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Pa Tho Physiology of Cushing

Pa Tho Physiology of Cushing

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Published by: Louise Rojo on Jul 28, 2011
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Pathophysiology of Cushing’s syndrome

Legend Disease process

Precipitating factors

Predisposing factors

Manifestations Management

Stress responses inside the hypothalamus

Release of corticotropinreleasing hormone to the anterior pituitary gland Increase activities of

Stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release adenocorticotro pic hormone

ACTH acts primarily on the adrenal cortex of the kidneys

Hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex

Increase levels of Mineralocorticoids Renin is secreted from the kidneys to stimulate the production of Angiotensin; angiotensin stimulates the secretion of aldosterone. If renin-angiotensin mechanism is

Increase levels of glucocorticoids (cortisol)

Hypertensi on AntiHPN Drugs



Development of the secondary male characteristics in women,menstru al irregularities

Increase levels of androgen sex hormone Can cause virilization of the female Development of low self-esteem


Increase ACTH activities in the adrenal cortex

bradycardia. muscle weakne ss. Provide ROM exercises Cardiac dysrhythmia Altered blood flow B D Avoid strenuous activities. irregular rhythm Myopat hy. increase urine output Potassiu m supplem ents H Excess sodium is transported back to the blood Water follows where sodium goes Potassium is secreted in the tubular filtrate for elimination in the urine Decrease in intracellular potassium Sodium and water retention Decrease in resting potential of the cells Tachycardia. .A Increase sodium potassium exchange in the late distal and cortical collecting tubules of the Hypokale mia.

B G Increase protein catabolism E Mobilization of fatty acids to form glucose for energy Buffalo hump. polyphagi a. polyuria Increase gluconeogenesis in the Peripheral glucose use falls Hyperglycemia Depression Increased viscosity of the blood Counseli ng F Diet modification. ecchymoses. moon face. acne Collagen supplements. thinning of the skin. administer insulin Suicidal attempt B G F &D H H . truncal obesity. avoid scratching Diet modificatio n Hepatome galy Insulin resist ant Polydypsia .

cardiac irregularities. Greenish-black the affected cyanotic . of the color Cyanotic part.D. I Surgical Surgical removal removal of of the the 02 dead dead 02 intubati part part inhalatio on n Decrease in movements due to weakness H Black Decrease in discoloration of O2 saturation. bone weakness and osteoporosis Anticipate the need for diuretics Stricture of the blood vessels Provide ROM exercises Obstruction of the blood flow C C. no pain tachypnic affected part events sensorium C. I H Poor blood circulation Gangrene Poor tissue perfusion Septicemi Cell death/ necrosis DEATH .B Increased pressure in the capillaries/ blood vessels Decrease protein (albumin) in the blood which holds the fluids G Altered Calcium metabolism Leakage of fluids into the extra vascular spaces Decrease absorption of calcium by the bones Decrease intensity in muscle contraction Edem a Enlargement of the tissues due to increase absorption of leaked out fluids Muscle weakness and atrophy. F.F. D.

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