There are four major ways of spiritual developments. Gnana yoga (the bath of wisdom) deals with very higher level philosophy. It even sounds sometimes like “the no God” theory. It is full of logical arquements. The gnana marga of the Hindus (renouncing the worldly life etc), the Sufi in Islam, the Buddhism, the zen, the no God movement of Dravidian of South India are some examples. No duality (adhvaitha) ( you and God are one) is the main idea. Second is bakthi yoga (the bath of devotion). Duality is the main motto. You cannot become God. God is above your level. If you ask God will give. Here all rituals and lower level prayers are applied. Ask the God the worldly things and He will give is the policy. Going to temple and doing ordinary prayers and rituals (like lighting a small lamp or candle) is enough. Lower level Prayers of Hinduism (like car festival, sacrificing cattle etc, walking all the distances to reach the temple, sometimes hundreds of kilometers), Christianity, Islam, Bakthi vedantha Prabupatha's Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement come under this. Third is the Karma yoga (the bath of action). Here if you do your duties without considering the results is enough will be the policy. The benefit will come automatically. At times the policy of no God will also coincide with it. Some bureaucratic head may

at times twisted this theory and tell his employees to the level of do your duty don't ask salary like that. The fourth is kriya yoga. (the bath of action). The previous is worldly action and this is spiritual action. Here how to do meditation and how to make the physical body fit for that is explained. If you do asanas (postures) and meditation promptly you will reach the goal is the aim. Here all the chakras like Moolathar (meaning origin for all)(sexual glands) Swathisdan(prostrate) Manipoorakam(adrenal) Anakatham (thymus) Visuthi (thyroid) Agnsa (pituatary) Sahasrara (meaning thousand petals)(penial and brain) are highly strengthened by the postures and exercises. Naturally man will become healthy. The mind will also. If adrophine and morphine is secrecated instead of adrenalin naturally the man will be in peace and happy and if the level rises he will be in bliss. The meditation courses of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Vedahtri Maharishi, Brahma kumaris, Kriya yoga of Babaji, come under this.

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