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Automated Customer Refund Process

Automated Customer Refund Process

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Published by: Nitin Gupta on Jul 29, 2011
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No user interaction is needed. . which in turn will submit request to Oracle Payments for the fund disbursement. users need to apply the receipt to Refund. Receivables submits the request to AP for automated refund. For credit card transactions. For manual refund.REQUIRED SETUPS Automated Refunds Setup and Process The key setup steps are: 1. For non-credit card transactions. 2. For credit memos created via Auto Invoice. Set Receipt Handling for Credits to Refund in your transaction source The process is then executed as follows: 1. Receivables submits the request to Oracle Payments directly. Create a receivables activity for Refund 2. 4. 3. the refund process is automated.

Automated Refunds Setup and Process SETUP PROCESS Create credit memo (Auto Invoice) Request Refund Process Setup Receivables Activity for Refund Oracle Payables Setup Transaction Source: Receipt Handling for Credits Refunds or On Account? Refund Workflow approval process Workflow remittance process On account Create on account credit Fund Disbursement (Oracle Payments) Automated process .

± Credit Card Refund activity type is still available for credit card refund only.Automated Refunds Setup Receivables Activity ± Refund activity type is applicable for automated non-credit card refunds ± You must create a Receivables Activity with this Refund type to process your automated AP refund. .

Receivables submits the refund request to AP.Automated Refunds Setup Transaction Sources ± Set Receipt Handling for Credits to Refund in your transaction source ‡ Applicable for both automated credit card refunds and automated AP (non-credit card) refunds ± For credit card transactions. which in turn submits the request to Oracle Payments ± Credit Card Refund has been replaced with Refund for Receipt Handling for Credits . Receivables submit the refund request to Oracle Payments directly ± For non-credit card transactions.

Automated Refunds Setup Transaction Sources ± No user interaction is needed. ‡ Create credit memos via Auto Invoice ‡ Refunds are automated ‡ View refund status in AP workbench .

apply the receipt to Refund ± For Refund application.Automated Refunds Process Applications Form ± To create manual refund. the button Refund Attributes is enabled ‡ Click on this button to view and update your refund attributes .

± Party Bank Account: Bank account to deposit the refund to. ± Delivery Channel: Determine how banks actually process a payment. ± Pay Alone: When checkbox is selected.Automated Refunds Process New Refund Attributes Form ‡ Refund Attributes: ‡ Attribute values are defaulted from payee setup.2. ± Customer Address: Address to send the refund to. the refund is not grouped with other refunds. . ± Remittance Message 1. ‡ Attribute name and meaning: ± Customer Name: The customer receiving the refund. ± Refund Payment Method: Refund method defined in Oracle Payments. You are allowed to overwrite the values. ± Customer Number: The customer receiving the refund.3: Text fields that a user can enter in information. Default: customer name on the receipt.

Automated Refunds Process View Refund Status ± Use Refund Status to view the refund status in AP ± Refund status is not applicable for credit card refund .

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