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Transforming Communities Through Service

Transforming Communities Through Service

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Published by: ICICP on Jul 28, 2011
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Ericus Adams, Program Director
(860) 951-7694

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clean, well-maintained properties. Green Crew has also partnered with the MDC to plant two trees for every one
removed during the installation of its Clean Water project. Like the fee-for-service work for the City, this project raises
funds for the Green Crew as it works to improve Hartford’s environment and quality of life. The trees Members plant
through this partnership will live over 100 years and benefit Hartford for generations to come. Green Crew also
collaborates with Our Piece of the Pie’s AmeriCorps program to provide the greatest variety and quality of training
possible for both programs’ AmeriCorps Members.

Success Stories

The dedicated Green Crew staff has an amazing way of helping each and every member. Members join Green Crew with a
variety of challenges. Many have a criminal record, substance abuse history and never completed high school. The staff
never judges the Members and provides an immeasurable amount of support, training and guidance. This results in a
graduation rate of 80% which is increasing each year.

Green Crew’s enrollment rates are always 100% and its ability to generate volunteers stems from two places: its
reputation as the “Go To” organization for meaningful volunteer projects in Hartford and the Green Crew’s ability to
handle the hardest and most technical work of volunteer projects. Volunteers can undertake a park restoration in one day
because the Green Crew is there to set up the tasks, handle power equipment and guide the volunteers. The training and
support of Members enables the Green Crew to have a broad and lasting impact in the Hartford community.

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