Job Analysis involves compiling a detailed description of tasks, determining the relationship of the jobs and examining the

knowledge ,qualifications or employment standards accountabilities and other incumbent requirement.

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Observation methodIndividual interview method Group interview method Structured questionnaire Technical Conference Method Diary method

Functional Job Analysis- Developed by Dept. of Law Data ,people and things. ` Positional Analysis Questionnaires1. Having Decision making/communication/social responsibility 2. Performing skilled activities 3. Being Physically active /relater environment condition. 4. Operating vehicle/equipment. 5. Processing information.

Job Description-job content and condition of employment. It includes job title, duties, distinguishing characteristic, authority and responsibility of the job holder. ` Job Specification- it identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the job. Important in selection process.


Job Evaluation-It is done for compensation.

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