Owabong, an Water Attraction in Bojongsari,Purbalingga.

There are owabong Swimming astray, Olympic Swimming, Swimming INITIAL (waterboom), Flying Fox, the Open Air Festival ,the swimingpool of free tsunami and the Therapy BIGGEST Fish in Indonesia. Owabong become the largest tourist destination in Central Java. Provided with the Cottage for you to stay. At first, this attraction is the public baths (swimming pool), located in the same location, Bojongsari village. Pool was first built in 1946 by a Dutch citizen, with the name of the Baths Bodjongsari.They built a swimming pool as recreational facilities and a special bath for the family and descendants of Dutch, because they are pleased with the clarity of water drained by (spring) the Cipawon tuk, Cikupel, and Cidandang tuk. Early Bodjongsari bathing pond area is built around one hectare.The first dimension is the length of the pool 33 m and 17 m wide and 3.5 m deep pond. The first stone is laid out neatly, thus

8 hectares. Owabong was inaugurated by Mr. .forming a natural pond and beautiful impression Bodjongsari Swimming baths are also known to have a miracle. facilities and varying the number of swimming pools bathing Bodjongsari renamed Owabong (Water Bojongsari Tourism). Mardiyanto as Governor of Central Java on March 18. a swimming pool taken over ownership of local governments if Purbalingga to be renovated and developed into one of the assets of the largest water attraction in Central Java with an area of 4. With the addition of a variety of land. In June 2004 an early developmental Bodjongsari swimming baths. 2005.