Selling stone wash Jeans at college owned in prime locations like Dadar. zaveri bazaar.Background of Kishore Biyani ‡ 3 Generations of Biyani family were in Mumbai ‡ Plus points of family. achieved 3 lakhs orders within 6 months . Mumbai ‡ Earlier business . was not keen on getting involved in family business ‡ He graduated in Commerce from HR College. Malbar hills ‡ Family owned Business.Retail Textile Business of Cut piece ‡ Kishore Biyani was a rebel by nature.

Preserver ‡ Mahesh.3 types of Entrepreneurs ‡ Brahma.Creator ‡ Vishnu. but they often do not go beyond it. Kishore Biyani claims to be of the 3rd type .Destroyer India have entrepreneurs till 2nd stage.

‡ Policy: Maintained NO Bargains Policy @ Both ends ! ‡ Started manufacturing of men s wear by keeping local tailors ‡ Had keen interest in latest fashion trends.Patloon ( a hindi word) . kept himself updated via Italian fashion magazines ‡ Men s wear brand name .

got machines for manufacturing ‡ Brand Knighthood Shirt brand ‡ Brand Patloon Trousers brand ‡ Pantaloon fashion 1st large scale retail outlet in then Calcutta.‡ 1992 Funding by ICICI Ventures. scaled up business . reasons being cheap availability of land and brand loyal customers .

‡ Initially. it was repositioned as Youth Store . Pantaloon was positioned as a family store ‡ Later.

‡ 2002 Ventured into Multibrand retail ‡ Concept of Big box: ± Large store on single floor with long wide aisles ± This I the style of Wal-Mart ± Sam Walton is the inspiration for Kishore Biyani .

Mumbai & Calcutta ‡ Claims he didn t copy Wall Mart but Sarvana ‡ Indians want to be get pushed.Big Bazaar launched @ Hyderabad.Big Bazaar ‡ 2001 . he has to go and see Sarvana for a week . while shopping ‡ When one joins at BB.

Sabse sasta din concept .

‡ Ultimate aim of life .Film making ‡ Food bazaar concept. tied up with APMC Vashi.Maintaining fresh products. merged with big bazaar ‡ Main problem . Chembur Agricultural Producer's Association ‡ Concept: stocking-locally .

Birth of CENTRAL.‡ Ventured into Film Making : Na tum jano na hum A complete failure ! ‡ Competition with Shopper s Stop. an Multi Brand outlet ‡ Localisation of Food Bazaar and Big Bazaar .