Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating hurricane to hit the United States.

On August 29, 2005, Katrina ripped through the southern coast of the U.S. Damaging the city of New Orleans and nearby Mississippi. Katrina’s surge sent a 29 foot high wave that crashed into the southern coast, causing water levees to break, which caused many problems for years. Katrina killed nearly 2,000 people, and displaced hundreds of thousands more.

Katrina also struck a blow to President George W. Bush. The late response times for emergency relief put Bush in a bad political standpoint to the citizens of America. Also, the billions spent on relief and recovery mortified economic capabilities of the area. Three years after the hurricane, a federal judge found that poor maintenance of a water channel led to major damage when the area flooded. The Army Corps of Engineers were responsible, which was the first time the government was held responsible for flooding since the hurricane struck. Many of the homeowners were recompensed. Hurricane Katrina changed the lives of many people.

Hurricane Katrina’s Devastation Hurricane Katrina Approaching .

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