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My Father's World First Grade Supply List

My Father's World First Grade Supply List

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Published by Amy Henning Fritz
Exhaustive list of all the supplies needed for First Grade My Father's World (Basic program).
Exhaustive list of all the supplies needed for First Grade My Father's World (Basic program).

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Published by: Amy Henning Fritz on Jul 31, 2011
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My Father’s World- 1st Grade Supply List I’ve compiled this list from notes in the curriculum guide

. The words in bold are the names of science projects. If you choose not to do all the projects for the week, you won’t need all the items listed. The “missing” numbers are days where you don’t need any special supplies. This list was made with the assumption that you already have basic school supplies like pens, pencils, glue, crayons and scissors. I hope this is helpful. If I’ve missed something, please let me know and I’ll update the list. Thanks! 1. Bible, picture of scroll or one you made. 2. Bible, cornstarch, salt, flour. 4. Brown paper bag for scroll. 5. Books on things on the ground (see Appendix for ideas). Ants: Honey and bread or an ant farm. Worms: Glass jar, soil, sand, worms, leaves, dark cloth. 6. Glue, paper fastener. 10. Books on seasons. 12. Red pencil (will also be used on subsequent days). 15. Books on flowers. Bean seeds: 25 bean seeds, paper towel. Collect and dry flowers: Heavy books, 2 pieces white construction paper, flowers. Make dye from flowers: Flower , plastic bag, paper coffee filter or white construction paper. Grow a sweet potato plant: Tooth picks, sweet potato, jar. 17. 66 thin books, Bible. 18. Stapler. 20. Books on trees.

Collect seeds: Tree seeds, fruit seeds, bean seeds, empty egg carton. Make bean soup: Variety of dried beans (see recipe). 22. 5- 3 ½ x 5 cards. 23. 2 spoons, honey, garbage. 25. Books on rain. Make a lake model: Clear glass bowl/jar, masking tape. Cloud/Rain model: Pan, metal cookie sheet, ice cubes. Rain gauge: Gallon milk jug, permanent marker. 27. Large piece of material or old sheet to make Bible costume, rope for belt. 29. Glue or stapler. 30. Books on thunder and lightning. 31. Globe, world map. 33. 2 band-aids w/”Healing Words” written on them. 35. Books on rivers. Filter water: Quart-sized paper carton, gravel, sand, clear drinking glass, muddy water. 38. Photograph or drawing of student. 40. Books on beaches, waves, seas, seashore,shells. Waves: Rope 41. Flash cards of these words: said, let, be, and, saw, good, first, light, day. 43. Flash cards of these words: sky, second. 45. Books on oceans, fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, octopus. Underwater vision: Spoon, clear glass Pressure increase in deeper water: Plastic bottle, tape, large upholstery needle or nail.

46. Flash cards for these words: land, then, plants, were, third. 48. Flash cards for these words: lights, in, put, sun, moon, stars, work, fourth. 50. Books on the sun and moon. Globe and flashlight: globe, flashlight. Faded paper: Black construction paper, tape. 51. Flash cards for these words: birds, fish, fifth. 53. Flash cards for these words: animals, we, will, a, told, have, take, of, over, I, you, make, man, woman, them, many, rule, give, very, care, children, food, sixth. 55. Books on volcanoes. Liquid rock can shape the earth: Empty yogurt cup, toothpaste. Volcano model: Clay, baking soda, vinegar. 56. Flash cards for these words: done, he, working, rested, seventh. 57. Prepare for a Sabbath meal, candle, wine, loaf of bread (unsliced). 58. Art supplies for illustrating Bible notebook (these will be used whenever you do the Bible notebook). 60. Books on stars and planets. Temperature of planets: Thermometer. Relative size of planets: Paper circles. Relative distance of planets: 9 paper signs, yellow circle. Balloon rocket: long string, straw, balloon, tape. 62. 3’x3’ plywood, blue paint, flour, salt, food coloring. 63. Stick or cardboard, foil. 65 Books on rainbows. Paper rainbow:” 1” wide colored paper strips.

Make a rainbow: Mirror, glass of water. 66. Firm piece of cardboard, clay, box of toothpicks. 70. Books on snow, icebergs, ice, north pole. Paper snowflake: White paper, scissors, magnifying glass. Globe: Globe. 71. Pencil, sand or salt, quarter. 72. Lentil stew: olive oil, chopped onions, garlic, lentils, cumin, lemon juice, salt, pepper. 73. Science books of interest. 75. Books on measuring things. 80. Experimenting with water: Bowls, plastic tube, scissors, jars, tape, plastic containers. 85. Floating: Items to test if they float, modeling clay, toothpick, balloon, felt-tipped pen. 86. Flash cards for the number words one through ten. 88. Firm paper plate, 4-6 small metal jingle bells, string or pipe cleaners. 90. Fun with boats: Meat tray, marbles, egg carton, margarine tub, foil, matchbox, clay, jar, empty drink can. 91. Yarn, small berry baskets. 95. Water’s skin: Glass, coin, needle, spoon, straw, dishwashing liquid, clear plastic tray, wire. 99. Box w/sand in it (enough to hide objects). 100. Vanishing water: 4 saucers, felt tip pen, jar, ice. 101. Simple woven paper mat: green, yellow or brown construction paper, 9”x12” or larger. Circular braided mat: Coarse string or twine. 102. Dates, figs, almonds, olives, pomegranates, goats’ cheese.

105. Mixing: Jars, laundry powder, sand, salt, flour, sugar, shampoo, cooking oil, orange juice, jello, paper towel, funnel. 106. Sew a simple drawstring bag, figs, olives, raisins, cheese, bread. 109. Plastic hanger, 10 small rubber bands. 110. Water power: 2 styrofoam egg cartons, 2 small paper plates, stapler, scissors, 2 empty thread spools, pencil, 2 long rulers or flat sticks, modeling clay, clear tape. 111. White glue, markers, foil. 115. Air and water tricks: Tissue, glass bowl, empty plastic container with tight lid, thumb tack, plastic tube, glass. 120. Taking in water: Dry sponge, magnifying glass, newspaper, wax paper, tissue, plastic, towel. Paper towel, celery, food coloring. 123. Butter, oil, sugar, egg, minced lemon rind, flour, apricot jam, raisins or chopped dried fruit, nuts. 124. If you are doing the number of the day, today is 100! Celebrate with 100 units of different items. 125. Frozen water: Ice, plastic container with a lid, warm plate, salt. 130. Starting to grow: Lentils, rice, dried kidney beans, paper towel, jar. 135. Growing: 3 plastic flower pots, potting compost. 140. Plants and water: Celery, blue food coloring, clear plastic bag, large bottle, pebbles, charcoal, damp potting compost, African violet, ivy, fern. 145. Using light: Potted plant, leaves, cardboard, wax crayon or soft pencil, paper. 150. Flowers: Rose, magnifying glass. 158. New plants from old: Onion, amaryllis bulb, jar with narrow neck, carrot tops.

159. Plants leaving home: Wet plastic bags, mud from shoes, dandelion, sycamore seeds. 160. Plants and soil: Soil, jar with lid, leaves, plastic bag, magnifying glass. Useful plants: Leaves.

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