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Practical Organization Behavior

Course Synopsis This course is specially designed for business consultants, entrepreneur and business people who would like to learn the concept of organisation behaviour. In this module, organisation behaviour is subdivided to five areas, introduction, the individual, the group, the organisation system, and organisational dynamics. The integrated modules enable students to understand and appreciate concept of organisation behaviour. The concept is important for manager to plan, implement strategies with collaborated with psychological concepts.

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Objectives • • • To provide broad coverage of the field of organisation behaviour on theories and application. To enable students to develop their interpersonal or people skills to increase their effectiveness n their jobs. To train students on method how to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and increase employee citizenship and job satisfaction. To teach student how to use systematic study to improve predictions of behaviour that would be made from intuition alone.

Programme Outline The lecturer concerned may start the class with a lecture of the topic. This will be followed by the class practical and case studies of the specific issues. Days Assignments Day 1 What is organisation behaviour? Foundation of Individual Behaviour Values, Attitudes, Satisfaction Personality and Emotions Day 2 Perception and Individual Decision Making Basic Motivation Concepts Motivation: Applications From Concept to and Job

• • Enhance understanding of principle and function of human resource managers Practice principle of psychology in human resource management Day 3

Foundation of Group Behaviour Who Should Attend Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Counsellors, Professional Trainers, Consultants and Retirees. In fact, this programme is also appropriate for Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives, Human Resource Personnel and anyone who is interested or in need to learn, to create and make desired changes to achieve his/her own or organisational goals. Understand Work Teams Communication Leadership and Trust Power and Conflicts Day 4 Conflict and Negotiation Foundation Structure of Organisation

Course Method Day 5 This course is highly interactive, inspiring and packed with fun. It consists of a lively mix of group work, discussions on case studies, and practical examples. Method of payment Price: RM 4 800/pax Bank made payable to (please attach a copy of payment slip) Payee Name: Yale Consultancy Sdn Bhd Day 614 Day 15

Work Design and Technology Human Resource Practices Organisation Culture Organizational Change and Stress Management Practical Training on Organisation Behaviour Submission and presentation Policies and

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