FORCE AND MOTION 1. The diagram shows an aeroplane flying at a constant velocity. Which relationship between the forces is true?

A B C D 2.


Which graph shows an increasing acceleration? A





The diagram shows a book falling down from a table.

Which physical quantity of the book increases while it is falling? A B C D E 4. potential energy chemical energy mass acceleration kinetic energy

The diagram shows a coconut falls from a coconut tree. The coconut has the least change in kinetic energy between the positions


A and B A and D A and C A and E


The diagram shows a man climbing up a coconut tree at a constant speed.

Which physical quantity increases while the man is climbing up the staircase? A B C D potential energy of the man momentum of the man weight of the man kinetic energy of the man


A student carried out an experiment using a ticker timer and a trolley. She obtained a chart from the ticker tape by cutting it into five dot lenghts as shown in the figure.

Which statement describes the motion of the trolley? A B C the trolley is coming to a stop with constant deceleration the trolley moves from rest with uniform acceleration the trolley moves from rest with increasing velocity


The figure shows a squid moving forward by discharging a jet of water from its body.

The forward movement of the squid can be explained by A B C 8. conservation of energy newton's first law of motion conservation of momentum

What is the difference between mass and weight? A B C both mass and weight are vector quantities both mass and weight are derived quantites unit for mass is kilogram and unit for weight is Newton


Which of the following displacement -time graphs shows an object is at rest? A





10. Which of the following statement is true about acceleration due to gravity? A B C Increases with increasing height The standard value of the acceleration due to gravity is Objects dropped under the influence of the pull of gravity accelerate at a constant rate

10 ms 2

11. A stone is dropped from a height in vacuum. Which of he following quantities does not change? A B C mass momentum velocity

12. Which pair of unit for impulse is correct? A B C D 13. Ns Ns-1 Ns-1 Ns kgms-2 kgm kgm3 kgms-1

Which of the following improves the efficiency of the operation of a car? A B C Streamlines the body of the car to reduce air resistance Deflate the tyres to the correct pressure to increase friction with the road surface Align the wheels of the car to increase resistance to the motion of the car


Which of the following is not a safety features in vehicles? A B C soft materials in dashboard to reduce injury strong reinforced steel in passenger safety cell colour of the car

15. Which of the following statements about inertia of an object is false? A B C an object with a lesser mass has a lesser inertia inertia is the property of matter that causes it to resist any change in its motion or state of rest the SI unit of inertia is kilogram

16. Which of the following can be changed by a force? A B C mass weight shape

17. Which situation relates to inertia? A



18. Which of the following is not an example of fossil fuels? A B C D coal petroleum natural gas oxygen

19. Which of the following is the easiest to stop? A B C D pencil sponge iron rod car

20. The figure shows John and Subra pulling a rope in the opposite direction with force of magnitude 50 N and 25 N respectively.

Calculate the magnitude of the resultant force acting on the string. A B C D E 5N 10 N 25 N 50 N 100 N

21. The diagram shows a displacement -time graph for the motion of an object.

The momentum of the object is zero from A B C D E 0 s to 2 s 2 s to 4 s 2 s to 6 s 6 s to 8 s 0 s to 8 s

22. The diagram shows a dried leaf and a stone being released at the same time in a cylinder. Why is the stone reaches the base faster?


The force of gravity acted on the stone is better to overcome the air resistance compared to the force of gravity acted on the dried leaf. The force of gravity acted on the dried leaf is better to overcome the air resistance compared to the force of gravity acted on the stone. The force of gravity acted on the stone is greater than the force of gravity acted on the dried leaf. The force of gravity acted on the dried leaf is greater than the force of gravity acted on the stone.

23. Choose the diagram which shows no work being done by the boy. A




24. In a high jump event, thick mattresses with a soft surface are used to

A B C 25.

increase the stopping time of the body increase the impulsive force increase the momentum 

1 Which car has the greatest momentum when each of its velocity is 20ms ?





SECTION A Structured Items Instruction: Answer all questions in this section.


The figure below shows a car traveling on a horizontal road.

The car has a mass of 1000 kg. At a certain moment in its motion, the frictional force between the car and the road is 500N and its acceleration then is 1.2 ms -2. (a) What is the difference between scalar quantities and vector quantities? (b) Classify the physical quantities mention above into scalar quantities and vector quantities. (c) Calculate the forward driving force that is acting on the car as shown in the figure above? (d) Other than frictional force, what other force do you think acts on the car as it is moving? 2. The figure below shows a ticker tape chart obtained from the motion of a trolley down an inclined plane. Each strip of ticker tape contains 10 ticks. The ticker timer makes 50 ticks per second.

(a) What type of power supply is used to run the tick er timer? (b) What is the time interval for 1 tick on the ticker tape? (c) What is the type of motion shown by the trolley? (d) What is the average velocity shown by the first strip of ticker tape? (e) Calculate the acceleration of the trolley.


Ahmad cycles to school everyday. The graph below shows a typical velocity -time graph of Ahmad's journey to school.

(a) During which part of the journey is Ahmad : (i) (ii) Accelerating :««««. Decelerating :««««

(b) For how long is Ahmad cycling with constant velocity? (c) How far is Ahmad's school form his house? (d) What is Ahmad's average velocity for the whole journey? 4. The diagram shows a boy of mass 45 kg running with a velocity of 2.0 ms -1 towards a stationary trolley of mass 15 kg. He then jumps onto the stationary trolley.

(a) Name the physics principle involved when the boy jumps onto the trolley. (b) In what direction will the trolley moves after the boy jumped onto it? (c) Calculate the velocity of the boy and the trolley after the boy lands on the trolley. (d) Name one application of the physics principle named in part (a) in the field of sports.


The figure below shows the arrangement of the apparatus to study the effect of the extension of a spring produced by a load hung at the end of the spring.

The results of the experiment is represented by the graph below.

(a) Name the law involved in the relation above. (b) Mark 'X' on the graph above to show the upper limit to which the law mentioned in (a) is valid. (c) What physical quantity is represented by the gradient of the graph? (d) If the elastic potential energy stored in the spring is represented by the area under the graph, how much energy is stored when the spring is acted upon by a load of weight 0.5 N?