Advertising Portfolio

Paul Flood

Client: Carlsberg Media: Radio Title: µThe Last Thing You Said¶ Length: 45 seconds Date: July 7 th, 2011 Copywriter: Paul Flood


What was the last thing you said? It¶s been a while since you spoke but you remember ± it¶s ingrained on your mind like half a metaphor on the other half of a metaphor. There, you have it! Now focus on the second word of that thing you said. Here comes the math-or-maths: multiply it by two, then delete every second letter. Throw a big µC¶ at the front and a small µberg¶ at the end... Yes, Ckddjsdaberg! It sounds like that lovely Danish beer doesn¶t it? Remarkably, it always does. Now go and get some ± I¶ll have one too...´ Now that calls for a Carlsb...



Ta-ta! No need for that, our work here is done. ENDS.