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Project Scorecard
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Scorecard Purpose
<Replace this text with your own, or use the following sample.> The Project Scorecard establishes a balanced metrics approach to determine project success across four key perspectives: financial, customer, internal process, and learning or growth.

Scorecard Definition
<Replace this text with your own, or use the following sample.> “A balanced scorecard is a system of linked objectives, measures, targets and initiatives which collectively describe the strategy of an organization and how the strategy can be achieved. It can take something as complicated and frequently nebulous as strategy and translate it into something that is specific and can be understood.” — Dr. David Norton

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Project Scorecard Matrix
Scorec ard Objective Measure Perspe ctive Financi Budget Budget al vs. Complian Baseline ce Tolerance Target Prio rity Initiative Data Source and Sharing Weekly budget reports on team Web site Data Owner Project Manager

+/– High Implement 10% at new budgetproject tracking end system

Custom Stakehold Level of + / – High Customer er er expectatio 5% signs off on Expectati ns varianc Project ons managed e Charter

Meeting Project minutes from Sponsor weekly customer sessions, weekly e-mail Issue Manager

Internal Issues Mean <1 Proces Resolutio resolution week s n time

Issue-tracking system on team Web site, project status report weekly updates Learnin Team Percentag > 75% Med Set up team- Training g and Training & e of team training schedule, Growth Certificati members schedule monthly team on systemmember certified reviews

High Implement issueresolution improvement process

Training Manager

<Project Name>
Project Scorecard Perspectives
Scorecard Perspective Financial Key Question What financial objectives must be accomplished to achieve project success? This project is being launched to target what customer objectives? To meet these customer objectives, what internal processes must be improved? To meet project goals, how will the project team need to learn and innovate?


Internal Process

Learning and Growth

t Name>

corecard Perspectives

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