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Treadmills for Sale

Treadmills for Sale

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Published by: thereviewsguru on Jul 31, 2011
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Treadmills for sale

This Treadmills reviews and 'treadmills for sale' article is brough t you by treadmills for sale, where you can learn more about treadmills for sale.

Recently my spouse wanted us to invest in a treadmill for the home. Her job requires far more and more of her hours and she preferred to do cardio work in the family home and then head out to the health and fitness center for other workouts when she can .. She also occasionally uses my Steel Bow Bullworker and Zumba work outs routines. I review fitness products for my website . So this was an opportunity for me to lug out the substantial review of treadmills .So I spent a few weeks reviewing all styles of treadmills .I chronicled everything. I centered on the treadmill features , craftsmanship, third party reviews, company reputation , warranties and customer testimonials.

Since time immemorial Walking has been one of the most useful cardiovascular exercises that was on hand for people of all age range. That usually means that it has benefits for the heart lungs and circulatory system .It also increases ligament tone and burns fat calories. Treadmills deliver you with a convenient approach to regularly exercise in all weather conditions conditions from the comfort of your very own home . If you were to purchase any home fitness equipment then you should invest in a treadmill. It has most benefits. There are many forms of residence fitness equipment. However treadmills have proven very preferred. In deed scientists have focused on this question. Many reports demonstrate that treadmills are popular simply because it is natural to walk or run. So it feels much a lot more “normal' to use a treadmill as contrary to other convoluted exercising methods.

Let me be clear. If somebody ever tells you that this or that piece of apparatus or treadmill- you must get away from them as promptly as possible . Most likely they are simply a salesman or merely trying to make some quick money. The explanation is simple - some men and women prefer chevys , others like Chryslers, others like BMWs others like Lincoln Navigators. So the

first crucial lesson is - the most effective treadmill or any equipment or even any automobile depends on YOUR Requirements.

So the first rule of thumb is to identify what your requirements and goals are. So if a person are 300 pounds and a candidate for the “The biggest loser” and or if you weight 150 pounds and are hunting to simply tone - then you are searching for two different treadmills. If you are looking to be sign up for the Tour De France, then you need to build up your cardio vascular endurance and make sure your legs are strong enough -then you need a numerous kind of treadmill.

In this review we are going to tell you every thing you want to know about treadmills with a concentration on the Horizon T101 and Horizon T202( which We eventually purchased for our home gym).

How much does a good treadmill cost?

First we were centred on the price. A treadmill is a major investment. So you want to discover what the parameters of costs are. There are treadmills costing over 3000$. The mid range is about 1500 to 2900$ while the lowest spending budget is about 1499 to 500$. .You should also know that various outlets whether off line or online have different prices .Sometimes there are discounts and product sales.

My life philosophy says that I should certainly not spend the most nor should I spend the least. The most affordable is usually the worst quality and will fall apart in no time. The most highpriced is never that much better than the more middle priced ones. So for our home I was looking for something between 600$ and 1400$.

Another fact to consider is how long you want to keep the machine. You could make your mind up to use it for lets say three years and get another one. At that level your fitness needs may have changed and or there may be better models costing less and so on.

Getting a good offer. Not only do you need to know the various value ranges but you also need to know how to get the recommended for you deal within whatever price group you are in . So what should you concentrate on?

Manual or automatic ?

Some persons go for the manual treadmill due to price consideration. However this should be avoided . These kinds of treadmills are laborious to get moving and you have to use an intense incline .Additionally once you start moving you change the incline. If your budget does not allow you to spend money on a motorized treadmill - we advise you to consider the elliptical trainers . These are cheaper - they give you a lower impact workout but they also exercise you lower and upper body.

So lets assume you are going with the motorized one. To begin with you must look at the treadmill motor and horsepower. The good reason for this is that the motor is the part that does the most work. Without being too technical -you want to emphasis on the “continuous duty rating”( continuous duty). So this should be between 1.5 to 2.5 Horse Power (HP) P This is adequate for average people.(You don’t want to worry too much about the “peak duty”There is also a 'treadmill duty” which is in among the continuous and peak. ) . Some machines have 3 HP which is fine but an individual really don’t need that much power. However if the equipment you like has 3HP and the price tag is OK then it is not a negative. But you should not have to pay more to get 3HP .

You must also make sure that the treadmill is a Direct Current motor- as this are quieter and make a humming sound. This is even more important if you need to keep an eye on TV and or listen to music or hear the kids in the others room .If the treadmill makes too much noise you will be unable to hear over it.

Of value here is the warranty . Sometimes in life you will purchase a piece of products and then about one calendar year later there is a short circuit or another electrical malfunction which effectively makes the equipment inoperative. .So make sure you focus on the warranty. Sears may give you a distinct warranty from Costco or from Amazon or even from the company that manufactures the treadmill. So it is crucial that we read the fine print. If you are spending the low end for a treadmill - lets say 800$ then I would take a one year warranty. Here is my thinking. If the machine does not break down within one year it is likely to go on for quite a while. In any case you cannot expect a long warranty if you are spending the low end. However keep away from the 90 day warranties. This means that the particular treadmill is so feeble made -and will typically fail after about three months. If you are paying over $3000 then you should expect a a couple of year warranty- however if you are paying 600 to 1400$ a one twelve months warranty is OK. This means 1 year service and parts. So for our budget we were looking for at least a year';s warranty and hopefully more but we were not anticipating to get more than 2 years warranty. Note that the motor is the most critical part .

How much room do you have in your house? One of the items that some individuals forget is to think about how much room they have .Have you ever been to a friend's house and the TV is so much greater than the room? I have a 52 inch Samsung - even though I desired a larger TV. The reason is that the measurement of the space matters. So if your basement is 80 inches long don’t buy a machine that is 85 inches long. You also have to focus on the width. You need enough space to get on the treadmill and have space to move your arms Shrinking Violet? So if you have limited room in your dwelling you may have to choose a folding treadmill. The folding ones will save on space and also store away instead on sitting in the middle of a room. if the machine folds then you need to know whether it has wheels so that you can move it around. You also need to know how heavy the machine is . If its is too heavy and has no wheels sooner or later you will get bored of lugging it around. And this is the worst thing that can happen to you. The prospect of moving it will discourage you from working out. You will become one of those individuals | folks | men and women | people today | persons who buy expensive machines , use them once and then never use them again. That is not something you want to happen..

If you have a lot of room , then you don’t need to fold the treadmill. A point of interest: Design improvements on the folding models signifies that they have become much superior , more sturdier, more stable , easier to fold and easy to move -when compared to their non folding counterparts. Most of the folding treadmills come with hydraulics -much like the convertible automobiles which makes it easy to fold up and or down.

If you wish to move your folding treadmill constantly then its potential to move should be an critical consideration. Essentially all treadmills are movable it is just how much strength you will need to do so. Some require titling on two wheels while others have four wheels which pop out when folded making it a breeze to move them. If you need to move the treadmill or lift it into a vehicle or take it out of one remember to follow the perfect lifting protocol - with your legs and not with your back bent over.

Bigger is much better?

The normal treadmill ( with a 20' wide belt can be 3.5 x 6 You need a belt which is long enough -depending on your own stride so that your feet are not hitting the front of the treadmill - which is actually dangerous. So if you are over 5 feet then you need a belt that is at least 50 to 55 inches. The taller you are- the longer the stride- the longer the belt that you need.

In addition to length you want to focus on the width of the belt. If it is too slim your toes will constantly run into the sides and brush up against the side of the treadmill. So you need enough space as sometimes one wanders a little bit from side to side. You don’t want to hit the deck or have to pay all your focus to where you are stepping .You should be able to wander a little bit. For us we find the 20 inches standard is more than enough - even though it may not be for very tall people. ( Iam 5 “9)..

One more feature to look out regarding the belt is whether or not it is one ply or two ply . The two ply belts are generally more sturdier and will give you more life. Just like the two ply toilet paper !Usually the belt should be adjustable .You should guarantee that the rollers that make it easy for the belt to adjust is at least 2 inches. This extends the life of the belt.

One other factor is that the belt moves over what is referred to as a deck. These decks are usually treated with lubricant. They come pretreated. This reduces the friction . In addition the decks can also wear out over long periods of time. Luckily some decks can actually be turned over giving you that much more use of the machine. However treadmills with these decks that can be turned over are much more high priced.

How much do you weigh? So are you a contender for “the Biggest loser” or are you a slim 90 pounds? This is an vital point that you must take into thing to consider before you decide to buy a treadmill. Each treadmill has a maximum weight limit. So some machines have an upper limit of 300 , others have 400.However if you weigh exactly 300 pounds we would most likely advise not to go with the 300 limit one. I would go with one that has higher weight limit. Why is this ? We found out that many manufacturers exaggerate the bodyweight capacity of their machines by as much as 50 pounds. So if you buy a treadmill marketed for as having a 300 pound weight ( it may actually be ideal for those weighing 250 pounds or less ) . So if you weigh 300 pounds, and purchase such a machine , it will not crumble under your weight , but its motor, belt , rollers and bearings will give out faster than they should have giving your treadmill a shorter life.

Wobble wobble or sturdy?

One of the areas you need to know is whether a treadmill is steady. You don’t want a treadmill that will feel shaky or even jerky. First the quality of the frame of the treadmill is essential . These should really be high alloy steel . This is heavier and more durable that the chrome or aluminum. Another thing to center on is the handle grips. If the handles are not up to it, they will not hold you if you tripped and needed to hold onto something. In addition the hand rails should also be sturdy enough .It should be in a comfortable position so that you can grip easily .This is even more crucial for people who are older , have certain health related conditions or who have a balance problem. These people should make sure that the handles are along the sides of the machines and of course sturdy enough. The handles should also have enough leeway so that you can move your hands freely without hitting on the had rails.

Some machines have a safety strap which you can tie around your wrist . Now this is not to hold you down if you were to fall. No no . This is attached to the machine with a small magnet .So if you were to trip and fall, the strap will detach and shut the treadmill down .So if you are generally unstable, elderly or have some medical problems help to make sure that your treadmill has this safety feature.

The Dashboard ? Just like with automobiles, treadmills come with some things standard on their dashboards and some as extras. You now have to decide what features you want. Of course the price you pay determines the bells and whistles that you get. In addition some people like simplicity so a treadmills with a number of dials will be sufficient. . Some will come with various preset and programmable workouts dials on the console .. So you can set your pace ,duration and incline and the treadmill will remember next time you hop on. However these should be easily adjustable- and well set out so you can reach them while running. There is usually up and down arrows to adjust any of the menu items - from speed to incline to time etc. They should also tell you how much distance you have traveled and how much more you have to go.

Some occur with a cellphone holder, water bottle holder and even a space for some magazines. The center position is best for the water bottle as it is easier to reach. With some newer models you can even plug in your video or audio player such as Mp3s.With others you can even plug onto the net and check out some workout routines or even watch your favorite videos. Some even have fans - to cool you down as you sweat. Again it is for you to decide how many features you want on your treadmill. It is more like either having a blackberry or an iphone. For me I am an iphone man, I need many features and add many apps to my Iphone. Similarly I like more features on my treadmill.

Climbing the ladder of success ? One of the features that you should pay attention to is the incline feature. Some treadmills come with a decline feature too. This is critical because you burn that many more calories if you raise the incline even by 1 degree. You should look out for those with inclines of at least 10 degrees. The more expensive models have about 15 degrees of incline- which is even greater.

If you are going the speed limit get out of the way. The speed of the treadmill is also an significant consideration If you are an average person, like me, you want one which goes at least 10 miles an hour. You don’t really need any faster speed. You don’t want to pay for a Ferrari that does 200 miles an hour and then have to drive it in places where the speed limit is 65 . To give you an idea - power walkers do so at a speed of about 5 miles an hour. So at about 8 miles an hour you will be running. My preferred speed is 6 miles an hours. I find that this gives me the speed I need without tiring me out too soon. You don’t want to do 10 miles an hour and only manage 2 minutes on the treadmill. I have seen people do that and its is funny if it was not so sad.. You want to jog at 5 miles an hour and hold up for about 30 to 45 minutes. Not do 1o miles an hour and run for two minutes!.

Another point to keep in mind. With some treadmills -if you program it at about 6 miles an hour - next time you start it is starts at a high speed. This is not OK. You don’t want to blast off from the starting blocks at a high speed ala Carl Lewis. What you need is a machine that starts low and then rises slowly to your pre programmed speed. However most treadmills enable you to adjust the speed with the up and down arrow buttons- so not much to fret about.

How hard is your heart beating?

Some treadmills have a pulse monitor built in which ensure that you realize how your heart is beating. If your treadmill does not have it you may get one separately. However note that the pulse monitor like any other monitors , are not always exact and can be off slightly - by about 15 to 20%. So always note that if your machines say you have burned 200 calories - in actuality maybe you have burned only 180 calories . So if you really want to make certain - just add an extra 20% - that means you should work out right until the machine reads about 220 calories -if your goal is 200. However don’t be too hung up on the exact numbers the idea is to ensure that you are monitoring these numbers - and that you have some basic pointers- or ball park figure. Note that if you preset your heart rate at lets say 70% of your maximum heart rate some machines will merely adjust the incline to stay within your limit.

TIP of the DAY. Do you know what your Maximum cardiovascular rate is ? Take the number 220 subtract your age and now you have your maximum heart rate.

Most treadmills ask you for your age and weight and that is how they calculate your maximum cardiovascular system rate.

Soft or hard? Some people like soft pillows and others like more support. So it is with treadmills. So for example if you are used to running outside , then you may not want a cushioned treadmill. You may feel strange especially on your joints. These kinds of treadmills have a shock absorption system ( also called flex) are softer. However if you only walk and do not run, or never run outdoors, then you should consider a device with cushioning. So again you have to decide based on your requires.

Other matters to note. Working on a treadmill is a strenuous exercise. So you will be well well-advised to check with your doctor especially if you have medical conditions or are elderly- to ensure that you are fit for this particular strenous exercise. For safety ensure that the treadmill is safely locked - so that young youngsters do not get on it and fall off injuring themselves. Their clothes can also get caught up in the unit which is a safety hazard. If your machine does not have a locking device assure that you unplug it after use and put safety plugs in your outlets.

Where is the best place to buy ? Of course buying online provides you a better variety and even better prices than your neighborhood store. As long as you have done your investigation then you can get on the web. usually you will get higher warranties and normally - if you buy from reputable places like Amazon you wont have to pay out for shipping or delivery .In addition the return policies are also important if for some reason you want to return it.

So what treadmill did we get? We winnowed it down to down to two the Horizon T101 and the Horizon T202. ( Click to check out our reviews). We went with the T202- which is the bigger brother of the Horizon T101 . It came with most of the features listed above and it was also well priced at 799$ on Amazon. It is also one of the best selling treadmills online and had many positive customer reviews. It is manufactured by one of the most reputable companies that is an expert in this market. Horizon is part of Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest manufacturers of physical fitness equipment in the world.

As you can tell , from our review, we don’t just do a quick review. We realize that those cursory reviews are a dime a dozen on the internet Our goal is to give you you with the most comprehensive information that is possible. We make sure that we address all important features and benefits . We spend hours and days checking out anything that we review. We also keep adding more data that we get . So bookmark our website and follow us on twitter. You can also investigate out other reviews below.. We also put reviews often .

| Horizon T101| Horizon T202|LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill | Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill|Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill| Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill|| Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill| Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill| To learn more out more about Treadmills and 'treadmills for sale', go to your website treadmills for sale.

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