APRIL 2008

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THE FIRST KP & VEDIC ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE PUBLISHED IN INTERNET Published from Hyderabad, India. Issue # 4 – April 2008
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APRIL 2008


Gayatri Devi

Aum Bhur Bhuva Swa Thath Saviturvarenyam Bhargo devasyadeemahi Diyoyona prachothayathe




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APRIL 2008

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Music Proficiency – 5th Sub Lord – A KP analysis
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Your journal could publish articles from astro-writers from across the globe. The horoscope chart of Fidel Castro is definitely a chart worth analyzing. East Germany. The response received is tremendous for which we thank one and all. Oncology at Mayo Clinic. who is presently doing fellowship in Hematology. Meantime. In order to take ASTROVISION to greater heights. we congratulate Dr. the Journal has to be converted into a “pay a small subscription” type. Mr. Arizona. for bagging ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) award. etc. and have been able to bring out three issues continuously. and shall continue to sincere efforts to obtain articles in all methods and allied subjects. In this edition famous Astro-Analyst from USA. Harshita. global trends. the prodigal daughter of Mrs. is considered a substantial achievement. P Vijaya Reddy (Member of our Editorial Board). Phoenix. Comrade Castro could out-last nine US Presidents before finally stepping down from the power. Comrade Castro could cling on to power for such a long time of 49 years under the banner of communism.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 // Hyderabad // //01-Apr-2008// FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR EDITORIAL COLUMN Dear esteemed readers: We have commenced our tentative march of ASTROVISION in January 2008. MD. Comrade Castro had become the leader of Cuba in 1959 when Dwight D Eisenhower was the US President. China. braving all adversaries what modern era have handed down to him such as changing economy. Tin Win is analyzing the chart of Comrade Castro for the esteemed readers. Romania. The topic for this edition is the relinquishment of power and authority by Cuban leader Fidel Castro. etc. While many countries like Soviet Union. Yours truly MK Viswanat Editor Page # 4 / 72 . While wishing its readers a Happy new year. The subscription details are illustrated separately. market situation.. are either collapsed or slowly moving their path from Communism to Capitalism.

In KP. KP & TRADITIONAL ASTROLOGY. Durga Bhavani nagar Opp: Santosh Nagar Colony. etc. The most traditional Astrologers treat a Bhava as a 30 deg. Sec. Whatever is born or done at any particular moment of time has the qualities of that particular ASTROLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS – PART II RULING PLANETS (R. Min. APPA Daivagna Sarvabhouma.. upto the level of preparation of a horoscope. the present and the future). KP Siddhantha Siromani Retd. Example Chart: Ven 20-00-07 XII 02-29-15 Mer 04-42-09 Sun 22-03-07 Jup 06-17-06 I 07-57-15 Mar 10-55-48 II III Ket IV V 03-29-15 28-29-15 14-17-55 24-29-15 25-29-15 XI 25-29-15 Mon 29-42-18 X 24-29-15 Rah 14-17-55 IX 28-29-15 VIII 03-29-15 VII 07-57-15 VI 02-29-15 Sat® 29-11-55 (Note: The figures given in the chart above is in Deg-Min-Sec. so far as calculations are concerned i.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 M.. the RPs indicate the nature of the query and the time of fructification of an event.) Note: This article is a continuation from the March 2008 issue.e. Bhava regardless of the rising dig. There is no difference between the KP and Traditional – Indian Astrology. / longitude at the birth. The Map of Heavens prepared for by moments of time.P. The RPs will also fully agree with the Dasa – Bhukti – Antara period in question. represents all the ingredients of the moment. placidius system of reckoning house is followed i. The first point of difference is in the reckoning of “Houses”. Therefore. longitude to longitude or the “Cusp Rule”. whether of a birth of human being / birth of a thought / question / event or matter. The RP governing the sensitive point of the zodiac at the time of judgement are the same at the time of fructification of an event / matter. India Ph: 040-2453 0064 E-Mail: mundarige@yahoo.C. Hyderabad-500 059. RULING PLANETS: Ruling Planets are (1) The day Lord (2) Moon sign Lord (3) Moon star lord and the Moon sub lord (4) Ascendant sign lord (5) Ascendant star lord and Ascendant sub lord.e. Director (GSI) # 6-104. The RPs will be a “common link” of the three stages of the event (the past.) Page # 5 / 72 . calculation of the balance and future dasa periods.

e. It is also felt that urgent steps are needed to restore the people’s faith and confidence. Jupiter is taken to be in the 12th house and not in the Lagna. this is not so. To keep abreast with the latest developments. it is equally important that amongst the astrologers certain groups may be formed to Page # 6 / 72 . which is the Lagna in this horoscope. Jup Ven Mer Mer Mon Sun Ven Mar Jup Jup Sat Sat Mar PLACEMENTS OF PLANETS IN BHAVAS (CUSPS). The lagna Taurus is considered to extend from 07 deg. These are the days of specialities and specialists. be it placed either in Taurus or Gemini. The above concept plays a vital role in KP predictive astrology. 57 min 15 sec Taurus and 03 deg. i. In the traditional style both Jupiter and Mars appeared to be in the Lagna. 17 min 16 sec. WITHOUT R & D – NO PROGRESS / IMPROVEMENT.. Sun. Younger generation should be encouraged and motivated to take up the study of occult science (i. Whereas in KP style Rahu is actually placed in the 9th house and Moon in the 10th. Mars is treated as being in the Lagna as its longitude is 10 deg... greater than rising longitude of the lagna. (because of the fct that unfortunately this nobile science at the hands of a few unscientific astrologers (half-baked knowledged persons) has become the subject of mockery and ridicule. Bhava.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 CUSPS (BHAVAS) OCCUPANTS AND LORDS AS PER KP. Astrology / Astronomy / Plamistry / Numerology / Nadi Sastra. EXTENT To Deg-Min-Sec Gem 03-29-15 Gem 28-29-15 Can 24-29-15 Leo 25-29-15 Lib 02-29-15 Sco 07-57-15 Sag 03-29-15 Sag 28-29-15 Cap 24-29-15 Aqu 25-29-15 Pis 02-29-15 Tau 07-57-15 Occupant Cusp (Bhava) Lord Cusp No. Astrology – available date is incomplete. Similarly both Rahu and Moon appear to be in the 9th Bhava in the traditional style. lesser than the rising longitude of the lagna. although it is posited in Taurus sign. 29 min 15 sec of Gemini will be considered to be in the lagna. 55 min 48 sec. For achieving this objective. etc. Every method of prediction has to be applied to ascertain which is satisfactory in arriving at correct prediction / timing etc.e.) and provided facilities and guidance to the beginners at the appropriate stages – to enable them to qualify for higher studies and research. But in KP. both Jupiter and Mars would be treated as being placed in the Lagna as they are posited in Taurus Rasi. so that real contribution is made to Science of Astrology and service to the public at large. 07-57-15 03-29-15 28-29-15 24-29-15 25-29-15 02-29-15 07-57-15 03-29-15 28-29-15 24-29-15 25-29-15 02-29-15 Mar -Ketu -Sat ---Rah Mon Ven Mer. edit and publish in the present common language in India.e. On the other hand. HORARY ASTROLOGY (KP NO. In other words. In traditional astrology where a Bhava is reckoned to be a 30 deg. any planet posited between the longitude 7 deg. it gives correct results. 57 min 15 sec of Taurus to 03 deg 29 min 15 sec of Gemini. I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII From Tau Gem Gem Can Leo Lib Sco Sag Sag Cap Aqu Pis EXTENT Deg-Min-Sec. many scientifically trained Research Scholars (workers) are required throughout the country to coordinate. i.1 TO 249) It is the branch of astrology by the correct application of which predictions are made with precise accuracy without looking at the Natal horoscope of the queriest (in other words the absence of Natal Chart). through its simple (uncomplicated) formulae.. Since the longitude of Jupiter is 6 deg. It may not imply that KP is infallible.

which are at variance. More so as it gains importance specially in respect of “failure” of predictions. Varaha Mihira. Suggestions / comments / and articles from Astrologers / research scholars irrespective of the “school of thought” they belong should be invited with open mind. FEED BACK – IMPORTANT TOOL FOR IMPROVEMENT. Already people have lost faith in Astrology and if for the same moment of both for the same person by referring to various panchanga-give varieties of results for the balance of dasa at birth. political and so on). it is a hell. contradictory planetary positions. cuspal position – variation in ascendant / Rasi / birth star / navamsa positions. but let us never fear to negotiate. MAY ASTROLOGY / ASTROLOGERS BRING PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO ALL. No two horoscopes prepared by different astrologers tally. the students of Astrology will be at a loss as to which one they have to follow. This ayanamsa if it is different. clearing of doubts / difficulties and interaction among the members. Page # 7 / 72 . Ayanamsa: It is important to find out the correct ayanamsa and prove it beyond doubt by using “the Stellar method of prediction”. Parasara. Therefore. horary / electional astrology. GOOD LUCK.remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness. Ref : KP’s Astrological magazines and books. CONTROVERSIES TO BE SET RIGHT. It si therefore necessary to find out where the mistake / difference lies and rectify the same so that universally acceptable “value” could be adopted internationally. It is necessary for the postmortem of the predictions / events and their timings in terms of DasaBhukti-antara / date-month-year. BV Raman. astro-meteorology. Lahiri. judicial astrology. To arrange periodical gathering for exchange of ideas. Similar is the case in respect of planetary positions. There is no shame in including / adopting the west or any system where they have advanced and are correct. Krishnamurti) use their own Ayanamsa. Let us never negotiate out of fear. Each one of the stalwarts in Astrology (Arya Bhatta. John Fitzgerald Kennedy (29-May-1917 -– 23-Nov-1963) 35th US President So let us begin anew -.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 specialize in a particular branch of astrology (medical astrology. and sincerity is always subject to proof.

OWNED AND OPERATED BY A LICENCED MANAGING COSMETOLOGIST FROM USA.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 THE NATURALS Beauty Parlour Sarovar Centre. streaking and straightening Hair styling and perming Bridal make-up Ear piercing Tips and toes nail care WE MAKE YOU FEEL DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE A NEW LEVEL OF PERFECTION IN THIS STATE OF THE ART BEAUTY SALON COMPARABLE TO THE BEST ANYWHERE. Secretariat road Hyderabad-500 004 Tel: 2323 0894 Skin rejuvenating facials Skin whitening and firming Hair coloring. Timings: 10-00 to 6-30 pm. Sundays closed Page # 8 / 72 .

3. Subsequently after one week in news it was declared that he got the NANDI Award for the year 2006 for his best music direction for Godavari cinema wherein best singer award went to Mrs. wherein the above KP Rules were clearly envisaged and the significance. Shakkar Bhavan. 2323 2212 Res. which is appended herewith. who is occupant of 1st House and which may be either Leo/Aquarius -Musical talent.Basheerbagh. Secy: Nizam Sugars Ltd. Co. Hyderabad on 10-Feb-2008 and the eminent members of KP astrology opined that he will definitely win some reputed awards during the moon sub who is lord of 11th in 8th bhava in his own star and sub. KM Radhakrishanan. Mars. Hyderabad KP Astrologers prediction he got the Nandi Award during 2008 as best Music Director for 2006 for the music direction of Godadvari Cinema and best Singer to Mrs. 2740 5975 Mobile : 94417-78427 Email: ovnmurthy@gmail. The native did his Carnatic & Hindustani music from AP Telugu University and became a music director of cine field with top classical hit musics. V CSL signifies 5/7 or both and connection to Venus karaka shows proficiency in music & fine arts. India. Moon in his own star (lord of 11th in 8th) has given him the name. The Chart was discussed in detail in the www. The Birth details of KM Radhakrishnan was obtained (DOB: 27-Dec-1974 at 1:25 Hrs. KP significations for musical talents are as follows: V CSL deposited in a star. As per the Astro Secrets & KP Part III by Sri K Subramaniam. a Cine Music Director of Classical music hit cinemas and also best Music Director award winner of Nandi Pursakar from Govt of Andhra Pradesh for the music direction of Godavari Cinema.7 in 5) in Rahu star (in Scorpio 2nd cusp conj.saibhavishyavani. Sunitha. AP. 2007 – Sangita Vidya Yogam by Viswanath Nair has given the birth chart of great vocal Carnatic Maestro Mrs. The native was born in Virgo Ascendant. The chart was cast in KP system. M. POB: Gadwal. Hyderabad 500 004. Sunitha also.7. I Floor.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Daivagnya Siromani O V N Murthy. M S Subbalakshmi. As per E Zine of Dec. As per the MUSIC PROFICIENCY – 5TH SUB LORD – A KP ANALYSIS || GAJAANANAM NAMAMHYAM || Once I had the opportunity of meeting the parents of Mr. Off. D / B / A: Rahu major period. ANALYSIS: In the KP Natal Chart of the native the V Cuspal Sub lord is also sub lord of 1. Lord of 3&8 in 2) and sub of Moon who is lord of 11th in 8th bhava in his own star has given him the qualities of music proficiency.Com.9 &11 in 5th bhava Aquarius an Airy sign (Lord of 4. moon sub (23-Feb-2007 – 24-Aug-2008) is indicating Rahu in Mercury star (lord of 1 & 10 in 3) sub lord Mercury in Venus star (lord of 2&9 in 3) has given him musical talents. Birth Star: Rohini-1 pada of Taurus as Moon sign. Ph. Mahaboobnagar. FCS. fame and reputation OM TAT SAT Page # 9 / 72 .

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Page # 10 / 72 .

lord of 3. Gayanchand Horary Details: Horary No: 4/249 Date: 04/11/2007 Time: 15. Jagabhai park. Mercury is in 6(victory). 76 E 41 (Data Courtesy: Flt. the Opponent will be selected as a candidate. Asc sub lord signifies 6th (victory) and 4 (Opponent’s political position). if Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord signifies.1: Mr.kpastrologer. Rule-2 One can be selected as a candidate for election.8.Lt. So. 6 (victory) or 10 (One’s political position) or 11 (gain). Maninagar Ahmedabad-380 008. Mar is in 3 lord of 1. Moon is in 2 lord of 5 (gain of opponent). indication is on both sides.Lt.Bangalore) Page # 11 / 72 . Mar is in 3 lord of 1. But if 9th (opposite view of people) sub-lord signifies. Querist will not get Ticket. Rule-1 One can be selected as a candidate for election. 6 (victory) or 10 (One’s political position) or 11 (gain). Amar Singh. India.2543 1165 Mobile: 98251 31165 E-Mail: kanakbosmia@yahoo. Mercury is in the star of Mars and own sub. the Opponent will be selected as a APRIL 2008 Legislative Assembly Who will get Ticket for Election? Now-a-days this question is very common in India. 12 (victory of opponent) or 4 (Opponent’s political position) or 5 (gain of opponent). Ram baug. Phone 079. For the Opponent candidate Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord should signify 12 (victory of opponent) or 4 (Opponent’s political position) or 5 (gain of opponent). Vivek Chauhan. Aspirant www.4 (Opponent’s political position).ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 KANAK BOSMIA (KP Astrologer/Editor KP-Ezine) Sahakar-2. 12 (victory of opponent) or 4 (Opponent’s political position) or 5 (gain of opponent).37 Place: GHUMARWIN-HIMACHAL PRADESH Lat/Long: 31 N 30. if 3rd (view of people) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory) or 10 (One’s political position) or 11 (gain). Rule-2 One can be selected as a candidate for election if 3rd (view of people) sub-lord signifies. lord of 3. Aspirant No 2: : Mr. 76 E 41 (Data Courtesy: Flt. Please note. Vivek Chauhan-Bangalore) Rule-1 One can be selected as a candidate for election. Horary Details: Horary No: 9/249 Date: 29/10/2007 Time: 20:36:54 Place: GHUMARWIN-HIMACHAL PRADESH Lat/Long: 31 N 30. in the star of Mar and sub of Mercury. if Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord signifies. especially when the National Elections are very near. this article and the rules prescribed will be helpful to KP astrologers. This time I will analyze charts with the different view and Rules based on my own thinking as given below. 3rd sublord’s signfication is more powerful for Opponent. means Outcome: Amar Singh did not get the Ticket. 6 (victory) or 10 (One’s political position) or 11 (gain).8. For the Opponent candidate Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord should signify.4 (Opponent’s political position). 3rd sub lord is Moon. Mercury is in 6 (victory).48. But if 9th (opposite view of people) sub-lord signifies 12 (victory of opponent) or 4 (Opponent’s political position) or 5 (gain of opponent). I have modified the Rules from the earlier articles. Asc sub lord is Mercury. Flat No: 28.

Rajeshkumar Horary Details: Horary No: 172/249 Date: 4/11/2007 Time: 15:34:44 Place: GHUMARWIN. strongly. For the opponent candidate Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord should signify 12 (victory of opponent) or 4 (Opponent’s political position) or 5 (gain of opponent).HIMACHAL PRADESH Lot/Long: 31 N 30. Mars is in 3 lord of 1. Moon is in 8 lord of 10(One’s political position). (Opponent’s political position).D.HIMACHAL PRADESH Lat/Long: 31 N 30. Outcome: Sharma did not get the Ticket. Mercury is in 12 (victory of opponent). or 11 (gain). Lord of 2. For the Opponent candidate Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord should signify 12 (victory of opponent).8. the Opponent will be selected as a candidate. lord of 1. Mars is in 9 lord of 2.or 5 (gain of opponent).8. (Opponent’s political position). Asc sub lord is Moon in the star of Venus and sub of own Moon. Sharma: Horary Details: Horary No: 129/249 Date: 29/10/2007 Time: 21:23:33 Place: GHUMARWIN. 76 E 41 (Data Courtesy: Flt.or 4.Lt.or 11 (gain). 5 (gain of opponent). in the star of Mar and own sub Mercury. (Opponent’s political position). Vivek Chauhan. 3rd sub lord is Mars. Lord of 4. Or 10 (One’s political position). 3: Mr. But if 9th (opposite view of people) sub-lord signifies 12 (victory of opponent) or 4. (Opponent’s political position). in the star of Rahu and sub of Venus. Aspirant No. 3rd sub lord also not clearly show positive Bhava so we can predict NO. Outcome: Gayanchand did not get the Ticket. Vivek Chauhan. (Opponent’s political position). or 4. (Opponent’s political position). or 10( One’s political position).ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Rule-1 One can be selected as a candidate for election.Bangalore) Rule-1 One can be selected as a candidate for election. Asc sub lord strongly signifies 12 (victory of opponent). Lord of 5 (gain of opponent). In the sign of Saturn in 11 (gain). Rahu is in 5 (gain of opponent). Mr. if Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory). Rule one signifies 5 (gain of opponent).4 : Mr. or 10 (One’s political position). not positive for Querist. Rule-2 One can be selected as a candidate for election if 3rd (view of people) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory) or 10 (One’s political position).7. But if 9th (opposite view of people) sub-lord signifies 12 (victory of Opponent). Venus is in 6 (victory). 5 (gain of opponent). Venus is in 11 (gain). if Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory). (Opponent’s political position).Bangalore) Rule-1 One can be selected as a candidate for election. or 5 (gain of opponent). Mercury is in 6 (victory). Page # 12 / 72 . 3rd sub lord also signifies 4.or 5 (gain of opponent). Asc sub lord is Moon in the star of Mar and sub of Mercury. lord of 3. Rule-2 One can be selected as a candidate for election if 3rd (view of people) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory). 76 E 41 Data (Courtesy: Flt. or 5 (gain of Opponent). if Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory) or 10(One’s political position) or 11 (gain). or 11 (gain). lord of 9 and 12 (victory of opponent). the Opponent will be selected as a candidate. Aspirant No.Lt.4.7. K. For the opponent candidate Asc (tendency of people of country) sub-lord should signify 12 (victory for Opponent).or 4. or 11 (gain). Moon is in 5 (gain of opponent). 3rd sub lord is Mer. Mar is in 9 lord of 2.7.

But if 9th (opposite view of people) sub-lord signifies 12 (victory of Opponent).ASTROANDREWKP. Master the technique how to know exactly whether the given Birth Time is fully correct or not.or 4. =========================================================================================== LEARN FROM HOME !!! LEARN FROM HOME !!! Over 3 Hours of unique video lecture with many practical examples!! Innovative study material with practice cases and personal coaching Om Ganeshaya Namaha Astrology Home Video Course In English Birth Time Rectification through KRISHNAMURTI PADDHATI (KP) Dr. 3rd sub lords clearly indicate chance of getting election ticket. Jupiter is in 12 (victory of opponent).(US $ 50) ABSOLUTELY FREE !! Personal grooming over telephone by Dr Andrew Dutta ABSOLUTELY FREE! VIDEO COURSE PRICE: Rs. in the sign of Saturn. Sun is in the star of Rahu and sub of own Sub.(for outside India) Postage extra Send Demand Draft or Account Payee Cheque drawn in favor of ‘Andrew Dutta’ payable in Hyderabad to: Dr. Rule-2 One can be selected as a candidate for election if 3rd (view of people) sub-lord signifies 6 (victory). 1100/.COM Page # 13 / 72 . (Opponent’s political position). Sun is in 11 (gain). 500/. Andrew Dutta worth Rs. Outcome: Mr. or 10 (One’s political position). or 5 (gain of Opponent). Andrew’s ‘Rule of Origin’ technique – the ultimate guide to correct birth time. in 8 lord of 2. P. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) (Author of the famous article on BTR in June 2007 issue of Express Star Teller) Unique Features of the Video Course: Master the technique to arrive at correct birth time when: Year of Birth is not known Year and month of Birth is not known Large or small birth time ranges are mentioned by your clients Confusion with 2 or more Lagna (Ascendant) presented to you Become expert in rectifying ‘War Time’ Mobile: 0-0-9866620483 WWW. Rahu is in the star of own and sub of Jupiter. Begumpet. Master Dr. Rajeshwar got the Ticket. in 8 lord of 2.3.only (for India) and US $200/. Hyderabad 500016. B. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) Flat No. or 11 (gain). Rahu is in 2. Asc sub lord does not favor him. in the sign of Sat. send to Dr. India Email: Makhta. lord of 3. 4. 105. Rahu is in 2. 3 DVDs and 80 pages of brilliant Study Material Solve many practice cases from Study Material. Learn how to find out important life events after Birth Time rectification.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Asc sub lord is Rahu. the Opponent will be selected as a candidate. (Opponent’s political position). Andrew Dutta and get personalized feedback ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Get one Birth Time Rectification done personally by Dr. Nitya Sai Apartments. S. A. 3rd sub lord is Sun.3.

Our general practice is to take horary number for our favorite team at each and every CRICKET MATCHES AND 4TH STEP THEORY Cricket has been given consideration as equivalent as religion in India.54 hrs at Thane. There were 5 matches for this tour. and it was analyzed on 4th Nov 2007 at 11. One new experiment was conducted for one-day series to predict the matches with taking only one number for all the matches. Star Swati Chitra U Phalgun P Phalgun Ardhra Jyeshta Makha P Bhadra Dhanisht Moola Sathabhis Makha Krittika KP Pointer Ve-Ra-Su-Ra Me-Ma-Sat-Ju Me-Su-Ju-Ju Su-Ve-Ve-Me Me-Ra-Su-Ju Ma-Me-Ju-Sa Su-Ke-Me-Ju Sa-Ju-Ju-Ve Sa-Ma-Ra-Ke Ju-Ke-Su-Ju Sa-Ra-Ju-Ket Su-Ke-Sa-Sat Ve-Su-Ve-Ve XII 02-29 Ke-Ve PIS 27-01 Ju-Ve 09-31 Ke-Me AQU 25-46 Ma-Ra CAP IX 28-59 Su-Ma VIII 04-09 Ke-Mo SAG Ju 26-23 Me-Ju VII 07-46 Sa-Ke SCO ARI I 07-46 Su-Ve TAU XI Ra X II Ma III IV Ke Sa Mo V Ve Me Su 17-34 Ra-Su VI 02-09 Ma-Ke LIB 04-09 Ma-Ve 17-45 Ra-Su 28-59 Ju-Sa GEM 25-46 Me-Ra CAN 09-31 Ke-Sa 12-52 Ke-Me 15-15 Ve-Ve 27-01 Su-Su LEO 01-15 Su-Ju 29-58 Ma-Sa VIR Page # 14 / 72 . ever since India won the world cup way back in 1983 in England under Kapil Dev. India. Since Cricket is fast catching popularity and huge money is involved.28 on behalf of India. Godavari. There 5 ODI matches between India and Pakistan from 5th Nov 2007 to 18th Nov 2007. there is demand from anxious cricket fans to seek outcome of the matches. Astrologers are always eager to test their skills and attempt to predict a result in advance. 09° Aq 31' 39.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 SUNIL GONDHALEKAR Editor-Nakshtrache Dene 109. Long: 73-02-00 E Lat: 19-12-00 N Zone: Lat: Geographic Lagna: Vrisha Krittika 4 Query Rasi: Simha Query Star: Poorva Phalguni 1 Dasa at DOQ: Venus Dasa Balance: 17 Y:1 M:14 D Bhukti at DOQ : Venus Bhukti Balance: 0 Y:5 M:17 D Current Date: 3/5/2008 Current Dasa running: Ven-Ven-Ket :Venus Dasa upto: 18-4-2024: Venus Bhukti upto: 19-4-2008 :Ketu Antara upto: 18-4-2008 Cu I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 07° Ta 46' 40 04° Ge 9' 12 28° Ge 59' 58 25° Cn 46' 33 27° Le 1' 55 02° Li 29' 25 07° Sc 46' 40 04° Sa 9' 12 28° Sa 59' 58 25° Cp 46' 33 27° Aq 1' 55 02° Ar 29' 25 05° Pi 26' 52 Star Krittika Mrigasiras Punarvasu Aslesha U Phalgun Chitra Anuradh Moola Utrashad Dhanisht P Bhadra Aswini U Bhadra KP Pointer Ve-Su-Ve-Ve Me-Ma-Ve-Sa Me-Ju-Su-Ra Mo-Me-Ra-Su Su-Su-Su-Sa Ve-Ma-Ke-Sa Ma-Sa-Ke-Ju Ju-Ke-Mo-Sa Ju-Su-Ma-Ve Sa-Ma-Ra-Su Sa-Ju-Ve-Su Ma-Ke-Ve-Sa Ju-Sa-Me-Me Planet Sun Mer Ven Mon Mar Jup Sat Ura® Nep Plu Rah Ket Lag Longitude 17° Li 34' 51 29° Vi 58' 26 01° Vi 15' 33 15° Le 15' 3 17° Ge 45' 19 26° Sc 23' 17 12° Le 52' 29 21° Aq 4' 32 25° Cp 22' 58 03° Sa 17' 0. 09° Le 31' 39. Recently Pakistan team had visited India and there were 5 matches held between the two countries. Thane-400 606 India Tel : 022 2588 8179 Cell : 9819 248 179 E-Mail sunilalaka@yahoo. Vartak Nagar. The chart is given below:-Sys: KP Ay: 23° 52' 06" Date: 04-11-2007 Sunday Time: 11-55-54 Place: Thane.55. One-day cricket and its latest baby “20-20 matches” are very popular in Commonwealth countries where Cricket has been played on a day-to-days basis. I selected KP no. 07° Ta 46' 40. Laxmi Industrial Complex.

Mr. Thus my new experiment works a lot and this experiment can be tried to triangular or world cup matches. Sunil Gondhalekar is a seasoned Astro-practitioner.53 hours. who always endeavors to come out with innovative concepts.05 hours. and Moon in star of Sun. and Moon was in star of Venus. But 2nd and 5th ODI were ending in Rahu star and it is observed that Rahu is always favorable for Pakistan (It is also favorable to Bangladesh also). First ODI was on 5th Nov 2007. 2) Second ODI was on 8th Nov 2007. besides being famous for propounding of 4th Step theory in KP method and author of number of books. 4) Fourth ODI was on 15th Nov 2007. 3) Third ODI was on 11th Nov 2007 and Moon in Saturn Star. So all five matches have to be won by India. The signification of Mars as per 4 step theory as follows: Mars:-------Starlord-Rahu:10(sign lord Sat-4-11) Sub-Sun:---------Sub’s star-Rahu:10(sign lord Sat-4-11) Signification of 10-11 houses shows victory for India. So chances of winning these matches by Pakistan indicated. Mr.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 In this experiment. I used to take Moon star for that particular day. 1) The signification of Venus as per 4 step theory as follows: Venus:-------Star lord-Sun:6 Sub-Jup:7-8-9 Sub’s star-Mercury:5-3(cusp yuti-6) Signification of 3-6 indicates victory for India. Chuck de India. and it shows victory for India. In reality India lost 2nd and 5th matches and won all the other 3 matches. and Moon in star of Mars upto 19. This experiment will help us to predict the winner of cup in advance. We have already seen Mars signification. Its significations: Saturn:4-11 Starlord-Ketu-4 (yuti Sat-4-11) Sub-Mercury:6(cusp yuti) Sub’s star-Mars:2-12 Signification of 2-6-11 show victory for India. Gondhalekar is the Editor of vernacular magazine Nakshtrache Dene. Page # 15 / 72 . Its significations as follow: Sun:--------Starlord-Rahu:10(Sat-4-11) Sub-Sun: -----Sub’s star-Rahu: 10(Sat-4-11) Signification of 10-11 shows victory for India 5) Fifth ODI was on 18th and Moon in star of Mars upto 13. Remember we lost match against Bangladesh in world cup 2007 on rahu star.

Page # 16 / 72 . In the same manner one should check the 11th cuspal sub lord’s signification. So. 10th cusp sub lord should signify: POLITICAL SUCCESS – A KP APPROACH I got call from Himachal Pradesh from a party member of BJP. positional strength is not powerful but is aspected by Jupiter.11. Mars is in 4 as lord of 3 and 10 . Sub lord of 6 and 11 is Venus in the star of Jupiter lord of 11 in 10. No planet is in 11th house.10. Tin Win had compiled the rules as under. PREM KUMR DHUMAL Now we see sub lord is Venus. 5th. Jupiter is in 10. Jupiter is lord of 11. Rule for Success in politics: In Dec. Whether Venus signifies house 6 or 10 or 11 strongly? Venus is in star of Jupiter.9. Venus became strong significator of 10 and 11. because Jupiter is in Ketu star. 06=defeat of opponents. 1. elections or court case the most quoted rule is to check 6th cusp sub lord. 09=general fortune. 6th cusp falls under Moon sign. Application: In this example chart. 01=success. Ketu is in sun sign so is an agent of sun (Govt. NAGI 9/43 Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. So sub lord of 1-5-6 and 11 are signifying 6–10 –11. 6th & 11th whether they signify 1. Saturn star and Venus sub in Cancer sign. Mercury. Prem Kumar Dhumal will win in Assembly elections and will he be again be the Chief Minister? Rule: To win in any competition. the consultant wanted to know whether Mr.6 Jupiter.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Dr. Mercury is in 10 in the star of Ketu in 6.6. Mercury is in 10 and in star of Ketu in 6. Kingdom. Mr. 11= ambition achieved.) in 10 ruling party. and the astrologer start working chart at 7-51 am on 18-Dec-2007 at Ludhiana. 2007 issue of KP E-Zine Mr. Venus is in Jupiter star so strongly signify 10 and 11. If it signifies 5 or 4 or 12 strongly then opponent will win.10.6.10. Mars & Saturn are strong and signify 1. Sub lord of 1 and 5 is Mercury. So strong signification of 10 also. Prem Kumar Dhumal will win the assembly elections. Saturn is in Venus star and Venus sub.11 for success in politics or winning election Application of the rule: Jupiter is strong as it is in its own sign Sagittarius and strongly signify 6th house (victory over enemies). 10= honor & popularity. and no planet in Mercury star. Therefore. consultant gave number 216. Punjab Mob: 9417 717 910 e-mail: bkhardeep@yahoo. India. H.S. If it signifies strongly 6 or 10 or 11 then the person will win. On checking 6th cusp. Sun and Mercury. Also to check Sub lords of 1st.11.

. . 20 01 2023 TO 26 11 2023 Moon Bhk. 23 04 2026 TO 11 11 2028 Jup. KETU * | | * 4 * * 6 * | | * * * * | | * * * * | *----------------*----------------*----------------*----------------* PLANET Houses Signified SUN.D-2nd .D-12th . 26 10 2016 TO 23 03 2019 Ketu Bhk. S 9 12 3 9 9 7 5 11 5 11 10 2 D 1 10 11 2 5 20 14 7 7 21 26 21 M 53 26 22 9 57 55 40 12 12 8 0 6 sec 48 59 12 0 44 29 40 16 16 19 36 30 Sgl Jup Jup Mer Jup Jup Ven Sun Sat Sun Sat Sat Ven Stl Ket Sat Rah Ket Ket Jup Ven Rah Ket Jup Mar Moo Sbl Ven Sun Sat Ven Rah Jup Ven Rah Rah Jup Rah Ven Ssl Rah Mar Ven Jup Jup Ven Jup Jup Sun Ven Mar Moo Cusp ASC 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th S 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 D 12 23 25 21 14 9 12 23 25 21 14 9 M 33 59 54 5 10 26 33 59 54 5 10 26 sec 20 47 1 37 35 34 20 47 1 37 35 34 Sgl Sat Jup Mar Ven Mer Moo Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Stl Rah Mer Ven Moo Rah Sat Ket Mar Jup Mer Ven Sun Sbl Mer Mar Ket Ven Mer Ven Mer Mar Ket Ven Ven Ven SsL Mer Ven Ket Moo Sat Jup Rah Ven Ven Sat Rah Sat *----------------*----------------*----------------*----------------* | * MOON * * NEPT * | | 1 * * 11 * * 9 | | * 12 * * 10 * SUN. Prem Kumar Dhumal’s way to Chief Minister seat. Jup. Bhk. Bhk. VEN. 17 02 2031 TO 26 10 2033 Page # 17 / 72 . 23 03 2019 TO 20 03 2020 Ven. 29 04 2010 TO 08 06 2011 Rahu Bhk. Ketu. 08 06 2011 TO 14 04 2014 Jup. ←←←←←←←←←←A-6th A-7th A-12th A-6th A-6th A-10th A-8th A-12th A-6th A-ASC . . Bhk. RAHU KETU URAN NEPT FOR. 26 11 2023 TO 26 04 2025 Mars Bhk.No:216 Date: 18-Feb-2007: TIME: 07 H 51 M Place: Ludhiana: State: Punjab: Country: India.B-4th .B-6th . . 26 04 2025 TO 23 04 2026 Rahu Bhk. SAT. 8 Y 10 M. | | * * * * | | * 2 * * 8 * | | * * * * | * FOR.B-ASC . Ketu.D-6th .ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 All these clear the way for Mr. PLANETS AND CUSPS Planet SUN. .B-10th .B-8th . Bhk. 18 12 2007 TO 29 09 2008 Moon Bhk. .C-6th .C-9th . .C-12th . MOON MARS MERC JUP. .B-10th .B-12th . RAHU KETU FOR. MERC | | * RAHU URAN * JUP.C-4th . for RP 248 Deg 25 Min LORDS: Jup. DASA 26 10 1997 TO 26 10 2016 Sun. MOON MARS-R MERC JUP. Bhk.D-7th .B-7th . 29 09 2008 TO 29 04 2010 Mars Bhk.C-ASC . 11 11 2028 TO 17 02 2031 Sat.C-11th . 20 03 2020 TO 20 01 2023 Sun. | | * SAT.D-5th . 14 04 2014 TO 26 10 2016 Merc DASA 26 10 2016 TO 26 10 2033 Merc Bhk. .D-8th .D-11th . Bhk. Horary.D-9th . VEN.D-ASC .B-10th .D-10th . 8 Days ends on 26-Oct–2016: Asc.C-2nd .D-3rd . DASAS AND BHUKTIES Sat. DASA BAL: Sat. * * | * * * * | | 3 * * 5 * * 7 | |MAR+ * * * * VEN.B-4th . SAT.D-4th .

) Timeline HOW CAN FIDEL CASTRO STAY IN POWER FOR SUCH A LONG TIME? 1. 1955 (Ju-Sa-Ra-Ju): was given amnesty and left prison for Mexico 5) January 1. Date. August 13. 1959 (Ju-Ke-Me-Sa): named Prime Minister 7) April 19. many feared nuclear war but Soviet Union withdrew missiles Page # 18 / 72 . New KPA 22:44:33.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 TIN WIN USA E-Mail: tw853@yahoo. Biran. Holguin Province. 1961 (Ju-Ve-Me-Me): directed troops in defeat of invasion attempt by USbacked Cuban exiles at Bay of Pigs 8) October 16-28. 20N33. 13:00 PM (GMT-5). 1926. Basic Chart 2. Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro. 1959 (Ju-Ke-Sa-Ju): Batista fled to Dominican Republic 6) Feb 16. 1953 (Ju-Sa-Sa-Ju): was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the failed armed uprising against military dictator Fulgencio Batista 4) May 15. 75W54. Here is an attempt to find out the astrological reasoning to stay in power for such a long time braving all adversaries of the modern era. Asc Sc 07:04:01 (Enclosed is the chart. resigned as Cuba’s paramount leader on February 19. 1949 (Ra-Mo-Me-Ve): had a son Fidelito 3)October 16. DBAS and major events are given as under: 1) October 12. after dominating the island’s politics and society for 49 years. 2008. 1948 (Ra-Mo-Mo-Ju): married Mirta and divorced in 1956 while he was in exile 2) September 1. the Marxist revolutionary and nemesis of 10 US Presidents (Dwight D Eisenhower to George W Bush). 1962 (Ju-Mo-Ra): Missile Crisis. Cuba.

7.11). strong 6th house. 2008 (Ke-Ju-Ra-Ve): resigned as head of state. Allahabad. 03W13. Edinburgh. Asc Ta 11:43:32). As per cuspal interlinks.+10).12).2. 6. orb.1. Rahu is conjunct 11th lord Venus in Rasi sign 6th house. 23:11 PM IST. Mercury is the 4 Step primary siginficators of 9th house only in all 4 steps. the next and the last Bhukti Me(9. Page # 19 / 72 . Aries. ailing for 19 months since undergoing multiple intestinal surgeries in July 2006 Factors Conducive to Stay in Power 4. 5. which is in its own star and sub. Badhaka is bad for health and longevity only as mentioned by Guru ji KSK. The running dasa sequence also should be favorable. Strong Mercury is in 9th house and lord of 8. Mars also aspects 11th house lord Mercury within 4 deg.. and so resigned from power. No planet is in the star of Saturn. Ketu is in 2nd house and having no planet in its star. for instance the exchange of Rasi sign 6th lord and 11th lord can be looked at the horoscopes of Indira Gandhi (19-11-1917. 06:10 AM DST. He reached to peak in the Dasa of Me (9. The natives with connection of 6th and 11th houses are hard to be defeated.4. it is the sub-lord of 7 and 9 houses (Badhaka). Fidel Castro’s 6th cuspal sub-lord Mercury is in its own star and sub Mercury. 25N25. If a planet has no planet in its star. He came to power in the Dasa of Ju (3. 2009. Vedic malefics in 6th house. which is in the star of Ma(6. Ket is aspected by Sa (12.1 houses. and 9th is here fortune for a politician.4.+10) and it is in the star of Ve(8.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 9) December 2.7). Mercury is the sublord of 1st and 6th house. that planet is a strong significator of the houses for which that planet is a sub lord. 05:10 GMT. Indira Gandhi’s 6th cuspal sub-lord Moon is in 6th house and lord of 1st house.8. NKPA 22:37:14. 6th and 11th house are gain over opponent for him. connection between 6 and 11 houses and fortune are found to be supportive to stay in power and victory over opponents or adversaries. Asc Cn 27:28:19) and Tony Blair (06-051953. As per James Braha’s experience. Another point is the dasa sequence in Fidel Castro’s life. In the Dasa of Ke he could maintain his power but his health has been deteriorating due to the effect of Badhaka and Maraka at older age. Tony Blair’s 6th cuspal sub-lord Saturn is in 6th house and lord of 10 and 11 houses.8. which is the sub-lord of 10th cusp. Indira Gandhi’s horoscope. 8th indicates danger from enemies. Scotland.3. Vedic malefics in the 6th house give a native the ability to defeat enemies who will not only loose but also will be destroyed. Not only does Fidel Castro have malefic Mars in the 6th house. Conclusion 7. NKPA 23:06:56.5). 55N57. Moksha (12) plus 4th house for end of every thing and 10th house for retirement from this world. 1976 (Sa-Ve-Me-Ra): became president 10) August 5. Even he could survive the current running Ke-Sa DB till April 16. that Mars is strong in its own sign.11) would be the end of his life as 9th house will be this time Badhaka in the combination of all death inflicting Maraka (2.3. 1st. 81E52. 1994 (Me-Mo-Ve-Ju): largest anti-government riots in 35 years 11) Feb 19.6) and sub of Sa+(12.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Page # 20 / 72 .

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Page # 21 / 72 .

As a result of this. Cast the chart for the time and place of judgment. But considering the fast movement of the ascendant (which is about 1 degree of arc in 4 minutes or 1 minute of arc in about 4 seconds) this negligible difference results in change of sub of ascendant and/or other cusps. predictions may fail because in KP complete process of prediction is dependant on these cuspal sub-lords. K. In this process of rectification. apart from the complexity these methods/techniques are not consistent in their results and hence are not reliable. though the difference may be negligible. California USA e-mail:Subhash_ektare@yahoo. After giving due consideration to all these points.PART I The importance of accurate birth time need not be explained to any astrologer. equal to astrological birth time. Efforts were and are being made by some senior. the longitude of the Natal Asc. Note down the RP Ascendant and RP Moon correct up to sub-sub level. There are many methods for rectifying the birth time used by the followers of different schools of astrology. In this modern age every person tries his best to register accurate birth time of a new born child. I came to conclusion that there is a room for improvements based on following observations. I would like to present a simple and reliable technique for birth time rectification. It is basic foundation stone for the science of Astrology. Other stronger RPs i. But we are limiting our scope for KP only. Santa Clara.e. b) Only RP Moon is considered while correcting Natal Ascendant. Ascendant sign lord and Ascendant star lord could have been put to effective use for rectification.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Subhash Ektare Jyotisha Vishaarada and Nakshatra Shiromani 4090 Crandall Cir. c) There is no doubt that the Moon is the fastest moving Planet. However due to reasons beyond one’s control the noted birth time may not be accurate i. a) Rectification up to sub level gives a variation of around 3 to 20 minutes in corrected birth time. It is explained in following paragraphs: Step 1. learned and experienced astrologers to fine-tune this concept based on their research.S.e. This variation can be reduced by taking sub-sub level into consideration. In my opinion the process should be reverse. This is main reason why birth time rectification becomes essential. However. KP Astrologers fraternity knows that our Guruji Late Prof. (fast moving body) is being corrected with the help of longitude of the RP Moon (comparatively much slow moving body). Also note down whom Rahu / Ketu represent. Page # 22 / 72 . Are Doctors accurate in giving time of birth? On detailed study of such methods. Krishnamurti had elaborately explained in his Readers how the concept of Ruling Planets can be used to rectify the birth time. But movement of Lagna (Ascendant) is 25 to 28 times faster than that of NEW APPROACH TO BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION .

Step 2.


APRIL 2008

Calculate the position of Natal Moon up to sub-sub level. Then with the help of RP Ascendant and given time of birth correct the longitude of Natal Moon up to sub-sub level. Note that here we are using RP Ascendant (fast moving object) to correct the longitude of Natal Moon (comparatively slow moving object). Thus strongest Ruling Planets – Ascendant sign lord and Ascendant star lord- are used in correcting the birth time. Step 3 Corresponding to this corrected Natal moon position find out the Natal Ascendant(s). Now, check and correct the Natal Ascendant(s) with the RP moon. Here we are using pair of next powerful Ruling Planets-Moon sign lord and the star lord-to fine tune corrected Natal Ascendant(s). The time when this ascendant rises is found to be most accurate astrological birth time. Let us now see how these principals are applied in a real life cases.

Example No. 1
Date of Birth: 4th Feb 1977 PoB Begumpet, Hyderabad, India, 78 E 27 22; 17 N 26 27 ToB between 4:00 PM to 4:20 PM. Date of rectification 25th Sept 2007 Place 121 W 57 15; 37 N 21 15 Time 10:45:50 AM Step 1 RP Asc RP Moon Rahu Ketu Step 2 Between 4:00 PM and 4:20 PM on 4th Feb 1977 Moon is in Cancer sign and Ashlesha star. As the date of birth is known no correction is required for the sign lord and the star lord of the Moon. Therefore, we need to find out correct sub and sub-sub for the Moon. For this we will have to find out starting time and ending time of star Ashlesha from the ephemeris. Moon enters in Ashlesha star at 00:11:11 Am on 4th Feb 1977 and leaves at 00:09:06 Am on 5th Feb 1977. Therefore span of this star is 23 Hr 57 Mn 55 Se. Let us divide this period in proportion of Vimshottari Dasha to get correct start and end times of each sub. It is given in a table below.
Sub Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Start time Hr:Mi:Se 00-11-11 03-34-53 04-58-46 08-58-25 10-10-19 12-10-09 13-34-02 17-09-43 20-21-26 Duration Hr:Mi:Se 03-23-42 01-23-53 03-59-39 01-11-54 01-59-50 01-23-53 03-35-41 03-11-43 03-47-40 End time Hr:Mi:Se 03-34-53 04-58-46 08-58-25 10-10-19 12-10-09 13-34-02 17-09-43 20-21-26 24-09-06 on 5-2-1977

Deg Min 203 42 323 26

sec 17 55

Ven-Jup-Sat-Jup Sat-Jup-Sat-Rah

represents Sat as sign lord represents Sat by conj. (2 d 39 m 49 s orb); and Sun as sign lord

Given approx. birth time falls within the sub of Rahu. In RP Asc. sub is Sat which is represented by Rahu being its sign lord. Thus the sub of Rahu gets confirmed. Now for fixing the sub-sub let us divide this Rahu sub period into sub-sub periods.
Sub Sub Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Start time Hr:Mi:Se 13-34-02 14-06-23 14-35-08 15-09-17 Duration Hr:Mi:Se 00-32-21 00-28-45 00-34-09 00-30-33 End time Hr:Mi:Se 14-06-23 14-35-08 15-09-17 15-39-50

Page # 23 / 72

Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars 15-39-50 15-52-25 16-28-22 16-39-09 16-57-07

00-12-35 00-35-57 00-10-47 00-17-58 00-12-36 15-52-25 16-28-22 16-39-09 16-57-07 17-09-43

APRIL 2008

Given approx. birth time falls in the sub-sub of Ven. Here Ven is the RP Asc. sign lord, so Ven can be confirmed as sub-sub lord of the Natal Moon. Now let us calculate the Ascendants for starting and ending times for Ven sub-sub.
Deg Min Sec

Asc. at 15-52-25 Hrs Asc. at 16-28-22 Hrs

is is

171 179

20 23

41 34

Mer-Jup-Jup-Moo Mer-Jup-Sun-Ven

If we look at these ascendants, the sign and star lords are confirmed as Mer-Jup. Now the RP Moon comes in picture. It is Sat-Jup-Sat-Rah. The Asc. at 16-28-22 gets eliminated for two reasons. (1) Planets Sun and Ven do not appear in RP Moon and (2) The sun sub starts at 16-25-38 which is not within the approx. time given by the client. So we are left with the Asc at 15-52-25 with period lords as Mer-Jup-Jup-Moo. From the period lords of RP moon we have already used Jup as star lord of Asc. Therefore for fixing sub for the ascendant, there are two choices i.e. Sat which appears two times in the RP Moon and Rahu which appears as sub-sub lord of RP Moon. Rahu being a node and the sub-sub lord is stronger. But its sub is not found within the limits of approx. time given. So Rahu sub is ruled out. What is left? Only Saturn. But in the chart at the time of judgment Sat is conjunct with Ketu. So Ketu as a node becomes stronger than Saturn. Therefore Asc. sub lord has to be Ketu and Sat will appear as sub-sub lord. So finally the corrected Ascendant shall be: 86 Deg 23 Min 02 Sec i.e. Mer-Jup-Ket-Sat. This Saturn sub-sub starts at 16-14-39 and ends at 16-15-11 i.e. a variation of only 32 Seconds. If we take the mean as correct birth time it will be 16-14-55. Therefore Correct Birth Time is: 04-14-55 PM Example No. 2 (Approximate time with variation of 2 hours) Date of Birth: 25th Sept. 1942 (War Time) Time of Birth: Between 1.00 Am to3.00 Am Place of Birth 75 E 34, 21 N 01 This correction was done on 22nd April 2005 at 1.17 PM at Nagpur 79 E 06, 21 N 09
RP Asc Can 25-58-24 RP Moon Vir 12-45-21 Moo Mer Mer Moo Rah Rah Moo Sat

Since the date is known and time is approximate (variation of about 2 hours) we have to evaluate the position of the moon for given timings.
Moon @ 1.00 Am Moon @ 3.00 Am Pis 10-09-19 Pis 11-16-27 Jup Jup Sat Sat Ven Mer Moo Rah

Careful look at these Moon positions confirm that the Sign is Pisces and the Constellation (i.e. star) is Uttarabhadrapada. Therefore our task reduces to find correct sub and sub-sub for the natal Moon. From the ephemeris, we have to find the starting and ending time for the constellation of Uttarabhadrapada. Moon enters in this star at 12-52-20 PM on 24-09-1942 and leaves at 12-41-17 PM on 25-09-1942. Thus it is in the constellation for 23 Hours 48 Minutes and 57 Seconds. Dividing this period in proportion of vimshottari dasha we can calculate timings for each sub-period. It is tabulated below.

Page # 24 / 72

Sub period of Planet Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Starts at Hr:Mi:Se 12-52-20 on 24-9-42 16-38-35 20-01-01 21-24-22 01-22-32 on 25-9-42 02-33-59 04-33-04 05-56-25 09-30-46

Duration Hr:Mi:Se 03-46-15 03-22-26 01-23-21 03-58-10 01-11-27 01-59-05 01-23-21 03-34-21 03-10-31

APRIL 2008
Ends at Hr:Mi:Se 16-38-35 20-01-01 21-24-22 25-22-32 i.e. 01-22-32 on 25-9-42 02-33-59 04-33-04 05-56-25 09-30-46 12-41-17

The approx. time given appears in three sub periods viz. Venus, Sun and Moon. Here Venus and Sun do not appear in RP Asc and Moon appears as the sign lord and sub-sub lord of RP Asc. So the sub has to be Moon. This sub period of Moon is spanning approx. two hours. To reduce this gap we will have to divide this sub in sub-sub periods as above.
Sub-sub period of Moon Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Starts at Hr:Mi:Se 02-33-59 02-43-54 02-50-51 03-08-43 03-24-36 03-43-27 04-00-19 04-07-16 04-27-07 Duration Hr:Mi:Se 00-09-55 00-06-57 00-17-52 00-15-53 00-18-51 00-16-52 00-06-57 00-19-51 00-05-57 Ends at Hr:Mi:Se 02-43-54 02-50-51 03-08-43 03-24-36 03-43-27 04-00-19 04-07-16 04-27-07 04-33-04

It is observed that here our given span of time is covered in three sub-subs. Moon, Mars and Rahu. Moon has been given due representation as the sub lord. Mars does not appear in the RP Asc. so gets eliminated. So we have to take Rahu as sub-sub. Thus the corrected natal moon should be Jup Sat Moo Rah

From the table of sub-sub periods above Rahu sub starts at 02-50-51 and ends at 03-08-43. Now we will find out Ascendants at these times. Two options are (1) Ascendant at 02-50-51 is (2) Ascendant at 03-08- 43 is Moo Moo Sat Sat Mer Sun Jup Mer and

Sign lord Moon and star lord Saturn are appearing in both the possible lagans. Hence they get confirmed. Now we have to confirm the sub. RPs of RP Moon are Mer-Moo-Rah-Sat. Because Sun does not appear in RPs and Mercury appears as the sign lord the sub has to be Mercury. So the second option gets eliminated. However in first option Jup appears as sub-sub lord which is not in the RP Moon. It can be replaced by either Rahu or Saturn. But since Nodes are stronger we will fix Rahu as the sub-sub. So finally the ascendant is fixed as Moon Saturn Mercury Rahu.

This Rahu sub-sub starts at 02-49-28 and ends at 02-50-44. Thus we have reduced the gap to mere 1 minute and 16 seconds. Taking average of these the corrected birth time works out to 02-50-06 AM. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The author is a retired Civil Engineer and practicing KP Astrologer having certificates of KP Jyotish Visharad and Nakshatra Shiromani. He has contributed many articles in “Nakshatrache Dene” --a Marathi Magazine dedicated to KP. He is also an active member of some KP astrological groups on Yahoo Groups. Accurate birth time can be given by God Almighty alone and though HIS blessings, the daivagna--Astrologer. The author is making a sincere effort in an intricate subject like BTR to find out the exact birth time as per the secrets revealed to Astro-preceptors by God.

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hoisted the Indian tri-colour at New Delhi.00 hours on 15-Aug-1947 at New Delhi. Hyderabad-500 076. Mallapur. India Mob:9440 346 285 E-Mail: astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. Jawaharlal Nehru. Block#1. 11 months. which is appended below with planetary operating period of Vimshottari Mahadasha of Saturn Bal: 17 Years. Cu I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 07° Ta 51' 31 03° Ge 27' 37 26° Ge 39' 39 21° Cn 33' 39 21° Le 43' 15 28° Vi 48' 14. Janapriya Township. Name: Independent India. the 1st Prime Minister of Independent India. A mundane astrological analysis is done based on the chart taken out for 00. 07° Sc 51' 31 03° Sa 27' 37 26° Sa 39' 39 21° Cp 33' 39 21° Aq 43' 15 28° Pi 48' 14.5 Sys: KP Ay: 23° 1' 18"Settings: Universal Time APRIL 2008 MERA BHARAT MAHAN ( MY GREAT INDIA ) India attained independence on 15-Aug-1947 from the British Empire. Place: New Delhi Date: 14/15-Aug-1947 Friday Time: 12-00-00 am (midnight) Longitude:77-13-00 East Latitude: 28-39-00 North Zone: IST 5. Some of the events especially the present and immediate future of our beloved country is taken up for analysis.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 MK VISWANAT Editor-ASTROVISION Flat#204B. 9 Days are taken.Time: 21° 8' 12" Latitude: Geographic Cusp System: Placidus Sun Rise/Set Upper Ray: 5-49-29 | 7-1–32 Sun Rise/Set Lower Ray: 5-53 -27 | 6-57–35 Lagna: Vrisha Krittika 4 Birth Rasi: Karkata Birth Star: Pushya 1 Lunar Half: Kr Paksha Thriodasi Yoga: Siddhi Karana: Vanija Dasa at DOB: Sat Dasa Bal: 17Y:11M:9 D Bhukti at DOB: Saturn Bhukti Bal:1 Y:11M:12 D Current Date: 10/10/2007 Current Dasa running: Ven-Mer-Jup:Ven Dasa upto:20Jul-2009:Mercury Bhukti upto:21-May-2008 Jupiter Antara upto: and Pt. 13° Ar 51' 11 Star Krittika Mrigasira Punarvas Aslesha P Phalgun Chitra Anuradh Moola Poorvasha Shravana P Bhadra Revati Bharani KP Pointer Ve-Su-Ve-Ve Me-Ma-Ve-Ma Me-Ju-Ve-Ve Mo-Me-Su-Su Su-Ve-Ju-Ra Me-Ma-Sa-Ve Ma-Sa-Ke-Ju Ju-Ke-Su-Me Ju-Ve-Ke-Me Sa-Mo-Ve-Ra Sa-Ju-Ju-Ra Ju-Me-Sa-Ve Ma-Ve-Ve-Mo Pl Su Me Ve Mo Ma Ju Sa Ur Ne Pl Ra Ke La Longitude 28° Cn 5' 20 13° Cn 46' 27 22° Cn 39' 40 04° Cn 5' 01 07° Ge 33' 22 25° Li 58' 40 020° Cn 34' 23 02° Ge 9' 12 15° Vi 48' 26 20° Cn 12' 29 05° Ta 10' 21 05° Sc 10' 21 07° Ta 51' 31 Star Aslesha Pushya Aslesha Pushya Ardhra Vishakh Aslesha Mrigasira Hastha Aslesha Krittika Anuradh Krittika KP Pointer Mo-Me-Sa-Sa Mo-Sa-Ra-Me Mo-Me-Mo-Ju Mo-Sa-Sa-Ke Me-Ra-Ra-Me Ve-Ju-Ke-Su Mo-Me-Ve-Ju Me-Ma-Ke-Mo Me-Mo-Sa-Sa Mo-Me-Ve-Ra Ve-Su-Me-Me Ma-Sa-Sa-Ju Ve-Su-Ve-Ve For 13-51 Ve-Ve XII 28-48 Me-Sa Ra 05-10 Su-Me I 07-51 Su-Ve XI 21-43 Ju-Ju X 21-33 Mo-Ve IX 26-39 Ve-Ke VII 07-51 Sa-Ke Ke 05-10 Sa-Sa Ju 25-58 Ju-Ke II Ma III Mo Me IV Ve Sa Su V 03-27 Ma-Ve 07-33 Ra-Ra 26-39 Ju-Ve 04-05 Sa-Sa 13-46 Sa-Ra 21-33 Me-Su 22-39 Me-Mo 20-34 Me-Ve 28-05 Me-Sa 21-43 Ve-Ju VI 28-48 Ma-Sa VIII 03-27 Ke-Su Cu CSL PCO OCC PCBL BL 1 Ve -Ju Ve 2 Ve Ju Ma Sa Su Me 3 Ve Sa Su Mo Me Sa Su Me 4 Su Ke Mo Me Ra Ve Sa Su Mo 5 Ju --Ra Su 6 Sa --Sa Su Me 7 Ke -Ke Ju Ma 8 Su --Ju 9 Ke --Ju 10 Ve --Ke Mo Me Sa 11 Ju --Ke Me Sa Mo 12 Sa Ma Ra Ju Page # 26 / 72 .

Atrocities on Women increased. became the first Prime Minister of that party. music & dance. Women seeking equality and more unconventional marriages. More popularity for cinema has come into the fore and it attained new heights. Women took participation openly in all social activities. HIV AIDS. when VP Singh was Prime Minister. Computer and IT have got boom during this period. Since Venus along with Mercury signifies Televisions and Information & Broadcasting sectors. In December 1989. who is conjoined Venus and Sun in Mercury star Aslesha. thrown open many a business opportunities. besides many. Plenty of Television Channels have cropped up. Jewellrey outlets along with gold prices shot up. The income level from Cinema has gone up in multiples. Vajpayee had again returned to power in 1998 and in 1999. Mr. Mercury is Bhava Lord and Occupant of 3rd house. cinema songs. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Girls outdoing the boys in examinations. representing the broad Janata party coalition. OCC=Occupant of bhava. wife. Venus is the planet who signifies. Saturn. Television revolution and opening up of Information and broadcasting sector in 1989 took place on the onset of Venus VMD. creativity. watery contents & drinks. PCBL=Planets in star of bhava lord. Page # 27 / 72 . V P Singh of that coalition's successor. Atal Behari Vajpayee of the Bharatiya Janata Party became the first person from that party to become Prime Minister. World beauty titles achievements and fashion shows. who is placed in Mercury star (karaka for business). Morarji Desai became the first non-Congress Prime Minister in 1977. New Multimillionaires have cropped up in India COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE Venus placed in Mercury star will also give the result of Mercury. and diseases connected with such organs. Music and dance.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 (BL=Bhava lord. VENUS MAHADASHA IN INDIAN HOROSCOPE AND ITS AFTER EFFECTS. the Janata Dal. Information and broadcasting. PCO=Planets in star of occupant) The early years after Independence were dominated by the Indian National Congress party. TELVISION CHANNELS. 7th CSL Ketu is in Saturn star. CINEMA Venus signifies art and creativity. cinema. bodily parts pancreas. which held the premiership for the first thirty years of India's independence. Venus. etc. BUSINESS 7th house signifies business. diabetes. which predominantly used to be reaching out to masses via newspapers in those times. etc. textile & fashion. generative organs. screening of films. Television channels are filled with schedules of singing competitions. art. have taken a new turn in the form of television news. exhibitionism. In 1996. beauty & beauty items such as cosmetics. matters connected with women. Cinema. Opening up Television channels. wine & women.

WOMEN AND MISS UNIVERSE / MISS WORLD TITLES Girls started to out-do men in the examinations. Many educated people took this sphere as a career. Beauty pageant was held in Bangalore by Mr. profession. heart. love marriages. Venus signifies exhibitionism and openness. Orthodox society started changing their mind toward more openness and started to accept such relationships. etc.A. who is in Rahu star. 1994 title at the age of 18 in Manila during Venus-Moon period and Ms. during the Venus VMD. live-in relationships.D. DIABETES. job. temples. pharmaceuticals. Mercury is 9th house (as per Vedic) lord Saturn star. WOMAN PRESIDENT The office of the President is the highest office in the country. atrocities on women. Diana Hayden. Mercury star and Saturn sub in Cancer along with Venus and Saturn. Page # 28 / 72 . More and more private job opportunities were thrown open. Sun is in Moon sign. etc. including that of the rate of divorce has gone up and single parent concept has come into effect. Amitabh Bachhan under ABCL. medical. competitions. Venus is in the star of Mercury in 3rd house. This was followed by Miss World title by Ms. ego. and more fashion parades were held and more people got connected with this profession. Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe on May 21. Jupiter signifies expansion. Dept of Telecom launched their Public Sector Undertaking titled “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited” on 02-Oct2001 during VMD of Venus-Jupiter-Mercury-Rahu-Sun period. Venus signifies women. ruthlessness. HIV-AIDS has spread. who are also in Mercury star. straightforwardness. Government. HIV-AIDS AND DIVORCE (D. Mrs. Ms. More private players came to Telecom Sector. thus paving way for openness. Venus signifies women. solar lights. The surge in the rate of population has come down during Venus VMD. Rahu is in Sun star signifying Government. chemical. Both Mercury and 3rd house signifies communications. etc. inter-caste marriages. authority. While more and more atrocities connected with such marriages took place. Mars signifies power.ASTROVISION TELECOM ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 The communications sector had huge success. Aiswarya Rai won the Miss World title in 1994 during same period. bones. Rahu placed in Sun star and Sun signifies Government. SUN VMD STARTS IN JULY 2009 Sun signifies among many significations.) The rate of diabetes has gone up and India became hub of diabetes patients. FAMILY PLANNING AND POPULATION. Prathiba Devisingh Patil became the first woman President of India on 19-July-2007 during Venus-Mercury-Rahu-Mars period. UNCONVENTIONAL AND LOVE MARRIAGES There have been upsurge of unconventional marriages. 9th house signifies Kingdom. When women become prominent the rate of child-birth will automatically gets depleted.

There will be drought and more rains during this period. Share market will pick up steadily. More and more pharmaceutical activities shall surge. orthodox business type. All of them are placed in Cancer. The rate of diabetes and HIV-AIDS shall come down. Construction of more religious places shall be expected. Medical Sciences. research work in Agricultural / pharmaceutical sectors. Boom in IT. There shall be invention and effective usage of Medicines for diabetes. Moon is lord of 3 and placed in Saturn star and is conjoined Dasha lord Sun. Government will be compromised to protect the interest of the working class and employees. there shall be direct. More and more business and employment activities shall be there in India. Sat: Merc: Ket: Ven: Sun: Moon: Mars: Rah: Jup: 1946-07-18 1965-07-18 1982-07-18 1989-07-18 2009-07-18 2015-07-19 2025-07-18 2032-07-18 2050-07-19 1965-07-18 1982-07-18 1989-07-18 2009-07-18 2015-07-19 2025-07-18 2032-07-18 2050-07-19 2066-07-19 Ven MD 1989-07-18 . 2nd and 5th lord Mercury. Moon Bhukti there shall be more research work. are foreseen. pleasing. Exports of more of Pharmaceutical products will take place. There shall be more of governmental grip on many matters.2015-07-19 Sun: Moon: Mars: Rah: Jup: Sat: Merc: Ket: Ven: 2009-07-18 2009-11-06 2010-05-04 2010-09-13 2011-08-07 2012-05-23 2013-05-04 2014-03-10 2014-07-19 2009-11-06 2010-05-04 2010-09-13 2011-08-07 2012-05-23 2013-05-04 2014-03-10 2014-07-19 2015-07-19 Page # 29 / 72 . Modernization of Hospitals will take place both at the Government and at the private level. Health care. Moon is in Saturn star and Saturn signifies 10 and 11th houses. Medical insurance shall be made compulsory for employees in many sectors. etc. etc. During this period there will be more labour and employment opportunities. Establishment of new hospitals will come up in the country. During this period there shall be more stress on health care. An orthodox Government will be heading the Country. health insurance shall be issues. Aviation. Share market will rise. 9 and 10th lord Saturn. The divorce rates shall come down.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 During the Sun VMD of 6 years from July 2009. boost in matters connected to communications.2009-07-18 Ven: Sun: Moon: Mars: Rah: Jup: Sat: Merc: Ket: 1989-07-18 1992-11-18 1993-11-18 1995-07-19 1996-09-18 1999-09-19 2002-05-17 2005-07-18 2008-05-16 1992-11-18 1993-11-18 1995-07-19 1996-09-18 1999-09-19 2002-05-17 2005-07-18 2008-05-16 2009-07-18 Sun MD: 2009-07-18 . More Pharmaceutical production shall emerge. There will be boom in the solar photovoltaic industry and more exports shall be expected. More cases related to heart problems could be reported to hospitals. Education in Pharmaceutical / medicines. The society shall be found efficient. Automobile. Adults including parents shall do a major push for conventional type of marriages. During Sun Mahadasha. 1 and 6th lord Venus. HIV-AIDS. Government will acquire firm grip on many issues. There will be high demand for Doctors and hospital staff. stringent and harsh rules / decisions by Government Authorities. There will be conflict between labourers and government. Marriages will be brought under Law. There will be a dress code for men and women alike in professional front. More inventions with reference medicines shall be made public. There will be infighting in the ruling party who is governing the country.

I am myself a living example who has met with several accidents by traveling in Mars hora time thoughtlessly without checking the time of hora. Mars. For example.. An attempt is made in this article to elucidate what disease can occur and the mode of homoeopathic treatment accordingly. One should check the hora time before going out on a vehicle during Mars. Chicken pox 8) Surgical wounds Page # 30 / 72 .ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 MEDICO VISION DR M.e. No.. bhukti and antara dasa periods of the above planets. i. Diseases & ailments caused by Mars 1) Accidents or injuries Homoeopathic remedies used for treatment 1) Arnica 30 2) Ledum pal 30 3) Hypericum 30 4) Aconite 30 5) Calendula ointment (externally) 1) Cantharis 30 2) Aconite 30 3) Arnica 30 4) Cantharis ointment 1) Aconite 30 2) Pyrogen 30 3) Ferrum phos 12x 4) Arsenic Alba 30 5) Gelsemium30 1) Hamamelis Q 2) Blumine Q 1) Rawolifa Q 2) Aurum Met 30 3) Passiflora Q 4) Kali Phos 6 X 1) Rhus tox 30 2) Arnica 30 1) Rhus tox 30 2) Pulsatilla 30 3) Variolinum 200 1) Staphy sagria 30 2) Calendula lotion or Ointment APRIL 2008 Homoeopathic treatment for the natives born in Mesha Rashi Every individual is susceptible for certain ailments according to the Rasi one is born in.. Aries natives are ruled by Mars and hence became more prone to accidents and injuries especially during the Mars hora. Secunderabad-500 010 Mob: 98481 90260 E-Mail: ajju22@yahoo. Mars. Bharatinagar. i. MAHENDAR Ph D Jyotisha Ratna MA (Astrology) H. Venus and Sun. Bharani ruled by Venus and Kritika ruled by Sun.e. Besides for the day-to-day matters we have to check the hora time also. Mesha or Aries born people generally suffer from the disease caused by: 1) Lord of the sign i. 3) Echinacea Q External 2) Burns and fire accidents 3) Fever 4) Bleeding 5) High blood pressure 6) Sprains and Strains 7) Small pox. Ketu. The diseases or ailments would be caused during the dasha. Ashwini ruled by Ketu. 2) Lords of the 3 Nakshatras of Aries.e. 1-10-170/6/A Temple Alwal.

Diseases and ailments caused by Ketu (for those born in Aswini star) 1) Poisonings. stings. There will not be any side effects. The homoeopathy medicines are very safe.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 All the above remedies should be given atleast 2 to 3 times a day and in acute or severe case. They can be repeated every hour. bites Homoeopathic remedies used for treatment 1) Echinacea Q 2) Arsenic alba 30 3) Apis 30 4) Hypericum 30 1) Cina 30 2) Kousso Q 3) Granatum 30 4) Teucrium 30 5) Spigelia 30 6) Filix Mas Q Homoeopathic remedies used for treatment 1) Sapia 30 2) Pulsatilla 3 3) Cimifuga 30 4) Hamamelis Q 5) Trillium Pendulam 30 1) Syphilirium 200 2) Alumina 30 3) Kreosote 30 4) Secale 30 1) Caulophyllum 30 2) Calcflorica 6 X 3) Pulstilla 30 1) Silica 30 2) Aconite 30 3) Kalibichrome 30 4) Tuberculinum Homoeopathic remedies used for treatment 1) Sabadilla 30 2) Ambrasia 30 3) Arsenic alba 30 4) Arundo 30 5) Urtica Urens 3 6) Rhus tox 30 1) Glononine 30 2) Ferrum phos 12 X 3) Aconite 30 4) Antim Crude 30 1) Aconite 30 2) Pyrogen 30 3) Bryonia 30 4) Arsalba 30 5) Gelsemium 30 1) Belladona 30 2) Bryonia 30 3) Glonine 30 4) Cimicifuga 30 5) Mag Phos 30 2) Warm infections in children Diseases and ailments caused by Venus (for those born in Bharani star) 1) Menstrual problems in women 2) Leurrhea 3) For easy delivery 4) Sinusitis Diseases and ailments caused by Sun (for those born in star) 1) Allergic conditions 2) Sun Stroke 3) Fevers 4) Headache Page # 31 / 72 .

who may cause certain particular ailments during the planet’s dasha or bhukti or antara periods. The physician has to select one among them by the guiding symptom.ASTROVISION 5) Heart troubles ISSUE # 4 1) 2) 3) 4) 1) 2) 3) 4) Digitails Q Crategus Q Cactus Q Spigelia 30 Euphrasia 30 Euprasia eye drops Cineraria 30 Cineraria eye drops APRIL 2008 6) Eye Diseases Every disease condition more than one homoeopathy medicines are prescribed. There should not be any compromise with homoeopathic principles in selecting the proper remedy. Rangrez Bazar Secunderabad-500 003 Phone : 040-2781 2434 Cell No. which one may suffer in a given period. The native should be guided by them. Natives birth star will decide the planet (star lord). Such is the benefit of having the knowledge of astrology for any physician to help the patients and the society at large. which the patient is showing clinically. The native is forewarned before hand about the likely diseases.: 9246 102 434 OFFSET PRINTING SCREEN PRINTING MULTI COLOR PRINTING ALL SIZES AND TYPES OF STICKERS BINDING Attractive and competitive rates Quality work and Fast delivery Page # 32 / 72 . With best complements from: MAHESH PRINTERS Pioneers in printing and binding Shop # 3-3-460.: 9966 030 353 Cell No.

Sree Lagna (SL) and Hora Lagna (HL) etc.e. but there are some special considerations. it will be a favorable year. The strength. This time.PrashnaAstrology. MN-5549.Com Timing Marriage with Tithi Pravesha Principles This is in continuation to my earlier writings on Tithi Pravesha principles. The native birth details are: Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: April 19. We have to keep in mind the following principles while analyzing the Annual Tithi Pravesha Chart:(1) Weekday: Take the ruler of the weekday running at the commencement of New Year.e. it will be an unfavorable year. Let me give a recap of the principles again for the first time readers. all the principles applicable in natal horoscopy will apply in annual horoscopy including the Arudha Padas and special lagans such as Ghatika Lagna (GL). 15 N 28' 00" India Page # 33 / 72 . If the angle from Sun to Moon matches that in the natal chart. This is a very simplistic definition of Tithi Pravesha Chakra. (3) Hora: Take the ruler of the Hora (hour) running at the commencement of New Year. it means that the Tithi running is the same as birth Tithi and also the fraction of Tithi remaining is the same as at birth. Tithi Pravesha (TP) Chakra Principles:. If he is a malefic with respect to natal Lagna. minutes & seconds) as at birth. In addition.Com http://www. The annual chart is interpreted just like the natal chart. The houses owned and occupied by this planet will set the tone for the main events of the year. Now let us take an example chart and apply these principles to time a job. This planet will be the most important planet during the year. the year will bring the results of evil actions of the past.. If he is a benefic with respect to natal Lagna. placement and yoga’s of this planet will have a tremendous impact on the main events of the year. i. even more important than Lagna lord. I would like to take an example chart for which I have predicted the marriage timing. If it is a quadrant or a trine from natal Lagna. i.Pravesha means entry or return. it will be a favorable year. the year will bring the fruits of good actions of the past. (2) Lagna: Take the sign occupied by Lagna in the annual chart. 1978 6:35:00 5:30:00 (East of GMT) 75 E 01' 00". Tithi Pravesha Chakra is the chart drawn for the birth moment of Tithi return every year. USA e-mail : RaoN1008@Yahoo.ASTROVISION VEDIC VISION ISSUE # 4 VEDIC VISION APRIL 2008 Raghunatha Rao Nemani (Jyotish Chaitanya) Minnesota. So. If it is a Dusthana from natal Lagna. it will be a year of obstacles. the definition of the annual birth moment is the moment when Sun transits its natal sign and the Moon is at the exact displacement angle from Sun (degrees.

9) Now the Pratyantar dasa point of view. Again this Surya being aspected by Guru who is A7 and UL’s lord too. he is the Hora lord and placed in Mesha rasi with Ketu who is also co-lord of Annual TP navamsa 7th house. So this is indicating for a marriage to this native during this year. In the TP Rasi Chart. So all the above combinations are confirming that the native will get married during the above mentioned period. hence it will be a favorable year for the native in terms of marriage. 2) Natal Lagna is Mesha.2008-07-09 (23:19:23) Sun PD: 2008-07-03 (8:52:25) . So these combinations will give marriage to the native during this Shani maha dasa. 8) Now regarding the antar dasa. A7 from Dhanus and Sukra and UL from Meena rasi by rasi drishti. This Shani is being aspected by Guru who is A7 and UL’s lord too. the Lagna lord Shani is placed in 7th house of Simha. 3) Hora Lord will set the tone for main events of the year. 4) To time the marriage. It is recommended to use the Tithi Astottari Dasa system with TP Chart analysis. I am using Tithi Pravesha Chakra's along with the Navamsa Chart. Also Shukra is also aspecting the Shani by graha drishti too. So this is indicating a marriage during this year. This Shani is placed in Mithuna rasi in navamsa where UL is also placed and being aspected by Shukra.2008-07-03 (16:55:19) 7) In the annual TP’s Navamsa Chart Dasa of Shani is conducive to give the marriage to the native. So this is another good placement and will bring the fruits of good actions of the past. This Surya is also having argala too.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 2008 Annual Tithi Pravesha details calculated using JHora software are:- 1) Vaara Lord is Kuja who is 3rd and 10th lord placed in 5th house of Mithuna. Shukra is the candidate because again Shukra is placed in Dhanus with Guru and SL and being aspected by A7 from Kanya and aspecting the UL and Shani by rasi drishti. but we can also use my favorite Narayana Dasa as well to time the event. Hora Lord is Surya who is 7th lord and placed in 3rd house owned by Vaara Lord of Kuja. Now. Surya is a candidate to give the marriage because.2008-07-28 (23:05:38) Ven AD: 2008-07-03 (8:52:25) . Sarvam Sri Mahaalaskhmi Arpanamastu Page # 34 / 72 . I will write about this Narayana Dasa usage in my upcoming article. This Vaara lord is being aspected by Guru. let us see other principles too. Shani is the Annual Rasi chart’s 7th lord and placed in 2nd house of Annual Navamsa chart. Tithi Ashtottari Dasa of Janma tithi (useful especially in Tithi Pravesha charts): Sat MD: 2008-06-23 (22:49:52) . Guru and SL from Dhanus and also aspected by A7 from kanya rasi by rasi drishti. which is 11th from Annual TP Rasi Lagna of Kumbha.

Since. enemies. the 6th house representing our weaknesses overtakes the fructification of poorva-punya (5th house). because of this account. To add more on the list. Thus. the 6th house brings with it the poison of negativities and the compulsions that caused the birth just like the 5th house that brings punyas in the form of blessings out of the sanchit karmas of the past births. theft. disease. This is to maintain brevity of the contents in each paper. debt. Sage Parashara has categorized the trio of 6-8-12th houses as The Dusthanas or Trika Houses. It would be interesting to note that the 5th house receives the argala from the 6th house and this is where. The elaboration of dusthanas and its judgment methodology is being done in separate papers planned to be published one after the other with a few example cases in the last paper. litigation. anxieties. The 6th house represents shadripus – the six enemies or the six weaknesses. Bangalore) Tel: 080-25119580 (Off). thus dictating the poorva-punyas to discharge their roles under the shade of the shadripus (6th house).ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Vijay Kumar (Faculty: ICAS. even dusthanas have a lot of usefulness. step mother and wounds. the realized people of past generations were very conscious to devote much time in remedial measures through vrata and tapas to cleanup the past sins (6th house) in order to dispense the quota of blessings (5th house). each house in a chart has both the good and bad portfolios attached to it and in the same spirit. cruelty. humiliation. involving five senses and mind. maternal uncles and pet animals. as well as the subsequent writers recognised dusthanas in a chart as the malefic houses in principle and the remaining as the benefic/neutral houses. 080-26587463 (Res) e-mail: v_kumar@cdotb. dissatisfaction. subordinates. which a native brings with him in the present birth. An effort is made to present the relevance of dusthana from the simplest approach. Whatever said and done. servants. dusthanas are said to hold more of malefic traits rather than the benefic ones. the mindset or habits more of vicious nature which are necessary to pull down others. anguish of mind. struggle. The wounds represented by this house may be understood to be due to injuries. sufferings and opposition. disappointments.ernet. it also indicates worries. it may be said that the 6th house dictates in dispensing the results of the 5th house. Perhaps. It also indicates the working environment. the 6th house is said to indicate the Observations on dusthanas: 6th House (Part-01) General: This paper is written in order to bring forth the awareness on some important practical aspects of dusthanas and to understand the implications indicated by these houses in a chart. which the prarabdha brings with it. anger. Page # 35 / 72 . fear from calamities. He. the ancient scriptures have considered them as malefic to the native in general. during fighting or wounds received through surgical treatments. The 6th House: The 6th house offers an interesting study. Classically. Thus the demarcation of evil and good houses in a chart emerged. From the point of view of prarabdha karmas.

even though it is an upachayasthana. If we want to grab other’s cash and kind or other’s credit. the 6th house happens to be an important house to deal with the material status of the native and thus gets justified to be the upachayasthana indicating the growth and progress in the material pursuits. the dasha periods of 6th lord bring in the role of some relative or a friend to help the native at the time of need. As an example. It would be worthwhile to note that if the 6th house is well disposed from Lagna. for cancer lagna natives. the kriyaman karmas done in this birth add to the already existing sanchit karmas of the past births. debts and disease contents. it would cause miserable sufferings (because of being 6th lord in strength in lagna) and would surface a lot of frustration in ceremonising the event of marriage. litigation or any facet of similar nature require the strong 6th house as a must for ascending the road of success. shloka 4 that The raja yoga of the decreasing order gets manifested to the native by the conjunction of the lords of 9th and 10th house as seen from Lagna. the 3-6-10-11th houses constitute the upachayas. which indicates our visible enemies. For a ready reference. the 6th house adds a lot of malicious kriyaman karmas. It is because of this virtue that the 6th house may be considered as a benefic house for the present day world. the sufferings/frustration of any nature take starting kick from the 6th house only. It is paradoxical that although the upachaya is meant for the growth and progress. perhaps from holistic karmic angle. It may be pertinent to mention here that the ancient living ordeal did not want much materialism to come in the way of the life pattern of the self realization and of highest virtues. This is the only dusthana out of 6-8-12th houses. this is the house par excellence. Since the materialism was obviously the hurdle for the pious attributes of the ancient living. The 6th house being the 5th of the 2nd house indicates the wisdom of earning and receiving the gifts etc. if it is under malefic influence. 3rd house indicates efforts. However. blessed are the ones who have strong the 6th house to win over the others and become financially sound at the cost of others. The placement of benefics in the 6th house is considered good as it softens the sufferings. 6th indicate material gains at the cost of others. softens the way of approach and makes life holistic whereas the malefic influence on this house makes the situation reverse by resorting to the aggressive ways the native follows to receive gains. which is full of desires of competition in all walks of life. The 6th house indicates the competitive environment as its most important portfolio and it therefore indicates the progress through the process of competition and rivalry. the 6th house has yet not been admitted as a benefic house but is considered to be an evil house in its entirety. which shares the portfolio of being an upachayasthana as indicated by Sage Parashara. hence this house becomes instrumental to control the financial prospects for the native. we may be reminded of the Quote from Uttarakalamrita. In totality. admission. In principle. in the present scenario of today’s age. In all pursuits. This goes with the simple logic that any thing gained (6th house) is at the cost of loss caused to whomsoever we interact (7th house). this was perhaps the good reason for considering the 6th house as an evil house in its general definition. There. Let it be seen in some details. 10th is the actual doing and 11th is the fruits of efforts reaped as the dividend of the 10th house. though inviting the wrath of mighty opposition as well. primarily because of Jupiter as 6th lord powerfully aspecting the 7th house. The 6th house happens to be one of the Artha-Trikona (2-6-10). the gains obtained through 6th house under malefic influence particularly cause negativities on the karmic profile and with this intent. Would you now consider the 6th house good or bad? One of the important portfolios ruled by the 6th house is the support from relatives particularly the maternal sided relations. it means that the success in competitions whether be it for exams. The 6th house is the house of growth but of materialistic nature. Similarly. In conformance of the benefic nature of the 6th house. race for promotion.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 This is the house. perhaps. a relative or a friend may spoil the credits of the native in the similar periods if the 6th house is badly disposed or the 6th and Lagna lords are placed in mutual hostility. Chapter 4. 9th house and 10th Page # 36 / 72 . The upachaya houses are designated as the houses of growth and progress where free will is likely to be exercised. if Jupiter gets placed in exaltation in lagna. This seems to be justified from the fact that the 6th house is 10th from 9th house from where the destiny of Karma is ruled by this house as well as being 9th from the 10th house ruling the luck of the profession. the 6th house has been branded as the evil house in general. Since.

On the negative side. the 6th house in the conventional way is the house of harm from the opponents and indicates fight and rivalry where the native could be let down. Apart from his acumen in parasharic and jaimini System of astrology. Medically. --. Thus. strong malefics in the 6th house cause strong enemies and strong opposition causing harm to the native. The 6th house stands as the 8th from 11th house and 12th from 7th house. The native who have the linkage of 6th house with the 11th house and 2nd house have strong tendencies to bury themselves in the voluntary financial debts caused by multiple loans raised from various financial institutions. In this way. it does not cause disease. In accordance to it. skin disorders involving rashes such as measles-small pox be continued to part-2 The author hails from the Electronics and Communication Engineering background. the author has special interest in the krishnamurthi paddhati (KP). This attribute of loan may be generalized to mean the financial commitment born by the native himself or it could be carried forward through the parental lineage. It also represents the six flavours as advocated in Ayurveda. Pramod Mahajan (Gemini lagna) had strong Mars in his 6th house and his rivalry surfaced by his own younger brother (Mars being the karaka of the younger co-born) and caused a disaster of his death by shooting (a perfect way that Mars operates). of course from materialistic angle. It may be interesting to note that all disease and sufferings originate from the 6th house and unless a planet gets linked with the 6th house/lord. The 6th house when gets weak and gets linked with the malefics or with the other Dusthanas (8th and 12th house) make a real havoc and most of its negative qualities get surfaced. the servants/maids are represented by the 6th house. The 6th house is said to represent subordination. The author is pursuing the teaching of astrology as a senior faculty member at ICAS. tuberculosis. 6th house mobilizes the six weaknesses (shadripus) within the native. it is sufficient to cause dis-ease to the physical self. Bangalore. the 6th house stands for the diseases and its recovery in general. As an example. 5-6th and 6-7th houses from lagna. He has been engaged in the Research and Development wing of the Telecom. tumorus growth. disorders pertaining to respiration and phlegm. any financial loan raised for any purpose necessarily involve the 6th house completing the signification of debts indicated by the 6th house. the 6th house taints the service conditions and a strong 6th house in good relation with the Lagna makes a native comfortable in the job. the 6th house thereby indicates the difficulties in material gains and problem to the zone of marital life respectively. The meaning of subordination may be extended to mean the service (paid salaried job) being either of the government (where the native is generally called as a government servant) or that of the private sector. disorders of eyes. Page # 37 / 72 . Since. urinary ailment and dysentery. He has been a student of astrology on his own since 1978 and has formally qualified Jyotish Visharad in 1998 from the Bangalore Chapter of ICAS. An important facet of the 6th house is raising funds through loan. intestinal disorders such as the complaints of hernia. indicating the subordination.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 house which mean the conjunction of the Lords of 9-10th. In this context. Industries throughout his career and is presently heading a senior managerial position at The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT). which the native is subjected to and the quality of subordinates the native has. In a parallel meaning. represents the umbilical region. causing disease and suffering. Bangalore. This also amply establishes that the 6th house has a lot of benefic attributes and may do well to the native.

” 1 Page # 38 / 72 . Saturn. and thereby affecting both his coordination and bodily stamina. and began treatment at the University of California. in the latitudes we have one Sports Champion Aspect and one Super Sports Champion Aspect. Jyotish Kovid Eastern Shore: Kent Island. however. Progressed Mars applying conjunct to progressed Uranus shows Uranian energy addressing significant and new changes occurring in his physical energy and bodily movements. Maryland. Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Ali’s health appeared to be on a rapid decline: he seemed sluggish and weak in motor skills. Using the Heliocentric tight latitudinal orb of 0. USA Website: MUHAMMAD ALI: MAGI ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS : PART II Heliocentric Chart: Please refer to Part l for viewing the Heliocentric Chart in the previous issue of ASTROVISION. as Chiron is symbolic of the future.1 to 0. and provided Mohammad Ali with the greatest in physical vitality. He possessed great muscle mass coupled with positive energy. Progressed Aspects and Progressed Midpoint Crossings for 1982: Parkinson’s Disease During a medical evaluation in 1982.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 WESTERN VISION SANDY L. so this progression brings attention to Muhammad Ali’s future plans with respect to him being an icon and a famous public figure. and an exciting new recognition to the sport of Professional Boxing. a correct diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease was confirmed. to be a successful leader in his field. CROWTHER CVA. and Neptune from a Magi Triangle with Earth/Moon complex addressing how his focus and discipline brought Universal fame. In this segment. Jupiter applying parallel Uranus and contra-parallel Mars forms a Magi Pyramid addressing his leadership fame in being a Super Sports Champion. Pluto’s trine alignment (enhancement) to Mercury addresses Ali’s powerful agility. I will partially delineate a few of the aspects in his Heliocentric Chart. Progressed Sun applying bi-directional quincunx to progressed Chiron puts Muhammad Ali back in the limelight. along with his Progressed Midpoint Crossings. Below please find Muhammad Ali’s Progressed Chart for 1982. CMA. Jupiter’s applying enhancement of Uranus is a Super Sports Champion Aspect and a Super Fame Aspect. speaking to Mohammad Ali as being highly noted for his commanding presence in the boxing ring.3 degrees. After exhibiting physical symptoms of sluggishness and weakness of motor skills. he was originally misdiagnosed as having a thyroid condition. focusing mainly on the primary configurations. Mars enhancement of Jupiter is one of the Sports Champion Aspects. bringing fame and acclaim to his name. upon further evaluation and medical Email: sandycrowther@atlanticbb. CMAA. “After losing a fight to Holmes. Heliocentric longitudinal Conjoined Trine – Uranus.

and thereby affecting the design of the central nervous system. Upon another evaluation in 1982. (# 64) resulting in difficult upheavals. again adversely affecting his stabilization of both his power and public image. and perhaps crystallizing nervous system problems that were either overlooked. This progression speaks to the destabilization of the previous benevolent protection that he so counted on. Progressed Neptune is applying at an activation angle to the progressed midpoint of Saturn – Pluto. energy. and healing. and activity. and loss of power. (#20) destabilizing any good fortune or positive changes and protection he previously received as an optimistic leader. Progressed Venus is applying at an activation angle to the progressed midpoint of Pluto – Chiron. oppression. again bringing media attention to the famous public figure that he was. and unhappiness. Progressed Pluto applying semi-sextile to the progressed midpoints of both Saturn – Chiron and Neptune – Chiron (#69 and 66) and again speaks to disappointing and changing health issues. changes that ultimately result in true upheavals for his future career. (# 43) suggesting increased energy applied to the control of health related issues. taken form. loss of power. and speaking further to physical afflictions and restrictions as far as control of body movements.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Progressed Uranus applying bi-directionally at an enhancement angle to progressed Neptune speaks to the medical attention and doctor’s evaluations he received with respect to health issues. Ali began treatment for Parkinson’s disease at the University of California. and become crystallized. Declinations: Progressed Uranus is applying parallel to the midpoint of Jupiter – Saturn. “Initially he was misdiagnosed as having a thyroid condition. as a consequence of drastic changes in his health and health related issues. in an attempt to preserve his power. (# 29) resulting in a loss of the enhancement of power he previously notably received as an esteemed professional sports figure. and thereby adversely affecting both his public image and career. earning potential and public image. regeneration. and his necessity for adjusting to new long-term changes affecting his overall coordination and balance. the media attention brought about by his health related issues. 2 Progressed MDX’s: Using the Formidable Dozen. (#51) resulting in inharmonious abilities with respect to his abilities of taking control with respect to coordinating different parts of the body. This progression addresses as well. and ultimately resulted in obstructions and deficiency as a consequence. and therefore. or not previously addressed. while progressed Saturn was applying parallel to the midpoint of Pluto. viewing the charts below we first see that progressed Mars is applying at a trinal angle to the progressed midpoint of Saturn / Neptune.Chiron. His loss of manipulation now may have been a direct result of him improperly addressing previous trials and tribulations. (# 63) resulting in the beginning of his destabilization. or ignoring the same. Progressed Pluto is applying trine the progressed midpoint of Jupiter/Saturn. Declinations: Progressed Mercury applying contra-parallel to progressed Saturn – This aspect is suggestive of an adverse impediment of both his reflexes and control of his bodily movements. thereby creating news for the entertainment world. Progressed Chart: Page # 39 / 72 . and at which time had now resurfaced. This brings about adverse drastic changes to his life.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Page # 40 / 72 .

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Traditionally the location of the VP on the sidereal zodiac defines the precessional ages. Defining the exact difference (ayanamsa) between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs is calibrated by the Vernal Point (VP). the ayanamsa in 2008 is approximately 23 degrees (plus or minus a few degrees) placing the VP at approximately 7 degrees sidereal Pisces (i. depending upon which ayanamsa is used. There are sound astrological reasons for this. For example if the VP at a particular time was located at 40 degrees. the sign of two fishes. most Western astrologers prefer that the Pisces age should begin with the birth of the Western avatar – Jesus Christ. Age of Pisces and so on are traditionally defined by the difference between the sidereal zodiac in Vedic astrology and the tropical zodiac utilized by Western astrologers. The lack of astronomical clarity associated with the sidereal zodiac makes determining the beginning of any age. about three times as many believe that Jesus marks the arrival of the Pisces age even though this event occurred over three centuries before the Vernal Point entered the constellation of Pisces or sidereal www. The VP always marks the beginning of the tropical zodiac at zero degrees tropical Aries.macro-astrology. However the VP may be located anywhere along the 360 degrees sidereal This issue is far more vexing for Western tropical astrologers compared to Vedic astrologers because Western astrologers do not have familiarity working with a zodiac that does not have an unambiguous defined fiducial point based on astronomy. plus or minus a century or so. There is never any question where zero degrees tropical Aries lies. Firstly. The VP point is the longitudinal position of the Sun on the day of the vernal equinox as the Sun moves from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere. Due to precession of the equinoxes.e.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 TERRY MACKINNELL PO Box 172.wordpress. These are very evident in the modern world so the Page # 42 / 72 . including the Age of Aquarius. 0 degrees Aries = 360 Pisces minus 23 degrees = 7 degrees Pisces). computers and flight. and the Christian symbol.The Lost Zodiac The precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius. The Western Aquarius archetypes in question include democracy. No one can argue the correlation between Pisces.000 years. Based on this accepted process. these two zodiacs are only aligned with each once approximately every 26. For every Western research astrologer that believes the Pisces age arrived around the 4th century AD.Part 1 . Around the 4th century AD the VP marking zero degrees tropical Aries also pointed towards zero degrees sidereal Aries . In my research on the precessional ages I use the Western archetypes associated with the zodiacal signs.but has been moving from this point in retrograde fashion by about one degree every 72 The Age of Aquarius Series -. Western astrologers throw their hands up in horror at the thought of an ambiguous zodiac without clearly defined astronomical markers. then the world at that stage was in the Taurus age as sidereal Taurus is located between 30 and 60 degrees. electricity. The last time this occurred is generally considered to have taken place in the 4th century http://macroastro. especially the fish motif that his been used by Christians since the earliest of times and the Pisces relationship to mystical or salvation religions. Queensland 4274 Australia Tel: 617 5533 3122 Mobile: 61 407 372 686 E-Mail: mackinnell@msn. The issue of the correct ayanamsa is not only topical for the Vedic astrologer but also for those Western astrologers wanting to know when the Age of Aquarius will arrive. This is compounded in the West by two mutually exclusive pieces of empirical historical evidence. a challenge. The second mutually exclusive empirical evidence is the appearance of so many recent developments in the world that align themselves to Aquarius. My research indicates that the Western archetypes are relevant but I cannot vouch for the sidereal (Vedic) zodiacal signs due to my lack of familiarity with them. Canungra. personal freedoms.

The commonality of the ancient techniques is that they are all visual techniques devoid of mathematics. The problem only existed because modern astrologers (of the last 2. This method can only have validity if the sidereal signs based on the zodiacal constellations were originally defined to be `measured’ by the VP as the reference point or calibrator for the ages. is older than the tropical zodiac used by Western astrologers. This was a result of the great advances made in astronomy and mathematics in ancient Greece and the Middle East in the last half of the 1st millennia BC There would be no problem using the VP applied to the sidereal zodiac or zodiacal constellations if they were also defined and developed during this same time span as the VP.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 question is – how can these be assigned to the age preceding the Aquarius age. not the ages. However the VP was an invention of the late 1st millennia BC when a mathematical approach was adopted into astronomy and by default into astrology. In addition. If the Pisces age commenced with Jesus around year 1. was the sidereal zodiac (and zodiacal constellations) specifically designed to be reference points for the ages anyway? It is often overlooked that the zodiacal constellations and associated sidereal zodiac are man-made and only one of a number of ways that the ecliptic has been broken down into constituent sections – The Nakshatra asterisms are one example of an alternative to the 12 zodiacal constellations. Based on empirical historical correlations I knew that my rectification of the Aquarian age was almost exactly half a sign in advance of the commonly accepted dates based on the difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs. the Pisces age? Pisces has no traditional correlation to democracy. in the end. and possibly much earlier. Firstly the sidereal zodiac based on the zodiacal constellations was developed for natal horoscopy. The Western tropical zodiac was only invented in the 2nd century BC by the ancient Hellenistic (Greek) astronomer Hipparchus. and the VP is not due to enter Aquarius for a number of centuries to come. other tools and techniques were used. the Aquarian age cannot commence until approximately 2150. In the West the VP has been applied to either the zodiacal constellations or sidereal zodiac based on the zodiacal constellations since the time of Hipparchus as the calibrator of the ages. Some or all of the zodiacal constellations were named prior to 2000 BC at a minimum. then their relationship to the ages are invalid (or accidental). The VP can never be seen because it is the position of the Sun at the vernal equinox. The solution to this conundrum took me a long time to discover – about 15 years. The issue here is simple.000 years or so) did not realize that there was an earlier lost zodiac before the sidereal zodiac. Whenever the Sun can be seen it is Page # 43 / 72 . electricity. This contrasts with the VP. Unless something could be seen it was not used. The solution to this problem was. Most researchers are keenly aware that the sidereal zodiac. Western astrologers cannot reconcile these anomalies and in response dream up the most fantastic speculation about the effects of cusps to explain these inconsistencies despite the fact that no reputable Western astrologer gives any credibility to cusps in any other branch of astrology. Therefore unless the astronomer-astrologers who originally defined these constellations did this with the perspective that they were intentionally designed to calibrate the ages. Furthermore the VP did not enter sidereal Pisces for over three centuries after Jesus. I was always extremely curious about my rectification that was half a sign out of phase with the accepted timeframe. On average each age is approximately 2150 years. as used by Vedic astrologers. Therefore the zodiacal constellations were of ancient vintage well before the VP became an astrological and astronomical tool in the Classical Period. My research indicates it is the relationship between the earlier lost zodiac and the vernal equinox that provides the astronomical parameters that indicate the location of the ages. very simple but totally overlooked by all but the most intrepid researchers. Secondly the zodiacal constellations that the sidereal zodiac is superimposed upon are much older than the invention of the VP. or perhaps more correctly. Eventually in the West the tropical zodiac replaced the sidereal zodiac with the help of Ptolemy and the Islamic astrologers who had access to Ptolemy’s work many centuries later. computers and flight. there was an earlier approach to viewing the zodiacal constellations different to the modern approach. However there was an earlier zodiac than the sidereal zodiac. Did the ancient astrologersastronomers design the zodiacal constellations to calibrate the ages? The answer is yes and no. Though the classical VP was not part of the arsenal of tools of ancient astrologers and astronomers prior to the second half of the first millennium BC. personal freedoms. Fortunately I was able to determine fairly exact dates for the arrival of the Pisces and Aquarian ages through empirical methods (which I will not digress into at this point).

This has not been a problem since classical times as mathematics has allowed astronomers to calculate the location of the Sun in a constellation or sign. My research indicates that the zodiacal constellations only provide accurate symbolic representations for the precessional ages when viewed in their ancient heliacal mode. The heliacal setting of stars planets. Page # 44 / 72 . Therefore during the Aries Age the constellation of Aries was the heliacal rising constellation. For example. Because the ancient astronomers and astrologers principal technique was a visual technique based on observation of the night sky.a day or two after our modern definition of the new moon. In simple terms a star or constellation is said to be the heliacal star or constellation rising if just before dawn. Currently the constellation of Aquarius is the heliacal rising constellation at the vernal equinox . then we should investigate these ancient techniques when we investigate the possible relationship between the zodiacal constellations (and superimposed sidereal zodiac) and the ages. it can just be seen above the eastern horizon. From very early times the day of the vernal equinox took precedence in many cultures. Most ancient cultures considered that each new moon commenced when the first sliver of the new moon was briefly seen on the western horizon. The appearance of a star or constellation on the eastern horizon just before dawn at various times of the year was given great importance in ancient times. planets. the most relevant astronomical event to occur was the heliacal rising of the stars and constellations before dawn. the vernal equinox was a key date in the calendar.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 daytime. not the classical period of mathematical techniques. This sophisticated mathematical technique was not available to ancient astronomers. On the day of the vernal equinox. and no stars are visible in daytime. constellations or new moon on the western horizon and the heliacal rising on the eastern horizon were the key observational techniques of ancient astronomer-astrologers.supporting the hypothesis the world is already in the Aquarian Age (see Figure 1). Evidence strongly suggests that the zodiacal constellations originated from this ancient period of visual techniques. and in the Pisces Age the constellation of Pisces was the heliacal rising constellation and so on. before the sky turns blue. just after sundown . Though in very ancient times the mathematical technique of the VP was not used. if not the prime date. Easter is derived from the vernal equinox and the New Year in many cultures on the Eurasian landmass also aligns closely to the vernal equinox. The ancient Egyptians considered the year started with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. Of all the ancient visual techniques the main technique of ancient astronomers and astrologers used in relation to the stars. constellations and zodiacal constellations was their helical rising and settings. especially the Middle East. This ancient heliacal mode approach to the zodiacal constellations is the lost zodiac.

I believe the same problem occurs with the zodiacal constellations or sidereal zodiac when applied to the ages. 1500 AD). then the Aquarian age could have arrived centuries ago thus explaining why the world is currently full of emergent Aquarian archetypes such as flight. The tropical and sidereal zodiacs are supported by thousands of years of empirical evidence in horoscopes. This is due to a very simple astronomical fact. When investigating the precessional ages it is necessary to apply the lost zodiac based on the heliacal rising of the zodiacal constellations at the vernal equinox. I finally discovered why my rectification of the ages was half an age in advance of the traditional rectification on the VP method or the difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs. As I came to each village or small town I slowed down to 60 kilometres per hour (kph). There can be three or more zodiacs functioning simultaneously. The alignment of the new Age of Aquarius to the arrival of the modern world has synchronicity – synchronicity is extremely important in astrology.repeated often but little understood. There is no reason. and soon as I left these villages and towns my speed increased back to 100 kph. The constellation of Aquarius is currently the heliacal rising constellation at the vernal equinox. The main argument made by various astrologers against my early rectification of the Aquarian age is the position of the VP in the constellation and sidereal sign of Pisces. If the Pisces age had arrived by the time of Buddha in the 6th century BC then the Aquarian age could have arrived by 1600 AD (i. If the Pisces age arrived centuries before Jesus. I was very impressed by its road handling ability. but the heliacal rising constellation is Aquarius. Therefore on the open road I was driving 100 miles per hour (mph) and slowing down to 60mph in the villages and towns. The appearance of a zodiacal constellation heliacally rising appears approximately half a sign earlier than the VP method. I was lucky I did not receive a speeding ticket from a police patrol car. technology.e. One hour equals approximately 15 degrees of longitude which equals half a sign. The stars on the Eastern horizon disappear from view approximately one hour before dawn when the sky turns blue due to the approaching Sun. or the desire by earlier astrologers to curry favour with the Christian Church . The Pisces age could have appeared centuries before Jesus. Neither of these reasons provides a substantiated basis for Jesus commencing the Pisces age. electricity. tropical and lost zodiacs can maintain their independent integrities! The reason I have commenced this series with an exploration of the astronomical underpinnings of the ages is that so many astrologers refer to the VP method applied to either the sidereal zodiac or zodiacal constellations as a mantra .e. Page # 45 / 72 . This in no way undermines or devalues the sidereal or tropical zodiacs. There is no reason whatsoever why Jesus should have commenced the Pisces age.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Figure 1 – The Constellation of Aquarius heliacally rising on the Eastern horizon at the vernal equinox. why the Aquarian age could not have arrived centuries ago. The sidereal. however the association of Pisces archetypes to Christianity indicates that Christianity is in the Pisces age. based on the ancient astronomy of the heliacal rising constellation. Some years ago a friend lent me his BMW. one hour before dawn. This juxtaposition of Pisces and Aquarius on the same date can be explained by analogy. this argument is now weak as it is based on a hodgepodge of discordant techniques from different historical periods. As indicated above. which were the speed limits in force. The problem when I was driving the BMW was the inconsistency between the road speed limit signs in kph and the speedometer of the BMW in mph. Just because the sidereal and tropical zodiacs apply to horoscopes does not automatically infer that they have validity in relation to the ages. However I was unaware that the BMW had its speedometer configured in miles per hour. 550 BC + 2150 years = 1600 AD).otherwise they tended to be burnt at the stake or persecuted. but not necessarily at its beginning. Most modern historians state that the modern world arrived around 500 years ago (i. The concept that Jesus commenced the Pisces age is merely a combination of ethnocentric bias of Western astrologers towards their Western avatar. 100mph is significantly faster then 100kph and 60mph is significantly faster than 60kph. Anything that has an astronomical perspective has astrological possibilities. There is no suggestion that the lost heliacal zodiac has any value in horoscopes (though this cannot be discounted until it is investigated thoroughly). In the early 21st century the mathematical VP remains in the constellation of Pisces. It sat solidly on the road as if it was on railway tracks. and it has been in this position for some centuries. This revised approach based on the lost zodiac explains why astrologers consider that Jesus commenced the Pisces age while there are so many instances of Aquarius in the contemporary world. 2002.

HOROSCOPES IN ENGLISH. The Star Zodiac of Antiquity in “Culture and Cosmos”. in “Astronomy Before the Telescope” Bernadette Brady. HINDI AND TELUGU BOTH NATAL AND HORARY HOROSCOPES PLEASE CONTACT KP AND VEDIC ASTROLOGER: B. West Marredpally. “Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars” Michael Baigent. (Sunday closed) Page # 46 / 72 . 2 Winter/Autumn 1997 UK LAKSHMI GANAPATHI JYOTHISHALAYAM FOR ACCURATE ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS. Vol 1 No. Timings : 9-30 a. RN Acharya) E-Mail : ramakrishnakadambi@yahoo. Welcome to the Aquarian age.m. “From The Omens of Babylon” De Santillana & Von Dechend. ETC. “The Exact Sciences In Antiquity” Nick Kollerstrom. democracy and personal freedoms. Near YMCA and Padmashali Kalyana Mandapam SECUNDERABAD-500 026 Phone: 040-2770 5349 (Mr. JAGANNADHA RAO Flat No.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 computers. Astronomy and Astrology in Mesopotamia. to 6-30 p. References: John Britton & Christopher Walker. 102. JAIMINI SYSTEMS AND OTHER BOOKS IN PALMISTRY. Astronomy in Egypt. Hyderabad -500 044 Mobile: 9908 030 108 FOR ASTROLOGICAL BOOKS AND MAGAZINES IN KP.m. These contemporary Aquarian archetypes have been in gestation for centuries further indicating that Aquarius has also been strong for centuries. CONTACT: KADAMBI BOOKSELLERS (ESTD : 1951) I/B Pavan Kunj. Sir Samhitha Enclave Vidyanagar. “Hamlet’s Mill” O. in “Astronomy before the Telescope” Ronald A Wells.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE Co-ordinates -.A.All towns of Atlas Database for U.Arkansas DST: 1967-Onward Time zone : 90 W 00 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkadelphia Augusta Bald Knob Batesville Benton Berryville Booneville Bradley Brinkley Camden Carthage Caruthersville Clarendon Clarksville Clinton Conway Corning Crossett Dardanelle De Queen De Witt Dierks Dumas Earle El Dorado England Eu Dora Fayetteville Fordyce Fort Smith Glenwood 93°00'W 34°05'N 91°25'W 35°17'N 91°35'W 35°20'N 91°40'W 35°45'N 92°35'W 34°30'N 93°35'W 36°23'N 93°54'W 35°10'N 93°39'W 33°07'N 91°15'W 34°55'N 92°50'W 33°40'N 92°32'W 34°04'N 89°40'W 36°10'N 91°20'W 34°41'N 93°27'W 35°29'N 92°30'W 35°37'N 92°30'W 35°05'N 90°34'W 36°27'N 91°57'W 33°10'N 93°09'W 35°12'N 94°24'W 34°03'N 91°20'W 34°19'N 94°00'W 34°09'N 91°30'W 33°52'N 90°26'W 35°18'N 92°40'W 33°10'N 91°58'W 34°30'N 91°17'W 33°05'N 94°05'W 36°00'N 92°20'W 33°50'N 94°25'W 35°25'N 93°30'W 34°20'N Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Jonesboro Lake Village Leslie Little Rock(Cap) Lonoke Magnolia Malvern Marianna Marked Tree Marshall McGehee Mena Morrilton Mountain Home Mountain View Nashville Newport Osceola Ozark Paragould Piggott Pine Bluff Pocahontas Prescott Rison Russellville Searcy Sheridan Stamps Stuttgart Texarkana 90°45'W 35°50'N 91°19'W 33°20'N 92°35'W 35°50'N 92°10'W 34°41'N 91°57'W 34°48'N 93°12'W 33°18'N 92°50'W 34°22'N 90°48'W 34°48'N 90°24'W 35°35'N 92°40'W 35°58'N 91°25'W 33°40'N 94°15'W 34°40'N 92°45'W 35°10'N 92°25'W 36°20'N 92°10'W 35°52'N 93°50'W 33°56'N 91°15'W 35°38'N 90°00'W 35°40'N 93°50'W 35°30'N 90°30'W 36°05'N 90°10'W 36°20'N 92°00'W 34°10'N 91°00'W 36°18'N 93°22'W 33°49'N 92°11'W 33°57'N 93°08'W 35°15'N 91°45'W 35°15'N 92°25'W 34°20'N 93°30'W 33°22'N 91°33'W 34°30'N 94°00'W 33°25'N Page # 47 / 72 .S. .

I have received February issue and it is superb issue. IAS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. I came across the software copy of your magazine ‘ASTROVISION’ and liked it immensely and felt that I should contribute to it. Viswanat -Thanks for mailing me the March 2008 issue of ASTROVISION. -. Some of the write ups are very educative and quite useful to refresh my astrological thoughts.ASTROVISION of Feb. My best Wishes! RAJENDRA NIMJE. March 2008 issue. Regards-K S NARAYANAN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for the nice texts with very good details of KSK systems. The contents are highly informative and educating. With regards. 2008 is very attractive with different concepts and very educative.NIKILESH MATHUR Dear Sir--I am not getting the March issue of the magazine. Viswanath -. Wish you grand success in this venture-. very useful to KP readers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. 2008 issues by email. Viswanath . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. TIN WIN. Keep continuing and I wish you all success-R. I shall be highly obliged if you will kindly forward me the issue. I am ardent follower of KP Astrology. I request Sri Balaji may bring some more articles with the specialization on medical astrology both congenital and subsequently after birth. It has come out exceptionally well! I am happy to see the quality is maintained and you are covering a wide gamut of astrology. I fully agree with this statement as in practice I have seen in number of cases bhadhaka connection creates mental tension and deprival of the desired objects. It will be nice if you also take up Mundane Astrology in coming issues. (5) Role of Bhadhaka lord a very important concept of KP system was better explained by Sri MP Kalidas.RAJAGOPALAN Thanks Viswanat Ji for sending the new issue. --DINESH DESAI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Respected Grudev-Namaste. Middle East.I am going thru the magazine it is such a nice magazine bcoz the combination of Vedic & KP & wonderful article of veteran astrologer.SUBHASH EKTARE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page # 48 / 72 . I have also not received the first issue of the magazine. I admire your initiative to bring fourth this knowledge. I am a regular reader of the Emagazine ASTROVISION. With regardsOVN MURTHY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beautiful! Thanks for publishing my article. if it is not of any inconvenience to you. Articles are interesting and I wish your efforts a great success.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor -. I am a Chemical Engineer by qualification and am working at a senior managerial position in a renowned chemical industry in the private sector. Will it be possible for you to send ASTROVISION Jan & Feb. Wishing you further success! Regards.Yesterday I went through your E mail Magazine and I was simply wonderstruck. USA. ADYA S.Thanks for your email together with ASTROVISION. The author's opinion that Badhaka lord not only affects longevity but also affects the bhavas to which it is connected. Again I would like to say thanx for magazine & may god bless u with great success. I hope you are doing well and keeping in good spirits. Looking forward more such interesting details text. (4) Article on Cine glamour and politics by Sri PV Ramanacharyulu is clearly focusing on the subject matter. Best Regards—Dev. ASTROVISION-Congratulations for your venture.TRIPATHI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Vishwanath for ASTROVISION March 08 Issue. It represents tremendous amount of effort.Thanks for March 08 ASTROVISION which becomes more comprehensive.(6) Article on ENT dumbness and deafness by Sri R Balaji has given total KP rules in one place relating to this health problem by birth and the possibility of getting relief from this disease. With best wishes.(1) GSLV launching by Sri JR Guptha the delay in launching was better explained of Saturns involvement. I am trying to prepare something special for ASTROVISION. Dr. (3) Horary article on theft and recovery by Sri C Ramamurthy was very compact and all rules of KP are kept in one place. CR GHOSH. I request Ramamurthji to bring such articles where all the rules of KP of a particular subject matter is clubbed together for keeping the same as a library for reference purpose like Sri Tin Win's Grouping of Houses and 4 Step Theory articles. MK Viswanath--Editor. -. (2) Sri RR Nemaniji's Ruling Planets judgment of arrival of his son not only astonished his son but also to me becoz it is up to 2 minutes precision. should you find it worthy of interest to your growing readership – ROHINIRANJAN Dear Viswanath ji.

Regards SATISH RALLABANDI -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sir. It is a wonderful magazine. Please send me the new version and any other informative file you feel so. Lynn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello sir. Clinton as ''Clinton was born on 26-Oct-1947 at 07-58 a. Great Rgds -Eshwari -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mr. Best wishes for greater success.K. Kindly send me the March 08 issue-Regards-R. of preserving the ancient work in electronic format. Please could you kindly clarify this matter as the whole chart changes due to this fact. Please signify the terms. The article on the US presidential charts and the question of the next president is of great interest. This is really a appreciative work done by you and the organization. I am reading it with interest. '' The birth time from almost all web sources is 20.I really admire your efforts in bringing out ASTROVISION journal. It will be my pleasure to contribute articles in yr esteemed e-journal. May I wish you and your magazine all success! With warm regards R. The quality and the standard is really nice and appreciable. Viswanat . Q W Naqvi Dear Sir--Thanks I received it. I read through some of the articles which were quite interesting. MEHARDE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sir--I would like to request you to please send me the March edition of the magazine. There is one more request if you can help me out. I am a very interested in KP astrology. Illinois State. The publishers need to be appreciated for the excellent presentation though copious. It's really great to have such kind of astrological magazine from you. It is indeed kind of you. Please continue this. This journal gives lot of material for learning. Thanks--NAYAN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Shri Viswanathjee-. I missed out on the first edition i. Thank you very much for sending me the March issue of your wonderful magazine.e.astroandrewkp. 41°53'N. at Chicago 87°38'W. the e-zine is an excellent source of information and I congratulate you on this from:-Best Wishes from:-Editor: ASTROVISION) M. Warm Regards--Smita SSN Congratulations!! Dr.MANI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Viswanath garu--Your magazine is improving with every issue. It's my desire to release an ad also. many thanks—Dr.58 am.m. However I do not have any knowledge of KP so it is difficult to understand some of the articles. I have gone through the Feb issue. But I still do look forward to your next issues and I would be grateful if you can suggest me some good KP teacher. ASTROVISION. my name is Nayan. Can you pls send me the March issue or the link from where I can download it.Thank you very much for sending me the e-journal of ASTROVISION. Wishing you all the best. It is really very interesting to read all articles particularly on the KP and also on Jaimini. M K Viswanath . so can you please send me January edition also along with the March edition.S. I find that you astrologer has taken the time of birth for Mrs.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Dear Sri Viswanath. Vishwanat ( Editor: ASTROVISION) Page # 49 / 72 .C. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) For launching your new website www. Regards-KSR AARUDRA IYENGAR DEAR SHRI VISWANAT--First of all let me thank you for the e-zine march 08 issue. January edition of ASTROVISION.Thank you sir for providing me a copy of ASTROVISION.00 hrs ie 8pm. (Time Zone: 90 W 00). Thank you and wishing you the very best for this wonderful endeavour. My congratulations to you for bringing up such a great magazine. But yr astrologer has taken 7. Regards GUNJAN BHATT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr.

The articles have to be written in English and to be sent to us by E-mail in word format. Contributors are free to write in any method of astrology such as KP. Ayanamsa used shall be strictly as per either KP Old. For Vedic and Jaimini method of astrology. 06) The article may be modified / edited according to the suitability and prerogative of the Editorial board. ASTROVISION reserves its full rights and protects itself from any form of copyright. etc. Yours truly MK VISWANAT Editor Page # 50 / 72 . The following terms and conditions may be noted: 01) The articles written shall be either accepted or rejected depending upon various analytical aspects. For articles based on KP system of astrology. ASTROVISION magazine shall predominantly endeavor to cover on the following subjects:-1) Astrology & Vastu. 5) Numerology. 03) All the articles should be received well in advance.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 ASTROVISION FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR ANNOUNCEMENT AND TERMS & CONDITIONS. 07) Contributors are requested to make the article free from grammatical and spelling mistakes to the maximum possible extent. 2) Yoga. so that they could be included in the magazine appropriately before publishing.. KB. telephone no.. Vedic. 02) All the articles will be subject to scrutiny and the approval of the Editorial Board. Lahiri. Raman. Jaimini. KP New or KP Straight line. 04) Even though contributors shall not be paid any honorarium as of now. etc. but the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding. 05) The articles published in this magazine shall be the property of “ASTROVISION”. and accompanied by a color passport size photograph of the contributor along with full postal address. ASTROVISION cannot be uploaded in any other platform or forum without the permission of the Editorial Board. In KP since there are several methods. 4) Palmistry & Numerology. and the decision taken in this regard shall be final and binding. Fourth Step theory. like KP traditional. Esteemed Readers. publishing materials supplied by contributors / authors do lie with the respective authors and ASTROVISION shall not take responsibility of any errors / omissions / mistakes / disputes / controversies arising out of it. as soon as the magazine gets commercial viability. writers are free to use Ayanamsa like KP. etc. 09) The responsibility over the subject in all the articles. 3) Mantra & Tantra Articles are invited from practitioners in the above subjects. but they may specify the ayanamsa used. e-mail ID. Articles already published elsewhere shall not be considered for publication in our magazine. Western. the question of honorarium shall be considered appropriately. 08) Advertisements in classifieds / quarter / half / full page in color or black & white are accepted. etc. TSP.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Page # 51 / 72 .

etc. The chart and the planetary positions are given below: Body Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn® Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto Longitude 05 Vi 27' 39 11 Pi 22' 02 23 Li 22' 53 14 Ge 01' 56 22 Aq 01' 59 25 Sg 28' 54 21 Aq 40' 17 09 Le 03' 18 01 Aq 59' 37 01 Le 59' 37 25 Aq 43' 20 29 Cp 23' 05 07 Sg 15' 35 Star UPha UBha Visa Ardr PBha PSha PBha Magh Dhan Magh PBha Dhan Mool Star lord Sun Saturn Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Venus Jupiter Ketu Mars Ketu Jupiter Mars Ketu In order to verify that the query is genuine. is placed in Jupiter star in Aquarius. Mallapur. Jupiter is 4th lord is placed in Venus star. disputes. Mars is the planet of quarrel. Native did not have a natal chart. Both Venus and Mercury are conjoined with Rahu. Mercury. Ancestral land is signified by 4th house. Block 1 Janapriya Township. just look at the Asc. informed him that he should attempt to go in for negotiation after Mars moved into Cancer on 28-Apr-2008. signifying mind. the house of enmity along with and signifies 6th house. was registered in his elder brother’s name. who is Mars star. is placed in Jupiter star in Libra. Since the planetary positions were in mind. Lord of 4th Jupiter is aspected by Mars. The moon.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 STELLER VISION MK VISWANAT APRIL 2008 Editor-ASTROVISION Flat 204B. who is lord of 3rd (negation or loss since 12th from 4th). and at that time Virgo was rising. Upon quizzing consultant. Page # 52 / 72 . The elder brother is no more and his legal heirs are refusing to part with the land to the consultant. It is informed to consultant that favourable result need not be expected. and informed me that he is having a some dispute with reference to the ancestral land. However. Hyderabad-500 076 Mob: 9440 346 285 E-Mail: astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. he confessed that the land (though originally belonged to his late father). Mars is also lord of 8th (which is 5th from 4th – indicating success to opponent). just checked at the Ascendant. Hence the query is genuine. Mercury is placed in 6th house. logic. in which he is said to have been one of the legal heirs. Mars signifies land. Jupiter is lord of 4th in 4th DISPUTE OVER ANCESTRAL LAND A friend of mine approached me on 25-Mar-2008 at 6-00 pm at Hyderabad. Hence opted for a horary chart. The lord of Asc.

NAKSHTRAS There are 27 nakshatras (stars. 13 deg x 60 minutes = 780 minutes + 20 minutes = 800 minutes Page # 53 / 72 . NB : 60 seconds = 1 minute. Hence 13 deg 20 minutes x 12 rashis = 360 degrees. 60 minutes = 1 deg. Hence 13 deg. 360 deg = 1 rashi chakra. 30 degrees = 1 rashi. 20 minutes = 800 minutes. 20 minutes.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 LESSONS VEDIC ASTROLOGY CHAPTER # 7 -. which are: 01) 02) 03) 04) 05) 06) 07) 08) 09) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) Ashwini Bharani Kruthika Rohini Mrugashira Arudra Punarvasu Pushyami Aslesha Makha Pubba Uthara Hasta Chitta Swati Visakha Anuradha Jyeshta Moola Purva Ashada Uthara Ashada Sharavana Dhanishta Satabisha Purva Bhadra Uthara Badra Revathi Longitude of one nakshatra is 13 deg. constellations).

protecting the good A hairy man.wines & water. good merchant & speculating Man with vulture's face. long haired. Declination . head tied around with cloth A yellowish female.Moon has only strength if he has digit strength. Page # 54 / 72 . A golden hued female.A planet transmits its power to any planet posited in its sign.Opposite of Ascendant. gems & conch shells. naked and covered by serpents. mind disturbed by oils. Man with a face like a vulture. The Western Horizon. A man crying in a pit in forest. holding pearls. ( Malefic ) A woman covered by serpents. darkish. avaricious & going to Guru A man with pen. Pretty woman naked coming from middle of ocean. shabbish. horse's body .( Malefic ) A lion with a flat face. tall & going to Temple. hungry & thirst. thinking of wife and children. with crocodile like teeth. Ecliptic .bound by serpents. ( Malefic ) Descendant .1/12th division of a Sign.Angular distance from the Celestial Equator. Man with a human face. with subordinates and sailing in a boat. tortoise-like & frightening animals. lotus-eyed. Dispositor . ( Malefic ) An artistic woman. body like tortoise & fond of home.enveloped by white silk cloth. holding a big bow. wearing iron ear ornament A man with a body like that of an animal. Dispositor Theory . greenish dark. bearing jewels.The apparent path of the Sun around the Earth or rather the real path of the Earth around the Sun. wearing a crown & wandering with pots Man decked with ornaments. Man seated in the shop holding balances. in hermitage. with flowers. Digit Strength . bearing pots & dragging metals in burnt cart Darkish man.The owner of the sign where the planet is posited. body pig-like with cruel face.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 ASTRO DICTIONARY Virgo Virgo Virgo Libra Libra Libra Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Capricorn Capricorn Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius Pisces Pisces Pisces 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate 1st Decanate 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate 1st Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate A female with a pot. Dwadasamsa . fully armed. ( Malefic ) Woman with dirty cloth in forest.( Malefic ) A man adorned with gems with golden quiver & armour & frightening all. He should be away from the Sun by 72 degrees to have digit strength.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 MANTRA SOLUTIONS APRIL 2008 THOSE WHO HAVE SEVERE PROBLEM OF ENIMITY AND BACK-BITING EITHER AT THEIR PROFESSIONAL OR HOME FRONT. a long life. peace. THEY MAY CHANT THE FOLLOWING SHANI MANTRA: || OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE OM BHUTHA NATHAAYA SADHANANDA SARVA BHOOTHA DAYAPARA RAKSHA RAKSHA MAHABHAGO SASHTRE STHOBHYAM NOMOM NAMAHA || THIS MANTRA HAS TO BE CHANTED MINIMUM 21 TIMES JUST BEFORE SLEEP AT NIGHT IN SUDDHI BY SITTING FACING WEST SIDE. The Mantra is a centuries old technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss. BAGALAMUKHI MANTRA || Aum hleem bagalamukhi sarva dushtanam vacham mukham paadam Stambhai jihva kilai buddhi vinashay hleem Aum Swaha|| Page # 55 / 72 . THE ENEMY WILL BECOME INEFFECTIVE. bestow health. Aum Shree Mahalakshmiye Namah MAHA MRUTHYUNJAYA MANTRA The Maha Mrityunjay is a mantra that is said to rejuvenate. wealth. Note: This mantra is more effective for those who are under the pressure of transit Saturn. prosperity and contentment.

For longitudue of Ketu.AS PER KP AYANAMSA (GENERATED FROM JH HORA LITE) Date 01-Apr-08 02-Apr-08 03-Apr-08 04-Apr-08 05-Apr-08 06-Apr-08 07-Apr-08 08-Apr-08 09-Apr-08 10-Apr-08 11-Apr-08 12-Apr-08 13-Apr-08 14-Apr-08 15-Apr-08 16-Apr-08 17-Apr-08 18-Apr-08 19-Apr-08 20-Apr-08 21-Apr-08 22-Apr-08 23-Apr-08 24-Apr-08 25-Apr-08 26-Apr-08 27-Apr-08 28-Apr-08 29-Apr-08 30-Apr-08 Asc Sun Mon Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat® Rah Ura Nep Plu ® 03 Pi 50 17 Pi 46 11 Cp 37 16 Ge 50 03 Pi 01 26 Sg 15 29 Aq 40 08 Le 41 01 Aq 39 26 Aq 04 29 Cp 34 07 Sg 16 05 Pi 05 18 Pi 45 24 Cp 31 17 Ge 17 04 Pi 48 26 Sg 22 00 Pi 54 08 Le 37 01 Aq 35 26 Aq 07 29 Cp 35 07 Sg 16 06 Pi 19 19 Pi 44 07 Aq 51 17 Ge 44 06 Pi 36 26 Sg 28' 02 Pi 08 08 Le 34 01 Aq 32 26 Aq 11 29 Cp 37 07 Sg 16 07 Pi 34 20 Pi 43 21 Aq 38 18 Ge 12 08 Pi 26 26 Sg 34 03 Pi 22 08 Le 31 01 Aq 29 26 Aq 14 29 Cp 39 07 Sg 16 08 Pi 49 21 Pi 42 05 Pi 51 18 Ge 39 10 Pi 17 26 Sg 41 04 Pi 36 08 Le 29 01 Aq 26 26 Aq 17 29 Cp 40 07 Sg 16 10 Pi 03 22 Pi 42 20 Pi 26 19 Ge 07 12 Pi 10 26 Sg 47 05 Pi 51 08 Le 26 01 Aq 23 26 Aq 20 29 Cp 42 07 Sg 16 11 Pi 18 23 Pi 41 05 Ar 18 19 Ge 34 14 Pi 04 26 Sg 52 07 Pi 05 08 Le 23 01 Aq 19 26 Aq 23 29 Cp 43 07 Sg 16 12 Pi 32 24 Pi 40 20 Ar 16 20 Ge 02 15 Pi 59 26 Sg 58 08 Pi 19 08 Le 20 01 Aq 16 26 Aq 26 29 Cp 45 07 Sg 15 13 Pi 46 25 Pi 39 05 Ta 13 20 Ge 31 17 Pi 56 27 Sg 04 09 Pi 33 08 Le 18 01 Aq 13 26 Aq 30 29 Cp 46 07 Sg 15 15 Pi 01 26 Pi 38 20 Ta 00 20 Ge 59 19 Pi 54 27 Sg 09 10 Pi 47 08 Le 16 01 Aq 10 26 Aq 33 29 Cp 48 07 Sg 15 16 Pi 15 27 Pi 36 04 Ge 30 21 Ge 27 21 Pi 54 27 Sg 14 12 Pi 01 08 Le 13 01 Aq 07 26 Aq 36 29 Cp 49 07 Sg 15 17 Pi 29 28 Pi 35 18 Ge 39 21 Ge 56 23 Pi 55 27 Sg 19 13 Pi 15 08 Le 11 01 Aq 04 26 Aq 39 29 Cp 51 07 Sg 14 18 Pi 43 29 Pi 34 02 Cn 27 22 Ge 25 25 Pi 57 27 Sg 24 14 Pi 29 08 Le 09 01 Aq 00 26 Aq 42 29 Cp 52 07 Sg 14 19 Pi 56 00 Ar 33 15 Cn 54 22 Ge 54 28 Pi 00 27 Sg 29 15 Pi 43 08 Le 07 00 Aq 57 26 Aq 45 29 Cp 53 07 Sg 14 21 Pi 10 01 Ar 32 29 Cn 03 23 Ge 23 00 Ar 05 27 Sg 33 16 Pi 57 08 Le 05 00 Aq 54 26 Aq 48 29 Cp 55 07 Sg 13 22 Pi 23 02 Ar 30 11 Le 56 23 Ge 52 02 Ar 10 27 Sg 38 18 Pi 11 08 Le 03 00 Aq 51 26 Aq 51 29 Cp 56 07 Sg 13 23 Pi 36 03 Ar 29 24 Le 35 24 Ge 22 04 Ar 16 27 Sg 42 19 Pi 25 08 Le 01 00 Aq 48 26 Aq 54 29 Cp 57 07 Sg 13 24 Pi 49 04 Ar 28 07 Vi 04 24 Ge 51 06 Ar 23 27 Sg 46 20 Pi 39 08 Le 00 00 Aq 44 26 Aq 57 29 Cp 58 07 Sg 12 26 Pi 02 05 Ar 26 19 Vi 23 25 Ge 21 08 Ar 31 27 Sg 50 21 Pi 53 07 Le 58 00 Aq 41 26 Aq 59 00 Aq 00 07 Sg 12 27 Pi 15 06 Ar 25 01 Li 34 25 Ge 51 10 Ar 38 27 Sg 54 23 Pi 07 07 Le 57 00 Aq 38 27 Aq 02 00 Aq 01 07 Sg 11 28 Pi 27 07 Ar 23 13 Li 39 26 Ge 21 12 Ar 46 27 Sg 57' 24 Pi 21 07 Le 56 00 Aq 35 27 Aq 05 00 Aq 02 07 Sg 10 29 Pi 39 08 Ar 22 25 Li 38 26 Ge 51 14 Ar 53 28 Sg 00 25 Pi 35 07 Le 54 00 Aq 32 27 Aq 08 00 Aq 03 07 Sg 10 00 Ar 51 09 Ar 20 07 Sc 33 27 Ge 21 16 Ar 59 28 Sg 04 26 Pi 49 07 Le 53 00 Aq 29 27 Aq 11 00 Aq 04 07 Sg 09 02 Ar 02 10 Ar 19 19 Sc 25 27 Ge 51 19 Ar 05 28 Sg 07 28 Pi 03 07 Le 52 00 Aq 25 27 Aq 13 00 Aq 05 07 Sg 09 03 Ar 13 11 Ar 17 01 Sg 16 28 Ge 22 21 Ar 09 28 Sg 09 29 Pi 16 07 Le 51 00 Aq 22 27 Aq 16 00 Aq 06 07 Sg 08 04 Ar 24 12 Ar 16 13 Sg 11 28 Ge 52 23 Ar 12 28 Sg 12 00 Ar 30 07 Le 50 00 Aq 19 27 Aq 19 00 Aq 07 07 Sg 07 05 Ar 35 13 Ar 14 25 Sg 13 29 Ge 23 25 Ar 13 28 Sg 14 01 Ar 44 07 Le 50 00 Aq 16 27 Aq 21 00 Aq 08 07 Sg 06 06 Ar 45 14 Ar 12' 07 Cp 26 29 Ge 54 27 Ar 12 28 Sg 17' 02 Ar 58' 07 Le 49' 00 Aq 13' 27 Aq 24' 00 Aq 09 07 Sg 06 07 Ar 55 15 Ar 11 19 Cp 55 00 Cn 25 29 Ar 08 28 Sg 19 04 Ar 12 07 Le 49 00 Aq 09 27 Aq 26 00 Aq 10 07 Sg 05 09 Ar 05 16 Ar 09 02 Aq 45 00 Cn 56 01 Ta 02 28 Sg 21 05 Ar 26 07 Le 48 00 Aq 06 27 Aq 29 00 Aq 11' 07 Sg 04 Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde movement. take 180 deg from Rahu's longitude *Pluto is in retrograde motion from 03-Apr-2008 *Saturn is in retrograde motion throughout April 2008. DURING APRIL 2008 -.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 NIRAYANA DAILY PLANETARY POSITIONS AT HYDERABAD. INCLUDING ASCENDANT AT 05-30 A.M. INDIA. Page # 56 / 72 .

FOLLOWED BY KP METHOD THROUGH E-MAIL ANY OF THE READERS. the following years have been allocated to each planet by the ancients: Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Total 07 years 20 years 06 years 10 years 07 years 18 years 16 years 19 years 17 years 120 years Esteemed readers are requested to forward the justifications as to how the ancients have allocated different years for each planet as per the VMD given above. MAY KINDLY SEND IN A REPLY MAIL to Page # 57 / 72 ASTROVISION E-JOURNAL WISHES TO COMMENCE VEDIC BASIC AND ADVANCED ASTROLOGICAL Your reply should reach the Editor through mail on or before 20th April 2007 at: astologervishy_nair@yahoo. WHO ARE INTERESTED.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 QUESTION VISION QUESTION HOUR In the Vimshottari Maha Dasha (VMD) system.

but don’t you worry this will ease from May ‘08 onwards. Sudden financial gains on the card. You are amazed on how it happened. Romance continues its setbacks. but your hard work will see good results coming from overseas. Caution: Those having a conjunction of Ketu & Mangal or who are under Ketu/Mangal or Mangal/ Ketu Dasha should see their astrologer for an early solution to avoid any kind of surgery or accident to any limb or loss of any limb. But you can still expect financial gains through your spouse’s good luck. Check your diet this month. family members are very upset with you. Those looking to get married continue to find their match this month. Yes! This will happen now. Financially. General prediction for this year. Overseas trips on the cards continue. Wish I had a sweetheart who could understand me better. Pleasant news from overseas prospects continues. Finances are not good this month. Transition & Conjunction of Ketu & Mangal into Karaka rashi during early month of May ‘08 could possibly result in the same. Those who are aspiring to go overseas for business/job/pleasure will get overseas opportunities. This is also applicable to respective rashis lagnas. Health problems related to chest will rise. a fluctuating but stable month.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 HARESH NATHANI Vedic Astrologer. Aries: Mars on its direct motion. Check your temper else will affect your relations with your father/office colleagues/boss. Time has come for separation from family/parents. young siblings. You will not hesitate nor will you feel shy in developing extra marital relationships. Transition of Sun into your 11th house that too exalted opens the gates for overseas opportunity. Gemini: You still are having friction with your spouse. Vaastu Consultant 8/8. Sun’s transition into your 12th house increases your expenses. Royalty and ego rules your mind. Singles will find their love partners/match. Pregnant women should be careful else miscarriage/abortions cannot be FIND OUT YOUR JANMA RASHI AND THIS MONTH FOR YOU FROM 01-APRIL-2008 TO 30-APRIL-2008 All prediction are based on Moon sign / rashi. Page # 58 / 72 . Arian’s will see increased gains from their contacts. Sion West Mumbai 400 022 Cell +91 98672 14103 E mail: hareshgnathani@yahoo. Relationships with friends & younger siblings are still taking a toll on you. Health will not be www. Expenses on children will increase. Energy level will still remain low. Surya Niwas Sion Colony Road. Expect health problems related to stomach/eyes/bones/heart till 13th April. The speech will remain rude. A living relationship yog increases your desire for pleasures of bedding. Promotion & more responsibility for those in Government service increase your earnings.astronathani. But don’t you worry tough Arian’s all these problems will disappear after 14th April. Wine & Dine is on the cards. This is what Gemini’s continue to think. Expenses on romance touch the roof atop. Children will find hard to concentrate on their studies. Yoga pranayams will help. Transition of mercury in your 12th house draws your immediate attention on your children. but finances will be smooth Taurus: An exalted Venus in your 11th house in conjunction/combustion with Sun & mercury gives you excellent results from overseas assignments. But problems related to skin will stay for this month. and friends.

Possibility of Piles/fistulas. Exercise extreme caution and care in all your activities. and young siblings will now improve. Children. Prayers and yoga pranayams are the best remedies to overcome the problems. thoughts and tendency of suicide are very high. Transition of mercury in your 10th house puts a temporary brake on your work. But Mars will continue to give its positive results for the entire month. Transition of Sun into your 9th house will give relief from the same.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 Cancer: Jal Tattva Cancerian. Fluctuating fortunes will decrease from May ’08 onwards. properties. Transition of Sun benefits your children. Fortune. Sagittarius: Jupiter in lagna has given you a charm of three F’s. Lord! Thanks for everything. Wedding bell for the eligible singles on the card. diabetics will rise. Accidents are on the cards. job. Happiness will return in your married life. The King is never comfortable with Venus & mercury in 8th house. Frustrating thoughts are over for now. Relations with your father. Transition of Ketu in May ’08 may leave traces of left eye problems. Effects of sadi satti will diminish for the time being. bones & eyes reduce after the 13th. But hold on debilated mercury will take a toll on your energy levels. friends. But now a PAUSE. Problems related to heart. Lady luck will always favor you. An extremely careful month for Lion’s. Pregnant women should be alert for a possibility of miscarriage/abortion. But now sudden debts have come on head. But debts are also increasing. Skin related problems. Sudden financial gains are very much on the cards. Finances are looking good. Problems/conflicts in office cannot be avoided. Ketu in transition may damage your left hand or feet. Lagna lord in conjunction & combustion with Venus may tempt you to do so. Divorce signs will reduce making your married life blissful. Just close your eyes and move ahead. Libra: Those looking forward for overseas trip for business. Expenses on bedding pleasures are on the rise. Cannot avoid problems in left eye especially for those under Ketu maha dasha/antar dasha. What should I do now? Hit the iron on target with your eyes closed. Singles may find their match this time. Young siblings & friends may ask you some loan. Family is supportive. Debilated mercury gives you a thought of living kind of relationship. Drive your vehicles very carefully. Scorpio: Continued Wow! What a year for the great Scorpion’s. Transition of Sun. Lady Luck continues to favour you. Leo: LION’S. Finances will not be good till 15th April.. Take care. An unexpected financial gain is also on the cards. stomach. Virgo: Real estate. This time foreign trips are very much on the cards. continues to give good results. But don’t get depressed by teething problems/delays. Unexpected expenses are on the cards. Romance is very much on the cards. this is the best time to get good marks in your final exams. Works related to Government are getting done smoothly. Expect debts to increase during this year. Period up to November is very favorable. Finances & good fortune will give a good perk to your confidence. Transition of Rahu/Ketu in May ’08 will give relief. Overseas opportunities are knocking at your door. Fortunes will favour you. Wedding bells are already ringing but expect delays due to Page # 59 / 72 . Health is very much irritating. Divorce yog still continues. a rare opportunity awaits you this time. Finances improve after the 15th. Take care. fame & finance. concentrate on studies. Health overall will be volatile. A possibility of living kind of relations with the opposite sex is getting developed. Young ones will find their sweet hearts. But cannot avoid divorce where marriage relations are under strain. Expect the same after 15th April. and pleasure are still very much on the cards. and that too exalted gives a big relief to your miseries.

250 ( Per Issue ) 3) Quarter Page : Rs. may hit the roof. Throat is very irritating. 1000 ( for 3 Months) Rs. Transition of Ketu in May ’08 may leave a bitter relation with your father. court visits are always bothering. Excellent time for children to do well in exams. Love is also blossoming. health should improve after the 13th April. finances are very good. Excellent time for children to do well in exams. practitioners and students. A good month for Aquarian’s. Finances are excellent. Piles. Aquarius: Why is my spouse always fighting with me? Yah I also agree but not after May ‘08. It has been sent to many astro followers. But your health is very bad. Be cautious. Debts will increase. But don’t you worry. and the tariff is given below:-1) Full Page : Rs. Excellent time to buy vehicles after 13th April. Separations’ from friends cannot be avoided. friends may ditch you and the share of their debts may come on your head. Fortune is also favoring. Both the eyes are bothering. Unexpected debts are on the cards your younger siblings. Every visit is giving new date. Your investments are growing. Matters are not getting settled. This will also detiorate your finances. thefts in your office and house will increase. 500 ( for 3 Months ) Rs. Your energy level is very good. may kindly contact the Editor at astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. Pisces: Legal cases. 100 ( Per Issue ) 1) 2) 3) Full Page : Half Page : Quarter Page : Rs. Overseas journey on the cards So why worry?. Possibility of expensive things getting stolen will be high. advertisements are invited to be published in ASTROVISION. Meantime. ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF IN ASTROVISION The ASTROVISION is soon catching popularity. An aggressive love affair is on the cards. This should cease after May ’08. But your finances will improve from May ’08 onwards. Need to visit an ophthalmologist. Surya in lagna is giving all the health problems. But this will cease in May ’ Frustration at times gives thoughts of suicide. Your spouse’s health will be a concern to Page # 60 / 72 . It is available at various web sites and yahoo forums. Already bad luck with your father is going on. 250 ( for 3 Months ) Those who are interested to place advertisement in ASTROVISION. Chances of problems with the throat are very high. but this will cease after May ’08 onwards.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 effect of Mangal. Capricorn: Separations in the family cannot be avoided. Transition of Sun to your 3rd house may separate you from your younger siblings and friends but your political skills and contacts will take the front seat. Even business is going very well now. Good time for spiritual activity and advancement in spiritual life. You may need to visit your ENT surgeon. fistulas should be taken care else rectum cancer is on the cards. Be careful. The divorce dragger will disappear in May ’08. 500 ( Per Issue) 2) Half Page : Rs.

If you succeed you will get a mountain. affection. happiness. lungs. 10th House: Growth.vanthal malai ponal mayir (Pull a mountain by tying a hair to it. higher studies & high knowledge. 03rd House: Younger co-born. prostitution. wealth from real estate. energy. imprisonment. pleasures in bed. family. life partner.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 HARESH NATHANI Vedic Astrologer. childhood. thighs. work transfer. leadership. courage. sudden financial gains. appearance. meditation. mouth. ill-fame. rape. diseases. foreign air trips. self respect. general people & love from general people. authority/power. religiousness. agricultural land. piles. 06th House: Enemies. education. pleasures. SIGNIFICATIONS OF HOUSES 01st House: Physical Body. God & deity worship. income. passion (and related happiness). 12th House : Losses. significtor (karak) for death (markesh). partners. dignity. Sion West Mumbai 400 022 Cell +91 98672 14103 E mail: hareshgnathani@yahoo. creativity. second or more wives. love marriage. back pain. speech. friends. principles. charity minister ship & ministerial status. awards. success. strength. mind & state of mind. residence away from the place birth. mantras(prayers). thinking. complexion. governmental status job. Fame. gains. emotions. poorvapunya(good deeds of past life).astronathani. devotion. dharma. 8th House: Longevity. face. death. suicide. right arm. friends. relatives. minister ship strength & qualities. knees. 11th House: Elder co-born. assets. debts. love. nature of birth & business. own family. Mayirai katti malayai izhu . knowledge & scholarship. lands & immovable property. accidents. genitals. calf muscles. house. terrorism. windfall. karma (action). intuition. inheritance. gifts. expenditure. 02nd House: Wealth. honors. sympathy. fortune in a foreign land. career. left eye. compassion. comforts. business. teacher. loss of friends. grandmother. heart. foreign trips. basic education. if you lose you will lose a hair. self-respect. Trikon(Triangle). service. raj yog. 04th House : Mother & mother’s health. chest. the portion of the body below the navel. enmity. head. disease of legs. injuries. hips. intestine. mother’s younger siblings. health. speculation Gambling & lottery. father’s death(7th from 9th)expenditure on vehicles and houses (12th from 4th). secrets. occult studies. profession. Vipreet Raj Yog 9th House : Father & father’s health. raj yog (trikon). disease. liver. ears. legal cases & disputes. long journeys. abortions. grandfather. markesh (7th from 8th house). right eye. general weakness. foreign travel. fortune. punishment. Surya Niwas Sion Colony Road. spirituality. illicit sexual habits. servants. digestive system. www. past of life and the cause of birth. selfish attitude. sleep. thefts. diksha (joining a religious order). cheating. voice. heaven. Vipreet Raj Yog 07th House: Marriage.Tamil Proverb Page # 61 / 72 . caste. sex & sex organs. vehicles. fame. stomach. conduct in society. bad habits. --. motherland. peace.) There is no harm in trying. father’s dhan. mental affliction. ankles. confidants. unearned wealth. boss. marital life. physical/mental strength. terrorism (in relation to 6th house). secret enemies. Vaastu Consultant 8/8. grandchildren. moksh (emancipation/liberation). Kendra(quadrant). judgment. fame. intelligence. mental state(madness). hospitalization. misfortune. donation. feet. evils. food. communication & writing skills. realization of hopes. life partners family. mental tension. Vipreet Raj Yog. throat. competitive exams & higher education. 05th House : Children & children’s thought(mind).

It takes several pathological tests. As the planets move. their distances with each other and their distances with the objects on earth change. if any. Not all people who have the same disease get cured by the same set of medicines. Page # 62 / 72 . Even the most experienced medical Doctors cannot always successfully prescribe the perfect medicine for all kinds of health ailments to all their patients in just one attempt. Prediction can go haywire sometimes and therefore it is important for all of us to understand the reasons for it. And if the person is standing on the ground. the intensity with which the stone would strike his head would be immense. Mhow-Neemuch road Badnawar (Dist Dhar) – 454 660 Madhya Pradesh. This is a fact and the reason for this should be understood by all. There are numerous planets in this universe but only 9 have been chosen primarily because of their comparative lesser distances with the earth. The other planets are further away from the earth and therefore their effects. are negligible. Do we understand why this is so? No. The size of the piece of stone would also make a difference. the force with which the stone would strike his head will not be much. The predictions sometimes go off the track even if it is made by a very knowledgeable astrologer. Astrologers are like medical Doctors in every sense except that we astrologers do not still have the facility of any chemical laboratory analysis to guide us. this is not due to lesser capability of the Doctor. crossquestioning and close observance of the effect of the medicines for medical Doctors to finally arrive at the most suitable medicine which cures the ailment. We are all objects on the earth for the planets. If he is standing on an elevation say 85 feet.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 NIKHLESH MATHUR Kasyap colony. The people who seek astrological guidance should bear this in their minds. This article is written to educate the readers about the reasons why the predictions can sometimes go wrong. even when the astro-analysis is done in a scientific manner. As per Newton’s law the velocity of the falling stone changes with the distance of the fall or relatively speaking it changes with the distance from the object it tends to strike. The placement of the planets at a given point of time is represented by their degrees and the sign in which they are placed. Imagine a stone falling from a height of 100 feet. They are never stationary. Most of us are fond of knowing our future and we believe that astrologers can analyze our horoscopes in quick time and forecast the result as if it is a simple linear mathematical equation. No it is not all that ‘WHY ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS SOMETIME GO OFF THE TRACK’ This article of mine is focused at the people who wish to utilize the knowledge of the astrology subject for solving their problems and for making their life better. India. the striking force would be comparatively severe. The intensity of the effect of the planets on the objects on the earth changes with every fractional change in their motion. If it strikes a person who himself is standing at an elevation of 97 feet. There is no doubt that astrology is a science that guides us towards knowing our future. Cell phone: 998 199 2706 e-mail : nikhleshmathur@rediffmail. In fact it is an immensely huge scientific subject which is based on the movements of the chosen 9 planets. Such movements are considered with respect to the Sun. A horoscope (governing the entire universe) is divided into 12 houses in which these 9 planets keep moving from one house to another. Sometime they move in the forward direction and sometime they become retrograde (backward movement). Astrology has to be taken with a positive attitude. It is because we as patients are mostly unable to describe to the Doctor the exact symptom of our illness and our actual feeling inside our bodies at the time of the sickness. Chetanyagram.

a single move would hand us a defeat in no time. Drekan. Chandra kundali etc. of course is only a sport but astrology is a serious matter and it needs to be understood that making predictions is not a job that can be done without making counter assessments. Even the question directed to an astrologer should be specific. In some cases the combinations made by the planets forms a specific ‘Yoga’. If this is not done. When the birth place is a big city then one needs to locate the exact latitude & longitude of the area where the birth occurred. mantra. The effect depends on the speed of the planet. When someone tries to ignore these factors or gives incorrect information on these factors to the astrologer. strengths & weakness of the remaining 31 playing pieces needs to be gauged correctly. its distance from us. Many times the combinations display some sort of confusion because of its inter-related effects (the sight of each planets in fixed directions). Hora. There are several kinds of horoscopes made from the basic horoscope of a person. For example if one needs to know about the spouse. These entire horoscopes play a vital role in forecasting. the directional effects. People seeking astrological guidance should understand this. ‘Kaal’ & ‘Paristhithi’. It is almost like a game of chess where in before making a correct move (prediction). Without understanding all the issues pertaining to these 3 major factors. On most occasions the persons seeking the predictions tends to put some sort of pressure on the astrologer to forecast quickly. It is not possible to predict correctly just on the basis of ‘Lagan Kundali’ or ‘Chandra Kundali’. Or in astrological parlance the prediction might turn out to be incorrect. marriage etc then the Navansh kundali is to be studied in conjunction with the basic horoscope. If such a detailed analysis is not done. It induces incorrect judgment from the astrologer. Astrological solutions are not “quick-fix” solutions. Astrological science depends upon ‘Desh’. Chess. All these permutations & combinations have to be studied and analyzed before arriving at the prediction part. It is not easy. A small difference can result in big errors in the horoscope. He/she should be informed about the condition of the native who is seeking the forecast. Unless this is done pertaining to the specific query the forecast cannot be totally true. If we need only pleasing answers or solutions that can give immediate results then the astrologer has several general answers up his/her sleeve. Saptamansh. It is easy to predict the result of all such yoga’s. its size. This is the reason that even the major events in the life of twins are found extremely different. Analyzing all the kinds of horoscopes pertaining to a question requires a good amount of time for cross analysis. the object will not feel the intensity of the falling stone. The person seeking the predictions or astrological solutions to his/her problems needs to have more perseverance. Each degree of planet placement in each sign gives a varied result. the constellation in which it is moving at that time and most importantly the neutralizing effect of another planet on the same object at that time. The astrologer needs to be given sufficient time. If the astrologers foresee a particular event taking place only after some years then we as solution seekers should be ready to listen. donation etc and express a “good Page # 63 / 72 . We should prepare our mind-set before visiting an astrologer. Each kind of horoscope has some specialty. If the object on the ground is pushed away by someone just before the falling stone is about to strike it. Predictions are not always 100% true also because many of us do not have the correct basis of making the horoscopes. increases. errors can creep in the predictions. Dasmansh. A difference in time of a couple of minutes changes the degrees of the planets. Another reason for an astrological prediction going wrong is the fact that predictions depends upon different planetary positions and permutations.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 The effect of the various planets on us human beings is studied in a similar fashion. Therefore whenever a person visits an astrologer for seeking guidance he/she should carry the detailed horoscope. He/she can propose a gem stone. An incorrect latitude or longitude by few degrees can change the placement of the planets in a house by 30 degrees. the prevailing period in his lifetime and the outward conditions affecting him/her. the chances of a prediction going wrong. the predictions can never be forecasted correctly. Only then the astrologer will be able to decide which houses of the horoscopes are to be analyzed.combinations in the chart. In a big city like Hyderabad the coordinates of a place in Trimulgherry will be quite different than say a place like Dilsukhnagar. A change of merely 3 degrees & 20 minutes of any one planet is sufficient to change the Navansh horoscope of a native. Some of these horoscopes are called Navansh. which means that the forecast hidden in the charts of a native depends upon his/her environment of living. Before attempting to make the predictions the astrologers have to get themselves tuned to the entire scenario presented by the native alongwith the horoscope. These horoscopes are made on the basis of the degrees of the planets in the basic horoscope. But such yoga’s produce their effect only during the specific periods called ‘Mahadasha’ (main period) & ‘Antar-dasha’ (sub-period) in astrological terms. a prayer. A horoscope depends upon the correct time of birth and the correct latitude & longitude of the place of birth.

13950100014415 in the name of “MK Viswanathan”. India. All these remedial measures do not work until the right ‘dasha’ (sub. Mobile Ph: 9440 346 285 E-Mail : astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. SUDARSHANA CHAKRA KP HOUSE AND PLANETARY SIGNIFICATIONS VIMSHOTTARI MAHADASHA. Mathur is a Chem. Janapriya Township.200 or US$ 20 Rs. Block 1. COMPUTERIZED COMPUTERIZED HOROSCOPE USING LICENCED SOFTWARE :: KP AND LAHIRI AYANAMSA FEEL THE ACCURACY PRINTED IN ENGLISH HINDI TELUGU MARATHI GUJARATI IN VEDIC AND KP SYSTEMS AVAKHADA CHAKRA. he has got a flair for writing both in Hindi and English languages. Flat 204 B. MICR code: FDRL 0001395 ” Savings Bank a/c. Or Bank transfer through “The Federal Bank Limited. Hyderabad-500 076 Home Ph: 040-2715 2868. . Mallapur. ASTROVISION SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES Subscription charges for copy of is given below: ASTROVISION E-Journal in PDF format via E-Mail Rs. ANTAR DASHA NAKSHATRA PHALA. Besides a Vedic Astrologer. Astrological science therefore bears the brunt. Nacharam PO.period) Page # 64 / 72 . Mr.100 or US$ 10 Rs.P. SD Road branch. Obviously the prediction then proves to be incorrect.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 possibility” of the event happening in near future instead of bluntly stating the delayed time. Secunderabad-500 Engr. no.050 or US$ 05 Yearly subscription charges (12 issues) Half-yearly subscription charges ( 06 issues) Quarter-yearly Subscription charges (03 issues) Interested members may please send in payment in the following mode: Demand Draft or “At par” Cheque drawn favouring “MK Viswanathan” payable at Hyderabad. VIMSHOTTARI MAHA DASHA SAADE SAATH. DASAMSA. RASHI NAVAMSA. GRAHA PHALA Contact : MK Viswanath. and is working at a senior managerial position in a renowned chemical industry. A.

Churches and temples Public positions like ministers. Doctors. thinking is very high The Sun’s gem is Ruby/ PLANETS AND THEIR CHARACTERS—SUN It is the king of the planets and the cause of universal light. People dealing products related to fire. political power. Judges. a high position. It separates the native of its relationship pertaining to the house it is situated. Rain is caused by the Sun. Page # 65 / 72 . The Sun rules the heart. and success. Surya Niwas Sion Colony Road. a positive outlook. A well-situated Sun can give optimism. It is exalted/uchh in Mesh rashi and debilated/neech in Tula rashi. It affects philosophical tendency.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 HARESH NATHANI Vedic Astrologer. stomach. medicines. electricity Soldier. The color copper-red/orangish reddish. Sion West Mumbai 400 022 Cell +91 98672 14103 E mail: hareshgnathani@yahoo. It deals with the soul and the self. The Sun is significant for royalty or high government or political position. good fortune. masculine. it wants to stay above everyone. It is Agni tattva. Its Maha Dasha is for six years. and violent. oven. It has 7th aspect from itself wherever it is situated. and www. bones. and since rain affects crops and financial position. members of legislative assembly. The Sun and Moon are both sovereigns. Wood merchant. It is the Graha Lord for Krittika. Being kingly. fiery by nature and a Kshatriya. King & Queen The Sun is generally accepted to be malefic. Iron smith. rude nature graha/planet. first-class qualities. The Sun can make one decisive and be determined. but can be benefic. It is reparative. Vaastu Consultant 8/8. The Sun’s qualities: fire. A person’s external appearance how he or she is seen by the public and the way a person acts. aggressive. It represents the right eye for men and the left eye for women. The Sun is karak/significtor for father. and the native’s status and respect. health. egoist. It gets disha/dig BAL in 10th house. the Sun is considered important. Uttar Phalgini & Uttar Shhada Nakshatra’s Professions related to SUN Bankers. member of parliaments. Government positions. Chemists. Gold smiths.

Block 1 Janapriya Township Mallapur. Note: This paper deals with the subject of assassinations. accident. assassinations and unnatural death ever since the beginning of the universe. 4) Mars is the planet who causes injury. conjunction) of Nodes with Asc. fights. Sarvartha Chintamani Chapter 07. An enemy only could inflict injuries. The Saturn and Mars conjunction. 2) The 8th lord being the house of longevity and death. This is because Rahu is the planet of sudden accident (death) and Ketu is the planet of final emancipation. 1) INJURY As per bhavat bhavam six from the sixth house is 11th house. 2) RAHU AND KETU CONNECTION. aspect or proximity is found to be important factor based on the practical experience. which are given below:-1) The Ascendant lord signifies for self and body. 3) SATURN AND MARS etc. only. and as such 11th house do contribute to the injury factor. chemical weapons. Sloka 16 says that if Ascendant lord and 8th lords are devoid of strength. unnatural deaths. and they are afflicted by 6th lord and Mars. Mars is also the planet signifies weapon. Mob: 9440 346 285 E-Mail:astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. II) SUB RULES. Nacharam PO Hyderabad. The connection (placement. 6th 8th or Mars have to be taken into account since the word “affliction” is used in the original rule. India. Page # 66 / 72 . Ketu too acts as Mars. etc. The significations and rules applied here only to be read with reference to the death only. I) MAIN RULE.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 MK VISWANAT EDITOR-ASTROVISION Flat 204B. Papa means malefic in nature and kartari means scissors (cutting). aspect. ASSASSINATION— ASTROLOGY AND ASSASSINATION—VEDIC PURVIEW There have been murders. Astrology has got coherent rules laid down for this. apart from enemy. This particular rule require further elaborations. the person dies due to weapon or injury sustained in battle. violent deaths. 3) The 6th lord is the lord of injuries or cuts and wounds in the body. 4) PAPA KARTARI YOGAM The definition of papa kartari or papa Madhya is a planet or a mathematical point such as Ascendant in the chart is in afflicted condition when placed in between two malefic planets. including health. etc. murders.

III) OTHER FACTORS. As per “Hindu Predictive Astrology” by Prof. 09th house is the badhaka Sthaanam and 09th lord is the Bhadhaka sthana athipathi. 3rd do stand for longevity. While in some other cases the death mode is through a blast. Transit of planets. Mahadasha / Bhukti / Antara or Mahadasha / Antar Dasha / Pratyantar dasha running at the time of injury and at the time of death is another factor to be taken into cognizance for predicting the death. 6) BADHAKA STHAANAM (HOUSE OF OBSTRUCTION). 2nd house stands more prominent than 7th house in inflicting death. The source of death could come from public or own persons such as relatives or a blast triggered in a vehicle or an accident caused by a running vehicle or fall from an aerial place or a self-inflicted injury or by poisoning. Assassin’s hand could be signified by 6th house (being 3rd from 4th). Hence 2nd and 7th house are houses of death. since 3rd house represents arms. 12th house from 8th and 3rd are 7th and 2nd respectively.9 Ven 7 -Sat 7 3. aa) For all Chara (Moveable) signs. 5) ASPECTS OF PLANETS OR DRUSHTI. For this the map of the sky on the day of death is being taken. B.e. ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 While 8th house and 8th there from i. 4) TRANSIT. 12th house stands for loss. Other factors which are required to be verified are:-1) NATURE OR MODE AND SOURCE OF DEATH. Planets do have aspect or Drushti from its positions. cc) For all Dwiswabha (Dual) signs. who are connected to inflicting death is to be considered. 2) PLACE OF DEATH. 11th house is the badhaka Sthaanam and 11th lord is the Bhadhaka sthana athipathi. Public is seen from 4th house..8 Mer 7 --Jup 7 5. which are given below:-Planets Standard Aspect Special Aspects Sun 7 -Mon 7 -Mar 7 4.9 Page # 67 / 72 .9 Ket 7 5. The mode of death could vary from case to case.ASTROVISION 5) MARAKA STHAANAM. When some uses a weapon. Raman. bb) For all Sthira (Fixed) signs. Place of death such as death in own place of the native or while traveling or in foreign country could also be assessed. 3) PLANETARY OPERATING PERIOD.10 Rah 7 5. the hand(s) of the assassin comes into picture. The assassin could be a person from the public. These could be classified as violent or unnatural death. 07th house is the badhaka Sthaanam and 07th lord is the Bhadhaka sthana athipathi.V. In some cases the native is done to death by use of a weapon such as a gun or rifle or knife.

Ketu. 11th lord Moon (6 from 6th signifying injury as per bhavat bhavam) is connected with Saturn since Moon is placed in Saturn’s house. These plantetary combinations entail weakness for Ascendant and its lord Mercury. and lord Mercury is placed in 6th house.m. the house of injury and is aspected by the lord of 6th house Saturn. the house of death and its dispositor Venus is in the conjoined with 6th lord Saturn and afflicted by the Nodes. while Moon herself aspects 11th house. th nd Hence Asc becomes weak and render for injury. 41 N 11. 08 lord Mars is placed in 2 house. New York. Both Moon and Jupiter gets aspect of Mars. is aspecting Moon. another injury planet (11th lord). This allows weakness for 8th house. This allows weakness for 8th house. 08th lord Mars is placed in 2nd house. Prior to that. The President died from his wounds at 2:15 a. McKinley was the 39th Governor of Ohio State. the house of death and its dispositor Venus is in the conjoined with 6th lord Saturn.m. William McKinley The readings on the chart provided here-above are given below:-- The readings on the chart provided are given below:-Ascendant Virgo rising. Asc gets aspect of Jupiter.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 US PRESIDENT # 25 WILLIAM McKINLEY APRIL 2008 Horoscope discussed in this edition is that of US President # 25 William McKinley. Saturn aspects Ascendant too. Besides Mars. is the mokshakaraka (significator for final emancipation) is placed in the house of Mercury and aspects Mercury (Ketu is under the aspect of Saturn). the injury planet. since the injury factor is thrown on self and body of the native. Page # 68 / 72 . President McKinley was in office from 1897 to 1901 until his assassination. at the PanAmerican Exposition in Buffalo. on 06th Sept 1901. who is in Moon star. born on 29th January 1843 at 10:32:00 PM LMT at 080 W 46. 1901. Hence Saturn being lord of cuts and wounds becomes more powerful to cause injury. President McKinley was in office from 1897 to 1901 until his assassination and was considered to be a brilliant politician of his time. Ke Mer Su Mo Ju Sa Ve Rah Birth (D-1) Chart Ma Asc Sa D-9 Chart Ve Mo Me Ra Ju Sa Ma Death Chart Me Su Ra As Ke Ju Ve Mo Su Ma As Ke William McKinley was the 25th US President (29 Jan 1843 – 14 Sept 1901). on 14th Sept. President McKinley was shot twice by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at 4:07 p.

Day of death: Sat-Sun-Mer-Ket. President McKinley was killed by injuries caused by bullet from a gun triggered by another person. is very well connected with 6th lord Saturn and aspects 8th house. Saturn and Mars are aspecting each other. while Ketu is placed in 6th house. who signifies longevity is in the 7th house (in Sagittarius) duly aspected by Mars. the connection between Asc lord. when they are connected to Asc and longevity. Therefore. The dictum is complete here. On verification of the D-9 Chart. Mercury being lord of Ascendant is in papa kartari yoga and Mars lord of 8th house in the company of 6th lord Saturn. Mars is lord of 6th and 11th. Mars himself and the Nodes. Jupiter being 7th lord (maraka sthana athipathi & Badhaka) and Mercury (Ascendant lord) and Ketu. i. Hence President McKinley was destined die of wounds sustained by a weapon. This is because 6th lord Saturn is placed in 4th house (public) and is aspecting Asc lord thereby used hand (3rd from 4th) to commit murder. Pisces. Asc (Moon) is posited with 8th lord Sun and is aspected by Mars. 6th lord and 8th lord are established and Asc lord and 8th lord are afflicted by 6th lord. Gemini being Ascendant and lord Mercury is in 6th house (a house of Mars) duly aspected by Ketu. 3rd lord Sun another significant for longevity. Asc lord and 8th lords are afflicted by Mars (who is also 6th lord). Day of injury: Sat-Sun-Sat-Jup. Rahu aspects 8th house by 5th aspect. It is seen from the VMD at the time of injury and death that Saturn being lord of 6th and Sun being lord of 12th (final emancipation). i.. TRANSIT At the time of President McKinley death. Page # 69 / 72 . apart from Nodes. 8th lord Sun is in between Rahu and 6th lord Mercury and hence in Papa Kartari yoga (PKY).e. SOURCE AND NATURE OF DEATH. is placed in Asc along with Mars. VIMSHOTTARI MAHA DASHA. NAVAMSHA (D-9) CHART. Even in the D-9 chart the rule really fits into. are involved. Hence the deliberate intent from the public is clear. placed in the Asc and the injury factor for Asc (body) is confirmed. 6th lord Mercury is aspected by Ketu and Mercury is placed in a Saturn house. who acts like Mars. the Ascendant rising was also Virgo as similar to the birth chart. a planet of sudden accidents (death). Mars.ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 11th lord Moon (6 from 6th) is connected with Saturn since Moon is placed in Saturn’s house and aspected by Mars. Rahu. Asc (Moon) lord Saturn is in the grip of Nodes in 12th house. The injury factor and death thereupon by way of affliction to Asc lord and 8th lord by Mars and 6th lord Mercury along with Nodes is confirmed from Moon sign too. The planetary positions at the time of birth and at the time of death are almost similar.. while Ketu is placed in the other house of Jupiter. mokshakaraka. Hence Saturn being lord of cuts and wounds becomes more powerful. In the case under study the Asc lord Mercury is being aspected by 6th lord Saturn.e. 8th lord Saturn. which is very dangerous especially. MOON AS ASCENDANT When the Moon sign is considered as ascendant the situation is same.

Saturn. which conferred him Madhyaayu or middle longevity. The Vimshottari Mahadasha running on the day of injury was Sat-Sun-Sat-Jup. And on the day of death was Sat-Sun-Mer-Ket. is placed in Hasta. It is seen from the VMD at the time of injury and death that Saturn being lord of 6th (injury) and Sun being lord of 12th (final emancipation). are involved. the longevity will be shortened. besides Ketu. The planetary positions at the time of birth and at the time of death are almost similar. while Sun is aspected by Mars. LONGEVITY. signifying final emancipation. 3rd and 8th lord Mars. Hence Jupiter (7th lord). whose lord Moon is the 11th lord signifying injury. 8th house is aspected Mars and Rahu (who is conjoined with Saturn). Jupiter is (aa) very close to Sun having distance of about 3 degrees plus and hence combust (bb) debilitated (cc) aspected by Mars. ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 As per the stellar analysis. and as per the stellar astrology too the rule satisfies. VIMSHOTTARI MAHA DASHA (VMD). 2nd house is the house of loss and negation to 3rd house. Although Sun does not aspect Mercury (Asc lord). Uthara Ashada. Saturn (6th lord). Mars (3rd and 8th lords). Jupiter is placed in Shravana star. Jupiter being 7th lord (maraka sthana athipathi) and Mercury (Ascendant lord) and Ketu. a star ruled by Moon. is conjoined with Sun and Jupiter. This confirms death by Saturn. mokshakaraka. Mercury being lord of Ascendant was in papa kartari yoga and Mars. TRANSIT At the time of President McKinley’s death. Death was during the 7½ years of transit period of Saturn in the 3rd cycle. lord of 8th house in the company of 6th lord Saturn. the Ascendant rising was also Virgo as similar to that of the birth chart. Asc. Lord of 3rd and 8th Mars is in Visakha Star ruled by Jupiter. is in 2nd house while its dispositor is placed in 6th house duly aspected by 6th lord Saturn. though a mathematical point. Page # 70 / 72 .ASTROVISION STELLAR ANALYSIS. who is the lord of 6th (injury). who signifies longevity. who is lord of 11th signifying injury (6 from 6th house). In the D-1 Chart. (Mars is the celestial executioner). Asc lord Mercury is placed in Mars star Dhanishta and signifies as Mars and strongly connected to Mars to cause injury because of Mercury’s placement in 6th house. Saturn who is the agent of Sun (since placed in Sun Star) aspects Asc lord. Whenever there is malefic influence on 8th house or its lord. placed in 12th lord Sun’s Star. Moon (11th lord). Sun (12th lord). Mercury (Asc lord) and Asc (in Moon star) are connected to each other. President McKinley was 58 years old at the time of his death.

. on the day of inauguration as President on the 2nd term. 1897 in his first term. -- Johann Georg von Zimmermann Page # 71 / 72 . Obviously the swearing-in-ceremony or the inauguration of the President of such a great country was not done in accordance with the election of an auspicious time.ASTROVISION SOURCE AND MANNER OF DEATH. which were injury in the shooting. The day of inauguration is always quite important. This example once again vindicate to the world by Astrology. on the day of inauguration as President on the 1st term. This leads us to note that colon and kidney are placed at the abdomen side. The inauguration for the second term was Mar 4. 1901 i. Asc lord Mercury was placed in 6th house along with Sun and Venus. The classical texts in Astrology advocates a “muhurta” or an election of an auspicious time is required to be used at the time of commencing any new work. Mars signifies weapon. which signalled towards injury and death for self. 1897 i. BODILY PART INJURED. a knowledge which can only be acquired by occasional retirement. Never lose sight of this important truth.e. 6th house signifies abdomen. Hence 6th house (3rd from 4th house) shall be treated as arms of a person from public. the Asc lord Mercury is being aspected by 6th lord Saturn and is placed in a Mars star. Public is signified by 4th house and arm is 3rd house. Mars signifies surgery and Asc lord Mercury placed in 6th house. that no one can be truly great until he has gained a knowledge of himself. Hence the deliberate intent to cause injury from a person from the public is clear. provided to the mankind by our Ancient Sages. Hence the connection between the arms of a man from public and the body of the native is confirmed. that election of an auspicious time is quite necessary for commencing anything new and important in nature. 6th lord Saturn aspects Asc while Mars aspect 8th house. MUHURTA The date of Inauguration was on Mar 4. a great Science. but was aspected both Saturn (6th lord) and Mars (8th lord). Besides. The bodily parts damaged by the shooting were stomach. Asc lord Mercury was in 6th house. 1901. ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 President McKinley was killed by injuries caused by bullet from a gun triggered by another person. On Mar 04. Instead. but was not aspected either by 6th lord Saturn or 8th lord Mars.e. Jupiter was aspecting the Asc lord Mercury. In the natal chart. On Mar 04.. The muhurta for the 2nd term inauguration was inauspicious. colon and kidney.

ASTROVISION ISSUE # 4 APRIL 2008 We are one of the few leading Hindu families. No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Name of the yantra Swayamvara yantra Santana gopala yantra Bagalamukhi yantra Kaarya siddhi yantra Bala yantra Ashwaruda yantra Vaanibha yantra Maha Sudarshana yantra Maha Mruthunjaya Yantra Vashikaran yantra Vastu Yantra** Purpose To get married To beget progeny To win dispute For fulfillment of certain desires. not able to win a dispute or a legal case or not blessed with out of which some are given below: Sl. who are involved in mantra-tantra vidya for Mob: 9440 346 285 Page # 72 / 72 . etc. The occult solution offered is in the form of yantra. unable to purchase a house. and the intending persons need to give name and the Moon star (nakshatra) as inputs for preparing the yantra by Guruji. We offer Tantra or occult solutions to persons who find it difficult to get married. We deal with various yantras. For enquiries please contact: viswanathan1961@yahoo. etc. There are various yantras. and are offered for sale for the general public. or persons having many problems like their house or land is not getting sold. For sale of unsold goods For overall prosperity To avoid accidents To attract customers To remove ill-effects of vastu dosha Cost INR 500/500/500/500/500/1000/1000/1000/1000/1000/5000/- ** Material cost has to be borne by customer The yantra will be tailor-made for each individual. For health of children For sale of land. etc. which are made as per the inscription and instruction of Ancient Vedas.

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