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How to Start an Indian Restaurant Business
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Starting an Indian Restaurant Business
Summary: Food is something one can't stay away with; we also love to taste
variety of food around the world. Indian foods are widely popular in an around US and UK, Indian dishes are healthy and spicy too. Looking into current needs one can easily say this business has lots of scope to grow. Fact: Food, no one person can live without it. Ergo, there is a need. Fact: In the US alone, people outnumber food establishments by no less than seven digits. Ergo, the demand is way beyond great.

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So then, if the need is basic and demand is considerable, how come quite a number restaurants end up folding after a bad run? What went wrong? The answer to this conundrum is quite simple and can be summed up with just one word-expectation. Simply put, the successful restaurant meets the expectations of its target market while the unsuccessful restaurant does not. How does a wannabe restaurateur avoid this pitfall then? The answer to this can again be summed up with just one word--homework. Sufficient preparation and thorough market research is a must in starting a restaurant business. Another fact, no one restaurant has a universal appeal. It is impossible to grab hold of the full 100% of the market. Attempting such a mammoth goal will only result to failure. The market’s taste and preference is as diverse as it is wide. Realistically speaking, a restaurateur can only tap around five to ten percent of the total consumer population pie. Undaunted? Good. That’s a big chunk as it is so there’s no cause for alarm. Now the next step is for you to think of a restaurant concept. Nothing comes to mind? Here’s a suggestion. Why not try Indian cuisine? Indian food has been in existence for several centuries and has evolved through time to uphold the symbol of Indian culture. It is known for its intricate blending of exotic spices, veggies, and meat to create one truly delectable dish. History and flavor, that’s pretty hard to top. It’s no wonder Indian restaurants have grown in popularity over the years. If you’re not familiar with the cuisine, here’s a rundown of some interesting bits that you can use as a selling point: The spices used in Indian dishes are meant to enhance the main ingredient and not the other way around. A complete Indian meal consists of at least two main course dishes. These are complimented with staples such as rice and bread (roti). Curry is not the be all and end all of an Indian dish. Other favored spices include, chillies, saffron, ghee, tamarind, coconut, mustard. Collectively, these spices are called Garam Masala. This is distinct to every household and restaurant and serves as the backbone of the dish. Not only is Indian cuisine flavorful and delicious, it is healthy and nutritious as

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5. Please guide in the matter as to how I can proceed in this matter. wasim on 1/30/2009 3:38:55 AM I want to establish a soup outlet particularly in the alps for ski-goers who can savour soups from india particularly kashmir while running down the alps. ShareThis Article Shop Business Ideas Starting a Pawn Shop Business How to Start a Donut Shop How to Start a Meat Shop How to Open a Sandwich Shop How to Start Auto Body Shop Service Business Ideas Starting a Recruitment Agency How to Start a Courier Business Starting Your Own Guest House Business Starting a Laundromat How to Start a Plumbing Business 242 Responses to "How to Start an Indian Restaurant Business". Vyoma on 10/22/2008 Your article puts light on Indian Cuisine. then I feel you should mention some of famous delicacies found in India. This could be the case before.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 2/19 . Ragini on 3/15/2009 5:58:01 PM I'm planning to start Indian Restaurant in US (North Carolina). Shwetabh Varma on 1/20/2009 8:07:24 AM Do the PE firms readily finance a startup? what are the other sources of getting a startup food business financed? If i go ahead with a make shift trolley to be stationed in front of a office.quinn@live.. 13. Please send me the details to my e-mail address..gupta@yahoo. Also Store Business Opportunities Starting a Grocery Store Business How to Open a Liquor Store Starting a Fashion Clothing Store How to Start a Beauty Supply Store Starting a Convenience Store Business Startup Company Ideas How to Start a Security Company How to Start a Tour Company How to Start a Skateboard Company Starting Your Own Repossession Company How to Start a Title Company Farming Business Ideas How to Start a Poultry Farm Starting Chicken Farm Business Starting a Dairy Farm Business How to Start a Fish Farming Business Start a Rabbit Farm startupbizhub. 4.k.ahsan on 3/26/2009 9:33:39 AM hi.SO PLS SEND ME ALL RHE BUSINESS IDEAS U HAVE GOT SO THAT I CAN IMPLEMENT IT.V RAAMANA on 3/20/2009 7:37:19 AM I'm planning to start Indian Restaurant in in india and kuwait. vipul on 9/28/2008 article is fine. The idea that Indian cuisine is fatty. SATHEESH KUMAR on 1/19/2009 4:06:36 AM I WANT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRUENER. Middle East. p. priyadarshini on 2/9/2009 5:54:58 AM article has a general idea.. faraz anwer on 3/16/2009 1:26:18 PM hi i want to start a resto business i have bit of idea about it but need more information regarding the same. most Indian dishes do not require special cooking equipment so setting up your kitchen can be done easily enough. I need all the input and suggestions. i want to become a business man send me some small business ideas. they are not hard to find. can u tell how more efficiently a less invested restaurant that would function only at night times can be started. 14. Ranjan Sethi on 3/13/2009 11:41:46 AM I want to start Indian restaurant business in UK.k. Please help. does that need some sort of license.. 15. Indian spices are readily available in most supermarkets. i would love to start up an indian garment/jewellery and shoes business.Please give some inputs on that too.com 3. I need all the input and suggestions. 8. 6. The spices used in Indian cuisine are not as exotic as it seems. +965 99235157 16.p. What sort of equipment is required for an Indian restaurant? g.. 11. 7. In other words.co +965 67746294. Many thanks. Vijay on 1/25/2009 1:14:44 PM I want to start a catering business (Indian cuisine) from home. Most dishes are made up mostly of fruits and vegetables.suman on 2/11/2009 7:56:54 AM hai. how to cover and sustain the customers? 10. rich. and oily is a definite misconception. mohanamuthukumar. Waiting for the response Ranjan Sethi 12. vpul. And more over ambiance and location plays an important role in success of any restaurant.8/8/2010 How to Start Mobile Catering How to Start Your Own Charter Fishing Business How to Start a Mobile Spa Business Mobile Detailing Business Startup Kit How to Start Mobile Notary Business How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… well. sikander. 1. K. Book Worm on 3/17/2009 4:46:04 AM What about the legal formalities? Please do send me info about it. Please help. on 1/4/2009 10:01:37 PM i need to start the business in home in the night time please give the details in my email address thankyou. Thank you.. but no longer. Many thanks. not so good mail me some more good ideas of starting it. veg. Further. kvenkataramanaiah@yahoo. please provide me details 9. gerald on 7/14/2008 Your last para mentions cooking equipment.com 2.. non veg both.

basically i am an Engineer. Malaysia. so it might be quite a good venture . Permission. I mean expenses. Ajay on 4/3/2009 11:59:35 AM Hi i would like to start an indian restaurant business(Like TOGO Type and evening snacks and like biriyani point). We would not. basic needs). lakshminarayanan on 6/4/2009 6:09:11 AM content in the site is good. Reply will be appreciated.. INDIAN. We're in Northern italy. Piravinson Mailavaganam on 4/17/2009 10:13:24 AM What are the legal aspects for creating a restaurant? 21.as we all love italian food but crave something different as well. Please send me the details to my email address. RK on 6/4/2009 12:14:39 PM if any one interested in starting indian restaurant in Limerick. Your last para mentions cooking equipment. my brother has legal problems playgirizing? any help? 23. punjabi. IN MY MENU CONTINENTAL.com 28. 20. I WANT SUGGESTION ABOUT THE HOW CAN I GET GOOD RESPONSE & GOOD PROFIT..i.. EU commission and american families here. Any advice??? 30. 31. Give me some idea to process. like (Rights. send me an email at allark@yahoo. investment etc. Thank you startupbizhub. so which type of equipments we needed. Would i need a hygiene/health and safety certificate working from home? please supply info for both businesses. 22. What sort of equipment is required for an Indian restaurant? please provide me details on my email. i would like to start an indian restaurant business.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 3/19 . What are the legal formalities? any ideas how to build a kitchen(how much it cost) and all. Please help me.com 29. Thanks 25. 19. quite frankly. Rajesh on 4/20/2009 9:15:41 AM Hi i want to open a restaurant in Singapore.. mexican. how ever Can you provide information regarding how to start up the Indian restaurant. but there are three shops here that sell indian ingredients. Africa and we love indian food. PA I have space. pell on 5/27/2009 8:40:13 AM i want to start a restaurant regarding italian. CHINESE FOOD ITEM.e. and what is the budget of it? 26. please help me. my brother has legal problems plagiarizing? any help? 24.. but rather to all the expats that live here. D Shah on 4/26/2009 4:06:41 PM You have some comments regarding the indian cuisine. Prabhat on 6/26/2009 1:28:53 AM Hello. Thank you. I have already lost my job and need to settle down life. and there are loads of UK pilots (and families). thai. What are the legal formalities? any ideas how to build a kitchen(how much it cost) and all. Kiran S on 4/12/2009 9:16:40 PM Please provide us with all information related to opening an Indian Restaurant/Grocery Store. 18. 17. But i would like to know the basic formalities to start the business.. Suryaprakash kothari on 3/28/2009 7:33:21 AM I STARTED A RESTUARANT BUSINESS FIRST TIME IN RAMJHULA RISHIKESH 3 MONTHS AGO. How much cost will be incurred.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… i'm working for a comp and would like to provide packed indian meals. Brenda Mailavaganam on 4/24/2009 10:22:54 AM Hi. appeal to italians. I have been complimented about my cooking a few times. Brenda Mailavaganam on 4/24/2009 10:22:28 AM Hi.. La Dawn Di Mascio on 6/19/2009 2:01:06 PM We've moved here from the UK and before that. Please provide me detailed information for opening an Indian restaurant outside India. if you could give this i will be very much thankful 27. Impossible to get here in a restaurant. amitmodel17@gmail. KHALEEQ AHMAD on 6/30/2009 4:44:06 PM I want to start a catering business (Indian cuisine) from home in Kuala Lumpur. There is quite a large expat UK population here that is dying for indian food and we're interested in investing the entire fiasco that might be involved in starting up a restaurant here. amit on 6/16/2009 1:11:36 PM Hi.

com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 4/19 . Where I can find detail of equipments required.com 43. i dont know if a take away business for an indian restaurant will be good or not? and can you guide me in what i have to do to start this business.K and would like to know what are the legal aspects and formalities. regards. 44. i also a college student doing diploma in business. Manik Pandey on 7/17/2009 6:10:47 PM I want to open an Indian restaurant in Markham(sub-urban of Toronto. sneha on 7/7/2009 6:09:21 AM i am keen to start restaurant business. i want to start an indian restaurant in kuwait but i want to start a take away business. what if business fails. Mayur sharma on 8/27/2009 7:14:02 AM hi. I WANT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR. thank you 35. I read your comment. These questions make me take a back seat and that's why I have not been able to pursue it much. but i wanted information from you. Shaji. I'm interested to open Indian restaurant in Malaysia. menu planning etc. any back up plans? thanking you in anticipation. 45. i appreciate if you could assist me. Samuel Rajkumar on 8/18/2009 1:36:54 PM I want to sell my Indian Restaurant which is making good business and profit. chef/cooks 4. What sort of equipment is required for an Indian restaurant? and how much investment in euro. regards. I want to open Indian restaurant in upstate NY. my email id is trakeshsingh@gmail.. please provide some details and advices.com.com.. My main concern is how to get financial help and do banks give loans for this? What is the general expense for initial setup. U..8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… 32. Thanks. if we can talk we can get some ideas interchanged. What is starting cost? Expenses? Thanks 38. i am planning to start a multi-cuisine restaurant. concepts. mythili_jb on 8/8/2009 8:02:13 AM HI. I am interested in opening a restaurant. tips to efficiently running it.com 46. gsingh 34. Need further information. Arif on 8/28/2009 12:11:56 PM startupbizhub. location 3. Please guide me some regarding this matter. rakesh on 8/26/2009 5:20:47 PM hello. Please guide me some regarding this matter. 37. sneha 36. mkpandey_1999@yahoo... can you let me know what is needed for it like: 1. Thanks 42. i have a plan to start a restaurant in kerala.com 39. thanks for your article. mythili_jb on 8/8/2009 8:03:05 AM my email add mythili_jb@hotmail. thank you.gcooll@ymail. i need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen to hiring cooks. gurpreet singh on 7/2/2009 8:34:17 PM i want to open indian take in small town. india.. Manik. for your help. Syed Ali on 7/27/2009 8:05:24 AM We are in hospitality and Travel business in India and our group want to open Indian restaurant in ABERDEEN. 47. I'm mythili here. Canada). How to get funding 2. La Dawn Di Mascio.? please reply. i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers.D on 7/1/2009 9:01:51 PM Sir.. here is my email address mayursharma3@rediffmail. what are the basic requirements like legal formalities. permissions needed for the same. Please contact me if interested and need more information. so please send me the details on my mail id. initial cost involved. waiters. Need further information. KA MAL on 7/23/2009 12:47:45 PM I WANT TO OPEN INDIAN RESTAURANT IN MARY LAND(USA) 40. Otherwise I always get compliments for my cooking and suggestions that I should open up restaurant. Otherwise I always get compliments for my cooking and suggestions that I should open up restaurant. profit margin. thanks. 33. Daljit Sahota on 7/13/2009 9:22:16 AM HI. Shilpa on 7/9/2009 1:45:15 PM Hi. sagar on 8/16/2009 9:13:23 AM your information regarding indian restaurant is pretty good but i want to know the license policy for starting the restaurant and the approx or the exact cost that i'll incur for the same. kavita on 7/6/2009 4:39:27 AM hi. 41.

waiters. cooks. Contact details +27 832072667 58. Ramessh on 8/31/2009 11:39:45 AM Hi. south africa. Eco Friendly handicrafts and Organic Spices & Condiments. individually running & operating F&B Operations in Hotel.Hiring workforce (chefs. vijay on 12/6/2009 11:26:34 AM i want to start a roof top restaurant in a 4 story mall. Efficient & Excellent Value for Money–Committed Team that's available to run an Indian Restaurant. Santosh on 11/15/2009 1:18:59 AM Hi. managers) . sunisam@ymail.com. I am planning on opening an Indian Restaurant in Chicago-North west suburbs. If you would like any advice or help contact me I will be glad to help you out and tell you about: . England and a grill restaurant takeaway in the same area. Thanks.Fresh produce supplies .Financial costs No problem. Please send a mail to acsbhubaneswar@gmail. . Kind regards..com and we can discuss & proceed with your dream project. Sonia on 12/10/2009 2:08:08 AM A pure bengali food restaurant in Hyderabad and then in USA (New Jersey. 59. 48.com Regards. 52.(santoshkumar2000@gmail. i want some guidelines for how to go ahead with it.m. Could you help me with the setup as to how much would it cost. Ideal for anyone interested to start an Indian restaurant & later interested to diversify into ready to eat/ ready to cook Indian foods. I have a nice big place. I am part of a Highly Cost Effective. I have already helped set up a 200 seater Indian tapas bar and restaurant in the heart of Central London (West End) working with former Taj Group managers. I am a catering consultant in London with experience particularly with Indian cuisine.com) 56. kushal chouhan on 9/4/2009 4:11:58 AM i want to start a restaurant in my city. Santosh. Dhaval on 9/5/2009 12:52:54 AM I want to start a Indian restaurant (South Indian). Sudeepta on 9/15/2009 9:55:49 AM 15 years experience in Food & small Businesses. I'm a student in usa and about to complete my course and interested to start my own restaurant business in usa? Can any one help me out. So. sunil on 11/3/2009 5:13:08 PM Hi. I am planning to invest around 20 lakh rupees initially. Thanks for your advises. Cruises and other small businesses. satarupa maitra on 11/18/2009 3:36:51 AM can anyone tell me how to start an indian restaurant in singapore 57. Our Specialty – Vegetarian Cuisine.. ninad on 9/2/2009 6:36:27 AM I want to start a restaurant in small investment. Atish Rajcoomar on 12/5/2009 2:08:27 PM kindly assist with a detail business plan to set up an indian restaurant in durban. I have helped in the set up a trendy cafe milkshake bar in prominent Essex. is it illegal? Need suggestions. so can you please give me details. send me a mail 50. if anyone is interested in partnership or can contribute in anyway. startupbizhub. furnishings) . Any info would be greatly appreciated 49. I would like to start a french fries stall in india.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… As a US citizen. I am wondering about business plan and details.Legal matters/ Licensing etc. 51.. The rent of the place is about 90000 rupees p. Sunil 55.Location Scouting/acquisition (restaurant premises) . Imtiaz on 9/9/2009 8:38:10 PM Hello guys.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 5/19 .. Imtiaz 53. We offer our services at extremely competitive rates.Marketing concepts . Also how much experience does it take to make the indian restaurant? Please e-mail me. Please let me know. what are the formalities for starting an Indian restaurant in UK? Would UK allow me to bring cooks/employees from India? What are the immigration requirements for that? Any info would be greatly appreciated. what equipments are required etc. as well as a Latin American catering this year. you can email me anytime on grandcanapes@gmail.Equipment sourcing (commercial kitchen equipment. can i have a financially viable plan. We are a team of 3 with a total experience of more than 25 years in managing. 54.

Amman. India . The rent of the place is about 90000 rupees p.US $ 50. Ram on 1/5/2010 4:16:24 PM Planing to start a Indian restaurant in USA chicago. pls advise cost. Thanks. 63. Raj on 12/17/2009 3:21:56 PM Are you interested to start your Restaurant business in the following places? India. Can someone please help us to make our dreams come true? Thanks:66. Kuwait. I am neither a consultant or a solution's provider but i can help you out sharing my knowledge and experience. rules.. how to choose the area. I am planning to invest around 20 lakh rupees initially. we can start up a restaurant with my investment. chingri machh er malaikari. Subramanya on 1/6/2010 1:20:15 AM I'm planning to open Indian Restaurant in Maryland.com 62. I am restaurateur based out of Chennai. can we do the business with 2 foreign directors in the company. Philipines. residence cost for single and residence visa. Canada and UK. jude on 1/7/2010 4:06:57 PM I would like to start it as a catering service and then move to a restaurant. Rohit kothari on 1/6/2010 3:11:52 AM I want to start tea And coffee cafe business in mumbai. I'm planning to open restaurant in Maryland. waiters. where to find kitchen related stuff etc. koi machh er horogouri. Anandha Krishnan on 12/24/2009 7:59:02 PM Hey folks. Morleyan on 1/8/2010 1:27:50 AM I would like to setup a Juice stall / fast food in Hyderabad malls. Start your Restaurant in Mumbai. is it possible. 68. give me suggestion about what investment required and which location is good for start up .. India. chennai. 64.com. Please email me at ksgemail@yahoo. the menu.Jordan. Please guide. You should have budget approximately US $ 100000/. Canada 72. kindly help me too with. Alberta. currently in Charlotte. Shukto. i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers. China. Rachna Balaji on 1/2/2010 8:37:35 AM hi.Cost .000-100000/Please write us for more information : aamcon@gmail. thank u in advance 61. r. Calgary. Plan well in advance before u start up an Indian Cuisine. methi shaak er porota. project report and finding you a investors/partners. concepts. Malaysia. Plz reply a bit urgent 60. Thailand. dhoka-r dalnaa. piyaaji. :) all the best. dal-bori. Subramanya 69. In case you need any assistance reach me out in mail. your inputs will be really helpful for my decision. Need suggestions regarding setup costs. but like others have no clue about it. alu r porota.m. Jordan. Thanks Subramanya 70. Of course its free. india 67. USA. Rajat on 1/2/2010 7:26:59 AM I & my wife have a dream of opening up a restaurant. Please send me details. 65. the staff? and do i have to go through a formal training in the hotel management n stuff ? please mail me.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… need to know how to start with the restaurant at the initial stage and how to make break-even with the full proof business plan. 71. besides i need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen to hiring cooks.singh on 12/10/2009 4:37:11 PM i want to start a roof top restaurant. We can assist you for full Restaurant/Bar/Pub/Night Club setup. which the people have not tasted for a long time. finding cooks. the servings would be typical bengali dish.. pavankumar on 12/26/2009 9:34:23 AM I want to start a indian restaurant in Singapore. Your inputs will be helpful. lax on 1/12/2010 10:10:56 AM startupbizhub. can i have a financially viable plan. Indonesia. and others. Subramanya on 1/6/2010 1:15:30 AM Hi Anandha Krishnan. murighonto. Best place to start a Restaurant now in China Best Place to start Bar/Pub/Night Club. Bar and Night Club . with 30 seating capacity (750sft) my initial capital to set up a restaurant is 55000$(sgd). Can you please give me your email id. even i am interested in opening a restaurant in India.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 6/19 . My preferred location is little india seragoon road.to $ 200000/-. shahram on 12/31/2009 4:20:29 AM i want to start with iranian food in suburb of kuala lampour for iranian student and local people even Malaysian. NC. Indonesia and China. Any advice would be helpful !! 73.

rajeev on 1/31/2010 3:54:48 AM I want to start an indian pure veg. chef My main concern is how to get financial help and do banks give loans for this? What is the general expense for initial setup. ajojose111@gmail. tn. area. also i need tips on location. USA. These questions make me take a back seat and that's why I have not been able to pursue it much. staff. I would like to start a typical Kerala cuisine restaurant in Idukki district. 76. can you let me know what is needed for it like: 1. location 3. Dilip deb on 1/16/2010 1:16:52 AM I want to start new fast food cum north indian food stall in Banglore city in India near bansangir/jayanagar with lum sum investment of Rs. what are the basic requirements like legal formalities? I want some guidelines for how to go ahead with it. I want the information about the starting costs and permissions needed. Malaysia 75. With low investment to start with.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 7/19 . 84. sameer lone on 1/23/2010 3:57:21 AM i want to open my veg fast food restaurant in baramulla jammu and kashmir. bijujoseph on 1/24/2010 2:35:46 AM i want star a restaurant in kerala please give me good suggestion. i need ideas for the theme which will be profitable. Kerala. my background is also from the same field I have done my Graduation in hotel management please guide me how can I open own restaurant and which things I should consider and tell me about location which I have selected for my business. thanks laxmi 74. 79.5 lakhs. 2. Any help is appreciated. AJO JOSE. India 86. I am Lalit Thakur and interested to open my own restaurant business in Jalgaon Maharashtra INDIA. Please help me.5 lakhs. Ansil on 1/14/2010 1:04:58 AM How can I open an Indian restaurant in Klang. What is the formalities and interest rate of Bank loan? Which bank is more reasonable? Government rules and regulations to start restaurant in Taluk and Urbam areas. I want to open an Indian restaurant in jackson. Mintardidi on 1/16/2010 1:55:25 AM I want to start new fast food cum evening snacks/sandwich stall in Banglore city in India near bansangir stage 3/jayanagar 4 or 6 block with lum sum investment of Rs. usa. 83.restaurant in India Saharanpur(uttarprades). 1. please send startupbizhub.India. lancao on 1/24/2010 11:41:39 AM I want open an Indian restaurant in Inner Mongolia China need help on how to open an Indian restaurant. plzz help me in my business 88. have my own space in heart of the town 81. thanks. 80. AJO JOSE on 1/29/2010 4:00:01 PM Hello.. 85. How to get funding 2. abhi on 1/28/2010 12:46:11 AM i want to open a restaurant in india. I am interested in opening a restaurant. I don't know where to start from. Lalit Thakur on 2/2/2010 12:56:13 PM hey hi. kusuma on 1/21/2010 7:21:59 PM I would like to start an Indian Restaurant in Santa Clara . CA. This is Arshad i want to open a pure hyderabadi restaurant in Hyderabad. so please advise me what are the basic formalities mandatory to go with. jaipur. My problem is i dont have money to start business such a situation how can i raise the fund to start business. Kerala. I need tips on investment. Its my dream to become owner of a group of restaurants. Selangor. ideas. Thanks 87.. gchandrakumar on 1/17/2010 8:23:16 AM i like to start hotel business in bangalore kasturinagar please give suggestion and ideas for earlier to act 78. purchasing both equipment as well as food and most important of all how to get the funding. Arshad on 2/2/2010 3:49:13 PM Hi. Gujarat . Pradeep Balakrishna Bangera on 1/22/2010 8:58:03 AM Hotel Business Ahmedabad.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… hi. 82. Thodupuzha.com. about location and investment. location & staff. Anjan on 1/24/2010 6:25:35 AM Hi. 77.

Maharashtra.Thanks 89. plz help me how much money we need to make a garment shop in sarawak. bhim singh on 2/6/2010 11:29:31 AM hi my name is bhim singh from delhi hotel park land kailash colony executive chef. Toms on 2/15/2010 9:04:14 AM I want to start a restaurant in Kuwait. India? 100. UK. planing to open a fast food restaurant at agra. Thanks 104. and other legal formalities. 98. malysia. Thank you. The current restaurant near by is not functioning great. 91. can you give me your email address so that I can communicate with you regarding restaurant business. but i want to know what are the main expenditures involved. rakesh kumar on 2/4/2010 5:14:59 AM hi. municipalities. lemon rice etc. I want to open an indian restaurant and provide food and drinks and take away.. Varsha on 2/17/2010 7:29:38 AM Hello Guys. investment is not an issue. Monish on 2/11/2010 9:11:25 AM How do I start a Fast Food joint in the US? Plz let me know all the formalities and the procedure? Can I also know the estimated Overall Investment for the same. i have friend in malysia we want to make a garment shop in sarawak. 95. saji 97. but something which provides unique authentic south indian items like dosa. please advise me. startupbizhub. raj on 2/22/2010 1:12:00 PM We are planning to start an Indian Restaurant near cleveland. i want to open take away but only chinese. Servers South Indian Food and has a bar too?? any input will be greatly appreciated. Chinmay Dalvi. USA.. licensing. Indiana. OH.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 8/19 . USA. Any help with information about startup costs. Thank you. I want to start a kiosk or a Quick service restaurant in Jaipur. sanjeevi on 2/3/2010 2:12:37 AM excellent business idea in coimbatore city tamilnadu india in catering 90. any unique ideas? Thank You 102. Amit on 2/21/2010 10:54:41 PM I would like to start an Indian restaurant in Denver. I am interested in opening a restaurant in India at Chennai. Let me know the thing like How to get Financial support. 99. can u please let us know. Could u give me an rough estimate in setting up this business all by myself. Colorado. 103. Chinmay Dalvi on 2/21/2010 4:01:07 AM I am Chinmay Dalvi. Basically Am an Mechanical Engineer. raja sohail on 2/5/2010 2:32:39 PM hello my name is sohail i'm from pakistan. malysia 92. Raj on 2/8/2010 9:14:06 AM business location: london surroundings (near 25 miles outside). 96. I want to start takeaway business at mentioned City. prakash on 2/23/2010 8:58:55 PM Hello Mr Ananda krishnan. I'm rakesh kumar and interested to open new restaurant in odense in Denmark. Not a very elaborate one. bodies to approach in order to set up a restaurant in Chennai. please give idea so that i can open soon 93. If possible. Thanks 105. 94. what the initial estimate would be for setting up a brand new place that can seat at least 40 people. Gaurav on 2/18/2010 4:34:05 AM Hi. Thank you. Would like to know the cost involved and also where to approach for finance. Basically serving South Indian Idli's and Dosa. Vijayabhaskar on 2/24/2010 4:53:05 AM Hi Dear. masala vadai. Can you advise me the legal formalities regarding. India. chef etc. can you suggest the initial investment needed and what kind of menu to target students and young people. so if you can tell me the formalities necessary for starting a food takeaway business. Regards. please help me i really want this to happen. Nashik. Rajesh Choudhury on 2/21/2010 12:00:26 PM I want to start a restaurant in Jaipur.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… the details to my email id . We are in the process of researching if we can take over an existing place or should we start a new one. R Krishna on 2/18/2010 10:03:21 AM Would to like to know what are the legal requirements/govt. is much appreciated. Sanjana on 2/14/2010 4:23:16 PM Hi. Hand held:+91-9820369924 101. Just cater for few evening hours. I would like to start an indian restaurant in Carmel.

healthy and delicious cuisine.com. justa's on 3/12/2010 7:47:20 PM hi. sumanta on 3/10/2010 11:53:44 PM hi friends. Ganesh Shetty on 3/13/2010 2:36:06 AM Hi. I'm considering in terms of high level customer service. can u help us in starting a restaurant in south delhi. Awaiting valuable response from all well wishers. i want to start a restaurant & Bar. license required for restaurant & Bar 1) A health certificate medical certificate for kitchen staff issued by BMC health department.com. 117. Tharanadan on 3/4/2010 1:04:26 AM Myself Tharanadan and settled in Faridabad.my 109. license required for restaurant & Bar? what is the procedure for opening restaurant & bar? 118.co. ex_chandru@yahoo. if anyone interested to open any type of outlet regarding food and beverage can contact me sumantabiswas23@yahoo. Tharanadan you need to have at least 5 lacs for small restaurant. and also emphasizing in fine dining as well. How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… 106. Ganesh Shetty. I needs help from anyone that very well in Indian foods(North. foodconcepts360@gmail. and if anyone is interested to be my partner plz mail sumantabiswas23@yahoo. I am a Restaurant consultant in Mumbai. sagar on 3/7/2010 2:25:55 PM i want to start new restaurant in mumbai pls help me with investment plan. ankit sharma on 3/7/2010 3:38:16 AM i want to start a new hotel business in jaipur rajasthan. Regards.. plz awaiting for your reply. I'm going to start the biz soon so i need someone that can participate with me. e male address dsriramarao@yahoo. Ganesh Shetty on 3/6/2010 4:03:19 AM Hello friends. 119. Anyone interested in starting a restaurant in Bangalore. So i'm planning to open an indian restaurant in Malaysia not an ordinary but something fulfill the needs of Malaysian as well as foreigners too. 107. I have 25 years experience in andhra & hyderabad local food like dum biriyanies. 108. how much should i invest 115. pls help with the investment plan. Looking for a partner. legal requirements and licenses.com 113. I run a meals house in hyderabad last 25 years. So please contact me. West) and investors are welcomed. Email: dkarthickprabu@gmail. Subhadeep on 2/24/2010 2:36:27 PM I want to open a pub/lounge in Kolkata. Ganesh Shetty on 3/6/2010 3:41:37 AM Hi. Could you please tell how much investment required for a small restaurant? What are all kitchen equipment required for this project. basically am a chef.Vijay sawant kind of govt. SRIRAMARAO DUGYALA on 3/4/2010 12:03:51 AM I want to run a small kitchen in Singapore if any body interested to give lease or rent please contact me. i am sumanta from westbengal has an experience of more then 7yrs in food and beverage industry with international expertise. india. chandru on 3/3/2010 4:09:08 PM Since Malaysian population growing up rapidly. East. 3) A water connection certificate..com.in Thanks 110. what kind of govt. i want to open small restaurant. Mr. I have no previous experience in this field. vijay sawant on 3/11/2010 3:23:02 AM hi. 112..thank you. If you would like any restaurant staff in abroad or any help contact me. I would like to start a South Indian Restaurant in Sector 34 or 37 in Faridabad. 114. 111. I need details of investment required and licenses. Haryana. Shall discuss more details in mail. KP on 3/1/2010 5:50:37 PM Hello. 2) A shop and establishment certificate.. please write to me. startupbizhub..8/8/2010 Cooker and etc. South. promoting every single Indian food in the way of truly Indian culture. sumanta on 3/8/2010 5:33:32 AM i want to start a new indian and south indian restaurant in kolkata pls help me with investment plan.com 116.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 9/19 . If anyone interested please send email to my email id. India. the demands for fast foods especially for an indian cuisine are very high. can u plz explain it to how to open restaurant & Bar. Thank you.

i have worked in china for 13 years as an indian restaurant manager. which will be put on super market shelves or coolers? Later when the consumer buys it and take it to Home.com for further details 124.K. for this i am seeking the list of the items or necessaries in the kitchen along with the costing. 5) NOC from society 6) Fire brigade certificate.Roy. Ganesh Shetty. so they always prefer to buy ready to eat products. Ganesh Shetty on 3/13/2010 3:30:17 AM I am well-networked in terms of arranging for skilled staff. i'm preparing a business plan for an Indian restaurant(veg) in Nagpur. JS Bhurji on 3/25/2010 10:00:29 PM Sir. I m gonna run a Dosa restaurant in Chennai which includes different varieties of Dosas (exclusively). Ray on 4/2/2010 5:19:15 PM Dear sirs/Madams. Kebabs. they do not know how to cook. As people in Canada have no time.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… 4) A state excise and prohibition license. If interested. there are many Indian restaurants in Toronto city ON Canada.tripathi@gmail. Hanuman Tripathi on 3/27/2010 2:21:37 AM Hi. Regards. pls mail me and give your valuable suggestion. Please email me at g_pira@hotmail. I am here in Canada. Saudi Arabia Mobile.. shanghaiselvam@ymail. Kolkata (Kati) Rolls. please help me how to set up and what are the tips which i need to take care. Therefore would like your help. I want start my own trading business or a restaurant in north india or delhi ncr. Ganesh Shetty 120. and what will be the investment startupbizhub. babu on 4/3/2010 2:58:02 AM how to start a small fast food restaurant(non-veg)... Thanks Jaym 126. piravinson mailvaganam on 3/26/2010 12:51:29 PM Hi I am starting an Indian restaurant and I need info. reply me at satishyaa@gmail. so if anybody interested in opening a indian restaurant in china please feel free to contact me. If anybody could help me with this I will be very thankful. A...com 122. I myself working in the Hotel Industry but never explore my talent in that field.00966506629569 130. we are located in portland. hanuman. I have already finalized the place. Satish on 3/23/2010 2:45:44 AM Hi Sumanta.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 10/19 . Thanks Ray 132.. shanghaiselvam on 4/2/2010 1:21:19 AM Hi i am selvam from chennai i am a restaurant manager. and i can also speak fluent chinese so feel free to call me +91 9962308122. South Indian (Dosas & Idlis) & Indian-Chinese cuisines. Do you have any idea about such a product. i am very well known about chinese law & rules & regulation. You can contact me for staff requirements abroad.Roy on 3/27/2010 9:42:58 AM One of my friend who is the owner of few polyclinics would like to open an exclusive Indian restaurant in jeddah and want me to assist him to open the restaurant. please email. foodconcepts360@gmail... 127. Regards. specializing in North Indian.com 129. to be packed in plastic bags/container with a shelf life and expiry date. A. it should be ready with minimum work or micro wave heating. especially kitchen staff with expertise in Indian.K. USA. i have experience in opening indian restaurant in china. Jeddah. how much investment is required? as i knew to this filed please help me. Maine. Ganesh Shetty on 3/13/2010 2:39:19 AM Same goes to JUSTA'S except A state excise and prohibition license. We are franchising out our business after successfully running for 2 yrs. BabasChulha on 3/17/2010 1:33:28 PM Inviting Entrepreneurs: We are a successful Takeaway Joint in Hyderabad. Pls Contact babaschulha@gmail. This is Satish Sambasivam from Chennai. Thanks & regards.com or contact me at +91 95432 52744 125. Thanking You. My question is : what kind of product would you suggest. sunitha on 3/17/2010 10:45:01 AM i would like to start bar and restaurant in hyderabad.com 128.com 131. 123. jay mahesh on 3/23/2010 9:45:17 AM i would like to start indian restaurent with buffet. please give me some idea about basic things we need to start and where to get them including chef... Ganesh shetty 121.

137. the location is united arab emirates. India. 147. ANSUMAN on 4/23/2010 3:56:24 AM i want to start a food chain in india and want to carry it through out. I want to start a fast food restaurant in chennai. Let me have as many details as you can send to me. thanks with regards babu. India. Country : India. anyone interested. State : Uttaranchal. Suresh Nair 136. i request you to please guide me how to proceed so as to open and run my restaurant successfully 143. Yukti on 4/20/2010 5:54:54 AM What are the legalities for opening a restaurant? Do I need any qualification. new york. how much costly is start a new hotel for tourists. FIROZ on 4/21/2010 3:47:52 PM hi i live in dubai. certification etc to start a restaurant? please also let us know how can we get the liquor license and what are the formalities? 142. various kootus. Rahul kumar on 4/20/2010 8:01:50 AM Sir i want to open a new restaurant in jharkhand. starting a restaurant business has always been my dream and researching and looking for a break to get involved for the past couple of years and now it became true as i am in a process of opening up an small indian restaurant( a kind of fast food having about 4x4 sitting table. thank you. Plz give me some advise for the estimated cost and infrastructure and all basics for opening a new business and get success in this field. Kerala. I would like to start a restaurant specializes in Biriyani in Irinjalakuda. Let me know how much space is needed and what other things are needed for proper licensing etc. arabi roast. pipy hot food. and which dishes is better to prefer to him. how is the business in bangalore regarding fast food. any one interested please contact me at chfirozali@gmail. India. 135. india. this is specially tourism place. Food should be yummy like bhindi roast. Anyone interested in partnering is welcome to write to me at puneetmithra@gmail. United arab emirates . 146. 138.. Suresh Nair on 4/6/2010 12:34:25 PM Hello..com 139.. we are looking at starting a North Indian Cuisine specialty restaurant in Mumbai/Pune India. 144. so. Kohli on 4/3/2010 1:44:34 PM My husband has just retired and we are looking for an opportunity to start an Indian Restaurant (Fine dining) in or near Ashburn in Loudoun County Virginia. ram on 4/5/2010 7:21:31 AM Hi. 133. Trichur. Thanks. please advise me how to proceed to open and run my business successfully. could u please advise me whats are the most important elements i should be carefully 145.as anywhere in dubai. it should be more of salads.com. I want to start a restaurant which is different from the regular stereotyped restaurants. FIROZ on 4/21/2010 3:49:58 PM hi i am looking for a partner to start a restaurant in Dubai. Please advise the estimated cost and infrastructure & legal requirements to start this business. saif on 4/8/2010 3:30:13 AM I want to plan opening a new restaurant in alappuzha kerala state. please suggest your opinion. Manjeet K. I want to establish one small restaurant in dehradun in uttaranchal. sonia kapoor on 4/21/2010 5:15:25 AM Hi. lakshmi manu on 4/12/2010 1:42:03 AM Chennai.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 11/19 . Can you tell me what equipment I need and how much will it cost me ? legal requirement etc. Please email me. 148. 140. cool food and in winters. please let us know what are the legal formalities and how can we get the liquor license and what are the formalities 141. RANVEER PANWAR on 4/7/2010 7:08:26 AM City : Dehradun. Need professional advice and of course ready to pay for it. mohammad on 4/24/2010 11:51:13 PM i want to open a takeout indian restaurant in elmsford. and has food free from grease and preservatives and should suit everyone's palate without making a hole in their purses. Suman on 4/25/2010 2:33:13 PM startupbizhub. and so on. Food should be made depending on the season.. SATISH MINHAS on 4/19/2010 8:30:36 AM We want to open a new restaurant here in delhi. Tamilnadu.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… regarding the fast food business. puneet mithra on 4/11/2010 4:30:25 PM Hi I am opening a restro bar in Delhi. In summer. 134. do mail me.. need advise on the go abouts please.

I am interested in your proposal in starting restaurant in Bangalore. Canada.. Daina Pillay on 4/29/2010 4:44:40 PM Hi I am Daina Pillay from Northern Cape in South Africa. Help me in finding a cheapest room from where i can start my business. Can you drive me how to have office or university order. equipments required. mostly (Bangalore or Delhi) specially in Briani..8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… Woodstock. trustworthy. especially costing 161. Joanna sahai on 5/6/2010 12:12:42 PM My name is Joanna and am from Kanpur. Email:sridhar_c2k@yahoo.. plz advice & send me related details to my mail id. Mrs sami contact me at E-Mail: dextergrid@yahoo. Mrs Sami on 5/2/2010 5:50:12 AM REGARDING THE COMMENT 107. nagendra on 5/7/2010 6:17:18 AM startupbizhub. partner without capital but only labor to work together. I want to open an Indian restaurant and take away and i would love to get more information as to what is require to start up. and related issues) 149. Thanks 150. I am planing in opening up a Indian Fast food but american style restaurant in North NJ. USA. What is the legal procedure. Please send me all related details.. thanks 160. contact me at shilpiray21@yahoo. 152. Sree on 4/28/2010 4:52:56 AM I would like to start Bar & Restaurant business at Hyderabad (AP. sandwich. Who could answer on all question correct. It is very hard to find good. I am foreigner. For more detail licchil@gmail.in 153. Thank you very much. 157. I am planning to start a exclusive shop for Biriyani. i am unaware of the legal formalities. Take-away for office or university. Yury on 5/4/2010 12:04:04 PM Manali. Mauritian food and Indian for Veg and Non-veg.g. most importantly who can help with finance as i am unemployed. Or maybe just you could recommend some good and responsible lawyer or chartered accountant not too far from Manali.co. Because I am little scared about Telanga issue. urgent response would be highly appreciated Regards 154.V Kannur Kerala. but also not too closed. I need to know of all the things that i need to keep in mind before i get into this.. Can you please give me more details on opening procedures. May be near a university or office. i have no prior experience in this business. can u enlighten me? ur article encouraged me a lot. I want to open Indian restaurant/ food business. (e. what are the legal aspects involved and do i need a license and where can i obtain it. rejul on 4/26/2010 3:38:33 AM Hi. 145.com 9940356664. financing.. pls guide me further about investment.India). With a low investment. Rejul.K. equipment. Please tell me your views & opinions. professional lawyer or chartered ac. As to what kind of paperwork we have to do and the Basic Investments needed? and how to find a indian food venders to get the inventory.com 159.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 12/19 . I had rent a land already and i want to know which document. Contact me ASAP at E-Mail: dextergrid@yahoo.com With thank Mrs Sami 155. workmen. Himachal Pradesh. India 151. But I wanted to know is this the right to start new business. Arshad on 5/5/2010 11:10:45 AM m from coimbatore and i want to open a restaurant here. With best regards. i live in India already 5 years and i have indian company registered in Goa. licenses exactly i should make to start restaurant in Himachal Pradesh. Looking for reliable. IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED IF YOU COULD CONTACT ME ON E-MAIL: dextergrid@yahoo. Hello.C. marketing.com 156. Mrs Sami on 5/1/2010 7:51:13 AM Dear. need business plan. I wish to open a cafe style small restaurant serving different types of desserts. Reshma Patel on 4/27/2010 11:32:17 AM Hi. Ontario.com I AM INTERESTED IN YOUR PROPOSAL REGARDING COMMENT 130. i like to help people in need too. prakaasan 158.. V.Chil prakaasan on 5/5/2010 7:45:13 AM Anybody want to open the Restaurant or Hotel in Chennai ask me I have 14 years experience in hotel industries. shilpi ray on 5/5/2010 7:54:57 AM interested in restaurant business in kolkata/assam. Any needy people want to join me is welcome. sanya on 4/26/2010 1:36:26 AM i want to start restaurant business. I am looking for an opportunity to open a small catering business in India. either through home or in a commercial location. coffee etc.

I have a steady Job and i want my wife to Open and take care of this business. amar colony. on 5/18/2010 8:03:04 AM Hi! I have indian restaurant in bangkok but now business is very down plus problem in country I'm looking for new country to start again Would you give us some advice which country interested in indian food except India. about the permits and employees and all the stuffs about loans. Kebabs. i am ready to start restaurant business in india but i am fail to provide business plan with budget so can any one make good things for me n help soon thank u as well as i am seeking for the lenders pls call me +8008088778. thanks a lot. I would like to start a multi cuisine restaurant in kerala but I don't have any idea which place is best and how much capital required . Kindly guide me as to how can I go about it from scratch. Atif hussain on 5/13/2010 8:18:07 AM well i'm in hongkong and i want to open indian restaurant & bar in crowded area such as tsim sha tsui. 163. what all things to watch out. Satish. Kamal A. my investment is approximately 10 to 12 lakhs indian rupees so pls give me proper advice as soon as possible 173. Thanks 166. Biswas on 5/9/2010 4:27:25 AM i am planning to open a north indian restaurant in bangalore (karnataka) but i have no idea. With kind regards.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 13/19 .com 170. i have a CHINESE fast food at gurunanak markit lajpat nagar 4. subodh singh on 5/8/2010 9:48:08 AM i am based at jaipu and want to start a mobile restaurant specializing in fast food. 1 + G. I HAVE GOOD BUSINESS NOW BUT I WANT MORE SATISFIED GUEST SO THAT MY NOODLE HOUSE MAY BE NO. sirimarketingd26@yahoo. Many many thanks in advance. Here is a great opportunity. Ganesh 168. Hyderabad.com 171.com on 5/13/2010 1:44:06 PM Inviting Entrepreneurs: We are a 2 year old successful Takeaway Joint in Hyderabad. 165. Inviting prospective Franchisees For details :Pls Contact babaschulha@gmail. Please share your views and experiences with me at satishiyer_dreams@yahoo. 1 PLEASE GET BACK ME 169.. Please let me know How much cash we need in hand.K. pizza and health drink/shakes. 174. Regards. Pornsawan.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… dear all thank u so much for the mail. India. Ganesh on 5/12/2010 1:39:53 AM Hi Mr R Karki.in thank u 162. please send me related details and kindly guide me on this.com 172. KAILASH COLONY. specializing in North Indian. mail me to harishfnb@rediffmail. 167. samee on 5/17/2010 11:18:24 AM I want to start a chinese restaurant in malad (W) mumbai. EAST OF KALASH. RAM on 5/14/2010 3:03:20 AM Hi if some one is looking out for a purchase of good running Pub in Banjara Hills Area. my fast food name is noodle house. double story. please let me know the initial investment to get started. Satish Iyer on 5/7/2010 7:34:49 AM I want to open a south indian restaurant in Mumbai or Ahmedabad which can serve as a restaurant and also offer a catering services. jordan or mongkok its the main place for eating and shopping so please give me some idea about chef/cooks and menu planning/menu tastes. my target is home delivery for national park. near mindspace. John Abraham on 5/9/2010 4:35:45 PM I would like to open an Indian Restaurant in Houston Area . yusuf ali on 5/15/2010 6:36:51 PM Hi. what is the cost to open a good restaurant send me more details about this. I have a location the best location but how do i get the cooks. how will i know about the menu and how much cash do i need to open a new restaurant.K 2. G. bhim singh on 5/12/2010 11:53:04 AM i am chef bhim singh executive chef. M Singh on 5/19/2010 2:51:52 PM startupbizhub. babaschulha@gmail. which location is good for indian business /thank for kindly answer 175. Kolkata (Kati) Rolls. how should i start 164.com for staff requirements. you can contact me @ foodconcepts360@gmail.com. R KARKI on 5/11/2010 11:22:29 AM Hi i would like to open an indian restaurant in Virginia. hope to hear from u soon my mail is atifgz@gmail.

pratap on 5/27/2010 9:21:43 AM hi sir i'm chef pratap from india i have 12 year experience from indian tandoor cuisine now i'm looking job out of india like uk.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… Hi! Selling a well running restaurant in Ludhiana. 180. Moreover the place where my shops are is in my residential area. Moving out of country. Santosh Mishra on 5/20/2010 10:55:28 AM I've best location and experience to run the business but i want to know how can i get finance of about 45 lakh as i have land only 181. we have a small college near the house but students who study there are from not very well to do family.e. canada any good country if somebody need indian chef kindly contact me my mob no. i do have some initial investment. ghatkopar west nearby station.000 only. I have to start my own work as soon as possible. drinks stall. Monthly restaurant fee is MYR 600 only. Ali muhammed on 5/27/2010 12:56:06 AM 4 star hotel for sale in kerala if any body interested contact me 9947678615 185.also anybody interested for partnership can contact me parimal. 189. please reply urgently. how much I can avail as bank loan. Interested people can contact me at: harmanhar@gmail. man power etc. I was wondering. lathika on 5/28/2010 9:40:01 AM I am looking for a business partner to open an indian restaurant in London..is +919654306065 thanking you 187. VA. vipin on 5/30/2010 11:17:35 PM startupbizhub. so selling it off. plastic tables x 10. i need some good suggestions about area to start restaurant and all the basic requirements required to start the restaurant finance.Can somebody tell me what is the equipment cost for a 20 Seater Veg/Non veg restaurant . please contact me via email: info[at]heypy. I am the sales representative of the restaurant owner.. I Want know the cost involved to set up the restaurant. USA. wood tables x 15. If you interested. please let me know the formalities and all.. Asha on 5/20/2010 6:48:58 AM I want to start a pizza joint in Bangalore. I'm interested in starting a restaurant which serves only biryani. Indiranagar India. isha rai on 5/29/2010 10:40:43 AM hi this is isha rai. stoves x 4. in fact I am sure that I want to start up a small cafe serving snacks only but I dont have much of capital with me. or veg & non veg )rest. usa..com 176. 4000. remya on 5/27/2010 6:29:25 AM Hi. Parimal on 5/20/2010 1:31:08 AM Want to start a small restaurant in Delhi/NCR . will be prefer by you and why ?what are the basic terms for franchisees ? 178. AP. The entire area is surrounded by houses and its on the main Highway road. AHMAD KHAIRUL AL-AMIN on 5/23/2010 4:03:02 AM Dear Restaurant Buyer. Please advise on the various licenses and other requirements and how to go about the whole process without having to face too many problems. but not sure how much more is required? 186. NARENDER on 5/20/2010 9:48:19 AM I Want start indian multi cuisine restaurant in VIZAG. Could you please send me as much details that i need to consider to bring my thought to life. normal refrigerator and 3 cupboards. I want to sell his Restaurant includes Full Equipments Set for you. seena on 5/23/2010 11:28:03 AM Hi! I am from Nagpur. The price includes:Full kitchen and cooking equipments set. 182. Please guide me how do i go about this. chairs x 40. INDIA. Sidda on 5/22/2010 10:54:31 PM I'm a novice entrepreneur who would like to cater to the indian diaspora in Herndon.. we have 3 shops which we are using as store rooms.sft to 7000sft. 184. Mr Zairi. frozen refrigerator.com. Punjab in a upscale prime commercial market. contact me if anyone interested at lats55@hotmail. It surrounded with residential homes and shops.. i wish to start a new restaurant business in nagpur maharashtra.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 14/19 . which type of restaurant ( pure veg. The price is MYR 14. the area of the restaurant is apr.takker@gmail. I wish to open a restaurant in bangalore. 179. I have nil knowledge. Shree Anant on 5/20/2010 2:37:10 AM I want to open a restaurant in eastern suburb of mumbai i. Also can somebody tell me how much space is ideal for 20 seater 177. food stall. The restaurant is located at Kulim Hi-Tech at Kulim Kedah Malaysia.com 188.com 183.

Let me know if you are interested... please help regards neha jain 200. Selangor Puchong. If anybody planning to invest in Chennai. If there are any financial aids available. If you are looking forward to setting up restaurant business in India. Fine dining restaurants in Kolkata is very competitive segment. India.. but i m not getting any low cost franchise to opt for. background and cusine along with location. n my goal is to make the restaurant that successful that i can open loads n loads of branches of my restaurant in all over india n abroad too.com 196.m planning to open a typical keralite restaurant at malad west..com 199. Paskol Rodrigues on 6/7/2010 9:20:22 PM Hi i want to open fast food corner like Burger pasta. vipin on 5/30/2010 11:19:44 PM Hi Kamal Biswas. what are the risks.. please do let me know. I am looking to start a home based Indian Catering Business. but please keep in mind that in my shop there is no place to cook food if there is any franchise which gives ready to serve food just i can use a microwave there. and what are the earning potentials.com THANKS 198. i am neha jain from kolkata. I would like to set up a Indian Restaurant In Malaysia. I want to start a restaurant(Veg/No Veg) in bangalore and looking for a partnership. If my mood is good I must just end up setting it up for you for FREE hehe. neha jain on 6/9/2010 2:17:07 AM hi.Mail me at bsroy07@gmail.. How much I need and how many partner do i need. For other countries.Mail me at bsroy07@gmail. preeti saran on 6/9/2010 11:51:28 PM hey. Need guidance for establishing a project report for the inputs and cost required.how will i know which is the best location for the same.. if you are interested then we can talk over phone 191. Why looking for franchisee when you can do it yourself.so what should be my first step towards it? how should i make a start? startupbizhub. which is very good for a restaurant business.com 190.com.com with any helpful advises like how much capital do i need.com. pls send me details to paskolr@gmail. Wish to know how to determine the specialty food to be served and the pricing factors.. Can you please let me know the cuisine so that it will help into getting into detailed specific accordingly. Vikrant kulkarni on 5/31/2010 2:54:55 PM Provide your budget.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 15/19 . ushma on 5/31/2010 5:15:25 AM Hi i want to start restaurant business in India so can you please send me some more information about it. Siva Kumar Pasupathy on 6/7/2010 11:26:15 AM Dear Sir/Madam. As for options there are multiple options. Your place is quite apt for fast food business. please help me i really need a help and got to start up a business of fast food centre very soon. Thanks 194. Gautam on 6/8/2010 2:59:36 AM Have plans to start a fine dining restaurant at Kolkata.. and any other possible helpful information.I just want to know what are the licenses required for opening a fast food restaurant? I am planning this to open in Navi Mumbai. Roy@Chennai on 6/9/2010 11:54:49 AM Neha : Comment 199. My email is ankursgoel@gmail.Mail me at bsroy07@gmail.Mail me at bsroy07@gmail. 9987119231 193. different type of licenses i need.technocrat@gmail. Maharashtra. What kind of expertise do i need and where can i get those... thank you 192. i have a shop of about 400 sq ft. My name is chirag and I am from US. Let me know Email : vipin. 201.com. chirag gandhi on 5/31/2010 7:38:39 PM Hi. Just came up with this thought. I may not be in a position to help. I have a good plan for that if anyone is interested in partnership.. I think you are looking for partnership. so please email me at chiragg_44@yahoo. What i need to learn? tqvm 197. noodles in Karnataka not big city uttara kannada please give me some advice and where can i buy burger patties in my place or which company delivery to door to door. Hi .. Gautam : Comment 198. Ankur Goel on 6/4/2010 2:58:31 AM Navi Mumbai.com. Email details to arassociates2001@sify.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… Hi. Lots of ideas in pipeline ready for implementation. sandwich. karan sharma on 6/3/2010 12:48:46 PM I want to open a restaurant in Dehradun? also let me know the legal requirements? 195. then please do let me know.. Hi Folks ..

I would like to know all legal formalities required. Suhas 209. India. Mr. all the partners are working in different places. Can you please suggest us how to start and what all permissions we need to get and how to proceed for getting license. 211. Nikhil on 6/10/2010 3:18:41 AM Hi. Kunal Mishra on 6/14/2010 2:03:44 AM I am keen interested to open a veg/nonveg restaurant in Bangalore. Thank you. Kindly let me know about the locations.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… 202. get good profit. So if you have any contacts who are interested to buy. what all licenses etc. Please hep me with ideas how to target customers. pushpa on 6/10/2010 12:47:25 PM I'm planning to start a kitchen at South Delhi ... India. Karnataka. so plz help me for that. Can you please give me some idea about budget and legal issues about opening the restaurant. How to get licenses from MCD so that no disturbance from these people takes place. Sripad on 6/14/2010 5:09:03 AM I am planning to start up Hotel in Bangalore. formalities like license. Due to management problem.Please send me suggestions to my email address archanabasta@gmail. Bangalore. vivek singh on 6/23/2010 8:16:10 AM i want to open a restaurant in Varanasi U. Approximately how much will I need to invest? What types of registration are required? how many employees should I hire? and where can I find them fast? If you can answer any of my queries please contact me at: subash. Rajesh on 6/16/2010 10:52:40 PM we are planing to start a restaurant in Hyderabad. give me a plan and how much money will i need to invest in future 213. USA. sales tax registration and others if any.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 16/19 . 210. Please send your CV to indian. Suhas on 6/15/2010 11:38:39 AM Hi! I and my friends started a small restaurant in Bangalore. So its very difficult for us to run the show.jawahar@aggro-entertainment.com. Regards.restaurant. Gurgaon and Noida) with an emerging brand. And also i want to know regarding small business loans..K. Archana 206.the basic idea being takeaways and catering to a crowd of 100 heads. Actually.. please reply.P. restaurant owner on 6/15/2010 8:11:55 PM We are seeking a PROFESSIONAL Restaurant Manager for our fine dining indian restaurant in New Jersey. J Manikandan on 6/19/2010 11:08:38 AM I want to open one typical Tamilnadu Pure veg fast food or small hotel in Hyderabad. Candidate must be a Citizen or Legal Resident of the USA.Chakravarthy on 6/10/2010 8:05:53 AM I have been in restaurant business since last 12 years i have my own restaurant in Vizag.com.fast@gmail.. What will be approximate budget to start? what are the legal formalities to open? Is there any tax do we have to pay to Government? 214.nj@gmail. startupbizhub. Please refer my email id "manjusfood@gmail. However I lack the necessary information required. so i want a specific name for that.I want to start Chaat Rehris (8-10) in NCR (New Delhi. srihari on 6/17/2010 11:57:14 PM I want to open a restaurant after 5 years.. Pls advise. what are the permissions required. and i am interested to start a very small indian restaurant business with some new concept of providing some very famous and signature dishes(like nanking/chipotle). Is there any solution for this issue? Also we are planing to sell the restaurant.com 212. M. i am facing problems with MCD people. 203.. Subash Jawahar on 6/17/2010 9:16:14 AM I am interested in opening a restaurant/hookah lounge in Bangalore. India. In this respect I would want a first hand information on govt. they dont allow in some places. 204. any suggestions regarding the business plans or any help required to set up a restaurant business do call me on my personal number mobile :9502101052 will surely help any one who is interested to open a restaurant in india or abroad. Thanks in advance.. as a women can i get any flexible loans for women for self-employment/business. what are the statutory compliance to made? 208. 205. please feel free to give your focus if i have not covered to ask. Archana on 6/10/2010 11:27:20 PM Hello! i live in NJ-USA. Kunal Mishra 207. Suppose if I have to include drought beer at the spot then what are the excise formalities.com.com" to them. My mail ID is nikbajaj.

startupbizhub. karnataka but want to start restaurant.. if somebody interested to start restaurant and travel business in nepal with join venture. Business starting Formalities 3. And if any? Best Regards DR. harris on 7/13/2010 11:03:33 AM I want to start an family Indian restaurant in dubai. but can anyone help me in the terms of fin.vizag@gmail. Are you planing to start a restaurant or star hotel in India? feel free to consult me at any time.. GA 30068. My main Questions are: 1. they can help me how can i start indian restaurant and guest houses for idian tourists. EMAIL: amrgopal@yahoo... ABUDHABI. Kindly guide me...SO SOMEBODY HELP ME PLS. What are the legal formalities from the economic department of dubai. How much to be invest to open a small restaurant or any other business where i can get max profit.com and 977-9841437371 thanks all.. India having some initial investment.co. advise me the step by step actions. amit malik on 7/4/2010 1:32:52 PM I want to open an indian restaurant. Guru on 7/10/2010 3:36:51 PM I am planning for south special restaurant in Mumbai. Migrating in Malaysia Formalities 2.plan that would surely click.FOR AN INDIAN RESTAURANT. 223. Vineet on 6/25/2010 7:40:44 AM Hi All..com 228.in. Investment plan is 1 lac to 2 lacs. i have so many thoughts in mind but needed spark to turn my idea into reality.com 224. SENIOR HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGER. so if anyone intrested please contact me at my mail id.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… 215. 226. Toton Datta on 7/12/2010 6:37:23 AM I want to start a small restaurant in Delhi. vani on 7/6/2010 11:56:50 AM Can you please guide me through the initial process that need to be followed in starting a restaurant in Marietta.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 17/19 . equipment required.. m very much interested in restaurant business and have full confidence with b.APPUMENON RAJGOPAL on 7/6/2010 5:47:07 AM Hi. pl. Prakash 00 9940356664 licchil@gmail. but I am not sure how much more will be required? I am 62 Years old and I have to stay with my wife there in Malaysia and to run the business. With Best Regards. Selangar Malaysia) please let me know the formalities and all other requirements. I wish to open a Medium Capacity(24-Seats)Buffet Type Restaurant in (Malaysia/Klang. Staff placement Formalities 4. This is Vineet. pl let me know the formalities. swathi on 7/5/2010 9:51:01 AM i am an engineering student from a small place known as bellary. nepal for last 7 years and wanna open new restaurant in all over nepal.USA. can anybody please tell me about what would the initial cost to open an average sized restaurant 221. and please share some ideas for other countries food in india. santosh kapoor on 7/15/2010 1:41:44 PM i would like to open a small restaurant in minnapolis.. Kulalampur/kelang 222. then please contact me at namgya_wangdi@hotmail.com 217. mail id: bhaumicsoni@yahoo.. India 220. who is indian chef. India) can mail me mano. DR. I want to know what is the legal aspects. 219..APPUMENON RAJGOPAL MIIRSM DCE. namgya wangdi on 6/29/2010 2:28:22 AM hello all.. contact me at vineet. my email-guruprasad_shetty@lntenc.urs07@gmail. 218. MOBILE: 00971 50 5165685. Manoranjan on 7/9/2010 9:13:45 AM If any one interested to start restaurant in Vizag(Visakhapatnam.com 225. Can I bring cooks from India for my restaurant. i am running restaurant in ktm. if anybody. please guide me 227. Please guide me what equipments needed and what cost is involved to open an average size of restaurant? Delhi. licensing. TILak Raj Bhatta on 6/30/2010 10:31:40 AM I NEED A BUSINESS PLAN. I am a Senior Citizen of Chennai.com 216. employee hiring and their salary. bhaumic on 7/14/2010 5:47:08 PM hello to all. i would like to establish food restaurant business in india without considering indian food.. Prakash on 6/26/2010 8:30:30 AM Dear All.

. Please contact me on my email: lovable_ben2000@yahoo. if anybody interested may contact me on my email rawal. Mumbai Borivali I want to start a small restaurant. what i do check 241.please guide me . Vijay on 7/26/2010 2:12:36 AM I am planning to start a restaurant in Singapore. So we need a person who is having working experience with such type of restaurant. presently i am in dubai.com 238. will you pls suggest me the investment on cutlery.vijay@gmail.. equipments. i completed it two years back and worked in some hotels in nepal. initial capital required. 235.. startupbizhub. utensils required for 60 pax of guest at a time as well as the name in list of these whole kitchen equipments. I want to start an ayurvedic spa cum indian fast food restaurant in canada / USA. Who can help in obtaining the same and also cost 240. Mahesh Kela on 7/17/2010 9:54:01 AM my name is mahesh. Prajakta on 7/22/2010 2:18:26 AM Hi... regards. please advise me how to go about it dhruv.sg/+6582693774 239. I am working in IT field for last 8 yrs. prakash patel on 8/7/2010 1:30:52 PM Hi. We have strong business structure in Malaysia and Singapore.rasheed@gmail. Harsh Desai on 7/21/2010 6:08:34 AM Hi.. but I think I am destined for something different. Can u guide me as what should be the minimum area required for it if i wish to open in shanti colony of chennai. what kind of licenses are needed and from whom.com/How-to-Start-an-Indi… 18/19 . i would like to open up a small restaurant in chennai with only chat items in my restaurant.com 232. Bangalore and cochin are 2 places where there is potential. we are a consultant company for new or existing restaurateur to guide and set up a dream restaurant/cafe/bar and etc. 230. thank you regards 233. Suhin on 7/18/2010 7:41:19 AM Hi It has been my passion and dream to enter into restaurant/fast food business. Mehul Modha on 7/17/2010 4:54:06 AM We want to open new Indian and Far East specialize restaurant in Sultanate of Oman. MK Chakravarthy on 7/22/2010 4:22:35 AM We have been in the restaurant business for quite long any assistance required for opening restaurant business do call us on my personal number 9502101052 236. now i found that the nepalese people wants the good taste of indian cuisine but only the high class ppl who can afford the menu are getting the taste.com. sir i am planning to target the middle class and lower class range of groups.com. i exclatly don't know how to begin it. All the financial related matter will be taken by us. If anyone have the passion for this industry feel free to lease with the specialist.. and what should be the minimum budget. special needs patients and for well being. Binny George on 7/28/2010 8:54:46 AM Hi. meant for slimming. my son is working in usa.8/8/2010 How to Start an Indian Restaurant Busi… i am an indian. but i do not have capital can you please advise me what to do? 234. I am reachable at suhin. Dhruv Seth on 8/5/2010 3:00:51 AM Hi I want to open a fast food cum chaat corner kind of a place in mumbai. Keshvin Kanna on 7/31/2010 8:52:10 AM We are expertise in dealing with F&B industry and hospitality. We are looking for restaurant business partner who has experience in dallas market or houston. contact immediately 237. brajesh on 8/1/2010 6:17:35 AM i have decided to open a restro-bar in Andheri(w) Mumbai for which i have a shop of 750 sq feet. nav kalirai on 8/3/2010 9:13:44 PM hi. I'm going to buy a Indian takeaway. i am a hotelmanagement student from pune. I stay in India. location that we have is a excellent location. mpkanna_4@yahoo. manish shrestha on 7/19/2010 5:21:48 AM dear sir. we required person as a working partner. I am ready to invest in joint partnership with people who have a similar dream. i am on the lookout for an investor to join me to put my dreams into reality. I believe Like minded people from this discussion and group together and really write a successful story. 229.. I am looking for a finance partner.seth8@gmail. license. i am in need of your help 231. I want to start a small restaurant in Mumbai pls let me know about legal formalities.com 242. grocery. have worked out the lowest cost possible and also have all details for the ayurvedic SPA.. Please email me we will also provide equity in company .

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