Fill in the top bit.

Help me finish illustrating this graveyard for all the stuff you ate.
Their souls are ascending to Heaven.

“I have really bad skin.”

I just tried to look out the window to see the scaffolding these guys are building, but
I hit my head really hard on the corner. Draw the mystical vision that I saw here.

Single ____________________, is seeking a ____________________
for ____________________ and comic book reading parties. Must
know a lot about comics and also it wouldn’t hurt if you also collected
____________________ like I do. My collection is actually the premier collection
on the Eastern seaboard. I ____________________ with it every day and
____________________ amongst it every night. You must not touch me. Reply to

These gentlemen need you to draw them great hairstyles that will help them to feel
self-confident and successful.

Draw the fungi forest on and around my foot.

Fill in the top and bottom bits.

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