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Scared Sexuality

Scared Sexuality

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Published by Tanicka Booth

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Published by: Tanicka Booth on Jul 31, 2011
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Hexapla is an Old Testament edition compiled in six columns by the Alexandrian Philosopher
Origen (c. 185- c. 254) about 231-245. Each page of the work has six versions of text: Greek
translation of the Hebrew, Hebrew, and the four Greek versions--Symmachus, Aquila,
Theodotion, and Septuagint. Origen introduced a concept through an allegorical interpretation of
the Song of Songs book of the Old Testament. This interpretation gave impetus to the love-
mysticism which talks about a "marriage" between Christ or God and the "soul bride" (soul of
the individual human being). The love mystics speak of kissesand secret embraces between the
bridegroom (God) and the soul bride. Herein lies the flowering of Tantrism, which is evident in
even earlier Christian Gnosticism in the Gospel of Phillip and other Christian Gospels which
originated in Alexandria (Egypt). Here again, Egypt figures prominently in Tantrism and the
development of Gnostic Christianity.

Tantrism, especially in the doctrines concerning the wisdom of sexuality and the Life Force
energy existed much earlier in Africa. In the book Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of
the focus was on defining yoga and tracing its roots in Africa and its
development in India. In this volume, we will go deeper into the Yogic teachings of Egypt,
focusing on a profound study of the esoteric aspects of Tantric yoga. From here, the goal will
be to explore the teachings the Tantric forms of thought and leading into two specific forms of
Tantrism: Yoga of Sexual energy sublimation and Yoga of Life Force energy development,
commonly known as Kundalini Yoga. Since both Indian and Gnostic mystical philosophies are
directly linked to Egyptian religion, philosophy and Yoga, we will be using both Gnostic
(Coptic) Christian and Sanskrit terminology along with the Egyptian through the course of this
work. This will help those who are familiar with other mystical philosophies and those who have
a working knowledge of world religions to better comprehend the Ancient Egyptian teachings in
the context of the individual’s own experience. It is our hope that the Egyptian teachings will
shed light on other Yogas and Religions so as to add to their understanding and practice.

One of the most important Tantric-Buddhist doctrines is "Samsara equals Nirvana". When
viewed from the standpoint of the individual ego, one's personality looks on the world as
separate, filled with separate objects and people from oneself. From the standpoint of the



enlightened mind, however, all things including one's ego are "known" to be rooted in the same
reality (absolute reality) and therefore, not separate and distinct.

Above: Tibetan Buddhist representation of The Dharmakaya, the
cosmic father-mother. expressing the idea of the Supreme Being as
a union of both male and female principals.

When Jesus states "The Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see
, he is expressing the Tantric idea that the Kingdom (Heaven) is equal to the world we
perceive. The difference is in the perception as either unified and holistic where one sees oneself
as one with all things or dualistic and separate, where one sees oneself as a separate individual
among many individuals in a world of countless objects. Once we are able to transcend our
mistaken belief that our ego exists as an entity separate from creation, we are able to realize that
the phenomenal world and God are one and the same: Creation and the Kingdom of Heaven are
one and the same.

If we understand the Tantric idea of extension or continuity between heaven and earth, the
logical assumption then is that sexuality may be used for achieving knowledge or realization of
the absolute if it is carried out in a way which directs the mind toward understanding that all
objects and activities are rooted in the absolute. The Tantric systems of Egypt and India
developed the understanding of the subtle bodies beyond the physical and of the subtle energy
channels (nadis) through which life force energy travels in all human beings. Tantrism also
developed the technology or yoga technique (Kundalini Yoga) for purifying these channels in
order to allow the mind to perceive the more subtle realms of existence and its own nature.

Due to conditioning, most people are inculcated with preconceived notions about what a
spiritual preceptor (Hierophant, guru) should be like. Most would find the idea of a sexually
active spiritual teacher objectionable. In modern day India, Tantrism is not viewed with favor by
the government. Attempts are made to suppress rituals involving sexuality. It is therefore, to be
expected that the idea of a sexually active Jesus would be abhorrent to modern day Christians
since most evidence of Tantrism in Christianity was destroyed or suppressed by the orthodox
church. After two thousand years of Christian doctrines espoused by the Roman Catholic view

Mystical Philosophy of Universal Consciousness


which tended to view sexuality as inherently evil, a negative view of sexuality and women in
general among the priesthood and in society is to be expected. However, in the early, formative
years of the Roman Catholic church, the attitudes were radically different among the varying
Christian sects alongside the orthodox church.

In the early Christian period (0-300 A.C.E.) no such repudiation of sexuality or of the female
gender occurred in certain Christian sects. In much the same way as other rituals and customs
such as the birthday of Jesus and the Cross were adopted and assimilated into Christianity,
spiritual rites involving sexuality were also assimilated. It was not until the orthodox catholic
sect assumed control of the Roman Empire that sexuality, equal rights between the sexes, and the
doctrine of self-salvation through acquiring wisdom, were systematically excluded from the
Christian cannon.

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