Studies. n.DePaRTMenT of eColoGy anD enVIRonMenTal sCIenCes School of Life Sciences The major objective of this Department has been to provide interdisciplinary high quality education to students in order to deepen their understanding of contemporary ecological and environmental problems. Agro-Ecosystem.

Carbon mapping and modeling. Proteomics and metabolomics. Land Ecology. Nanotechnology-Preparation. M. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao. Biological Invasion. P. Assistant Professors S. Medicinal Botany. Characterization and Application of Nanocatalysts for Water Treatment. Ph.carbon budget. Soil Biology & Fertility.D. Biostatistics . Madurai) Specialization: Plant Biodiversity. Biodiversity inventory and characterization. Toxicology.D. Forest Ecology. Natural resources assessment and management.Diploma in Planning Specialization: Environmental Impact Assessment. Kochi) Specialization: Photocatalysis. Environmental Physiology.Readers S. Jayakumar. Environmental Seri-biotechnology. Ph.in 91 . Suja P. (Madurai Kamaraj University. Ph. (Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Devipriya. Environmental informatics.pondiuni. Land cover dynamics and modeling. www.. Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Toxicology Photo: Gopinath S. M. Water Quality and Water Treatment Technologies.D. Environmental molecular biology. Structural biology.G. Ph. Climate change impact assessment and modeling. Global Change S. Sundarapandian.A.D.edu. Tiruchirapalli) Specialization: Remote Sensing & GIS. Plant Biotechnology. Population Ecology. A. Nutrient cycling. (Bharathidasan University. Sundaravel. Bioindustry. (Cochin University of Science and Technology. S. Anatapur) Specialization: Environmental Biotechnology. Environmental Biotechnology.

Induced Breeding and Larval Chemical Ecology of Marine Invertebrates.D. Ph. A. Jayant Kumar Mishra.D. (Cochin University of Science and Technology. Coral reef environmental monitoring.in . iv. in Marine Biology The question paper consists of objective type questions comprising in the field of marine biological sciences at post graduate level.D. The Department has sophisticated laboratory facilities equipped with latest instruments for field investigations in ocean related sciences. Ph. In addition. Specialization: Marine Biology and Macro Benthic Community Study. Ganesh. – Marine Biology The question paper consists of objective type questions comprising in the field of biological sciences at graduate level. Ph. Readers R. Ph. iii.D. PORT BLAIR.(Japan) Specialization: Marine Biology. Associate Professor Infrastructure Facilities i. ANDAMANS School of Life Sciences The Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology was started as a Centre of Ocean and Island studies in the year 2000. Programmes of study M.DePaRTMenT of oCean sTuDIes anD MaRIne bIoloGy BROOKSHABAD CAMPUS. Meiobenthic studies and Coastal management.D. The selection of the candidates is based on the ranks obtained by all India entrance examination conducted at different parts of India by the University. The Department is teaching marine systems and its application for sustainable management.. the picturesque capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Marine Plankton. Kochi) Specialization: Marine Geology.(Japan) Specialization: Marine Biotechnology.fs. Fish and Fisheries Sciences. T.Sc.edu. The Department has its own campus. it is also providing inputs to formulate an effective management plan for coastal areas. Marine Biology Ph. and later it was upgraded to the present Department in the year 2004 with a major funding from UGC. K.. Ph. Sediment Samplers and Plankton Nets UV Spectrophotometer – Double Beam Inverted Microscope with Image Analyser Assistant Professors Gadi Padmavathi. physical. Fisheries and Pisciculture. programs in Marine Biology. Specialization: Marine Biology. vi. D. Aquaculture. (Annamalai University. Microbial Ecology and Marine microbial processes in corals. D. HPLC Hydrolab Ultracentrifuge.pondiuni. chemical and geological aspects. S. Chidambaram) Specialization: Marine Biology.D. The Department’s strategic location at Port Blair provides a unique opportunity for the students to get extensive exposure to various environments comprising of mangrove and coral ecosystems. M. The students enroll for the masters programmes get a student fellowship of Rs. Ph. Laminar air flow. v.D.D.D. Jayaraj. Mohanraju. Specialization: Marine Biology and Benthic Ecology. ii.Sc. Deep Sea and Coastal Fish Taxonomy. 92 www.. located at Port Blair. Marine Bioactive Compounds. Ph. mangroves and deep sea ecosystems. The Department has the following basic and sophisticated equipments for teaching and research. Venu. Ph. creating a database on the oceanographic parameters including.fs.D. Marine Biology FACULTy Professor entrance examination M. Rotary Evaporator Water. Research and course programmes are designed to train the students in the field of Marine Biology. The Department offers two year masters degree and Ph. 1000 per month. Mohan. P. The program is primarily designed to create trained manpower in Marine Biology.

Field equipments : Total station with Reflector . Environmental science. and supervised research work in the emerging areas of Disasters related problems with the support of the sophisticated Geophysical and Remote Sensing Laboratory amenities. The students enrolled for the Master Degree programme get a student’s fellowship of Rs 1000/ and Rs 400/ as hostel mess subsidiary per month . land subsidence . Automatic sieve shaker . Programmes of study M. Zoology at B. Physics and Geology. The M. Both theory and practical classes are handled by experienced faculty members. The centre has excellent hostel facilities for M.coastal erosion . There are 10 full time PhD research Scholars and 2 part time (External) and 1 part (Internal) scholars are engaged in research programme to earn their Doctoral Degrees. ANDAMANS School of Life Sciences The M. Multi dated Satellite imageries for all Andaman & Nicobar Islands and coastal districts of Tamilnadu are available. World class equipment facilities are available.D.D admission there will an objective type examination at M.Sc. Paleoseismological . 00 for the Paleoseismlogical investigation in the islands. Computing and Network Facility: Adequate numbers of PCs in Remote Sensing Laboratory with internet connectivity are available. Rock cutting Machine . epidemic and air pollution . Chemistry. GIS and Marine and Land Survey equipments to cater the needs of the practical course of M. Auto Level with staff . degree in Coastal Disaster Management is based on the performance of the entrance examination which will include objective type questions Geography. Tsunami Inundation modelling and impact of Tectonic subsidence of the islands with advent GPR . The Ph. Resistivity Imaging and Resistivity Variometer are being carried out . www. Ministry of Earth Science has sanctioned Rs 25.Sc course in Coastal Disaster Management was started in the Department Ocean Studies and Marine Biology in 2007 and bifurcated as separate Department of Coastal Disaster Management in June 2010 and Centre is located in Port Blair. salt water intrusion and long term disasters of climate change and sea level rise and manmade disasters like nuclear .Sc students and research scholars. Coastal Disaster Management • • • • Side Scan Sonar .Sc students and PhD scholars. Digital Camera . tsunami.floods. Coastal Landslides. The major equipment facilities available in the Department are: • • • • • • • • • • Seismograph with 12 channels SIR 2000 Ground Penetration Radar Electrical resistivity imaging Transient Electromagnetic ( terra TEM) Total Organic Carbon analyser DifferentialGlobalPositioningSystem(DGPS) Automatic weather Station Microscope with Image analyser Oceanographic Equipments Marine Magnetometer Research Activities The research activities of the Department are mainly concerned with identification and mitigation of Natural Disasters.edu. The Department is being fully supported by UGC.DePaRTMenT of CoasTal DIsasTeR ManaGeMenT BROOKSHABAD CAMPUS. Infrastructural facilities The Department has well equipped laboratories with World class Geophysical and Remote Sensing. landslide. PORT BLAIR. The Department makes every effort to achieve academic excellence with world class field training to produce Disaster Managers.Sc. volcano. The Earthquake monitoring and prediction. programme includes courses designed to develop research orientation. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System. Coastal Disaster Management Ph. The curriculum is planned to identify the Natural earth related problems by Microzonation mapping of through Geophysical. Apart from these facilities sophisticated Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory with software of ArcGIS. Echo sounders Current meter Magnetometer(marine) entrance examination Selection of the candidates for M. and ERDAS.D.Sc level.Sc. Terra TEM . For Ph.in 93 . 000. saltwater intrusion .Sc Coastal Disaster Management course is intended to develop basic understanding of the Natural Disasters such as Earthquake. cyclones . level.pondiuni. Global Positioning system .

Ph. Exploration Technique. Chennai) Specialization: Geographical Information Systems (GIS).D. Ph. Coastal Zone Management. Assistant Professors K. Dharanirajan.Ongoing Developments: Three new faculty positions have been sanctioned to the Department of Coastal Disaster Management.in . 94 www. Chandigarh) Specialization: Geophysics. A new Magneto telluric meter (MT) will be added to the laboratory. Ground Water. Ph. (Bharathidasan University.D. Resistivity Imaging. Balaji.D. Disaster Management. (Anna University. Software Development in GIS and Disaster Management S.pondiuni. Ramanujam. Landslide and Earthquake Prediction. Thrichirapally) Specialization: Geophysics. FACULTy Professor N. (Punjab University. Tectonics.edu.

food product development S. Agricultural Engineering and allied areas. food processing. Sc.D.D. Food Science. The question paper will consists of objective type questions in Human physiology. Food Science and Nutrition (Full time. community nutrition. narayanasamy Sangeetha. food biotechnology S.D. (University of Mysore) Specialization: Food science and technology.pondiuni. Food Microbiology. meat science and food engineering Infrastructural facilities The Department is well equipped with spacious laboratories.D. food security. Biochemistry. food microbiology and food safety. (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Fermented foods and starter culture and meat processing. biochemical and molecular nutrition. and Ph.edu. M. Managlore) Specialization: Food Safety. clinical nutrition. The faculty members in Food Science and technology come from diverse backgrounds and cover a wide range of specialties. Haripriya .Sc. community nutrition and dietetics. biotechnology and bio-processing. The question paper will consists of objective type questions in Mathematics. all modern facilities and sophisticated equipments including Amylograph. Sc. Food Science and Nutrition M. Biochemistry.Sc. Safety assurance of Food and Food product. and affordable food supply that enhances human health. Food Science. Nutrition. Assistant Professors Thrust areas of Research Food product development by using novel processing techniques. Ph. Tray Drier and HPLC www. Physics. in food Science and Technology The selection of student is based on All India entrance examination. Coimbatore) Specialization: Agricultural Process Engineering entrance examination M. (Avinashilignam University for Women. in food Science and nutrition The selection of student is based on All India entrance examination. Colorflex. Development of gadgets/ machineries for the food processing. Food process Engineering. We have experts in the areas of food chemistry. M. Food Science and Technology Ph. (Avinashilignam University for Women.DePaRTMenT of fooD sCIenCe anD TeChnoloGy School of Life Sciences The department of Food Science and Technology (Formerly Food Science and Nutrition) under the School of Life Sciences was established in the year 2007 offering post graduate course and Ph.V. Spectroflurimeter. Food Chemistry. Ph. Part-time: internal and external) FACULTy Readers H. Coimbatore) Specialization: Therapeutic nutrition.in 95 . food analysis. Vaccum Packaging Machine. Food Microbiology. John Don Bosco. Part-time: internal and external) Ph. community nutrition Sunooj K. Ph. Isolation and characterization of Bioactive phytochemicals.. Programmes of study M. Prathap Kumar Shetty. Antioxidant and phytochemicals.D. The major objective of the department is to implement education.Sc. and Ph.D. Food Science and Technology (Full time.D programme in Food Science and Nutrition and Food science and Technology (2009-2010 onwards). (Mangalore University. nutritious. Novel food products based on functional starter cultures. Spray Drier.D. research and outreach programs which are premeditated to provide a safe.D. Coimbatore) Specialization: Nutritional epidemiology. food engineering. Dietetics and allied areas. Ph. Food Texture Analyzer cum Extensograph.

org. molecular modeling. Chennai.pondiuni.. Candidates who have qualified for JRF (UGC / CSIR-NET / DBT-BINC) are exempted from entrance exam. the Centre has taken up research activities in the areas of sequence analysis. in Bioinformatics Selection is based on an entrance examination conducted at various Centres by Pondicherry University. www. www. Chemistry.D. Bioinformatics Selection is based on an entrance examination conducted at various Centres by Pondicherry University.edu.edu. 5. New Delhi in 2007 and awarded a special grant of around 3. will be provided by the Department of Biotechnology.000/. The Ph.D. DBT upgraded the Centre to a full Centre level in 2002 and several new positions were sanctioned and additional funding was allocated. Italy for collaborative research and Ph. of India. The details will be advertised in newspapers and will be available at www. and several papers have been published in peer-reviewed international and national journals.biotechmku.D.m.p.Sc. org & www.Sc. The University is extending full support for the development of the Centre. Recognizing the progress made by the Centre. of India (DBT) in 1991. Government of India. They can apply directly.79 Cores. Molecular Biology. Govt.edu. Most of the past students have got placements in various leading & research institutions and industries.D.edu. guidance..pondiuni. New Delhi for all the students admitted in this course.in All the students. Programmes of study M. 96 www. Govt. Statistics and Mathematics. The test consists of multiple choice questions in Biochemistry. The Centre has established a separate wet lab facility with modern wet lab equipments. Bioinformatics M.bicpu. In the past few years. Computer Science. entrance examination M. The mandate of the Centre is to train manpower and conduct research in various areas of Bioinformatics.Sc. mkuniversity. *A stipend of Rs.Teaching & Research in Interdisciplinary and Emerging Areas”..bicpu.Sc. Selected candidates can also work either at IoB on in collaborative projects.CenTRe foR bIoInfoRMaTICs School of Life Sciences The Centre for Bioinformatics in Pondicherry University was started as Sub Distributed Information Centre of the Department of Biotechnology.edu. The centre is also offering Modular Courses in Bioinformatics.D. Biophysics. The Centre has started Network M. Computational Biology Ph. program in Bioinformatics in 2007 with the funding from the University Grants Commission (UGC) under its scheme of “Innovative Programme .Sc.Sc. M. Bangalore for collaborative research and Ph. guidance. Computer Science. students can visit these labs for collaborative research. Madurai and Anna University. The University has signed an MoU with Institute of Bioinformatics (IoB). The Centre has also signed an MoU with Institute of Bioinformatics (IoB). Computational Biology teaching programme fully funded by DBT in collaboration with Madurai Kamaraj University.in . which will achieve newer heights and will soon become a leading centre for Bioinformatics teaching and research in this part of the world.D. This programme will be first of its kind in the country. The Centre is identified as a Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics Teaching and Research by the Department of Information Technology. Bioinformatics in and www. The details are available at www.annauniv. Molecular Biology. The Centre has taken up research projects and has been offering modular courses in Bioinformatics under this Grant. Statistics and Mathematics at PG level. The test consists of multiple choice questions in Biochemistry. The Centre started offering an M. Programme in Bioinformatics. Computational Biology Selection will be based on a common entrance examination to be conducted by Pondicherry University at various Centres. Bangalore and University of Sienna. Ph. database development etc. Biophysics. research scholars and faculty are provided modern round-the-clock computing facility with a separate 11 Mbps dedicated internet connectivity in addition to the regular internet connectivity provided by the University.. The centre is also offering Ph.in. Chemistry.

Placement Details Some of the students trained in the Centre are placed in the following organizations between 2001 and 2010: Industry Placements • • • • • • • • • HCL Info Systems Tata Consultancy Services Molecular Connections. Discovery Studio 3. Chennai www. Cheminformatics. and pH meter. Bhubaneswar Genemines. Chandigarh Indian Institute of Technology. AMD Opteron Server. Chip. Ltd. Blackwell Publishers.bicpu. South Korea Stony Brook University. Chennai BIOBASE Databases Indian Pvt.(COE In Bioinformatics) Continuing Scheme DBT . Nature. designed in-house and hosted in the web server. South Korea University of Madras. Biospectrum Access to E-Journals University has access to UGC Infonet Journals.) – Works on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems . 8 Crore is allocated by various funding agencies like DBT. Itanium Server. The Centre is in a process of establishing a cell culture facility.in is being maintained by the Centre. The Centre has a dedicated 11 Mbps internet connectivity exclusively for the Centre from BSNL and is managed by Cisco Routers and manageable switches. Molecular modeling. Scientific American. EBSCO Databases Special Grants • • • • Approximately Rs.M. Metabolic Pathways and re-constitution. ELISA Reader. Current Science. DNA-Protein Interactions. Bioinformatics. Genome Sequence analysis. is maintained in the Centre. Journals Science. Scientific Software packages Schrodinger Mastero. Autodock. Protein Structure Modeling. Drug Design. Chennai Central Sericulture Research & Training Institute. Infrastructure Facilities A. UV illuminator. -20˚C Freezer.Sc. admissions. Cell. Quartz Distillation Unit. Mysore Institute of Microbial Technology Institute. Bangalore C. In addition the centre has Domain Name Server (DNS). Database Server.Thrust Areas of Research Molecular Biology. V-Life. DIT and UGC towards teaching and research DBT . Bangalore Computational Research Lab. Resources & Services A separate website available at www. PC Quest. Systems biology. HP Workstations.0. E. Wet lab The Centre has developed a separate wet lab facility. GeneScan. Magazines Linux for U.1.pondiuni. SPSS. BioEdit. HCL Laptops. Bangalore Protein Lounge. HCL Pentium Core Duo/ Dual Core/ Pentium IV Workstations (135 nos. -80˚C Deep Freezers. Consed. Computational Biology Continuing Scheme UGC . Apple iMac. Water purification system. Amber 10. Silicon Graphics Fuel Machine. Statistica. Diploma in Bioinformatics (2001-2008) B.Innovative Programme-Teaching and research in Interdisciplinary Continuing Scheme • DBT . New York Sungkyunkwan University.G.edu. Science Direct. Modeller. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. Nature Chemical Biology. seminar notifications & various opportunities for traineeship/ studentship / JRF are updated periodically. Vertical Gel apparatus.edu. The lab is functional with the following equipments: High performance Liquid Chromatography (AKTA-HPLC).. This website. Dock. Xeon Cluster Servers. Proxy Server and Cluster Computing servers Teaching/ Research Placements • • • • • • • Pusan National University. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Single particle analysis. Databases & Other information resources in the Centre Books Approximately 600 books available in the reference library of the Centre. PC World.in 97 . Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge. E-Book Intranet Server. Horizontal Gel apparatus. Bangalore Institute of Bioinformatics. D. Bench To Freeze Dryer. Medicinal Chemistry. Gel Documentation System.(Centre For Bioinformatics) Continuing Scheme DIT . Xeon Quad Core Servers.Advance P. EMBOSS. Tripos Sybyl 8. Bioinformatics Trends. Western blot apparatus. syllabus. The students have the modern computing facilities and round the clock internet facility to meet their academic and research needs. Wipro Xeon Server. X-ray Crystallography. Computers and Communication facility Tesla GPU server. Cell Signaling. Endnote. Bioinformatics related tools can be downloaded from the site. Phred. PCR Thermal Cycler. Briefings in Bioinformatics. Gromos 96. Pune Jubilant Biosys. Whatif. Information about courses.

Suresh Kumar. Single particle analysis. Tirupati) Specialization: Structural Biology.edu. Tiwary. Institute of Bioinformatics. (University of Madras. (University of Calcutta. (University of Madras.D. programme Akhilesh Pandey. Ph.D. Bioinformatics. Computational Chemistry 98 www. Ph. Ph. P. Hyderabad) Specialization: Bioinformatics. M. P.D. Inhhelloibitors for Viral Proteases. biofuel from Cyenobacteria.• Jawaharlal Nehru University. Assistant Professors R. Syed Ibrahim. (University of Madras. Ph. (Goa University. (Birla Institute of Technology & Science. (Punjab University. Promiscuity of Antibodies. (Sri Ventakeswara University. Ph. and Biochemistry.D.D.. Keshava Prasad. B. Molecular Evolution.in . Algorithms. nano-biotechnology. V.D. Archana Pan. Ph. Molecular Modeling (Protein & DNA). M. Amouda. Pilani) Specialization: Database Management Systems. Amutha.D. narahari Sastry. proteinprotein interaction analysis. Ph. Genomics & Proteomics. Simulations. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. Chennai) Specialization: Macromolecule Crystallography. V. U. M. Computational Biology. (University of Madras. Lakshmi. (University of Michigan. Molecular Biology. Goa) Specialization: Bioinformatics. (Jadavpur University. (University of Hyderabad. Ph. New Delhi • Kumaun University. T. R. Ph. Molecular Entomology. Proteomics. Dinakara Rao. Murali. programme G. Kolkata) Specialization: Comparative Genomics. Drug Design. Readers Basant K. Nainital MANIT. A. S.A) Specialization: Genomics. Environmental Toxicology. Chennai) Specialization: X-ray Crystallography (Proteins). Hyderabad. M. Ph. Ph. Chandigarh) Sepcialization: Drug design and Medicinal Chemistry Development. Chennai) Specialization: Phytomatics. (Sri Venkateswara University. Trasmission electron microscopy.S.D. Bhopal • Amity University FACULTy Professor P.D. S.D. Drug Design. Systems Biology. Molecular Dynamics. Varanasi) Specialization: Reproductive Biochemistry. faculty recognized for Ph. Bioinformatics. venom protein studies. Bangalore faculty recognized for Ph.D. T. Ph. Mathur.D. Chennai) Specialization: Computational Biology. (University of Madras.S.D. Krishna.D. Mohane Coumar. genomics and Protieomics. Tirupati) Specialization: Cell Signaling. Ph.D. Ph. Kolkata) Specialization: Molecular Evolution. (Banaras Hindu University.D. Bioinformatics A.Pharm.Sc. Chennai) Specialization: Structural Studies on Viral Proteins.pondiuni.

.G.pondiuni. and Ph. the Centre for Asian Christian Studies offers only M.Phil. Spanish.. However.Phil. programmes. R. The School caters to the needs of a large number of students of the University and some of the faculty members of the School have made enormous contributions to their respective disciplines and they are known and recognised in the academic community for their scholarship The centre for Foreign Languages offer evening certificate courses in Japanese. M.edu. Italian.sChool of huManITIes Dean: Prof..in 99 . French.G. and P. www. Diploma in Asian Christian Studies programmes. Chinese. Ph. VENGUATTARAMANE Department of English Department of French Department of Hindi Department of Sanskrit Department of Philosophy Department of Physical Education and Sports Centre for Foreign Languages Escande Chair in asian Christian Studies All the Departments offer P. German and Russian.D.D. Korean.

100 www.An overall awareness of literature is what is tested. prose and fiction of canonical British literature and American literature. Media Studies Postcolonial literatures. inspiring inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary insights among faculty and students alike. such as Poetry and Poetics. and Ph. Cultural and Translation Studies too have come to be a thrust area.A.: A common entrance test— with Objective type questions drawn from the postgraduate syllabi of Indian Universities. programme is marked by rigorous course-work in theory and criticism and in emergent literatures cutting across various genres like poetry and fiction.in . 1986. Nature-oriented Literatures. and since inception the Department has been the hub of teaching and research activity.Phil. Emerging areas of study such as. Interdisciplinary and Cultural Studies. English (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External)) PG Diploma in Professional Communication in English(PGDPCE) Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities: entrance examination M.pondiuni. the creative talents of each student is cherished and encouraged. Since the student has the option to choose to appear for either of the two or both at the application level itself. one of the oldest Departments of the University. painting.DePaRTMenT of enGlIsh School of Humanities The Department of English. English (Full-time) Ph. A high-point of our M. drama. Programme is the research project that encourages individual initiative and self-study on the part of the students. theoretical perspectives and writing from across cultures. In all.: The entrance examination would comprise Objective Type questions of a general nature drawn from Undergraduate syllabi from Indian Universities. A basic course devised as Language through Literature offers students an orientation to the formal study of English language and literary appreciation. An ecologically sensitive critical thinking and teaching has also emerged and the Department is one of the earliest in the country to proffer multicultural studies in this area— and with the founding and establishment of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment-ASLE India (the Indian counterpart of the International forum of that name) in 2006. WRITER IN RESIDENCE: Initiated by the Department of English from 2010. attracting a cross-section of students and research scholars from all over the country. The English Department through the weekly Research and Journal Alert Forum encourages the sharing and presentation of research activities. thus offering a good training for UGC-NET aspirants. American. and all those keen to acquaint themselves with these classics. drama and literary criticism – British. was established on 1st December. this unique programme is intended as a Chair for Creative Writing and is envisaged as providing the University with an opportunity to invite celebrated writers to reside in the campus and to share their expertise and experience with students and fellow scholars alike. M. and a semester-long work on a dissertation.A.A.edu. both of the faculty members and the scholars of the Department. The Department encourages research at the M.Phil. The Department periodically organizes Seminars.Phil. prose. Commonwealth and Indian-that an undergraduate is expected to be familiar with-. a greater emphasis will be given to evaluating the research aptitude and awareness of international literary movements. Subaltern Literatures. In recent years. The M.D. A strong theoretical foundation is laid with two Literary Theory courses spread over two semesters. Programmes of study M. and Ph. At the Postgraduate level. drawing. The major focus would be on poetry. and Ecocritical Studies along with an array of specialized electives make for an M. the Department of English offers courses in poetry.D. singing and other art forms. this has fostered a renewed direction to academics and scholars alike. English and Comparative Literature M.Phil. programme that is a mix of the conventional and the new. It has established itself as a stronghold of Comparative Literature. teaching Comparative Literary Theory and fostering Comparative Literary Studies between Indian languages and English. Workshops and Conferences in areas of current interest and also extends invites to renowned scholars to come and deliver talks and lectures.D. Diaspora Studies. levels in a number of areas.A. Wall magazines and regular cultural programmes offer opportunities to students to exhibit their talent in writing. The Department offers courses in ELT and Research Methodology which are application-oriented.

(University of Madras.D.. Kharagpur) Specialization: Indian Aesthetics. www.D. Some have found employment as content writers and technical writers and editors. Hyderabad) Specialization: English Language Teaching.A. Chennai) Specialization: Indian Writing in English.(IIT. Indian Writing in English Reshmi K. T. M.. Aesthetics. Subaltern Studies and Translation Assistant Professors (Senior Scale) Professors S.D. Kalpana Ph.in 101 . Commonwealth Literature. (CIEFL. Hyderabad) Specialization: Comparative Literature and Communication Skills Assistant Professors Associate Professors P.edu. and Environmental Studies. Ph. (University of Hyderabad. Ph. Indian Literature. A. (Avinashilingam University. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Comparative Literature.D. Some have entered the Corporate and Media field. Trivandrum) Specialization: Poetry. Literary Theory. Lakhimai Mili M. PGDTE (CIEFL. Teacher Education and Materials Production.pondiuni. natarajan. Murali. Ph. (Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Coimbatore) Specialization: Ecocritical and Feminist Writings. Ph. Comparative Literature and Semiotics Sujatha Vijayaraghavan. A placement cell in the Department coordinates between students and prospective employers. Postcolonial Studies. Seminar room and projection facilities.D. Photo: Gopinath S. Reader Infrastructure FACULTy The Department has well-ventilated classrooms. Ph.D.D. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Indian Writing in English and Translation Studies H. Oral Literatures& Folklore Studies Binu Zachariah Ph. Indian Literature. Chennai) Specialization: Literary Criticism.D. Women’s Literature and Feminist Theories. Tirunelveli ) Specialization: Comparative Literature.(Pondicherry University) Specialization: Canadian and American Literature. Marx. Drama. Ph.Placement Students who have completed their Degree from the Department go on to get employment as teachers in schools or in Colleges and Universities all over India. Ph. (University of Kerala.D. Poetry Ujjwal Jana. Bhaskaran nair. Shillong) Specialization: English Language Teaching Visakadevi S.D.D.. Clement Sagayaradja Lourdes Ph. Translation Studies. Modern Fiction. n. (Indian Institute of Technology. Visual Arts. Ph.

Sarmila Acharif. Puducherry) Specialization: French Language. M. Programmes of study M. Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) Ananda Vadivelou. Linkages with other French Universities are also being envisaged. DEA (Sorbonne University.A. Ph. Every year. nalini J. and Ph.D. The two.Phil. The written examination will consist mostly of objective type questions on French language.D. are absorbed as Assistant Professors. FACULTy Professors Linkages with French Universities M. French (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) Job opportunities All the students. Jayapal Sharmili. Hyderabad) Specialization: French and Francophone Literatures.D. Infrastructure Facilities The Department has audio and video equipments designed for the teaching of language. New Delhi. students can pursue their studies at the University of La Réunion which has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Pondicherry University. ( Pondicherry University ) Specialization: French and Francophone Literatures 102 www. Linguistics. Back in India.Phil. so as to enable the students of Pondicherry University to undertake research and higher studies in France. Assistant Professors and Executives. (Pondicherry University. Paris III) Specialization: French Civilization. (Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle . literature and civilization. Thampi.A.D. HP.A. as well as browsing facilities. after their Post – Graduation / M. 30 marks out of 100 will be allotted to translation and essay writing in order to test the linguistic and writing skills of the candidate. literature and civilization. Ph. Comparative Literature.year Master’s degree in French translation and interpretation prepares students for successful jobs like Translators. Students are given wide options to select electives from various Departments of the University so as to increase their job opportunities and to become fully equipped to face the challenges of life. French (Full-time) Ph. Pannirselvame. Puducherry) Specialization: French Literature and Comparative Literatures. and one essay type question to test the argumentative skills of the candidate.Phil. Venguattaramane. Faculty members are trained in French Language and Literature. M.D.pondiuni. They have undergone specialized training at various universities in France.DePaRTMenT of fRenCh School of Humanities The Department of French was established in 1987.edu. This also gives them an opportunity to do some courses in French Universities. Thirumurugan. Puducherry) Specialization: French Literature and Comparative Literature. and Ph. M. Hotel Management and Tourism. Translators and Executives in companies like Renault. Wipro. Ford. the students of the French Department are offered a chance by the French Embassy. and Teaching of French as a Foreign language. French Linguistics. to teach the English language in various regions of France for a period of one year. TCS. French ( Translation & Interpretation ). they are thus able to fare well in their professional lives.D.Phil. GE.Paris III Specialization: Teaching of French as a Foreign Language.in . Ph. Business French. Translation. (Pondicherry University. (Pondicherry University. entrance examination M. Teachers. Teachers. (CIEFL. However. and Women’s Writing. R. British Airways.Phil.A. Translation.A. Ph. HSBC.D. Assistant Professors (Senior Scale) Assistant Professors C. M. and the M. Degree will be awarded by the Pondicherry University. french (Translation and Interpretation) The Question Paper for the Entrance Examination will mostly consist of objective type questions on French language. and also to have first hand information of life in France. French (Translation and Interpretation) M. The credits earned in that French University will be taken into consideration. CTS. S. etc. The following programmes are conducted: M.Phil.

Venkateswara University. Hindi M.Phil. Each semester has 3 papers. The P. D.R. Mysore) Specialization: Journalism. entrance Examination will be of PostGraduate level to test the comprehensive understanding of Hindi Literature and the research aptitude of the candidate. Hindi (Full-Time) Ph.pondiuni. thus enhancing their employability.Phil. Fiction and Comparative Literature. M. Vizialakshmi.D. Diploma in Functional Hindi and Translation is a one year course with six papers and a project./Ph. Tirupati) M. Valuation will be 40% internal and 60% External.G.D.G. Padmapriya. Functional Hindi and Translation..Phil (University of Delhi) Specialization: Linguistics and Hindi Drama C.D. The questions will be of Under Graduate level for M. Functional Hindi and Translation. with special attention to Comparative Literature. M.A.D. (B. Programmes of study M. FACULTy Professor V.A Entrance Examination.DePaRTMenT of hInDI School of Humanities The Department of Hindi offers facilities for intensive study and research in different areas of Hindi Language and Literature. Assistant Professor Pramod Meena. M.. (University of Mysore. Ph.Phil. Drama. all question papers will have objective type questions for 100 marks. M.in 103 . offered in two semesters.Phil (Hyderabad University. Ph. (Sri.Diploma in functional Hindi and Translation (Evening Course) : As an add on programme which will facilitate the students to obtain dual degree simultaneously.D.Litt. Ph.. Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) S. Any Graduate with Hindi as one of the subjects at the UG level or Praveen from DBH Sabha along with any Under Graduate Degree is eligible to purse the course. Muzaffarpur) Specialization : Poetry.edu. Hindi Language and Literature and Language Computing www.D. entrance examination Ph. Ambedkar University. Hyderabad) Specialization: Modern Poetry. Hindi (Full-Time & Part-Time {Internal & External}) P. Jaya Sankar Babu.A.

in Sanskrit is based on UGC pattern.Phil.D.Rasagangadhara and Natyasastram (6) Darsanas Vedantasara. Dhvanyaloka. Karaka. Vidyavaridhi. Sanskrit M. Dharaneedharan.D. Mimamsa.in . Samasa. The candidates seeking admission into M. ( University of Mysore) Specialization: Kavya Sastra Anil Pratap Giri. Meghadutam Grammar Samjna. Sanskrit (Full-time) Ph.Sankhya.A. Ph. Grammar. Sanskrit ( pass/honours) or Sastry level syllabus. One hundred objective types (M. Manuscriptology.pondiuni.Phil. (University of Pune) Specialization: Vedanta.A. should have 55% in M. Besides week-end Seminars.D.A. Ph. Yogasutra. Dramas Abhijnanasakuntalam. Radhakrishnan. aims to train students who are oriented towards teaching and research. Linguistics and Literature Assistant Professors C.Phil and Ph. E.edu. M. Programmes of study M. Linguistics and Nirukta Alankara Kavyadarsa. New Delhi) Specialization: Indian Poetics. Sanskrit Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) Certificate Course in Sanskrit (Add-on) Infrastructure Facilities Computers with internet facility are available. Mrchakatikam.Phil.A. The entrance examination for admission to M. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. M. (New Delhi) Specialization: Nyaya. Sankhya. Navya Nyaya Language & Methodology. programme will include questions of B. Tarka Samgraha Sankhya Karika.D will be of the level of M. Yoga. Upanisad (Katha. Ph. Sanskrit general studies are arranged to enhance the knowledge of students.A. Advaita Vedanta and Visishtvadaita Vedanta Chakradhar Behera.Q pattern) carrying four marks for each correct answer and minus one mark for wrong answer will be asked. Isavasya & Svetasvatara) and General Sanskrit. Ph. Grammar.A. Sandhi. Yoga. FACULTy Professor: entrance examination The syllabus for M. Linguistics 104 www. started functioning from 7th August 1988. The entrance examination for admission to M. C. The thrust areas of teaching and research are Vedanta. Literature.Nyaya. Literary Criticism and Aesthetics. ( University of Madras) Specialization: Advaita Vedanta and Nyaya K. should have 50% marks in Sanskrit in graduation.DePaRTMenT of sansKRIT School of Humanities The Department of Sanskrit. Indology and Visishtadvaita Associate Professors J. and Ph. S. Uttararamacharitam Poetry Raghuvamsa (1-2) and Kumarasambhavam (5).D. ( University of Madras) Specialization: Kavyasastra. The Candidates seeking admission in to MA. Palaiah.C.A. Krishnan. in the following areas.D.D.

Phil. Gandhian Philosophy & Yoga Philosophy FACULTy Assistant Professor Professors V. Associate Professors B.pondiuni. Existentialism & Metaphysics P. Kesava Kumar. (Sri Venkateswara University. Aesthetics. (Pondicherry University. Tirupati) Specialization: Contemporary Indian Philosophy. Cultural Studies.DePaRTMenT of PhIlosoPhy School of Humanities The Department of Philosophy started functioning from the academic year 1989-90 and is offering Ph.. Contemporary Indian Philosophy. Philosophy: Full-time Ph. and Ph. The written paper for admission will comprise of subjective type questions of the postgraduate level.D.in 105 . and Classical Indian Philosophy S. Puducherry) Specialization: Advaita. Srinivas. Shantha Kumari. Philosophy of Science & Modern Logic entrance examination M. New Delhi) Specialization: Analytic Philosophy.edu. Thomas. Epistemology (Indian and Western). (University of Hyderabad. (Jawaharlal Nehru University.A. (University of Delhi) Specialization: Phenomenology. Ph.D.D. Philosophy: Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) K. Epistemology (Eastern & Western) and Social Philosophy (Eastern & Western). Ph.A. Ph. Ph. Philosophy of Religion and Political Philosophy www.Phil.D.A. Philosophy M. and M.D. programmes.D. Programmes of study M. Hyderabad) Specialization: Ethics and Social Philosophy. The written paper for admission will comprise of objective type questions of the undergraduate level.D. Ph. R.Phil. C. M. Indira. The thrust areas of teaching and research are Metaphysics (Eastern & Western).D. M.

Exercise Physiology & Nutrition and Training Methods. BioMechanics and Kinesiology. Associate Professors P. Test and Measurements.D.D. Annamalai Nagar) Specialization: Physical Education. Ph.D.P. Ph. Physical Education & Sports (Full-time) Ph.P.D. History of Physical Education. Subramaniam.P. Measurement & Evaluation and Basketball.D./ M.D. Measurement and Evaluation.D. Football.: The written examination for M.in . D.Ed. Yoga and Volleyball. General Knowledge. Yoga. Handball and Kho-Kho. Ph. ( Annamalai University) Specialization: Physical Education.Ed. Games and Sports. Elementary Statistics. K. History of Physical Education. Master of Physical Education & Sports M. Tiroumourougane.D.Ed. entrance examination M. Assistant Professor R. Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education.D. Sultana. Ph.P.D. Camping. / B. (Pondicherry University. A. Exercise Physiology and Yoga. Psychology and Yoga. Ram Mohan Singh.P.S. Programmes of study M. (Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University.edu. Reader M..DePaRTMenT of PhysICal eDuCaTIon anD sPoRTs School of Humanities The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established in August 1987./ Ph.P. Kinesiology. G. Training Methods. Exercise Physiology. The Department has a good out-door stadium with cinder track. 106 www. (Annamalai University. M. (Jiwaji University. Sports. Puducherry) Specialization: Physical Education. Exercise Physiology. Kabaddi. Tennis. Psychology. Sakthignanavel. Sports Psychology.: The questions for the entrance examinations will consist of objective type questions drawn from the M. Govindarajulu. Management and Organisation of Physical Education and Sports.Phil. Methods in Physical Education. Sports Management.Ed.pondiuni. Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Yoga. Sports Psychology. Sports Management. Gwalior). Volleyball. Ph. Physical Education & Sports Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) FACULTy Professor n. Exercise and Disease Management and Sports and Multimedia.E. Training Methods. / M.E.3 tests (practical) = 30 Marks (b) Proficiency in games (practical) = 20 Marks (c) Entrance Examiation (Theory) = 50 Marks Total 100 Marks M.E. Vasanthi .P. Annamalai Nager) Specialization: Physical Education. Sports Psychology. Ph. will comprise of multiple and objective type questions of B.Phil.Phil. Hockey. Ph. Basketball. Specialization: Physical Education. Chennai) Specialization: Physical Education. a Physical Fitness Centre and Physiotherapy Lab and computer lab.P. Elayaraja. Praveen. Research Methodology. (Annamalai University. viz. Cricket and Yoga. Principles of Physical Education. level drawn from the folowing subjects: Anatomy & Physiology. Specialization: Physical Education. (Bharathidasan University. Karaikudi) Specialization: Physical Education.Ed. Volleyball and Table Tennis. The applicants should also undergo physical fitness tests and games proficiency tests conducted by the Department. (a) Physical fitness . (Alagappa University... Sports Medicine and Sports Management in games and sports. Training Methods and Anatomy & Physiology. Tiruchirapalli) Specialization: Physical Education. a turf wicket cricket ground. General Knowledge. Research Methods. Sports Training Methods. D. Infrastructure Facilities Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) The Department offers good facilities for the following games: Cricket. K. Ph. Exercise Physiology.

Programmes of study * Add-On Evening Certificate of Proficiency Course (under CBCS. for 2 semesters) in : * French * German * Spanish * Italian * Russian * Japanese * Chinese * Korean FACULTy Centre Head nalini J. In the world of music too. Thomas. Films too need to be dubbed often. M. Guest Faculty Fr. Thampi.CenTRe foR foReIGn lanGuaGes School of Humanities Launched as an innovative project in June 2009 by the Vice-Chancellor.pondiuni. Dominic Sr. there is also a growing need to translate scientific and technical documents. Additional Faculty V.D. Ph. The main objective of the Chair is to guide researchers on the study of Christianity in relation with other religious. (CIEFL. Diploma in Asian Christian Studies FACULTy Co-ordinator entrance examination The written examination will comprise of objective type questions and P.G. Diploma will comprise of objective type questions on Christianity P. Srinivas. Suzanne www. Sampath Kumar. Ph. cultural & philosophical thoughts in Asia. A.edu. Hyderabad) and Well qualified GUEST FACULTY in each of the aforementioned languages esCanDe ChaIR In asIan ChRIsTIan sTuDIes School of Humanities This Endowed Chair was established in the year 2004.Phil. knowing a foreign language is always an asset which gives one the required edge and enhances the job prospects. (Strasbourg University. the Centre for Foreign Languages was started in order to cater to the compelling requirements of the present fast-moving world and its multi-linguistic links.D. and P.D.D. France) Specialization: Christian Scriptures. Origin and Development of Christianity in the former French colonies in Asia. famous literary works from foreign languages. The Chair offers Ph.D.. K. Diploma programmes in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy. Ph. Ph.in 107 . Asian Christian Studies (Full-time) Ph. Apart from the business exchange.G. Programmes of study M.Phil. there is an urge to understand the wordings of many songs.D. specially from the Arabic and Latin American side. and of course.G.C. Biblical languages. Asian Christian Studies (Full-time & Part-time) P. In this era of globalisation and commercial tie-ups.

It aims at conducting interdisciplinary teaching and research activities in the field of Performing Arts. R. The School also offers M. Programmes.pondiuni.A.Phil. PGDTA (Add on course) and Ph. M.edu.in . 108 www..sChool of PeRfoRMInG aRTs Dean: Prof. RAJU Department of Performing arts Sri Sankaradass Swamigal School of Performing Arts started functioning from the academic year 1988-1989 and has been renamed as School of Performing Arts during the year 2007-08.D.P.

Theatres A/C well equipped with Lighting and Sound System. Film.P. Different modes of presentation. advertisement and motion picture in relation to the requirements of the cultural institutions.V. the Department of Performing Arts has its own Three Studio.DePaRTMenT of PeRfoRMInG aRTs School of Performing arts Department of Performing Arts started functioning from the academic year 1988-1989 and it offers M. T. Song and Drama Division. Drama and Theatre Arts: The entrance examination is in the format of answering 100 objective type questions from the M.V. Film Screening and Film Appreciation courses.G. Aims & Objectives Infrastructure Facilities The Department of Performing Arts has created infrastructure in terms of providing Departmental Library exclusively meant for books on Performing and Fine Arts.Phil. so that after graduation they will be in a better position to get Job from any kind of Medium or create their own Performing Art Company and to carry out all the functions needed for Theatre with professional skills. Drama and Theatre Arts: The entrance examination is in the format of answering 100 objective type questions in Undergraduate level. Acting. Film.Phil. Playwriting.P. in Drama and Theatre Arts.V and Film Production. various techniques. In addition. Throughout the years.A.A. imparts training in the fundamental principles of Visual Media in terms of understanding the Performing Tradition of World Theatre. Fully equipped with Audio-Video systems.A. Our Vision Since its inception.. Studio Theatre-III-for Movement classes and Seminar Purpose. Social Work and Education.D. Computer and Internet facilities. M. styles and systems employed in the form of creative communication as part of the syllabus. where they Employment Orientation The prime motto of the Department of Performing Arts is not only producing Masters in the field of Performing Arts but also imparting knowledge to its students in terms of equipping themselves to get into the avenues of job opportunities in the field of Mass Communications. conducting Theatre-Workshops and organising Seminars and Special Lectures by eminent scholars from various fields are part of the programmes of Performing Arts.D. This programme also aims to throw more lights on Cultural Heritage of India and to make the students to realise that they are the inheritors of the glorious past history of India. Colleges. Schools. Drama and Theatre Arts (Full. www.D.T. Programmes of study M. Studio Theatre-Ifor the Stage Rehearsals and Performance. live and documented productions. Drama and Theatre Arts M. for the benefit of the students and scholars.edu.pondiuni.D. The School of Performing Arts. Theme Resorts and the Department of National and International Universities. It aims at conducting interdisciplinary teaching and research activities in the Performing Arts. The students will be given a basic understanding in the extraordinary preparation and presentational systems of the folk and classical traditions of his/her own land. Studio Theatre. Since the Art of Theatre as a product of Scientific and Artistic creation. It is the goal of the School to further increase its reputation by imparting knowledge gathered in all walks of life to the students and makes them creative in their endeavor in the field of Performing Arts.A (Add on Course) and Ph.P.. the main aim of the course is to impart to the students a correct Interdisciplinary approach encompassing all aspects of human science and to explore all the possibilities of a performance and produce it through the Stage and Film the Medium. Radio-T. P. And also an OpenAir Theatre for multiple purposes. Designing. The School of Performing Arts imparts training in the fundamental principles of understanding. All the technical aspects involved in the same will be taught to students. the School has established a national reputation as a center where young people successfully attain talents and skills for careers in theatre and theatre related Arts. Direction and overall Script to Stage and Script to Screen. Studio TheatreII-for the T. Drama and Theatre Arts Full. Networks and Doordharsan Channels. the performing tradition of World Theatre.Time& Part-Time (Internal & External) PG Diploma Theatre Arts(Add on Course) entrance examination M.Time) Ph.A (Drama and Theatre Arts) and related subject in Post -Graduate level.Phil / Ph.P. the School of Performing Arts dedicates to excellence in instruction by promoting students for unique career opportunities in the field of Theatre. M. The students will have an opportunity to understand the glorious history of the Performing Arts that have enhanced the tradition and the creative aspects behind the major productions of the Department theatre activities like Script Writing.in 109 .

Music for Theatre.A. Chennai) Specialization: Actor Training. Stage Manager. Stage Craft. Cross Cultural Theatre. Subbiah.. Direction.Phil.pondiuni.Phil. (University of Hyderabad. Tamil Literature. Theatre of Absurd.A. Puducherry) Specialization: Scenography. L. Media and Public Relations 3) Modern Western Drama: Realistic. (Pondicherry University.D Degree Entrance examination is in Post-Graduate level in the following areas: 1) History of World Theatre Classical Indian Theatre. Ph. Stage Management. M. Music in Theatre.Phil. Costume Design and Sound Design. Associate Professor Entrance Examination Syllabus V. Stage Craft. Gunasekaran. (Tamil University. (Folk Arts & Literature). Raju. Architecture. Stage Management and Community Theatre Instructors 110 www. Painting.P. b) The Syllabus of the M. Direction and Yoga.edu. Dance.(S) (M. Rajaravivarma. Culture. Writing for Media.K.. Arumugham. Western Theatre: Greek. Media Management. Painting and Sculpture Assistant Professors K. Acting. Property Design. The ultimate aim of the teaching programme is to provide a space for students to give pure spectacular enjoyment to the audience with the intensity of giving the experience of catharsis. Film and Film Theories.P. IEC/BCC/IPC. (TPS). Media Mix. Music. Props and Vertical Theatre. Play Writing and Creative Writing Exclusively for Children M. Theatre for Social Change and Acting FACULTy Professors R. Hyderabad) Specialization: Actor training and Theatre Making. Tanjore) Specialization: Stage Craft. History. Sculpture. Contemporary Indian Theatre. (University of Madras. P./Ph. A. Folk Theatre of India. (University of Hyderabad. Theatre and Education. Folk Music.are exposed to all other styles and forms of all over the world. K. Playwrights and their Plays. Drama. Dance.University. Hyderabad) Specialization: Set Design. Puducherry) Specialization: Classical Music. Folkloristics.D.A. Directors and their Productions. M. R. Poster and Publications.P. (Pondicherry University. (Drama and Theatre Arts) is in related subjects in the following areas: Epics. Press. Ph.Phil. Ph.D. Theatre Architecture. M. Film Acting. Development Communication.in . Brochure. Expressionism. M.D. Madurai Specialization: Folk Theatre . Theatre Therapy and Martial Arts. Ph. Roman and Elizabethan And Asian Theatre 2) Technical aspects of Theatre: Lighting and Set & Scenic Design. Movement. Tanjore) Specialization: Children Theatre. English Literature. Velayoudame. (On Lien) Madurai Kamaraj University. Art. (Tamil University. Choreography and General Knowledge. Eunuch Theatre. Stage Lighting. MakeUp and Stage Management. History of Tamil Theatre and Indian Music. Theru-K-Koothu. Madurai) Specialization: Film and Television Media. V. Murugavel. M.D.Phil. Ph.D. (Pondicherry University. Asian Traditional Theatre and Aesthetic of Modern Performance Saravanan Velu. Play Writing and Direction S. Play and Script Writing a) The Syllabus of Master Degree Entrance Examination M. nagabhushana Rao. Dalit Theater. Mask Making. Puducherry) Specialization: Modern Choreography. M. Non-Realistic Drama. Prabhath Bhaskaran. Make-up and Costume and Fundamentals of Play Production Theatre Management.

With students drawn from different parts of India.in 111 . including the US and Europe.pondiuni.sChool of soCIal sCIenCes anD InTeRnaTIonal sTuDIes Dean: Dr. www.edu. as also abroad the school provides an excellent academic curriculum that has enabled the alumini to get positions in the emerging labour markets of emerging countries. SAMBANDHAN Department of anthropology Department of Sociology Department of Social Work Department of History Department of Politics and International Studies Madanjeet Singh Institute of South asia Regional Cooperation (MISaRC) & Centre for South asian Studies Centre for Womens’ Studies Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy The programmes offered are highly innovative and challenging. D.

(Andhra University.Phil.pondiuni. Separate laboratories for Visual Anthropology and Physical Anthropology. M. Physical Anthropology pre-Historic Anthropology. Chennai) Specialization: Socio-Cultural Anthropology. entrance examination M. Dharward) Specialization: Social – Cultural Anthropology Medical Anthropology. Ecological Anthropology.A in the following areas: Social Anthropology. Ph. Ajeet Jaiswal. Chellaperumal.A. Anthropological Demography. PhD. Forecasting and Assessment Studies. and Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment etc. Ethno poetics. Programmes of study M. (Madras University.Phil & Ph.D. Ms. Phil & Ph. Reproductive Health. Demography. Nutrition and Health Women’s Studies. Shillong) Specialization: Cultural Anthropology. (NEHU. Political Anthropology.Forensic Anthropology and Nutritional Anthropology. M. Anthropology of Religion.in .. Andhra Pradesh) Specialization: Socio-cultural Anthropology. Anthropology The programmes offered are highly innovative and challenging.: The entrance examinations for admission to M. Endangered Human Populations. Employment Orientation Students of the Department may find placement in Anthropological Survey of India. Visual Anthropology Tribal Folklore and Social Change.Sc.and Tribal Development Jesurathnam Devarapalli. (Karnatak University. Mysore) (On deputation to CSSIE&IP ) Specialization: Cultural Anthropology. FACULTy Professors T. Archeology. Assistant Professors Infrastructure Facilities The Department has good computer facilities with free internet access for the student and scholars. Valerie Dkhar. Area of Interest: Physiological Anthropology (Occupation Hazards & Public Health) and Industrial Anthropology Mr. Ph. Medical Anthropology. Economic Anthropology. programme will be at the level of M. the Department provides an excellent academic curriculum that has enabled the students to get positions in the emerging labour market. Anthropology M. Cognitive Anthropology. Gender Studies Special Grants Major research projects were received from University Grants Commission. scheduled tribes . Anthropology Ph. Ph. Indian Council of Medical Research.D. Ecological Anthropology. Subramanyam naidu. Tribal Studies Nutrition and Health Studies. The entrance examinations will consist of objective type questions for 100 marks. The Department aims to train candidates who are oriented towards advanced research and training related to scheduled castes. rural studies and urban populations. Tribal Folklore. (Mysore University. (Delhi University . Rajesh Gururaj Kundargi. NGO organizations etc.edu. Medical Anthropology and Visual Anthropology. 112 www.D.A.D. with students drawn from different parts o India. D.D. Delhi) Specialization: Physical / Biological Anthropology. M.A: The entrance examinations will consist of objective type questions relating to the general understanding of Indian society and culture. Social and Tribal Welfare departments. Cultural Anthropology. A.DePaRTMenT of anThRoPoloGy School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Department of Anthropology provides facilities for intensive training in the areas of Social Cultural Anthropology.

Sociology of Banking. English Vocabulary and Comprehension. Sociology M. Ph. Gulam Dasthagir. M.A. Chennai) Specialization: Development Sociology.G. gender and society.Undergraduate Sociology.D. the Department has trained a fairly large number of talented Post-graduate students drawn from different parts of the country. the Department has focused on understanding the complexities of modern social life through the application of advanced sociological theories and methods within an interdisciplinary framework building upon the traditions of the discipline.D. FACULTy Professor Bibhuti Bhusan Mohanty.in 113 . Industrial Sociology. Sociology Ph. Ph.D.Phil & Ph.pondiuni. (ISEC. etc. Ramathirtham.D. (University of Madras. The students are encouraged to acquire critical reading and data analysis skills through rigorous training.. entrance examination M. Diploma in Rural Development Facilities • Computer Laboratory with internet facilities. Ph. (Bharathiar University. Pune) Specialization: Sociological Theories. problems of weaker sections. • Class room with modern instructional equipments.: The entrance examination for M.Phil & Ph. General Knowledge. The research areas undertaken by students and faculty members cover wide range of issues of public concern like the effects of economic development on society and culture. Sociology of Gender. Rural Sociology and Sociology of Irrigation Assistant Professors C. Sociology P. Many have found lucrative employment abroad. Associate Professor G. Pradeep Kumar Parida.DePaRTMenT of soCIoloGy School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Department of Sociology was established in January 1993 and the first batch of M.D. Rural and Urban Sociology. www.G. Right from its inception.A. disaster management. (Utkal University. Social Network. Sociology of Disaster.D. Quantitative Aptitude. Social Problem. Social Psychology. (Sambalpur University.A. Aruna.D. Reasoning Ability. will consist of objective type questions for 100 marks covering the following six units .edu.: The entrance examination for M.D. Ph. will consist of 100 objective questions on general sociology. Programmes of study M. Coimbatore) Specialization: Gender Studies and Aging. Bangalore) Specialization: Sociology of Religion and Sociology of Social Movements K. Economic Sociology and Sociology of Development.D. environmental issues. social movements. Ph. sociological theories. Indian society and research methodology at the P. degree students were admitted during the 1993-94 academic year. Our alumni are employed in reputed governmental as well as corporate organizatons. level. Reader Sudha Sitharaman. • Rich collection of books. Medical Sociology.A and Ph. journals and reports in the Library. Sambalpur) Specialization: Agrarian Change. Ph.D. Bhubaneshwar) Specialization: Sociology of Development. In the span of over one and half decades. (University of Poona.Phil.

FACULTy Co-ordinator G. Rehabilitation Officers.D. English language vocabulary (20 questions) and English language comprehension (10 questions). MSW (Aligarh Muslim University. Ph. The students attend to their field work ever week and spend 15 hours with the field work agency. Pune) Specialization: Sociological Theories. K. They are recruited as HR Managers. 2007. The Department is offering Master of Social Work (MSW). programmes will be based on an All India level entrance examination conducted by the University. Ph. Diploma in Industrial Relations and Labour Laws (Add-On) village work as part of the curriculum and it is compulsory for all the students. R. Public Sector Undertakings. ethics and commitment. the students of MSW undergo practical training in various Governmental and Non-governmental organizations. The programme aims at organizing professional activities directed towards improving human and social conditions and alleviating human distress and mitigating social problems. Industries and Hospitals. Early childhood care and development. (University of Madras. reasoning ability (15 questions).Phil. Labour Welfare. Labour Welfare Officers. Project Officers.D.pondiuni. The MSW programme includes field work. rural camp.DePaRTMenT of soCIal WoRK School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Pondicherry University has been expanding continuously in terms of new educational programmes and established the Department of Social Work in October. P. Industrial Sociology. Women and youth welfare.Phil (Social Work) and Ph. Social case wotk. Programmes of study Master of Social Work (MSW) M.Phil/Ph. B. Sociology of Banking. The field work programme is adopted to enable the students to acquire professional skills. Assistant Professors Academic Perspective The department offers MSW programme with specializations in Community Development. Human Resource Management and Medical & Psychiatric Social Work.D.D. Ph. The question paper of M. programmes. attitude. Counsellors. (Madurai Kamaraj University.D.Phil and Ph. (Social Work) Ph. The students have to bear the expenses of the above mentioned field activities. Government organizations.G.D. Iftekhar Alam. (Social work) programmes with the aim of developing competent Social Work professionals who combine a strong theoretical foundation with a unique and sound practical experience. Chennai) Specialization: Community Development. (University of Poona. (Social Work) Full. M. Social work research. Coimbatore) Specialization: Human Resource Management. Anbu. Chennai) Specialization: Social Work with families and children.in . shall consist of only objective type questions for 100 marks in various fields of social work. M. Industrial Relations. general knowledge (20 questions). Probation Officers. Shankar narayan. Madurai) Specialization: Personnel Management.D. Aligarh) Specialization: Community Development and Human Resource Management Social Work 114 www. New Delhi) Specialization: Human Resource Management. Ph. Satheesh Kumar.D.Time& Part-Time (Internal & External) P. Reader Programme Objective The students of Social Work are equipped to appreciate the emerging needs of the society and to devise strategies to overcome the challenges posed by the social environment.Phil and Ph. (Bharathiar University. Social Work graduates have wide scope in various organizations such as. Human Dimensions in Coastal Zone Management. Placements entrance examination Admission to the MSW and M. Shahin Sultana. Gender studies A. Industries. The question paper of MSW shall consist of only objective type questions for 100 marks in the areas of Social Work -undergraduate level (20 questions). nalini.D. Schol social work. MNCs.Phil. C.D. study tour. Community Development Officers.edu. values. Ph. (University of Madras. (University of Delhi. Rural and Urban Sociology. National and International Voluntary Organizations and Hospitals. Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers etc. M. Counselling. high school arithmetic (15 questions). Apart from being imparted with theoretical knowledge. Industrial Social Work and Community Development. CSR Executives. Ramathirtham. Students from different parts of our country are admitted in MSW.

D. programme.Phil.DePaRTMenT of hIsToRy School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Department of History was established in December 1987 with following main objectives: • To provide facilities for study and research in social. the questions would be at the graduate level. level. For M.Phil. medieval and modern periods of Indian History. History M. History • Labour and peasant history • Economic and intellectual history • Contemporary India The Department of History has as its primary mission teaching and research in diverse fields of Indian History with the aim of making the students aware of the rich cultural heritage of our country. The entrance examination question paper will consist of objective type questions (100 marks). A number of courses dealing with the social. • To provide knowledge of the theory and practice of historical writing Programmes of study M. For M.in 115 .G. testing the students’ comprehensive understanding of the ancient.A. economic and cultural history of India • To highlight the intellectual tradition and cultural heritage of India • To explore the history of countries other than India • To undertake the study of historiography and the philosophy of history.D.edu. testing the candidate’s ability for historical analysis and critical study and in-depth understanding of Archaeology. History Ph. The students of the Department have been successful in the National Eligibility Test entrance examination The admission will be based on the performance in the entrance examination. The areas of interest of the Department are as follows: Historiography • Principles and methods of writing history • Evolution of historical knowledge and its understanding • Formulation of historical theories and their practice Ancient History • Epigraphy and Numismatics • Art and Architecture of India • Archaeological Theories and Methods • Field Archaeology Medieval History • Early Medieval South India • Vijayanagara : City and Empire • Temple in Medieval South India Modern History • Colonialism and its impact • National movement and making of modern India • Women’s history www. and Ph.pondiuni. economic andcultural history of India are offered by the faculty and these range from the ancient to the post – Independence period. Historiography and History of India. the questions will be of the P. programme.A.

n.pondiuni. Honolulu) Specialization: Medieval History.D.in .D.D.Infrastructure Facilities The Department is equipped with Internet facility and a computer lab. Annamalai Nagar) Specialization: Modern History. Ph. Assistant Professors Mohammed Mustafa. Associate Professors Study Tour Field based archaeological studies and field trips to archives and sites of historical importance are organized to enable students to have first hand information of our heritage. Hyderabad) Specialization: Modern Economic. New Delhi) Specialization: Modern History. Rajan. Modern African Studies. Ph. New Delhi) Specialization: Modern History.edu. Diaspora Studies 116 www. Ph. Venugopal Reddy. Chandhrika.D. The students can also avail themselves of the Computer Centre of the University as well as the School. The department has been selected for Special Assistance Programme under University Grants Commission. Early historic Archaeology and Indian Epigraphy. K. Intellectual History of Modern India. (Mysore University. Economic History of India.D.D. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. Historiography and Women’s History. Historiography. Ph. FACULTy K. Ph.D. Cultural and Environmental History and Indian National Movement Paokholal Haokip. Rock Art of India. Nationalist Movement in India and Labour History. Ph. (Annamalai University. Chandramouli. Medieval History of South India. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. (University of Hyderabad. G. Field Archaeology. Indian Numismatics. (Telugu University. Hyderabad) Specialization: Archaeology of South India. (University of Hawaii. Mysore) Specialization: Archaeology of South India. Indian Epigraphy and Filed Archaeology History Professors Venkata Raghotham. Ph. Social.

A. Ph. www. Moorthy. Ph. Political Economy of Development. New Delhi) Specialization: Peace and Disarmament Studies. conferences.D. Specialization: International Finance. Sambandhan. For M. the question paper will consist of objective type questions in the areas of International Relations. Trivandrum) Specialization: India’s Foreign Policy. Development Studies P.D. P. Indian Politics. programmes. Science and Technology.D. South Asian Regional cooperation and international finance. Politics & International Relations M. General Knowledge and General English. Nation Building and Human Resources Management. Lazarus Samraj. Research Methodology and General English. Diploma in Human Rights The Thrust Areas of Teaching and Research •Specific focus on India’s foreign and security policy. Indian Economy. South Asian Studies. Politics & International Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) Add-On Courses P. • Publication of Scholarly Books on the Thrust Areas of teaching and research programmes in the Department. in Politics and International Relations. (University of Kerala.S. the question paper will consist of objective type questions with objective type in the areas of contemporary International Relations. Politics & International Studies (Full-time) Ph. Political Theory.A.Phil. • Publication of Scholarly Journals on International Studies & South Asian Studies.G. • Exchange programmes with prestigious foreign and Indian universities. Terrorism. (Gokhale Institute. Programmes of study M. Structural Economic Reforms.G. Pune) Professor & Dean. (Annamalai University. Indian Politics. Ph. and Ph. Exchange Rate Economics. Public Administration. Relations. Politics. workshops and refresher courses. FACULTy Professors D. Current Affairs of National and International Importance. Diploma in Industrial Relations & Labour Laws P.in 117 . • Policy input to the makers of India’s foreign and security policies as well as the theoretical understanding of International Relations. • Interactions with distinguished Indian and foreign scholars through seminars. (Jawaharlal Nehru University.DePaRTMenT of PolITICs anD InTeRnaTIonal sTuDIes School of Social Sciences and International Studies The salient features of the Department include: • Exchange programmes with prestigious foreign and Indian universities. Indian Political System including Indian Constitution.D.pondiuni.edu. Indian History. Political Theory. and Foreign & Security Policy of India. Indian political system. The Department has good infra-structural facilities including interactive class rooms. Mohanan Bhaskaran Pillai. Ph. Indian Foreign Policy. Chidambaram) Specialization: Indo-U.D. Infrastructure Facilities entrance examination For M.Phil. School of Social Sciences & International Studies. • Promoting teaching and research in the areas of International Relations and Area Studies in general and South and South-East Asian studies in particular. LCDs and other teaching aids to assist teachers and students in their pursuit of academic excellence.D.

Foreign Policy of the US. Specialization: International Relations. Politics and International Studies. Ph. (M. Prema Shekara.in . Phil. Baroda) Specialization: European Integration. M. India’s Foreign Policy. M.S. Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) L.edu.pondiuni. Assistant Professor G. (Jawaharalal Nehru University.D. Theories of International Relations. Indo-Pakistan Relations. New Delhi) Specialization: International Organisation. Krishnamurthy. and Human Rights.Phil. University of Baroda.Associate Professors B. Indo – French Relations. 118 www. Rose.

unesCo MaDanjeeT sInGh InsTITuTe of souTh asIa ReGIonal CooPeRaTIon (uMIsaRC) & CenTRe foR souTh asIan sTuDIes School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Southern Asia Studies Programme was sanctioned by the UGC under its Area Studies Programme in Pondicherry University in the year 2005.D. An International Journal of South Asian Studies was also launched during this period. programme in Southern Asia Studies has been introduced. the question paper will have objective type questions with multiple choices in the areas of contemporary South Asian society. Southern Asia is a wider term that not only includes SAARC countries but. South Asian Studies Ph. economy. also. offering a number of visiting Research Fellowships to Ph.. South Asian Regional Cooperation. including travel.A) in South Asian Studies for the first time in the country during the XI plan. • Policy inputs to the policy makers of South Asian countries in general and India in particular for promoting peace. dancers and other art practitioners. Acdemically. • Interactions with distinguished Indian and foreign scholars through seminars. Recently the UNESCO has agreed to sponsor the Institute and thus now it has become truly an international Institute. from an interdisciplinary perspective.in 119 . From the current academic year a new Ph. Culture and History of South Asia. known as UMISARC. Together with the publication of the Journal. entrance examination For M. musicians. the question paper will consist of objective type questions in the areas of contemporary international and South Asian affairs. over head projector and LCD projector etc. politics. Government and Politics in South Asia. The teaching of and research in this field got another major boost with the signing of an MoU between Pondicherry University and the SAF on June 20. governance and politics. Students are expected not only to develop broad knowledge base to critically understand contentious issues concerning South Asia. Contemporary International Relations. The Institute also offers Ph. boarding. Peace and Security in South Asia.D programme from last academic year. • Developing a leading library specializing in South Asian Studies as well as cultural subjects of arts and literature • Creating a hub of scholars that specialize in South Asian Studies in SAARC and other regions of the world. • Promoting international cultural convergence of talented writers. Society. culture. culture.edu. The University launched Post Graduate Programme (M. refresher courses. society. but also offer a holistic perspective to address them and contribute towards promoting peace and cooperation in the region.D. South Asian Studies Ph. economy and foreign policy.A in South Asian Studies. workshops.pondiuni. International Relations Theory. conferences. Infrastructure Facilities The Institute has good infra-structure facilities including computers with internet connection. D students from SARRC countries for field work • Collaboration and exchange programmes with prestigious foreign and Indian universities. 2010-11. • Subject to availability of funds.D. to South Asian students based on gender equity. regional cooperation and development.D programme. Southern Asia Studies The Salient Feature and Objectives of the Institute include • Offering of at least 16 fully paid MSG scholarships. and lecture series. political systems. to support teachers and students in their pursuit of academic excellence and relevance. 2009 for establishment of the Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation (MISARC). Foreign Policy of South Asian Countries. For Ph. A. China. ASEAN countries as well as countries of the South West Pacific region. the South Asia Foundation (SAF) has been supporting 16 Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships to students (two from each SAARC country) to study this course. Myanmar. The Thrust Areas of Teaching and Research Political Ideas. The Institute is currently offering the Post Graduate Programme in South Asian Studies. which is uniquely designed to provide cutting edge knowledge of South Asian history.. The Institute began functional with the appointment of its first Director with the concurrence of the SAF. lodging and tuition fees. Since 2008. South Asia in World Affairs as well as Economic Development. the Institute offers a broad research platform for refined academic debates with regular guest lectures by eminent scholars and diverse academic activities. etc. economy. history and foreign policy of South Asian countries. Programmes of study M. The grand MISARC building with fully furnished and well equipped with www.

The overall approach to Women’s Studies in this Centre is multidisciplinary. Generating awareness towards women’s issues Gender sensitivity Women’s empowerment Expression of the women’s voice Socio-cultural factors and marginalization.D. Security Issues in South Asia Santhosh Mathew. New Delhi) Specialization: India’s Foreign Policy and Politics. Jha.. Women’s Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External) Legal rights of /for women • Restructuring women’s role in history • Critical analysis of stereotyping Infrastructure Facilities FACULTy The Thrust areas Research • • • • • Computer. India-US Relations S. Purushothaman. D. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Indo-US Relations. Comparative Politics.latest audio-visual facilities will be ready by the next academic year.D. Phil. Ph. Women’s discourse. (University of Kerala.Phil. The Institute is developing a separate library (apart from the central library) for teachers. Ph.D. (Jawaharlal Nehru University. Assistant Professors FACULTy Professor Reader n. Political Economy. K. Women’s Studies (Full-time) Ph. Trivandrum) Specialization: Feminist theories. the Centre offers M. 120 www.edu. Ph. the major objective being women’s empowerment.D. Overhead projector.D.in . M. Kottayam) Specialization: International Organizations. (University of Madras) Specialization: Non-Traditional Security Issues in South Asia. The prime aim of the Centre is the creation of a critical awareness and sensitivity towards women’s issues in every field. and Ph. Ph. LCD projector. in Women’s Studies. researchers and students. Colour television. (University of Hyderabad) Specialization: South Asian Politics and Security Issues. Ph. Humayun. International Relations Theory.. the marking out and the definition of a female space.pondiuni. Slide projector and Audio system. South Asia in International Politics. (Mahathma Gandhi University.. Maritime and Energy Security Issues. A. A holistic approach to gender studies is envisaged. Maritime Security Affairs D.D. CenTRe foR WoMen’s sTuDIes School of Social Sciences and International Studies Established in July 1999. Programmes of study M.Phil. It encourages women’s academic development and empowerment. I. Associate Professor Usha V. Gender Studies. Subramanyam Raju. Indian women’s writing and Representation of women in the media. Both male and female students are admitted. T.

Chennai) Specialization: Anthropology. and Economics with special attention to qualitative and quantitative research methods and concepts related to social exclusion and inclusive policy.Livelihoods & well-being. Ph. Sociology. Programmes of study M. M. Scheduled Tribes. Tribal Ethnography. Estharala Krishna Rao. T. Rural Development. Other Backward Classes. Infrastructure Facilities Employment Orientation The centre has good computer facilities with free internet access for the students and scholars. viz.Phil. Scheduled Tribes. Giving priority to this factor the Centre has adopted five villages each representing a marginalized group. A.in 121 . labour.D.D. Subramanyam naidu. Non-Governmental Organizations. Policy Research Institutes. social and economic problems of Scheduled Castes & marginalised groups.D. and all Academic Institutions.Issues of rights and development policy.Phil.edu.D. Other Backward Caste. poverty. and Ph.Phil. Forecasting and Assessment Studies. Disability & education. www. Scheduled Tribe.pondiuni.D. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policies (Full-time & Part-time [Internal & External]) FACULTy Professor entrance examination The entrance examinations for admission to M. Women. One of the highlights of the centre include its interdisciplinary position with faculty currently from the disciplines of Anthropology. The objective of ‘Action and Policy research’ gives this centre its unique identity. Linguistic and Religious Minorities. Religious minority and Nomadic community. Mysore) Specialization: Anthropology. Social Work Home Science.CenTRe foR sTuDy of soCIal eXClusIon anD InClusIVe PolICIes School of Social Sciences and International Studies The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy was established on 27th January 2009 in Pondicherry University and from its inception has been fully engaged in both academic and community outreach programmes related to social exclusion and inclusive policy. Coimbatore) Specialization: Social Work. Chidambaram. Thanuja Mummidi.Community Development. Programmes will be at the level of Post Graduate in the following areas: Anthropology. interface between Ecological & Economic Anthropology. land reforms. Economics and Social Work. Hyderabad) Specialization: Economics-Agrarian studies.. Ph. Assistant Professor Activities The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy has been established by the UGC to go further from teaching and research and include within its activities action and policy research. Sustainable Development. (University of Hyderabad. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policies Ph. (Mysore University. This factor adds to the interdisciplinary teaching and research carried out at the centre. (University of Madras. groups stigmatized for health reasons and other marginalized groups. (Bharathiar University. Ph. Reproductive Child Health. Students will find placements in Social and Tribal Welfare Departments. The centre orients students for advanced research on the processes of social exclusion and possibilities of inclusive policy for the Scheduled Castes. Scheduled caste. Endangered Human Populations. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribal Studies. Nutrition and Health Studies. The entrance examination will consist of objective type questions for 100 marks.

FACULTy Professor M. S.in . internet and LAN connectivity. Educational software.G. Ph. Almost all of them are recognised supervisors for guiding Ph. Educational planning and administration. DST. Elementary Education. ICSSR. the School of Education is engaged in promoting and Popularising Preprimary Education in Rural Areas (PPERA) through its own Preprimary School and preprimary teacher training programme for talented women under PPERA of Pondicherry University. They have also been referees in national and international journals and are members in the National Committees. research and extension activities of different courses and programmes. With its competent faculty. candidates are selected on the basis of merit through All India Entrance Examination. data (qualitative & quantitative) software. The Ph. Diploma in Preschool Education is offered to women candidates who have passed at least +2 in order to promote preprimary education and women entrepreneurship in Popularising Preprimary Education in Rural Areas. programme is offered in areas of Education and allied disciplines promoting Educational research from interdisciplinary perspective.D. more than 600 online full text journals in addition to printed journals in education. University of Baroda) Specialization: Research Methodology & Statistics in Education.D. Visualiser & interactive white board which are used by both students and teachers during curriculum transaction. Psychology of Education. Philosophy of Education. P. School of Education has a modest Multi-Media Laboratory equipped with latest gadgets. They have all been placed in DIET’s. in Education. By 2010. the question paper will consist of 100 objective type questions on core foundations papers in Education and Research Methodology and Statistics generally offered in any M. NCERT. Teacher Training Institutes and schools. The Question paper will consist of 100 objective type questions based on syllabus generally offered for undergraduate course in Education (B. Admissions are based on an entrance test and interview. programme.pondiuni. Master of Education Ph. The faculty members have wide teaching and research experience. The School has a psychology laboratory having more than 400 psychological tests and materials available for teaching. Colleges of Teacher Education. published many research papers and books. reference books including encyclopedia.D.Ed. (M.Ed. Infrastructure Facilities: entrance examination For M. Placements of our Alumni: Many students have cleared NET Examination and are eligible for JRF of UGC.edu. The Masters in Education provides opportunities for the capacity building of future teacher educators. programme. Programmes of study M.Ed. M. SSA and other national institutes. home theatre. research scholars and students of higher education. Lalithamma The School of Education was established in 2007. As an outreach programme. Economics of Education.sChool of eDuCaTIon Dean: Prof. Research & Extension Activities: Faculty members are working on projects funded from UGC. Diploma in Teaching Skills Diploma in Preschool Education (under Popularising Preprimary Education Project of the University – PPERA). Microteaching & Teacher education. Lalithamma.S. Value Education Environmental Education and Guidance and Counselling. There are nearly 6000 books on education and allied fields.Ed. Education (Full time and Part-time Internal and external) P. programme. the School offers various courses. Diploma in Teaching Skills is an Add-on course offered in the evening for two semesters for any graduate to develop competencies in teaching among working teachers. S. candidates.D. The Department lays emphasis Special Education on Educational Technology.D. Teaching & Teacher Effectiveness. Some of them have enrolled for full-time / part-time Ph. 122 www. For Ph.). twelve students have cleared UGC-JRF and 15 have cleared UGC-NET.G. Classrooms are equipped with DLP Projector.D. Teacher Education.

(Annamalai University) Specialization: Mathematics Education. Ph. (Alagappa University) Specialization: Research Methodology. Amruth G Kumar. M. ICT in Education. Value Education. Balamurugan. Teacher Education.in 123 . Educational Technology & Guidance and Counselling. Higher Education. Distance Education. Psychology of Education. Multi-Media Technology of Education.Readers M.D. University) Specialization: Information Skills. R. G.D. Specialization: Philosophy of Education. Ph. Chellamani. (University of Madras) Specialization: ELT Vocational Education. Educational Psychology. Assistant Professors Vijayakumar. Psycholinguistics. Educational Planning and Administration. www. Ph. Research Methodology. Ph. Social Psychology and Blended Learning Methodologies. Statistics in Education. Portfolio Writing. Cognitive Science.edu.Phil. Economics of Education. School Education.pondiuni. Environmental Education. Ph.D. Special Education. English Language Teaching and Teacher Education Mumtaz Begum. (Regional Institute of Education.D. Teacher Education. Sreekala. Women Education & Teacher Education. Mysore) Specialization: Sociology of Education. (M. Special Education. Higher Education.E. K.D..

sChool of MeDICal sCIenCes
Dean (i/c): Dr. S. MAHADEVAN
The University at present does not offer any programme directly by the School of Medical Sciences. However, the university has entered into a MOU with the following three independent affiliated Medical Colleges having associated Hospital/Research Centers, and located at different geographical areas within Pondicherry. Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital Sri Venkateswara Medical College and Research Center These institutions are headed by respective Directors/ Princpals. The School of Medical Sciences is headed by the Dean while the administrative functions of the School with these various institutions are executed through the University Academic Section and the University Co-ordinator. Each Medical Institution offers the regular MBBS graduate medical program that is recognized by the Medical Council of India, and has a yearly intake of 100/150 students, as per state regulations and categorizations. In addition, these institutions will offer the following five M.Sc. Programmes in Basic Clinical Sciences, each of 3 years duration, under the administrative control of the School of Medical Sciences, beginning the academic year 2011-12:

Programmes of study
M.Sc. Anatomy, M.Sc. Physiology, M.Sc. Pharmacology, M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry M.Sc. Medical Microbiology These programs are approved by the University in conformity with UGC regulations. Each of these programs will have an intake of 6 students. Admission to these programs will be on the basis of an entrance exam conducted by the University.

Infrastructural facilities

The M.Sc programs will be conducted in the partnering institutions, where classrooms and laboratory facilities for these programs are well established. The Teaching faculty for these various programs are from the Medical fraternity of these institutions. Following completion of each program, the degree certificate shall be issued to each student by the Pondicherry University at the Convocation.

University Co-ordinator

K. SRIKUMAR, Ph.D. Head, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pondicherry University.



sChool of MeDIa & CoMMunICaTIon
Dean (i/c): Dr. M. S. Pandian
School of Media and Communication comprises - Department of Mass Communication, Centre for Electronic Media, Multimedia Production Centre and Department of Library and Information Sciences. We live in a knowledge and information society that has been revolutionised by communication technologies. Realising the need for producing responsible purveyors of information, Pondicherry University started the School to provide advanced education to the present and next generation students.

Department of Mass Communication, Centre for Electronic Media, Department of Library and Information Sciences.



DePaRTMenT of Mass CoMMunICaTIon
School of Media & Communication
Established in 2007, the objective of the Department is to train students in the spheres of journalism, television production, radio production, advertising, public relations, film studies, digital media and photography. Our aim is to nurture cutting edge media professionals with effective communication and critical thinking skills. We work towards preparing young minds with a strong foundation in values and principles, who proactively intervene in the development of a just and humane society.

Programmes of study
M.A. Mass Communication Ph.D. Mass Communication PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (Add-on)


It brings pride to the department to declare that all students from the first batch (2008-2010) have been placed in various media organisations.




The Department brings out a students practice journal titled ‘The Inquirer’, available online at www.pondiuni.edu.in/ inquirer/. Students also produce various programmes for Puduvai Vaani, a FM Community Radio station of Pondicherry University. In addition, they produce documentaries and short duration video programmes. They also engage with socially relevant media projects such as ‘Communication of the Rights of the Differently Abled’. Enrichment lectures by foreign media stalwarts and reputed media professionals, and face-to-face and virtual workshops by media practitioners are organised on a regular basis.

S. Anand Lenin Vethanayagam, Ph.D. Specialization: Digital Photography, Television Programme Production, Graphic Production, Meida Research Methods and Media Laws. Research Area: Environmental Communication, Health Communication ICT and Educational Communication. D. nivedhitha, Ph.D. Specialization: Television Production, Film Production, Gender Studies, Film appreciation, Film Criticism, Screenplay writing, Film making (Fiction and non fiction), Cosmetology, Carnatic Music, Film acting, Advertising and Documentary production, Anthroposemiotics, Film Semiotics.

Assistant Professors

Special Events

Department of Mass Communication in association with the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) India Chapter in March 2011 will be organising a week long Asian Women’s Festival including Film Screenings, Seminars and Training Workshops in the field of Radio Production, Broadcast Journalism, Television Production and Documentary Film Making. It is also collaborating with the South Asian Women in Media for conducting a media seminar in the University.


The department has well equipped media labs and studios with the most recent equipment to train students on designing, audio and video editing software including the latest editions of Quark Xpress and Adobe Master Collection. The equipment includes broadcast quality audio and video equipment and professional digital SLR cameras. Classrooms are furnished with AC as well as teaching aids such as LCD projector and DTH connection which enable the students to keep themselves up-to-date with current affairs 24x7.

M. Shuaib Mohamed Haneef, M.A. (Communication, M.S.University, Tirunelveli.) Specialization: Journalism (Print & Web), online journalismCitizen Journalism, New Media Research/ ICT – Development, E- Learning, Social Media tools & Learning, Games & Narratives. Radhika Khanna, M.A. (Mass Communication, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.) Specialization: Anthroposemiotics, Public Relations & Corporate Communication, Film Studies, Documentary Media(Photography, Radio, T.V. & Film) Production, Journalism, Theatre-in-Education. Samarjit Kachari, M.A. (Mass Communication) Specialization: Development Communication, Radio production, Reporting & Editing, Communication Theories, Public Relations, International Communication.



The students publish University Campus News Bulletin called Campbuzz. Radio production. Ph. E-Content.pondiuni. M. It has three state of the art video mixers for multi-camera production that includes a Sony Anycast station.f. Numerical ability. Its prime objective is to offer Post Graduate Programmes in Electronic Media and Mass Communication to empower them to join the highly stimulating and rewarding world of TV. Media & Society. The Centre has multiple units of Camera. www. (Electronic Media. Promotional films and online Hyper Media applications including advanced Graphics and Animation. These include a Sony XD Cam.Sc. conferences and cultural events. MCJ. Videography. Digital Media Instrumentation. Postproduction.A. They offer hands on experience through providing stimulating exposure to a variety of media and technological platforms.D. Journalism (Print & Web). Film making. Graphics and Animation. workshops.work of Post Graduate students. FACULTy Reader S. Electronic Media PG Diploma in Television Production (Add-on) Assistant Professors entrance examination Masters’ Degree Courses The test covers areas like General aptitude.CenTRe foR eleCTRonIC MeDIa School of Media & Communication The Centre for Electronic Media was established in 2007. Balasaravanan. WEB and Mobile Communications.A. a well equipped Multimedia laboratory. the Centre aims to produce general and educational video / audio documentaries for Telecast through Gyan Darshan and other channels and through its own Community Radio Station. logical reasoning and computer applications.Phil. Electronic Media Ph. Students are trained in on-going production works for video and on-the-job transmission in Radio. The following are the key facilities and supporting equipment available at the Centre: A) VIDEO PRODuCTION STuDIO The Centre’s video studio has the most recent of sophisticated equipment for video production Processes. Script Writing. M. Ph. an External Chroma Key and character generator. In addition. Film and TV programme production. qualified and experienced production team and other supporting facilities to turn out efficient media professionals. General knowledge. T. a Sony PD170 Video Camera and a Panasonic 102B. admissions in Electronic Media The test covers subjects like Visual Media. a Camera control unit. The courses are a well thought out using a blend of practicals and theory papers. Muthamil.Sc. Multimedia Authoring. Radio Production.. Media Law and Ethics. Graphic design. Animation. culture and social development. Sony D55 Professional video camera. News Casting and Web Casting. FACILITIES FOR BOTH DEPARTMENT Mass Communication and Centre for Electronic Media INFRASTRUCTURE ACTIVITIES CAMPBUZZ – Campus news Bulletin The students are encouraged to participate in the video documenting of all major events and programmes of the University such as seminars. Santhi Siri.in 127 . Chennai). A. M. Specialization: Television Production. The Centre intends to act as a hub for knowledge dissemination through media in the core areas of education. It is also geared to offer top of the line consultancy services in Media. NV MD 10000 & NVG330 digital video camera and Digital SLR Nikon D90 and Canon Power shot for Photo journalism. editing and screening equipment (with the latest industry standards in hardware and software) to cater to the practical course. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Lighting Design. Media & Communication. language and grammar.8 MHz. Yamaha O1V96 digital audio mixer & a Mackie 12 channel audio mixer and a Sony DVCAM recorder. Media Content Development. Specialization: Communication Research.D. Editing.D. Media Management. both in India and abroad. The Centre for Electronic Media has the state of the art TV Production Studio. a Teleprompter. Additionally the studio has Canara Cool lights. RADIO. [Hyderabad University (A Central University)] Specialization: Visual Arts. PRINT. Film Studies. Videography. M. Photography. V. ICT applications for Education. The curriculum was designed by experts from the world of media who are fully familiar with its trends and developments. Telefilm production. Puduvai Vaani FM 107. which is also uploaded in YouTube channel at PUCAMPBUZZ. Arulselvan. Programmes of study M. Performing Arts.. M.Phil. Anna University. Ph.edu.D. a Panasonic AGMX70 Digital Mixer and Data video switcher SE 800.

It also has exclusive field production equipment. This station broadcasts programmes in both Tamil and English languages. 3.8 MHz. 4.2008.Photoshop CS3. D) VIDEO ARCHIVES The Centre maintains a video archives on various activities happening in the University. channel. Public and students can browse: www. audio mixers and digital recorders. covering an area of 20 km radius from the University campus. Vision Infrastructure To become not only No. 3. The Centre also produces quality educational programmes and generates e-content materials in various fields and subjects. a preview set-up. Culture & Cultural Relations. The initiative is first of its kind in Puducherry State. indigenous teleprompter. Pondicherry University.8 MHz Puduvai Vaani is a recently established FM Radio facility.pucul. Cool Edit pro . seminars. The centre is a self-sufficient autonomous production centre with all the required facilities for producing documentaries. DOCUMEnTARIES: 1. Quark Express 8. Tareen. The Media Centre was established during the academic year of 2007 . sets and halogen lights with faders and mixers. Premiere Pro CS3. Avid Media Composer. The PCR room is equipped with latest sophisticated switchers. PRODUCTIOn ACTIVITIES: I. Fresh recording of music and lectures have been done to generate copyright products from this centre since 2008. It is a Community Radio Station (CRS) that works on FM 107. Chairman. the inauguration of various departments. The centre has a fully air conditioned multi-camera studio set-up with production control room (PCR). health and child development. Sukhadeo Thorat. Animation but also to export video educational programmes to other countries. Objectives and Goals: The Media centre has latest equipment with technical backup for maintenance. A separate web server has been established to house all these productions of the University. Silk ‘The Queen of Fibers’ Siddamma Stemcell 128 www. The University adequately and suitably housed the Media Centre with Air-conditioned Studio. Mac Pro with FCP & DPS velocity HD work station for video editing is also available. Media students will undergo training in the production of radio programmes that will include writing of radio scripts. Former Director. It is also planning to launch the radio tutor for functional Hindi. and DPS Velocity & other Editing Suites. To produce the required number of documentaries for CEC to be telecast through Vyas Dharshan.pondiuni. To Coordinate with CEC for Edusat operations in the University and Conduct virtual classes on selected subjects. French Fragrance at Puducherry. women empowerment. Graphic/Animation Lab & Class rooms with DG set & other battery operated back up facilities. Ulead Video studio 11 and Sound Forge 9. C) COMMUnITY RADIO STATIOn – PUDUVAI VAAnI fM 107. Maya.B) MuLTIMEDIA LAB The Multimedia lab has 35 high end computer systems. 1. workshops and other art and cultural events on the university campus.in for utilizing the resources. A. film festivals.1 media centre in India by producing high quality creative educational programmes on all subjects using latest available technologies including graphics. a make-up room. education to entertainment. etc. The studio is filled with broadcasting compatible 3CCD cameras. Adobe CS4 Master Collection.K. A separate edit suite with Avid Mojo SD. The Media centre was inaugurated by Prof. Dream weaver CS3. These include the annual convocation ceremony. School of Media & Communication MULTI-MEDIA PRoDUCTIoN CENTRE The Centre for Electronic Media and Mass Communication is an initiative by Prof. and 2. Director. 2. Adobe Flash Professional CS3. Graphic/Animation Lab.A. Vice-Chancellor and Prof. edu. educational video films including generating e-content material. The programmes galore include radio tutor. Balasubramanian. voice modulation and live broadcasting over an FM radio E) AuDIO RESOuRCES The FM Community Radio Station has produced more than 500 hours of audio / radio content which are suitable for broadcast through any radio stations on varieties of themes from health. J. To give training and conduct practicals for the students of Electronic Media and Mass Communication.edu. University Grants Commission on 29th March 2008. Final Cut pro. The lab also has the latest versions of supporting software that include 3DStudio Max. To produce in-house high quality educational programmes & documentaries. The station is a “first of its kind” among CRS with 2 suites for radio production and one suite for transmission & live broadcast. through CEC.in .

departments and centres could be accessed from this site. 2. 2. Meenakshi Sundaram. 2. 7. 3. C. M. Gangaikondacholapuram 11. 3.C . ‘The Tree’ – Best Programme for Animation Animation: Ms.Production Assistant Mr. “Tree” – A 7 minute animation fils V. PGDEM. Pondicherry University – First Prize Rs. V. conferences and cultural programmes of the University are made available through a separate media server and a high capacity SAN BOX storage facility. Madurai Meenakshi Temple 10. – Producer Mr. PGDAM . functions. Maritime Education in Inida 6.T. 5. Invited lectures. I.Cameraman Mr S. EVENTS MEDIA–PRODUCTION PROFESSIONAL STAFF 1. The Slaves of the Lamp (UGC award) -Best Cinemotagraphy -Best Scripting Awards – II. ADCHM . 5. etc. Iyyanar. 2. Video and audio media resources of all University level Programmes conducted by various schools.Shooting Assistant Mr. 7. VII. 4. ‘Silk.F.Graphic Assistant Mr G.000/-. A journey through music 16. Preserving and Maintaining Visual Archives of South India. M. 9. Centre for Electronic Media. 2009-2010 1.000/- UnDER EDITInG: 1. were produced. Durai Vijayan. A.Technical Assistant Ms. S. Brihadeshvara Temple. Management. III.Tech .A 10 minute animation film for Archeological Survey of India.5. Siva Kumar. Series of Classroom programmes on Statistics. Pondicherry University. . Green Furniture . 7. HemaKumar.edu. 4. 6. 2010-2011 ( 21st UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition) 1. Airateswarar temple.Media Technician IV. Mr. True Survivor’The Horseshoe Crab 7. ‘The True Survivor’ (Horseshoe Crab) – Best Programme of the Year Producer: J.Sc. 25. “Pranthnam-kirti-pravannu” (Save heritage for posterity) – UGC award www. M. 2. E-Lectures University Anthem 25th Pondicherry University Silver Jubilee celebrations -A 5. 6. D.A. D. Manamathi. 1. 2. 5.A.Sc.edu. Sanjeev Kumar. Manamathi. 3.pondiuni. ANIMATION 1. Nagore Dargha 12. M. special events.in for showcasing all its media productions carried out since 2008 in this University. G. Centre for Electronic Media.Jayanth Mishra. Pondicherry University.T.A. M. Balamurugan. 4.Darasuram 8. Centre for Electronic Media.T. Centre for Electronic Media. ‘French Fragrance at Puducherry’ – Best Editing Editor: Mr. M. 9. Thanjavur 9. DEE . 8. 5. 3. 50. 8. “Pranthnam-kirti-pravannu” (Save heritage for posterity) – UGC award .Lab Assistant Mr. Training extended to hundreds of participants of ASC on E-Teaching. Balamurugan. M. Clear Water 15. ARCHIVES The Centre Started Collecting. convocations. Umesan. Siva Kumar. Pondicherry University. meetings.A.Media Technician Mr. M. Pondicherry University – First Prize Rs. D.minute University Anthem visually recorded. M. The Queen of Fiber’ – Best Camera Work Cameraman: Mr. S. Tanjavur 13. 4. 4. Saraswati Veena.B. Awards – I. 6. ‘The True Survivor’ (Horseshoe Crab) – Best Script Script Writer: Dr. 1. Brihadeswara temple. Making of Bronze Statues 17.in 129 . 2. edited and depicted the activities of the University on the occasion of 25th Pondicherry University Silver Jubilee celebrations.A 10 minute animation film for Archeological Survey of India. Sanjeev Kumar.I.pucul. Wind Power Coconut Water Harvesting Porunthal Excavations Ariyular Rocks Ancient Mathematics Ancient Mathematics-Square Chandrayan Andaman Rocks Andaman underwater species Set Theory Indian Classical Dances Convocations Inaugurations Seminars Workshops Conferences Lectures Festivals Sports Events and Cultural Programmes II. 5. ACADEMIC STAFF COLLEGE 1. I. DISTANCE EDuCATION 1. WEBSITE of the centre The Department maintains the website www. 3. VI.I . Tirumalai Naik palace 14. Music Instruments 18.

Degree Programme in Library and Information Science. analytical thinking. practitioner. faculty member.I. • To develop within each candidate the expertise and skills necessary to be an effective educator. A few questions from current affairs.in/ admissions/eligibility.D. authors. critical analysis. The written examination shall consist of 100 objective type questions from current topics of general interest. In addition. programme is based on the vacancies available with the eligible Guides and the field of specialisation in which a scholar intends to pursue research. information resources. Candidates seeking admission to the programme shall be required to appear for a 2 hour written examination conducted by the University during the last week of May or first week of June or on the date announced by the University. • To produce graduates with advanced capabilities in librarianship in order to meet the challenges in the changing environment.I. The Department offers a professional Master’s Degree programme (MLIS) and a Ph.D. will also be included in the paper.S.L.) The MLIS.L. • To learn advanced information processing techniques and develop capability in retrieving information by applying different search techniques.D. reading habits and other related areas to test mental ability. Candidates who have passed any Bachelor Degree examination from a recognized university under 10+2+3 system and who have secured at least 50% marks in aggregate in Part III (main subjects) are eligible to apply for seeking admission to this course. etc. language skills. For more information visit our university website at: http:// www.edu. is divided into four semesters including Internship and a project in the final semester.D. Part-time (Internal & External). Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science (M. aptitude and general knowledge.pondiuni. and innovative problem-solving techniques for the problems and constraints faced by the library professionals in the present age. a two-year programme of 72 credits. relaxation in the percentage of marks shall be given as per the University Guidelines issued from time to time. and • To disseminate the results of their research in a standard peer-reviewed academic publications. The Ph.D. researcher. MLIS course duration is of two years and comprises four semesters.htm PGDLAN No entrance examination but any graduate with the qualification prescribed by the University would be eligible to apply • To demonstrate the scholars’ competence to carry out independent and original academic research in the field of Library and Information Science. Major Objectives • To familiarize students with basic concepts of information and its communication in society.in . Major Objectives entrance examination M. The written examination consists of 100 objective type questions based on BLIS and MLIS curriculum.pondiuni. • To acquaint students with the activities and services of different information systems and introduce them packaging and consolidation techniques. The admission to Ph.S. libraries. The desirous candidates are required to take an entrance examination conducted by the University for Ph. programme was started during the academic year 2010 – 2011 through different streams viz. Programmes of study M. (Library & Information Science) PGDLAN (Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking) (Evening – one year) Ph. Ph.S.two years) Ph. etc.L. an Add on Course – Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN) is also offered in the evenings.edu.I. • To encourage creativity. Full-time.DePaRTMenT of lIbRaRy & InfoRMaTIon sCIenCes School of Media & Communication The Department of Library and Information Science was started during the academic year 2007-08. books. 130 www. In case of candidates belonging to SC/ST category..D. admission. (Master of Library & Information Science) (Full-time.D.

22.m. the students will have to complete a project as a part of the programme. d) Industrial Information System. • To acquire knowledge and skills on networking and Internet technology.I. and any two optional courses to be chosen from the five subjects: a) Web Technology.S. Information Scientists. Programme Structure of MLIS Theory The curriculum structure of MLIS programme is given below: Major Objectives • To imbibe knowledge and skills associated with ICT applications in Libraries and Information Centres. • To practically learn and well versed with the Digital Library open source software ‘DSpace’ and ‘GSDL’. Reference Services Specialists. and 7.L. etc. An added qualification of PGDLAN would place the student at a higher advantage in the job arena with knowledge of automation and networking. • To acquire web-based content development skills. MARC-21. Management of Information Centres. • To practically learn and well versed with the various activities of house-keeping operations with the help of ‘KOHA’.S. • To understand the basic requirements of library automation and services provided by the libraries in an automated environment. Dspace and E-prints. and • To introduce modern tools and techniques to students to manage Libraries and Information Centres effectively. Those who qualify UGC-JRF can pursue research in the field of Library & Information Science with UGC fellowship. Research Methods. Communication Skills & Public Relations (PR).I. Digital Libraries. postgraduates get placed as Librarians. Cataloguers. and • To develop confidence in handling any kind of activities/ services in an automated library or information centre. Knowledge Managers. Information Resources.L. in traditional libraries & information centres and corporate sectors also. and should also undergo an internship for 20 days in a reputed library / information centre during summer vacation between second and third semesters. • To develop skills in using computer and communication technology. Ed. Marketing of Information Products and Services. M. Internet facility with higher bandwidth is also available and the campus is WiFi enabled. Introduction to Information Technology. Information Analysts. Placement Opportunities Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN) – Add-on Course The PGDLAN programme was launched during the academic year 2009 – 2010 with a main focus on getting the LIS professional exposed to ICT applications in the field of Library & Information Science particularly in Library Automation and Networking. • To acquaint themselves with the components of an information system and learn about how to design and develop an information system. • To identify and learn the major issues in the development of new technology in the libraries. Infrastructure Facilities The Department has modern classrooms and well established computer lab with sufficient number of computers installed with the required software for teaching and practice. an open source software. • To develop skills with special reference to the information resources available on the Internet.in 131 . LIBSYS.30 p. Information Storage & Retrieval. programme is a professional degree. b) E-Publishing. www. Knowledge Organization. WINSIS. GSDL. Technical Editors. Knowledge Management. and e) Technical Writing. M. Information Processing–I: Classification practice according to DDC. Practicals The practical courses of MLIS programme are: Information Technology: Practice which includes KOHA. only. Consultants.edu. The programme is of 20 credits and comprises two semesters. Indexers. Project and Internship Besides the above. Information Processing – II: Cataloguing practice according to AACR-2.pondiuni. SOUL. Those who qualify UGC-NET or SLET examination can enter academics as an Assistant Professor or Assistant Librarian of a University or Librarian of a College.30 p. The main aim is to provide sufficient handson training in the latest developments so as to enable the learners to work confidently in the libraries or information centres in an automated and networked environment.• To introduce different methods and techniques of research. c) Informatics.m. There is a great demand for the library professionals in the job market. The classes are conducted between 5.

Information Retrieval.S. & Archival Informatics.FACULTy Professor Assistant Professors Chennupati K.Leeladharan. Ph. Hypertext.D.D. Scientometrics.edu.L. Human Computer Interaction. Multimedia. Ramaiah.Sevukan. Ph. (Loughborough University). Reader R. Ph. E-resources.in . Academic Library System.Phil. User Interfaces. Ph. Research Methods.D. Internet Search Engines. Scientometrics. Knowledge Organization 132 www. M.(University of Calicut) Specialization: IT applications in Libraries. Institutional Repositories. Knowledge Management. M.pondiuni. User Studies Anas K.. (University of Delhi) Specialization: E-Learning. Information Seeking Behaviour.I. Specialization: ICT applications in Library & Information Services. Web / E-Publishing. (Annamalai University) Specialization: Library Automation.(Annamalai University) Specialization: Information Retrieval.D. E-journals M. CAI. (NEHU) Specialization: Marketing of Information Products. Mangkhollen Singson. ICT Applications in Libraries Rekha Rani Varghese.

There are more new centres to be added to this school of Engineering in the years to come and National facilities for R&D will be made available for wider participation and collabotartion. This school also maintains the academic units of both the University and its affiliated engineering colleges where in dozens of UG. Industries are always welcome to associate with these units for linkages and placements. V.edu.D. www.in 133 . programmes are being offered with excellent infrastructure and facilities. PG and Ph.sChool of enGIneeRInG & TeChnoloGy Dean (i/c): Dr. Prithiviraj Department of Computer Science Department of Electronics Engineering Centre for Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering Emerging trends in the field of Science and Technology calls for an environmentally sound system of growth and development in the entire planet.pondiuni.

Placement Research Activities The Department hosts research activities in the following disciplines: Extreme Programming. network & Internet Engineering: Admission to M. Software Metrics and Distributed Systems.Sc.D. Programming Languages (C. Graphics. all connected to various servers running Operating Systems like Windows NT. Intranet facility and Internet facility (32 Mbps link) are also available. Ph. Automata. Central lab. is based on entrance examination. The written examination consists of 100 objective type questions. M.DePaRTMenT of CoMPuTeR sCIenCe School of Engineering The Department aims at imparting quality education in Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology through various post-graduate programmes. The question paper will consist of 20 questions in general arithmetic and 80 from Data Structures and Algorithms. Multimedia Lab. Infosys. Programming Languages (C & C+) and Recent Trends in Computer Science.C.A. Software Engineering. Digital Logic and Computer Organization.A. Computer Science & Engineering and M.: Admission to Ph. PIXEL. Automata. Verizon. Computer Science & Engineering (Full-time.pondiuni.: Admission to M. The question paper will consist of 100 questions covering the following topics: • Comprehension and verbal ability • Analytical ability • Logical reasoning • Mathematical aptitude (+2) and • General awareness in Computer Science M. Computer Science M. System Software. Evolutionary Computing.A. housing about 120 state-ofart computer systems with latest configurations. iFlex. Software Agents. Grid Computing Lab and Project Lab. Networks. is based on the performance in entrance examination. C++ and Java) and Recent Trends in Computer Science. Computer Science (Five year integrated course) M. The alumni of the department deliver lectures on latest topics periodically for updating the skill sets of the students. provides opportunities to sharpen the skills of students by organizing lectures and students meet.Tech. Operating Systems. – University Main Campus & Karaikal PG Centre M.D. The Placement activities of the Department are taken care of by a Placement Cell which comprises of student members and a faculty advisor.Tech. iGate. Computer Architecture.D.Tech. Network & Internet Engineering Ph.Sc. Student Activities The Computer Science students’ association. 134 www.Tech. The entrance examination is of objective type. Software Architecture. The pattern of entrance examination consists of objective questions all the major areas of Computer science. HCL. An enhanced multimedia lab of the department is equipped with state of the art Apple machines. Computer Science: The entrance examination is of objective type.Sc.in . DBMS. Computer Science & Engineering M. Operating Systems. Compilers. Object Oriented Systems. Sun Solaris and Mac OS. DBMS. ITC. SAD. Engineering and Information Technology. Programmes of study M. Honeywell. Questions will be from the following subjects: Data Structures and Algorithms. Wipro.Tech. Linux Operating System. It also offers an atmosphere conducive for research scholars for pursuing research in various advanced areas of Computer Science. HP. System Software. etc. Grid Computing and Cluster Computing have also been facilitated in the servers. Patni Computers. TCS. Multilingual-Based Systems.C. Infrastructure facilities The Department has four well-equipped computer laboratories namely. CTS. Language Engineering. Part-time (Internal & External)) entrance examination M. microprocessors. Software Testing. The written examination consists of 100 objective type questions. Microprocessors. The Placement Cell organizes Campus recruitment programmes every year and takes pride in facilitating placement for the eligible students in MNCs like IBM.edu. AI.C. is based on entrance examination.

(Alagappa University. Data Warehousing. M. Infosys. P.D. Web Service Computing. Ph. Local Area Network and Broadband internet connectivity to cater the needs of MCA students. R. which comprises of student members and a faculty coordinator. Network Management Systems R.Jayakumar. The alumni of the department deliver lectures on latest topics periodically for updating the skill sets of the students. Smart and Secure Computing. Data Warehousing.D. Puducherry) Specialization: Distributed Computing Systems M. Puducherry) Specialization: Data Mining The Placement activities of the Department of Computer Science. (Madras University. Verizon.E. Puducherry) Specialization: Software Engineering K. Chennai) Specialization: Operating Systems M. Karaikal Centre are taken care of by the Placement Cell of Pondicherry University. Subramanian. R. Software Engineering S. Thirunelveli) Specialization: Image Processing. (Pondicherry University. (Anna University. etc.Tech. Puducherry) Specialization: Information Retrieval.D.C. (Pondicherry University. Trichirapalli) Specialization: Natural Language Processing S. (Pondicherry University.) Specialization: Web Services. (University of Rennes. Security Systems.. (Anna University) . Ph. ChemInformatics.. provides opportunities to sharpen the skills of students by organizing lectures and students meet.D.D.CO-ORDINATOR Specialization: Information Retrieval. Chennai) Specialization: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Network Security. G. Agent Technology. (IIT Delhi) Specialization: Algorithms. M.. www. R. (Pondicherry University. Computer Networks. Kuppuswami. Cloud Computing. (Pondicherry University. Ph.nandhini. Chennai) Specialization: Web Services Computing.edu. Puducherry) Specialization: Software Architecture. Context Aware Computing. Kumaravelan M. P. Sunitha. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Information Security. Algorithms. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Web Services. Ph. Chithralekha. P. Suresh Joseph. Patni Computers. KARAIKAL CAMPUS Readers T. G.V. M. Puducherry) Specialization: Database Management Systems. Semantic Web Technologies. Sivakumar. Ph. iFlex. (Pondichery University.Tech. Puducherry) Specialization: Evolutionary Algorithms.D. Student Activities The Computer Science students’ association.Tech. Software Engineering. Karaikal Centre established in the year 2007-08 and offering a PG course on MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (MCA) with the total student intake of 33 per batch.Vijayanand. HP. The department provides a captivating atmosphere for the students. FACULTy Assistant Professors G. At present the department is having four permanent faculties. (Madurai Kamaraj University.K.in 135 . Ph.A. Madurai) Specialization: Internet Technologies V. Dhavachelvan. M. Sathya. Wipro. Object Oriented Systems. Seenivasan. S.Sc.Tech. (Bharathidasan University. Software Architecture. Ph. Kuppusamy. Chennai) Specialization: Operating Systems K. Bio-Metric Systems. Vaitheki M. Pothula Sujatha. Distributed Databases. Saleem Basha. K.C. M. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Bio-Informatics. The Department of Computer Science.Tech. M. Main Campus. (Anna University.Tech. (Pondicherry University. OOAD.S.Tech. Honeywell. Siva Sathya. Sureshkumar M. The Department aims at imparting quality education in Computer Science.D. Karaikudi) Specialization: Software Engineering M.S. ITC.D. Information Security T. Multilingual Based Systems. (University of Madras. PIXEL. Infrastructure Facilities: Assistant Professors (Senior Scale) The Department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with 50 computers. (M. Vengattaraman.. Ravi. Placement Facility Assistant Professors T. iGate. Ing. M.Phil.A. M.E.Tech.S University. Aghila. M. France) (on Leave) Specialization: Software Engineering.E.FACULTy Professors S. Shanthi Bala. Semantic Web Engineering. Chennai) Specialization: Software Engineering. The Placement Cell organizes Campus recruitment programmes every year and takes pride in facilitating placement for the eligible students in MNCs like IBM. Robotics. Ph. CTS. (University of Madras. K. Lakshmi M. TCS. (Pondicherry University. Dr.pondiuni. ( Pondicherry University) Specialization: Information Security. Uma. Bio-Informatics.Tech. M. The Department has achieved 100 % placement record during the last academic year 2010-11. Ontology Engineering. ( Bharathidasan University) Specialization: Information Technology. M. HCL. M.

The emphasis will be on understanding both the science and technological aspects of electronics..edu. entrance examination M.Tech.pondiuni. (National Institute of Tech. mixed-mode and Embedded systems • Communication: Microwave. digital. the overall program is developed to focus on thrust areas like communication electronics and VLSI technology. academic year with a motivation to create teaching and research facilities worthy of one of the best engineering departments The University allotted to the Department an initial amount of Rs. Objectives The program in first two semesters is planned to cover the • Devices: Design. digital and optical communications • VLSI technology: Analog and digital based systems Content of the program 136 www. semiconductor physics and circuit theory.D. The present M. (Pondicherry University. M. Ph. Shanmuganantham.in . Trichy) Specialization: Microwave/millimeter wave devices & circuits. 100 lakhs for the establishment of necessary laboratory facilities under XI th plan. Last two semesters/second year is project work. fabrication and applications • System Design : Analog.Tech. The entrance examination would comprise Objective type questions on Engineering Mathematics. T. P. Antennas & RF-MEMS Faculty Our program is designed to impart the necessary background knowledge of the state of the art developments in all areas of electronics –devices to systems The modern physics courses in most of the universities at graduate/post-graduate level of science try to cover the fundamental aspects of electronics viz. Puducherry) Specialization: Wireless Communications.Tech. Electronics Programmes of study Selection of students is based on the national level entrance examination conducted by the Pondicherry University at various centres in the country. In essence. Samundiswary. Engineering physics and Electronics and communication engineering subjects at graduate level. program is aimed to bridge this gap between the science and technology students..DePaRTMenT of eleCTRonICs enGIneeRInG School of Engineering & Technology Department of Electronics Engineering has been started from 2010-2011. The engineering graduates are specialized only in technological aspects of the application of these devices and circuits in instrumentation and communication systems.

edu. in India and abroad. Environmental Engineering & Management M.CenTRe foR PolluTIon ConTRol & enVIRonMenTal enGIneeRInG School of Engineering & Technology Established in 1991. . the students also acquire a very good exposure to the real-life demands of the profession. several major R&D and industrial consultancy projects striving to solve contemporary environmental problems.Tech. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. at any given time. published by Oxford University Press. Trans IChemE (UK). Programmes of study M. The centre has also been providing expert advice to government departments. Environmental Technology Ph. Journal of Cleaner Production. contribute to the pool of manpower expertise of the centre. Trans AIChE (USA). these programmes also aim to develop their communication and managerial skills. election to the fellowship of premier academies/professional bodies. teaching. and academia across the world. Applied Energy. Several dynamic PhDs and MTechs. industry. The most recent of the honours include the National Design Award in Environmental Engineering (conferred by the Institution of Engineers). Prentice-Hall. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Environmental Modeling & Software. As the centre has. Journal of Loss Prevention in Process industries. nomination on the Board of Governors of IITR and other premier institutions. Several of the publications have become citation classics in the fields of chemical and environmental engineering. the techniques. The centre has thus far published over 250 papers in high impact-factor international journals including Critical Reviews in Environmental Science & Technology. Springer. As a result the students passing out from the centre have risen fast up the career ladder in academia as well as industry. and a succession of three best paper awards received for pioneering research in eco-friendly nanoparticle synthesis. the laboratories/units manned by them provide the momentum for cutting edge R&D that strives to carve fresh niches and open new vistas. Elsevier. The effort has been peer-recognized in the form of major international and national prizes. and nomination on the editorial boards of prestigious technical journals.pondiuni. this centre has developed a vigorous culture of applied environmental research. Taylor & Francis.D. The centre’s efforts in innovative teaching and curriculum development have also resulted in the creation of 33 popular textbooks and reference books. trained in frontier research areas.Phil. which is among the highest in the departments dealing with environmental engineering in India. and industrial consultancy. www. etc. Biochemical Engineering Journal.in 137 . Bioresources Technology. Orient Longman. and the tools of applied environmental studies. etc. Apart from making the students proficient in the concepts. both in India and abroad. The Hirsch Index of the centre’s publications as per SCOPUS is 22. Environmental Technology These programmes are distinguished by their emphasis on all-round professional advancement of the students and exposure to the real-life problem environment.

and Hindustan Leaver.s have also taken up leadership positions in IT and chemical industries. Abbasi. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Environmental Engineering Tasneem Abbasi. CSIR and MoWR.3 Crores have also added substantial laboratory and field equipment to the centre’s infrastructure.Ds have been taken in faculty positions by highly ranked institutions such as BITS Pilani. etc. University. The UGC has specially funded a stand-alone building for the centre. AICTE has instituted a Computer-Aided Environmental Management Unit besides providing special assistance for environmental biotechnology facilities.D.D. EIA and Risk Assessment The centre has consistently attracted substantial R&D funds from major sponsoring agencies. M.S. These are sponsored by DST. Several have joined IITs or premier universities in USA/UK for doctoral studies. A. Photo: Gopinath S. and environmental biotechnology and computational fluid dynamics. (University of Surrey.pondiuni. IIT Roorkee. Process Safety. computer aided environmental management. DBT. They have also been preferred by Pollution Control Boards. Sudalai. risk assessment. The facilities cover: geographical information systems (GIS). The Memorial University of New Foundland. (IIT Mumbai) D. Gajalakshmi. Assistant Professors Placements faculty Positions: The Centre’s Ph. FNASc. Kottayam. Numerous R&D projects worth Rs. (Cochin University of Science & Technology). MTech. Process Modeling & Simulation. FIIChE. (Pondicherry University) Specialization: Bioprocess Technology. The Ph.in . environmental monitoring and impact assessment.Infrastructural facilities Industrial positions: The Centre’s MTech and M. Currently the centre is operating 5 major projects worth Rs 7 million.edu.Phil holders find immediate employment in industries including CRL. UGC.D. S.G. UK) Specialization: Water & Environmental Engineering. 138 www. CPCL. Ph.Sc. Canada. FACULTy Professor R&D Projects S. Ph. Environmental Biotechnology. FIE Specialization: Environmental Engineering. M. pollution control (especially with bioprocess engineering). Solid Waste Management S.

J. oil. www. is met by non-commercial energy sources. Biomass. However. and natural gas are the three primary commercial energy sources. which include fuel wood.in 139 .pondiuni. a sizeable quantum of energy requirements (40% of total energy requirement). especially in the rural household sector. Wind. per capita energy consumption in India is still very low compared to other developing countries.MaDanjeeT sChool of GReen eneRGy TeChnoloGIes Dean: Prof. It is under this context. Resource augmentation and growth in energy supply has not kept pace with increasing demand and. other forms of commercial energy of a much higher quality and efficiency are steadily replacing the traditional energy resources being consumed in the rural sector. there are quite a few other eco-friendly and renewable sources from which one can tap energy for varied applications. Despite the overall increase in energy demand. Tareen Centre for Green Energy Technology Centre for Nano Sciences and Technology India ranks fifth in the world in terms of primary energy consumption . therefore. the Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies has been established with two composite units as Centre for Green Energy Studies and Research and Centre for Nano Sciences and technology. Some of them are stated below. including human and draught animal power. Coal was by far the largest source of energy.edu. India is wellendowed with both exhaustible and renewable energy resources. Developing Green Energy is the only alternative to meet the challenges of our Future.5% of the world commercial energy demand in the year 2003.k. and animal waste. • Chemical Sources Of Energy • Hydrogen Energy • Geothermal Energy • Alternate Fuels for Surface Transportation There is a need to carryout in-depth studies and research in Green Science and Technology at higher education level utilizing the expertise available in India and abroad.A. Despite increasing dependency on commercial fuels. accounting for about 3. crop residue. India continues to face serious energy shortages. Besides Solar. Coal.

Tech. chemical energy etc. C-GET responsibly involves on the research up gradation on energy science and technology. conservation and utility. device and module processing industry.pondiuni.D. Microwave Synthesizer 6. Spin coating unit 8. Class AAA 10 x 10 cm2 Solar Sun simulator with I_V characterization facility. the center possess the following high tech equipments in the laboratory. including applications of Nanotechnology for energy conversion. C-GET has well trained faculties in the specialized areas and aims to perform environmental protection by adopting the deployment of manpower development. power plant engineering groups are in pipeline. The meritorious candidate from the entrance test will be eligible for “SAF-Madanjeet Singh Group Fellowship” www.: Selection is based on entrance test consisting of three Units of 50 multiple choice question each from Mathematics (Unit I) Physics + Chemistry (Unit II) Chemistry + Biology (Unit III) A candidate must answer Unit I and any one among Unit II and Unit III. energy conservation & utilization. Surya Prakash Rao. The center offers M. C-GET establishment is in pipeline with the state of art facilities and infrastructure.edu. Programmes of study M. Dept.. Green Energy Technology Infrastructures entrance examination M.Tech. H. consultancies on onsite clean energy projects and publications of the importance and advantages of clean energy utility. BET surface area analyzer 5. Green Energy Technology Ph. Electrochemical cell and impedance analysis unit for electro-nanofabrication and battery characterization 3. of Chemistry. C-5000 Bomb calorimeter for fuel characterization and analysis 7.org The entrance test will have multiple choice questions (100) from basic sciences and mathematics.in . 1. Spray deposition system 11.southasiafoundation. Promote research in the fields of all clean sources of energy conversion such as Solar Photovoltaic’s.D. Ph.: Admission of this course is done based on the marks secured in the All India entrance examination conducted by Pondicherry University. 2. The centre for Green Energy Technology (C-GET) was established on 2010 under the aegis of Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies with a vision to promote education and research in environmentally clean methods of energy production. CSIR/UGC-NET qualified candidates with JRF can join at any time. Currently. Electrolysis unit for H2 and O2 production 9. PEM fuel cell 10. Optical Pyranometer for solar irradiation measurement and analysis 4. conducts international core group discussions on emerging tools and products of the field and aims to support on policy guidelines on energy generation. Establishment of MOU with various energy firms such as solar cell material. Tubular Diffusion furnace 12. Ocean energy. Tech in Green Energy Technology supported by South Asia Foundation (SAF). High temperature Oven 140 www. wind energy.CenTRe foR GReen eneRGy TeChnoloGy Co-ordinator: Prof. Bio-fuels.

Graduates in Green Technology will gain employment in emerging clean and renewable energy sector where man national and multinational industries are focusing their business activities. Biofuels and Wind-solar (thermal) hybrid energy systems.(IISc. Green nanomaterials and Sustainable materials for applications that include: solar energy. third semester is entirely for soft-core (optional) courses and final semester is for project.D. biofuels etc. they can be taken at any time offered by the Department. nanostructures and device processing.D.D. device processing SPV module. Prasanth Ravindran. green nanotechnology green economics. Energy Devices. Biosciences. In the second and third semester courses will be based on energy. LASER. This is program is designed for two years spread into four semesters.D. Chennai) Specialization: Semiconductor epitaxial growth of nanostructures and devices such as solar cells. Bio Energy Technology development in the field of Solar Concentrators. Most of the first semester courses will be on energy and modeling. power plant design and installation. FACULTy M. LED. (Eindhoven University of Technology. Hybrid materials.in 141 . Bangalore) Specialization: Biosolar cells. Energy Materials.. R. The course aimed to train talented Students in the area of renewable and clean energy technology and create scientifically and technologically skilled man power. bio-energy. Netherlands) Specialization: Nanophotovoltaics. MOCVD. Biomaterials. Students will select courses suiting background and interest. Many soft-core courses are stand alone. Stereochemistry. Ph.D. Green Chemistry and Industrial organic Chemistry. management and other GET related fields.Tech. PECVD and Messoporous TiO2 super molecular nanocrystallites. www. M.13. Ph. Fuel Cells. Jaffar Ali.edu. Ultrasonic bath 15. so.pondiuni. (Anna University. Arun Prasath. Assistant Professors: Ph. The center is collaborating with the other departments in the University and nearby institutions for a wide accessibility of instrument and facilities. Surya Prakash Rao. SET. B. In addition there will be some bridge courses. green (clean) energy sources. Programme We offer Ph. Ph. -40o C Freezer 16. Green Chemistry..Tech Programme Professor & coordinator The major subject areas covered in this Program include study of energy sources & forms. Ph. Nanomaterials. MBE. environment.D programme to carry out research and development in the field of Photovoltaics. SPE. sensors and sustainable development. Readers Periyasamy Thilakan. chemistry. environmentally preferred purchasing. fuel cells. Basic Molecular biology and biochemistry facility 14. Solar Thermal Devices and Hybrid Clean Energy Systems. Bangalore) Specialization: Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Placements It is envisaged that the M. Chennai) Specialization: Polymeric materials. Each theory course will have a project component which will be either individual or group based. (Anna University. Photoelectrochemical cell. Ph.D. First two semesters are for hard and soft core courses. (IISc. H.

High Temperature Tubular and Muffle Furnaces. Nano Sciences and Technology Ongoing Research Projects entrance examination M. Silver and Lithium based Electrolyte and Electrode Materials by Sol-Gel. The question paper consists of 100 questions. UltrasonicHomogenizer. High Speed Centrifuge System.edu. three Readers and three Assistant Professors) and the department has started to function with the admission of First year M. CSIR. CSIR. Nano Sciences and Technology Ph. The Centre for Nano-Science and Technology has been established in the year 2010 and it works in synergy with the Centre for Green Energy technology.: The selection is based on the entrance test conducted by Pondicherry University and the question paper consists of 100 objective type questions. Research facilities include Nanomaterials Synthesis and characterization. NCL Pune) Specialization: Chemistry. N. DRDO and AICTE. who are getting fellowships such as JRF/SRF etc. Clean Energy Technologies (Solar. Vadivel Murugan. of Physics. Nano-BioTechnology. covering the basic Science (Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/ Materials Science /Biotechnology) at undergraduate level. Flexible Organic. Satyanarayana. Subramania. Nano-Composite. (Indian Institute of Technology Madras. A.CenTRe foR nano sCIenCes & TeChnoloGy Co-ordinator: Prof.D. sensors and Fuel cells applications. DSC. Dye sensitized Solar Cells. Ph.Tech.Tech. UGC. Structure.D.D. All the faculty members possess a high research profile with the ability to conduct research in the forefront areas of Nano Science and Technology. High Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries. UV-Visible Spectrometer. FACULTy Professor Infrastructure Facilities The Centre has excellent working culture and facilities to carry out research in forefront areas of Nanoscience and Technology. AC conductivity. Organic Electronics.D. (Central ElectroChemical Research Institute and Alagappa University. Nanomaterials Simulation Laboratory. Capacitors). Precision Spin & Dip coater. Four Crores has been invested in the development of the Centre. TG/DTA.in . students during the Academic year 2010-2011. crystalline and glassy. of India. Nano-biotechnology and Smart Textile. MilliQuest (Millipore) water purifier. Fabrication and characterization through their open circuit voltage (OCV). Polyol. & Organic Electronics. Automatic Hydraulic Press. Govt. Nanoindenter. UGC. from the national funding agencies. Electrochemcial workstation. Techniques for batteries. LCZ meter for AC conductivity.pondiuni. program during the academic year 2011-12. Physics.D. The University has funded Rs. Novel Synthesis. Ph.Tech. An overall of amount more than Rs. E-beam coater. XRD. Fuel Cells. Supercapacitors. programs. Readers A. The candidates. SEM – EDS & TEM . Super-capacitors. polarization. Solid 142 www.: The selection is based on the entrance examination. The Centre for Nano-Science and Technology has seven faculty members (one Professor. electronic conductivity. Q-dot. Ph.EDS and also study of their transport properties like. (University of Pune & National Chemical Laboratory.PropertiesPerformance Relationship of Nano-structured Functional Materials for Energy Conversion & Storage Conducting Polymer based Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrids. DRDO and AICTE. dielectric and electrical modules. Nanoscience & Technology. The Department is also going to start the Ph. Various Evaporation. (Nano Science and Technology) and Ph. Materials Science. Additional characterization facilities can also be availed from Central Instrumentation Facility at Pondicherry University. discharge and charge discharge cycle measurements of Silver & Lithium based Solid State batteries. This Centre offers 2 years M.Tech. Characterization of Materials by XRD. Batteries. bulk conductivity through impedance. transport number and Thermoelectric power. Chennai) Specialization: Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline. Programmes of study M. etc.D. covering the subject areas of Mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Materials Science and Engineering/ Biotechnology at graduate and post graduate level. Karaikudi) Specialization: Synthesis of Inorganic and Polymeric Nanomaterials and Microporous Polymer Electrolytes for Advanced Lithium ion Batteries. Photoluminescence. Fuel Cells. are exempted from taking the written examination. FTIR. n Satyanarayana. Two Crores for the development of infrastructure facilities of the Centre. Dept.D. Two Crores from DST-nano mission. Faculty research is supported by various funding agencies worth of more than Rs. Computer Controlled Four-Point Probe. Computer Simulation and Modeling. The research work of faculty members is supported by the various premier National funding agencies such as DST. Ph. Combustion.

Ionic conductors. Electron paramagnetic resonance. Ph. semi conductor nanostructures. Chennai) Specialization: Nanostructures of Semiconducting & Ceramic Oxides.D. S.in 143 .pondiuni. High k-materials.D. Fabrication of scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. Chennai) Specialization: Synthesis. Metal ceramic composites. Nano fibrous carbon and metal oxides development by electrospinning technique. Chennai) Specialization: Processing. Suresh Babu.structure-property correlations of Metal. (Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Ph. (University of Madras. Ph. Electrodeposition of Metal and Metal nanocomposite coatings by DC/pulse current techniques for micro/nano devices. Ph. Kasi Viswanath. conducting polymers. Chennai) Specialization: Synthesis of Nanomaterials and characterization. Semiconductor Nanostructures for Energy and Bio-medical Applications. P. Assistant Professors K.D. pico second and femto second laser spectroscopy. Kannan. Nanosecond.D.size.edu. A. Transmission electron microscopy of bulk & nanostructured materials.oxide fuel cells. Ceramic/metal nanocomposites. Structural Characterization and in vitro evaluation of Biomaterials. quantum confinement. LED materials. www. Thangadurai. (Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Dye sensitized solar cells and Sensors. Metal Oxide. (University of Madras.

S. Balamurugan Shri K. Similarly any student in Bio-sciences will now have an option to add a P. Mohanan Dr.Mohanty Dr. Dhanavanthan Dr. Sevukan Dr. P. Diploma in Bio-Technology which is currently in great demand. a student of ‘Master in Social Work’ can now possess an additional P. Balakrishnan Dr.pondiuni. Dr. V. Usha Dr. Arumugam Dr.in . Course Coordinator for the PG Diploma Courses P. a specially designed certificate course in Tamil is also being offered. For example. N. Vijayanand Dr. Govindarajulu Dr.T. Five Certificate courses in foreign languages are also being offered to facilitate the global job options of our students. Binu Zachariah Prof. Anjaneya Swamy Dr. N. K. Diploma in Industrial Psychology which will add immense value to his employability.G. P.R.aDD on CouRses (Evening Programmes) The University is offering 21 PG Diploma programmes providing them add on options in various relevant disciplines. B. To enable the large number of students from other states studying in the campus. S. Muthiyan Dr. Arulselvan. R. P. G. Rangaiah Dr. Anand Lenin Vethanayagam Dr.G.B. B. diPloma course Functional Hindi & Translation Television Production Journalism & Mass Communication Women’s Studies Library Automation & Networking Industrial Psychology Planning and Evaluation Biotechnology Health Fitness and Life Style Management Investment Management Rural Development Statistical & Research Methods Human Rights Industrial Relations & Labour Law Teaching Skills Computer Applications Simulation and Modelling Theatre Arts Event Management Professional Communication in English Advanced Analytical Techniques Foreign Trade name of the coordinator Dr.g. to possess a functional knowledge of Tamil. Dhavachelvan Dr. S. V. K. All the add on courses are also made open to the local population of Puducherry enhancing their access to higher education. B. M. Krishnamurthy Dr.edu. Mohan 144 www. Rajaravivarma Dr. P Natarajan Dr. Padmapriya Dr.

Simulation and Modeling Biotechnology Note: 4 For SC/ST candidates. C. Eligibility Criteria for admission 20. 3. UG degree with a minimum of 50% of marks. UG/PG degree with a minimum of 45% of marks. 6.Course Coordinator for the Certificate Courses course Tamil Sanskrit French Japanese Russian Korean Chinese Spanish Italian German Dr. 1. Name of the Course Functional Hindi & Translation Television Production Journalism & Mass Communication Women’s Studies Library Automation & Networking Industrial Psychology Planning and Evaluation Health Fitness and Life Style Management Investment Management Rural Development Statistical & Research Methods Human Rights Industrial Relations & Labour Law Teaching Skills Theatre Arts Event Management Professional Communication in English Foreign Trade Computer Applications Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 45% marks with Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Business Mathematics as one of the subjects of study or an examination accepted as equivalent thereto. 21. 8. No. 17. 19. www. S.in 145 . UG/PG degree with a minimum of 45% of marks. Arokianathan Prof. Thampi name of the coordinator Dr. 13.Sc. 5.edu. 11. Radhakrishnan Admission Requirements Sl. 10. 7. 15. 9. Degree in any branch of Biological Sciences with a minimum of 45% of marks. S. 2. 4. 14.pondiuni. Any degree with 45% of marks with Mathematics as one of the subjects studied in the Higher Secondary or Degree or during the first three years of 5 years M. 16. mere pass in the qualifying examination will be sufficient. Nalini J. Integrated Courses. 18. 4 Candidates studying in the fourth year/ fifth year of Five Year Integrated Courses of the University are also eligible to study these courses. 12.

Each course shall have a coordinator as identified by the department / school conducting the course and there shall be an exclusive programme committee for monitoring the progress of the candidates studying the courses.in .250/. it will not be less than 40%.per semester for Diploma courses and Rs. 150 US Dollars per semester. Examination Pattern: DIPLOMA : 2 hours a day for five days from 5.edu. 146 www.30 PM to 7. For Foreign Students: Examination Fees: Rs.Sl. A separate Library Card shall be issued in such cases.30 PM to 7.s) Library --Rs.300/.1. Selection: Timings: Admission will be based on the marks secured in the qualifying degree.30 PM CERTIFICATE : 2 hours a day for four days preferably from 5.200 (p. however. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 name of the Course Tamil Sanskrit Japanese Russian Korean Chinese French Spanish Italian German Eligibility Criteria for admission A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent. No.200 Rs. Examination will be conducted as per CBCS system except that the association of external examiner will not be a mandatory requirement. Minimum Duration of the Course: Two Semesters (One Year) (for both Diploma & Certificate Courses) Maximum Duration to complete the Course: Four Semesters (Two Years) (for both Diploma & Certificate Courses) Fees: For Indian Students: For university students & employees: For others: * Admission Rs.30 PM Saturdays and Sundays may be utilized at the discretion of the concerned Department.pondiuni.per semester for Certificate Courses.1000* Account Number 861201979 Optional for the others who desire to use the university library (for reference only). The evaluation will be on absolute mark Systems.500 Tution fees Rs.s) Rs.2. Programme Committee: attendance: A Minimum of 70% of attendance is required for writing the examination. The Passing minimum shall be decided by the respective Board of Studies.500(p.

Progress The Academic Staff College has so far organized 104th orientation courses. Ramalingam. DIRECTOR S. Ph. Interaction Programmes • Short term Programme for P. • Refresher Courses in various subjects (details are available in the University website: www. Guidance and Counselling. publication of books. UGC Officials and College Superintendents . (Bharathidasan University.D. They are conceived with a view to plan.edu. and refresher programmes for senior teachers. publication of news letter and conducting research activities including research guidance leading to Ph. 151 refresher courses.D. workshop for college principals. 10179 Teacher participants have been benefited through these programmes. in the area of social science. • Workshop for College Principals / Registrars / Group-A of the UGC Officials • Short Term Course for Senior Faculty like Professors.edu.hD full time Scholors(Research Methodology and report writing) • Short term Programme for P. Tiruchirapalli) Specialization: Financial Management. implement. and 39 special programmes including workshop for college principals.D. Banking Technology and Human Resource Management. the ASC converted in to non-plan the ASC will participate in all academic activities such as training the teachers.in 147 .D.in) • Workshop for college Principals • Summer Schools / Winter Schools for all teachers • Ph. (Annamalai University) Specialization: Educational Psychology. projects • As per the UGC XI-Plan guidelines. Hariharan.hD guide(Research Methodology and Statistics) • Short term Programme for P.pondiuni.pondiuni. organize. Future programmes The UGC-Academic Staff College regularly organising orientation and refresher courses. special programmes are also conducted. www. In addition to these programmes.uGC-aCaDeMIC sTaff ColleGe The UGC has established Academic Staff Colleges in different universities all over the country and fifty seven are exist today. The Academic Staff College of Pondicherry University is one among them and was established in 1987. In addition to these courses following special programmes may be organised. scholars in the area of social sciences • Publishes periodical Newsletter and ASC Bulletin • Conducting research projects leading to professional development • The ASC regularly publishing quarterly news letters • The ASC regularly conducting evaluation studies.hD part time Teachers Scholar (Quantitie Technique and Research Method and Methodology) • Special programmes for university administrative staff and UGC officials • Three day workshop for Group C and D staff of universities • All India Directors’ Meet Research and extension activities • Faculty members of ASC guiding Ph. Ph. Scholars (Science and Social Sciences) • Summer School • Winter School • Office Administration and IT for University Administrators .D. Associate Professors of Central and State Universities • Workshops for Research Guides (Social Sciences and Applied Sciences) • Professional Development for Non-Academic Group B & C including UGC Staff as per XI-Plan guidelines • Interaction Programme for Ph.D.MEET Special features The UGC-Academic Staff College of Pondicherry University is regularly conducting courses such as • Orientation Courses for newly appointed teachers of Colleges and Universities. monitor and evaluate Academic Staff Orientation Programmes for newly appointed college and university teachers. Special programmes FACULTy Reader P.

pondiuni.edu. Dr. agricultural. In short. the day of Decennial Celebrations of Pondicherry University. Community College is ‘for’ the Community and ‘of’ the Community. Programmes 2010-11 Under Graduate Programmes (Three Years) Bachelore of Computer Application (BCA) Bachelor of Biochemistry (B. The PUCC attempts to create a model of employment-oriented education with the collaboration and cooperation of members of various commercial.-BC) Bachelor of Business Management PG Diploma Programmes (One Year) Computer Application (PGDCA) Diploma Programmes (One / Two Year) Accounting & Taxation Medical Record & Administration Medical Lab Technology Insurance Management Hardware Management Information Technology Graphics & Animation Video Production Sales Management Computer Graphics & Web Technology Sanitary Inspector Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) (One & Half Years) Certificate Programmes Tally Event Management Tourism Guidance Data Entry & Processing Computer Graphics Spoken English Radio Jockey & Reporting Reporting & News Casting Objectives of Community College: The motto of Pondicherry University Community College is “Education for Employment” through skill formation. The model is similar to the one seen in USA and Canada. Ph. KUMARI. 148 www. A. through a comprehensive educational model which fosters intellectual enlightment. Chairperson of University Grants Commission formally inaugurated the College on 16th October 1995. This goal is sought to be achieved by four fold functions. for `social transformation’.in . research and extension. teaching. government and academic institutions and organisations. Principal Prof. The educational activities are designed in response to the needs of the local community.PonDICheRRy unIVeRsITy CoMMunITy ColleGe Pondicherry University Community College – first of its kind in the Indian University system – endeavours to create professionally skilled manpower at supervisory levels and to supply quality personnel to organizations.Sc. K. Desai. social commitment. industries and Government to cope up with the market demands of quality products and services. vocational and life skill development. viz.S. emotional balance and moral upright. The Pondicherry University Community College acts under the general. Mission: “Capacity building” in youth with special reference to the underprivileged sections of the community including women. so as to ensure a better quality of life.. Dr.D. S. Vision: To reach out the unreached youth population and empower them with need oriented and value based education and training to become partners of National development process. academic and administrative supervision of Pondicherry University.

one in Computer Applications (MCA). Human Resource Management More details of the programmes offered through Distance Education are available in the separate brochure published by the Directorate of Distance Education and also in the University website www. (University of Madras. Business Laws www.MBA (General) Specialization: Business Administration. Karaikudi) Coordinator. Ph. Dramatics and Folklore Programmes of study MBA PROGRAMMES MBA -Human Resource Management MBA . (Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University) Coordinator. Coimbatore) Coordinator.V.MBA (Finance) Specialization: Accounting and Finance. Pondicherry University.General PG PROGRAMMES M. Phil.in 149 .B. Ancient Literature. D. Library Directorate of Distance Education has established an exclusive library in the DDE building for the benefit of DDE students.A. Arivunambi. (Under Twinning Programme only) Assistant Professors Punitha. (Bharathiar University. Phil. M.D. The library houses all the study materials of DDE for ready reference. Prisoners who pursue various courses offered in the Directorate of Distance Education. Pondicherry University. Widows/Deserted women. International Business. project reports of MBA. Academic Coordinator-III Arvind Gupta. Ph.DIReCToRaTe of DIsTanCe eDuCaTIon The University has a Directorate of Distance Education. Phil.B. MD.A. Pondicherry. M. The Twinning Programme Institutions offer beside 5 M. Assignments of PG Students. Trans-genders.D. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Sk. Human Resource Management. Programmes. The Directorate offers M.A. Advertising.Marketing MBA -International Business MBA .000 learners from all over India had enrolled since inception to 2010-11 in various courses from Directorate of Distance Education. The Directorate of Distance Education has 46 Twinning Programme Institutions spread all over India including one institution at United Arab Emirates.MBA (Human Resource Management) Specialization: Business Ethics. Madurai) Specialization: Epics.MBA (Marketing) Specialization: Marketing Management. Finance. (Alagappa University. The admission process commences in the month of April/May/.Finance MBA . Library caters to the referring needs of the students who visit the DDE Office. question banks and other dailies & magazines. Director i/c Prof.C. (Madurai Kamraj University. Financial Management. The DDE is extending following concessions: 1) 50% fee concession to the Non-Teaching employees of Pondicherry University and their wards. M. 2) 50% fee concession to the serving Defence Personnel of the Indian Armed Forces who pursue various courses offered in the Directorate of Distance Education. in all the courses offered by the Directorate of Distance Education Pondicherry University.pondiuni.E. Services Marketing.pondiuni. Human Resource Management and General. A. assortment of journals related to the courses offered in DDE.in Officers and Faculties of D. programmes in 5 branches viz. Pondicherry. Organizational Behaviour and Business Environment Umasri . 3) 50% fee concession to the Physically Challenged. Chennai)) Coordinator. Marketing. A. About 1. Pondicherry.70. nizamuddin.edu.edu.

PlaCeMenT Cell
 One of the main responsibilities of the Placement Cell is to motivate, train and prepare the students of the University and its affiliated Colleges for campus interviews.  It plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students of the University and its affiliated Colleges for their successful career placement which is crucial interface for the students between the stages of completion of academic programme of studies and entry into suitable employment.

Vice-Chancellor and Director of Studies with Executives of Reserve Bank of India

Major activities of the Placement Cell:  Organising On and Off Campus Interviews  Organising training programmes like Personality       
Development Programmes, Mock Aptitude Tests, Group Discussion training, Mock Interviews etc., Enabling Industry Institute Interaction Co-ordinating Industrial Visits Co-ordinating Project Placement for the Students Supporting Technical Seminars / Conferences / Workshops organized by various Departments Organising Student workshops with major corporate Organising faculty development programmes collaborating with companies Facilitating Industry Institute Interactions through inviting experts for lectures, members of project and laboratory evaluation panels, members of selection committees etc.,. Inviting Industries for possible collaborations with Pondicherry University

Placements@PU: (Since the Academic Year 2006-2007 till date) Number of Interviews Organized : 254 Number of students placed : 3214 Companies visited PU during 2006-2010:
Reserve Bank of India, Cognizant, Accenture, HCL, Wipro, Patni Computers, TCS, Infosys, Satyam, HP, GE Health Care, Keane, L&T Infotech, IDBI, HSBC, Standard Charted, Kotak Securities, Honeywell, Hindustan Zinc, Reliance, ICICI Bank, LVB, Syntel, Polaris,Cox & Kings, Hi Tours, Berger Paints, High Design, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America etc.,.

Recruiters can contact:
S.K.V. Jayakumar, M.E., (Ph.D.) Phone: 91-413-2654514 (off), 9489325957 (Mob) Placement Co-ordinator Email: skvjey@gmail.com Placement Cell / Student Services Centre Pondicherry Central University R.V. Nagar, Kalapet Puducherry - 605014



affiliated Institutions - Ph.D. supervisors

Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC), Puducherry
Subject Offered Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. P. Jambulingam Dr. S. Sabesan Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy Dr. K. Gunasekaran Dr. S. Poopathi Dr. N. Pradeep Kumar Dr. K. P. Paily Dr. A. R. Rajavel Dr. V. Vasuki Dr. R. Srinivasan Dr. M. Kalyanasundaram Dr. Nisha Mathew Dr. L.K. Das Specialisation Zoology ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Chemisstry ,, Epidemiology Eligibility


Candidates with/ without fellowships, Candidates employed in research projects and permanent employees involved in research at VCRC are eligible.

Chemistry Epidemiology

Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC), Port Blair, a&N Islands
Subject Offered Microbiology & Entomology Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. P.Vijaychari Dr. D. Biswas Dr. A. N. Shriram Specialisation Microbiology Microbiology Entomology Quesion paper pattern Syllabus Medical Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Mol.Medical Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Medical Entomology.


Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for P.G. Studies (KMCPGS), Puducherry
Subject Offered Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. S. Gauthaman Dr. K. Panjangam Dr. K. Parimalam Dr. Chinta Nila Devi Dr. S. Thillaivanam Dr. N. Elango Dr. V. Karunanidhi Dr. S. Sathiaseelan Dr. A. Vijayarani Specialisation Sangam and Ethical Literature Modern Literature and Literary criticism Feminism & Sangam Literature Religious Literature and Epic History and Grammar Folklore & Sangam Literature Grammar and Modern Literature Folklore and Linguistics Sangam Literature & History of Tamil Literature Quesion paper pattern Syllabus


As per the University pattern

P.G. standard



Subject Offered

Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. A. Pragasam Dr. G. Kumaravelu Dr. M.P. Ramanujam

Specialisation Environmental Biology, Plant Physiology, Anatomy Stress Physiology, Systemactic Botany, Env.Biology Environmental stress, Plant Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Pharmacognosy, Ethno Botany, Anatomy and Biodiversity Applied Microbiology, Aero Biology, Microbial Biotechnology and Ecology Medical Botany, Ecology and Potochemistry Marine Biotechnology Fisheries Science Fishery & Environmental Science Endocrinology Toxicology Endocrinology Environmental Toxicology/ Reproductive Biology Environmental Science Electric and Magnetic Fields over Dielectrics, Ultrasonics, Spectroscopy, Crystal Growth. Magnetic Fields over Dielectrics, Ultrasonics, Spectroscopy, Crystal Growth Photonics. Molecular Spectroscopy and Chemical Informatics Photo Chemistry & Kinetics Fund Management, Equity Research and HRM Finance, Banking and Insurance American Literature ELT

Quesion paper pattern



Dr. S. Nadanakunjitham Dr. Bijayakumar Nayak Dr. Ashwini Kumar Dixit Dr. V. Anandan Dr. A. Gunasingh Dr. R. Kumaran Dr. G. Krishnamoorthy Dr. V. Ramalingam Dr. S. Rajalakshmi Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupts


As per University pattern

P.G. standard


Dr. G. Meenakshi Dr. V. Arjunan Dr. Ashok Kumar Jana


Dr. D. Aravazhi Irisappane Commerce Dr. R. Azhagaiah English Dr. O.P. Shyma Dr. D. Gunasekaran

Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC), Puducherry
Dr. T. Sundararajan Hydraulics Water Resources Engineering, Non-Conventional Materials, Construction Management, Ground Water Management Structural Engineering, Construction Materials, Non-Conventional Materials Water supply and waste water Engg., Industrial waste management, Water quality modelling, Environmental Modeling and Risk Assessment. Transportation Engineering Water Supply and Waste Water Engg., Industrial Waste Management Energy and Environmental Management Cost-effective construction caterials and Technology construction mangement, Fiber reinforced concrete/ matrix, Thin reinforced construction products/ matrix Two hour objective type questions All subjects of B.Tech., Civil Engg. & M.Tech. Advanced construction Tech. & Environmental Engg.

Dr. S. Kothandaraman


Dr. R. Saravanane Dr. V. L. Narasimha Dr. Govindaradjane

A. Jagannathan



Commnication and Networks Digital Image Processing. Information Security High Speed Networks. Biomedical Engineering Quesion paper pattern Syllabus Mechanical Engineering Dr. S. Mech. Digital Image Processing. Wireless Commu. Databases. High Speed Networks Object oriented system. Saminadan Dr. Senthilvelan Dr. Jayanthi Dr.Nakeeran Dr. Digital Image Processing Mobile Adhoc Networks. Biometrics As per the University pattern P. P. Optical Networks. Digital Communication Information and Network Security. S. Software Engg. Software Engineering Image and Video Processing. G. K. N.F. V. Ezhilarasan www.pondiuni. M. ASIC and VLSI Design Image Video Processing. & Thermal Srimas Materials and Manufacturing Modeling & Simulation studies in Mech.N. Tribology.G. Vivekanandan Dr.Sreenath Dr. E. M. M. Wireless communicaquestions Communication Networks tions Engg. Image Processing Wireless Communication. Thambidurai Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Nithyanandan Dr. Wireless Communication. P.IC Engine. Srinivasan Dr. G. Elabsezhian Dr. Mohamed Ali Dr. Tamilarasi Dr. Engg. R.Engg. Selvaraju Dr. Object Oriented Distributed Computing. Optical Networks. V. Distributed Systems. Information Security. K. Multimedia Networks. Alternative Fuels Wireless Communication Digital Signal Processing. K. Sudha Dr. Sensor Networks Personal and Wireless Communication Networks.hours of fields of Elecnication and RF Communication objective tronics and type Optical Communication.edu. Mahadevan Specialisation Production/Manufacturing Engg. Real Time systems. Data Compression. Nagarajan Covering different fields of Mech. Alagumurthi Dr. Kanmani Dr. Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr. Standard Dr. Pugazhvadivu Dr. Data compression. G.Subject Offered Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr.in 153 . Digital Signal Processing. K. Dananjayan Dr. T. Palaniradja Dr. Design Metallurgy Modelling & Simulation in Manufacturing & Thermal systems Surface engineering synthesis and characterization of nano materials and coatings. A. Micro machining Thermal Engineering . N. Wirless Sensor Networks. Multimedia. R. Digital System Design Wireless . Vijayalakshmi Covering Two different Antennas Optical Communication. Engg. Securing Wireless and Sensor Networks. Sivaradje Dr.

Natural Language Processing Network Technologies Data Management. Wind Energy Systems Applications of AI techniques to power system optimization and electrical machines Power system operation and control DSP Based Power Control Power Electronics. G. Gnanadass Dr. P. Ilavarasan Intelligent Systems.in . Rajambal Dr. plan. Adavtive and nonlinear control As per the University pattern P.objective ning. Intelligent Techniques. control. estimation. R. Subramanian Dr. Ananda Natarajan Electrical & Electronics Engg. fault diagnosis and condition monitoring Microprocessor/ microcontroller/FPGA based system design Power Electronics. K. Christopher Asir Rajan Dr. B. Rajambal Dr. Himavathi Dr. R. Ajay Vimal Raj 154 www.Dr. Rami Reddy Dr. Power Systems. Power Electronics. Alamelu Nachiappan Dr. estimation. Information Security Distributed systems. A.edu. Wind Energy Conversion Systems Power Electronics Power System Quality Power System Optimization Process control and instrumentation. F. Manivannan Dr. Data Modeling and Analysis Software Engineering and Architecture. Optimization.pondiuni. S. Computer Algorithms Intelligent techniques for Modeling.G. Internet Computing and Web Services Digital Signal Processing. Saraswathi Dr. E. Electrical Drives. Electro Magnetics Control Two hours of Power system optimization. N. control. K. operation. Drives and control AI techniques. Jeevanantham Dr. Ravi Dr. Dr. S. K. Power electronic type appliction to power systems questions AI techniques to Power systems Power system optimization Power Electronics. G. S. Sudhakaran Dr. Speech Processing. Muthuramalingam Dr. Manoharan Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Sagayaraj Francis Dr. Power Vehicles. tracking. Zayaraz Dr. Standard Dr. modeling . fault diagnosis and condition monitoring of Electrical and Electronic Systems Electrical Machines.

G. R. Ecology and Life Sciences Bharathidasan Womens' College Subject Offered Home Science (All branches) Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. Wildlife Biology.S.Balasubramanian Dr. Raji Sugumar Dr. Electronic structure. G. Sekar Dr. Nagarajan Dr. A. solution chemistry Radiation Catalysis Polymer Science Chemical Informatics Quesion paper pattern Syllabus Mathematics Dr. Marine Biology. Sankar As per the University pattern P. R. Standard Chemistry As per University pattern P. Josephine Nirmala Mary Specialisation All branches of Home Science Syllabus P. Palanivel Dr. S. Nano Materials High TC superconductor.edu. Sivaperuman Specialisation Marine Biology Wildlife Biology Eligibility Zoology.G. R.G. P. Kannan Dr. Standard Physics As per the University pattern P. R.Subramanian Dr. S.S. Photo lumi-nescence. B. High Pressure Physics. Nagarajan Dr. V. Structural Phase stability. Jayakumar Dr. C. S.Sekar Dr. J.pondiuni. Thermo luminescence Solid State Lithium Batteries. T.T. V. Harish Kumar Dr. Kannan Dr. Ayyappan Dr. Stochastic Process and Queuing Theory Commutative Algebras and Homological Theory Computational Fluid Dynamics Solid State Physics. Palanivel Dr. Raghunathan Dr. B. Kalaiselvi Dr. Sitaramaiah Dr. Standard www. Mangayarcarassy Specialisation Theory of Numbers Special Functions Fluid Mechanics Numerical Analysis Probability. S.V. Padmanabham Dr.G. CMR compounds Ceramic Oxides Solid State Physics: Electronics Structures Luminescence Ferroelectrics Solid State Physics: CMR and Ceramic Oxides Computational Physics Electro chemistry. J. Kaliappan Dr. Standard Zoological Survey of India (ZSI).Subject Offered Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. Elastic & optical studies Luminescence. P. C.in 155 . Port Blair Subject Offered Taxonomy Ecology Zoogeography Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr.Murugan Dr. B.

Biodiversity conservation.org Research Projects Dr. Ambika Kumari Dr. Forest dynamics. Diaspora studies). Cedric Gaucherel Dr. Ramesh Dr. Forest structure. L. Devi Prasad Mishra Dr. Lakshmi Narasimham Dr. Raphaël Pelissier ECOLOGY Keywords and thematic fields: Population/ community/landscape Ecology. Ganesan Dr.pondiuni. archaeology. Ganagadevi Law Dr. Narendran Kodandapani Geomatics and Applied Informatics Laboratory Dr. Sanskrit studies (Grammar. Cedric Vega Specialisation Saiva Agama. Phil degree in South Indian History (history. T. Solomon Raja Dr. classical Tamil studies. Paleoenvironments Dr.French Institute of Pondicherry Subject Offered INDOLOGY Keywords and thematic fields: M. epigraphy). Standard Question paper pattern Syllabus 156 www. Ayyapan N.ifpindia. K.edu. spatial modeling. Saivasiddhanta. Literature. S. Aerobiology and Paleoecology Tropical Forest Ecology Forest dynamics. Saiva Agama. Law college. Murugesan Dr. ambedkar Govt. Cheryl Nath Dr. Anupama K. B. Tamil Studies (contemporary Tamil studies. Distribution of species. Dr.R. Agama) Philology. Literature Name of the Recognised Supervisors Dr.in . Manuscriptology. Dr. Puducherry Subject Offered Name of the Recognised supervisors Dr. Biomass. biodiversity conservation Environmental Geography Remote sensing of forest ecosystems See Website www. N. Chandrasegaran Specialisation Law Law Law Law Two hours of objective type questions P. Saiva Siddhanta Sanskrit Grammar Sanskrit Literature Sanskrit Literature and Manuscriptology Medical Geography / Rural and Urban Studies Ecosystem Ecology and Theoretical Ecology Tropical forest Ecology Forest Ecology Palynology. M.G.

are to be paid along with the fee arrears with fine after obtaining Vice-Chancellor’s approval.2011 (Friday) 28. fine to be paid @ Rs.2011 (Monday) 07.07.2011 (Friday) 11. Diploma Programmes of the University) University reopens after summer vacation on Monday.2011 to 25.per day for the first 10 days.2011 26.G.11.06.2012 (Saturday) to 24.G.12.5/./ M. to 01.06.2012 * For Odd semester students ** For Even semester students # If not paid by the last date.2012 28.1000/.2011 to 03.11.2012) Last date for payment of fees # Last date for dropping courses Submission of Registration Cards to the Academic Section End of classes Commencement of Examinations Completion of Examinations Last date for declaration of provisional results Period of Session 27.2011 (Friday) 29. & P. (Friday) ACADEMIC CALENDAR FOR THE UNIVERSITy PROGRAMMES 2011-2012 SUMMER VACATIOn (2011-12) .in 157 . 04.01.2012 (Friday) 03.12.10/.edu.11.2011 (Wednesday) 14.2011 (Friday) 14.11.per day thereafter up to the last day of the month in which the fees due.11.2011 (Friday) 18.06.2011 (Monday) 25.05.2011 (Monday) 15.2011 (Wednesday) 16.pondiuni.Phil.(for P.12.11.2012 (Sunday) UnIVERSITY REOPEnS On 25.2011 (Monday) 29.07.2012 (Thursday) 04.2011 to 30. After that the readmission fees of Rs. (Wednesday) 20. Rs.05.2011) Last date for payment of fees # Last date for dropping courses Submission of Registration Cards to the Academic Section End of classes Commencement of Examinations Completion of Examinations Last date for declaration of provisional results COuNSELLING AND REGISTRATION** wINTER VACATION Commencement of Regular Classes EVEN SEMESTER (28.2011 to 17.plus UDF Rs.2011 (Friday) 22. the 27th June 2011 Semester Description COuNSELLING AND REGISTRATION* Commencement of Regular Classes ODD SEMESTER (27. www.

2655734 araca2@pondiuni.edu.Important Note: (i) (ii) (iii) University reserves the right to make changes in the information provided herein.pondiuni.edu.in 158 www. Not withstanding the information given in the brochure. For up-to-date information including changes in the programmes listed in this Prospectus. Loganathan Registrar Puducherry CONTACTS EPABX: 0413 . the University has the ultimate right to decide on any issue as per its rules and regulations.edu.in may be checked from time to time.pondiuni. S.in .2654300 fAX: 0413 . the University website www. This cannot be quoted for any sanction.

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