Hogan Futral Road Elementary KINDERGARTEN 2011-2012

Learning Instruction is geared for active minds and bodies. The environment will be a safe one emotionally, intellectually, and physically. It will be language and literature rich with experiences and “hands on” activities in all areas of the curriculum. I try to employ Whole Brain Teaching strategies where students are actively engaged in learning. Homework Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nightly. You will receive a weekly/monthly homework calendar. One of the most important parts of this homework is that you read to/with your child everyday for at least fifteen minutes. Studies have shown a difference in progress of those students who do so. Please make this a habit! Attendance Students should be in school everyday unless really ill. When your child must be absent you should send a note explaining the reason for the absence. (See agenda for more information, as well as Compulsory Attendance Law.) When absent you may request daily work missed in advance. Much of the work in Kindergarten is through interaction and working with manipulatives so, attendance is extremely important. Please complete/review work to close any gaps that may occur. Transportation We must know exactly how your child will be transported from school each day. If there is any change we must be notified in writing or call the school. We cannot take verbal directions from your child. It is too easy for children to become confused. Clothing Your child needs to wear comfortable clothes that he/she can easily fasten and unfasten to use the bathroom without help. For safety reasons your child should wear tennis shoes. Do NOT wear flip-flops or backless shoes. Please be sure to read the dress code. (Please label all of your children’s clothing. Example: jackets, sweaters, or any clothing that might be removed.)

Punctuality School begins at 7:45. Students need to be in class with things put away and ready to begin learning by 8:00. If for some reason your child is tardy, you must stop by the office to receive a tardy slip. Dismissal Students are dismissed at 2:32 Please stay in your car and in line. This is for the safety of our children. Your cooperation will help us dismiss our students more safely and quickly. Agendas and WOLF notebooks Agendas and WOLF notebooks are very important! This is a wonderful way for us to communicate and send information from school. Please leave the black clip in the agenda. Be sure to check and clean it out daily. Lunch $1.75 per day for students-Please send money in an envelope labeled: -Child’s name -Teacher’s name -Lunch Money -Amount You may place it in the blue Money (pencil) pouch for convenience. Ice Cream The cost of ice cream is $1.00. If you choose to purchase ice cream for your child, it will be served at his/her lunchtime only on Friday. Please send this money in a separate envelope from lunch money. Please label the envelope with your child’s name and what the money is for. Please send the correct amount and for only one day; we cannot make change in the classroom.
We are looking forward to working with your child. We plan for this to be a great year here at Futral Road Elementary.

Mrs. Sandra Hogan & Mrs. Becky Penn