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DIRECTV MDU Property Owner Presentation] [05!26!11]

DIRECTV MDU Property Owner Presentation] [05!26!11]

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Published by: RS1945 on Jul 29, 2011
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Leading Edge Technology

What is the DirecTV MDU?
Multiple Dwelling Units

‡ DirecTV (Public, Nasdaq: DTV) currently 19.2 million subscribers. ‡ DirecTV s reported gross revenues for last year exceeded $17 Billion. ‡ DirecTV s projected growth is to 50 million subscribers within the current decade. ‡ DirecTV has $6 Billion in cash reserves to increase market share. ‡ By 2019 there will be an estimate of 240 million subscribers through satellite pay-TV. ‡ F.C.C. RULING is the cable industry no longer holds a

monopoly on the connected property. This means that the existing cable contracts are no longer legally exclusive even if the language EXCLUSIVE IS LISTED.

~DIRECTV offers a variety of technical solutions to meet the needs of today s multi-family home. ~Both solutions provide access to all of DIRECTV s programming and services including DVR & HD.

~ Offers all DIRECTV programming and services using single-wire technology. ~Ideal for properties of all sizes (new construction or existing). ~ Can be implemented all at once or one unit at a time. ~ Can use existing coaxial cabling to each resident s unit. ~ Supports all current and planned DIRECTV programming, including Ka-band HD. ~ Integrates with high-speed data services, allowing property owners to bundle services at reduced cost.

‡ We LOVE Direct TV!


~Property owner elects to provide DirecTV programming to all tenants. ~Property owner is billed for bulk service at a reduced price (55% off Retail) providing an opportunity to profit residually. Easy to install, easy to maintain ~ One centralized dish serves your entire building or complex. ~ Installation and on-going support from your authorized DIRECTV dealer. ~Must have at least 16 units to qualify for program

‡ Property owner elects to keep existing agreement in place with a cable provider and is willing to grant DIRECTV EXCLUSIVE MARKETING RIGHTS within the building. ‡ Tenant pays their own bill and is offered the normal national rates.
Easy to install, easy to maintain ‡ ~ One centralized single dish antenna dish serves your entire building or complex. ‡ ~ Installation and on-going support from your authorized DIRECTV dealer. ‡ Property owner receives 2% profit on tenant month bills

Great bulk rates and customized choices
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Reduced package prices for your residents. Programming choices you can tailor to your community. Over 265 available channels, including local stations. The most national channels available in HD3. No CREDIT CHECK 100% digital picture and sound on every channel. Over 265 available channels, including local stations. The most national channels available in HD3. Available digital video recorder (DVR) services. More live sports in HD4. Exclusive sports, live concerts, events and family and faithbased programming.

Your residents want DIRECTV

Property Owner Benefits
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 1. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT A single dish antenna per building No more multiple installations Infrastructure maintenance and warranty* for your property 2. KEEP YOUR PROPERTY CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL No more satellite dishes on balconies One time professional installation Existing DirecTV customers are moved to master antenna

‡ 3. ATTRACT MORE RESIDENTS TO YOUR PROPERTY ‡ Access to satellite TV is the 3rd most important issue for people under 35 ‡ Place your property a step above the competition. ‡ 4. INCREASE REVENUES AT YOUR PROPERTY ‡ Add a premium to the low bulk price and still save your tenants money

‡ ~ A single dish can serve each building or property. ‡ ~ Each MFH2 8-channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWiM) distributes the signal to multiple residential units. ‡ ~ A single cable into each unit can support all DIRECTV receivers. ‡ ~ Low-cost splitters distribute the signal via cables to each receiver within the unit. ‡ ~INTEGRATION WITH OTHER SERVICES ‡ ~High-speed data integration allows double-play and triple-play bundling of voice/data services, including broadband Internet access.

Digital Bulk Pricing
Property owner chooses and is billed for base package ‡ Family $9.99 month per unit over 50 channels ‡ Choice $19.99 month per unit over 150 channels ‡ Choice Xtra $28.99 month per unit over 210 channels

Bulk add-ons
‡ DVR Service $3.00 month per unit ‡ HD Service $5.00 month per unit ‡ Premium movie channels $6.60 month per unit

Resident Upgrades
‡ Each resident is set up with an account number and are billed individually for upgrades. One standard receiver is provided to each resident . Residents may upgrade their equipment and programming ‡ HD ‡ DVR ‡ Additional rooms ‡ Channel package ‡ Premium channels ‡ We will provide residents with upgrade choices and pricing.

I m Ready What Next?
Getting started: ‡ Complete the property ID request form ‡ Schedule a conference call with our EXPERT ‡ Complete the Right Of Entry (ROE) agreement ‡ We receive the property ID (approximately 2-3 days) installations and activations will begin at that time We will need to acquire the following: ‡ Names addresses and phone numbers of all tenants ‡ Pictures and layout of property for design and installation ‡ Form of payment used for monthly billing

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