The bars graphic shows the answers of a group of people about why adults decide to stadying.

Firstly, the most common answer is “Interest in subject” which is a little surprisely and establish that most of the respondents are interested in to get knowledge before to get a better position or a better job. However, “To gain qualifications” and “Helpful for current job” are, respectively, the second and the third favorite answers. As the pie chart graphs, there is a 40% of people who think the studies migth be paid for the same students. In the other hand, it is 35% answering that employers must pay studies to workers, and finally, only 25% tended to answer that tax should pay the adults studies. Probably, this percentages are directly linked with the bars charts before, because, as the original question doesn’t especify if the adult studient were also a worker, a lot of the respondent could have answered whitout considering that possible link.

Also. Almost everyone can get its own favorite music and keep it in a portable device. or reggaeton and bachata. has change through the History. and recomending tradtional music rather than international sounds. becoming it on a sale’s success. music is related with the personal mood style and is part of the contemporary way of life. It is common to hear them saying “I don’t understand why youngters love that kind of noise” or “I can’t stand that rythm”. technology allows that people can enjoy music as a personal taste. today there are a lot of music styles. asking for return to the begining of this art.Music. Science and. maybe. Probably music is the most popular cultural expression today. There are a lot of people whose complain against modern music: they hate rock. and it doesn’t matter if is traditional or International music. and. it was a Mathematic hobby in Greece. in the begining. As a conclusion. industry and music market press for globalize all music as they can. . Whether. because will always exist people who love the roots and. whose enjoy looking for and discovering new windows through music. that art which feed the soul. for diferents tastes. whether mass medias. pop. it is exactly this property which has had born sort of music so far from the art and traditions. On the other hand. also. I tend to think that we are living in a World of music. Globalisation has oponed doors on a lot of fields: Economy. Cultural have changed pressed by multicultural influences.

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