FOREWORD 1. INTRODUCTION A. Technical 2. 3. Specifications 1 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 13 13 13 15 16 16 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 18 20 21


Loading Magazines Stock Assembly Loading and Cocking the Weapon Charging the Weapon Inserting the Magazine Placing the Weapon on “Safe” Removal of Magazine Fire Selector Lever Operation Firing the Submachine Gun Malfunctions AND REASSEMBLING



B. .c. D. E. F. 0. H. I. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Field Stripping 1) Removing Upper Receiver 2) Removing the Bolt 3) Removing the Stock Trigger Mechanism Extractor Recoil Spring Receiver Pin Catch . . Magazine Catch Safety Catch Stock Latch Magazine








This manual is published for the information and guidance of personnel whose duties involve the use, maintenance and repair of the Ml0 SMG and the Ml1 SMG. Disassembly, assembly, cleaning and minor repairs may be undertaken in the field.
In all cases where the nature of the repair or adjustment is beyond the scope of facilities of the unit, the Manufacturer should be informed in order that trained personnel with suitable tools and

equipment may be provided.

The Ingram Model 10 and Model 11 represent a significant break through in compact submachine gun design. The Ml0 is available in 9MM Para and .45 ACP calibers, the Ml1 in .380 ACP caliber. Both Models are light in weight, durable steel construction and easy to fire, either semi-automatic or full automatic. The compact size of the Ml0 makes it especially suitable for tank crews, gun and mortar crews, etc., and its selective fire capability makes it an excellent weapon for police use. The addition of a noise suppressor further enhances the performance, reducing the noise and eliminating muzzle flash. The weapon operates on the straight blowback principle and is magazine fed.

................81 18..36 MM 222 249 460 129 35 Length without stock Length stock telescoped Length stock cxtendod Barrel Length Maximum width GUN DIMENSIONS SUPPRESSOR WITH ATTACHED 20.....45 31.......13 517 545 798 54 16.............20 - Kg............ 6... Model 11 JR0 AC? GUN DIMENSIONS SUPPRESSOR WlliiOUl I Inches 10.......50 11...37 0. M10/45 MlO/PMM Ml 1 380 FRONT SIGHT ACP...75 224 44 WEIGHT AND CAPACITY lbs...96 MM 267 295 548 146 50 Inchmr 10............. 2......... 1......................61 1....................42 2..12 or full 0....... 6.... .............54 lbs...... ............11 5. Paro..................... Ml0 Ml1 .... TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model 10 .45 0.13 517 545 798 54 20.. .................96 MM 267 295 548 146 50 Inches 8.....50 1.75 9.....44 2..13 291 54 11............................81 1...00 0...57 5.06 1..........45 31...25 17..........75 413 440 650 44 Length without stock Length stock telescoped Length stock extended Maximum width SUPPRESSOR Length Diameter DIMENSIONS 11......35 21...... 3...15 - 0. REAR SIGHT............. Semi-automatic Minimum 950 rounds per minute Minimum Minimum 950 rounds Per minute 1200 rounds per minute Protected post for 100 maters .........61 1..31 25.......25 1.......57 0.60 21............A.45 AC? Model 10 9MM Cam...............81 034 Lbr................ .. locking bolt in open 2 .75 1.....97 - 1......................62 Kg...27 Gun without mogozinc Suppressor Loodcd 16 round magazine LoAded 30 round magazine Loaded 32 round mogozine 2......54 automatic TYPE OF FIRE . ACP ......20 Kg...... Fixed opwtura safeties for for 50 meters SAFETIES............... Manually operated or closed position fixed opertur..57 5.42 2............. 2......44 2..60 21............81 0......... CYCLIC RATE OF FIRE.50 11.........25 1...35 21..............13 291 54 8......75 1....

stock guide. trigger into the frame when not in use the overall size of the weapon. The ex while The bolt assembly a cocking handle. 11 380 for the Model 10/9MM 10 . Frame. trigger pin. and Extendable A sling swivel is attached The front end of the barrel The receiver recoil spring. The stock is designed thereby reducing to telescope mechanisms consist of sear. trigger mechanism. ceiver group. trip. . a suppressor. The frame carries magazine housing. trigger. connector. and safety assembly. column Para caliber is of the double two position feed type. the re- is fitted with a fixed front sight and houses the bolt. buffer and ejector rod. The trigger lever. spring. sear spring.2. Receiver. to the barrel is threaded and receiver to accept assembly. selector and dis- retainer. on the Model Both models firing tractor on the Model 10 operates on the leaf spring principle the Model 11 utilizes The magazine a compression spring. Magazine.45 ACP and Model column single ACP caliber are both of the double while the Model position feed type. Mechanism. 10 and Model have fixed 11 is fitted with pins. CONSTRUCTION The weapon consists of the foliowing Bolt. major components: Firing Stock Barrel.

FIG.3. 1) the rear of the magazine. -wuth 13 zuainst that the base of (See Fig. loading Magazines 9 MM Pararounds s wacity in one hand. ensuring one at a Hold the magazine each cartridge time through thl. OPERATION OF THE WFAPON A. 1 Pushing Cartridge Under Magazine Feed Lips . insert of the magazine the cartridge.

Capacity Rds. the (Fig.loading Magazines . Insert a cartridge. Push down on the loader to depress the magazine follower.45 ACP-W 380 ACP-32 Rds. Capacity s Place the magazine loader on top of the magazine. Lift the loader. and push the cartridge all the way into the magazine. 2) Fig. Push down on the loader. 2 Pull Down On Loader. then place the base of the magazine on a firm surface. depressing cartridge and magazine follower. base first. into the magazine. Insert Cartridge 5 . Repeat the operation until the magazine is full.

4) Fig. Stock Assembly in left hand.6. extend (See Fig. 3) stock latch button and weapon assembly in left hand depress using right hand. 3 Disengaging Wire Form from Retaining Pin Fig. (See Fig. 4 Extending 6 Stock Assembly . with to normal firing right hand press inwards form on right stock to Hold weapon side of wire form butt near the pivot rotate clockwise Still holding stock to allow wire position.

loading and Cocking the Weapon Move frame safety lever to ‘fire’ position. move frame safety to ‘fire’ position. 6) Select ‘semi’ or ‘auto’ fire as required. (See Fig.C. Insert loaded magazine in its housing until the magazine catch engages magazine. 5 . D. (See Fig. Charging the Weapon FIG. 5) Move safety lever to ‘safe’ position. Holding the gun by the pistol grip in the right hand and keeping the index finger outside the trigger guard pull back on the cocking handle to the rear with the left hand until the bolt is held to the rear by the sear. The gun is now ready to fire.

Inserting the Magazine FIG. Placing the Weapon The safety is located ‘safe’ position.E. 7) and back is the FIG. on the right of the underside it moves front to back. front is the ‘fire’ position (See Fig. 7 8 . on “Safe” of the frame. 6 F.

9) FIG. (See Fig.G. 9 9 . (See Fig. 8 H. 8) FIG. Removal of Magazine Grasp magazine in left hand and with left thumb press magazine catch to release magazine. Fire Selector lever Operation is rotated 10 Located on the left side of the frame the selector select ‘semi’ automatic or ‘full’ automatic fire.

by the strips bolt recoil the sear spring. by contact with J. submachine bolt is relatively ing and unlocking. are usually A knowledge and correct which the result of how might of worn the gun occur. is relatively movement has diminished.) empty against cartridge is compressed bolt is stopped and and the chamber heavy. forward the barrel. move- a cartridge continues is fired. magazine the lips of the magazine. chamber.I. The top cartridge up and in front of the bolt. 10 . gun are failures malfunctions submachine to feed caused by a defective magazine. which into forces time. (In the lockspring up of the gun. cartridge. cartridge overcomes chamber movement out of the muzzle of the At the pressure the forward of the bolt and starts case have moved the bullet it to the rear. the moves this eliminates the rearward top round the need for positive the recoil movement case is extracted and ejected. position. in the magazine Most is not poof the or parts or improper functions Listed enables below care the user to classify the malfunction. in the The rearward the buffer plate. Malfunctions Malfunctions of the gun. By the time the bolt and empty the rear far enough left the barrel. are the types of malfunctions 1. When bullet forward the the bolt The and the sear engages is pressed. this fires forward the same magazine pressure spring is the the this to has the sear notch of the bolt. pressure pressure to open the rear of the chamber. Failure sitioned dirty to Feed. releases During from the and the recoil the bolt. Firing the Submachine Gun As the bolt is moved back to the cocked is compressed When the trigger driven ment. the chamber During the low and the of the bolt.

If the bolt is retracted and is not held by the sear. Failure to Chamber. The cartridge is chambered but does not fire. the gun fails to cock. If the cartridge case is not completely removed from the chamber and the bolt is retracted. the chamber pressure will normally push the empty cartridge case out of the chamber. If the cartridge fires. 5. Failure to Eject. The top cartridge from the magazine is not seated in the chamber. 11 . 4. during firing. Failure to Fire. then there is a failure to extract. This malfunction seldom occurs. the bolt does not move to the rear far enough to clear the top cartridge in the magazine. or if. Failure to Cock. 3. The empty cartridge case is not ejected from the weapon.2. Failure to Extract. 6.

Failure to l jwt. recoil spring. extractor F&lure to cock. Broken Broken cicctor. recoil springs. mogorinc catch. Replace ammunition Low powered Prevention of Malfunctions. D*fectiw Def*ctiw Weak ammunition. magazine notch.Common Malfunctions. Periodic inspection and proper care gun and cleaning will reduce the possibility malfunctioning. to l xhoct. obstruction. Corroded Worn ammunition. ammunition. spring. Dirty Weak Worn or dented or broken magazine moga~in~. Obstruction Weak recoil Remove Replace Failure to fire. magazine. Worn Worn scar. bolt. Replace Replace Replace ammunition. or misting extractor. of the submachine 12 . ammunition. magoxine. Replace magazine. sear notch. Dirty chamber in chamber. Foilwe to fe*d. Roplaco Replace Replace Replace catch. 2. magazine or broken Foilura to chombcr. ammunition Replace Replace scar. Replace Replace oiactor. 1. Foilur. Clean chombcr. The two most common malfunctions caused by a defective caused by defective are: Failure to feed-usually Failure to fire-usually magazine. recoil springs. Bent guide Straighten. Causes of Malfunctions. bolt. of various malfunctions The following chart lists common causes and corrective action. springs. firing pin. rods.

Push upper receiver from frame. a sharp push on the receiver pin is all that is required for removal. On alternate configuration where there is no receiver pin catch.4. (See Fig. Field Stripping consists of 1) Removing Upper Receiver (Cock Weapon) Push receiver pin catch back and remove receiver pin. STRIPPING AND REASSEMBLING The Model 10 and Model 11 have been designed so that no special tools are necessary in order to’strip or reassemble the weapon. A. Stripping Before starting to strip the weapon remove the magazine and check the barrel chamber by looking through the EJECTION PORT to make sure there are no live rounds in the weapon. (See Fig. 10). 11) 13 .

il Removing Barrel and Receiver Group 14 .FIG. 10 Removing Pin Securing Receiver Group ‘IG.

assembly Fig. 13 Bolt Remover from Rear of Receiver . 13) FIG. (See Fig. 12) The bolt and recoil can now be removed from the rear of the re- ceiver.2) Removing the Bolt Slide cocking degrees spring handle to rear of-guide (See slot. 12 Removing Cocking Handle FIG. rotate handle a few and pull from bolt.

3) Removing the Stock To remove stock. and use pin E. Trigger Lift retainer Mechanism and remove selector lever. is located replaced pin out of the on rear side or torsion arm of torsion Disconnector spring a pin to remove C. Recoil Spring Compress spring punch to remove and move guide rod clear of bolt spring pin from guide rod. lever. punch free and tripping of trigger Push trigger spring. 16 . 3 and 4) above is generally sufficient to clean for trigger procedure normal maintenance removal and cleaning. D. be this aldo allows Note: by using removal for reof of sear. Extractor Use pin punch to remove extractor spring pin. depress on button The stock latch button and keeping pressure pull stock completely mentioned out. sear spring left side for removal assembly. (see Figs. B. Receiver Use pin punch Pin Catch to remove spring pin. spring may pin. is as follows: If necessary mechanism. F. Magazine Catch to remove screw in hand grip for Use flat bladed screw-driver access to catch. disconnector.

I.G. Remove the magazine Remove NOTE: base plate. of the magazine magazine spring from flying out. reassembling the magazine To achieve the Ml1 spring and the magazine functioning when the proper and M10/45 magazine ensure that the slope of with the slope on the top coil of the spring corresponds the follower. Remove the magazine the magazine to prevent spring and M10/45 ACP a screw-driver spring in the out. 5. Ml 1 380 ACP case. Magazine Poro. Stock Latch Press down lightly at center of pin and slide to either side to remove retaining pin. the M1. Invert frame and latch will drop out. Lift the tab in the floor plate by inserting hole./9MM Depress stud in floor plate and slide plate from magazine Keeping finger over the bottom follower. Safety Catch Use pin punch to remove catch spring pin. to prevent placing the magazine the finger over the bottom of from flying follower. in the reverse order to the stripping pro- 17 . REASSEMBLY Items are reassembled cedure. H.

6. C. It should that the at receive be cleaned the end of each day’s firing. Cleaning Remove powder residue with solvent and patch. The bolt face should be completely free of carbon and other residue. patch and solvent. on exposed surfaces with solvent- 18 . Wipe dry and apply a light coat of oil. and inside of receiver E. The Gun need only be “field stripped” for this maintenance. C. in solvent. Frame Assembly Group Cleaning A. Use cleaning rod. Swab bore with patch saturated Use solvent saturated remove residue. Remove residue build-up soaked cloth. Stubborn residue can be removed with a bristle bore brush. Wipe all surfaces of bolt to remove carbon. Dampen patch with light oil and swab barrel and receiver. B. Bolt Assembly A. Barrel and Receiver Group Cleaning A. CLEANING AND It is essential weapon for reliable careful operation maintenance. Use clean dry patch to dry barrel group.6. patch and swab inside of receiver to D. and performance.

It should be replaced atter each 500 rounds of firing or sooner if the noise level has increased significantly. Magazine Cleaning A. Detail The weapon is is designed after to pro- tolerate some dirt in the frame group but excessive operation. cleaning required longed operation C. Inspect magazine for damaged should be discarded. B. areas. C. metal areas Wipe dry and use oily patch to coat exposed with light film of oil. Damaged magazines Suppressor Cleaning The suppressor requires no other maintenance apart from ensuring that the bore is kept clear of obstructions. 19 . Inspection must be made with the suppressor removed from the weapon.B. or improper’ functioning dirt will of weapon. The front end cap of the suppressor is replaceable. Clean lip area and top of the follower. Wipe with oily patch. Clean impair around the lockwork.

t 20 .e.$i a T -____ -.

21. 19. 12. Receiver Bolt Handle Hanger Barrel Strap Assembly Spring Pin. 8. 5. 20. 15. Receiver Pin Catch Pin Catch Spring Pin.8. Recoil Spring Pin. MO/45 SUBMACHINE GUN ILLUSfRAlED PARTS LIST Item Title Port No. 24. 16. 9. Barrel Spring Pin. 14. 26. 150309 150012 150395 150063 150394 150032-4 150032-6 150025-11 150039 150032-5 150611 150037 150073 150032-6 150021 150047 150024 150023 150022 150616 i50032-2 150038 150169 150032-g 150081 150465 150598 150068 1. 22. 21 . 25. 27. Safety Frame Assembly Magazine Catch Compression Spring. 4. ’ 16. 7. Magazine Catch Grip 10. Extractor Extractor Buffer Plate Ejector Guide Rod Compression Spring. 6. 23. 17. 2. 11. 3. Bolt Handle Detent Bolt Handle Detent Bolt Spring Pin. Bolt Handle Detent Receiver Pin Button Spring Pin. 28. 13. Recoil Spring Rod Compression Spring. Receiver Pin Catch Compression Spring.

35. Trigger Trigger Latch Stock Latch Pin Retainer Plunger. 44.29. 36. 43. 46. Stock Latch Compression Spring. 45. 38. 50. Disconnector Torsion Spring. 37. Stock Latch (Not Included) ’ . 46. Grip Screw Magazine Catch Pin Stock Rail Stock Hinge Pin Retaining Ring Wire Form Butt Trigger Pin Sear Pin Safety Detent Plunger Compression ‘Spring. 41. 31. 39. 40. 52. 30. 47. 32. 150043 150041 150068 156462 150460 150612 150155 150016 156252 150293 150597 150168 150594 150070 150268 150249 150032-S 150539 150448 150091 150094 150269 15011 o-1 150598 Compression Spring. 49. Stock Hinge ACCESSORIES: Magazine Magazine Pouch Magazine Loader Cleaning Rod Sling Suppressor 150111 150072 150245 150209 150459 150216 22 . 42. 33. Sear Sear Trip Disconnector Spring Pin. 34. 51. Safety Detent Safety Slide Compression Spring.

23 .

6. Bolt Handle Detent Receiver Pin Button Spring Pin. 28. 14. 15. 16. 27. Recoil Spring Pin. 4. 10. 17. 150309 150012 150395 150005 150394 150032-4 1. 3. Recoil Spring Rod Spring. 20. Grip Spring. Receiver Pin Catch 2. 24. 11. 5. 6. 22. Receiver Pin Catch Compression Pin Catch Compression Bolt Spring Pin. Extractor Extractor Buffer Plate Ejector Guide Rod Compression Spring. 21. Bolt Handle Detent Bolt Handle Detent Magazine Catch 24 . 9. M10/9MM SUBMACHINE GUN MUSTRATED ?ARTS LIST Itom Title Pati No. Safety Frame Assembly Magazine Catch Compression Spring. Barrel Spring Pin.8. 19. 26. 12. 7. 150032-6 150025-l 1 150039 150032-5 150611 150037 150004 150032-6 150294 150047 150024 150023 150022 150580 150032-5 150038 150169 150032-g 150010 150077 150598 150068 Spring Pin. 25. 18. 13. 23. Receiver Bolt Handle Hanger Barrel Strap Assembly Spring Pin.

ACCESSORIES: (Not Included) 150115 150072 Not Req’d. 39. Grip Screw Magazine Catch Pin Stock Rail Stock Hinge Pin Retaining Ring Compression Spring. 32. 41. Walther Conversion Magazine Pouch Magazine Loader Cleaning Rod Sling Suppressor 25 . Trigger Spring. 44. 50. 46. 33. 52. 49. Stock Latch Compression Spring. 51. 150209 150459 150217 Magazine. 46. 36. 36. Sear 159043 166041 150088 150462 150460 150612 150155 150016 150252 150293 150597 150166 150594 150070 150268 150249 150032-5 150539 150448 150091 150094 150269 150110 150598 30. 37.29. 35. 47. 34. Stock Hinge Wire Form Butt Trigger Pin Sear Pin Safety Detent Plunger Compression Spring. 45. 42. Safety Detent Safety Slide Compression Sear Trip Disconnector Spring Torsion Trigger Latch Stock Latch Pin Retainer Plunger. Disconnector Spring. 40. 43. 31. Stock Latch Pin.

26 .

26. 15. 23. 7. Bolt Handle Detent Receiver Pin Button Spring Pin Safety Frame Assembly Magazine Catch Compression Spring-Magazine Catch Part No. 27. 22. 9. PARTSLIST Item Title Receiver Bolt Handle Hanger Barrel Strap Assembly Spring Pin. 24. Recoil Spring Pin. 3.8. 11. Ml 1 . Receiver Pin Catch Pin Catch Spring Pin. 10. Bolt Handle Detent Bolt Handle Detent Bolt Extractor Compression Spring. Extractor Buffer Plate Ejector Guide Rod Compression Spring. 21. 28. 2. 6. 13. 17. 4.380 SUBMACHINE GUN ILLlJSTRAtED. Extractor Spring Pin. 19. Barrel Spring Pin. Recoil Spring Rod Compression Spring. 16. 5. Receiver Pin Catch Compression Spring. 6. 150308 150121 150396 150172 150393 150032-7 150032-6 150025-l 1 150133 150032-3 150616 150146 150120 150129 150614 150055 150148 150176 150175 150617 150032-6 150032-l 150177 150169 150032-g 150173-l 150877 150598 27 . 25. 20. 1. 14. 18. 12.

43. 37. 42.) opt. 51. Disconnector Torsion Spring. 46. 38. 50.29. Safety Detent Safety Slide Compression Spring. Sear Sear Trip Disconnector Spring Pin. 35. Trigger Trigger Latch Stock Latch Pin Retainer Plunger. 46. 150072 150197 150209 Not Req’d. Stock Latch (Not Included) 150139 150043 150041 150162 156463 150466 150534 150179 150248 150293 150597 150189 150599 156134 150264 150249 150032-S 150615 150135 150145 156180 150270 15011 o-2 150598 ACCESSORIES: Magazine Magazine Magazine Pouch Magazine Loader Cleaning Rod Sling Suppressor 150113-l (32 rd. Stock Latch Compression Spring. 40. 150218 28 . 45. 33. 49. 39.) 150113-2 (16 rd. 44. 52. Grip Grip Screw Magazine Catch Pin Stock Rail Stock Hinge Pin Retaining Ring Wire Form Butt Trigger Pin Sear Pin Safety Detent Plunger Compression Spring. 31. 47. 41. 34. 30. 32. 36.

23A (MII) MO-45 1 ALTERNATE RECEIVER PIN CONFIGURATION .ITEM IA 22A 23A TITLE RECEIVER RECEIVER RECEIVER PIN PIN M IO/45 150634-l 150628-I - Ml0/9MM 150634-l l50628-I -- MII 150633-I 150628-2 22 A ( MIO-OMM .

360 End Cap 30 .SUPPRESSOR SHOWING REPLACEABLE END CAP Suppressor End Cap Suppressor End Cap M-lo/MM M-10/45 ACP ACP 150217 150225-l 150216 150225-2 150218 150225-l Suppressor M-l l/.


150237-BODY . 1 8 150116 FOLLOWER f I <3 0 150240 FLOOR PLATE RETAINER FLOOR PLATE .

-380 .6 RD 0144 FLOOR PLATE M II.. I 150140 -tSPRING (-I ) 32 RD (-2 1 I.150131-BODY ‘(-I ) 32 RD t-2 1 16 RD f I 150141FOLLOWER I \ i .

Ml1 .MAC Ml0 .

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