Digital Signal Processing

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Subject Code

: 06EC52

IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks

: 25 : 03 : 100

No. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no. of Lecture Hrs. : 52 PART - A

UNIT - 1 Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT): Frequency domain sampling and reconstruction of discrete time signals. DFT as a linear transformation, its relationship with other transforms. 7 Hours UNIT - 2 Properties of DFT, multiplication of two DFTs- the circular convolution, additional DFT properties, use of DFT in linear filtering, overlap-save and overlap-add method. 6 Hours

UNIT - 3 Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) algorithms: Direct computation of DFT, need for efficient computation of the DFT (FFT algorithms). 8 Hours

UNIT - 4 Radix-2 FFT algorithm for the computation of DFT and IDFT±decimation-in-time and decimation-infrequency algorithms. Goertzel algorithm, and chirp-z transform 6 Hours PART - B UNIT - 5 IIR filter design: Characteristics of commonly used analog filters ± Butterworth and Chebysheve filters, analog to analog frequency transformations. 6 Hours UNIT - 6 FIR filter design: Introduction to FIR filters, design of FIR filters using - Rectangular, Hamming, Bartlet and Kaiser windows, FIR filter design using frequency sampling technique 6 Hours UNIT - 7

8 Implementation of discrete-time systems: Structures for IIR and FIR systems-direct form I and direct form II systems. lattice and parallel realization. 2007.A MANAGEMENT . 06 November 2009 14:43 Subject Code : 06AL51 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 No. of Lecture Hrs. Management & Entrepreneurship Written by Administrator Friday. K.impulse invariance method. 3. Pearson education. REFERENCE BOOKS: Discrete Time Signal Processing. Digital Signal Processing. Oppenheim & Schaffer. PHI. 2nd Edition. : 52 PART . Verification for stability and linearity during mapping 7 Hours UNIT . 2003. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no. Proakis & Monalakis. cascade. 4th Edition. Digital Signal Processing. Mitra. Lee Tan: Elsivier publications. 2004. 2. New Delhi. Matched z transforms. 6 Hours TEXT BOOK: Digital signal processing ± Principles Algorithms & Applications. S. 2007 1. Tata Mc-Graw Hill. Mapping of transfer functions: Approximation of derivative (backward difference and bilinear transformation) method.Design of IIR filters from analog filters (Butterworth and Chebyshev) .

Committees ± Centralisation Vs Decentralisation of authority and responsibility .Hierarchy of plans. Development of Entrepreneurship.3 ORGANISING AND STAFFING: Nature and purpose of organization . Development of Management Thought-Early Management Approaches-Modern Management Approaches. 7 Hours PART . Motivation Theories.Span of control .Roles of Management.nature and characteristics of Management. 6 Hours .Process of Selection & Recruitment (in brief).Leadership styles.Departmentation .Types of plans (Meaning only) .steps in planning & planning premises . 7 Hours UNIT .an emerging Class.Principles of organization . Role of entrepreneurs in Economic Development. meaning and importance and Techniques of Co .2 PLANNING: Nature. Stages in entrepreneurial process. Meaning and steps in controlling . Types of Entrepreneur. Functions of an Entrepreneur.Types of organization .Importance of planning . Entrepreneurship ± its Barriers.UNIT .4 DIRECTING & CONTROLLING: Meaning and nature of directing .Objectives . importance and purpose of planning process . Evolution of the Concept.Methods of establishing control. Scope and functional areas of Management . Intrapreneur . Entrepreneurship in India. Concept of Entrepreneurship . Art or Profession Management & Administration .Decision making .1 MANAGEMENT: Introduction . 6 Hours UNIT .Essentials of a sound control system .Meaning and importance ± Coordination.ordination.MBO and MBE (Meaning only) Nature and importance of Staffing . Levels of Management.B ENTREPRENEURSHIP UNIT .Evolution of Entrepreneurship.5 ENTREPRENEUR: Meaning of Entrepreneur.Management as a Science. 6 Hours UNIT .Meaning . Communication .

I.S Chand & Co. formulation. Reddy. 2. 6 Hours UNIT . Need and Significance of Report. 2. Contents.I.I Meaning.S S Khanka . Project Selection. KSSIDC.7 INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: Different Schemes.P. Project Identification. .8 PREPARATION OF PROJECT: Meaning of Project. Management . 7 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. role of SSI in Economic Development. Privatization. Nature of Support.UNIT . Network Analysis.S. N. Guidelines by Planning Commission for Project report.Stephen Robbins . 3. Ancillary Industry and Tiny Industry (Definition only).Pearson Education ± 2006.. 7 Hours UNIT . Entrepreneurship Development . SIDBI. Government Support for S. NSIC. Principles of Management .Vasant Desai Himalaya Publishing House. Need and rationale: Objectives. Skill Development Robert Lusier ± Thomson. Objectives. Effect of WTO/GATT Supporting Agencies of Government for S. Advantages of SSI Steps to start an SSI Government policy towards SSI. Application. Financial Feasibility Study & Social Feasibility Study. KSFC. during 5 year plans..I.Pearson Education /PHI -17th Edition.6 SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY: Definition. Technical Feasibility Study.S. Globalization on S. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.S. C. 3. Project Report. KIADB. Management Fundamentals . Functions. 2003.Concepts. Tripathi. KSIMC.Small Business Enterprises .Market Feasibility Study.S. Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development & Management . Types of Help. Impact of Liberalization. TECKSOK. DIC Single Window Agency: SISI.Poornima M Charantimath . Identification of Business Opportunities . Scope. Entrepreneurship Development . Characteristics. Project Appraisal. Errors of Project Report. P. Different Policies of S. Tata McGraw Hill.

Analog Communication Written by Administrator Friday. 7 Hours UNIT . ring modulator. Coherent detection of DSBSC modulated waves. Statistical averages: Function of Random variables. Properties of Gaussian process. properties of Hilbert transform. of Lecture Hrs. Pre-envelope. Phase discrimination method for generating an SSB modulated wave. Time-Domain description. switching modulator. Detection of AM waves: square law detector.1 RANDOM PROCESS: Random variables: Several random variables. Canonical representation of band pass signals.3 SINGLE SIDE-BAND MODULATION (SSB): Quadrature carrier multiplexing. Single side-band modulation. Costas loop. 06 November 2009 14:47 Subject Code : 06EC53 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 No. Frequency-Domain description of SSB wave. Generation of AM wave: square law modulator. Time-Domain description. cross correlation functions. 7 Hours UNIT . Generation of DSBSC waves: balanced modulator. Central limit theorem. moments. Frequency Domain description. envelop detector. Double side band suppressed carrier modulation (DSBSC): Time-Domain description. Correlation and Covariance function: Principles of autocorrelation function. Mean.A UNIT . of Lecture Hrs/Week Total no. AM: Time-Domain description. Phase discrimination method for generating an SSB . Frequency-Domain representation. PART .2 AMPLITUDE MODULATION: Introduction. Hilbert transform.

Comparison of amplitude modulation techniques. Narrow bandwidth. Nonlinear model of the phase locked loop. 6 Hours UNIT . Time . Demodulation of SSB waves. 8 Hours .. generation of FM waves: indirect FM and direct FM. Nonlinear effects in FM systems.Domain description.6 ANGLE MODULATION (FM)-II: Demodulation of FM waves. shot noise. Generation of VSB modulated wave. Phaselocked loop. 6 Hours PART . 6 Hours UNIT . Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis in FM.8 NOISE IN CONTINUOUS WAVE MODULATION SYSTEMS: Introduction. thermal noise. white noise. cascade connection of two-port networks. Noise equivalent bandwidth. Noise in DSB-SC receivers. Frequency translation. Noise in SSB receivers. Noise Figure. narrow band FM. transmission bandwidth of FM waves. wide band FM. Receiver model. Frequency division multiplexing. FM.7 NOISE: Introduction. 6 Hours UNIT . 6 Hours UNIT . Equivalent noise temperature. FM stereo multiplexing. Application: Radio broadcasting. Envelop detection of VSB wave plus carrier. Noise in FM receivers.4 VESTIGIAL SIDE-BAND MODULATION (VSB): Frequency Domain description.5 ANGLE MODULATION (FM)-I: Basic definitions. FM threshold effect. AM radio. Linear model of the phase locked loop. Threshold effect.modulated wave.B UNIT . Noise in AM receivers.

2004. microwave cavities.2 MICROWAVE WAVEGUIDES AND COMPONENTS: Introduction. Modern digital and analog Communication systems B. Simon Haykins. 06 November 2009 14:49 AR Subject Code : 06EC54 : 04 : 52 PART . 2.TEXT BOOKS: 1. circular waveguides. of Lecture Hrs/Week Total no. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Simon Haykins. line impedance and line admittance.A UNIT . 7 Hours IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 No. standing waves and SWR. 2003. Pearson Edn. Communication Systems. Communication Systems: Singh and Sapre: Analog and Microwaves and Rad Written by Administrator Friday.E. John Willey. microwave hybrid circuits. rectangular waveguides. An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communication. 2. Communication Systems. 3rd Edition. John Wiley. Microwave coaxial connectors. 1996. Harold P. . reflection and transmission coefficients. 3rd ed 2005 Oxford University press. directional couplers. Smith chart. circulators and isolators.1 MICROWAVE TRANSMISSION LINES: Introduction. transmission lines equations and solutions. P. 7 Hours UNIT . Stern Samy and A Mahmond. impedance matching using single stubs. Lathi. of Lecture Hrs.

Schottky barrier diodes.7 AN INTRODUCTION TO RADAR: Basic Radar. for reciprocal Networks. 6 Hours PART . digital MTI processing. Introduction to Radar systems-Merrill I Skolnik.5 Microwave passive devices. 4 Hours UNIT . 2001. 8 Hours UNIT . application of Radar.B UNIT . the origins of Radar.4 Microwave network theory and passive devices. Radar block diagram.6 STRIP LINES: Introduction. Parametric amplifiers Other diodes: PIN diodes. Radar frequencies. Shielded strip Lines. Phase shifters. 6 Hours UNIT . Transfer electron devices: Introduction. Waveguide Tees. 2. Microwave Engineering Annapurna Das. Coaxial connectors and adapters. 7 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. 7 Hours UNIT . GUNN effect diodes GaAs diode. Moving target detector. RWH theory. IMPATT diode.Liao / Pearson Education. Microwave Devices and circuits. Microstrip lines. Attenuators. Magic tees. TMH. Symmetrical Z and Y parameters. pulse Doppler Radar. delay line Cancellers. The simple form of the Radar equation. 2001. . Modes of operation. BARITT diode.8 MTI AND PULSE DOPPLER RADAR: Introduction to Doppler and MTI Radar. Sisir K Das TMH Publication. Coplanar strip lines. 3rd Ed.3 MICROWAVE DIODES.UNIT . S matrix representation of multi port networks. Avalanche transit time devices: READ diode. 3. Parallèle strip lines.

Microwave Engineering David M Pozar. . John Wiley.REFERENCE BOOK: 1. 2004. 2e.

Four wire circuits. TDM. Congestion. Electronic switching. Network services.3 TELECOMMUNICATIONS TRAFFIC: Introduction. 4 Hours UNIT . 4 Hours DIGITAL SWITCHING SYSTEMS: Fundamentals : Purpose of analysis. Mathematical model. Transmission performance.Digital Switching Systems Written by Administrator Friday. of Lecture Hrs/Week Total no. terminology. Outside plant versus inside plant. Basics of crossbar systems. Regulation. Stored program control switching systems. Digital transmission. Queuing systems. lost call systems. Distribution systems.2 EVOLUTION OF SWITCHING SYSTEMS: Introduction.A UNIT . Unit of traffic. Network structure. Evolution of digital switching systems. Power levels. Circuit switching. Switching system hierarchy. Basic call processing. Digital switching system fundamentals.1 Developments of telecommunications. PDH and SDH. 06 November 2009 14:50 Subject Code : 06EC55 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 No. of Lecture Hrs. FDM. Functions of switching systems. Message switching. Standards. 8 Hours UNIT . PART . Building blocks of a digital switching system. . Basic central office linkages. Digital switching systems. Introduction to telecommunications transmission. Traffic measurement.

Simple call through a digital system. A methodology for proper maintenance of digital switching system. Program for software process improvement. Hardware architecture. Impact of software patches on digital switching system maintainability. Defect analysis.B UNIT .7 MAINTENANCE OF DIGITAL SWITCHING SYSTEM: Introduction. Scope. Call features. Time switching networks. 6 Hours PART . . Digital switching system software classification. Call models. System outage and its impact on digital switching system reliability. Diagnostic resolution rate. Generic program upgrade. 6 Hours UNIT . Interface of a typical digital switching system central office.6 SWITCHING SYSTEM SOFTWARE: Introduction. Firmware-software coupling.5 TIME DIVISION SWITCHING: Introduction. Software processes improvement. Basic software architecture. Scope. Feature interaction. Growth of digital switching system central office. Software processes. Defect analysis. Link Systems. GOS of Linked systems. Number of patches applied per year. Reported critical and major faults corrected. Operating systems. Effect of firmware deployment on digital switching system. Software architecture. Metrics. Software architecture for level 2 control.6 Hours UNIT . Single stage networks. Switching system maintainability metrics. Recovery strategy. Software architecture for level 3 control. Database Management. Synchronisation.4 SWITCHING SYSTEMS: Introduction. Feature flow diagram. Concept of generic program. Gradings.8 A GENERIC DIGITAL SWITCHING SYSTEM MODEL: Introduction. A strategy improving software quality. space and time switching. 8 Hours UNIT . Software architecture for level 1 control. Software maintenance. Scope. Embedded patcher concept. Software linkages during call. 4 Hours UNIT . Upgrade process success rate. Connect sequence.

Reliability analysis. Syed R.John C Bellamy: Wiley India 3rd Ed. Networks J E . TMH Ed 2002. Analysis report. 2002. Telecommunication and Switching. REFERENCE BOOK: 1. 6 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. Digital Switching Systems. 2000. Ali. Traffic and Flood: Pearson Education. 2. Digital Telephony .Common characteristics of digital switching systems.

Symbolic diagrams. Static Load MOS Inverters. Enhancement and depletion mode MOS transistors.1 BASIC MOS TECHNOLOGY: Integrated circuit s era.4 . BiCMOS technology. The Transmission Gate. Bi CMOS Logic. 3 Hours UNIT . The Differential Inverter.2 CIRCUIT DESIGN PROCESSES: MOS layers. Thermal aspects of processing. 4 Hours Basic Physical Design of Simple logic gates. Production of E-beam masks. MOS Device Design Equations.3 CMOS LOGIC STRUCTURES: CMOS Complementary Logic. nMOS fabrication. 4 Hours MOS TRANSISTOR THEORY: Introduction. CMOS fabrication. 06 November 2009 14:51 Subject Code : 06EC56 : 04 : 52 PART . Examples. Clocked CMOS Logic. Pass Transistor Logic.A IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 No. of Lecture Hrs/Week Total no. The Complementary CMOS Inverter DC Characteristics. of Lecture Hrs. Tristate Inverter. Dynamic CMOS Logic. 6 Hours UNIT .Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI Written by Administrator Friday. CMOS Domino Logic Cascaded Voltage Switch Logic (CVSL). Design rules and layout lambda-based design and other rules. Layout diagrams. 4 Hours UNIT . Pseudo-nMOS Logic. Tutorial exercises. UNIT . Stick diagrams.

Other system considerations. Driving capacitive loads. Gate logic. Area capacitances. Principles of CMOS VLSI Design: A Systems Perspective. System delays.8 TESTABILITY: Performance parameters. 2. I/O pads. 5 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. Capacitance calculations.Douglas A. 2005. Ground rules for design. E. Layout issues. Adders. Basic VLSI Design . Inverter delays. Limits due to current density and noise. Clocked circuits. Limits on scaling. Propagation delays. Weste and K. 4 Hours SCALING OF MOS CIRCUITS: Scaling models and factors. Wiring capacitances. Real estate. The delay unit. Multipliers.7 MEMORY. Neil H. 3 Hours UNIT . 4 Hours Clocking Strategies 4 Hours UNIT . 6 Hours UNIT . Memory cell arrays.5 CMOS SUBSYSTEM DESIGN: Architectural issues. Pucknell & Kamran Eshraghian. Memory elements. REGISTERS AND CLOCK: Timing considerations. Process illustration. Design examples combinational logic. Switch logic.BASIC CIRCUIT CONCEPTS: Sheet resistance. 5 Hours UNIT . PHI 3rd Edition (original Edition 1994). .6 CMOS SUBSYSTEM DESIGN PROCESSES: General considerations. Test and testability. ALU subsystem.

Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited.D. Bhat.A Hodges. H. 3. CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.A Saleh..Eshragian.G Jackson and R. New Delhi. Pearson Education (Asia) Pvt.. Achuthan and K. M. Ltd. 2007. Sung-Mo Kang & Yusuf Leblebici. 2nd edition. . Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited. 2007. 3rd Edition. 3rd Edition. 2. New Delhi. 2000. New Delhi. N. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. K. 2007. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits .

Sanjeet Mitra.The input can be a signal from function generator / speech signal.Point DFT of a given sequence 4. 06 November 2009 14:54 Subject Code : 06ECL57 IA Marks Exam Hours : 25 : 03 : 50 No. 7. Circular convolution of two given sequences Autocorrelation of a given sequence and verification of its properties. B. Interference suppression using 400 Hz tone. 7. 5.DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING LABORATORY Written by Administrator Friday. Digital Signal Processors. Realization of an FIR filter (any type) to meet given specifications . : 42 Exam Marks A LIST OF EXPERIMENTS USING MATLAB / SCILAB / OCTAVE / WAB 1. Venkataramani and Bhaskar. Computation of N. B. 3. Read a wav file and match with their respective spectrograms 6.J. Linear convolution of two given sequences. Verification of Sampling theorem. Design and implementation of IIR filter to meet given specifications. Linear convolution of two sequences using DFT and IDFT. 6. MGH. 5. 9. 2001 2. TMH. 3. Computation of N point DFT of a given sequence and to plot magnitude and phase spectrum. Cross correlation of given sequences and verification of its properties. of Practical Hrs. 2. 4. Impulse response of a given system Linear convolution of two given sequences. Audio applications such as to plot time and frequency (Spectrum) display of Microphone output plus a cosine using DSP. 8. Noise: Add noise above 3kHz and then remove. of Practical Hrs/Week: 03 Total no. 11. 2. TMH.2002 . Circular convolution of two given sequences. G. Proakis & Ingale. Impulse response of first order and second order system REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. 2000 3. 10. LIST OF EXPERIMENTS USING DSP PROCESSOR 1. Solving a given difference equation. Circular convolution of two given sequences using DFT and IDFT Design and implementation of FIR filter to meet given specifications. Digital signal processing using MATLAB . 12. Digital signal processing using MATLAB .

Second order active BPF and BE 3. PWM and PPM 11. Design and test the following circuits using IC 555 1. Frequency modulation using 8038/2206 12. Astable multivibrator for given frequency and duty cycle 2. of Practical Hrs. Monostable multivibrator for given pulse width W 7. . 5. Frequency synthesis using PLL. of Practical Hrs/Week : 03 Total no. Schmitt Trigger Design and test a Schmitt trigger circuit for the given values of UTP and LTP 4. EXPERIMENTS : 42 Exam Marks 1. Pulse amplitude modulation and detection 10.Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab Written by Administrator Friday. Precision rectifiers ± both Full Wave and Half Wave. Class C Single tuned amplifier 8. Design and test R-2R DAC using op-amp 6. Second order active LPF and HPF 2. 06 November 2009 14:56 Subject Code : 06ECL58 IA Marks Exam Hours : 25 : 03 : 50 No. Amplitude modulation using transistor/FET (Generation and detection) 9.

A..B. Duration Examination I. 11 February 2010 16:14 . Total Marks 1 06AL51 Management &Entrepreneurship Digital signal Processing Analog Communication Microwaves and Radar Digital SwitchingSystems Fundamentals of CMOSVLSI EC 04 --- 03 25 100 125 2 3 4 5 6 06EC52 06EC53 06EC54 06EC55 06EC56 EC EC EC EC EC 04 04 04 04 04 ----------- 03 03 03 03 03 25 25 25 25 25 100 100 100 100 100 125 125 125 125 125 7 8 06ECL57 DSP Lab 06ECL58 Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab TOTAL EC EC --- 03 03 03 03 25 25 50 50 75 75 24 06 24 200 700 900 Last Updated on Thursday. Teaching hours /week Theory Pract. No SubCode Title Teaching Dept. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION V SEMESTER Common to EC / TE Written by Administrator Friday.E. Marks Theory/ Pract. 06 November 2009 14:39 Sl.

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