UNTIL SUNRISE Trip to Vienna Two people meet on the train In conversation They explain which way they

came Mans name is Jesse The womans name is Elaine They tell adventures That seem to e all the same They have in common Similar lives they explain Jesse!" a writer Elaine!" acts and entertains They oth love tal#in$ %s they ta#e turns listenin$ %nd the ears are per#ed Their content eyes $listenin$ %ll ni$ht two souls thrive &ut when the mornin$ does come &oth paths will divide So 'or now they!ll e as one Late into the ni$ht! (eep in thou$ht o' the other They daydreamed in thou$hts Their souls 'or each as lovers Mornin$ comes to soon )hile inside" 'eelin$ sorrow They have to depart *rom each" coura$e they orrow Soon they!ll e to$ether %nd then their hearts will renew The suspense will stop

%s the story will continue

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