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How to Start a Business Blog

How to Start a Business Blog

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Published by: laokoontas on Jul 31, 2011
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Tags are a more recent method for labeling blog posts. Tags are more specific

and granular than categories. One of the primary tenets of book The Cluetrain

Manifesto is that hyperlinks subvert hierarchies. It’s true: in physical media a

hierarchical system is critical to finding what you want in the material. But on

the internet, where everything is only a click or a search away, hierarchies are

less valuable. In fact, with tags, things can be quite disorganized and messy,

and people can still find what they need.

You can think of categories as quasi-hierarchical, but tags are “bottom up”

rather than “top down”. That doesn’t mean you should put any forethought

into tags on your blog. Because every tag is a hyperlink to the other posts with

the same tag, each tag acts like a little doorway to grouped information

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