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In this Apostolic Prophetic Word and teaching, I will speak about TIME and MOMENT. When I speak about time, this means a long outstretched period of time, a dispensation of time. When I speak from Moments, I speak from the KAIROS moments within the DISPENSATION of time. A time period of many generations!
The term "kairos" is used in the Word of God to describe the qualitative form of time. Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or fitting moment (the supreme moment, short time or Moment in a day, week or month or even your live). A short Moment of time like the Sword of a samurai which waits for the right Moment to become Active at the Right and exact Moment with the greatest and highest precision and effectiveness! Being highly concentrated for the opening of the Moment of time to come to the DESTINATED functionality! For us Christians this can be a week, a few years, but also an hour, or only 5 minutes and also a lifetime in which we have to look out For Gods destined prearranged Moments of time. The God planned Kairos, in our live, in our day. So in the New Testament kairos means "the appointed, PREARRANGED time in the

purpose of God", the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1.15, the kairos is fulfilled). It differs from the more usual word for time which is chronos (kronos). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the Chronos refers to a chronological or sequential time, a Period of time, a DISPENSATION of time the Kairos signifies a time in between the Chronos, the DISPENSATION OF TIME, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens or has to be done. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative nature. These both are bound to each other! If the Moment comes not to its DESTENY the Chronos or the Dispensation of time has to be postponed.



It is not about church structure it is all about structure of heart. God is not into planning a church structure as He is much more in planning a structure of heart and soul. This Message started with this statement and was a reply to a question of Apostle Mary Anne Conte. Than she replied again: “Oh yes with TRUE HEART STRUCTURE COMES CHURCH STRUCTURE! PROPHESY IT, PROPHET PROPHESY IT IN YESHUA'S MIGHTY NAME SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS AMEN!!” What than happened after that conversation is hard to describe! The Spirit of God was resting very heavy upon me and after a certain time of weeping and travailing, of praying of a heartfelt time of craving with a heavy heart for many things I had to sit down and start to write as I heard: Church structure starts with: Two hearts, two bodies, two souls, two minds, coming in agreement to LOVE EACH OTHER! And out of this “consummated love” LIVE IS CONCEIVED.” than this LIVE is been formed in the time of a dispensation of time to a God willed structure. But it starts all with a formless, shapeless hump of flesh. Than as the time go’s bye, shape and Model are made after Gods Perfect will. Than comes the TRAVAILING WAILING and the BIRTHING TIME! You and Jesus, cleaving as ONE, YOU as the Bride receiving His Live Giving Creative Word in you, in your heart in your soul, Birthing and Travailing a “NEW BABY A NEW STRUCTURE” You can appropriate this principle on your private temple, but also on the Universal Temple of the Body of Christ, which we mainly will do here. There are dispensations of time for the “Universal Body of Christ and there are the KAIROS times and Moments for you individually. The Body of Christ is called to become what God calls her to be in HIS DISPENSATION OF TIME… but to make this happen, all have to find their exact moment within this Dispensation of time, they have to find the many KAIROS times, of exact moments. And if they do that they come than in line with the DISPENSATION of time. The Kairos is a very short moment and can vanish very quickly, but the dispensation of time is a long extended period of time. Within this time line you have to find the DESTINATION of your live to be arrayed in Gods army to become a very effective part of the fulfillment of what God has planned to do in HIS DISPENSATION of time. If we miss it personally, there will be some shifts which will take place. Like with Saul and David. God had a PLAN in HIS DISPENSATION of time and brought to pass what ever He needed, to make it happen. Now understand this very well: Your destination of functionality is NOT AS IMPORTANT as that Gods Plan within His DISPENSATION comes to pass. This is for this DISPENSATION of time more crucial as in any other DISPENSATIONS of

time. Many shifts are NOW coming within the Body of Christ because of Gods Plan within this DISPENSATION. Later on I will maybe so my Father allows me, tell you what is coming and what He has planned in the coming dispensation of time. Now you think maybe, what has this all to do with, structure and structure of heart? Well give us some time and you will start to understand it. If we desire to see the Changes Father God has planned for the coming DISPENSATION of time, we have to become ONE with His heart, with His plans, His Visions and His ideas! We have to KNOW GODS WILL to be able to come INLINE with Gods Plan. So that we will become what we are destined to be: THE FULLFILMENT OF GODS PLAN, AND THE REALISATION OF THE DISPENSATION AND THE PLANS OF FATHER GOD IN IT! Your KAIROS Moment makes the CHRONOS from Father God EFECTIVE and MANIFEST VISIBLE! Every dispensation of time has its own face, its own expression, its own structures and its very own Model. We had a dispensation of time for the Old Testament and there is a dispensation of time for the New Testament. God brought to pass in the Old dispensation a Plan and a structure so that we could be able to have this New Dispensation of time! Many have played their role and a lot of individuals have played their part, their role to make this happen. To make that Gods END TIME PLAN can come to pass. If you look through the Word of God, you see that God has chosen some man, some woman to play a Key role in His Plan. These are the ones with a Name and we know them as the Great man and woman of God. Like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Elias, Elisha, David, Saul, Deborah, Ester, Ruth, Mary, Hulda, the Prophetess and some other woman. Just read Hebrews 11! But take Joshua, without his Army what would he be? Would he have been successfully in his Call, in the KAIRO of His Ministry? No he would not and it would have made that Gods PLAN IN THE DISPENSATION of that time, would have been postponed! Now you can see very clearly that God DID POSPONE the Plan and the KAIROS from Joshua within GODS TIME LINE – DISPENSATION for him and for Israel. Normally Joshua would have missed it and his KAIRO moment would have been closed! Just as it would have been closed for the others who were not willing to come into Gods Will, the good, pleasant and the PEFECT WILL from God! Now understand very well that God has chosen and called Man and Woman of God, who are CALLED TO BIRTH AND to TRAVAIL THIS DISPENSATION OF TIME! Why? Because first of all they are chosen to be REPRESENTERS of this dispensation of time! What makes that their KAIRO is also bound to the DISPENSATION of time. They are the DOOR OPENERS TO the New Dispensation of time and of Gods will for a Nation and for Nations! They stand in the FLOOD, THE RIVER, the timely given revelation and Word from God to open up a DOOR for you to come into what God has planned. Individually and Collectively! Joshua needed an Army to fulfill HIS KAIRO and brought through this Army the NEW DISPENSATION OF TIME TO A REALISATION! He was a Key figure to MANIFEST THE KINGDOM OF GOD! For this TIME, it is the KINGDOM structure which comes in the NEW DISPENSATION! It is the PERFECT Thelema will Structure (sealed written down executed Will from Father God). What now come’s is the Final phase and a Perfect Structure and a shape of the Kingdom of God. Another Baby will be born and this baby will be ONE with Gods heart and represent a structure of HEART to HEART! God’s heart to mine heart! There is DECAY and a DIENG which will take place all over the Body of Christ. You see, the most of the Body of Christ is NOT TIED TO HIS HEART and therefore it is NOT ABLE TO find its KAIROS and therefore God will NOT USE IT, He is not able to use it so that they can come and bring

forth the NEW DISPENSATION OF TIME! The time is short as we are NOW in the end of a dispensation to come INTO another DISPENSATION OF TIME. The former dispensation allowed a lot of things from our selves. We were in the Holy place and we were in the courtyard and we could mess around for a very long time. But now we are gone enter into a DISPENSATION of time where HEART WILL CLEAVE TO HEART, and where we will REMAIN in the Most Holy Place. From this Place the KINGDOM STRUCTURE WILL BE BORN into our hearts, into our lives and into the Nations! This is why there is such a massive WALING and TRAVAILING in the Spirit realm. There is something OLD which has to be done away. There is an old woman who will BIRTH under great PAIN, WAILING AND TRAVAILING this manly child. First there has to be a conceiving of the PURE PERFECT WILL AND WORD OF GOD in our hearts, there has to be the CONCEIVING of the KAIRO Moments, which will bring us into a time off pregnancy and eventually of Birthing. I know this is much Information, but listen closely and try to grasp this teaching for your own live. God is moving and the desire of His heart is that as much as possible come along INTO this new dispensation of time! But it will be as in the time of Joshua where many FAILED to grasp their God given KAIROS because they lacked to CLEAVE to Gods heart and they were therefore not able to DO GODS WILL, in the Moment and the time of their live that God asked to get active! God had to POSPONE His Plan in the time of Joshua and Raised up a NEW GENERATION to be able to fulfill HIS PLAN. So will God do in this Generation, which is why He told me to focus upon the upcoming younger generations! Joshua had to wait 40 years until he could come into Gods Plan for his live and he trained and educated them, his focus was upon the upcoming generations as he knew that they would become Gods Army of warriors to bring down the Nations they were called for to take in. He came together with the NEW UPCOMING GENERATIONS in all the Blessings. But all the others remained barren, fruitless, and dry and decayed in the dessert time – the time of their lives. Were they not called like Joshua? Yes they were! But they did NOT SANCTIFY THEIR LIVES as Joshua was willing to do! They had not the passion for Gods love as Joshua and Kaleb had. They missed Gods KAIRO for their lives. And this only because they were not able and not willing to CLEAVE to Gods heart and to do Gods WILL! They were not willing to DIE of their SELFWILL, and therefore could God not bring them in that what HE WILLED and desired to give them. Which firstly was that they came into their own KAIRO, the destination of Gods Plan for their live and secondly into the fulfillment of the Blessings IN THE DISPENSATION GOD HAD PLANNED FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME! What made them miss it was: The structure of their hearts was apostate, deceitful, treasonable and rebellious and totally OPPOSITE to that what God planned to do! Now when you are not IN LINE with Gods Plan for the coming dispensation of time, you will be found in Gods eyes as one who is rebellious and apostate. The end of the line is that those who are not able to cleave to Gods heart and will, will find themselves in the camp of the lost ones. These are those who are not moving along and who stay in Babylon! They will stay in the WRONG structures of heart and therefore also in the wrong gatherings, gatherings who are out to build them selves an own kingdom. Out for fame, richness and for all kind of other things of this world, just following their own dreams. Just as in the time of Joshua many will hear upon those false leaders, with false visions and false dreams. Many will desire to go along with them and not with Joshua which was chosen from God to bring them into all He had planned for their lives. He had the keys given from Father God to bring them all into their personal inheritance and to bring them into their collectively given inheritance. God moved on, without them, as His time plan would not be delayed, He

will bring forth this NEW BABY; He will bring to pass His Perfect Plan with whom ever He has to choose for this to come to pass. The Kingdom Structure which is rapidly breaking through is a structure from heart to heart: from Gods heart to your heart. It is a structure of ONE OF HEART! As it started with two hearts melting together as ONE, it will also END with two hearts melting together as ONE! And this will bring forth the “MANLY CHILD” who will rule and reign over the Nations of this earth. God says there will be not a nine months period after having got pregnant, it will be a time of coming into my Presence, getting pregnant of my CREATIVE WORD and birthing and travailing at the SAME TIME… This is why there is such a BIRTHING TRAVAILING IN THE SPIRIT. I have no time anymore and my KINGDOM WILL BREAK THROUGH IN ALL OFF YOU, ESPECIALLY IN MY WARRIORS, MY CHOSEN BRIDE! It is birthing time it is travailing time… it is birthing time it is travailing time … For the continuation of this word go to part 2 of travailing and birthing!

In Gods service and in his Assignment

Apostle Prophet Minstrel Johannes John

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