Have a ~reen day. Ever)'one wears <jreen to school.Do lots of llGreen ')' activities. • E?

rainstormthin<js that can be <jreen. Make a class book. • Create a circle map showin<jthin<js that are <jreen. • Eat <jreen snacks such as <jreen <jrapes, celer)" pears, <jreen apples, limeade, lime Jell~o, etc. This is an example of for blue, but thin<j for <jreen.


could do the same


A circle map of thin<js that are <jreen. I would have them
label the 'ctures if I redid this.

Make class <jraphs all week. Make <jraphs usin<jpictures, die cuts, and real' Make sure <jra h~~ rw~;-; 'y:.1'(\0. ...



.1\0. l IOU \,
U:::J ...


\_._._. _.--_._.-.--



Go Away f?i~ Green Monster
Read the book, Go AwClj E?i<j Green Monster, b)' Ed Ernberle),. Have students make their own versions. To make the monsters, we went one step at a time. I <jave the students rectan<jles for each part. Then I had them clip corners and round, cut dia<jon ,or make w cuts.

purple monst

You can find cuffin<j instructions for these monsters if )'OU <jo to m)' blo<jand click on the llCAMT~) label. Scroll down to the llCAMT 2011Math Class E?ooks~) post. click on llCAMT Masters~) Then click on llColors~)and there )'OU will find cuffin<j directions.

Goldfish Ideas Goldfish Read Alouds...
Memoirs of a Goldfish E?)'Devin Scillian Not Norman: A Goldfish Stor), b)' Kelty E?enneit

Non~ficiion fish Read Aloud... What"'s It Like to E?ea fish? E?j Wendj


Read non~fiction books about <joldfish. Learn characteristics of fish. Read a fictional stor)' about a <joldfish. Use a Venn Dia~ram to compare real <joldfish to the <joldfish in the stor)'.

Taste test different types of ~oldfish crackers. Create a
class <jraph to show students"' favorite kind of <joldfish crackers. You can also use <joldfish crackers to pan-ern, sort, add, subtract, for one to one, for countin<j practice, etc. Go to http://www.kidscounii234.com/(Shari Sloane) Click on llGraphin<j)) Scroll down and )'ou will find individual recordin<j sheets for <joldfish sortin<j, <jraphin<j,and partner 'luestions.

This <joldfish is from TLC Lessons. I would use it in response to Not Norman: A Goldfish Stor),. I would adapt the <joldfish below for this activit)'. I mi<jht would make the back<jround look like a <joldfish bowl or have the water fill the entire pa<je.

Another idea would be to enlar<je the <joldfish so that it can stand on its own. To make the <joldfish, students 4 clip corners and round a s'luare to make the bodj. students cut a s'luare from corner to corner (dia<jonaD make fins. Do not add crctjon to details until the fish is completetJ dr)'. otherwise the crctjon will smear and tear the paper ®



This book is about a litHe bo)' is ver)' disappointed when he receives a <joldfish for his birthdctj. He wanted a pet who could run and catch, one who could climbtrees and chase strin<js, or one who was soft and furr), and could sleep in his bed at ni<jht. He did not want a <joldfish. Norman slowtJ starts to show what he can do thou<jh. He can perform acrobatics and makes the litHe bo)' lau<jh. He can listen aitentivetJ durin<j his show~and~tell presentation when the rest of the class does not. He can sin<jalon<jdurin<j band practice and comfort him when he is awakened b)' a scar)' noise at ni<jht.

Kelly Bennett



Noah Z. Jones

Have students brainstorm thin<js Norman could do for the bOj or to make him happj. If possible,brin<j in a <joldfish to observe or as a class pet. • Have students"' journal about their observaiions of the <joldfish. • Create a tree map to show what <joldfish have, what thej are, and what thej can do, etc. • Create a schema chart before readin<j an_)'books about <joldfish. (for more informaiion on schema charts, see Debbie Diller"'sbook Readin<j With Meanin~ • Learn about fact and opinionor true and false usin<j facts about <joldfish. • Connect these aciiviiies to a stuclj amphibians. on animals or

&rouchj Ideas....
Read books about <jrouchj animals and people and make <jreen <jrouches in <jrClj <jarba<je cans.

A few ~rouchj read alouds....

The Grouchj Ladjbu<j b)' Eric Carle The Grouchies b)' DebbieWa<jenbach Happ)' and Sad, Grouchj and Glad b)' Constance Allen The E?erenstainE?earsGet the Grouchies b)' Stan and Jan E?erenstain Happ)' Grouchj Del)' b)' Suzanne We)'n Clifford and the Grouchj Nei<jhbors b)' Norman E?ridwell Ten Grouchj Groundho<js b)' Kathr)'n Helin<j Have students brainstorm thin<js that make them <jrouchj. Make a <jrouchj class book. III <jet <jrouchj when.... ))Or Ult " makes me <jrouchj when... )) " Use these books as a sprin<jboard for how we should treat others, how it makes us feel when we are not treated niceG',and whj sometimes people act <jrouchj.

This idea came from LitHe Giraffes. I made these several ),ears a<jo.I have the paitern for them at school.I will post it after I <jo back to work.

Glasses or Go~~les


Read GO<j<jles Ezra Jack Keats. Have students wear bj <jlassesor <jo<j<jlesor the dctj. f If JOU have students who wear <jlassesand JOU do not think it would bother them, JOU could <jraph who in the class wears <jlassesand who does not. You would <jraph who wore <jlasseson ll<jlasses dctj and who did not. ')' other books about ~lasses .... Arthur)s Ejes bj Marc E?rown I RealtJ AbsolitetJ Must Have Glasses bj Lauren Child Ma<jenta Gets Glasses bj Deborah Reber Make fun ~lasses with your class. for instruciions and patterns, <jo to http://www.firstpalette.com/Craft_themes/Wearableslfun_GI asses/fun<jlasses.html