If and

Bonus Name


Popular Salary $K Bonus $K Gross $K
Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No 138.0 125.0 79.0 57.0 91.0 68.0 32.0 49.0 113.0 83.0 140.0

Spider Man Ben Ten Bob Builder Iggie Piggie Batman Bumble Bee Makka Pakka Mr. Maker Elmo Cookie Monster Jeff Wiggle Total

Create an if function t o determine if ech chararcter will gain a bonus of 10% from his salary and a formula to calculate his gross. -If the poplularity of the character is "yes" and they earn less than 100K per year they get a 10% bonus if not put NO. =IF(AND(B4="Yes",C4<100),C4*B1,"NO")

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