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Videos Available

Videos Available

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Published by Brian W. Porter
A list of my videos and where to get them. A constantly changing document.
A list of my videos and where to get them. A constantly changing document.

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Published by: Brian W. Porter on Jul 30, 2011
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Videos by

Brian W. Porter

A constantly changing list.
Videos on YouTube:
New Beginnings Trailer – http://youtu.be/3TjFek225QE Cooperation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YLgMrMf2II The Dreaded State Scale – http://youtu.be/VFs-UXVw6SU Trucker's Campground – http://youtu.be/dLDOdA7AbBs Now That Was Stupid/Construction – http://youtu.be/xv7M4koYQiU She's a Bit Tight – http://youtu.be/xvHP2LrFVTM Low Clearance and New York City – http://youtu.be/6ENVKS6tz7A There is a Gap in Pennsylvania – http://youtu.be/FNqywGshOB4 I Can See Fine – http://youtu.be/Jsq9DceHj0M Now That Was Stupid – Pass Don't Repass – http://youtu.be/WkpYR9nYs9g

Videos available by request at riding-the-road@live.com:

A Trip Along the Lincoln Highway Through the Laurel Highway

I’m a paid tourist along part of the Lincoln Highway. I travel

through the Laurel Highlands during summer, when the trees are leaved and the mountains green. Autumn would be beautiful for leaf peepers, but because of truck restrictions I will not return. Because of the camera, distance is expanded three or four times so the speed appears higher than it was.
We start at the edge of the Latrobe, PA urban area, the end of a major shopping district, near the Arnold Palmer Airport. The road splits and runs through the Loyalhanna Gorge – 37 minutes 26 seconds, 1459543 KB Carney's Point, NJ (3) (hometown of Bruce Willis) – 5 minutes 25 seconds, 57133 KB Clarks Ferry to Lewistown, PA – Pa country and mountains, small town, some fall colors of 2008, no titles, 48 minutes 56 seconds, 462992 KB Colors and Snow – as titled, Interstate 84 from near Scranton, PA to Matamoras, PA 2008, no titles, 51 minutes 16 seconds, 655602 KB Early Morning to Hampstead, New Hampshire – Fall colors along Interstate 91 and Route 111, no titles, 16 minutes 10 seconds, 169116 KB Hartford to TA – Fall colors along Interstate 84 from Hartford to parked in Willington truck stop, no titles, 34 minutes 8 seconds, 292955 KB Into Belleville, NJ and Out – Meadowlands, NJ traffic, small town, some fall colors, misplaced destination, 40 minutes, 41 seconds, 520848 KB Lewisburg, PA to Milesburg, PA – Pa country and mountains, small town, some fall colors of 2008, no titles, 58 minutes 38 seconds, 542667 KB South 15 – Back to 80 – PA countryside, small town, some fall colors, no titles, 16 minutes 42 seconds, 186621 KB Through Amsterdam, NY, Going West – small upstate NY town, fall

colors, 33 Minutes, 14 seconds, 368900 KB Waterbury, CT – early morning fall colors along Interstate 84, small city, 17 minutes 50 seconds, 196559 KB Route 31 through Pennington, NJ and Route 202 Through Flemington, NJ – small towns, some fall colors, 51 minutes 35 seconds, 643188 81 North With Snow – fall colors, some snow, 5 minutes 17 seconds, 67328 KB 287 North to New York Throughway Slocum Service Plaza – fall colors, small towns, New Jersey hills, 22 Minutes 58 seconds, 267897 KB Colors Interstate 80 – fall colors, 6 minutes 16 seconds, 79258 KB Colors Whoops I Should Have Made a Left – fall colors; Central PA back roads, small towns, mountains, and country; clouds; 47 minutes 54 seconds; 629812 KB Colors 15 North to Blind Road – fall colors, Central PA small town, missed turn, 17 minutes 11 seconds, 150942 KB

Driving 201
Driving 201 – How to Use an On Ramp http://youtu.be/T5vqFT8P7SM *** Other short stories, essays, and poetry from this author are available at http://www.scribd.com/Brian%20W%20Porter. *** Copyright 2011 Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs

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