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How to Grab Books From Google Books

How to Grab Books From Google Books

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Published by asdtre
How to Grab "Full view" and "Limited Preview" Books From Google Books
How to Grab "Full view" and "Limited Preview" Books From Google Books

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Published by: asdtre on Sep 20, 2008
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--- HOW TO GRAB BOOKS FROM GOOGLE BOOKS --This tutorial will allow you to: - Grab a book which is tagged

as �Full View� on google book search and make a PDF of it; - Grab about 65% of a book which is tagged as �Limited Preview� on google book search. This tutorial will NOT allow you to grab books which are tagged with "No preview available" or "Snippet view". NOTE that many of the �Full view� books (specifically the older ones, whose copyright is expired) are available as a hi-res PDF download directly form google books, just get them from there.

Otherwise, proceed as follows: - Copy the HTTP address of the book from google book search (any page is good), and paste it on http://book.huhiho.com - Press the �Get� button. You will be shown links to ALL of the pages you can get from that book. NOTE that if the book was �Limited preview�, some 35% af the pages will be missing. - Grab those links with a download manager of your choice. I use Orbit, which has a convenient "Download all" feature (most apps have it anyway). - If the book was "Limited preview", google will stop letting you download from that book after about 50 downloaded pages. This it does by checking your IP address. So, you just have to change it (e.g. disconnect and reconnect to your ISP), download another 50 pages, change IP, and so on. NOTE that your ISP may assign you the same IP you had just before, or the one you had one hour before, in which case google will again deny your requests (the ban lasts several hours). Just change IP again. So, now you have all the pages you can get. NOTE that the horizontal resolution of the images is 800, which makes it impractical to OCR them or use DJVU compressing. ( Also note, as an aside, that this resolution is governed by a "&w=800" string in the HTTP address. By tweaking with it (or with the corresponding "&h" height argument) you can get bigger images, but these will be just interpolations (so nothing really better), the real resolution they are stored with by google is 800 ) Still, it is nice to assemble those images in a PDF. To do it, use any app of your choice. NOTE that some of those apps internally convert the images in a plain bitmap format and then assemble them, which makes

the size of the PDF grow immensely. I use VeryPDF Image2PDF, which doesn't have this problem (you can find the app & the serial on the internet). That's all folks!

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