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The Signet of King Solomon (302 Pgs)

The Signet of King Solomon (302 Pgs)

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Published by: Cosmomind on Jul 30, 2011
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Taking a seat

by her side, lie

said, in a voice soft

and tender :


MARY, dear MARY, I

hope you were not

offended at the- occurrences of last

evening. In

abducting you, and

keeping you a

prisoner in


house, I know I have committed a

great crime ; but

then the fatal love which consumes me seems to me

a sufficient excuse. Your own nature is so calm and

gentle you cannot tell what madness and

folly even

crimes a man

may be

guilty of who is the victim of


over-mastering passion like mine.

Nay, fair


do not start

; for I meditate no crimes toward


sweet one ; but I cannot refrain from

saying how

deeply I love

you, and how

highly I

appreciate your

unequaled beauty, your graces and


both of

person and mind. Now, say, dearest," he




you forgive me ?



poor girl could not answer. She knew in her

heart she could not

forgive him ; but his

soft, musical

words, subdued manner, and assumed tenderness had

so confused her reason she could not

speak. She sat

there, trembling under his

fascinating gaze, like a bird

fluttering in the infectious breath of a

serpent. She

seemed like one in a dream. At

length recovering

herself, she

suddenly arose, and

placing her hand on


arm, and

looking up into his face with an earnest,

pleading look :

"Oh, sir! be

generous and

just," she cried; "re

lease me, and allow me to

go to

my friends, and I


freely forgive you, and

forget that

you have ever

wronged me. I never can return

your love, nor

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