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Don’t Be the Odd One, Go with the Norms. Understand Abnormal Psychology

Course Synopsis This course is specially designed for healthcare professionals, therapists and anyone who would like to learn the different area of abnormal psychology. A few important areas such as theoretical perspectives on maladaptive behaviour, classification and assessment, vulnerability, stress and coping, anxiety disorder, sexual variations and disorders, personality disorder, mood disorder, schizophrenic disorder and others. Application on handling the abnormal psychology is exposed to students.

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Objectives • • • To provide broad coverage of the field of abnormal psychology. To expose to students different type of abnormal psychology. To train students on method to classify correctly on different types of psychology disorder.

Programme Outline The lecturer concerned may start the class with a lecture of the topic. This will be followed by the class practical and case studies of the specific issues. Weeks Assignments Day 1 Abnormal Psychology Theoretical Perspectives on Maladaptive Behaviour Classification and Assessment Day 2 Vulnerability, Stress and Coping Anxiety Disorder

• • Enhance understanding of onset of abnormal psychology Classify correctly the different types of psychology abnormality in the clinics

Who Should Attend Health Care Consultants, Nurses, Therapist, Natural Therapist, Psychologists, CEO, Counsellors, social workers, teachers, students , Entrepreneur as well as anyone who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge on clinical psychology Course Method This course is highly interactive, inspiring and packed with fun. It consists of a lively mix of group work, discussions on case studies, and practical examples. Day 5

Psychological Factors and Physical Symptoms Day 3 Sexual Variations and Disorders Personality Disorders Day 4 Mood Disorders Brain Disorders and Changes Related to Aging Schizophrenic Disorder Causes and Markers of Schizophrenia Development Disorder Day 6 Addictive Disorders Maladaptive Behaviours of Childhood and Adolescence.

Method of payment Price: RM 3 500/pax Bank made payable to (please attach a copy of payment slip) Payee Name: Yale Consultancy Sdn Bhd

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