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Scared Sexuality

Scared Sexuality

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Published by Tanicka Booth

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Published by: Tanicka Booth on Jul 31, 2011
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Very often people involved in relationships will be at different levels of evolution. Sometimes
one spouse will turn towards the teachings of yoga while the other may feel more comfortable
with the religion they grew up with or perhaps with no religion at all. In this case the aspirant
should not feel that it is necessary to convince the partner or to find another partner if this one
cannot be convinced. Remember, you came together for a Karmic reason that you need to fulfill.
If a divorce occurs before this fulfillment the karmic entanglement to the world will remain and
another relation will be needed in this life or the next. Therefore, you should honor your
commitment to that one person while progressing on your own in private and at the same time
supporting your partner’s practice of religion. You should honor your family responsibilities
even as you explore the glory of Yoga and in so doing you will eventually attract the interest and
admiration of your family members even without them knowing what you are doing. You will be
able to influence them in a subtle way through your inner spiritual strength, virtue and unselfish

May you develop the vision of oneness, the witnessing self within your heart, may
you develop the spirit force within you the Horian soul, to overcome and
sublimate the Setian tendencies of the lower self.




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