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YALE Consultancy Sdn Bhd is an international professional service firm in Malaysia. The organisation is a dynamic practice providing professional services in research and development, training, corporate and management consultancy and couching to its clients. Our objective is to provide a high standard of professional practice in every field for every one of our clients.

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Course Synopsis This course is specially designed for business consultants, entrepreneur, human resource managers and anyone who is related to compensation and remuneration strategy. Designing and administering a compensation system that rewards employees fairly while stimulating them to provide goods and services that satisfy customer demands and permitting the organisation to operate profitably is the focus of this seminar. Besides, this seminar recognizes the important role played by compensation in modern organisation. This workshop also reviews and discusses in lesser detail what organisations are doing today to expand their base pay opportunities with incentive awards resulting from various productivity or performance measures and the complex and everexpanding area of benefits. Contact Us
Dr George Leow  012 326 6874 YALE CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD. (805615-X)  79-3, Amber Business Plaza, Jalan Jelawat 1 Cheras Batu 3½, 56000 Kuala Lumpur  016 977 4993  03 90801932  

Objectives • • • To provide a macro or big-picture review of compensation management and the reward system of an organisation. To elaborate microanalysis, of compensation in organisation. To guide candidates on macro- and microanalysis by explaining how a base pay program is expanded into a total compensation system that includes various short- and long-term incentives.

Programme Outline The lecturer concerned may start the class with a lecture of the topic. This will be followed by the class practical and case studies of the specific issues. Weeks Day 1 Assignments The reward system: compensation and noncompensation dimension The world pay and compensation Organisation structure: Strategic and tactical compensation Legislation and compensation Job analysis Job description Job Evaluation A point-factor method of job evaluation Surveying market pay and compensation practices Designing a base pay structure Team-based pay in a knowledgebased world Measuring and paying for performance Short-term incentives Long-term incentives and wealth building Executive and international compensation Benefits and services Pay delivery administration Practical and preparation of compensation and remuneration plan for an organisation. Presentation and submission of compensation and remuneration plan for an organisation.

• • • • Understand the requirement and basic understanding of remuneration and compensation management. Conduct microanalysis and macroanalysis on compensation in an organisation. Plan for an effective compensation plan in different organisation and different scenarios.

Day 2

Day 3

Who Should Attend Business consultants, entrepreneur, human resource managers, CEO, Business owners and anyone who is related to compensation and remuneration strategy Course Method This course is highly interactive, inspiring and packed with fun. It consists of a lively mix of group work, discussions on case studies, and practical examples. Method of payment Price: RM 4 800/pax Bank made payable to (please attach a copy of payment slip) Payee Name: Yale Consultancy Sdn Bhd

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