Nicolas Rothschild 722 Apple Court Louisville, CO 80027 720-272-8019 nicolas.rothschild@colorado.

edu WORK EXPERIENCE 2011 SiriusXM Radio Washington, DC Sports Programming Intern y Learned the audio editing software called Dalet and worked exclusively in cutting/editing audio of interviews and highlights. y Worked in studio with various channels screening calls, operating the sound board, and producing radio shows. y Was a part of a professional media setting on a daily basis, working as part of a team to produce highlight packages and other specialized projects. y On air experience as part of the ³For Credit Only´ Intern podcast. 2008-present Monarch Little League Co-Director of Umpires Louisville, CO Manage umpires for youth baseball games y Worked as an umpire for six years in various competitive leagues and tournaments prior to being selected Co-Director of Umpires. Duties include: Creating a training program for new umpires, scheduling, coordinating umpires, and maintaining the umpire to coach relationship. Requires in-depth knowledge of the game as well as devotion, confidence, and leadership qualities. OTHER SKILLS y y Professional video shooting experience on both Mini DV and HD camera¶s. Adept at framing shots, creating sequences, and visual storytelling. Expert interview abilities including finding a subject to interview, coming up with direct and relevant questions, and executing the interview to collect good footage and audio. Complete knowledge of Final Cut Pro and working experience using it to put together documentary-style pieces. Editorial writing experience with the Louisville Times, specifically in sports reporting. Classroom experience in writing TV and radio scripts. Blogging experience with College Sports Feed, writing about topics including NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, and the MLB.

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EDUCATION 2011 Summer in Washington Journalism Program Certificate of Completion 2009 - 2013 University of Colorado at Boulder Journalism ± Broadcast News Washington, DC

Boulder, CO

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