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How to Start a Business Blog

How to Start a Business Blog

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Published by: laokoontas on Jul 31, 2011
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Gateway blogging is a term I created that helps to frame business blogging

activities so that the blog supports the business, and not the other way


Those of us who are running small companies, micro-businesses, micro-ISVs7

and the like are more likely to have a blog as our main website than larger

companies. We understand the importance of blogging generally, but it’s easy

to get lost in the minutia and distractions of blogging. We forget that the blog


Micro-ISV is a micro independent software vendor, which is a very small company (often only

a handful of people at the most) who develop custom software solutions for their clients.

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is really the tip of a wedge of paid products or services. Because directly

selling or pushing product on the blog is a turn-off, it’s easy to let the indirect

nature of blogging lead us away from the purpose of the blog.

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