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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments. Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.

This book is your ultimate resource for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software right away, covering: Customer relationship management, Business Augmentation Services, Lead scoring, 24SevenOffice, Abacus (GDS), Access Commerce, Account aggregation, ACT!, Association Management System, BigMachines, CGram Software, CiviCRM, Clear Enterprise, Comparison of CRM systems, Comparison of marketing workflow automation software, Constant Contact, Dolibarr, Ebase, ECRM, EngageIP, Entellium, Enterprise relationship management, EpesiBIM, Field Force Automation, FonGenie, Foundation network, FrontAccounting, Fuzzies, GoldMine, IKnowWare, InContact, Intelestream, Kayako, Lynkos, Maximizer Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MSSolve, NGenera CIM, OpenMFG, Oracle CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Paretoplatform.com, Pegasystems, Pivotal, Pivotal CRM, Quosal, Quotewerks, Really Simple Systems, Salesforce.com, SalesLogix, SalesPage, SAP Business One, SAP CRM, Selltis, SugarCRM, TaskHub, TeleMagic, Tessitura (software), WebCRM, Workbooks.com

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with the objectivity of experienced professionals.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments. Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.

This book is your ultimate resource for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software right away, covering: Customer relationship management, Business Augmentation Services, Lead scoring, 24SevenOffice, Abacus (GDS), Access Commerce, Account aggregation, ACT!, Association Management System, BigMachines, CGram Software, CiviCRM, Clear Enterprise, Comparison of CRM systems, Comparison of marketing workflow automation software, Constant Contact, Dolibarr, Ebase, ECRM, EngageIP, Entellium, Enterprise relationship management, EpesiBIM, Field Force Automation, FonGenie, Foundation network, FrontAccounting, Fuzzies, GoldMine, IKnowWare, InContact, Intelestream, Kayako, Lynkos, Maximizer Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MSSolve, NGenera CIM, OpenMFG, Oracle CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Paretoplatform.com, Pegasystems, Pivotal, Pivotal CRM, Quosal, Quotewerks, Really Simple Systems, Salesforce.com, SalesLogix, SalesPage, SAP Business One, SAP CRM, Selltis, SugarCRM, TaskHub, TeleMagic, Tessitura (software), WebCRM, Workbooks.com

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software


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High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Companies are urged to consider the overall impact of a viable CRM software suite and the potential for good or harm in its use. Next came the advent of tools for other client-interface business functions. nurture and retain those the company already has. use and support of customer relationship management systems can provide a significant advantage to the user. and the sales pipeline itself. clients and sales prospects. Additionally. Instances of a CRM attempting to contain a large. an interface that is difficult to navigate or understand can hinder the CRM’s effectiveness. especially for large businesses. These tools have been. opportunities. Previously these tools were generally limited to contact management: monitoring and recording interactions and communications. This fragmented implementation can cause inherent challenges.[4] Benefits of CRM A CRM system may be chosen because it is thought to provide the following advantages: • • • • • Quality and efficiency Decrease in overall costs Decision support Enterprise agility Customer Attention Challenges Successful development. The increased use of customer relationship management software has also led to an industry-wide shift in evaluating the role of the developer in designing and maintaining its software. and still are. while others may be pushed aside. entice former clients back into the fold. there are obstacles that obstruct the user from using the system to its full potential. attract. complex group of data can become cumbersome and difficult to understand for an ill-trained user. and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities. but often. implementation. but also those for marketing.[3] Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.Customer relationship management 1 Customer relationship management Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers. . and technical support. It involves using technology to organize. as only certain parts are used and the system is not fully functional. territories. offered as on-premises software that companies purchase and run on their own IT infrastructure. Software solutions then expanded to embrace deal tracking. automate. and win new clients.[1] The overall goals are to find.[2] Customer relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments. and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. as described below. causing users to pick and choose which areas of the system to be used. Complexity Tools and workflows can be complex. customer service.

upgrades and future editions of software. decisions and actions.[14] Business reputation Business reputation has become a growing challenge. Addressing the fragmentation requires a shift in philosophy and mindset in an organization so that everyone considers the impact to the customer of policy. Even one unhappy customer can deliver a body blow to a business.[18] Poor usability and low usage rates lead many companies to indicate that it was difficult to justify investment in the software without the potential for more tangible gains.[6] and there is an expectation that the usability of systems should be somewhat intuitive: “it helps make the machine an extension of the way I think — not how it wants to me think.[11] Fragmentation Often. with a 2002 study suggesting that less than half of CRM projects are expected to provide a significant return on investment. The importance of usability in a system has developed over time.[10] This bloated software can appear sluggish and/or overwhelming to the user.[13] The challenge of fragmented implementations may be mitigated with improvements in late-generation CRM systems. A series of 1998 research indicates that each item added to an information display can significantly affect the overall experience the user.[15] Some developments and shifts have made companies more conscious of the life-cycle of a customer relationship management system. The outcome of internal fragmentation that is observed and commented upon by customers is now visible to the rest of the world in the era of the social customer. and dysfunctional processes.[9] In many cases. With a difficult interface for a user to navigate.[5] Customers are likely not as patient to work through malfunctions or gaps in user safety. CRM systems face the challenge of producing viable financial profits.[16] Companies now consider the possibility of brand loyalty and persistence of its users to purchase updates.[8] This “ease of service” is paramount for developing a system that is usable.[19] .Customer relationship management 2 Poor usability One of the largest challenges that customer relationship management systems face is poor usability. An overly complex computer system can result in an equally complex and non-friendly user interface. Systems that start disunited usually stay that way: siloed thinking and decision processes frequently lead to separate and incompatible systems. only employees or partners were aware of it. A fragmented implementation can negate any financial benefit associated with a customer relationship management system. poor usability can lead to implementations that are fragmented — isolated initiatives by individual departments to address their own needs. in the past.[12] Instead. thus not allowing the system to work as fully intended. rather than the structure of the organization. as companies choose not to use all the associated features factored when justifying the investment.[17] Additionally. Human response at all levels of the organization can affect the customer experience for good or ill.” An intuitive design can prove most effective in developing the content and layout of a customer relationship management system. it is important that support for the CRM system is companywide. the growth of capabilities and complexities of systems has hampered the usability of a customer relationship management system. implementation can be fragmented or not entirely complete.[7] Two 2008 case studies show that the layout of a system provides a strong correlation to the ease of use for a system and that it proved more beneficial for the design to focus on presenting information in a way that reflected the most important goals and tasks of the user. keeping the system from full use and potential.

in most cases. social media. A series of 2008 research shows that CRM systems. quote generation. however. Researchers have argued that. need to be more open to flexibility of technical writers. as many believe that improvements in security come at the expense of system usability.[24] These professionals can then gather information and use it at their preference. Corporations investing in CRM software do so expecting a relative ease of use while also requiring that customer and other sensitive data remain secure.Customer relationship management 3 Security concerns A large challenge faced by developers and users is found in striking a balance between ease of use in the CRM interface and suitable and acceptable security measures and features. At the heart of SFA is a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client. telephone and direct mail.[2] Marketing CRM systems for marketing help the enterprise identify and target potential clients and generate leads for the sales team. that security and usability can coexist harmoniously.[22] In many ways. Modules for Web 2. following the user’s orders to execute the file. Many SFA applications also include insights into opportunities. allowing these professionals to become content builders. organizations create and track specific web activities that help develop the client relationship. In these events. minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on each phase. This balance can be difficult. from initial contact to final disposition. and revenue. among others. Alternatively. emerging interests in SFA. In a web-focused marketing CRM solution. developing a system that allows users to easily access desired information and is secure and trusted by its users. This allows a business to use fewer sales representatives to manage their clients. the computer system acted as it should in identifying a file and then. a secure CRM system can become more usable. Researchers argue that a more usable system creates less confusion and lessens the amount of potentially harmful errors. Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) solutions offer to track customer behaviour and nurture them from first contact to sale. online video content.[20] Research and study show the importance of designing and developing technology that balances a positive user interface with security features that meet industry and corporate standards. Types/variations Sales force automation Sales force automation (SFA) involves using software to streamline all phases of the sales process. leads.[23] Technical writers can play a large role in developing customer relationship management systems that are secure and easy to use. Metrics monitored include clicks. deals. exposed the computer and network to a harmful virus.0 e-commerce and pricing are new. search. responses. often cutting out the active sales process altogether. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multichannel campaigns. sales forecasts and workflow automation. territories. security breaches are the result of user-error (such as unintentionally downloading and executing a computer virus). including email. and online web presentations. in turn creating a more secure and stable CRM system.[21] A 2002 study shows. These activities may include such activities as free downloads. . and product knowledge.

An automated process is used to schedule and confirm the appointment. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate. Sales analytics let companies monitor and understand client actions and preferences. agent performance.” marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify those who are bogged down in a sales process and need assistance. the development and adoption of these tools and services have fostered greater fluidity and cooperation among sales. and marketing. Reps. This finds expression in the concept of collaborative systems that use technology to build bridges between departments.[27] More recently. organizations are increasingly turning to technology to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Marketing applications generally come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting. and search marketing campaigns. purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client problems. in their turn. offline. through sales forecasting and data quality.[25] in order to correct problems before they affect satisfaction levels. Appointment CRM is a relatively new CRM platform category in which an automated system is used to offer a suite of suitable appointment times to a customer via e-mail or through a web site. Marketing and finance personnel also use analytics to assess the value of multi-faceted programs as a whole. Sales. . feedback from a technical support center can enlighten marketers about specific services and product features clients are asking for. Analytics Relevant analytics capabilities are often interwoven into applications for sales. and service.Customer relationship management 4 Customer service and support Recognizing that service is an important factor in attracting and retaining customers. and the frequency of various issues. By evaluating “buy signals. Integrated/Collaborative Departments within enterprises — especially large enterprises — tend to function with little collaboration. marketing. customer support. want to be able to pursue these opportunities without the burden of re-entering records and contact data into a separate SFA system. and service personnel regularly spend a portion of their time getting in touch with customers and prospects through a variety of means to agree on a time and place for meeting for a sales conversation or to deliver customer service. Appointment CRM systems can be an origination point for a sales lead and are generally integrated with sales and marketing CRM systems to capture and store the interaction. For example. service quality. and features for measuring the effectiveness of online. service. Support-focused applications typically include dashboards similar to those for sales. Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on Web sites. and place it on the appropriate person's calendar. These types of analytics are increasing in popularity as companies demand greater visibility into the performance of call centers and other service and support channels.[26] Appointment Creating and scheduling appointments with customers is a central activity of most customer oriented businesses.[25] Even so. plus capabilities to measure and analyze response times.

Moreover. Companies can also leverage client stated habits and preferences to "hyper-target" their sales and marketing communications. and cost quantified in three general areas: • Processes: Though these systems have many technological components. It can be seen as a more client-centric way of doing business. responsiveness. Increasingly. These tools usually focus on accounts rather than on individual contacts. basic client service can be accomplished by a contact manager system: an integrated solution that lets organizations and individuals efficiently track and record interactions. risks assessed. Customers can now research companies online and then ask for recommendations through social media channels. scheduling. such as using online communities as a source of high-quality leads and a vehicle for crowd sourcing solutions to client-support problems.[28] Some analysts take the view that business-to-business marketers should proceed cautiously when weaving social media into their business processes. membership levels. Benefits must be defined. business processes lie at its core. People also use social media to share opinions and experiences on companies. In light of the growth of social networking tools. sometimes responding with negatives about that company. making their buying decision without contacting the company. planners need to determine the types of client information that are most relevant. resources. Non-profit and membership-based Systems for non-profit and membership-based organizations help track constituents and their involvement in the organization. and how best to employ them. small businesses are finding value in online solutions. demographics. documents. Many include tools for identifying potential donors based on previous donations and participation. and company-wide support that can make the initiative of choosing and implementing a system successfully.[3] . a company must analyze its business workflows and processes before choosing a technology platform. companies are looking to gain access to these conversations and take part in the dialogue. LinkedIn and Facebook are amplifying the voice of people in the marketplace and are having profound and far-reaching effects on the ways in which people buy. a complete and detailed plan is required to obtain the funding. some will likely need re-engineering to better serve the overall goal of winning and satisfying clients.Customer relationship management 5 Small business For small business. faxes. Social media promoters cite a number of business advantages. As social media is not as widely moderated or censored as mainstream media. Capabilities typically include tracking the following: fund-raising. Therefore. marketing effectiveness. and market trends. Strategy For larger-scale enterprises. enabled by technology that consolidates and intelligently distributes pertinent information about clients. As with larger enterprises. Social media Social media sites like Twitter. They also generally include opportunity insight for tracking sales pipelines plus added functionality for marketing and service. and resent company involvement. especially for mobile and telecommuting workers. These observers recommend careful market research to determine if and where the phenomenon can provide measurable benefits for client interactions. positive or negative. there may be some overlap between social/community driven tools and non-profit/membership tools. volunteering and communications with individuals. including emails.[29] It is stated that people feel their interactions are peer-to-peer between them and their contacts. products and services. jobs. sales and support. and more. membership directories. More than a few systems are now integrating to social networking sites. individuals can say anything they want about a company or brand. sales.

• Toward a solution: overcoming siloed thinking. sales representatives need to know about current issues and relevant marketing promotions before attempting to cross-sell to a specific client. In this view. Many of the challenges listed above offer a glimpse into some of the obstacles that corporations implementing a CRM suite face.275 participating companies had end-user adoption rates above 90 percent. a Gartner report estimated that more than $1 billion had been spent on software that was not being used. Proponents emphasize that technology should be implemented only in the context of careful strategic and operational planning.[33] Such “point solutions” offer little or no integration or alignment with a company’s overall strategy. Statistics In 2003. resources and staffing do not allow for the troubleshooting necessary to tackle an issue and the system is shelved or sidestepped instead. Depending upon the size of the company and the breadth of data. integrations are piecemeal initiatives that address a glaring need: improving a particular client-facing process or two or automating a favored sales or client support channel. enterprises simply automate flawed client-facing processes rather than redesign them according to best practices.. higher rates of client satisfaction.[35] In a 2007 survey from the U.Customer relationship management • People: For an initiative to be effective. And support agents require quick and complete access to a client’s sales and service history.[32] In other instances. many corporations only use CRM systems on a partial or fragmented basis. department-centric views should be discarded in favor of reorienting processes toward information-sharing across marketing. an organization must convince its staff that the new technology and workflows will benefit employees as well as clients. context. • Poor integration: For many companies.[34] Additionally. without an accompanying rationale. Senior executives need to be strong and visible advocates who can clearly state and support the case for change.[33] Adoption issues Historically. internally-focused. thus missing opportunities for effective marketing and efficiency.[3] 6 Implementation Implementation issues Increases in revenue. while perhaps less severe. and support for the workforce. For example. Further. and service. in many cases time.K. key factors include alignment with the company’s business process strategy and goals. is a long way from being solved. Experts advise organizations to recognize the immense value of integrating their client-facing operations. teamwork. four-fifths of senior executives reported that their biggest challenge is getting their staff to use the systems they had installed. Collaboration. They offer a less than complete client view and often lead to unsatisfactory user experiences. especially with respect to process improvement. sales. Platform selection is best undertaken by a carefully chosen group of executives who understand the business processes to be automated as well as the software issues. 43 percent of respondents said they use less than half the . less than 40 percent of 1. and significant savings in operating costs are some of the benefits to an enterprise. According to CSO Insights. the landscape is littered with instances of low adoption rates.[30] • Technology: In evaluating technology. More recent research indicates that the problem. choosing an application can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more. Marketing staff should be able to leverage client information from sales and service to better target campaigns and offers. including the ability to deliver the right data to the right employees and sufficient ease of adoption and use. and two-way communication should be encouraged across hierarchical boundaries.[31] Implementations almost invariably fall short when one or more facets of this prescription are ignored: • Poor planning: Initiatives can easily fail when efforts are limited to choosing and deploying software.

. • Help Option Menu: An outlet for quick assistance or frequently asked questions can provide users with a lifeline that makes the customer relationship management software easier to use. to be successful.[36] With expenditures expected to exceed $11 billion in 2010. • Lead by example: Upper management must use the new application themselves. intuitive design and overall usability of a system can influence [39] the users’ opinions and preferences of systems.[37] 7 Increasing usage and adoption rates Specialists offer these recommendations[34] for boosting adoptions rates and coaxing users to blend these tools into their daily workflow: • Choose a system that is easy to use: Not all solutions are created equal. Further recommendations include[38] • “Breadcrumb Trail”: This offers the user a path. 72 percent indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use. researchers found the following themes were common in systems that users evaluated favorably. These positive evaluations led to the increased use and more thorough implementation of the CRM system. • Provide training: Changing the way people work is no small task. usually at the top of a web or CRM page. The amount of time needed for the development and implementation of a customer relationship management system can prove costly to the implementation as well. • Choose appropriate capabilities: Employees need to know that the time they invest in learning and in using the new system will not be wasted. by risking a greatly reduced rate of adoption by employees. Researchers noted a strong correlation between the design and layout of a user interface and the perceived level of trust from the user. Additionally. Research indicates that implementation timelines that are greater than 90 days in length run an increased risk in the CRM system failing to yield successful results. otherwise.[36] enterprises need to address and overcome persistent adoption challenges. some familiarization training and help-desk support are usually required. even with today’s more usable systems. they will ignore or circumvent the system. and 67 percent said that finding time to evaluate systems was a major problem. • Readily available search engine boxes: Research shows that users are quick to seek immediate results through the use of a search engine box.[40] The researchers found that users felt more comfortable on a system evaluated as usable and applied that comfort and trust into increased use and adoption. thereby showing employees that the top leaders fully support the application or else it will skew the ultimate course of the initiative toward failure. 51 percent cited data synchronization as a major issue. Researchers suggest making this resource a large component of the CRM during the development stage. to return to the starting point of navigation. This can prove useful for users who might find themselves lost or unsure how they got to the current screen in the CRM. some vendors offer applications that are more user-friendly — a factor that should be as important to the decision as is functionality.Customer relationship management functionality of their existing system. indeed that it will yield "personal" advantages. A CRM that uses a search box will keep assistance and immediate results quickly within the reach of a user. A larger theme is found in that the responsiveness.

Developers are urged to consider the importance of creating software that is easy to understand and without unnecessary confusion. abandoning the assistance if desired results weren’t found by that time.[43] Researchers believe that help menus can provide assistance to users through introducing additional screenshots and other visual and interactive aids. thus allowing a user to navigate the system with ease and confidence. development of software has become more important than ever. Researchers note that the students appeared to weigh multiple implications on the potential user.[42] A 1998 case study found that users would consult the help menu for an average of two or three screens.” which can certainly assist in increasing the time frame for full implementation of a CRM system with limited technical or human support. Technical support in the form of a qualified and comprehensive help menu can provide significant improvement in implementation when providing focused.[44] A 2004 case study concluded that the proper use of screenshots can significantly support a user’s “developing a mental model of the program” and help in “identifying and locating window elements and objects. context-specific information.Customer relationship management 8 Help menus One of the largest issues surrounding the implementation and adoption of a CRM comes in the perceived lack of technical and user support in using the system. Strong writing skills can prove extremely beneficial for software development and creation. make fewer mistakes.[49] Clarity One of the largest issues in developing a usable customer relationship management system comes in the form of clear and concise presentation. A 1998 case study showed that software engineering majors who successfully completed a technical writing course created capstone experience projects that were more mindful of end user design than the projects completed by their peers.[50] The case study yielded significant results: • Students who completed the technical writing course submitted capstone projects that contained more vivid and explicit detail in writing than their peers who did not complete the course. and explained their decisions more thoroughly than their peers.[41] Data show that CRM users are oftentimes unwilling to consult a help menu if it is not easily accessible and immediate in providing assistance. the help menu must be comprehensive in including all of the information that the user seeks • “obvious to invoke“ — the user must have no trouble in locating the help menu or how to gain access to its contents • “non-intrusive“ — the help menu must not interfere with the user’s primary path of work and must maintain a distance that allows for its use only when requested • “easily available“ — the information of the help menu must be accessible with little or few steps required Development Thoughtful and thorough development can avoid many of the challenges and obstacles faced in using and implementing a customer relationship management system.”[45] This research concluded that screen shots allowed users to “learn more. . and learn in a shorter time frame.[46] Experts have identified five characteristics to make a help menu effective:[47] • “context-specific” — the help menu contains only the information relevant to the topic that is being discussed or sought • “useful“ — in conjunction with being context-specific.[48] Technical communicators can play a significant role in developing software that is usable and easy to navigate. With shifts in competition and the increasing reliance by corporations to use a CRM system. Individual users — and large corporations — find themselves equally stymied by a system that is not easily understood.

involving too many test users can prove cumbersome and delay the development of a CRM system. and which areas require further attention. • Developers must make themselves available to test users and colleagues alike throughout the creation process of a software system.[57] Similarly so. training and execution of customer relationship management systems. offering opportunities to cater the further development of the system. These users offer software developers an outside perspective of the project. A 2007 study suggests some important steps are needed in creating a quality and effective test environment for software development. researchers note the potential for costly delay if developers spend too much time attempting to coerce hesitant test users from participating. In the case study. • Usability efforts must carry equal concern in the eyes of developers as other technology-related concerns in the creation stage. These professionals can offer insight into usability in communication for software projects.[59] Additional research notes that test users may be able to identify an area that proves challenging in a software system. Researchers note that the company had dedicated specific research space and staff focused exclusively on usability.[60] Further.[53] Research notes that test users can prove to be most effective in providing developers a structured overview of the software creation. responsiveness of test users can vary dramatically depending on the industry and field of the user. researchers observed a Danish software company in the midst of new creating new software with usability in mind. oftentimes helping developers gain insight into potential areas of trouble that might have been overlooked or passed over because of familiarity with the system. and that oftentimes usability is bypassed by developers because these individuals never think to consult test users. The study found that test users became discouraged when items flagged as needing attention were marked as lower priority by the software developers. • The faculty member overseeing the capstone submissions felt that students who did not enroll in the technical writing class were at a significant disadvantage when compared to their peers who did register for the course. • Realistic expectations from both test users and software developers help maintain a productive environment. but might have difficulty explaining the outcome. Allowing users to test developing products can have its limits in effectiveness.Customer relationship management • Those participating in the writing course sought out test users more frequently to add a perspective outside their own as developer.[54] These users can provide a fresh perspective that can reflect on the state of the CRM development without the typically narrow or invested focus of a software developer. researchers argue for the inclusion of technical writers in the development process of software systems. The study found these four observations most appropriate: • The developers must make a conscious effort and commitment to the test user. the language used by test users in many circumstances .[51] Technical writing can help build a unified resource for successful documentation. A related 2007 case study noted that test users were able to describe roughly a third of the usability problems. as the culture of the [56] as a 2008 case study suggests that the industry and desired outcomes can affect the effect on CRM creation. leading the developers to believe consulting the test users would only prove to be more work. Test users help developers discover which areas of the software perform well. test users play a significant role in developing software.[52] 9 Test users In many circumstances. Research suggests that test users can rate the importance or severity of potential software issues in a significantly different fashion than software developers. Test users can also provide feedback from a targeted audience: a software development team creating a customer relationship management software system for higher education can have a user with a similar profile explore the technology.[58] Additionally. Students appeared sensitive of the user’s ability to understand the developed software. Researchers note that developers began to limit seeking input from test users after the test users suggested remedies the developers felt were improbable.[55] In this case study. The researchers note that some of the best instances of usability adjustments can be made through casual conversation.

advertising and webpage design. defined and coined the term Extended Relationship Management. META Group (now Gartner) analyst Doug Laney first proposed.681.6 100 2007 Revenue 2. Facebook.1 365.2 40.3 16. thus a company must consider the desire for privacy and data security. 10 Privacy and data security system One of the primary functions of these tools is to collect information about clients.319.8 2006 Share (%) 26. referred to as "Social CRM". CRM philosophy and strategy has shifted to encompass social networks and user communities.com 965 Microsoft Amdocs Others Total 581 451 3.3 2007 Share (%) 25.3 4.1 5. and personalization in addition to internally generated marketing.0 3.8 451.089.Customer relationship management proves to be quite general and lacking the specific nature needed by developers to enact real change.881. which is the customer-side counterpart of CRM: tools and services that equip customers to be both independent of vendors and better able to engage with them.620 9. podcasting. as well as by a growing number of startups and established companies.8 676.[65] In a 2001 research note.6 6.016.5 (-2. CRM as a philosophy and strategy is growing to encompass these broader components of the customer relationship.3 8.15 billion in 2008. so that businesses may anticipate and innovate to better serve customers. which are accessed via a secure Internet connection and displayed in a Web browser.573.6 15.475 2008 Share (%) 22. Some clients prefer assurances that their data will not be shared with third parties without their prior consent and that safeguards are in place to prevent illegal access by third parties.147 Related trends Many CRM vendors offer Web-based tools (cloud computing) and software as a service (SaaS).9 2. customer reviews in Amazon etc) by customers in ways that allow other potential customers to glimpse real world experience of current customers with the seller's products and services.8) 16.5 332. With the spread of self-initiated customer reviews.1 421. LinkedIn.1 8. or VRM. as well as the legislative and cultural norms. with customers not needing to invest in purchasing and maintaining IT hardware. from revenue of $8.055 1.1 10.13 billion in 2007 to $9. the user experience of a product or service requires increased attention to design and simplicity.5 6.050.[62] Vendor SAP Oracle 2008 Revenue 2. These applications are sold as subscriptions.7 176.5 percent in 2008.8 1. This shift increases the power of customers to make purchase decisions that are informed by other parties sometimes outside of the control of the seller or seller's network. as customer expectations have risen. Another related development is Vendor Relationship Management. In response. VRM development has grown out of efforts by ProjectVRM at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Identity Commons' Internet Identity Workshops.289. The era of the "social customer"[64] refers to the use of social media (Twitter. and subscription fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing software outright.[61] The following table lists the top vendors in 2006-2008 (figures in millions of US dollars) published in Gartner studies. Market structures [63] This market grew by 12.9 39.4 4. VRM was the subject of a cover story in the May 2010 issue of CRM Magazine.7 5.6 100 2006 Revenue 1.9 2.6 6. Yelp. He defined XRM as the principle and practice of applying CRM .7 100 Salesforce.6 43.7 1.

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accessed via a secure Internet connection. attract. loyalty. companies are beginning to turn into "one-stop-shops" for business and technological services.[2] Benefits These tools have been shown to help companies attain these objectives: • • • • • • • • • • Streamlined sales and marketing processes New markets and instant. and reduce operational costs.Business Augmentation Services 13 Business Augmentation Services Business Augmentation Services is a specialized set of services for managing and nurturing a company in the business of technology and assuring steep growth with clients and sales prospects. to utilize technology and business ideas in unison and simultaneously to find. and retention Increased ProductDevelopment efficiency (the objective is always a 10x increase) Better profiling and targeting as well as new customer profiling and targeting Reduced expenses (the objective is a 10x decrease as shown in Disruptive Technology) Increased current market share Higher overall profitability Related Trends New trends are beginning to take hold in this field. also known as cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS). processes. nor must they buy and maintain IT hardware to run it on. nurture and retain those the company already has. The service set was created based on the belief the business is driven by technology. production. people. today. cloud-computing applications are sold by subscription. the reduction in cost for said knowledge as well as the growing need for velocity when approaching a new market.[1] Once a company embraces this service set. in other words. assured leadership in these markets through Patents Higher sales productivity Added cross-selling and up-selling opportunities Improved service. and design all while exponentially increasingly the value of the company and its products in the customer's eyes. Perhaps the most notable trend has been the growth of tools delivered via the Web. requiring professionals skilled in both fields. and win new clients. but also those for marketing. and displayed on a Web browser. entice former clients back into the fold. and generate business processes—principally product design and sales activities. many companies around the world have created a niche as BAS groups and currently the new companies are creating value in the stagnated field of outsourced business and IT services. In contrast with traditional on-premises software. it generally denotes a company-wide business strategy embracing all technology as well as client-facing departments and even beyond. Once simply a label for a category of software tools. The overall goals are to innovate in "360 degrees". patents ( IAM ). It involves using business concepts like branding and strategic planning as well as Disruptive Technology to organize. and technology work in synergy to increase profitability. Due to the abundance of technical knowledge. . Companies don’t incur the initial capital expense of purchasing software. customer service. automate. specialized individuals well-versed in these concepts become necessary to execute them. and technical support. When an implementation is effective. and reduce the costs of marketing. As with all business fields affected by globalization. client service.

At the heart of SFA is a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client. These technologies have been. implementations are fragmented. especially for large enterprises. Now. and service to best serve the customer while reducing costs. today’s systems typically include features for measuring the ROI of campaigns. search. services and work-flows can be complex to implement. This allows them to successfully pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time than would otherwise be possible. and still are. and revenue. engineering. sales forecasts and work-flow automation. territories. responses. mostly because the areas that deal with business and technology very often are separate entities. Previous Types/variations Sales Force Automation A sales force automation (SFA) system provides an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process. Many SFA applications also include insights into opportunities. many companies are still not fully leveraging these tools and services. Metrics monitored include clicks. as described below. Systems that start disunited usually stay that way: siloed thinking and decision processes frequently lead to separate and incompatible systems. from initial contact to final disposition. Next came the advent of tools for other client-facing business functions. companies are emerging to provide these solutions exclusively. which requires juxtaposing previously irreconcilable objectives effectively . . In effect. offered as on-premises software that companies purchase and run on their own IT infrastructure. Marketing Systems for marketing (also known as marketing automation) help the enterprise identify and target its best clients and generate qualified leads for the sales team. design. minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on manual data entry and administration. deal tracking.0 e-commerce and pricing. deals. and as such may not fully understand each other. and dysfunctional processes. Newly-emerged priorities are modules for Web 2. sales. quote generation. the company needs to reconcile these areas through BAS.engineering. As marketing departments are increasingly obliged to demonstrate revenue impact. not to mention weak product lines and low market awareness. opportunities. isolated initiatives by individual departments to address their own needs.Business Augmentation Services 14 Challenges Despite the benefits. including email. and product knowledge. Often. these BAS houses are experts in a relatively new field and as such are not yet widely used by more traditional corporations. Software solutions then expanded to embrace things such as design needs. leads. BAS is a set of defined services that fuse these previously incongruous areas into processes that have an impact that has yet to be fully understood. social media. territories. To align marketing.[3] BAS Tools. and direct mail. Previously these tools were generally limited. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multichannel campaigns. and at the sales pipeline itself.

and dashboards that graphically display key performance indicators (KPIs). plus capabilities to measure and analyze response times. and service. through sales forecasting. They also generally include opportunity insight for tracking sales pipelines plus added functionality for marketing and service.[4] Even so. a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client problems.[6] Traditionally. in order to correct problems before they affect satisfaction levels. Support-focused applications typically include dashboards similar to those for sales. jobs. service. Reps. lack of integration can have negative consequences: if a system isn’t adopted and integrated among all departments. More recently. Marketing applications generally come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting. This finds expression in the concept of collaborative systems which uses technology to build bridges between departments. agent performance. and marketing. many of the top-rated and most popular products come as integrated suites. including emails. Conversely. and search marketing campaign Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on Web sites. In contrast these tools usually focus on accounts rather than individual contacts. thanks to the ease and time savings of handling client contact through a centralized application rather than several different pieces of software. faxes. feedback from a technical support center can enlighten marketers about specific services and product features clients are asking for. data quality. an integrated solution that lets organizations and individuals efficiently track and record interactions. . several sources might contact the same clients for an identical purpose. Integrated/Collaborative Departments within enterprises—especially large enterprises—tend to function in their own little worlds. each with its own data collection system. These types of analytics are increasing in popularity as companies demand greater visibility into the performance of call centers and other support channels. As with larger enterprises. Sales analytics let companies monitor and understand client actions and preferences. the development and adoption of the tools and services has fostered greater fluidity and cooperation among sales. and the frequency of various issues. and more. Owing to these factors. Marketing and finance personnel also use analytics to assess the value of multi-faceted programs as a whole. offline. purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. This kind of solution is gaining traction with even very small businesses.” marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify those who are bogged down in a sales process and need assistance.“. small businesses are finding value in online solutions. want to be able to pursue these opportunities without the time-wasting burden of re-entering records and contact data into a separate SFA system. in their turn. For example.[5] Analytics Relevant analytics capabilities are often interwoven into applications in sales.Business Augmentation Services 15 Disruptive IT Service and Support Recognizing that disruptive technology is an important differentiation. service quality. organizations are increasingly turning to technology platforms to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. By evaluating “buy signals. especially for mobile and telecommuting workers. documents. Small Business Basic client service can be accomplished by a contact manager system. and features for measuring the effectiveness of online. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate. scheduling. marketing. inter-departmental interaction and collaboration have been infrequent and rivalries not uncommon.

and sufficient ease of use that users won’t balk. Collaboration. companies are looking to gain access to these conversations and take part in the dialogue. whether pro or con. As social media isn’t moderated or censored. These observers recommend careful market research to determine if and where the phenomenon can provide measurable benefits for client interactions. responsiveness. some will likely need re-engineering to better serve the overall goal of winning and satisfying clients. sales. and company-wide support that can make the initiative successful. In light of the growth of social networking tools. risks assessed. teamwork. before choosing a technology platform. membership levels. demographics. Platform selection is best undertaken by a carefully chosen group of executives who understand the business processes to be automated as well as the various software issues. key factors include alignment with the company’s business process strategy and goals. business processes lie at its core. Many include tools for identifying potential donors based on previous donations and participation.[8] Non-profit and Membership-based Systems for non-profit and membership-based organizations help track constituents and their involvement in the organization. marketing effectiveness. volunteering and communications with individuals. there may be some overlap between social/community driven tools and non-profit/membership tools. especially with respect to process [9] improvement. and market trends. resources. sales. Strategy Choosing and implementing a system is a major undertaking. products.[7] This is because people are using these social media sites to share opinions and experiences on companies. a complete and detailed plan is required to obtain the funding. individuals can say anything they want about a company or brand. the ability to deliver the right data to the right employees. Therefore. Companies can also leverage client stated habits and preferences to personalize and even “hyper-target” their sales and marketing communications. an organization must convince its staff that change is good and that the new technology and workflows will benefit employees as well as clients. such as using online communities as a source of high-quality leads and a vehicle for crowd sourcing solutions to client-support problems.Business Augmentation Services 16 Social Media Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are greatly amplifying the voice of people in the marketplace and are predicted to have profound and far-reaching effects on the ways companies manage their clients. For enterprises of any appreciable size. planners need to determine the types of client information that are most relevant. Some analysts take the view that business-to-business marketers should proceed cautiously when weaving social media into their business processes. Capabilities typically include tracking the following: fund-raising. Increasingly. • People: For an initiative to be effective. and services. Social media promoters cite a number of business advantages. Moreover. It can be seen as a more client-centric way of doing business. enabled by technology that consolidates and intelligently distributes pertinent information about clients. . • Technology: In evaluating technology. membership directories. and support. More than a few systems are now integrating to social networking sites. and how best to employ them. and two-way communication should be encouraged across hierarchical boundaries. even to the family level. Benefits must be defined. and cost quantified in three general areas: • Processes: Though these systems have many technological components. Depending upon the size of the company and the breadth of data. a company needs to analyze its business workflows and processes. choosing an application can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more. Senior executives need to be strong and visible advocates who can clearly state and support the case for change.

com/ products/ 2009-05-26. strativity. com/ common/ articles/ article63.. department-centric views should be discarded in favor of reorienting processes toward information-sharing across marketing. enterprises simply automate flawed client-facing processes rather than redesign them according to best practices.[10] Implementations almost invariably fall short when one or more facets of this prescription are ignored: • Poor planning: Initiatives can easily fail when efforts are limited to choosing and deploying software. Specialists offer these recommendations for boosting adoptions rates and coaxing users to blend these tools into their daily work-flow: • Choose a system that’s easy to use: All solutions are not created equal. Inc. they will work around or ignore the system. design.accessmylibrary. In this view. many staffers still need assistance with learning and adoption. They offer a less than complete client view and often lead to unsatisfactory user experiences.com/business/enterprise/itdrivesgrowth. context. Such “point solutions” offer little or no integration or alignment with a company’s overall strategy. • Provide training: Changing the way people work is no small task. and help is usually a requirement. • Focusing on the client's client: it is sometimes difficult to define the "client's client". (2009) Global Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study (http:/ / www. Inc.. pcworld. engineering. • Choose the right capabilities: Employees need to know that time invested in learning and usage will yield personal advantages.[11] In other instances. Inc. For example." (2005) The role of information technology in the profit and cost efficiency improvements of the banking sector. habibbank. Some vendors offer more user-friendly applications than others.Business Augmentation Services 17 Implementation Implementation Issues Dramatic increases in revenue. internally-focused. Notes and references [1] Keystone Strategy.com/article-1G1-149213894/ role-information-technology-profit. html) [3] USING TECHNOLOGY TO REDUCE COST using technology to reduce costs (http:/ / www. this presents an issue with uninitiated users of BAS. com/ article/ 143474/ the_10_most_disruptive_technology_combinations. html) [4] PC world magazine (18 March 2008) The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations (http:/ / www. (http://www. Proponents emphasize that technology should be implemented only in the context of careful strategic and operational planning. 2006 (http://www. and support for the workforce. and service. html) [5] Strativity Group. integrations are piecemeal initiatives that address a glaring need: improving a particular client-facing process or two or automating a favored sales or client support channel. and significant savings in operating costs are some of the benefits to an enterprise. • Towards a solution: overcoming siloed thinking. mckinseydigital. research study: Information technology drives growth Published on March 13. Experts advise organizations to recognize the immense value of integrating their client-facing operations. and simplicity should be as important a decision factor as functionality.. And support agents require quick and complete access to a client’s sales and service history. (6 June 2009) Keystone Strategy.mspx) [2] "The role of information technology in the profit and cost efficiency improvements. and as the central goal of BAS houses is to please exactly this group. sales. without an accompanying rationale. • Poor integration: For many companies. Adoption Issues Enterprises need to address and overcome persistent adoption challenges. If not. higher rates of client satisfaction.microsoft. Marketing staff should be able to leverage client information from sales and service to better target campaigns and offers. Even with today’s more usable systems. sales representatives need to know about current issues and relevant marketing promotions before attempting to cross-sell to a specific client. aspx) [6] Using technology to improve workforce collaboration (27 october 2009) Using technology to improve workforce collaboration (http:/ / whatmatters. com/ internet/ using-technology-to-improve-workforce-collaboration) .

The most accurate lead scoring models comprise both explicit and implicit information. References [1] DM News. 18 Lead scoring Lead scoring is a method of assigning points to each prospect you come across. [11] "Avoid the Four Perils of CRM". Inc. com/ Lead-scoring-by-the-numbers/ article/ 108820/ ) . hbr. "Understanding the Fatal Mistakes". the more likely they're the right target prospect who is actively engaged in the buying process. sjsu. John Wiley & Sons. Implicit scores are derived from monitoring prospect behavior. edu/ depts/ anthropology/ svcp/ SVCPcosa. Points are assigned based on specific criteria you set—those attributes you've identified as being most often associated with serious prospective customers. Passionate and Profitable. and should be routed to sales. html) [8] Harvard business review (2010) Six Social Media Trends for 2010 (http:/ / blogs. but actions never lie. com/ feature/ CRM-strategy-checklist-Planning-for-CRM-and-customer-service-success?offer=briefcaseCRM) [10] Lior Arussy (2005).company size. for example . job title or geographic location. industry segment. examples of these include Web-site visits. dmnews. The higher the score.Business Augmentation Services [7] sjsu. whitepaper downloads or e-mail opens and clicks. org/ cs/ 2009/ 11/ six_social_media_trends. Harvard Business Review. “Lead Scoring by the Numbers” (http:/ / www.[1] Research has shown that self-supplied explicit data can sometimes be overinflated or understated.edu(1998) Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community (http:/ / www. html) [9] TechTarget (2009) Strategy Checklist: Planning for CRM and Customer Service Success (http:/ / searchcrm. Explicit scores are based on information provided by or about the prospect. so a combination of the two (implicit and explicit) will give the best criteria on which to score. techtarget..

Norwegian. 24SevenOffice is a pioneer in the development of Internet based applications and was founded in 1996. German. the company is currently present in Scandinavia in addition to the UK. English (US). 24SevenOffice main product is an integrated CRM and ERP system. The products are module based which enables customers to select modules based on individual need.24SevenOffice 19 24SevenOffice 24SevenOffice Developer(s) 24SevenOffice [1] Operating system Web-based Type Website ERP/CRM 24SevenOffice. Modules The system includes modules for: • • • • • • • • • CRM Accounting Invoicing/Ordering Procurement Email Calendar Project Management Content management system E-commerce Features Language support The 24SevenOffice interface supports the following languages: English (UK). Norway. Recognition 24SevenOffice has won several awards including the 'Seal of Excellence'[3] at CeBIT and 'Product of the year 2005' by Kapital.com [1] 24SevenOffice (Oslo Stock Exchange : TFSO [2]). a Norwegian magazine. is developing and marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Headquartered in Oslo. Accounting standards The accounting module has pre-configured charts of accounts and reports for accounting standards in Norway. Swedish and Danish. Sweden and England. .

Active24. Accessed 2007-01-18 [7] Case study: Life Scandinavia (http:/ / www. com/ news/ crm/ 119695. html). no/ index. pdf).html) • New Internet Banking Model Launched In Norway (http://www. 24SevenOffice signed a partnership deal with Fokus Bank and Bluegarden combine banking. the main industry group devoted to technologies and Web programming techniques known as Ajax. NetClient provides 24SevenOffice with hosting. As of January 2006. References [1] http:/ / www. crm2day. the company listed a base of 1000 customers. Stockholm (Sweden) and London (UK). 24SevenOffice is part of the OpenAjax Alliance. seal-of-excellence. no/ markedsaktivitet/ stockOverview?languageID=1& newt__ticker=TFSO [3] Winners of the European Seal of Excellen in Multimedia 2004 (http:/ / www. telenor.com/news/crm/119695. Accessed 2007-07-02 [5] OpenAjax Alliance Members (http:/ / www.crm2day. no/ bedrift/ kundereferanser/ life/ index.NEW SECURITY FROM TODAY (http:/ / www. osloaxess. accounting/invoice and payroll [8] services.24sevenoffice.[4] One of the main competitors to 24SevenOffice is NetSuite. 24SevenOffice bought the Swedish competitor Start and Run. a similar web-based suite of business applications.com.[7] In September 2006.24SevenOffice 20 Company The company has offices in Oslo and Skien (Norway). no External links • Official homepage (http://www. org/ member/ wiki/ Members). pressrelease. The company entered partnerships with Active 24 in 2006 [6] and Norwegian telecommunications company. org/ winners2004. php) Accessed 2007-01-18 [9] http:/ / www. SugarCRM and QuickBooks Online. active24. Telenor. html). Accessed 2007-01-18 [4] OSLO AXESS . netclient. Other web-based competitors include Salesforce. 24SevenOffice has a comprehensive cooperation with NetClient AS [9]. openajax. jsp?messageId=154813) . (Norway) by Stian Rustad. communication and security services. com [2] http:/ / www.[5] History The company was founded in 1996 in Porsgrunn.php) • Spotlight shines on SaaS in Europe (http://blogs. newsweb.com. Accessed 2007-01-18 [8] New Internet Banking Model Launched In Norway (http:/ / www.com) Articles • ASPs climb quietly to the summit (http://www.com/SAAS/?p=338) . adding 400 customers and launching the company into the Swedish marketplace.zdnet. org/ graphics/ CurrentPM2006/ 24SevenOffice. and it is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on the Oslo Axess list. Accessed 2007-09-24 [6] Active 24 & 24SevenOffice teams up (http:/ / www. 24SevenOffice.au/news/perspectives/ asps-climb-quietly-to-the-summit/2005/08/15/1123957995145. In February 2005.smh. Traditional software competitors include SAP Business One and Siebel.

abacushk. which is headquartered in Singapore. com. Airlines using Abacus Airlines using Abacus as their primary GDS include the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • All Nippon Airways Asiana Airlines Cathay Pacific Airways China Airlines Dragonair EVA Airways Garuda Indonesia Malaysia Airlines Philippine Airlines Royal Brunei Airlines SilkAir Singapore Airlines Airlines soon to be using Abacus as their primary GDS include the following: • Jetstar Airways External links • • • • International site [1] Hong Kong [2] Malaysia [3] Kazakhstan [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. com. abacus. kz/ .. Ltd. sg/ http:/ / www. abacus. com/ http:/ / www. abacus.Abacus (GDS) 21 Abacus (GDS) Abacus is a global distribution system (GDS) with a primary focus on Asia/Pacific travel operated by Abacus International Pte. my/ http:/ / www.

France and Lyon. Implementation Consulting. access-commerce. CFO Cameleon Commerce Suite "http:/ / www. industry standard Java EE architecture that makes use of EJB3. Latin America and Oceania Pacific Zone. The company is headquartered in Toulouse. Finance & Insurance. Manufacturing and Distribution. Thibault de Bouville. which represents North America. com" [1] . France and Skokie. Access Commerce focuses on several industry sectors: Communications. maintain and evolve with the Cameleon solutions. Illinois). Installation. Inc. It develops. Middle East and Africa and the Americas (Access Commerce USA. Illinois. and technical customer support making it possible for customers to deploy.0 user experience. CEO and Founder. headquartered in Skokie. Life Science. manufactures.07 million as of 2007. the American subsidiary of Access Commerce. Its R&D facilities are located in Toulouse. Access Commerce (Euronext: 7424) is an international provider of E-Commerce and Configurator software with global annual revenue of €11. Services Access Commerce provides a complete range of professional services: Education. Technology Cameleon is built on an open. AJAX and XHTML to deliver a Web 2. Access Commerce also has partnerships with System Integrators such as EDS and Logica. Business and Markets Access Commerce primarily operates in two geographic regions : EMEA. which represents Europe. and supports a Software Suite called Cameleon. France and United States Key people Products Website Jacques Soumeillan. . France. Illinois. USA and has branches in cities such as Paris. France. licenses.Access Commerce 22 Access Commerce Access Commerce Type Industry Founded Public Computer software 1987 Headquarters Toulouse and Skokie.

client-side account aggregation. Usually this database resides in a web-based application or in client-side software. QAD.Access Commerce 23 Partnerships Access Commerce has formed alliances with leading businesses to provide specialized infrastructure. Multiple U. which may include bank accounts. Much has been said in the financial services and banking industry as to the benefits of account aggregation – principally the customer and web site loyalty it might generate for providers – but the lack of responsibility and commitment by the providers is one reason for skepticism about committing to those same providers. Microsoft Dynamics AX. While such services are primarily designed to aggregate financial information. financial institutions and credit unions are providing the service. credit card accounts. IFS. com Account aggregation Account aggregation is a method that involves compiling information from different accounts. Intuit Quicken etc. This may include a database or may be provided through "screen scraping" where a user provides the requisite account-access information for an automated system to gather and compile the information into a single page. has been adopted by financial institutions like Citibank and First Direct (part of HSBC) in the UK. Initial setback One of the first major account aggregation services was Citibank's My Accounts service.S. investment accounts. . External links • Access Commerce [1]– official website References [1] http:/ / www. they sometimes also display other things such as the contents of e-mail boxes and news headlines. though this service ended in late 2005 without explanation from Citibank. provided by technology solutions provider eWise.com. such as Pageonce. These software alliances provide extended applications and complementary products to further enhance the value of Access Commerce solutions. CashEdge or Yodlee.S. Ping An in China and Westpac in Australia. is the technology solutions provider. Solidworks. and industry expertise to customers. software components. Infor.) in an easy to use manner wherein they get functionalities like single password. Salesforce. however most of the time a vendor. into a single place. Internet The service helps users to manage their money on the Internet (typical desktop alternatives include Microsoft Money. total net worth and expense analysis etc. SAP. While outside of the U. and other consumer or business accounts. Access Commerce partners with DOCWARE. Pivotal CRM. access-commerce. one-click access to current account data.

using AOL Bill Pay. Account Aggregation should be able to help many of these advisors gain the competitive edge by providing a look into their clients held-away.Account aggregation 24 Major banks Account aggregation has evolved with single sign-on at most major banks such as Bank of America. and non-managed accounts. com/ . Account aggregation providers such as Advisor Exchange. transaction level data that is normalized and reconciliation ready. Aggregation also powers applications such as Funds Transfer. With SSO (usually implemented via SAML) major financial institutions are now expanding their aggregation services into new areas. CashEdge. Having seen increasing competition from the wirehouses and breakaway brokers. External links • Useful blog devoted to financial account aggregation [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Rich Presentment (getting all the information about a bill that you owe) is a service that uses Aggregation extensively. and can be seen at AOL. accountaggregation. Independent Financial Advisors Independent Financial Advisors are another group that account aggregators are beginning to focus their attention. Card Based Bill Pay and so on. positioning themselves as their client's primary advisor is not as easy as it once was. and ByAllAccounts specialize in working with the advisor industry and provide historical. New Account Openings.

the name was revised to ACT! by Sage. ACT!.7 million registered users. Texas by Pat Sullivan[3] and Mike Muhney. Outlook. The name of the company was changed to Contact Software International. Development now happens in Scottsdale. .000 corporate customers. The original name for the software was "Activity Control Technology" then "Automated Contact Tracking". and more than 41. but it soon became known simply as ACT!. It integrates with Microsoft Word.[4] Its product. UK and Australia).act. Arizona.ACT! 25 ACT! Sage ACT! Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Sage Group 1987 Sage ACT! 2011 Operating system Microsoft Windows Platform Available in Type License Website Microsoft Windows English Contact management software Proprietary www.[2] History The company Conductor Software was founded 1986 in Dallas. ACT! is currently available in English (US. It is distributed by Sage Group and has a user base of over 2. French. was released in 1987 and became one of the pioneers in the contact management software category. and is sold through international resellers and ACT! Certified Consultants. with regional offices in several countries. and the company moved out of its original office in the "mustang building" in Las Colinas to a building off Freeport Parkway near DFW Airport. The current release is ACT! by Sage 2009 (version 11). Microsoft Excel.com [1] Sage ACT! is a customer relationship management (CRM) software application which is used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. and other popular applications in order to generate and track communications with the contacts maintained in ACT!. and German. Beginning with the 2006 version.

CodeBase IV engine based on dBase 1992 • • • • ACT! for Windows 2. • Randy Haben and John Maurer were brought onboard mid-year to begin development of a project codenamed YES!.cut down version for OEMs and single users.ACT! 3.first version with network support 1991 • ACT! for Windows 1.0 for Windows 1995 • ACT! for Newton[5] • ACT! Mobile Link . Prototypes were developed using an early release of Paradox along with dBASE and Clipper.first for "Activity Control Technology" and later "Automated Contact Tracking".compatible database with 2. ErgoTech • (November) .0 (August) .Added network support for the Windows product ACT! for HP95LX .First Windows 95 product with added back-wards compatibility to run on Windows 3.0 .first add-on for ACT! developed by Oakhurst Systems 1st ACT! .Added support for Windows 98 and Office 98 • ACT! for Psion by Advansys . Texas and developed QuotePro in Lotus Symphony. before becoming just "ACT!" 1988 • Conductor Software renamed to Contact Software International 1989 • ACT! was rewritten from the ground up (for release in 1990). 1993 • Symantec purchased Contact Software International • First on-line support forums for Consultants and users on CompuServe • ACT! for Mac . 1987 • ACT! for DOS 1. ACT! was also originally an acronym .previously codenamed “YES!” – a recursive acronym for "Yes. 1990 • ACT! for DOS 2.0 for Windows 95 and NT[7] .1 1997 • Symantec adds support for ACT! in WinFax Pro[8] • ACT! PalmPilot Link[9] (later ACT!Link for PalmOS) • ACT! for Windows CE[10] (later ACT! Link for PocketPC) 1998 • ACT! 4.the first mobile version for PDAs ACT!PAK! . It was among the first wave of PC-based applications to be developed in C++.0 (April 1) .two way sync for remote users 1996 [6] • ACT! for Lotus Notes .0 . Everybody Sells!".later sold to original developers.0 .ACT! 26 Timeline 1986 • Mike Muhney and Pat Sullivan founded Conductor Software in Carrollton.

10.moves from CRM group to Value group[18] 2009 • ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.Name changed to Sage ACT! Professional and Sage ACT! Premium.0.Net 2.5 and MS SQL 2008. Added ability to sync Contacts and Activities with Outlook (although this has some issues outside North America) and Smart Tasks for Automation.0) 2006 • ACT! by Sage 2007 (9.x and MS SQL 2000.0 for ACT! 6.0) .0) .0) . original co-founder of ACT! 2000 • ACT! 2000 (5.0) .02 added ability to add custom sub-tables via the SDK.headed by Pat Sullivan.Complete re-write with . Web access now included with Premium at no extra price 27 .first wireless PDA sync (later adds Windows Mobile. Developed by Terry McKiernan of PinPointTools • Interact Commerce Purchased by Sage Group Plc (Best Software in North America)[12] • ACT! 6.0 .com [15] site (January) – Much improved communication between senior management and users[16] New Dashboard.act.[20] [21] 2010 • ACT! by Sage 2011 (13. ease of install and speed.0) .Changed to . Added support for Office 2010 in 32 bit mode. Also free plug-in to provide links to Social Media such as LinkedIN[17] • Sage repositions ACT! . Premium Ex and Premium ST 2005 • ACT! by Sage 2006 (8. Changed to . Added Vista x64 support and Safari for Mac users. Product split into standard.0 (later ACT! 2004) – Office 2003 support added after 6.the first accounting link FOR ACT!. 2008 • Launch of Community. iPhone and iPad) • ACT! for Web 1.0 and MS SQL 2005 2007 • ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.ACT! 1999 • Symantec sold ACT! to SalesLogix (later Interact Commerce Corporation)[11] . Significantly improved Outlook integration and major improvements in stability.Vista and Office 2007 support.Net 1.originally by dbDynamics 2004 • ACT! by Sage 2005 (7.0) .Added more links to social media sites and accounting products as well as ability to share with other Sage solutions.3 • ACT! for Palm OS[13] 2003 • Handheld Contact [14] adds support for ACT! on Blackberry .[19] • ACT! by Sage 2010 (12. reliability.1) – Added Relationship Tab.Net 3.Windows XP support added 2002 • QuickBooks Link for ACT! .

the ability to track prospective customers. spreadsheet. Sage ACT! Premium is designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses with fewer than 30 users.0 for Windows 95 and NT (http:/ / www.). and the ability to synchronize data from other applications or over the web. com. com/ company/ newsroom/ press_releases/ details?CID=00570068-4219-8359-4531-607666& CardId=45549& RowIndex=64& Product=ACT!+ by+ Sage& Year=*) [13] Best Software Introduces ACT! for Palm OS Handhelds (http:/ / www. Partners ACT! has over 600 active certified consultants (with over 400 in North America). com/ about/ news/ release/ article. com/ sage/ [16] Identifying specific areas where improvement is necessary. com/ about/ news/ release/ article. com/ company/ newsroom/ pressreleases/ index. symantec. jsp?prid=19961111_01) [8] Symantec WinFax PRO 8. com/ blog/ business/ index. act. (http:/ / blog. jsp?prid=19960429_01) [7] Symantec Continues Tradition of Excellence in Contact Management with ACT! 3. each designed for a different market. sagenorthamerica. html) [12] Industry-Leading ACT! and SalesLogix Solutions Join Best Software. [3] Early historical Comments (http:/ / www. a calendar. Changing to SQL 2008 Standard edition can support more users. symantec. cfm?page=B308957A-268E-425A-BCDCAB9C1248830A& prID=378. html) [17] Display LinkedIN. com/ about/ news/ release/ article. symantec. Notes [1] http:/ / www. com/ company/ newsroom/ press_releases/ details?CID=73529968-7969-3242-5391-399414& CardId=45582& RowIndex=61& Product=ACT!+ by+ Sage& Year=*) [14] http:/ / www. It features a variety of "dashboards" which are graphical representations of key activity that allows users to spot new business opportunities. jsp?prid=19960108_03) [6] Symantec Brings the Power of ACT! to the Notes Collaborative Environment (http:/ / www. com/ about/ news/ release/ article. com/ press/ 1999/ n991231. jsp?prid=19970528_01) [9] Symantec Establishes Link with PalmPilot for Mobile ACT! Users (http:/ / www. jsp?prid=19970707_01) [11] Symantec Announces Completion Of SalesLogix Acquisition Of ACT! (http:/ / www. Sage ACT! Premium for Web is designed for businesses that want to access the data on their own servers over the Internet.ACT! 28 Product details Versions There are three versions of ACT!. but can scale to over 100. Forming New CRM Division (http:/ / www. com. Features ACT! features include contact management. symantec. Sage ACT! Professional is limited to 10 active users and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express.0 Update Available To Customers (http:/ / www. because it uses multi-processors and as much RAM as the server can provide. act. html) [4] (http:/ / www. Google Maps and others in Tabs or Outlook in Dashboard (http:/ / blog. au/ 2008/ 12/ display-linkedin-google-maps-and-others. reports. patsullivan. jsp?prid=19970310_01) [10] Symantec Introduces ACT! For The Windows CE Platform (http:/ / www. symantec. HandheldContact. "dashboards". glcomputing. symantec. The software allows multiple users to access the same data simultaneously and can interface with popular word processing. com/ [2] Press Release 2007-05-04 (http:/ / www. sagenorthamerica. au/ 2008/ 12/ how-do-you-identify-specific-areas. com/ about/ news/ release/ article. mikemuhney. html) . glcomputing. A number of third party companies develop add-on products that expand the functionality of the software. symantec. act. com) [5] Symantec Expands Family of ACT! Platforms with Availability of ACT! for Newton (http:/ / www. It utilizes either Microsoft SQL Server 2008. and can generate a wide variety of statistical reports. com [15] http:/ / community. and email software. com/ about/ news/ release/ article. communication tools.

amazon. / ACT! by Sage For Dummies (http://astore.com/p/articles/mi_m0SMG/is_n8_v8/ ai_6791575) • Act for Dummies Books (http://astore.2817. html) 29 References • Fredricks. and billing is optionally to a person and or to a company on a consolidated basis then relational database models need to be .00. com.). such event registration.com/techbendersco-20/ 104-7447642-1119142?_encoding=UTF8&node=0) • Fredricks. AMS started off as desktop software. an AMS will be linked to an association's public-facing website so that members and customers may interact with the association.amazon. (2007-10-08). England: PackT. 2010 (http://www. Complexity of the membership structures that the software needs to manage is an important factor in selecting this type of software. and more. In web-based systems AMS become tightly integrated / interlinked with CMS (website content management system). and association management companies that manages multiple associations using a single system. glcomputing. Typically.com/techbendersco-20/ detail/0470192259) (9th edition ed. sagesaleslogix. Many small associations and clubs use a homegrown custom-developed AMS based on existing database programs and external software for specific needs.com/article2/ 0. au/ 2009/ 07/ thoughts-on-act-2010-beta-act2010-good. html) [20] Sage CRM Solutions 2010 Strategy (http:/ / www. dues. Just like many other modern software packages. progressed to client-server model and now a web-based (aka software as a service model is being rapidly adopted. au/ 2008/ 12/ sage-repositions-act-moves-from-crm. Some 100 AMS systems are commercially available. product databases and fundraising. com. / ACT! Dashboards and Reports Cookbook (https://www. Many of these will focus on specific target markets. online payment and newsletters. au/ 2009/ 03/ what-changes-were-made-in-act-by-sage.asp) Association Management System An association management system (AMS) is a computerized system which provides a non-profit organization basic database features to run its operations.2369360. Karen S. • June 1988 article in Software Magazine (http://findarticles. glcomputing. very large complex associations.pcmag.act.packtpub. small and medium size associations with little resources. dated 20th September. events.ACT! [18] http:/ / blog. products. If the membership base is a persons-only scenario with no company relationships then a simple spreadsheet or data table can often be used.com/article2/ 0.2817. glcomputing. communications.asp) • PC Magazine Review of Sage ACT! 2011.00. Karen S. dated 13th October. com. pdf) [21] ACT! 2010 new Features and Comparison to older versions (http:/ / blog. event management.com/) • PC Magazine Review of ACT! by Sage 2010. If complex company and person relationships exist. html [19] What Changes Were Made in ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.1) (http:/ / blog. New York. com/ ~/ media/ Collateral/ Sage_CRM_Solutions_2010_Strategy. London. 2009 (http://www. (2011-02-15). Interactions could also include non-financial transactions such as updating contact information and sharing documents through participation on committees or task forces.com/ sage-act-2011-dashboard-and-report-cookbook/book). NY: J Wiley. such as member services. External links • ACT! Official website (http://www.pcmag. For instance.2354171. These interactions may include purchasing memberships.

USA Founded Headquarters Number of locations 7 Key people Products Godard Abel. bigmachines. Illinois[2] with development offices in San Mateo. and London. Germany. Illinois.[5] . Co-founder & CEO • • • • • Sales Configuration Quoting Software Proposal Generation B2B eCommerce CRM Integration [1] Revenue Website 18. and other business systems. The company's software is designed to integrate with existing ERP (Enterprise resource planning). CRM (Customer relationship management). serving Asia-pacific. com BigMachines is a software company. acquired majority ownership of BigMachines through several transactions starting January 2001. BigMachines also has European operations with offices in Frankfurt am Main. Inc.[2] BigMachines.7 million USD (2009) http:/ / www. California and Hyderabad.[4] Vista Equity Partners. a private equity firm based in San Francisco. UK served by BigMachines AG as well as offices in Singapore and Tokyo. 30 BigMachines BigMachines Type Industry Private Computer software IT Services 2000 Deerfield. was founded in 2000 by Godard Abel and Christopher Shutts[3] and is headquartered in Deerfield. India.Association Management System employed. Vista Equity acquired majority ownership of the company in December of 2010. An AMS may also categorize and track member interests and manage service offerings to members based on the particular profile of the member.

oracle. . [7] "Oracle Partner Network" (http:/ / solutions. Retrieved 2011-4-12. and PROS[9] to provide software applications to these CRM systems. "Gartner and 1to1 Customer Award Winners: Enterprise CRM Optimization" (http:/ / www. [6] "SalesForce" (http:/ / appexchange.Best of the Web Winner[13] External links • Homepage of BigMachines. html). 2010 AppExchange .0 Awards" (http:/ / www. . com/ pros-bigmachines-announce-partnership. Retrieved 2011-4-12. bigmachines. [12] "The 2010 OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies" (http:/ / www. html). . com/ View. "BigMachines Achieves Record Growth in First Half of 2010" (http:/ / finance. 2010-11-11. Oracle[7] CRM On-Demand. Awards • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2010 CODiE Award Winner . [11] "Inside View Customers Dominate Sales and Marketing 2.Best Quoting Tool[6] 2008 Gartner & 1to1 . com/ news/ home/ 20040630005618/ en/ BigMachines-Named-Supply-Demand-Chain-Executive-Top).Customer Award for Enterprise CRM Optimization[16] 2005. inc. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. "BigMachines reels in $29 million" (http:/ / news. . denverpost/ news/ read?GUID=14165850). . aspx?DocID=31105). php). com/ ?q=company/ bigmachines). 2011-1-11. vistaequitypartners. salesforce. com/ BigMachines-reels-in-29-million/ 2110-1017_3-254310. net/ CODiEs/ 2010/ finalist_list.0 Awards – Best Sales Enablement Program[11] 2010 AlwaysOn Top 100 OnDemand – Top 100 Software Companies[12] 2009 Illinois Technology Association . pymnts.CityLIGHTS Lighthouse Award Finalist 2009. . Retrieved 2011-4-12. com/ partners/ bigmachines). 2010 JMP Hot 100 Software Companies . 2010-5-22. com/ bigmachines-featured-in-inc-5000-list-of-americas-fastest-growing-companies-for-third-consecutive-year-20100825005271/ ). com/ listingDetail?listingId=a0330000001GDyTAAW). 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for Third Consecutive Year" (http:/ / www. html). Retrieved 2011-4-12. 1to1media. denverpost. cnet.EMEA Operations [22] References Inc magazine BigMachines profile (http:/ / www. .com . Pymnts. [1] [2] [3] [4] . 1to1 Media.Technology & Business Award[20] 2002 APICS International Conference – Best in Show 2002 Forbes. [14] "Inc 500" (http:/ / www. . . 2010-6-16. aonetwork. siia. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Inc. .com. com/ company/ bigmachines).com. 2007[19] Supply & Demand Chain . [9] "PROS and BigMachines Announce Partnership" (http:/ / www. 2009. [8] "Vendavo and BigMachines Announce Partnership" (http:/ / www. . 2010 Inc 5000 three year consecutive Award Winner[14] [15] 2008. php). "Chunchbase" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. [17] "BigMachines. insideview. com/ pr_061610. businesswire. com/ inc5000/ profile/ bigmachines) "Vista Equity Partners" (http:/ / www. [21] • Homepage of BigMachines AG . . Inc. [15] "BigMachines Featured in Inc. com/ 2010/ OnDemand-Top-100-Competiton). Named to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100" (http:/ / www.Best Privately Owned Software Companies[13] 2008.com[6] . . Retrieved 2011-4-12. [16] Jeremy Nedelka (2008-9-8). CNET. inc.Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100 2003 Start Magazine . 2006[18] . Retrieved 2011-4-11. [5] Melanie Austria Farmer (2001-3-19). . com/ mng-denver. . 2007 Manufacturing Business Technology – Top 40 Emerging Software Venders[13] 2004[17] . Vendavo. vendavo.BigMachines 31 Partners The company has partnered with Salesforce. 2009. com/ NEWS-PRESS/ press-11112010-SalesMarketing. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. com/ awards. Retrieved 2011-4-12. . com/ inc5000/ profile/ bigmachines).Best Business Productivity Solution[10] 2010 Sales 2. 2010-8-5. Denverpost. Vendavo[8] . crunchbase. [10] "2010 CODiE Finalists" (http:/ / www. 2010-8-25. asp). bigmachines. [13] "BigMachines Awards" (http:/ / www.

sdcexec. de 32 . . com/ online/ article. sdcexec. com [22] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-4-12. wins Start Magazine's Technology & Business Award as Technology Enabler for 2003" (http:/ / www. [20] "BigMachines. jsp?id=8554& pageNum=3). jsp?pubId=1& id=9672& pageNum=2). Retrieved 2011-4-12. bigmachines. bigmachines. [21] http:/ / www. . com/ start2003. com/ publication/ article. php). [19] "2007 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100" (http:/ / www.BigMachines [18] "2006 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100" (http:/ / www. . Inc. bigmachines. Retrieved 2011-4-12.

The implementation at Ikeda Hoover was the subject of a case study into manufacturing for synchronous supply in 2002. To solve this CGram introduced their '68000Fix' product. The problem with the MC68000 was that every manufacturer had their own system of memory addressing. developing a new ERP system with a desktop client written in Java and Swing communicating over the internet with server side software written in C. and has a long history in the UNIX and Linux commercial world. becoming temporary chairman in 1982 and was Chairman of the European Unix User Group until 1985.[4] being sold on Plexus and Arete machines. production control and supply chain management software for small to medium sized companies. History CGram Software was founded by Emrys Jones and Terry Crook in 1982. Linux. such as Fortune & Sperry. enterprise resource planning (ERP). which made portability a challenge for software add-on vendors. These were Motorola MC68000 based machines. Jones[2] was at that time being actively involved with UKUUG (the UK's Unix & Open Systems User Group). It provides accounting software. CRM. In 1998 the company discontinued its original manufacturing system.[5] It was later extended with a full Kanban system for final assembly in 1990.[3] CGram Software started shipping the first Unix Manufacturing system in 1984 written in 'C'. com CGram Software is a software authoring company established in 1982.CGram Software 33 CGram Software CGram Software Operating system Microsoft Windows. This system implemented a just-in-time business model with Supplier Chain management for synchronous supply in 1987. Mac OS Type Website Business software http:/ / www. cgram.[1] They started developing a Unix manufacturing system. This allowed CGram to offer their Manufacturing system on a variety of other MC68000 systems. . which processed the relocation information in a program and converted the program to work on the required target.

1983 Ikeda Hoover Case Study (http:/ / www. uk/ 2005/ 10/ 14/ UK-Linux-Open-Source-Awards-2005.Computing [9] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Companies House (http:/ / wck2. htm).jsessionid=DF995D12727A8D1EE1504725DCB0B6CE?contentType=Article& hdAction=lnkpdf& contentId=850906) Linux Awards (http:/ / web. accountancyage. gov. elsevier. archive.html) .com) • ERP Manager article (http://www. com/ retrieve/ pii/ 0011684X84901941) UKUUG (the UK's Unix & Open Systems User Group) (http:/ / www.16.cgram. org/ about/ timeline/ ) Mini-micro systems. companieshouse. ukuug.[7] [8] • Shortlisted for Best Business Software Supplier 2005 . com/ accountancyage/ news/ 2142349/ top-names-thie-shortlist?page=2) Accountancy Age Awards2 (http:/ / www.linuxpr. html) IT Wales . com/ Insight/ viewContentItem.com/releases/7557.UK Linux & Open Source Awards (Formerly Linux User and Developer Awards) [6] • Runner up Best Mid Range Software Package. org/ web/ 20060813195957/ www. uk/ detailed/ Computing/ VNU_ANNOUNCES_SHORTLIST_FOR_THE_COMPUTING_AWARDS_FOR_EXCELLENCE_2005_AS_ENTRY_NUMBERS_DOUBLE_37023.Awards (http:/ / itwales.erpmanager. html). V. do. Accountancy Age Awards (http:/ / www. p116.html) • New accounting software for Linux (http://www. uk/ 42769a0346af82a2e709edca3c09295b/ compdetails) Time for a standard Unix (http:/ / linkinghub. co. [9] External links • Official Website (http://www. com/ 998148_textonly.CGram Software 34 Recognition • Winner of Best Linux Business Provider Solution 2005 . emeraldinsight. pressbox.net/magazine/ news_h10905-print_cgram_software_is_planning_to_extend_its. co. pingwales. Accountancy Age Awards 2005.

XML. and serves as an association management system. that falls under the broad rubric of customer relationship management. activities. It is specifically designed for the needs of non-profit. grants (CiviGrant). CiviCRM version 4. grant application seekers and funders.[16] the Free Software Foundation. while its components keep track of contributors (CiviContribute). subscribers. 2011 PHP 5. Two books are available on the software.4 supports older [2] versions of Drupal (6.1+ Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Customer Relationship Management GNU AGPL 3 CiviCRM. relationships. CiviCRM's license is the GNU AGPL 3. A large number of tokens are available for inclusion in html or plaintext emails. developer and user documentation is available on the project site.freenode. member lists (CiviMember).net or through your browser. Volunteers. groups. tags and permissions.x).x) and Joomla (1.5.org [3] CiviCRM is a web-based. server PHP and client javascript APIs. There are also cases of very large record sets being used with one company claiming to have set up CiviCRM with a set of over 3 million .2.CiviCRM 35 CiviCRM CiviCRM Initial release Stable release Written in [1] March 2005 4. activists.0.[6] CiviCRM's core tracks contacts. and advocacy groups. event registrants. JSON. campaigns (CiviCampaign). clients.[17] and the Wikimedia Foundation[18] for their fundraising. petitions (CiviPetition). members.[9] [10] Extensive admin. Data integration formats supported include RSS. Both the Drupal and Joomla! professional associations use CiviCRM. or vendors can be managed using CiviCRM. voters as well as more general sorts of business contacts such as employees. There are a wide and growing number of integration modules with these CMSes to leverage their strengths.x) and Joomla (1. or for producing pdf files for printing.[4] [5] non-governmental. bulk mailings (CiviMail) and reports (CiviReport). and CSV. Supported programming interfaces include REST.6. CiviCRM is designed to manage information about an organization's donors. and Drupal style hooks. events (CiviEvent).[14] [15] Creative Commons. internationalized suite of computer software for constituency relationship management.[11] There are also active forums[12] and an IRC channel (#civicrm at irc.[13] CiviCRM is used by many large NGOs including Amnesty International.x supports new versions of Drupal (7.[6] CiviCRM is deployed in conjunction with either the Drupal or Joomla! content management systems (CMS). and is supported by many hosting[7] and professional services[8] companies. cases (CiviCase). and case contacts. while CiviCRM 3.2 [2] / June 2.x).

0.net. civicrm. Retrieved 2011-06-13. . June 10th.2 released!!!" (http:/ / civicrm. Webchat. [7] Gregory Heller says: (2009-02-12). 2011. com/ projects/ amnesty_internationals_project_impact). and activities. com/ news/ 2006/ 04/ 12/ 1565802. May 2009. . org/ ) [12] "CiviCRM Forums . Tmcnet. Retrieved 2011-06-13. . Trellon. wordpress.org. 2009 [19] "CiviCRM Solutions" (http:/ / www. org/ mediashift/ 2008/ 03/ africas-social-media-conundrum087. . 2010-10-25. . 2010. . .com. as well as its four main modules: CiviContribute.civicrm.net/civicrm).net.com. trellon. [20] Ekine. Retrieved 2011-06-13.civicrm.4. . org/ confluence/ display/ CRMDOC32/ Amnesty+ International). Civicrm. [6] About CiviCRM (http:/ / civicrm. org/ [4] "An assessment of CiviCRM for non-profits" (https:/ / opensourceexperiments. Retrieved 2011-06-13. freenode. Pbs. [15] "CiviCRM Amnesty International Case Study" (http:/ / wiki. [2] "CiviCRM 3. com/ services/ crm_solutions). FLOSS Manuals. . Covers CiviCRM's core functionality for contacts (individuals. fsf. civicrm. Forum. Nathan (2010-04-22).2 and 4. civicrm. Retrieved 2011-06-13. net/ blog/ potm-201101/ ). [11] (http:/ / wiki. tmcnet.com. Retrieved 2011-06-13. [17] "Free Software Foundation: Time for nonprofits to leave proprietary fundraising software systems behind" (http:/ / www.net. Retrieved 2011-06-13. [8] "CiviCRM professional service providers" (http:/ / civicrm. official site.freenode. flossmanuals. Sokari (2008-03-27). Packtpub. "Hosting provider information" (http:/ / wiki. org/ blogs/ kurund/ civicrm-342-and-402-are-released). Civicrm.[19] CiviCRM is also used by Kabissa to provide CRM capabilities to over 1.flossmanuals.[20] CiviCRM downloads are available from SourceForge.500 organizations. "PBS MediaShift: Africa's Social Media Conundrum" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-06-13.civicrm. .org.org. Packt Publishing. net/ ?channels=#civicrm). accessed July 22. html). . org/ ). Retrieved 2011-06-13. 3rd ed. [9] "Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing" (https:/ / www. where it was "project of the month [21]" for January. Retrieved 2011-06-13. relationships. [13] "freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)" (http:/ / webchat. wikimedia.CiviCRM constituents. org/ 2009/ 06/ 10/ wikimedia-fourkitchens-support-civicrm-development/ ) Wikimedia blog.org/) . Retrieved 2011-06-13. Yergler. Retrieved 2011-06-13. Develop and implement a fully functional. Sourceforge.com/using-civicrm/book).Index" (http:/ / forum. CiviEvent. Free CRM for Nonprofits" (http:/ / www. Fsf. net/ civicrm/ ). and organizations). .com. 2nd ed. [14] "Amnesty International's Project Impact" (http:/ / civicactions. [3] http:/ / civicrm. mostly in Africa. [10] "Understanding CiviCRM from" (http:/ / www. External links • Official CiviCRM site (http://civicrm. Civicactions.org. org/ professional).packtpub. CiviMail. systematic CRM plan for your organization Using CiviCRM. htm).org. pbs. • Joseph Murray and Brian Shaughnessy: Using CiviCRM (http://www. Wiki. "Transcript of Creative Commons CTO talk on using CiviCRM" (http:/ / yergler. Retrieved 2011-06-13. [18] Wikimedia & FourKitchens support CiviCRM development (http:/ / blog. and CiviMember. [5] "CiviCRM. Retrieved 2011-06-13. Retrieved 2011-06-13.com. . . org/ aboutcivicrm). com/ using-civicrm/ book). . civicrm. Free book (GPL) by FLOSS Manuals (1st ed. households. May 2010. Wiki. com/ 2008/ 07/ 24/ an-assessment-of-civicrm-for-non-profits/ ). [21] http:/ / sourceforge.org.org. net/ blog/ january-project-of-the-month-civicrm/ Further reading • Various authors: CiviCRM manual (http://en.[1] 36 Notes [1] "Project of the Month. org/ confluence/ display/ CRM/ Hosting+ provider+ information). March 2011). January 2011: CiviCRM" (http:/ / sourceforge. org/ news/ nonprofit-fundraising-civicrm). packtpub. [16] Yergler. Opensourceexperiments. Retrieved 2011-06-13. net/ blog/ 2010/ 04/ 22/ civicon-plenary-what-are-we-paying-for/ ).wordpress. .

Service & Rental Management. Core Clear Enterprise Functions Clear Enterprise packages each system with all core modules. scanners and PDAs as well as offering an e-commerce option. specializing in software research. as it has core enterprise resource planning functions with industry extensions which come off from that. New Zealand and USA since 1999 and is now used by hundreds of companies across these regions.[2] Clear Objectives' ERP system Clear Enterprise now runs over everyday objects such as RFID devices. Clear Enterprise by Clear Objective has also been recognised by receiving AQIS EXDOC Accredited Software Supplier status (Export documentation accreditation given only to 9 software suppliers in total) and also by being chosen by the Department of Innovation. So a client in Food Services. These core modules include: Inventory Life Cycle Management. This approach means that only a single core release needs to be maintained for all clients. but they would have different industry extensions added on. Science and Research (AusIndustry Division) to receive the above mentioned grant. Modularisation Model Clear Objective's Clear Enterprise software is not so much modular. Project Management and Human Resources. Customer Life Cycle Management. Industry. would use the same core enterprise resource planning functions as for example a client in Building Products & Hardware supply. Clear Enterprise modules . Clear Objective is a public QLD based company. Clear Enterprise has been developed and supported for clients in Australia. Manufacturing Life Cycle Management. development and support. Financials. In 2004 Clear Objective Limited was awarded a $1million AusIndustry R&D grant to develop a web service-based ERP system. Sales Management.Clear Enterprise 37 Clear Enterprise Clear Enterprise Developer(s) Clear Objective Limited Development status Active Operating system Available in Type Website Windows XP/Windows Vista /Windows 7 English Enterprise resource planning [1] Clear Enterprise ERP is an Australian produced enterprise resource planning package by Clear Objective.

As most blinds are made to order. preventative maintenance schedules and service bookings. rental service agreements. distribution and warranty / after sales service. such as cutting (cutting carpet converts the cut length of carpet from a roll based product into a normal single product in the system) • Interface screens record outputs at each stage of manufacture • Blinds & Awnings Clear Enterprise addresses key concerns of variable product configuration and Product lifecycle management. and wooden floors. manufacturing. or food exporter. truss manufacture. sales. Since Clear Enterprise feeds grading information directly from the grading station on the processing floor. into the financial suite. a major concern for the Blinds & Awnings industry is being able to manage the variable nature of the product configuration and track the product through various stages of manufacture. then backing applied to "greige" to make finished carpet) Support processes. and business wide processes in an integrated and paperless system. • Office Products Clear Enterprise provides industry specific functionality for office equipment and stationery suppliers. An ERP solution with food service specific extensions can be found being used by a food manufacturer. • Material Requirements Planning • Roll based product management • Products by Dye Lot => Batch => Rolls within batch (Every lot of carpet manufactured has a unique colour or "Dye Lot" associated with it and then there are batches of that colour. scanning and labeling devices used in the food industry.Clear Enterprise 38 Industry Extensions • Meat Processing Clear Enterprise offers traceability for the meat industry. RCTI's can be automated) • RF Scanner integration • Lot and Serialised Tracking options • Meat pallet labelling • Food Services Clear Enterprise works with pack station touch screens. food market agent. . it is important to track products correctly so that when a customer orders a specific length of carpet of a specific colour.. But once that colour runs out. hardware and building materials warehousing. warranty tracking and maintenance service agreements are all a part of this extension. in this case invoices to growers of animals which are slaughtered at meat processing facilities are often paid based on the grade of the meat. Hence. food distribution company. distribution and sales (and point of sales systems for both account and cash customers) • Flooring Clear Enterprise offers special roll based product management and complete management of manufacturing processes for carpet. • Timber & Building Products Clear Enterprise handles timber packs. • Equipment Service Clear Enterprise offers an extension for complex equipment servicing. they get all one colour) • Carpet manufacturing production schedule management • • • • Beaming / Warping process (bobbins into beams) Tufting (beams into "greige" rolls) Backing (cleaning. etc. • AQIS export interface for automated export documentation compliance • Integration with on-floor processing and grading equipment • RCTI payments (RCTI's are recipient created tax invoices. Metered billing. tiles. it can never be made exactly the same again.

au/site/) . Industry. Committee Publication.rmscc. Fisheries and Forestry. itwire. External links • Clear Enterprise by Clear Objective Official Website (http://www. Science and Research • Red Meat Supply Chain Committee (6 September 2007).au/aqis/export/ exdoc/software-contact).htm).clearobjective. com/ content/ view/ 427/ 2/ ).daff.Clear Enterprise 39 Business Tools • • • • Workflows Resources Editor Personalisation Security & Permissions Information Access • Hundreds of Standard Reports • Business Intelligence and Customisable Reports • OLAP Data Cubes • Integration with Crystal Reports • Integration with Microsoft Office Suite Application Extensions • • • • On-Floor Sales Scanners Stock Management Scanners Integrated Web Ordering / e-commerce B2B and Systems Integration References [1] http:/ / www. html [2] Beer. News Article. clearobjective. Australian Government Quarantine and Inspection Service.au/systemvendors. • Department of Innovation.com. "Red Meat Supply Chain Committee recognises Clear Objective Limited as industry specific system vendor" (http://www. . "Clear Objective wins $1m grant for web-based ERP development" (http:/ / www. Stan (23 November 2004). com. Government Accreditation. "Australian Government Quarantine and Inspection Service AQIS EXDOC Accredited Software Supplier" (http://www. iTWire. au/ site/ what-is-clear-enterprise.com. Retrieved 1 December 2009. Retrieved 01 December 2009. Retrieved 01 December 2009. • AQIS Accredited EXDOC Software Supplier • Australian Government Department of Agriculture. Red Meat Supply Chain Committee.gov.

SQLite3.3 February 1. XBase etc. Mac Windows Windows.x 2010 Dynamics CRM CiviCRM MS SQL MySQL January 2003 2004 EpesiBIM GNU_Enterprise 1.).x Python Cross-platform Linux. INI style configuration files 2006 2003 .4 PHP 5. Mac Windows. MaxDB. MS ADO (MS SQL-Server/MS Access).com [1] WebCRM My DataBase OnlineMydbol.NET Mixed Web technologies MS SQL 2006 2006 Kevin O'Brien Datacast Technologies Inc. Linux. 2011 January 2011 Commercial or SaaS Commercial or SaaS GNU AGPL 3 MIT GPLv3 C++/Adobe Flash . Unix. MySQL. Mac OS X. Linux. Oracle.com Workbooks.Comparison of CRM systems 40 Comparison of CRM systems This article is a comparison of notable CRM systems. CSV files. ASP. Windows MySQL. Unix. Daniel Lobo.1.NET PHP 5.NET.com Adempiere [2] N/A 2011 MySQL WebCRM 2010 10_28_2010 Oct 28th 2010 Commercial or SaaS User Based Licence ASP. UK Microsoft Dave Greenberg.0. Unix. Postgres. SQLite. Unix. System Creator Last Stable Version Release Date License Implementation language(s) SaaS Ruby on Rails Server Operating System Windows. Michal Mach Telaxus LLC FSF 2011 4. Linux.2. AdoDB. Mac Windows Cross-platform PostgreSQL. Mac Windows. Linux. PostgreSQL.DBF files (DBase. 2011 June 14. Jorg Janke GPLv2 Java 2006 Atollon CRM Atollon Limited. others Firebird/Interbase. General Only stable releases are considered. Oracle Database backend First Release Date 2009 Workbooks. Unix.

Comparison of CRM systems Hipergate Sergio Montoro hipergate Public License (based on the Mozilla. Apache and the GNU General Public License.1. Linux.1.1 and SugarCRM Public License (SPL 1.3 GPLv3 Java Windows.com CRIXP Corp. Microsoft SQL Server. MySQL MS SQL ? 2004 ? 1999 SugarCRM John Roberts.1. Sage Group Marc Benioff v7.2 GNU AGPL 3 Cross-platform MySQL.2) Commercial Last Stable Version Release Date License Python PHP ? Cross-platform 2008 2003 Zoho CRM System Sridhar Vembu Creator ? Implementation language(s) ? Server Operating System ? Database backend 2006 First Release Date Features . Oracle. b2ck. Jacob Taylor 6.NET APEX (Proprietary Language Java-like) PHP PostgreSQL. Unix ? 41 junariCRM Junari Ltd Python Linux. Unix. Windows Cross-platform Windows ? PostgreSQL 2009 OpenCRX SageCRM Salesforce. com/ founder GPLv3 vtiger Public License 1. very close to GPLv3) 3. Mac OS X. Clint Oram.1 2010 3-clause BSD License[1 Commercial or SaaS Commercial Java EE ASP. and Oracle ( Oracle only in Sugar Enterprise edition ) 2004 Tryton Vtiger CRM http:/ / www.

ru. en. pt.com. de. sugarcrm.atollon. php?t=9225& page=2).Page 2 . All groupware tools (calendar. Sugarcrm. ro. no Yes cz.epesibim.workbooks.com . sv. contacts.com) epesibim. it.Comparison of CRM systems 42 System Office Integration Multi Lingual Languages Supported Web-Based Time Tracking Adempiere Atollon CRM ? Any office documents supported in Document Library for full text search. nl. fr.com • Atollon CRM (http://www. ma.com • epesiBIM (http://www. . tc. ? Yes Yes Any type of file attachmnents Yes ? Yes ? ? ? Yes Yes ? If you use Exchange. kr. External links • Workbooks CRM (http://www. workbooks. lt. Riva provides native support for Snow Leopard Mac iCal.com/crm) at Atollon. pl.SugarCRM Forums" (http:/ / www. ru. de. se. sv ? ? ? ? ? ? Yes ? Yes ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes ? Yes ? Yes Yes ? Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes ? ? ? Yes ? ? CiviCRM WebCRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM EpesiBIM GNU_Enterprise Hipergate junariCRM OpenCRX OpenERP Opentaps SageCRM Salesforce. webcrm. com/ forums/ showthread. e-mail. fi. es. de. jp. com [2] http:/ / www. nl. Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes ? Yes ? Yes Yes ? ? Yes Yes en.com) Workbooks.com Siebel SugarCRM Yes Yes Yes Tryton Vtiger CRM Zoho CRM ? Yes Yes Yes ? Yes cn. tasks. documents) fully supported. nl. dk. com [3] 11:06 PM (2010-04-10). pl. fr. en. vn ? ? Yes Yes Yes ? ? Yes No EasyDirector CRM Yes Notes [1] http:/ / www. "Real Mac OS X sync . sc. Mail and Address Book and [3] Microsoft Entourage for Mac. ? Office plugin also outlook. Retrieved 2010-06-05.

com Marketing Automation Software Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown [13] MarketingPilot MarketingPilot Software SaaS or Licensed variable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes [14] [14] .000/month SugarCRM SugarCRM Unknown [9] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Infusionsoft Infusionsoft [10] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Salesforce. General information Company Name Software Name License Pricing Project Mgt Workflow Digital Asset Mgt Online Approvals Spend/Financial Mgt SEO Email Marketing Landing Pages Lead Scoring Lead Social Media Nurturing Segmenting Sharing/Tracking Campaign / Drip Campaigns Mgt Artesian Solutions Microsoft Aprimo Enterprise Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Eloqua Eloqua [1] [3] SaaS $1200+/month [2] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Genoo Genoo SaaS [4] $199/month [5] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown LeadFormix [6] Manticore Technology SaaS $500+/month Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manticore Technology SaaS $833-2.000/month Unknown [7] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown LoopFuse OneView [8] SaaS Free - $3.com Salesforce.com Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Marketbright [11] Marketbright Enterprise Unknown [12] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Neolane.Comparison of marketing workflow automation software 43 Comparison of marketing workflow automation software The following table compares general information for Marketing Workflow Automation software.

brandmaker. com [15] http:/ / www. Retrieved 7-6-2010. manticoretechnology. com [16] http:/ / www. beanstalkdata. leadformix. marketingpilot. infusionsoft. com/ products/ enterprise-edition. genoo. com [12] http:/ / www. com/ pricing [4] (http:/ / www. marketbright. com/ wordpress/ ?p=1289) Open Source Advisory. com [14] http:/ / www. neolane. com [7] http:/ / www. eloqua. Retrieved 2010-08-24 [10] http:/ / www. com . com/ pricing. com [11] http:/ / www. com [2] http:/ / www. com [17] http:/ / www. com [8] http:/ / loopfuse. genoo. Retrieved 7-6-2010 [6] http:/ / www. html [13] http:/ / www. eloqua. alsamarketing. php [9] LoopFuse Ignites Freemium Strategy (http:/ / opensourceadvisory. com/ pricing) Genoo Marketing Automation Pricing. marketbright. [5] (http:/ / www. com/ products/ [3] http:/ / www. com) Genoo Marketing Automation System.Comparison of marketing workflow automation software Alsamarketing SaaS $500+/month Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 44 Marketing Automation Software Yes [15] BrandMaker BrandMaker SaaS or Licensed SaaS [16] Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Beanstalk Data Beanstalk Data [17] Unknown No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes [1] http:/ / www. genoo.

Constant Contact acquired NutshellMail [7] . 2011. which lets users see how often their emails or events have been shared on social media platforms.506 million (2009) 625 www.Constant Contact 45 Constant Contact Constant Contact. social media marketing. launched in 1998. VP.[6] In May of 2010.[10] Constant Contact was ranked number 134th in Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in 2010[11] . VP. Engineering and Operations) US$163. As reported by Mashable. CFO & Treasurer) John J. Walsh (Sr.000 email marketing customers at June 30. Constant Contact is headquartered in Waltham. President & CEO) Ellen M. FL. online survey. Constant Contact recently released other social media features. Massachusetts. On February 16. The company was founded as Roving Software in 1995. with additional offices in San Francisco. Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Public (NASDAQ: CTCT Email marketing software Massachusetts 1998 Waltham.22 million (2009) US$91. Massachusetts [1] ) Gail F. up from 153rd in 2009[12] and 179th in 2008[13] . nonprofit organizations. [3] [4] [5] Constant Contact. Inc. Goodman (Chairman. . Loveland. and event marketing tools.com [8] . such as Social Stats[9] . The company claims approximately 392. Constant Contact acquired social CRM start-up Bantam Live. 2010.constantcontact. The company offers email marketing. a free tool that lets users monitor their social media accounts from their email.37 million (2009) US$. (NASDAQ: CTCT [1]). CO and Delray. and membership associations. Freitas (VP and CMO) Harpreet Grewal (EVP. is an online marketing company serving small businesses.com [2] Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Website References: As of January 2011. Brezniak (Sr. Inc. Product Strategy) Nancie G.

nasdaq. com/ 2010/ 09/ 16/ constant-contact-social-stats/ [9] http:/ / www. .” [16] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / quotes. They were disciplined.. com/ boston/ 2007/ 09/ 13/ constant-contact-updates-ipo-filings-acknowledges-employees-bad-blog-behavior/ External links • Constant Contact website (http://www. constantcontact. absolutely. Yahoo Finance CTC 10-Q dated August 4. . xconomy. yahoo. thestreet. com/ q/ pr?s=CTCT+ Profile). yahoo. and business practices. com/ story/ 10764517/ 1/ constant-contact-acquires-nutshellmail--making-social-media-marketing-simple-graphic-business-wire. com/ assets/ Dcom-UnitedStates/ Local%20Assets/ Documents/ TMT_us_tmt/ us_tmt_Fast500winnersbyrank_101509. com/ q/ pr?s=CTCT+ Profile) Yahoo Finance Key Statistics (http:/ / finance. "Constant Contact Updates IPO Filings. darrenbarefoot. html). Rebecca (2007-09-13).2010 (http:/ / biz. asp?symbol=CTCT& selected=CTCT http:/ / www. "Constant Contact. pdf [14] Zacks. html) http:/ / www. services. pdf [13] http:/ / www. Yahoo Finance News-Business (http:/ / finance. yahoo. [15] Barefoot. xconomy. we educated them about the proper way to blog and to fully disclose who you are. jsp [10] http:/ / techcrunch. Darren (2007-05-10). com/ 2007/ 09/ 13/ constant-contact-updates-ipo-filings-acknowledges-employees-bad-blog-behavior/ ). nextwavemedia.[14] [15] The company's response: • Kevin Mullins . com/ about-constant-contact/ press/ press_2010_0920. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. Retrieved 2010-09-30. constantcontact. com/ assets/ Dcom-UnitedStates/ Local%20Assets/ Documents/ TMT_us_tmt/ us_tmt_2010%20Technology%20Fast%20500%20Winners%20Brochure%20by%20Rank_191010. pdf [12] http:/ / www.com) . 2011-01-15. com/ 2011/ 02/ 16/ constant-contact-buys-social-crm-startup-bantam-live-for-15-million-in-cash/ [11] http:/ / www. deloitte.constantcontact. And obviously. “They acted outside our corporate policy. xconomy Boston. Retrieved 2010-08-15. com/ q/ pr?s=CTCT). com/ Yahoo Finance CTCT Profile (http:/ / finance. html [8] http:/ / mashable.Constant Contact 46 Self promotion The company was criticized by blogger Darren Barefoot 5 years ago on the grounds that its employees and former employees responded deceptively to negative reviews of its products. com/ e/ 100804/ ctct10-q. 2008-05-08. If You're Going to Post Fake Comments. Leave the Office" (http:/ / www. but stresses that they acted against company rules. We believe in being honest and up front about who you are. yahoo. [16] http:/ / www. Acknowledges Employees’ Bad Blog Behavior" (http:/ / www.com. acknowledges that the comments on Barefoot’s site were made by Constant Contact employees. deloitte. DarrenBarefoot. com/ content/ Deloitte2008Fast500List. com/ archives/ 2007/ 05/ constant-contact-if-youre-going-to-post-fake-comments-leave-the-office.. They posted positive comments about the company while concealing their affiliation with Constant Contact.

0. This software is free under GNU General Public License 2. • A Software application must be Simple to install. and can therefore be used wherever internet service is available. 2011 PHP [1] ) Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website ERP. This is a summary of main Dolibarr features Main modules • • • • • • • • • • • • Products-and-services catalog Stock management Bank-accounts management Contacts directory Customers. as needed. SaaS GNU General Public License 2.0 / March 30.0. Dolibarr includes all the important features of an ERP/CRM suite. dolibarr. Dolibarr is a project build with one goal: to be an ERP/CRM suite that respects and complies with the "3 S’s" of software simplicity[2] : • A Software application must be Simple to develop. excluding accountability. org/ Dolibarr ERP/CRM is an open source/free software for small and medium companies. It includes different features for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but also other features for different activities. It is a web-based application. Features There are several feature modules that can be enabled or disabled.Dolibarr 47 Dolibarr Dolibarr Developer(s) Stable release Written in Dolibarr team (Project leader: Laurent Destailleur 3. CRM.0 http:/ / www. suppliers or prospects directory Foundation-members management Invoices management with PDF export Payments management Donations management Commercial-actions management Commercial-proposals management with document export to PDF Contracts management . foundations or freelancers. It is highly modular and is thus characterized by its ease of installation and use. despite the large number of modularized features. • A Software application must be Simple to use.

a front-office menu for external users…). Assorted skins. No human-relations management. . and DoliMamp for Mac users. This version is called DoliWamp for Windows users. DoliBuntu for Ubuntu like users.1 or higher. Code is highly customizable (very modular). It uses MySQL databases. Works with Mysql 3. PHP) with just one auto-exe file. MySQL. a back-office menu for internal users.Dolibarr • • • • • • • • • • Orders management Standing-orders management Shipping management Support for TVA NPR (La TVA non perçue récupérable. Very user-friendly. Works with PHP 4. Architecture Dolibarr is written in PHP. It works with a wide choice of hosting services or servers. Dolibarr works with all PHP configurations (as described above) and does not require any additional PHP module.e. with several permissions levels for each feature. Dolibarr is also available with an auto-installer for Windows and Mac users with no technical knowledge to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisites (Apache. Does not support the double VAT (both federal and provincial) for Canada. or "uncollected recoverable VAT – for French DOM-TOM) Bookmarks management Emailings Reporting Canned reports of Dolibarr events inside Webcalendar Data-export tools LDAP connectivity 48 Miscellaneous • • • • • • • Multi-user. Several menu managers (i. Manages only one company/foundation (mono-company) . No Webmail. Manages only one currency at a time (mono-currency).3 or higher. Missing features These features are not available even in the most recent version of Dolibarr: • • • • • • No accountancy (banking management only).. experimental support for PostgreSql.

another April member. Rodolphe let the main contributor Laurent Destailleur (also author of the other popular OpenSource project AWStats) to lead the project.org. Retrieved 2008-08-01.dolibarr.0 was released in September 2003. www. References [1] http:/ / www.dolibarr. Jean-Louis Bergamo.Dolibarr 49 History Dolibarr was started by Rodolphe Quiedeville. destailleur.org/) (English) DoliStore. from scratch. the Dolibarr for Windows (http://www. the official addons web site (http://www.org/public/demo/) (English) DoliWamp.nltechno. started the foundation management module. hosted by Savannah. External links • • • • • (English) Dolibarr official website (http://www.net/projects/dolibarr/) at SourceForge. fr/ [2] "Main Dolibarr features on Dolibarr official web site" (http:/ / www.php) • Dolibarr (http://sourceforge. In July 2008.com/) (English) Dolibarr wiki documentation (http://wiki.dolibarr. Translations ca_ES/ da_DA/ de_DE/ en_AU/ en_US/ es_ES/ fi_FI/ fr_BE/ fr_FR/ it_IT/ nl_BE/ nl_NL/ no_NO/ pl_PL/ pt_PT/ pt_BR/ ro_RO/ ru_RU/ sl_SL/ sv_SV/ tr_TR/ Awards • 2003 • 1st in the category "Management Company" at the Les Trophées du Libre contest.dolibarr. in April 2002. dolibarr. 2008-08-01.com/pages/dolibarrwinbin.net • Dolibarr (http://www.dolistore.org) (English) Dolibarr online demo (http://demo. .net/projects/608) at Ohloh . and saved under CVS. Version 1. org/ features).ohloh.

new organizational forms as well as technologies were used. eventually resulting in what we know as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). eCRM is enterprises using IT to integrate internal organization resources and external marketing strategies to understand and fulfill their customers needs.20 but built for FileMaker Pro v. Built using FileMaker Pro. based on the features of version 2. org/ learningcenter/ databases/ page5212. It also uses net environment i. MT. He considered it to consist of [2] attracting. org/ learningcenter/ software/ page5312. External links • Official website [2] • TechSoup's article on the second version of ebase [3] • TechSoup's article on the first version of ebase [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. extranet and internet. techsoup. intranet. and a collection of articles on using and administering ebase (the knowledge base). cfm http:/ / www. In doing so.Ebase 50 Ebase ebase is free and open-source software Customer relationship management software for small to mid-sized non-profit organizations. ebase is currently maintained by a national community of volunteers in conjunction with Desktop Assistance in Helena. techsoup. supplemental documentation available for download.[1] From Relationship Marketing to Customer Relationship Marketing The concept of relationship marketing was first coined by Leonard Berry in 1983. Electronic CRM concerns all forms of managing relationships with customers making use of Information Technology (IT). Comparing with traditional CRM. A new version. The main difference between RM and CRM is that the first does not acknowledge the use of technology. mooseridge. org http:/ / www. companies were engaging more and more in a meaningful dialogue with individual customers. net/ ebase/ Latest%20release/ http:/ / www. includes a user support forum.e..[3] . ebase. is under development. In the years that followed. the integrated information for eCRM intraorganizational collaboration can be more efficient to communicate with customers. discussion & planning for future revisions. where the latter uses Information Technology (IT) in implementing RM strategies. 9. Current versions are available at a volunteer's FTP server [1] The ebase community site [2]. accessible to users that have made a (monetary or volunteer) contribution. maintaining and enhancing customer relationships within organizations. cfm ECRM eCRM This concept is derived from E-commerce.

Individual personalization requires program changes. System maintenance and modification • CRM – More time involved in implementation and maintenance is more expensive because the system exists at different locations and on various servers. desires. Customization and personalization of information • CRM – Views differ based on the audience.ECRM 51 The essence of CRM The exact meaning of CRM is still subject of heavy discussions. and PDA technologies. which interacts with the back-end through use of ERP systems. Implementation and maintenance can take place at one location and on one server. • eCRM – System (created for external use) designed based on customer needs.[6] Loyal customers can not only give operational companies sustained revenue but also advertise for new marketers. System overhead (client computers) • CRM – The client must download various applications to view the web-enabled applications. wireless. phone. data warehouses. • eCRM – Does not have these requirements because the client uses the browser. • eCRM – All of the traditional methods are used in addition to Internet. firms utilize CRM to maintain the relationship as the general two categories B2B(Business-to-Business) and B2C(Business-to-Customer or Business-to-Consumer). emphasis is on the back-end. and fax. System interface • CRM – Implements the use of ERP systems. Individual has ability to customize view. and data marts. so that the implementation of CRM should come from respective viewpoints. To reinforce the reliance of customers and create additional customer sources. email. Web applications designed for a single department or business unit. • eCRM – Personalized individual views based on purchase history and preferences. • eCRM – Reduction in time and cost. They would have to be rewritten for different platform. • eCRM – Geared more toward front end. and responsiveness to marketing. Because of the needs and behaviors are different between B2B and B2C. and personalized views are not available. the overall goal can be seen as effectively managing differentiated relationships with all customers and communicating with them on an individual basis.[5] Underlying thought is that companies realize that they can supercharge profits by acknowledging that different groups of customers vary widely in their behavior.[7] Differences between CRM and eCRM Major differences between CRM and eCRM:[8] Customer contacts • CRM – Contact with customer made through the retail store. . System focus • CRM – System (created for internal use) designed based on job function and products.[4] However. Web application designed for enterprise-wide use.

one of the objectives of eCRM. which can then be sent to the sales and finance departments in order to recalculate inventory and financial position quick and accurately. Customer Interaction: According to customer’s need. company provide the proper feedback them. in the right amount. web browsers or other electronic touch points. Data Aggregation: Filter and analysis for firm’s specific needs to fulfill their customers. Collaborative: Due to improved communication technology. Implementing and integrating eCRM work non-electronic solution Several CRM software packages exist that can help companies in deploying CRM activities. Besides choosing one of these packages. 3. Once this information is transferred back to the CRM software and services it could prevent customers from placing an order in the belief that an item is in stock while it is not. In order to implement CRM in an effective way. E-loyalty results in long-term profits for online retailers because they incur less costs of recruiting new customers. Analytical: Analysis helps company maintain a long-term relationship with customers. Data Collection: About customers preference information for actively (answer knowledge) and passively (surfing record) ways via website. many companies consider it as an opportunity to reduce customer-service costs. there are three steps life cycle:[11] 1.[12] eCRM strategy components When enterprises integrate their customer information. Adopt customer-based managers to assess satisfaction. further personalize marketing messages and enable mass customization. The challenge hereby is to offer communication and information on the right topic. where electronic methods were used to gather data and analyze customer information. Examples are Transaction Processing System (TPS) to process data real-time. CRM solutions are more effective once they are being implemented in other information systems used by the company. the trend of the upcoming Internet can be seen as the foundation of what we know as eCRM today. plus they have an increase in customer retention.[9] ECRM is being adopted by companies because it increases customer loyalty and customer retention by improving customer satisfaction. Develop an end-to-end process to serve customers. As we implement eCRM process. We can define eCRM as activities to manage customer relationships by using the Internet. 2. This avoids multiple times to bother customers and redundant process.[10] Together with the creation of Sales Force Automation (SFA).ECRM 52 eCRM As the internet is becoming more and more important in business life. companies can also choose to design and build their own solutions. 2. email. [13] Track all aspects of selling to customers. there are three eCRM strategy components[1] : 1. the processes in business should make customer’s need as first and seamlessly implement. . one needs to consider the following factors: • • • • • Create a customer-focused culture in the organization. and at the right time that fits the customer’s specific needs. tighten customer relationships and most important. different departments in company implement (intraorganizational) or work with business partners (interorganizational) more efficiently by sharing information. 3. Operational: Because of sharing information. questionnaire. Furthermore. as well as prospects. Recommend questions to be asked to help a customer solve a problem.

more complex collaboration can be implemented on networking platform. system and connect with their customers streamlined in the cloud. In cloud based CRM system. and fun to browse. and it becomes a long-term relationship eventually. Know your exit strategy: understand the exit mechanism to keep flexibility. 2. customer/case experience and the interaction feedbacks are another way of CRM collaboration and integration information in corporate organization to improve businesses’ services. save energy to retailer. Previous research[17] [18] found B2C enjoy the shopping online is quick to transact. the launched CRM system should be the help for sales. 6. 4. 3. the marketing investigating. the attitude of B2C individually purchase is decided by the positive experience and online shopping knowledge.[] After businesses collaborate as "supply chain partners". As each department integrates customers’ information. Ask about security: consider whether the cloud CRM provider give enough protect as your own. more and more enterprise CRM systems move to cloud computing solution. companies can cost efficiently as pay-per-use on manage. transaction can be recorded via CRM database immediately.[21] There are multifarious cloud CRM services for enterprise to use and here are some hints to the your right CRMsystem:[22] 1. according to Gartner". 7. they can focus on individual operational duty more efficiently. and information obtaining are important factors to maintain customer services. And firms are able to use the marketing analysis for customer more mature services.[] Cloud solution Today. By "central repository". Assess your company’s needs: some of enterprise CRM systems are featured Take advantage of free trials: comparison and familiarization each of the optional. eCRM optimizes the customized environment via web browser.[20] Some enterprise CRM in cloud systems are web-based customers don’t need to install an additional interface and the activities with businesses can be updated real-time. maintain. People may communication on mobile devices to get the efficient services. "up from 8 percent of the CRM market in 2005 to 20 percent of the market in 2008. so that firm may reduce execution cost. Consider mobile options: some system like Salesforce. Customizing the specific product and reducing the repeated routine cost products for them can expense least.com can be combined with other mobile device application. 53 . 5. websites information has been becoming an important medium to reduce collecting cost and time.[19] Moving managing system into cloud.[15] • eCRM in B2B market Traditional B2B customers are usually seeking ways in order to decrease the firm’s expense. Do the math: estimate the customer strategy for company budget. and upgrade etc. Furthermore. At the same time. Due to information technology developing. Thus. customers communicating.ECRM electronic solution (eCRM) Contrast with traditional CRM being implemented under ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) interface communicating in firms and with their customers. This provides beneficial for effective communication not only enterprises to external customers and internal departments. Make sure the sales team is on board: as the frontline of enterprise. customer may communicate with different department staff in the corporate via Internet (or phone call). convenient to return.[14] Business personalized each of their customer profile unified in entire organization. it takes the mutual benefits can give both sides an equal position to increase co-work confidence [16] • eCRM in B2C market In contrast with B2B.

most companies are still struggling to identify effective entries in Virtual Worlds. The rise of the Internet and eCRM has boosted the options for self-service activities. There are four suggested implementation steps that affect the viability of a project like this: 1. which provoked an outcry among its dealers network.ECRM 54 vCRM Channels through which companies can communicate with its customers.[26] Furthermore. • Customized products or services. example of the creation of experiences in order to establish customer service is the use of Virtual Worlds. CRM programs should be directed towards customer value that competitors cannot match. but ever growing in popularity. Supporting with the right technologies [32] .[28] Different levels of eCRM In defining the scope of eCRM. which allows companies to respond directly to any customer’s requests or problems. Proactive service is where the manager has decided not to wait for the customer to contact the firm. in a world where almost every company is connected to the Internet. Reactive service is where the customer has a problem and contacts the company. is another feature of eCRM that helps companies establish and sustain long-term customer relationships. Some examples of tools used in eCRM: • Personalized Web Pages where customers are recognized and their preferences are shown. are growing by the day. but to be aggressive and contact the customer himself in order to establish a [31] dialogue and solve problems. • Customer-centered services: These services include order tracking.[23] One of the reasons eCRM is so popular nowadays is that digital channels can create unique and positive experiences – not just transactions – for customers. three different levels can be distinguished: • Foundational services: This includes the minimum necessary services such as web site effectiveness and responsiveness as well as order fulfillment. getting their time and attention has turned into a major challenge.[25] Its highly interactive character.[24] An extreme. Developing customer-centric strategies 2.[27] However. Steps to eCRM Success Many factors play a part in ensuring that the implementation any level of eCRM is successful. eCRM has become a requirement for survival. given the newness of the technology. not just a competitive advantage. An example was Ford’s plan to sell cars directly to customers via its Web Site. Re-engineering work processes 4. Through this so-called vCRM. such as Second Life. One obvious way it could be measured is by the ability for the system to add value to the existing business. and as a result. Information Technology has helped companies to even further differentiate between customers and address a personal message or service.[30] CRM activities are mainly of two different types. • Value-added services: These are extra services such as online auctions and online training and education. A critical success factor is the integration of such activities into traditional channels. companies are able to create synergies between virtual and physical channels and reaching a very wide consumer base. However. product configuration and customization as well as security/trust. Redesigning workflow management systems 3. [29] Self-services are becoming increasingly important in CRM activities.

which is related to sales. The mobile channel creates a more personal direct connection with customers. the end users and management in agreement.[35] There are three main reasons that mobile CRM is becoming so popular. takes this one step further and allows customers or managers to access the systems for instance from a mobile phone or PDA with internet access. Step 4 – Rollout phase: This is when the new system is implemented but also when training on the final product is done with all users. It also has to be kept in mind that the mobile CRM system must be able to grow and change with the business. Step 1 . since the Internet access points are increasing by the day.Needs analysis phase: This is the point to take your times and understand all the technical needs and desires for each of the users and stakeholders. either one-way or interactive. Overall it supports loyalty between the customer and company.[36] There are four basic steps that a company should follow to implement a mobile CRM system. 4. the outcome can be beneficial for all. 2.[33] However.[34] eCRM allows customers to access company services from more and more places. 3. Lastly. the software being developed for these applications has become worthwhile and useful to end users. A few main things to consider are screen size. since communications is the central aspect of customer relations activities. Displays are larger and clearer and access times on networks are improving overall. Step 3 – Mobile application testing phase: This step is mostly to ensure that the users and stakeholders all approve of the new system. Secondly. mCRM however. It is continuously active and allows necessary individuals to take action quickly using the information. acquiring or maintaining customers. the users are also becoming more sophisticated. which improves and strengthens relationships. device storage and security. Typically it is an opt-in only channel which allows for high and quality responsiveness. support marketing.[37] Advantages of mobile CRM: 1. The technology to them is nothing new so it is easy to adapt. This is defined as "services that aim at nurturing customer relationships. marketing and customer service activities conducted through mobile medium for the purpose of building and maintaining customer relationships between a company and its customer(s). Step 2 – Mobile design phase: This is the next critical phase that will show all the technical concerns that need to be addressed. and use wireless networks as the medium of delivery to the customers. [38] . Since mCRM is not able to provide a complete range of customer relationship activities it should be integrated in the complete CRM system.ECRM 55 Mobile CRM One subset of Electronic CRM is Mobile CRM (mCRM). many opt for the following definition of mCRM: "communication. By following these and also keeping the IT department. The first is that the devices consumers use are improving in multiple ways that allow for this advancement. sales or services processes. resulting in high flexibility.

3% according to Selling Power.29% according to AMR Research 2007.50% failure rate according to the Gartner group 2002. and even the existence of e-business are rising. Most of these rates were based on customer response pertaining to questions on the success of CRM implementations.69. Trying to automate a poorly defined process.18% according to AMR Research group 2005.ECRM 56 Failures Designing. CRM systems depend on databases in which all kinds of customer data is stored.70% failure rate according to Butler group 2003. Lack of active senior management sponsorship. if marketers want to use consumer information for advertising purposes. Internet policy officials are calling for more performance measures of privacy policies. in order to further reap the benefits of their use. Privacy The effective and efficient employment of CRM activities cannot go without the remarks of safety and privacy.[40] 2001. creating and implementing IT projects has always been risky. Therefore.[45] Statistics on privacy:[46] • 38% of retailers don't talk about privacy in their sign up or welcome email • About 50% of major online retailers discuss privacy concerns during the email subscription process As the use of the Internet. CSO Forum 2004.[43] Privacy policies can be ineffective in relaying to customers how much of their information is being used. but also because of the high chances of failure. they will not share the customer's information with third party companies without the customer's express consent.47% according to Forrester Research Failure rates in CRM from 2001-2009:[41] Differing measurement criteria and methods of the research groups make it difficult to compare these rates. Also. Poor user acceptance. In general. it was revealed that over half the respondents have an incorrect understanding of how their information is being used. proposed that regulates the use of personal data. Some known examples of these problems are conducting credit-card transaction online of the phenomenon known as 'cookies' used on the Internet in order to track someone’s information and behavior. Legislation is being to acquire the customer's consent. electronic CRM solutions.31% according to AMR Research 2006. to about 40% in 2003. Failure to identify and focus on specific business problems. if a company has a privacy policy. . the better the service companies can deliver to individual customers. Not only because of the amount of money that is involved. they must clearly illustrate the ways in which they will use the customer's information and present the benefits of this in order [44] Privacy concerns are being addressed more and more.[42] The design and the quality of the website are two very important aspects that influences the level of trust customers experience and their willingness of reluctance to do a transaction or leave personal information. so are the efforts to further develop the systems being used and to increase their safety for customers. They believe that. In a recent study by The University of Pennsylvania and University of California. indicating that CRM failures dropped from a failure rate of 80% in 1998.56% according to Economist Intelligence Unit 2009.[39] Some of the major issues relating to CRM failure are the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Difficulty in measuring and valuing intangible benefits. the following rule applies: the more data. a positive trend can be seen. However.

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com.ECRM [39] greycells. ( John Wiley & Sons. razorfish.3. com. EngageIP EngageIP is an IP billing and Operational Support Systems (OSS)[1] software application for Telecommunications and Broadband markets. Shanti A. ecrmguide. com/ article. The Application is separated into three main tiers to allow the separation of a user interface. com/ blog/ projectfailures/ crm-failure-rates-2001-2009/ 4967 [42] Winer. The software may operate in a single server deployment or multi server environment containing redundancy. Retrieved from: http:/ / www. Electronic Markets 19(2-3) 69-70. Kim.. and Fjermestad. ) [40] Turban et al. (2009) Preface to the focus theme on eCRM. 334. com/ issue10. anxiety. (2010) eCRM: Striking the Balance Between Business and Privacy Issues." Decision Support Systems 43 (2007): 746-748. Retrieved from: http:/ / ecrmadvisor. [44] Morais. social norms and innovativeness on trust and ease of use in electronic customer relationship management. load balancing and partitioning of data. (2010) Momentum Grows for Internet Privacy Legislation. greycells. "Customer self-service systems: The effect of perceived Web quality with service contents on enjoyment. business logic and provides persistent data structure. 2008). 101. Electronic Markets 19(2-3) 89-98 Pierre Hadaya and Luc Cassivi (2009) Collaborative e-product development and product innovation in a demand-driven network: the moderating role of eCRM. Electronic Markets 19(2-3) 71-87.com [2] Architecture EngageIP was developed using emerging technologies and standard practices. [41] http:/ / www. EngageIP Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Operating system Platform Available in License Website LogiSense 1998 8. mediabuzz. Inc.3 / 2011-04-15 Microsoft Windows Windows Server 2008 Multi-language Proprietary Software www. Jerry L. htm [46] Razorfish eCRM solutions. Nicholas C. The software is a web application that may be run on servers located on-premises or in a hosted environment. .com (http:/ / www. Yujong Hwang (2009) The impact of uncertainty avoidance. sg/ asian-emarketing/ may-june-2010/ 994-ecrm-striking-the-balance-between-business-and-privacy-issues [45] Shread. Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy.3. Retrieved from http:/ / www. html 58 Romano. php/ 3909371/ Momentum-Grows-for-Internet-Privacy-Legislation. the ability to port to new database servers/architectures and to support operations in multiple deployment scenarios. [43] Yujong Hwang and Dan J. Paul. zdnet. This allows the EngageIP applications and associated development to adapt to changing technologies. (2010) Privacy and Permission. and e-trust..logisense. 6th ed.

net applications as well supports of standard SOAP (XML) and HTTP protocols access for non-Microsoft applications. The application has been built to provide a wide range of features and operations used by service providers.NET technologies and as well as a Microsoft SQL server database for data persistence. . EngageIP has been developed with a web centric design to eliminate the need for specifically configured workstations and client based software.EngageIP The core system is has been designed to be deployed as an installed application or a multi-owner hosted solution.E Release Legend: * A is the major version number * B is the minor version number * C is the release number.B.D. The Architecture of EngageIP leverages Microsoft . This layer is written in C# (C Sharp (programming language))/. These include: • Product/Service Management • Customer Account Management • Billing • Business Process Management • Mediation • Revenue assurance • System Administration and Provisioning • Wholesale and Retail relationships (Billing and Customer Relationship Management) • Captive Portal 59 Release Versioning EngageIP is versioned using a 5-digit instance format in the general form A. Customers make use of these APIs to integrate with their existing customer portals and automated business processes.0 and provides an abstracted interface from the data access layer for simplification of code development and knowledge of the underlying data structure. The web services provide methods to perform administrative and self services operations. accounting and customer management. billing. This method allows for easy integration with .Thoroughly tested releases that include enhancements and bug fixes.C. rating and mediation processes is channeled through the business logic layer. which begins at zero and increments as new releases are launched * D is the interim build number * E build number/revision number (5-digits) Interim releases . administrative portal.Are released weekly and form a roll-up of current development effort. Business Logic Layer All access from EngageIP Services.net 2. Web Services API The EngageIP Web Services are built on top of the Microsoft Web Service framework. The web services methods allows Service providers to integrate existing system for provisioning. Maintenance releases .

. telephony CDR (Call detail record).EngageIP 60 Mediation and Rating The mediation and rating processes are separated into two processes. The mediation process is responsible for collection and processing of usage data. This included data-specific usage.com/) . logisense.logisense. The medediation process has been built with a database configuration to enable updates to supported data formats with minimal or no code changes. web hosting and disk usage. Software Development Methodologies Development is preformed using an Agile Modeling methodology with a focus on the Scrum (development) principles. The mediation process will consolidate usage data into the EngageIP standard format and can also be configured for consolidation of multiple feeds into an exported dataset for processing by an external mediation or billing system. These include: • User story defined based on Marketing / Product Management requirements • User story review and scheduling • Use cases designed as test cases • Development based against user story and test cases • Quality assurance based on test cases (automated) • User story used for QA process • Documentation of deployment and new functionality • Training • Implementation of new functionality References [1] EngageIP billing and OSS/CRM platform. retrieved 2007-10 [2] http:/ / www. Standard usage formats have been supported by dedicated methods that allow for specific efficiencies in data process and mediation rule application to ensure performance and scale can be achieved.logisense. rfpconnect. com External links • www.com (http://www. (http:/ / www. com/ logisense/ product/ engageip-billing-and-oss).

entellium. of Bellevue. Malaysia 2000 Headquarters Seattle. Jones. Wire fraud scandal On October 7. including $19 million from Ignition Partners. eCustomerCenter www. Two Ignition partners told government investigators that they never would have made such an investment had they known the actual revenue figures. according to the government.[4] According to the FBI. in May 2000 by Paul Johnston. eSalesForce. Washington Key people Products Website Paul Johnston Rave. were arrested and charged with wire fraud for lying to investors in U. Paul Thomas Johnston. Malaysia. former chief financial officer. software company that develops on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software for small and midsize businesses.com [1] Entellium was a U.” The government alleges that actual 2006 revenues were $582.[5] . in 2003.Entellium 61 Entellium Entellium Type Industry Founded Private (defunct) On-demand software Kuala Lumpur. actual 2007 revenues were $1. a former Apple sales executive. Intuit was reportedly not using the software. and actual 2008 revenues were $1. The false revenue numbers..7 million inflated to $5. the former CEO of Seattle-based Entellium Corp.S. It was sold to Intuit in bankruptcy court.2 million.4 million inflated to $6. but as of October 2009. were used by the pair to attract millions of dollars in private investment. Forty Entellium staff were laid off after the arrests. the two software executives “devised a scheme to defraud investors in the company by representing that company revenues far exceeded the actual figures.789 but the pair inflated the revenues to nearly $4 million.S.[3] Entellium continues to maintain a research and development office in Kuala Lumpur. District Court in Seattle. 2008. and Parrish L. Washington. The company moved its headquarters to Seattle.2 million.[2] Company description Entellium was founded in Kuala Lumpur.

Entellium used Gamer Influenced Design (GID). com/ articles/ default. html?surround=lfn& brthrs=1) [5] 40 laid off at software company as execs arrested (http:/ / www.[7] [8] a concept that incorporates video-game features into business software. com/ seattle/ stories/ 2008/ 10/ 06/ daily19. com/ html/ businesstechnology/ 2008460368_webentell.7211.A Gamer's Look at CRM (http:/ / pcworld. html) [11] destinationCRM. washingtonpost. com/ Research/ Document/ Excerpt/ 0. html [7] New York Times: Why Work Is Looking More Like A Video Game (http:/ / www. html) [6] http:/ / seattletimes. Rave includes the following GID features: • • • • • • Star rankings associated with prospects and opportunities Animated effects Contextual activity sets Contact database Custom user profiles User performance ranking Recognition Entellium has received the following awards and media coverage for its software: • A bronze 2007 IDEA honor co-sponsored by BusinessWeek magazine[9] • A "leader" ranking from Forrester Research in the categories of both sales force automation (SFA) and customer service management[10] • CRM magazine's 2004. a smart client CRM application built on the Windows Presentation Foundation • eSalesForce. paving the way for some assets to be sold to financial software maker Intuit. nwsource. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Venture Capital Notebook (http:/ / www. entellium.Entellium 62 Bankruptcy On December 2. asp?ArticleID=7186) [1] [2] [3] [4] . html). com/ venture/ funding. Entellium: One year later (http:/ / www. asp?ID=82) [10] The Forrester Wave: Customer Service Management Software Q2 2007 (http:/ / www. a web-based issue tracking system Gamer Influenced Design In building its Rave product. Entellium filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.40597. TechFlash. destinationcrm. htm) [9] Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA): 2007 IDEA Winners: Bronze (http:/ / www. com/ od/ webservices/ Rave-A-Gamer-s-Look-at-Custom. a web-based CRM application built on the ASP. 2008. techflash. bizjournals. asp?company=entellium) Ex-Entellium execs charged with wire fraud for lying to investors (http:/ / www.[6] Products Entellium’s products include two customer relationship management applications and an issue tracking system: • Rave. com/ Cook J. idsa. seattlepi.00. html?_r=1& adxnnl=1& oref=slogin& adxnnlx=1203105781-YPM296oAR0Dd9Omtmly2OA) [8] About. 2005 and 2006 Market Leader Award for sales force automation (SFA)[11] Notes http:/ / www. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2008/ 10/ 08/ AR2008100802142. (2009). com/ seattle/ 2009/ 10/ entellium_one_year_later. about. nytimes. com/ 2007/ 05/ 20/ business/ yourmoney/ 20proto. org/ IDEA2007/ gallery/ award_details. forrester.com: Rave .com: The 2007 Market Awards: Sales Force Automation (http:/ / www.NET Framework • eCustomerCenter.

"One of the chief strategic challenges of the new economy is to integrate knowledge and relationships – devise a good fit between competencies (Competencies are the technologies." Harbison et al. Harbison et al. relationship assets. supply chain management (SCM). either as an ERP module or as a stand-alone application) to manage the product flow. suppliers. addressing specific organizational constituencies (customers. HR." Galbraeth (2002) adds that "success in the relationship age requires a deliberate process of creating intangible. collective agreements. Specialized HRM (human resource management) solutions exist to manage employee benefits. partner relationship management (PRM) and similar programs have paid very little attention to the relationships that underpin those processes." Making the links in a business network Norman and Ramirez (1993) state. finance. or to the intangible – relationship – assets embedded in them. In fact.Enterprise Relationship Management is basically a business strategy for value creation that is not based on cost containment. —Galbreath. etc). human resources management (HRM). The most obvious being CRM (customer relationship management). with external partners/suppliers. 2002 Overview The art of relationship management is not an entirely new one. specialized service providers. SCM (supply chain management.g. up and down a firm's value chain.entellium.com (http://www.Entellium 63 External links • Entellium.000 companies in the world for nearly a decade. CRM's little brother PRM (partner relationship management (PRM)). focuses on optimizing opportunity and downstream order management for an organization's channel partners (e. This return is 50 percent more than the average return on investment that the companies produced overall. ERM . enterprise resource planning (ERP).com) Enterprise relationship management Enterprise relationship management or ERM is a business method in relationship management beyond customer relationship management. sales and distribution. for significant benefits. etc. it has taken on many forms. business processes and techniques that a company has accumulated over time and packages in its offering) and customers and keep that fit current. that focuses on improving top-line growth by maximizing an organization's ability to identify sales and business opportunities with its customers. growing them and monetizing them". Galbreath (2002) suggests Enterprise Relationship Management as a process or approach to harmonize and synergize the different types of relationships that a firm engages in order to realize targeted business benefits. However. according to Galbreath (2002). CISCO and its partner lead and referral management process) On the back end. we have ERP (enterprise resource planning) to manage internal operations including manufacturing. but rather on the leveraging of network-enabled processes and activities to transform the relationships between the organization and all its internal and external constituencies in order to maximize current and future opportunities. performance reviews and so forth. employees. "for the most part CRM. (2000) . And lastly. channel partners. (2000)did some research on the performance of alliances and cited the following statisitics in their study: • "Strategic alliances have consistently produced a return on investment of nearly 17 percent among the top 2. specialized expertise.

the need to improve relationship success rates seems quite obvious. collaboration with outside firms becomes very attractive. (2000) • "Successful alliances recognize 20 percent profitability improvements as compared to only 11 percent for the less successful companies. Tools and methodologies Why do we need an Enterprise Relationship Management framework? Simply put.2 percent return on equity . 64 When looking at these numbers. But success in business. On-time deliveries increased by as much as 40 percent. investment. reviewing or re-designing operational & administrative processes. 1991) as well as obtaining resources through new means/sources. The figure below illustrates the benefits of focusing on the human. (2000) • "The 25 companies least active in alliances lagged the Fortune 500. (2000) • "Revenue generation from highly successful alliances equates to 21 percent of overall firm sales as compared to 14 percent for less successful alliances." . cultural and change aspect of a project. Many authors have addressed these issues from varying perspectives. Revenues increased by as much as 17 percent. Fundamentally adopting ERM is a cultural and change management issue more than a technology or process one. ." . they must maintain a focus on the human side of the equations. Teagarden (2000) presents the following statistics for suppliers: • • • • • • • Inventory levels reduced by as much as 50 percent. Stock outs reduced ninefold.1 percent. Cycle times decreased by as much as 27 percent overall. discipline and repeatability. ERM is still a relatively new field and few players stand-out with a complete ERM methodology and tools.Harbison et al. Nevertheless a host of best of breed tools and methodologies exist to carry out an ERM implementation. (2000) In a similar study conducted for the supplier side (results of efficiently run supply chains based on electronic integration and quality processes) by Solomon Smith Barney Analyst Report. Klambach and Roussel (1999) affirm that nearly 60% of business alliances do not deliver anticipated benefits while Lovallo & Kahneman (2003) and Selden & Colvin (2003) estimate M&A ( Mergers & Acquisitions) failures range between 70% and 80%.Harbison et al. is dependent on motivation.40 percent more than the average return on equity of the Fortune 500. with an average return on equity of only 10.Enterprise relationship management • "The 25 companies most active in alliances achieved a 17. Although establishing inter-enterprise links is far from a new science. Inventory turns doubled. notably deploying ERM in this case. With statistics like these." .Harbison et al. including technology enabling a firm. Supply chain costs reduced by as much as 20 percent. as in many other pursuits. unfortunately they are not integrated and focus on very specialized problem areas. and transforming the culture to one that is more adapted to collaboration. Therefore regardless of the methodology or tools that one may elect to use when integrating with outside firms. As Galbreath (2002) and Norman & Ramirez (1993) state. collaboration or rather the effective leveraging of relationship resources to create new sources of value. is a process of learning and developing new mental models and competencies (Senge. because relationships are becoming more and more prevalent and more integral to an organization's success. trust." .Harbison et al.

R. 2000. • Harbison. to Value Constellation: Designing Interactive Strategy". and Daniel Kahneman (2003). • Gretchen Teagarden. H.. • Normann.Enterprise relationship management 65 Practical methodologies and frameworks Velox framework Velox ERM is a product of Technology Partnerz. • Inmon.organizational network analysis[2] . process re-design. (2000) The Allianced Enterprise: Breakout Strategy for the New Millennium. IS/IT strategy. and Moloney. (2001). Viscio. Vol. Dan. Jeremy (2002). W.jr. Special Edition: Dispelling the Myths of Alliances". Charles. customer relationship management. and risk and business continuity management into a comprehensive and simple framework that supports people and organizations in repeatably/consistently: • Mapping and understanding collaborative processes and networks within and across organizational boundaries • Benchmarking collaborative capability • Identifying and selecting the best partners and collaborators to minimize risk and improve agility of the business network • Understanding and deploying collaborative best practices • Aligning and leveraging new and existing business relationships to business objectives • Accelerating/Facilitating the adoption of business change related to processes. References Primary sources • Galbreath. "Outlook by Issue: 1999. 2000 . No. The TQM Magazine 14(1). "Delusions of Success". Accenture.. John Wiley & Sons. supplier relationship management. "Velox ERM: Building an Enterprise Relationship Management Framework". Richard. P. Data Warehousing for E-business. and Rafael Ramirez (1993). systems and culture changes. • Accelerating decision making resulting in improved corporate responsiveness to changing market conditions Also available in a searchable knowledge base tool that supports managers and business professionals to effectively understand and use collaborative best practices and accelerate the adoption of ERM. A. • Torkia. 81. Harvard Business School Press. 7. et al. J. policies.com • Lovallo. New York. 185–220. Montreal: UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). Jr.. Harvard Business Review. Eric (2005). and Charles Roussel (1999).[1] It integrates ONA . 56–63. Solomon Smith Barney. "From Value Chain. Harvard Business Review on Managing the Value Chain. change management. p. D. Pekar. NY • Kalmbach. "Success in the Relationship Age: building quality relationship assets for market value creation". BoozAllen & Hamilton..

Enterprise relationship management 66 Footnotes [1] ERM .technologypartnerz.technologypartnerz.pdf)PDF (212 KB) • "Using digital to build customer engagement" (http://www.orgnet.com/PowerInNetworks.co.orgnet.html) at Orgnet.com/Portals/0/eng_doc/ TPPS-Stakeholders. asp) [2] Organizational Network Mapping (http:/ / www.orgnet.pdf)PDF (173 KB) • "Stakeholder Management in the Relationship Age" (http://www.com/BuildingNetworks.technologypartnerz.com • "Understanding Power in Networks" (http://www.pdf)PDF (242 KB) • "Smart Communities via Network Weaving" .Valdis Krebs (http://www. com/ orgnetmap. pdf) External links ERM and "Relationship Age" white papers • "Success in the Relationship Age" (http://www. pdf)PDF (336 KB) • "Managing the Connected Organization" (http://www.com/MCO.uk/homesite/dataserve/pdf/ usingdigital.com/Portals/0/eng_doc/ TPPS-RelationshipAge.pdf)PDF (563 KB) .Technology Partnerz Ltd (http:/ / www.com/Portals/0/eng_doc/ TPPS-DEAModel. technologypartnerz. com/ eng/ erm.omobono. orgnet.Enterprise Relationship Management .pdf)PDF (201 KB) • "The Dynamic Enterprise Alignment Model" (http://www.

which includes some third party libraries like database driver ADOdb or phpGACL permission system.an advanced module that automatically generates views. Included framework allows rapid development of new modules. which allows a user to subscribe to a record (or category of records) and have the system monitor it for you.EpesiBIM 67 EpesiBIM epesiBIM Stable release Written in 1.mini view of data stored in the module. History In the middle of 2006 company Telaxus LLC has started a project named TCMS (Time and Customer Management System). By the end of year 2006 first commercial application based on this product was released. The dashboard approach allows every user customize his or her workspace using applets . Every record can have an unlimited number of notes or attachments in any possible format. stores historical data. 2007 TCMS was renamed to epesi and core of this product was released as open source framework and published on Sourceforge[2] . BIM stands for 'epesi Business Information Manager' with the goal of providing functionality beyond the typical CRM.000 times (as of January 2011)[3] . com/ epesiBIM is an open source. epesiBIM incorporates Roundcube IMAP e-mail client and provides true single instance message archiving. web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) multiuser application. especially when utilizing Record Browser . This way a user receives a notification (Subscriptions applet) when a record was changed by another user . During the next twelve months the application was expanded with CRM functionality and this package is now available as epesiBIM. Since the first release published on Sourceforge.x and MySQL or PostgreSQL database server. It is based on epesi framework and it's designed to work on any operating system with http server with php 5. etc. One of the most advanced and powerful feature is a Watchdog utility.x Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Customer Relationship Management MIT http:/ / www. a project status changed from Completed to Billed or even when a note was attached to a record. An e-mail message is extracted from e-mail client and . Epesi is one of the top 12 open source CRM software by "Cost Effective Software Reviews" [4] Unique Features epesiBIM is based on epesi framework.a meeting was canceled. For example an applet may show only phone calls to be returned today. a phone number or an address was updated. When a user receives an e-mail it can be archived into epesi system.1. 2011 PHP 5. epesibim.4 [1] / January 4. epesi was downloaded over 18. By may. limits queries.

org/) .epesi. php?group_id=192918& ugn=epesi& type=prdownload& mode=alltime& package_id=0& release_id=0) [4] Top 12 Open Source CRM Software (http:/ / open-tube.epesibim. Then a link to this e-mail (or e-mail with attachments) is created under history of two contacts: a sender and a receipient. net/ projects/ epesi/ ) [2] First open source release announcement (http:/ / sourceforge. Attachments are stored as files with reference links. com/ top-12-open-source-crm-software) External links • Official website (http://www.EpesiBIM stored in the database in e-mails table. net/ project/ stats/ detail. References [1] SourceForge (http:/ / sourceforge. 68 Versions epesiBIM is available in two versions: • epesiBIM open source • epesiBIM premium Open source version is a base. This way the e-mail becomes a public note for all users to see.instead of forwarding coworkers an e-mail with attachment resulting in megabytes or gigabytes of wasted space a single instance of this e-mail is sufficient. This reduces e-mail traffic . net/ forum/ forum. php?forum_id=707833) [3] epesi download statistics on Sourceforge (http:/ / sourceforge. Premium version includes additional.com) • Development website (http://www. Additionally any number of reference links can be created in as many modules as needed (for example a meeting or a task can have reference links to this e-mail) and there is almost no overhead. with basic CRM and bugtracker functionality. commercial modules that automate business processes.

at the same time reducing or keeping head count flat — making the efficiencies gained by FSM suites and mobile automation key mitigating tactics. Another factor bringing field service into focus for many North American and European enterprises is the aging of the workforce. while. reduce inventory and monitor & control the field workers. The biggest challenge in Field Force Automation is in developing a simple. and the challenges with passing along process and customer knowledge to new employees. "Field service is increasingly viewed as an integral part of a unified customer strategy. satellite or GPRS). CRM or accounting systems) through wireless connectivity (Wifi. The captured data is transferred immediately to back end systems (ERP. It is as integral as sales. This instant capture of information reduces time delays. wireless devices. avoids manual couble entry data errors and enhances field force productivity. com . availability of field information in near real time allows to plan delivery schedules. Tablet PC's or mobile phones to capture data. typically handheld PDAs. 3G." [1] References [1] Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management. This involves use of technology. but usable. marketing and customer support to product-centric businesses. gartner. improved over time as part of a careful project. Connectivity can be overcome by having a system which can retain the information captured in the device cache and later synchronize with back-end systems (Thick Client). From an operations perspective. Published 10-Jun-2010 http:/ / www.Field Force Automation 69 Field Force Automation Field Force Automation (FFA) refers to the use of technology to capture field sales or service information in real time. This can also be thought of as service life cycle management or service resource planning. user interface for the hand held device/ mobile and connectivity at the location of information capture.

8/13/2009. com/ magazine/ 20091201/ switchboard-in-a-bottle. html". com/ ss/ essential-tools-every-home-office". (http://www. Magazine". 3/7/2010. Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Private Telecommunications 2009 in Mountain View.com/ idea-hub/topics/technology/video/top-five-home-office-gadgets) • Inc magazine's introduction to FonGenie and reference as a "more sophisticated version of Google Voice". "The Washington Post". (http:/ /www. "http:/ / www.pcworld.html) • Introduction to FonGenie and its benefits.fongenie. 12/1/2009.FonGenie.com [1] Products Website FonGenie is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) company enabling retail and small business to turn telephone calls from customers into sales. 3/15/2010 External links • FonGenie. (http://deals.openforum. com/ idea-hub/ topics/ technology/ video/ top-five-home-office-gadgets". com [2] Mark Spoonauer.inc. inc. "MSNBC". fongenie. VP. 3/7/2010.S.com main website (http://www. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2009/ 08/ 10/ AR2009081001938. 3/14/2010 [3] Zack Stern. Inc. asp?privcapId=61683735".com/2009/07/31/ fongenie-automates-phone-calls-for-small-businesses/) . 3/15/2010 [5] Editor. 3/14/2010 [4] JJ. (http://www. Loaded with easy-to-implement features from the Web. "http:/ / www. Solutions FonGenie www. FonGenie allows business owners to create and monitor on-the-fly interactive daily specials and promotions for customers to hear. "Business Week".[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] References [1] http:/ / www.FonGenie 70 FonGenie FonGenie. CA Mountain View.html) • FonGenie launches to automate phone calls for small businesses.venturebeat. "http:/ / www. 3/15/2010 [6] Bloomberg. CEO Vincent Mudrak. openforum. James Im. U. "Inc Magazine". CA. "Inc. html". "http:/ / investing. businessweek. "http:/ / www. Yang. Technical Operations K. inc. 12/1/2009. VP.com) • MSNBC coverage on FonGenie as one of the top five home office gadgets. washingtonpost.com/magazine/20091201/switchboard-in-a-bottle.com/businesscenter/article/169936/ Phone_Answering_Service_Pays_Back_in_Time. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot.

Later that year the company secured its first global customer in 3Com. which it delivers to businesses over the internet using the software as a service[2] model. effectiveness. History Origins Foundation Network was founded in 1997 by former business consultant and technologist Simon Wallace-Jones. England Key people Products Website Bob Mann. In April 2008 Foundation Network announced the release of RelayWare 8[3] . England and specializing in Partner Relationship Management software.relayware. Mike Morgan. marketing and associated business operations activities.com [1] Foundation Network is a vendor of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions.Foundation network 71 Foundation network Foundation Network Type Industry Founded Private On-demand software United Kingdom 1997 Headquarters Oxford. the next-generation of their PRM software. the network infrastructure vendor. Such software is used by manufacturing companies with indirect sales channels-to-market to automate complex business processes and programs in order to better manage channel partner sales. . partner loyalty and performance and thereby improved profitability and reduced cost of sale. This in turn may result in increased efficiency. Current status Foundation Network Ltd [4] is a global independent software vendor headquartered in Oxford. Simon Wallace-Jones RelayWare Partner Relationship Management www.

RelayWare [1]. co. com [2] No turning back the SaaS tide (http:/ / www. channelweb. idg. uk/ crn/ news/ 2229427/ resellers-urged-embrace-saas-4318184) . May 2008 [3] Foundation Network Ltd announces release of RelayWare 8 (http:/ / www. (http:/ / news. asp?ReleaseID=2126& NewsAreaID=2) [4] http:/ / www.Foundation network 72 Products and services Partner Relationship Management The company's product.relayware. cfm?eid=clients [7] Sophos using Foundation Network's RelayWare to support their partner program. com/ news-and-opinions/ 311-no-turning-back-the-saas-tide) . relayware.relayware. com/ et.com) . Customers Foundation Network's customers [6] include Lenovo. relayware.com) • Website featuring the RelayWare PRM software product (http://www. operations and reporting tools with an integrated partner portal.CRN Magazine [6] http:/ / www. no/ cw/ art. Sophos[7] and Trend Micro worldwide. It is aimed at global enterprise companies through to smaller regional businesses. RelayWare is marketed as a solution that can reduce the cost of channel operations whilst building partner loyalty. presscentre. driving incremental sales and increasing profitability.Microscope magazine. com/ Content/ Detail. com [5] Resellers urged to embrace SaaS (http:/ / www. Notes [1] http:/ / www.com) • PRM blog (http://blog. gaining competitive advantage.foundation-network. offers a suite of channel sales. Lexmark. fireflycomms. marketing. It is typically delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service)[5] . Sony. syscap. cfm?id=8686603F-17A4-0F78-31BA3324FFD8A9FC) IDG ComputerWorld External links • Foundation Network main website (http://www. foundation-network.

• User interface works in two modes: full featured light Ajax mode and fallback mode. or access can be limited to intranet or even only local users. Architecture basis User perspective • Accounting software installed on central www server can be accessed by any number of users around the world. ERP.0 FrontAccounting [2] FrontAccounting is an open source accounting software package with enterprise resource planning (ERP) elements targeted for small to medium companies.FrontAccounting 73 FrontAccounting FrontAccounting Developer(s) Stable release Written in Joe Hunt. The application is focused on supporting everyday company activities like sales. • Application is usable with any www browser. Full mode use JavaScript code to make the interface user friendly and boost effectiveness of data entry. . inventory management and purchasing with fully automatic GL posting. If browser with disabled JavaScript support is used to access application. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Available in Type License Website 16 languages [1] GL.2 / February 14. The application has a modular architecture. All less frequent accounting events can be posted by the GL Journal interface. No additional software have to be installed on client side. SaaS GNU General Public License 3. the user interface switches automatically to fallback mode. although data entry is slower.3. Janusz Dobrowolski 2. supports multicurrency and multibranch companies. Role based access system to various program functionalities enables FrontAccounting as cooperation platform for accountancy offices serving multiple companies on outsourcing rules. FrontAccounting is released as a web application accessible by any web browser with its database installed on a central server. • Theme system based on CSS enables user interface adjustments to special needs like using on PDA or cell phones with embedded browser. In this mode all basic application functionality is still available.

Customer deposits registration Allocation of customer deposits and credit notes to invoices Different price lists (sales types) with optional automatic price calculations Salesman provisions Various sales reports Purchasing • • • • • • Purchase orders Multiple Goods Received Notes against one purchase order Supplier invoices for single GRN or multiple deliveries Supplier credit notes Supplier payments Allocation of payments to invoices and credit notes Items & Inventory • • • • • • • Unlimited number of inventory locations Support for purchased.FrontAccounting 74 Developer perspective • • • • • Application is written in PHP language with use of MySQL database engine. Separated ui framework and code reuse ensure consistency of modules and easy development of extensions. Base modules provides basic functionality common for most companies. Clean separation of database access and business logic from user interface routines. cash accounts and printers Use of supplier/alias item codes (EAN/UPC) Sales kits expandable to individual items during document entry. . manufactured and service (non-material) items Item identification by EAN/UPC Sales kit definitions Reorder levels and inventory status control Average cost automatic update Automatic update of item purchase data from GRN and supplier invoice. Basic program functionality can be extended when needed with external modules and language hooks. Any special features can be added with additional modules and extensions. Features FrontAccounting has modular architecture. Sales • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sales on orders and direct sales Multiple sales deliveries for one sales order Sales invoices for single deliveries or batch invoicing Templates for subsequent deliveries and/or invoices Recurrent invoices for single customer or customer groups Cash sale or delayed payment POS definitions with different sales types. gettextized interface provides easy language updates for new application versions.

Print profiles enable document printing on different destination printers. . module) Trial balance Miscellaneous features • • • • • • • • Support for multi-branch customers Use of network printer. deposits and fund transfers Exchange rates database with automatic update from ECB Bank account reconciliation Tax inquiry and reports Cheque payments (add. printing by browser or local printer on client side box. Supports various tax types for any customer/supplier/inventory item Quick Entries (preset GL postings) for easy entry of often used accounting events. Low software requirements: MySQL 3. Payments.1. PHP 4. User friendly installation wizard Different user interface themes Missing features • Controllable/serialized items • Automatic freight cost calculations • Built in payroll system History FrontAccounting project was established on SourceForge in April 2007 as a further development of concepts introduced by (stalled in 2005) OpenAccounting system.3 or 5 High scalability .from one PC box installations up to multibranch companies spread over the world.FrontAccounting 75 Manufacturing • Simple (one step) and complex production • Multiple work centres Banking and General Ledger • • • • • • • • • • • Full multicurrency support Any number of GL accounts and bank accounts Journal and Budget entry Flexible tax system suitable for most local fiscal rules. which in turn was complete rewrite of webERP application. Report destinations PDF/Printers and XLS formats for MS Excel and Openoffice Calc.

sparking or fire) since the assumption is that other customers would have also called regarding that outage if it is of substantial size. maneja tus cuentas desde la web (English) PlaNetTel FA SaaS Service in Singapore (English) FrontAcccounting on Linux Lenny ready to run under Proxmox VE References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / sourceforge. • The type of device the customer is connected to is not supported as a customer node by the OMS. However. when the utility is experiencing a large number of outages fuzzy calls frequently receive a low priority (unless they are specifically noted as having a dangerous condition such as a downed wire. are typically a product of combining customer information (from a customer information system (CIS) which links the utility customer to an electric service device such as an electricity meter or transformer) and map data (from a geographic information system (GIS) which contains a topologically connected database of the distribution network. net http:/ / sourceforge. Fuzzies are not grouped into existing outage events and must be researched independently when the distribution operator has time to devote to the activity. or which are mapped to an incorrect device. sg/ http:/ / pve. • The device the customer is connected to is not mapped in the GIS yet. Problems that result from having a large number of Fuzzies At the core of a modern outage management system is a detailed topological network model of the distribution system. determining the correct device for a fuzzy customer can occur relatively quickly after all the other trouble tickets have been assigned or dispatched to field service crews for repair or investigation. . php?group_id=193252& package_id=270717 http:/ / www.FrontAccounting 76 External links • • • • • (English) Sourceforge Project site [3] [2] [4] [6] [5] (English) FrontAccounting community (Spanish) Front Accounting. net/ project/ showfiles.) The Source of Fuzzies Multiple reasons a customer can end up being fuzzy include: • When the customer is entered into the CIS an incorrect transformer number is entered. com/ front-accounting-maneja-tus-cuentas-desde-la-web. planettel. • When the customer is entered into the CIS the correct device is not installed in the field yet. or Fuzzies. aplicacionesempresariales. com/ wiki/ FrontAccounting Fuzzies A Fuzzy or Fuzzy Customer is an active customer account of an electric distribution systems receiving service at an unknown or indeterminate location within that utility's mapping system. to widen a road or convert an area to underground) results in new devices in the GIS and the customer information was not updated. net/ projects/ frontaccounting/ http:/ / www. • The field crew setting the customer information enters a bogus device number to save time. can create any number of issues. frontaccounting. Under normal conditions. • A project (for example. Customers which are not matched to a device in the system. html http:/ / www. com. proxmox. Fuzzy Customers.

where the fuzzy does not group into the correct outage it results in telling the customer erroneous information about the estimated restore time (ERT) and other details of their outage 77 .Fuzzies When a utility has a large number of customers not correctly linked to devices in the outage management system maps the following problems can occur: • Increased time to dispatch • Causes problems in the OMS prediction engine due to lack of good data • Creates outages with inaccurate numbers for the customers affected • Creates errors in the outage location summary reports given to oversight groups (in North America for example are Public Service Commissions) • Wastes time of employees researching discrepancies in outage data • In automated systems.

Goldmine Software. swept the computer industry awards. Windows Server 2000. • Reporting: Analyze data with the built-in proprietary report engine or using 3rd party tools.) to occur between any combination of employee(s) and contact(s). Goldmine has a user base of more than 1. Other native synchronization options include Microsoft Outlook. . to the South African software holding company FrontRange Limited (formerly Ixchange). appointments.GoldMine 78 GoldMine GoldMine Developer(s) FrontRange Solutions Operating system Windows 2000. Goldmine Software Corp. • Scheduling: Schedule various types of activities (calls. In April. Highlights include being awarded back-to-back-to-back-to-back PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" (August 1993. August 1995. was founded in 1989 by Jon Ferrara and Elan Susser. April 1996 and August 1997). Susser and Ferrara sold control of GoldMine Software Corp. Palm and Windows CE/Mobile devices. It is a Microsoft Windows program that manages client and prospect contact details as well as interactions with these contacts. History Goldmine Software Corp. was one of the early pioneers in the Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software categories for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs). 1999. etc. ranked #154 on the 1997 Inc. • Web Integration: GM+View area in the program allows external browser-based content to be seamlessly presented as part of the contact's data. Microsoft Windows 7 Type License Website Customer Relationship Management Proprietary www. Microsoft Windows Vista. emails sent and received and sales forecasts. including custom data pertinent to your own business.com/goldmine. such as calls made to and by the contact. made by FrontRange Solutions. This provides rich integration possibilities with internet and intranet-based data-driven pages. Windows XP.000 FrontRange Solutions partners. a national "Fast 500" company. Features • Contact Management: Maintain a list of contacts and their information. 500.frontrange. Windows Server 2003. • Sales/Opportunity tracking: Track probabilities & close dates of simple and complex sales • Networkable Groupware: The program can be used by a single user or simultaneously by groups of users in a windows network.aspx [1] GoldMine is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package.2 million users and is delivered through a network of more than 1. • Synchronize Data: Data can be synchronized with other GoldMine installations using GoldSync. • E-mail: RFC 822 compliant e-mail client works with SMTP and POP3 e-mail servers.

com/goldmine. 6. but supported until April 30. On April 2. com/ goldmine.0 supports MSSQL 7/2000/2005 and Firebird. Available through version 6. frontrange. GoldMine Enterprise Edition uses Named Licensing.htm External links • Official GoldMine web page [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Suitable for small to mid-sized installations. Informix and DB2. 2007. This means that 50 people can use a 25-user licensed installation of GoldMine as long as only 25 of them ever log in at the same time. • Enterprise Edition: Browser based with an MSSQL 2005 database.com/smallbiz/news/coladvice/reallife/rl990728. meaning that each user listed to use the application must have a license.frontrange. only X-number of people can log on at a given time (X being the number of licenses/seats). FrontRange CEO Michael McCloskey announced GoldMine Standard Edition would no longer be offered for sale after April 30. 2008.7 only. Can also use Firebird.0 supported Interbase. References • http://www. Licensing GoldMine Standard Edition. Corporate Edition and Premium Edition each uses a concurrent licensing system.5/7 and dBase with limited support for Oracle 7 & 8.GoldMine 79 Product Versions GoldMine is available in four versions: • Standard Edition: Uses dBase databases only. aspx .businessweek. 7. • Premium Edition: Defaults to MSSQL 2005 database.aspx • http://www. With concurrent licensing. Revamped UI and a customer service module are the primary differences between the Corporate and Premium Editions.7 supports MSSQL 7/2000 and dBase. 2007. • Corporate Edition: Defaults to MSSQL 7/2000/2005 database. MSSQL 6. 4.

Operations. including a range of specialized solutions in the emerging mHealth (mobile health) industry. is a Georgetown.S. html [7] http:/ / www. and enables the growing population of mobile workers to get their work done anytime. The new mHealth solutions enable patients to manage information about their health anytime. interviews. com/ three. from nearly any Internet connected device. The Venture Alliance (TVA) [6]. php [2] http:/ / www. The iKnowWare Strategic Partner Program [8] is designed to produce strong recurring revenue for participating integrators and service companies and is actively seeking new members. blogcrm. Development started in 2002 after the founder. iknowware. iKnowWare is a U. The segment is projected by IDC to touch 14% of Americans in 2011 [3]. The SaaS model allows companies to "Pay as you Grow" (trademarked by iKnowWare). tmcnet. com/ partnerships/ index. com/ voip/ 0209/ 2008-internet-telephony-product-of-the-year-awards. 3_v1_300014& prevId=8600024 [5] http:/ / www. trade media. References [1] http:/ / www. The iKnowWare business management platform is more than Customer Relations Management (CRM). Mark Spilotro. Internet Telephony magazine selected iKnowWare as the 2008 Product of the Year Award in the category of Mobile and Enterprise Software as Service Business Productivity Suite [7]. with HIPAA and regulatory compliance seen as a major inhibitor. link between patients and medical industry professionals. carrier operators and device manufacturer partners will be positioned to capture a bigger share of this growing opportunity. iKnowWare provides a single sign on environment to manage Marketing. Industry specific solutions have been created for construction. Texas. com/ iknowware-i-really-do. and Clients with the ability to be adapted to serve the unique needs of specific industries and languages. finishing in third place out of twenty finalists. Distribution. With iKnowWare companies can easily manage their operations. based company that provides Software as a Solution (SaaS) applications to businesses in a variety of industries. tvausa. htm [8] http:/ / www. the governing body of GSM. Additional recognition for iKnowWare has come from key industry organizations including CTIA. HIPAA compliant. jsp?detailId=200026& paramId=8600024& category=appDtl& prevCtg=industryDtl& solutionId=6. com/ entrepreneurs/ promising-companies/ [6] http:/ / www. It was named a "Most Promising Company" for 2009 [5] in America by Forbes Magazine. The new mHealth adaptation provides the secure. based corporation that has received recognition from numerous sources since it began operation in 2006. and product evaluations. google. anywhere. mobilestorm. anywhere. Companies were selected to be finalists by a third party contracted by Forbes.IKnowWare 80 IKnowWare iKnowWare. and mobile carriers like AT&T. Using patent pending technology [2] to drive a unique messaging system and mobile views of information. With the HIPAA compliant security iKnowWare provides. html . left Oracle. services and insurance. AT&T certified iKnowWare as a solution [4] for its customers in 2010. Finance. com/ certifiedsolutionscatalog/ software_solution_detail. com/ resources/ digital-marketing-blog/ idc-14-of-adult-americans-to-use-mhealth-apps-in-2011-hipaa-seen-as-largest-barrier/ [4] http:/ / developer. Sales. manufacturing. forbes. In 2006 the iKnowWare business management platform went live [1]. which did extensive background research. including CRM. logistics. com/ patents/ about?id=k7CYAAAAEBAJ& dq=iknowware [3] http:/ / www. att.

tmcnet.forbes. (http://www. (http://www.com/voip/0209/ 2008-internet-telephony-product-of-the-year-awards.com/2009/12/17/ most-promising-comapnies-recap-entrepreneurs-finance-promising.htm) • Forbes.com article introducing 2009 Most Promising Companies. (http://www.IKnowWare 81 External links • Internet Telephony announces 2008 Product of the Year awards.com/entrepreneurs/ promising-companies/) .com article catching up with finalists later in 2009.forbes.html) • Forbes.

workforce management functionality. .6 million (2006)[2] US$$7.6% net margin)[2] /> 200+(2007)[2] Founded Headquarters Key people Revenue Operating income Net income Employees inContact. Utah. Chief Executive Officer Brian Moroney. Executive Chairman Paul Jarman. Chief Financial Officer Scott Welch. Chief Customer Officer US$81.InContact 82 InContact UCN. Type Industry Public NASDAQ:SAAS [1] Telephony Workforce Optimization Telecommunications Workforce Management Automatic Call Distribution Automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys VoIP CRM Agent Scoring/Trending Interactive Voice Response Bluffdale.1 million (2006)[3] (33.5 million (2006)[3] US$$8. Utah (1997) Midvale. Inc. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with speech recognition. The inContact platform has grown from an Automated Call Distributor (ACD) with skills-based routing. Chief Operating Officer Rudy Vidal. to include an online hiring solution.7 billion contact handling market by being the first to combine Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contact routing and agent optimization software with a national connectivity network of phone and internet. Inc. and a customer feedback and survey solution. (NASDAQ: SAAS) is a provider of on-demand contact center software. inContact is used by approximately 600 global contact centers of all sizes and has more than 300 employees. an eLearning and communications application. The company carved a niche for itself in the $28. USA Theodore Stern.

Chat and Email software. scheduling. incontact. the technology code base of MyACD.com/quote. later in 2006. Corporate Acquisitions • In 2001. com/ ucn/ --ID__116792--/ free-co-factsheet. The name change was cited[4] as a reflection of the company's emergence from a provider of telecommunications services to the leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure for contact centers. TDM. • In 2007. All of the products are SaaS-based..a customer satisfaction survey product. forming the foundation for UCN's core contact handling technology. hoovers. incontact. net/ phoenix.nasdaq. hoovers. xhtml http:/ / finance. and changed its name to inContact effective January 1. Through a series of strategic acquisitions commencing in 2001. OB& annual http:/ / www.com/top/news/business/companies/ucn-inc/index. IVR.nytimes. com/ press-room/ ucn-nasdaq-stock-trading-symbol-changes-to-saas-effective-jan-2-2009 http:/ / www. References http://www. 2009. 83 Corporate History Founded in 1997. now branded as inContact.com/ucn/--ID__116792--/free-co-factsheet. UCN acquired ScheduleQ. DID. to a hosted solutions provider.dll?page=multi&mode=stock&symbol=SAAS http://topics. • In 2002. The inContact platform is built around a national telephony infrastructure.hoovers. the Utah-based company began as a unified carrier of long distance services. VoIP. offering T1. com/ http:/ / www. coaching. UCN acquired the exclusive marketing rights and. services that normally require multiple vendors. eLearning. In the category of agent optimization. This core technology has become the inContact WFM product. yahoo. inContact has differentiated itself in the crowded contact handling market by combining productivity enhancing applications with connectivity options. com/ incontact/ --ID__116792--/ free-co-factsheet. • In 2007. Speech recognition. xhtml http:/ / finance. the company shifted its focus to become a provider of on-demand contact routing and agent management applications embedded in its national telephony network. corporate-ir. com/ q/ is?s=UCNN.html External links • Company website [5] • Hoovers Overview [6] • Stock Information [7] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / phx. and toll-free calling options. a move transforming UCN from a re-seller.xhtml http://quotes. com/ q?s=SAAS . zhtml?c=97027& p=irol-IRHome http:/ / www.InContact The company was formerly known as UCN Inc. Products Within the call routing category. inContact offers performance management. feedback and recording & quality monitoring software. yahoo. the company acquired the national VoIP network of iLink. PSTN. The company's current product offering is targeted at any group involved with contact handling activities. inContact offers ACD. CTI. hiring. UCN also acquired BenchmarkPortal's ECHO .

The Zip Code Radius Search and The Phone Number Formatter.[3] In 2008. who was an early employee of SugarCRM. History The company was founded in 2006 by a group of CRM industry veterans.intelestream. intelestaffing.[7] . Green determined the growing market for Open Source CRM consulting services warranted the formation of a separate organization. led by Jason Green. Intelestream's early clients during this period included the National Headquarters for the YMCA. intelestaffing and intelesourcing are geared towards the Recruitment and Human Resources industries respectively. Intelestream began as a professional services provider to organizations implementing and customizing the SugarCRM suite of products. Intelestream expanded its open source software development efforts with the release of Perpetual Sourcing (later called intelesourcing). The Address Verification Tool.net [1] Intelestream is a professional services and product development firm specializing in Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications.Intelestream 84 Intelestream Intelestream Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Private CRM Software and Professional Services Illinois 2006 Jason Green Headquarters Chicago. Illinois Products Employees Website intelecrm.[2] By the end of 2007. Intelestream became a provider of their own open source CRM application.[4] While continuing to keep SugarCRM consulting at the core of its business. intelesourcing 50+ www.[5] With the official release of intelecrm in 2008.[6] Products Intelestream develops three open source enterprise applications: • intelecrm • intelestaffing • intelesourcing Intelecrm is marketed by the company as an affordable CRM solution with on-demand hosting. Intelestream had developed the first fully functional Google Maps integration tool for SugarCRM. the first talent sourcing application for human resources to follow a CRM-logic workflow. The company continued to gain recognition throughout the CRM community for its extensive SugarCRM plugin offerings including The StarRater. marking the company's inaugural step into software development.

intelestream. reuters. serence. com/ channels/ open-source-crm/ articles/ 17788-sugarcrm-gets-sugarmaps-with-google-maps-intelestream. talend. and Red Hat. sugarforge. com/ article/ pressRelease/ idUS129087+ 20-Aug-2008+ BW20080820) [10] CRM Marketplace (http:/ / www. intelestream. com/ features/ 10-plugins-CRM-081208/ ) [5] Job Bank: Cutting Edge HR Sourcing Solution (http:/ / www. intelestream. jobbankusa. mvc/ Intelestream-And-GrinMark-Partner-To-Provide-0001?VNETCOOKIE=NO) [11] http:/ / www. Compiere. net/ [2] Intelestream Case Study (http:/ / www. intelestream. insidecrm. intelestream. com/ news/ business_human_resources/ cutting_edge_hr_sourcing_solution. crn.[8] [9] [10] External links • Official website [11] • Sugarforge [12] — Plug-ins and third-party projects for SugarCRM References [1] http:/ / www. info@hand. tmcnet. net/ en/ mainmenu-home-aboutus-125/ mainmenu-home-partners-72) [9] Reuters (http:/ / www. crmmarketplace. html) [6] Channel Web Magazine: Intelestream Sweet on SugarCRM (http:/ / www. htm) [4] Inside CRM Magazine (http:/ / www. interspire. net [12] http:/ / www. net/ en/ mainmenu-home-products-34) [8] Intelestream partners' page (http:/ / www.com. com/ article. com/ software/ 218501626) [7] Intelestream products (http:/ / www. DataSync.Intelestream 85 Partners Intelestream has officially partnered with other leading enterprise application service providers including Amazon. net/ en/ mainmenu-home-aboutus-125/ mainmenu-home-customers-68/ ymca-sublevel-mainmenu-83) [3] TMC Net: SugarCRM Gets SugarMaps with Google Maps. Intelestream (http:/ / www. org/ .

Retrieved 2009-09-06. CEO Varun Shoor has received awards for his work on Kayako. [8] Free help desk software (http:/ / www. Kayako Inc. Punjab and Boise. Kayako's products available either as a SaaS (Software as a Service) or standard. Idaho.[5] [6] In August 2009. kayako. bbb.[2] History Kayako was established in 2001 by Varun Shoor. com/ free-help-desk-software. kayako. tmcnet. TMCnet. com/ topics/ it/ articles/ 61517-kayako-offers-free-software-non-profits.chdpr. (http:/ / www. boxed product. David (2009-09-06). kayako. tribuneindia. "Kayako Offers Free Software to Non-Profits" (http:/ / it. pdf) [6] Times of India news article . CRM 2001 Headquarters Jalandhar. indiatimes.prtpage-1.gov."E-revolution kicks off" (http:/ / timesofindia. com/ articleshow/ msid-3340049. htm#14) Better Business Bureau filing for Kayako Inc. Idaho Products Kayako Fusion Kayako Resolve Kayako Engage 60 www. .[7] [8] pyLiveResponse pyLiveResponse is an open-source 'live chat' product.com [9] pyLiveResponse project at SourceForge (http:/ / sourceforge. The project is run by Kayako.in Chandigarh Administration press release (http:/ / admser. com/ 2005/ 20050704/ ldh1. was incorporated[4] in Boise. Kayako announced the availability of cost-free full licenses for charities and open-source software projects. com Article excerpt from the Web Host Industry Review magazine (http:/ / whirmagazine.Kayako 86 Kayako Kayako Type Industry Founded Private Software.Kayako. nic. texterity. who are the main contributor to the project. htm). php) . chd. written in Python. com/ whirmagazine/ 200407/ ?pg=21) Tribune India article discussing Kayako (http:/ / www. In 2006. org/ boise/ business-reviews/ computers-software-and-services/ kayako-inc-in-boise-id-90007592/ ) [5] www.[9] [10] References http:/ / www. com/ f48/ pyliveresponse-open-source-liveresponse-desktop-app-mac-linux-windows-19980/ ) [1] [2] [3] [4] . in/ uploadfiles/ press/ pressnote/ pr3470. who formed the company and its first office in Jalandhar. notably due to his young age. net/ projects/ pyliveresponse/ ) [10] Kayako's pyLiveResponse project announcement (http:/ / forums.kayako. cms) [7] Sims. Punjab after dropping out of college[3] .com [1] Employees Website Kayako is a developer and vendor of proprietary help desk and customer support software.

[2] Both co-founders are part of the Endeavor network of entrepreneurs. Through these methods. The company applies Agile development methods. Background Lynkos was founded in 2009 by Federico Cella and Gabriel Colla.[11] . the project was called "SWAN" by its founders.[3] [4] Lynkos was the first company to be born within the Endeavor network by association of two pre-existing member entrepreneurs. as suggested by the Agile Manifesto. the company's in-house development team collaborates with a network of offsite developers in the design and development of new features.Kayako 87 External links • Kayako help desk software (http://www. in reference to a system that links.[6] The company was a finalist in La Red Innova startup competition held at Madrid in 2010[7] [8] and was featured in Killer Startups [9]. [10] At its initial phase.Kayako's website Lynkos Summary Initial release 2009 Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website CRM for insurance & financial services SaaS www. standing for "System Without A Name".lynkos. The "Lynkos" name came at a later stage. [5] The company is part of Microsoft BizSpark startup incubator.com [1] Lynkos is a company that offers specialized CRM and electronic transaction solutions for the financial services industry. Endeavor selected Lynkos to become part of a mentor program for startup fundraising in late 2009. Lynkos is a hosted solution that's available to financial services organizations through a software as a service licensing model.kayako.com/) .

com/ articulo/ portada/ start/ up/ elpepu/ 20100701elpcibpor_2/ Tes). pdf) (PDF). [9] http:/ / www. [3] "Endeavor reference to Federico Cella and Lynkos" (http:/ / endeavor. com [10] "Killer Startups review on Lynkos" (http:/ / www. Laredinnova. [11] Corporate background on the company's website [12] "La Innova's appreciation on Lynkos many-to-many approach" (http:/ / www. laredinnova.com. Lynkos. "VentureBeat reference to Lynkos and Endeavor's Mentor Capital Program" (http:/ / venturebeat. com [2] "Lynkos' corporate website" (http:/ / lynkos. Lynkos enabled a two way data synchronization among product suppliers and intermediares in the financial services industry.[12] While providing generic CRM features such as prospect management. This approach to CRM provided for a vertical integration in the financial services industry. . 1) . . reminders.com. com/ en/ start-up-competition). babson. org/ entrepreneurs/ federico-cella/ 361). aspx?Startup=34544). 2009 (2009-09-07). Laredinnova. document storage. Endeavor. tracks and campaign management. [6] "Microsoft BizSpark listing" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-02-24.org. [5] September 7. . [4] "Babson University calling for MBA interns to support Lynkos through Endeavor" (http:/ / www3. [8] "El Pais newspaper article . microsoft. Elpais. . com/ bizspark/ ConnectDetail. com/ about-us/ leadership_management). Trade Mark The USPTO has given the LYNKOS trademark serial number of 77712916. Killerstartups.com. [7] "La Red Innova startup competition final round" (http:/ / www. com/ Web-App-Tools/ lynkos-com-for-financial-services-intermediaries).com. .Lynkos 88 Features Lynkos introduced the many-to-many concept to CRM applications. notes. Retrieved 2011-02-24. .[13] References [1] http:/ / lynkos. Retrieved 2011-02-24. . com/ en/ start-up-competition). 2010-07-01. Retrieved 2011-02-24. Microsoft.Madrid 2009" (http:/ / www. edu/ Offices/ mba_ccd/ InternshipsJobs/ upload/ 2010_CompanyProjects_03_10_2010doc.com. [13] Public listing at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (http:/ / tess2. killerstartups. Venturebeat. uspto. 2. Retrieved 2011-02-24. Retrieved 2011-02-24. Retrieved 2011-02-24. com/ 2009/ 09/ 07/ endeavor-brings-silicon-valley-to-south-americas-southern-cone).com. elpais. Retrieved 2011-02-24. gov/ bin/ showfield?f=doc& state=4008:93icjj. Retrieved 2011-02-24. killerstartups.com. partner management. laredinnova. . .

receives Gold Certification status from Microsoft • In 2006. completes public offering and raises $13 million • In 2000. as one of the original software makers of “personal information management” (PIM) and “contact management” software – precursors to the CRM solutions today.Maximizer Software 89 Maximizer Software Maximizer Software Inc Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Products Revenue Website Private Computer software 2002 (predecessor company founded in 1995) Vancouver. the company acquired Tracker Software (Australia) Pty Ltd. announces record revenue for fiscal 2007. Launches New Brand and Corporate Focus on Mobile CRM.000th second-generation Mobile CRM customer milestone in 2008. • In 2009. marketing. Hong Kong subsidiary. History The Maximizer product line was developed more than 20 years. Maximizer Software is a member of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association. acquisition of Cognitech’s Sharkware software expands Maximizer Software’s presence in the US market • In 1999. Multiactive Software completes IPO financing for $13. • In 1998.3 million • In 2002. • In 2001. BC. in order to focus solely on CRM for SMBs and leverage the brand awareness of “Maximizer”. hits 2. • In 1997. • In 1995. • In 2005. the company launched the latest version of its software — Maximizer CRM 10. Maximizer offers CRM software (typically defined as software for sales.com [1] Overview Maximizer Software provides Customer Relationship Management CRM software for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and divisions of large enterprises through mobile devices.maximizer. which unified its four editions and added Mobile CRM for BlackBerry to focus its efforts on the growing Mobile CRM market. • In 2008. Joseph Hui (VP of R&D) CRM Software $ 16. and customer service staff and managers to access customer information – for managing sales and relationships with customers). . acquires majority shares of Hong Kong-based ABC Data & Telecom Ltd. announces strong revenue growth and its third consecutive year of profitability • In 2007. Canada Vivek Thomas (President). by Multiactive Software.5 million (2006) www. online or the desktop. the Maximizer product line was acquired from Modatech Systems Inc. Multiactive changed its named to Maximizer Software.

Distribution Maximizer markets and sells its products directly and through a network of Maximizer Business Partners (Accredited CRM Specialists). expanding users' choice of deployment options.max. maximizer. Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA).maximizer. the company launched Maximizer CRM Version 11. ranging in size from entrepreneurs to multi-national organizations.000 customers in various industries. Brian Tracy International. email marketing and customer service solutions through mobile devices.com. To date.Maximizer Software • In 2010. New Zealand and Asia.com/) Maximizer UK (http://www. • In 2011. and Cathay Pacific. Products Maximizer CRM features sales force automation.co. Canada. Australia. Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific.com. Maximizer Software is a global business with offices and throughout the Americas. British Columbia.6 million licenses to more than 120. 90 Company Facts Headquartered in Vancouver. marketing automation.hk/) Maximizer Australia (http://www. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Lockheed Martin. Société Générale. References [1] http:/ / www. TD Securities. a cloud-based CRM solution. including: Siemens. HSBC.maximizer. Maximizer Software has sold over 1. Oxford University Press. the Web or Windows desktop. The company counts Microsoft and RIM (makers of BlackBerry) as key strategic alliance partners. with a groundbreaking new GUI (Graphical User Interface). com/ External links • • • • Maximizer Software Inc (http://www. the company launched Maximizer CRM Live.maximizer. On-premise: • • • • Maximizer CRM Entrepreneur Edition for entrepreneurs and professionals Maximizer CRM Team Edition for small to medium sized businesses Maximizer CRM Group Edition for small to medium sized businesses and divisions of large enterprises Maximizer CRM Enterprise Edition for medium sized businesses and divisions of large enterprises Cloud-Based: • Maximizer CRM Live Worldwide Offices Maximizer Software is a worldwide organization with Business Partners and offices in its three regions: Americas.uk/) Maximizer Asia (http://www.au/) .

Kazakh. Basque. Hebrew. is primarily an IIS-based web application which also supports extensive web services interfaces. Korean. Ukrainian Customer Relationship Management MS-EULA [2] [1] Type License Website Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-lingual Customer Relationship Management software package developed by Microsoft. Hindi. Thai. Microsoft Windows (Clients) x86. results can be mixed and are not supported by Microsoft. and Microsoft Dynamics SL (ERP Application) and also Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 91 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. Russian. Polish. Out of the box. The current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is 2011. While other browsers can be used to access Dynamics. Croatian. Czech. Greek. Portuguese (Portugal). but Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary (.0 (seen from using the CRM Client plugin for Outlook Developer(s) Stable release Development status Operating system Platform Available in Microsoft Corporation 2011 / February 16. Norwegian (Bokmål). Catalan. Italian. Chinese (Traditional). Dutch. French. Bulgarian. Portuguese (Brazil). German. like Microsoft SharePoint. Turkish. Slovenian. Lithuanian. Chinese (Simplified). Serbian (Latin).NET based) framework to customize it to meet many different demands. also known as Dynamics RMS. 2011 Active Windows Server 2003/2008 (Server). Finnish. which. amd64 Arabic. Marketing. The Microsoft Dynamics family of business applications includes other related products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP application). Estonian. Hungarian. Clients access Dynamics CRM either by using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later web browser or by a thick client plug-in to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics GP. Spanish. Danish. English. Latvian. Romanian. [3] . (ERP application) Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP application). Japanese. Swedish. and Service (help desk) sectors. Slovak. the product focuses mainly on Sales. Galician. Dynamics CRM is a server-client application.

data importing. these versions can be highly customized using advanced extensions. a hosted solution that is offered directly from Microsoft.0 launched in January 2003.0 also implements CRM Online. This was the first version that saw reasonable take up by customers. the ability to run on Windows Vista and Outlook 2007.0 Versions Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in 4 versions for installation by a partner/customer. and support for Exchange 2007.0 (version 2.Professional Edition The Professional Edition has the same functionality as the Workgroup Edition except there is no limit on the CALs. 2005 [5] . .Workgroup Edition This edition is only allowed 5 CALs maximum.0 introduced in December 2007 [6] . If more CALs are needed. • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. If the installation profile calls for supporting either multiple organizations or servers. Notable updates over version 1. the Enterprise Edition is . Significant additions released later by Microsoft also allowed Dynamics CRM 3. [7] and SQL Dynamics CRM 4. it is not possible to add more CALs. • Microsoft CRM 1.0 Microsoft CRM 1.0 was skipped entirely) to signify its inclusion within the Dynamics product family and was released on December 5th. The CRM Online version cannot be extensively customized because of security issues . • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3. Also all the server roles are installed on 1 machine and cannot be separated. improved reporting security. This version is ideal for small organizations that can use it with the SQL Server Workgroup Edition and on a Windows Small Business Server. Microsoft CRM 1. You can only create 1 organization in this version and the use of external connectors is not allowed.0 The second version was rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 3. an upgrade to Professional or Enterprise should be done. .2 are the ease of creating customizations to CRM. • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Dynamics CRM 2011 was released to open Beta in February 2010 It then went into Release Candidate stage in December 2010 The product was then released in February 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. Dynamics CRM 4. It features multi-tenancy.0 is the first version of the product which has seen significant takeup in the market and passed the 1 million user mark in July 2009 [9] .0 Dynamics CRM 4.2 was not widely adopted by industry. The multi-tenancy option also allows ISVs to offer hosted solutions to end customers as well.2 Microsoft CRM 1.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 92 History • Microsoft CRM 1. direct mail merging and support for newer technologies such as Windows 2008 2008 (Update Rollup 4)[8] . the switch from using Crystal Reports to Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.2 was released on December 8th 2003[4] .0 to be accessed by various mobile devices and integration with Siebel Systems.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM required. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers two types of licenses: Server license and Client Access License (CAL).e. These also come in 3 forms: . It is not allowed to use them with a Workgroup Edition.e.0 are readonly licenses. This license can be upgraded to an 'External Connector License' when the Full Use Additive External Connector is bought. Read Only Licenses New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. If later a user should be able to perform a write operation. the user can access MSCRM from any computer. .Named User CAL: This is tied with the user name i. a step-up license can be bought to upgrade the Read-Only license to a Full Client Access License. This version is to be used when multiple divisions should be accessing CRM from one platform. . . . . There are two types of Client CAL: . 93 Licensing Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers flexible software licenses.External Connector : Is a combination of the Limited External Connector (that provides Read Only functionality) and the Full Use Additive External Connector (that provides Write Only functionality) ..Limited External Connector: Provides Read Only functionality for the external application. This version is mostly implemented by Microsoft Partners that offer Hosted CRM functionality. Each deployment should have at least one server license and one CAL.Service Provider Edition This edition is actually an Enterprise Edition that is configured to accept Internal user requests from AD and external user requests through IFD (Internet Facing Deployment). Users that do not have to have write permissions can be assigned Read Only licenses. External Connector licenses are only valid when bought for a Professional or Enterprise edition. Full Use Licenses Full Use Licenses are licenses where the client (user / device) has read. write and update permissions. when letting external users connect to this CRM version through the Internet. CAL is also known as a user license. This model is useful in environments such as Call Centers.Full Use Additive External Connector: Provides the Write functionality to a "Limited External Connector" license. These licenses are cheaper because they do not allow any write operations on the records. CRM can be accessed from only one device). an external connector license is required.Enterprise Edition Has the same functionality as the Professional Edition but without limits.Device CAL: This is tied with the Device (i. External Connector Licenses Whenever an application (windows or web) reads or writes data from/in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Probably a few functionalities of the Accelerators will be incorporated in the next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM 4. These accelerators can be downloaded (for free) from the CodePlex website and adapted by the organization itself. Fetch based Reports. Microsoft released the Accelerators. Perhaps most importantly. de-duplication capability now included Enhanced entity relationships – many to many. unified event model. plug-ins to replace callouts Light enquiry user license now available . Custom Activities. Goal Management. a set of basic vertical solution templates that can be used to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a few directions. including support for duplicate data detection and other enhancements. Dashboards. MAPI based Outlook clients. New feature set includes – Visualizations.One server can host more than one business organization Multi Currency Multi Lingual Microsoft Office Communicator / Windows Live Messenger presence integration support Cloud Computing with Microsoft Online Services Updates Microsoft publishes updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (called Rollups) every two months.0 was released with the following improvements: • • • • • • • • • • More powerful and easier to configure Reporting and BI (now based on SSRS instead of Crystal) More powerful data import tools. Dialogs.potentially reducing the costs associated with rolling out across larger organizations Multi Tenancy . Grid Filters.0 Ability to create a query behind a lookup Placing of a grid with child records on the parent record Autofilter sorting capability like in Microsoft Office Excel Microsoft Office Ribbon interface replaces menus OData endpoint LINQ programming API in the SDK WCF services Customization can be packaged as solutions CRM Online supports plugins in sandboxed mode Multiple forms per entity Dashboard designer . As in crm 4 these versions can be highly customized using advanced extensions. Recurring Appointments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in 2011 version for cloud offering and installation by a partner/customer. self-referential Improved programmability . CRM 4. At the time of writing.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 94 Features Dynamics CRM version 4. FLS etc.enhanced Web Services. Rollup 16 is available. Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM In order to maximize the integration with other products and to enable basic templating. Document Management. which will allow the creation of multiple organizations on a single server.0 provides true multi-tenancy. • • • • • • • • • • • • Native integration with WSS 3.0 adds a number of new features.

microsoft.microsoft.0 for Government (http://www. com/ presspass/ press/ 2003/ dec03/ 12-08CRM12USLaunchPR.microsoft.microsoft.msdn. com/ en-us/ library/ dd979161.aspx) • CRM Team Blog (http://blogs.0 for Education (http://www.0" (http:/ / www.com/industry/government/products/ Dynamics_CRM_4_0/default. com/ kb/ 957053) Microsoft Website "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Passes 1 Million User Mark and Expands xRM Initiative" (http:/ / www. 95 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.com/en-us/library/gg554695. microsoft. microsoft.com/dynamics/) • CRM 4. com/ dynamics/ crm/ default. microsoft.com/crm) • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. microsoft. com/ Presspass/ press/ 2007/ dec07/ 12-17CRM40PR. aspx "Enhanced Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.0 SDK (http://msdn. 41 languages are supported. com/ kb/ 950100) Microsoft Website "Support for running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 system requirements" (http:/ / technet.aspx) . mspx http:/ / www. microsoft.microsoft. aspx) • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Official Website (http://www. microsoft.0 on Windows Server 2008-based computers" (http:/ / support. mspx) Microsoft website "Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 together with Microsoft SQL Server 2008" (http:/ / support.2 Is Available in North America" (http:/ / www. aspx) Microsoft website http:/ / www. mspx) Microsoft Website External links • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 System Requirements (http://technet. mspx) Microsoft website "Microsoft Announces General Availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3. com/ presspass/ press/ 2005/ dec05/ 12-05CRM30UmbrellaPR. mspx) "Microsoft Releases Next Generation CRM Solution for On-Premise and On-Demand Deployments" (http:/ / www. com/ en-us/ dynamics/ default.com/education/products/dynamics/crm/ default.aspx) • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. microsoft. microsoft. com/ presspass/ press/ 2009/ jul09/ 07-13xRMInitiativePR. microsoft.Microsoft Dynamics CRM The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 RTW/RTM is available since Jan and mid Feb 2011 respectively.com/en-us/library/bb928212.

MSSolve also uses features of cloud computing: there is not one central storage location for all users: for example (large) datafiles sent by customers to an active support-case are kept in (at least) three main data centres: one in EMEA region (Dublin.0 version. Central in any CRM application are databases. Ireland). Arabic cam work with MSSolve. There were several automatic update-processes in place to keep the status and most important data synchronised between the different databases. New in MSSolve is that there is one global system: in Clarify there were separate database for North-America.NET 4.NET development framework. As said: MSSolve is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and uses the . Data is synchronised using DFS Replication.g. Microsoft started using MSSolve in the North-American support organisation. In the past the Tier1 callcentre had to create a new case in the new region and copy all information from one database to another database. MSSolve is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform en replace Clarify CRM from Amdocs. EMEA and the Far-East: if a case had to move from one region to another (e. .MSSolve 96 MSSolve MSSolve is a customer relationship management application which is used within Microsoft for most of the Customer Support department of the software-component. MSSolve uses Microoft SQL Server and MSSolve can use SQL Azure for a cloud-based database. The tool is used in all regions around the world and is multi lingual: also the non-Roman languages as Chinese. Since the introduction of MSSolve verion 7.0 it uses the . From that date Clarify was slowly replaced by more and more regions and per Q2 2010 all Microsoft Support organisations that should use MSSolve have started using this new CRM-application. Japanese. In the autumn of 2010 Clarify is no longer used and before the end of 2010 engineers will not have access to the old CRM application anymore. Far-East and Pacific (Singapore) and in the United States. but this was not working well. for a complete business down situation where the support is transferred from EMEA to North-America (or NA to Far-East) to engineer can continue providing support after the normal business hours it is now just an action of transferring an active case from the working-bin of an engineer to the queue of the new support-centre or directly to a new engineer via a warm-transfer). MSSolve does not use different databases for different regions: it is one global system and in general all procedure and processes regarding handling a case are the same all over the world.

[6] Moxie Software specializes in Enterprise Social Software for both employee collaboration[7] and customer engagement. Texas.[8] In March 2010. the company released its enterprise collaboration software. CEO and President Steve Papermaster. entertainment.[12] Moxie Software has customers in various industries including banking. originally under the name nGenera Corporation. the UK.NGenera CIM 97 NGenera CIM Moxie Software. Spaces by nGenera™. Erickson[5] (author of Plugged In).[3] ) The senior management team contains published thought leaders such as Don Tapscott[4] (author of Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics) and Tamara J. (The company changed its name from nGenera to Moxie Software in 2010. Type Industry Founded Corporation Enterprise Social Software. nGenera changed its name to "Moxie Software". Canada. Inc. Kelly.[10] In September 2010. Moxie Software's Employee Engagement Spaces was named a "Trend-Setting Product of 2010" by KMWorld. Chairman Employees 220[1] Website Moxie Software [2] Moxie Software is a software platform company founded in 2006 by Steve Papermaster. India. Executive Chairman Don Tapscott. Software as a Service Austin. Germany.[11] In September 2010. nGenera (now Moxie Software) was named one of the Top 10 Venture Funded Companies by the Wall Street Journal.[9] In June 2010. USA (2006) Key people Thomas F. Moxie Software has offices in the US. and Australia. • • • • • • • • • • • Best Buy Cisco Systems Inc[13] FedEx Johnson & Johnson[13] Kimberly-Clark Marriott International Merck OgilvyOne Owens Corning PSE&G Walt Disney Co[13] . CRM Software. customer electronics and business technology.

NGenera CIM


[1] [2] [3] [4] Moxie Software Company Profile on LinkedIn (http:/ / www. linkedin. com/ company/ moxie-software-inc. ) http:/ / www. moxiesoft. com http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_news/ press_release. aspx?id=3310 "‘It's a punctuation point in history'" (http:/ / www. theglobeandmail. com/ report-on-business/ small-business/ its-a-punctuation-point-in-history/ article1152251/ ). The Globe and Mail (Toronto). 2009-05-25. . [5] http:/ / discussionleader. hbsp. com/ erickson/ [6] http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_about/ contact. aspx [7] http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_products/ employee-spaces. aspx [8] http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_products/ customer-spaces. aspx [9] Debaise, Colleen (2010-03-09). "Sizing Up Promising Young Firms" (http:/ / online. wsj. com/ article/ SB10001424052748703915204575104222702359984. html?KEYWORDS= ngenera"). The Wall Street Journal. . [10] http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_news/ press_release. aspx?id=2754 [11] "Mountain View startup nGenera becomes Moxie, combines social-business software" (http:/ / www. mercurynews. com/ breaking-news/ ci_16083311). San Jose Mercury News. 2010-09-15. . Retrieved 2010-09-21. [12] http:/ / moxiesoft. com/ tal_news/ press_release. aspx?id=3320 [13] Hawkins, Lori. " nGenera raises $10 million (http:/ / www. statesman. com/ business/ content/ business/ stories/ other/ 05/ 06/ 0506ngenera. html)" American Statesman, May 6, 2009



Developer(s) Stable release xTuple 3.0.1 / July 11, 2008

Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Business Process Proprietary EULA www.xtuple.com [1]

OpenMFG (usually abbreviated "OMFG") is an open source based, fully integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM enterprise software solution, from xTuple. Built with the open source PostgreSQL database, and the open source Qt framework from Trolltech for C++, it provides functionality for a range of businesses and industries. It includes the following modules: • Accounting (multi-company, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting) • Sales (quotes, order entry, sales reporting, shipping) • CRM (universal address book, incident management, opportunity management, to-do lists, project management) • Purchasing (purchase orders, receiving, vendor reporting) • Product Definition (items, infinite-level bills of material, bills of operations, breeder bills of material, costing) • Inventory (multiple facility, multiple locations, other advanced warehouse features) • Manufacturing (work orders, support for make-to-order, make-to-stock, repetitive) • Planning (Manufacturing Requirements Planning-MRP, Master Production Scheduling-MPS, Buffer Management-TOC) • OpenRPT open source report writer OpenMFG runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac - and is internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by a global community). OpenMFG is licensed under the "xTuple Commercial End User License".

OpenMFG is a manufacturing-centric enterprise resource planning solution which includes functionality to cover business processes for multiple manufacturing segments, customer relationship management, and accounting. The company utilizes open source technologies, and an open source development philosophy to offer its customers a hybrid open source/proprietary solution. The OpenMFG Community (customers, VARs, development partners), all get the source code and have the ability to contribute back to the base application.

The two tier design of the OpenMFG intentionally places the burden of transaction processing on the server specifically the database server. All the business logic resides in the procedural language of the open source database PostgreSQL, allowing for a variety of client interfaces and scalability unbound by client-side limitations. The primary interface today is a full, rich graphical user interface (GUI) client - this allows for a client that looks and feels exactly the same on Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac.



OpenMFG GUI Client
The GUI client is written in Qt, from Trolltech, headquartered in Norway. Qt is a C++ toolkit for application development. It lets application developers target all major operating systems (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac) with a single application source code. Qt provides a platform-independent API to all central platform functionality: GUI, database access, networking, file handling, etc. The Qt library encapsulates the different APIs of different operating systems, providing the application programmer with a single, common API for all operating systems. The native C APIs are encapsulated in a set of object-oriented C++ classes.

OpenMFG Server/Business Logic
The OpenMFG application make heavy use of Postgres' embedded procedural language, called PL/PGSQL. Whenever any kind of transaction is taking place in the system - a financial account being credited or debited, a piece of inventory being moved, or an order being taken - that is happening in a Postgres stored procedure, trigger, or function. This approach makes it relatively easy for other client software besides the OpenMFG graphical client to access business functionality. xTuple partners and customers have developed various alternative interfaces to access the Postgres backend database, including Web portals, wireless devices, and desktop office productivity software.

External links
• Official site [2] • eWeek review of OpenMFG [3] • Computer Reseller News review of OpenMFG [4]

[1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. xtuple. com/ http:/ / www. openmfg. com/ http:/ / www. eweek. com/ article2/ 0,1759,2048201,00. asp/ http:/ / www. crn. com/ software/ 201002334/

Oracle CRM


Oracle CRM
Oracle CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle CRM includes Oracle and Peoplesoft products but leads with Siebel CRM and CRM on Demand. Siebel 8.1.1 is the latest release[1]

Oracle CRM is currently split into a number of different product lines. Oracle moved into the CRM market following the acquisition of Siebel Systems by Oracle in September 2005.

On Premise solutions
Oracle CRM On Premise is a traditional on-premise deployment where the customer is required to buy or lease infrastructure, including hardware, operating, systems and databases, and install a packaged system in its data centre. Forrester Research estimates that on-premise solutions still make up about 90 percent of CRM sales[2] . On-premise solutions are most suitable for organisations that need complete ownership and control over the deployment and maintenance of their CRM application and infrastructure. They are also most suitable for integration with operational and legacy applications. Some CRM providers and specialized third parties offer highly customized vertical industry solutions that extend on-premise deployments with a level of sophistication.

On Demand and SaaS
Oracle CRM On Demand[3] was released in 2006. CRM On Demand[4] is a CRM solution accessible over the internet and paid for by a monthly subscription charge. This method of using software is often called software-as-a-service (SaaS) and is available to authorized users with a web browser. The benefits of a SaaS solution are that there is no hardware requirement and minimal set-up costs. The disadvantage of a SaaS solution is the inability to customize the application to meet unique business needs. Although the depth of functionality available is not yet comparable to on premise solutions, the lower cost and faster implementation times appeal to many customers.

Social CRM
Oracle Social CRM was released in 2008 and combines traditional enterprise CRM capabilities with social networking and Web 2.0 technologies[5] . The applications are designed to reflect the way sales people work by helping them identify qualified leads, develop sales campaigns and collaborate with colleagues to close more deals. Other Social CRM Applications include Oracle Sales Prospector, Sales Campaigns and Sales Library. These applications are designed to work with any CRM applications, not just those from Oracle. These applications are provided using SaaS and paid for by a monthly subscription.

customer strategies. SearchCRM. html) [2] CRM market to grow steadily.Oracle CRM 102 PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management is a family of applications in Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise product suite. Support Partners [10] References [1] Oracle Announces Siebel CRM 8.1 (http:/ / www. PeopleSoft merged with Oracle in 2005 and integrated product lines under the Oracle PeopleSoft name. Implementation.com. insidecrm. com/ pls/ ebn/ live_viewer. oracle. com/ go/ ?& Src=5634318& Act=92 [9] http:/ / www. Features Features of Oracle’s Siebel CRM include: • • • • • • • • • Social CRM Customer data integration Quote and order capture Partner relationship management Business Intelligence (BI) applications Price Management CRM gadgets Self service and eBilling Integration to Siebel CRM External links • • • • • • • • Siebel CRM Customer Relationship Management Concepts CRM OnDemand Consultants [6] Customer Stories for Siebel CRM On Demand [7] Datamonitor Names Oracle the Decisive Leader in CRM [8] Rated as a leader in 4 Gartner Magic Quadrants [9] CRM Social Community Siebel CRM Offshore Consulting. 1 2006 [3] On Demand CRM from Oracle released (http:/ / www. oracle. com/ projectfailures/ ?p=1031) [6] http:/ / printofastenterprises. com/ archive/ 2006/ 05/ ondemand_crm_fr. Forrester study says. and success criteria for organisations. com/ en/ customers/ 6155_EN [8] http:/ / www. com/ software_siebel. oracle. zdnet. php . PeopleSoft solutions are tailored to fit industry business processes. com/ [7] http:/ / crmondemand. oracle. oracle. html) [4] Oracle CRM On Demand (http:/ / www.1. Nov. com/ go/ ?& Src=6642148& Act=48& pcode=NAMK08041071MPP018 [10] http:/ / printofastenterprises. main?p_direct=yes& p_shows_id=7308676) [5] Oracle innovates with Social CRM – ZDNet blogs (http:/ / blogs. com/ applications/ crm/ siebel/ whats-new-in-siebel-crm-8-1-1.

1[2] [3] ) contains several product lines.5 (http:/ / www.oracle. com/ articles/ apps/ OracleApps_12_InstallationOnOEL45.com/us/products/applications/ebusiness/index.Oracle E-Business Suite 103 Oracle E-Business Suite Within the overall rubric of Oracle Applications . com/ us/ products/ applications/ 036047. Oracle Discoverer.0) Installation on Enterprise Linux 4.Apps. The E-Business Suite (current version: 12. com/ applications/ e-business-suite-release-12-1. customer relationship management (CRM). oracle. HTML and XML). . htm) [3] Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 (http:/ / www. (engines for RDBMS. The software utilizes Oracle's core Oracle relational database management system technology. including: • • • • • • • • • • • • Oracle CRM Oracle Financials Oracle HRMS Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications Oracle Order Management Oracle Procurement Oracle Project Portfolio Management Oracle Quotes Oracle Transportation Management Oracle Warehouse Management Systems Oracle Inventory Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Each product comprises several modules. Significant technologies incorporated into the applications include the Oracle database technologies. the "technology stack" (Oracle Forms Server.[4] References [1] ORACLE-BASE . PL/SQL. Apache Web Server.1 (http:/ / www.NET. com/ docs/ cd/ A97501_01/ html/ homeset. Jinitiator and Sun's Java). and supply-chain management (SCM) computer applications either developed by or acquired by Oracle. Java. php) [2] Oracle E-Business Suite 12. oracle. oracle. oracle-base. html) External links • Oracle E-Business Suite home page (http://www. html) [4] Oracle Applications 11i Documentation (http:/ / download. each separately licensed.[1] Oracle Corporation's E-Business Suite (also known as Applications/Apps or EB-Suite/EBS) consists of a collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Oracle Reports Server. Documentation Oracle Corporation brands the on-line technical documentation of E-Business Suite as eTRM — "E-Business Suite Technical Reference Manuals".Oracle Applications (12.htm) .

com/ people_partners.Paretoplatform. as listed above. PHP. and currently has over 5. com/ images/ links/ paretoplatform-logo. Paretoplatform. In August.000 users.000 user groups with over 12. Current status Paretoplatform.com 104 Paretoplatform. there are "Custom Fields" which allow users to create searchable fields. gif) . Canada and Tampa Bay.com is a vendor of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. CC4E/ Home.com is based on MySQL database and utilizes JavaScript. Canada with offices in Ottawa. In addition. Pareto has approximately 25 employees. 2008. Java. 925197/ k. which it delivers to businesses over the internet using the software as a service model.com Paretoplatform.com is currently only available in English Notes [1] Duncan MacPherson (http:/ / referralmasters. Paretoplatform. standardlife. Languages Paretoplatform. laserapp. The event raised nearly $200.com is designed primarily for Financial Advisors and promotes the Pareto principle in Client Management.000.com was launched as an online CRM website in June 2004. BC. Partners Pareto Platform has partnered with Belatore [4] Standard Life[5] and CadaretGrant [6] . In addition.com is headquartered in Kelowna. org/ site/ c. php) [4] Belatore Partners (http:/ / www. htm) [3] Athletes Against Autism Holds First Canadian Golf Event (http:/ / www. Pareto Platform offers a Web Services API that enables integration with other systems. ON. com/ publicsite/ advantages. advisors. org/ sponsoredevents/ aaa_golf_canada_2008. asp?categoryID=338) [7] Laser App's Partners (http:/ / www. athletesagainstautism. FL. Pareto Platform was a major sponsor of the Inaugural Canada Athletes Against Autism Golf Tournament[2] . autismspeaks. bellatore. laserapp.com logo[8] Web Services In addition to the web interface. html) [5] Standard Life's Pareto Program (http:/ / www. htm) [8] Pareto Platform Logo (http:/ / www.00[3] for this charity. and incorporated corporate stylesheets so users see their company's logo rather than the standard Paretoplatform. BC (http:/ / www.com is a privately owned company that was founded in 2001 by David Miller and Duncan MacPherson[1] . History Origins Paretoplatform. In the system. html) [6] Cadaret Grant Advantage (http:/ / www. Paretoplatform. Customization Pareto Platform users can customize their CRM application. com/ ) [2] Inaugural Athletes Against Autism Golf Tournament in Kelowna. Pareto Platform offers access to LaserApp[7] for form filling capabilities. and Adobe Flash. com/ partners-software. ca/ en/ partners/ pareto/ index. Paretoplatform. cadaretgrant.com has worked with larger companies. muL1J9MMKpH/ b.

athletesagainstautism.com) • Inaugural Athletes Against Autism Golf Tournament in Kelowna.htm) .Paretoplatform.org/ site/c.com main website (http://www.925197/k. BC (http://www.com 105 External links • Paretoplatform.CC4E/Home.paretoplatform.muL1J9MMKpH/b.

.pega. Solutions Pegasystems provides a rules-driven Business Process Management (BPM) suite intended to help businesses plan. Massachusetts. Type Industry Founded Public (NASDAQ: PEGA) Software Massachusetts 1983 Headquarters Cambridge. build.com [1] Pegasystems Inc. Trefler's early experiences teaching computers how to play chess provide the intellectual foundation for his thinking on the importance of rules and automated decisioning. and manage processes through their entire lifecycle. Pegasystems went public in 1996 and is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol PEGA. Pegasystems' business rules engine that delivers dynamic and situation rule resolution to manage and optimize everyday business processes. Europe and Asia Pacific.Pegasystems 106 Pegasystems Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA) is a provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions and a Business rules Platform based in Cambridge.5 million. History Pegasystems was founded in 1983 by Alan Trefler. Massachusetts. with regional offices across North America. Pegasystems Smart blends process and practice rules to rapidly deploy and update solutions in response to changing circumstances. Pegasystems has been consistently ranked as an industry leader in Business Process Management by both Forrester Research [2] and Gartner Research [3] . The foundation of the SmartBPM Suite is PegaRULES. Pegasystems is headquartered in Cambridge. On 15 March 2010 Pegasystems announced it was acquiring Chordiant for a price of up to approximately $161. Massachusetts Key people Revenue Employees Website Alan Trefler US$ 264 million (2009) 1000+ www. For the fiscal year 2008. Pegasystems realized revenues of $212 million (USD).

com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article. 2009 (http:/ / www.00.forbes.html) .html) • Leadership in Finance: Pegasystems' Craig Dynes (http://www.cfo.aspx?id=472893) • Pegasystems points the way forward (http://www.sid182_gci1357020.42789.com/article. The Forrester Wave Vendor Summary. com/ [2] Pegasystems Leads With A Focus On Process Agility . com/ Research/ Document/ Excerpt/ 0.com/litebytes/vendor-news/ pegasystems-points-the-way-forward/) • What will business as usual look like? (http://www. jsp?id=502645) External links • Official website (http://www.boston.pega. Q3 2007 (http:/ / www.investors. Gartner March.com) Further reading • Pegasystems Pegged As A Winner (http://www.com/feeds/afx/2009/05/05/ afx6379154.com • The Wizardry of Business Process Management (http://blog. Roth Buy Rating (http://blogs.investors.aspx?id=472893) from investors.com/business/articles/2009/03/15/ what_will_business_as_usual_look_like/) • Pegasystems Hits 9-Year High As 4Q Earnings Double (http://online. com/ it/ page.7211. process optimization (http://searchcio.lustratusrepama.techtarget. gartner.wsj.com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article.barrons.html?mod=wsjcrmain) • 2009 Globe 100 (http://www. pega.com/article/ BT-CO-20090310-713211.cfm/13448190/ c_13443746?f=home_todayinfinance) • Pegasystems Pegged As A Winner (http://www.289142.boston.technologyevaluation.Pegasystems 107 References [1] http:/ / www. forrester.com/business/globe/globe100/globe_100_2009/globe100/) • Experts: CIO moving more into business.00.com/blog/2009/06/19/ the-wizardry-of-business-process-management-%E2%80%93-part-3/) • Pegasystems Shares Soar On Strong Q1.com/news/article/ 0.com/techtraderdaily/2009/05/ 05/pegasystems-shares-soar-on-strong-q1-roth-buy-rating/) • Pegasystems shares surge on strong quarterly results (http://www. html) [3] Pegasystems is positioned as a leader in the "Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites".

among others. life sciences and healthcare. [9] . Francis invented the concept of 360-degree customer relationship management (CRM). marketing. real estate.[5] The company changed its name to Pivotal Corporation in June 1999 to reflect its broadening focus beyond just software into professional services. GA. [8] Pivotal CRM. [7] In February 2000. analytics and call scripting. home building and real estate. Built on the Microsoft. this product is the predecessor to the current Pivotal CRM product line. an accounting software package which was purchased by Computer Associates in 1985. was the first eBusiness relationship management (eBRM) solution to be certified for Windows 2000. including institutional asset management. healthcare.aspx/) Pivotal CRM Pivotal CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software system offered by CDC Software. and customer service automation. capital markets. partner management and service management. commercial banking. [6] Pivotal Corporation went public in August 1999 and its shares were listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol PVTL. Pivotal CRM embeds several commonly used Microsoft business products within the CRM system. private banking. The Pivotal CRM suite includes software tools for sales force automation (SFA). Pivotal Corporation was selected by Bill Gates. and Microsoft Visual Studio. Sharp Corporation and WellCare Health Plans. an enterprise software and service company headquartered in Atlanta. manufacturing. to showcase its Pivotal CRM software at the worldwide premiere of Microsoft Windows 2000. References [1] Barton J. Industries which are specifically supported include: financial services. CRM in Real Time (http:/ / books.[1] More than 1. Goldenberg. a concept that continues to be used today to describe the unification of activities across the organization by employees [4] The company released its first customer relationship management who play a role in the customer relationship. Microsoft SharePoint. History Pivotal Software was founded by Norm Francis in 1994. content. in April 1996. including Microsoft Office.com/en/PivotalCRM. mutual fund wholesaling. Premera Blue Cross. co. External links • Pivotal at CDC (http://www.cdcsoftware. Qiagen. then called Pivotal eRelationship.Pivotal 108 Pivotal Pivotal is a suite of customer relationship management (CRM) software which is maintained and sold by a division of CDC Software. and legal services. mobile CRM.800 companies around the world have licensed Pivotal including: Centex. Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect. The suite provides facilities for sales. google. marketing automation and lead management. product. as well as partner management. Microsoft Outlook. [1] [2] Industry specific versions [3] of the Pivotal CRM suite are also offered for several industries.NET Framework. uk/ books?id=lNp_vJdbwAoC& pg=PA328). Francis was a co-founder of Basis Software Group (BSG) the company that developed ACCPAC. home building. Pivotal Relationship Version 1. Farm Credit Services of America. hosted application services and other online services.

it is an example of an Office Business Application.0 is built on the Microsoft. Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft Outlook. embedded including Microsoft Office. [10] 109 Products Pivotal CRM is known in the CRM space for its focus on helping mid-sized enterprises with unique or complex front office business processes. Office Deployment on the strength of the Pivotal CRM solution.NET Framework. Microsoft Outlook. was released in July 2008. [14] Platform and Technology Pivotal CRM 6.Pivotal CRM Pivotal Corporation was acquired by chinadotcom.NET technology. The acquisition added 1. they also value the Microsoft technology foundation. as well as marketing. Pivotal CRM customers require CRM software that is customizable and adaptable to their unique business requirements. As such. now CDC Corporation. [16] Implementation Pivotal CRM is primarily implemented as an “on-premise” solution. In 2009. as opposed to “software-as-a-service” or “on-demand” CRM software product.700 customers. CDC Software was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Information Worker Solutions. Pivotal 6. including Microsoft Office. Industries The product line also includes industry-focused versions of Pivotal CRM products for the following industries: [17] • Financial services [18] • Institutional asset management • Mutual fund wholesaling • Capital markets • Private banking/wealth management • Commercial banking • Healthcare insurance [19] . The product embeds commonly used Microsoft business products within the CRM system. and Microsoft Visual Studio. and a smart client user interface. Microsoft SharePoint. sales. in February 2004. [11] The Pivotal CRM product suite includes [12] [13] : • • • • • • Pivotal Sales (sales force automation) Pivotal Sales—Miller Heiman Edition (Pivotal Sales with embedded Miller Heiman sales methodology) Pivotal eMarketing CDC MarketFirst (marketing automation and lead management) Pivotal Service (service automation) Pivotal Mobile CRM • Pivotal Mobile Client • Pivotal Wireless • Pivotal Handheld (for BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile) • Pivotal Partner Management • Pivotal Analytics The latest Pivotal CRM version. [15] CDC Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. service. Based on Microsoft . and partner management capabilities to CDC Software’s business unit focused on front-office solutions for mid-sized enterprises. Pivotal 6 provides task-based navigation.

com/ products/ Pivotal_CRM_Pivotal_CRM_for_Healthcare_Payers. CustomerThink [19] Pivotal CRM for Healthcare Payers (http:/ / www. cdcsoftware. yahoo. com/ en/ Company/ News-and-Events/ Press-Releases. brand. com/ EFX_dll/ EDGARpro. Business Wire [9] Pivotal eRelationship 2000 Announced as First eBusiness Solution Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000 (http:/ / www. 2020software. au/ article/ 121320/ pivotal_formally_acquired_by_cdc_software) 26 February 2004. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m0EIN/ is_2000_Feb_17/ ai_59535980) 18 February 2000. destinationcrm. InsuranceTech. microsoft. dll?FetchFilingHTML1?ID=65094& SessionID=JJ4fWSCVNXBw1P7) Retrieved 20 November 2009 [6] Pivotal Software Becomes Pivotal Corporation (Press Release (http:/ / www. shtml) 3 July 2009. DestinationCRM. com/ news/ cdc_vertical_solutions_gain_momentum) 27 August 2007. aspx) Retrieved 20 November 2009. aspx) Retrieved 20 November 2009 [18] CDC Software's Vertical CRM Solutions Gain Momentum in Financial Services Industries (http:/ / www. MeriNews [17] CDC Software CRM Industry Solutions page (http:/ / www. html) Retrieved 20 November 2009. cdcsoftware. aspx) Retrieved 31 March 2010.0. merinews. CustomerThink [21] CDC Software Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing (http:/ / www. com/ en/ PivotalCRM/ Industry-Solutions/ Manufacturing. cdcsoftware. com/ BuyersGuide/ Pivotal-CRM-2134. aspx) Retrieved 20 November 2009 [22] Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Operational Efficiencies with CDC Software’s Pivotal CRM (http:/ / www. YAHOO! Finance [8] Microsoft Selects Pivotal eBusiness Solution for Bill Gates’ Windows 2000 Keynote Demo (http:/ / findarticles. CSO [11] Pivotal CRM (http:/ / www. com/ products/ Pivotal_CRM. customerthink. 2020 Software [20] CDC Software Announces Major New Version of Pivotal CRM for Homebuilding (http:/ / www. 2000 (http:/ / yahoo. com/ en/ PivotalCRM/ Industry-Solutions. com/ ipo/ comp_p. customerthink. 2020software.com [15] Microsoft Solution Finder (https:/ / solutionfinder. insurancetech. com/ BuyersGuide/ Pivotal-CRM-2134. CRM2Day . asp) Retrieved 20 November 2009. jhtml?articleID=209902815#) Kristie Cattafi. com. cdcsoftware. Microsoft [16] CDC Software wins Microsoft Worldwide Partner award (http:/ / www. com/ en/ PivotalCRM/ Industry-Solutions. accessmylibrary. aspx) Retrieved 31 March 2010 [2] CRM Buyer's Guide (http:/ / www. edgar-online. com/ article/ cdc-software-wins-microsoft-worldwide-partner-award/ 15774850. com/ content/ t6_librarynews_1. com/ en/ Company/ News-and-Events/ Press-Releases. aspx?name=19990630 Pivotal Software Becomes Pivotal Corporation) 30 June 1999 [7] IPO Filings by Company (http:/ / biz. com/ news/ cdc_software_announces_major_new_version_pivo) 13 February 2008. cso. Insurance & Technology (http:/ / www. Business Wire [10] Pivotal formally acquired by CDC Software (http:/ / www. com/ coms2/ summary_0286-27476140_ITM) 17 February 2000. asp) Retrieved 20 November 2009. com/ en/ PivotalCRM/ Products. 4 August 2008. aspx) Retrieved 20 November 2009 [14] CDC Software Releases Pivotal CRM 6. php?news_id=119889) Retrieved 20 November 2009. com/ Solutions/ SolutionDetailsView.Pivotal CRM • Home building and real estate [20] • Manufacturing [21] • Medical device manufacturing [22] 110 References [1] Pivotal CRM Products (http:/ / www. destinationcrm. com/ architecture-infrastructure/ showArticle. cdcsoftware.com [13] Pivotal CRM Products page (http:/ / www. aspx) Retrieved 31 March 2010 [4] Pivotal's Norm Francis Recognized for CRM Industry Leadership (Press Release) (http:/ / www. aspx?name=19991215+ Pivotals+ Norm+ Francis+ Recognized) 15 December 1999 [5] US Securities and Exchange Commission Form 10-K Annual Report filing for Pivotal Corporation for the fiscal year ending June 30. com/ en/ PivotalCRM/ Products. DestinationCRM. cdcsoftware. cdcsoftware.com [3] Pivotal CRM Industry Solutions (http:/ / www.com [12] CRM Buyer’s Guide: Pivotal CRM (http:/ / www. 2020software. crm2day. aspx?solutionid=ff54bad1e4fe41149ac4df48e0d00dea& partnerid=ef9bbe1c-1083-4186-bff7-57bdfc9e8c2c) Retrieved 20 November 2009.

com/en/PivotalCRM/Industry-Solutions.com/en/PivotalCRM/Resources.cdcsoftware.aspx) Partners (http://www.Pivotal CRM 111 External links • • • • • • Official Homepage (http://www.cdcsoftware.cdcsoftware.aspx) .com/en/PivotalCRM/Products.com/en/PivotalCRM.aspx) Industry Solutions (http://www.com/en/PivotalCRM/Services.cdcsoftware.aspx) CRM Services (http://www.aspx) Resources (http://www.cdcsoftware.cdcsoftware.com/en/PivotalCRM/Partners.aspx) Product Information (http://www.

quotes approved/delivered.Quosal 112 Quosal Quosal Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Quosal. CRM software and accounting platforms to reduce the time of the sales cycle. and automatically update the CRM records based on the creation of a quote / proposal or a status update (e. tax codes.. 2008 v1. product documentation) and deliver the quote / proposal as a Microsoft Word doc. delivery and management software package. Quosal is available both as a desktop-installed package and as a browser-based SaaS package. • • • • • • • • ACT! AutoTask ConnectWise Microsoft Dynamics CRM NetSuite Outlook Salesforce.com [1] Quosal [1] is a sales quote and proposal preparation. Windows 7 Sales quote. or as a custom Web site from Quosal's Order Porter feature. multiple publication formats and also features a user-configurable scripting system allowing for extensive customization. based in Woodinville. product information and any additional information (such as contract terms. opportunities won/lost).g. Inc. Quosal integrates with the following applications. and integrates with online distributors. Quosal is developed by Quosal. allowing users to populate quotes with data from the CRM records.com SalesLogix .quosal. Quosal handles international currencies. Product Information Creation and Management of Quotes and Proposals Quosal allows users to craft both sales quotes and proposals.7 Operating system Microsoft Windows Platform Type License Website Windows XP. CRM Integration Quosal integrates with several popular CRM packages. options. WA. high-quality quotes and/or proposals. Quosal allows salespeople from virtually any industry to create accurate. Proposal (business) Proprietary www. a PDF contained in an email. including customer data. Inc.

Quosal has a rich user interface that includes animated. Windows Presentation Foundation Quosal is built using the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation. allowing users to post completed quotes and proposals as Estimates. real-time pricing allows users to directly query distributor databases to find the lowest prices and check the status of available inventory. Other features include the ability to automatically create new Customer Accounts. Order Porter Order Porter is a Quosal feature that creates a Quosal-hosted Web page for each quote or proposal. or Sales Orders. a longtime associate of McNall and founder of Effiliant Systems. leads the development team as VP of Development. Inventory and Non-Inventory Products.Quosal 113 QuickBooks Integration Quosal integrates with Intuit's QuickBooks. icon-based navigation. In addition to providing identical Web browser and desktop application functionality. Senior Engineer and systems architect. • • • • • • • • • Accutech Arbitech D & H (includes electronic ordering) Digitek Ingram Micro (includes electronic ordering) Supercom Synnex (includes electronic ordering) Tech Data (includes electronic ordering) Tech Data UK Quosal further integrates with Etilize. one would have to rely on potentially outdated data based on spreadsheets or lists. giving Quosal users the ability to include data from Etilize. who previously was president of Gas Powered Games from 2004-2007. where he led the development of retail software applications and helped lead the company’s successful acquisition by CRS Retail Systems/Epicor. Another key team member is Sam Demulling. and can be additionally customized with media such as images and video created and recorded by the user. . Technologist and co-founder Stephen Yu. Electronic Ordering and Etilize Quosal integrates with key online distributors of IT-related products to allow real-time pricing -. and the ability to expand and contract (scale) application workspace.where previously. either directly or in prepared batches. 3D effects and transitions. Real Time Pricing. McNall was president of Apropos Retail Management Systems from 1989-2004. Integration extends to the ability for a user to place electronic orders directly from Quosal to some distributors. Before that. offers a downloadable PDF of the quote. which provides extended product data and images of millions of products worldwide. Invoices. which can be custom-designed according to the user's style and brand elements. as well as many others. Company Information Quosal was co-founded by Kent McNall. The Web page contains the full quote data.

Inc. salesquoteblog. com/ . com/ [2] http:/ / www.com [2] References [1] http:/ / www. [1] • SalesQuoteBlog. quosal.Quosal 114 External links • Quosal.

Maximizer. Inc. Ingram Micro. Accounting links to QuickBooks and Peachtree. and Tech Data. BlueStar. Aspire Technologies. and TeleMagic. D&H. Ingram Micro. Arbitech. SFA. Inc. Supercom.in Orlando. QuoteWerks is developed by Aspire Technologies. Basic synchronization ability for Quotes. Product and Quote synchronization.com [1] QuoteWerks [1] is an industry non-specific quoting/ordering software with integration to CRM. FL.5 Operating system Microsoft Windows Type License Website Contact management software Proprietary www.com. Working with customers and partners in a variety of markets. basic SalesLogix links. SugarCRM. and accounting software in the small. Dexxxon Digital Storage. . Database Formats QuoteWerks databases come in two different formats: • Access: All three editions • SQL: Only available in the Corporate Edition Modules • Real-time Data Module: Allows user to retrieve real-time web pricing and availability product information from Accutech. The module also allows the user to obtain product content from Open ICEcat. • Corporate Edition: Allows users to rehost to a SQL backend. has developed a unique niche of workgroup enabled quoting software for use across the enterprise. GoldMine. PC Industry links to D&H.Quotewerks 115 Quotewerks QuoteWerks Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Aspire Technologies. Product Details Editions QuoteWerks is available in three editions[2]: • Standard Edition: Baseline product with integrations to ACT!. ConnectWise. MS CRM. • Professional Edition: Adds the ability to link to external product sources including any ODBC compliant data source. Adds CRM integrations with ConnectWise. Microsoft Outlook. Inc. and enterprise markets. and Advanced SalesLogix integrations including opportunity support. and Tech Data. SYNNEX. Digitek. medium. Printer Essentials.000 people in over 101 countries. Bell Micro. QuoteWerks is used by over 58. salesforce. SYNNEX.quotewerks. 1993 QuoteWerks v4.

The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote.Wins FrontRange Solutions 2003 Platinum Award for Best Integration to GoldMine • 2004 . Resellers QuoteWerks distributes through its reseller channel and is sold direct. user 2 will not be able to use Real-time pricing until user 1 logs out of QuoteWerks. This module can be used with all editions of QuoteWerks. Your customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page (keeping all communication together). QuoteValet offers a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects.com.the US. The number of real-time licenses does not need to match the total number of QuoteWerks licenses. [5] . UK and Australia are large markets. Whenever a user on the network uses the real-time data module. This module requires the Real-time Data Module. named a "Best-in-Class" winner in The Fourth Annual Users Choice Awards • 2003 . QuoteWerks is used in many countries around the world . SYNNEX. Most importantly. You will know when they have viewed the quote. Real-time licenses use a reserved concurrency model.Earns Gold Certified Partner status in Microsoft Partner Program. So. [4]. Ingram Micro. Rather than attaching a PDF file of the quote and emailing it to your customer. Quintadena Ltd. you can have an effectively unlimited number of users.Quotewerks • Online Ordering Module: Allows user to place online orders with Distributors and Vendors from within QuoteWerks. QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote on quotevalet. for example. • QuoteValet: In 2010. or Tech Data order. QuoteWerks made available the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks.Wins FrontRange Solutions 2002 Global Developer of the Year for QuoteWerks. Achieves Gold Partner status with Sage Software Sources: [3]. For the last 4 years. This module is now included with the real-time module. a license is reserved for that user and is not released until the user exits QuoteWerks.Named Winner in The Sixth Annual Users Choice Awards • 2006 . though only X-number of people can actually log on at a given time (X being the number of licenses/seats). Canada. they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote! 116 Licensing QuoteWerks utilizes a concurrent licensing system. Awards & Certifications • 2002 .Winner in The Fifth Annual Users Choice Awards Presented by CRMAdvocate • 2003 . and how often they review the quote.Earns Certified Partner status in Microsoft Partner Program • 2008 . QuoteValet. (based in the UK) have been the World's Number One Solutions Partner. With concurrent licensing. in a 2-user installation of QuoteWerks with a single Real-time license. • QuoteWerks Etilize Content Subscription: The QuoteWerks Etilize Content Subscription enables users in the IT industry to create content rich documents and more. if user 1 logs into QuoteWerks and uses the Real-time pricing first. Order items from a single order or combine items from multiple QuoteWerks orders into a single D&H.

com/ prodinfo. quotewerks. com/ addons. com/ pressreleases/ index. com/ news. html http:/ / www.com SalesLogix Shopping cart software SugarCRM TeleMagic External links • Product home page [1] • Add On Products [6] • Company home page [7] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / www. aspx?id=428 http:/ / www. com/ . frontrange. asp http:/ / www. userschoiceawards. aspiretechnologies. com/ Company/ PressReleases. quotewerks. asp http:/ / www. com/ http:/ / www. quotewerks.Quotewerks 117 Product Integrations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ACT! ConnectWise GoldMine Maximizer MS CRM Microsoft Outlook Peachtree QuickBooks Sage Instant Accounts Sage 50 Accounts Sage 200 Financials and Commercials Sage MAS 90 & 200 salesforce. asp http:/ / www. quotewerks.

In December 2009 the listed was nominated as "One to Watch"[6] by Paul Greenberg. Paterson came to believe that the biggest obstacle to successful Customer Relationship Management adoption was the complexity of the products themselves. United Kingdom Number of locations 3 Key people Products Website John Paterson (CEO) CRM software Really Simple Systems [1] Really Simple Systems is a web based Customer Relationship Management vendor. Founded in 2004. with the public launch in January 2006[3] . the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in North America and Australia. Summary Really Simple Systems is a global based vendor of Cloud Customer Relationship Management systems.Really Simple Systems 118 Really Simple Systems Really Simple Systems Type Industry Founded Headquarters Ltd Software 2004 Petersfield.000 users[4] of its hosted Customer Relationship Management systems. Food and Rural Affairs. and running specialist Customer Relationship Management vendor Oxygen Solutions. . In October 2010 the company launched its Free Edition. a Freemium two user hosted CRM system[7] . the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department for Environment. former CEO of Zeus Technology and COO of Systems Union. Scottish Funding Council. Origins The company was founded in 2004[2] by John Paterson. the British Library. The existing product was renamed Enterprise Edition. the British Museum. Customers include the Royal Academy. Status Really Simple Systems has over 8. in 2008 and 2010[5] . the Department of Health. After many years of installing Customer Relationship Management systems. The company has won the Software Satisfaction Awards for the best small business CRM system twice.

com/ library/ pr_20060110. 100 accounts) • Premium Edition (Free Edition for up to 5 users. In January 2008 the company opened its first overseas office in Sydney.advancenet. Free CRM launch Computerworld (http:/ / www. In November 2009 the company appointed AdvanceNet[9] as distributor for Africa. unlimited data storage.reallysimplesystems.za) . php?option=com_content& view=article& id=28498:partnership-brings-hosted-crm& catid=77:channel& Itemid=62& tmpl=component& print=1) External links • Really Simple Systems (http://www. itweb. option advanced features) • Enterprise Edition (Unlimited users and storage.[8] . za/ index. Canada. Some JavaScript is used on the client. Australia. computerworld. Really Simple Systems wins best small business CRM system category ZDNet CRM Blog (http:/ / blogs. asp?id=29). co. Editions There are three Really Simple Systems editions: • Free Edition (Account. uk/ 2010-winners). computing. reallysimplesystems. Sales. php/ id. com/ release. The product is written in Active Server Pages and uses the MySQL database. Contact and Opportunity Management for two users. com. softwaresatisfaction. co.com) • AdvanceNet (http://www. com/ crm/ ?p=109) Really Simple Systems Brings Free CRM To Market (http:/ / www. zdnet.1501020683UK-based). co. Hampshire in the United Kingdom. au/ index. reallysimplesystems. asp) Computing (http:/ / www.000 users sign up for Really Simple Systems (http:/ / blog.co. reallysimplesystems. reallysimplesystems. In March 2009 the company opened its North American office in Toronto. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. Host promises to simplify CRM 8. uk/ itweek/ news/ 2148602/ host-promises-simplify-crm). Marketing and Customer Service & Support modules) Technical information Really Simple Systems is delivered as a Software as a Service application. com/ 2011/ 05/ 12/ 8000-users-sign-up-for-really-simple-systems/ ) Software Satisfaction Awards 2010 (http:/ / www. com Really Simple Systems launches Simple Hosted CRM (http:/ / www. UK-based hosted CRM provider opens Sydney office ITWeb (http:/ / www.Really Simple Systems 119 Location The company is headquartered in Petersfield.

com 120 Salesforce. Other early investors include Larry Ellison. In June 2004. and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS). through acquisition.com hosts the applications offsite. and Igor Sill of Geneva Venture Partners. Marc Benioff and Magdalena Yesil were the initial basic connection investors and board members. Moellenhoff and Dominguez. 6.com was founded in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff. three software developers previously at Clarify. wrote the initial sales automation software. Salesforce."[7] History Origins Salesforce. Parker Harris. has expanded into the "social enterprise arena.000 (2011) salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM [1]) is an enterprise cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco. USA that distributes business software on a subscription basis. Dave Moellenhoff. Salesforce. VP of Technology) US$1.com Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Public (NYSE: CRM On-demand software California 1999 Marc Benioff Parker Harris [1] ) Headquarters Key people San Francisco.719 million (2009) Approx. It is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products and. California Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO) Parker Harris (Exec. .[8] Harris.com salesforce. Mark Iscaro. Halsey Minor.306 billion (2009) US$115.Salesforce. raising [9] US$110 million.272 million (2009) US$80.com [2] Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Website [3] [4] [5] [6] References: As of March 2010. the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol CRM.

Singapore (covering Asia Pacific less Japan).com users. and added Fastenal and Salesforce. and San Mateo. and Africa). . • • • • • • • • • • • • Koral (March 2007) – now Salesforce Content Instranet (August 2008) – now rebranded to Salesforce Knowledge GroupSwim (December 2009) – now part of Salesforce Chatter Informavores (December 2009) [19] – now re-branded to Visual Workflow Jigsaw Data Corp. Sitemasher (June 2010) Activa Live Chat (September 2010) [21] Heroku (December 2010) [22] Etacts (December 2010) [23] Dimdim (January 2011) [24] Manymoon (February 2011) [7] Radian 6 (March 2011) Criticisms In November 2007. California.[13] Acquisitions The following is a complete list of known acquisitions by salesforce. affecting thousands[29] of businesses.com Mobile • Kieden (August 2006) [16] – now Salesforce for Google AdWords • Kenlet (January 2007) – Original product CrispyNews used at Salesforce IdeaExchange[17] and Dell IdeaStorm.[25] [26] [27] The phishing breach was cited as an example of why the CRM industry needs greater security for users against such threats as spam.com is headquartered in San Francisco.com was recognized as one of Fortune's 100 best companies to work for in 2011. receiving the 52nd spot.com: • Sendia (April 2006) [14] for US$15 million in cash[15] – now Force. London. during an outage in January 2009 services were unavailable for at least 40 minutes. 2008. Salesforce. New York.[28] The service has suffered some downtime.000 subscribers. Middle East. Sydney.Salesforce.com has its services translated into 16[10] different languages and currently has 82. which was then used to send highly-targeted phishing emails to salesforce. the S&P 500 removed the two mortgage giants after trading on September 10. Following the federal takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in September 2008.100. with regional headquarters in Dublin (covering Europe.[18] Now relaunched as Salesforce Ideas.com to the index two days later.[20] the proposed deal is expected to close in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2011. and Tokyo (covering Japan).com 121 Current status Salesforce. California. salesforce. Other major offices are in Toronto.400[11] customers and over 2. a successful phishing attack compromised contact information on a number of salesforce. (April 2010).com customers.[12] In January 2011.

2. includes a social networking plugin that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites. There is no official date for when this problem will be resolved. and automatically route and escalate what’s important. decision makers.[36] Salesforce for Outlook replaces the older Outlook Connector. allows the user to manage marketing campaign spending and performance across a variety of channels from a single application. and any other information unique to the company's sales process. software. . tracks all opportunity-related data including milestones. These include using the Jigsaw business data to access over 20 million complete and current business contacts from right inside Salesforce CRM.com have not commented publicly on why this change has been made. Outlook 2010 (32-bit). Email support is still available with the Outlook Connector but no longer in all editions when using Salesforce for Outlook and Microsoft Office 2010.[35] [37] [38] In addition salesforce. Google search.[35] The Salesforce release notes. provides analytical tools and other services including email services. so the user can access it anywhere through an Internet-enabled mobile device or a connected computer. and designing and automating any process in Salesforce CRM. however. The Sales Cloud includes a real-time sales collaborative tool called Chatter.com provides an integration component for Microsoft Outlook called Salesforce for Outlook supporting Outlook 2007 (32-bit). and equity to charities and non-profit organizations.[31] Service Cloud. Products and services Customer Relationship Management Salesforce. suggest that only Windows 7 32-bit is supported as of v1. chatting tools. The Service Cloud The Service Cloud provides companies with a call center-like view that enables companies to create and track cases coming in from every channel. Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). Outlook Integration Salesforce. Salesforce. provides sales representatives with a complete customer profile and account history. Unlike previous versions of Outlook Connector which run as Outlook add-ins the new software also has a system tray configuration component. Collaboration Cloud[34] (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including Force. It aims to donate employee time. Whilst offering many features not present in the original product the latest release does NOT support 64-bit Office software. The Sales Cloud This application runs in the cloud.com have silently dropped email integration from some lower-end CRM editions.com). customer communications.148.[32] Data Cloud[33] (including Jigsaw). Automatic email reminders can be scheduled to keep teams up to date on the latest information Other activities can be done on the Salesforce cloud. The Salesforce CRM-powered customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases 24 hours a day. and access to customers' entitlement and contracts. Windows XP (32-bit).Salesforce.com 122 Foundation The Salesforce Foundation [30] is the company's charitable enterprise.com's CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud.

com platform are installed by salesforce.com 123 Force.[44] . "Contacts" has standard fields like First Name.[40] is a real-time collaboration platform for users. "Reports". These applications are built using Apex (a proprietary Java-like programming language for the Force.com platform Salesforce. there are tabs such as "Contacts". there are over 900 applications available from over 450 independent software vendors. Each tab contains associated information. Chatter Chatter [39].com's PaaS product is known as the Force.Salesforce. The platform allows external developers to create add-on applications that integrate into the main salesforce. AppExchange is a marketplace for cloud computing applications built for the salesforce. by adding user-defined custom fields. iPhone.com Platform) and Visualforce (an XML-like syntax for building user interfaces in HTML. Applications created on the Force.com environment. etc. and "Accounts". Ajax or Flex).com offers a SOAP/REST Web service API that enables integration with other systems. that is adding sets of customized / novel tabs for specific vertical. Customization can be done on each tab. AppExchange Launched in 2005. Last Name.[42] Customization can also be done at the "platform" level by adding customized applications to a Salesforce instance. Customization Salesforce users can customize their CRM application.com started to promote the use of 2D Barcodes (SPARQCode) for exporting contact information to mobile handsets.com application and are hosted on salesforce.com partners can distribute applications and solutions on the AppExchange. Users can also form groups and post messages on each others' profiles to collaborate on projects. Human Resources.[43] In January 2010. salesforce. and Email.com Platform.) features.com released a slimmed down version of their application for subscribers with BlackBerry. released in June 2010. Mobile support In April 2009.or function-level (Finance.com community and delivered by partners or by third-party developers. and Windows Mobile devices. Web services In addition to the web interface. In the system. which users can purchase and add to their salesforce. salesforce. As of October 2010.com customers.[41] All salesforce. For example. The service sends information proactively via a real-time news stream.com's infrastructure. Users can follow coworkers and data to receive broadcasted updates about project and customer status. salesforce.

Retrieved 2011-01-20. zdnet. "Salesforce. All Things Digital. com/ news/ applications-os/ 222600988/ salesforce-adds-business-process-development-to-force-com. com/ 20110201/ salesforce-buys-manymoon). salesforce. [10] Read Write Web (http:/ / www. com/ 2100-3513_22-6059716. The next major event will be dreamforce from 30th august to 2 september 2011 in San Francisco. com/ Articles/ CRM-News/ Daily-News/ Salesforce. com/ cloud-computing/ blog/ archives/ 2009/ 12/ salesforcecoms_2. allthingsd. html). [9] "Salesforce. com) [18] Popular Ideas . zdnet.Dell IdeaStorm (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-02-11. . Italian. com/ 2010/ 12/ 08/ breaking-salesforce-buys-heroku-for-212-million-in-cash/ ). 2004-06-23. informationweek. co.Salesforce. Danish. nyse. Freddie in S&P 500" (http:/ / www. com/ magazines/ fortune/ bestcompanies/ 2011/ full_list/ ). sendia. Latvian and Estonian. [14] Sendia. and S-controls (Salesforce widgets . It is possible to edit and use existing controls. ZDNet. ideastorm. php) [11] Amount of customers. end user languages available are Hungarian. but no new ones can be created. [6] Yahoo Finance News-Business (http:/ / finance. com/ blog/ btl/ salesforce-buys-dimdim-for-31-million-eyes-webex-gotomeeting-turf/ 43352 [25] Espiner. InformationWeek. French. along with online help and training documentation.com. com/ blog/ btl/ salesforcecom-acquires-jigsaw-for-142-million/ 33362 [21] http:/ / techcrunch. cnn.from FORTUNE<" (http:/ / money. Tom (7 November 2007). German. com-IPO-Raises-$110-Million-44252. 2009-02-25. 2008-05-08. com/ [3] (http:/ / finance.com (http:/ / www. html). salesforce. Dutch. .com's Wizard Was Parker Harris And Team" (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 09/ 24/ salesforce-buys-enterprise-chat-startup-activa-live/ [22] "Salesforce. 2009-01-29. zdnet. Finnish. com) [19] http:/ / www. (http:/ / www. salesforce. com/ apps/ news?pid=20601103& sid=abSHUiBFprac& refer=us). uk/ news/ security-threats/ 2007/ 11/ 07/ salesforce-tight-lipped-after-phishing-attack-39290616/ ). . Polish. com/ ) [15] Salesforce buy extends reach to mobile devices (http:/ / news.com IPO Raises $110 Million" (http:/ / www.IdeaExchange (http:/ / ideas. are available in sixteen languages[10] : English. Bloomberg. com/ news/ Salesforcecom-Announces-prnews-14469704. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. com/ q/ pr?s=CRM). com/ q/ pr?s=CRM+ Profile) [4] Yahoo! Finance (http:/ / biz. html?ticker=crm [2] http:/ / www. 2010-03-11. 2008). com/ enterprise/ 2010/ 12/ beyond-babel. yahoo. com/ e/ 100311/ crm10-k. crn. Fortune. "Salesforce tight-lipped after phishing attack" (http:/ / www. [8] "Salesforce.com Buys Manymoon" (http:/ / kara. Japanese. Portuguese. . html). Eric (September 9. zdnet. Cloudforce 2011 in Paris with Loïc Le Meur . bloomberg. yahoo. Russian. html). Retrieved 2011-01-20. 2006-04-11 [16] Salesforce for Google AdWords (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 12/ 21/ salesforce-buys-email-contact-manager-etacts/ ). destinationCRM. . Swedish.com company organises worldwide events dedicated to cloud computing. Retrieved 2011-02-11. aspx). S-controls are deprecated as of March 2010.these are predominantly based on JavaScript). destinationcrm. Also. Thai. readwriteweb. [24] http:/ / www. Czech. VisualForce (a user interface library)[46] . . [5] Yahoo! Finance (http:/ / finance. References [1] http:/ / www. com/ company/ ) [12] Martin. kieden. yahoo.com 124 Languages The Salesforce application. . Spanish. Fastenal to Replace Fannie. yahoo. [13] "100 Best Companies to Work For 2011: Full list . [7] "Salesforce. . Korean. Turkish. com/ ) [17] Popular Ideas .com Buys Heroku For $212 Million In Cash" (http:/ / techcrunch. htm [20] http:/ / www.[47] Events The Salesforce. com/ about/ listed/ quickquote. Lithuanian. [23] "Salesforce Buys Email Contact Manager Etacts" (http:/ / techcrunch. Other Other technologies allowing more advanced customization of Salesforce interfaces are the in-house technologies Apex (a Java-like programming language and programming platform)[45] .

com/ answers/ ideaView?id=087300000007EyVAA) [38] Outlook integration support for Outlook 2010) (http:/ / sites. 2007). jhtml?articleID=225700975) [35] Salesforce for Outlook System Requirements (http:/ / www. eweek. com/ c/ a/ Cloud-Computing/ Salesforcecom-Introduces-Mobile-Lite-for-iPhone-Blackberry-Windows-Mobile-404052/ ) [44] "2D Barcode (SPARQCode) . salesforce. force. org [31] Salesforce. 2009). (http://finance. Tony (2006-11-13). "Phishing-based breach of salesforce. Berlind's Testbed (blog). [28] Berlind. com/ index. com/ appexchange/ ).com customer list stolen" (http:/ / www. both corporate and user generated content (http://www. html). com/ news/ storage/ disaster_recovery/ showArticle. "Salesforce.com outage hits thousands of businesses" (http:/ / news.force. Robert (07 November 07). "An Introduction to Salesforce. php/ Apex) [46] VisualForce reference (http:/ / wiki. com/ blogs/ ideaView?c=09a30000000D9xo& id=087300000007BDDAA2& returnUrl=/ apex/ ideaList?c=09a30000000D9xo& category=AppExchange& sort=popular).com. [27] McMillan. . force. salesforce. com/finance?q=NYSE:CRM) . salesforcechannel.com/chatter) Salesforce Customer Community website (http://sites. BlackBerry." (http:/ / blogs. destinationcrm. salesforce. internetnews.com) Salesforce Chatter website (http://www.com main website (http://www. techcrunchit. "Salesforce.salesforce.com customer data is more evidence of industry's need to act on spam. .148 (http:/ / emea.google. Silicon.com Expands the Cloud to Sales (http:/ / www. [43] Salesforce. . Events. php/ 3709836). com/ cloud/ salesforce-integrates-jigsaw-refining-contact-data/ ) [34] Salesforce. Retrieved 2010-02-25. com/ company/ salesforce_for_outlook_system_requirements.salesforce.Salesforce. "Salesforce. com/ Articles/ CRM-News/ Daily-News/ Salesforce.com Introduces Mobile Lite for iPhone.salesforce. com/ 8301-1001_3-10136540-92. . salesforce. Tim (Jaunuary 8. developerforce. html). force. developerforce. [45] Apex Reference (http:/ / wiki. Windows Mobile (http:/ / www. aspx) [32] Salesforce. com/ news/ security/ 6058/ salesforcecom-customer-list-stolen/ ).com/trust/status) 3. com/ chatter/ [40] http:/ / mashable. IDG News Service. computerworlduk. [29] Ferguson.com Launches The Service Cloud. com/ index. oreillynet. pdf) [37] Outlook Connector for Windows 7 (64 bit) (http:/ / sites. salesforcefoundation. jsp) [36] Salesforce for Outlook Release Notes v1. developerforce. 2010-10-08 [42] Stubblebine. com/ ent-news/ article. informationweek.com. . force. zdnet. A Customer Service SaaS Application (http:/ / www. php/ S-Control_Deprecation) 125 External links • • • • • Salesforce. 2007). David (November 6. Now. Andy (November 7. InternetNews. com/ 2009/ 01/ 14/ salesforcecom-launches-the-service-cloud-a-customer-service-saas-application/ ) [33] Salesforce Integrates Jigsaw — Refining Contact Data (http:/ / gigaom. com/ index.com Scrambles To Halt Phishing Attacks" (http:/ / www.com.com.800+ Curated videos about Salesforce.com Launches Chatter Collaboration Tool (http:/ / www.com [26] Patrizio. Press Releases. com/ help/ doc/ en/ salesforce_sfo_release_notes.com) • Stock quote.com's AppExchange" (http:/ / www. cnet. com/ 2010/ 06/ 22/ salesforce-chatter-released/ [41] Salesforce Applications (http:/ / www. Discussions.2.Contact Exports" (http:/ / sites. . php/ Visualforce) [47] S-Control Deprecation (http:/ / wiki. com/ Berlind/ ?p=880). com/ pub/ a/ network/ 2006/ 11/ 13/ an-introduction-to-saleforcecoms-appexchange. Financials and Related Companies. O'Reilly Network. [30] http:/ / www. com/ answers/ apex/ ideaview?id=087300000007EAJAA2) [39] http:/ / www. com-Expands-the-Cloud-to-Sales-52602.com/answers/ideaHome) Salesforce system status and transaction statistics (http://trust.

It is the world's third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software (behind Oracle and SAP). United Kingdom Headquarters Number of locations Offices in 24 countries Area served Key people Worldwide Tony Hobson (Chairman) Guy Berruyer (CEO) Accounting.0 million (2010) £227. United Kingdom.com The Sage Group plc (LSE: SGE [1]).1 million [5] customers worldwide. and has 6.SalesLogix 126 SalesLogix The Sage Group plc Type Traded as Industry Founded Founder(s) Public limited company LSE: SGE [1] Computer software 1981 David Goldman Paul Muller Graham Wylie Newcastle upon Tyne. CRM.[2] It was the patron of The Sage Gateshead music venue in Newcastle upon Tyne.sage.[6] It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. commonly known as Sage. . MRP £1.400 (2010) [3] [4] [2] Products Revenue Operating income Profit Employees Website [2] [2] www.3 million (2010) 13. Varying according to country. It has offices in 24 countries and its products and services are available in more than 160 countries.0 million (2010) £330. the largest supplier to small businesses. is a global enterprise software company headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne.435.

[13] By 2003 Sage was the only remaining technology stock in the FTSE 100 Index. but then to a wider market through a network of resellers.[18] On 1 October 2010 Guy Berruyer became CEO of Sage Group. bonus plan and salary. Paul Walker.5 million shares in Sage worth £146m. Sage software sales escalated in that year from 30 copies a month to over 300.[8] In 1984 the Company launched Sage software. based in Dublin as well as its e-business strategy. hired by David Goldman to write some estimating software for his printing company. This became the basis for Sage Line 50.[7] The Company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1989. In that same year the UK acquisition of Tetra saw Sage enter the mid-range business software market. David was so impressed he hired Graham and academic Paul Muller to form Sage. selling their software first to printing companies. the CEO of Sage's UK business stated that: "Acquisitions are part of our DNA".[12] Also that year Sage sponsored the new Music Centre in Gateshead for £6m .SalesLogix 127 History Early history The Company was founded by David Goldman together with Paul Muller and Graham Wylie in 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne to develop estimating and accounting software for small businesses.[7] Appointment of Paul Walker as CEO In 1994 Paul Walker was appointed Chief Executive. Graham Wylie. took a summer job with an accountancy firm funded by a government small business grant to write software to help their record keeping. Graham used the same accounting software to produce the first version of Sage Accounts. which have been a key component to the group’s growth in the past 20 years.[7] which used the CP/M operating system. a product for the Amstrad PCW word processor. He was rated Britain's 109th richest person in the 2002 Sunday Times' rich list. which he had held for 16 years.[7] A student at Newcastle University. In 2003 at age 43 Graham Wylie retired with 108.[17] Walker left the company on 1 December 2010. only exceeded by Sir Martin Sorrell at WPP and Tullow Oil's Aidan Heavey. Berruyer had previously been CEO of Sage's Mainland Europe & Asia operations. In an interview with The Times.[11] and entered the CRM/contact management market and in 2002 Sage won 'Business of The Year' in National Business Awards. In 1998 Sage’s Professional Accountants Division was established. had indicated an interest in stepping down from his position.[8] Appointment of Guy Berruyer as CEO On 19 April 2010.[10] In 2001 Sage acquired Interact Commerce Inc. Next.[16] According to the Daily Mail.[9] In 2000 Sage shares were named ‘best performing share of the 90s’ in the UK business press.[18] .the largest ever UK arts/business sponsorship. Campbell Graphics. Sage announced that its CEO. In 1999 Sage entered FTSE 100[7] and launched a dedicated Irish division.[14] The Financial Times reported that his departure would lead to speculation over Sage’s mergers and acquisitions.now known as The Sage Gateshead . Walker is likely to have left Sage with as much as £21 million given his shares.[15] Walker was one of the longest serving CEOs of a FTSE100 company.

The company's US headquarters are in Irvine. Automotive Distribution. Europe represented the largest region by revenues generating £763 million and an EBITA profit of £192 million. but more recently has grown primarily through acquisitions. In 2004 the company's new headquarters was completed in the North Park area of Newcastle upon Tyne. Accountancy. Payment Processing. Construction/ Real-Estate. California.158 2008 1. The company's profit margin (defines as EBITA.SalesLogix 128 Operations Founded and headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne.[19] Financial Information In the year to September 2009. Manufacturing. France. It now operates worldwide.439 million.3 times.1 million customers and 13. Sept year-end. Within Europe. This compares with the North American divisions revenues of £576 million and EBITA profit of £105 million with the rest of the world generating revenues of £100 million and EBITA profit of £24 million. . 5% from payment processing and 4% from CRM. Not-for-Profit. earnings before interest.400 employees across the world. the Mainland European division run by Guy Berruyer dominates on a revenues and profit basis generating circa 70% of all European revenues and circa 60% of profits. 10% from HR & payroll. Net debt stood at £439m at the end of September 2009 with a net debt to EBITDA ratio of 1.439 2010 1. the Canadian headquarters are in Richmond.435 0% -1% 365 319 n/a +12% +30% n/a 202 194 +7% 249 221 +7% 283 223 +7% +11% +3% 300 241 -4% 321 267 In the year to September 2009. Canada and the French and Continental European headquarters are in Paris. tax and amortisation) fell 1% to 22% for the 2009 year & adjusted pre-tax profit was £308 million. Sage reported revenues of £1. the company initially grew organically.[20] Sage reported that 55% of its revenue came from the Accounting sector with 26% from Industry-specific customers. Key industry focus includes: Healthcare.295 2009 1. HR & Payroll. Transport/ Distribution. Retail.[21] Board of Directors Sage's board of directors consists of 10 individuals with 6 non-executive independent directors including the chairman. £ millions Revenue Reported growth Underlying growth EBITA Pre-Tax Profit 2002 552 n/a n/a n/a 129 2003 560 n/a n/a n/a 151 2004 688 n/a n/a n/a 181 2005 760 2006 936 2007 1. an 11% increase in reported revenues and 4% decline in organic revenues (adjusting for currency moves and acquisitions). United Kingdom. Sage has 6.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Job costing.[24] Products The company's product set can be divided into: Accounting. He is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA and was previously Group Finance Director of Legal & General Group plc for 14 years retiring in 2001. Human Resources. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Taxation and other products for accountants. Business stationery.SalesLogix 129 Name (Alphabetically) Guy Berruyer David Clayton Paul Harrison Tony Hobson Tim Ingram Tamara Ingram Ruth Markland Ian Mason Mark Rolfe Paul Stobart (leaves 31 May 2011) Chief Executive Title Executive/Non-Executive Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Executive Group Finance Director Chairman Senior Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent [22] CEO. Development platforms. He is also Chairman of the Trustees of Changing Faces. MME. MH) SalesLogix [US] Simply Accounting [US] (Formerly Bedford Software) Sage Start Up [UK] SnowdropKCS Symfonia [Poland] Take Five. Sage's products include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sage 50 Accounts (Line 50) [UK] Sage 50 Payroll [UK] Sage 200 (MMS) [UK] Sage 1000 [UK] Sage One Sage Coretime [Ireland][UK] Sage Accpac ERP [Australia] Sage Accpac Pro Series [Australia] Sage SalesLogix [Australia] Sage CRM [Australia] Sage Timberline Office [Australia] ACT! by Sage [Australia] Sage ERP X3 [Australia] Abra HRMS [US] Abel Enterprise [Spain] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DacEasy [US] Document Manager [Australia] Sage ERP X3 (Adonix) [France] FacturaPlus Facturfacil FAS Fixed Assets [US] Financial Forecaster [UK] Forte [Poland] Geode X3 [Spain] GS-Programme HandiSoft [Australia] HandiTax [Australia] HandiLedger [Australia] HandiRegister [Australia] HandiTrust [Australia] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • MainLAN MAS 90 [US] MAS 200 [US] MAS 500 [US] Master Builder [US] Master Production Schedule [US] Medical Manager [US] MicrOpay Payroll [Australia] MicrOpay Meridian [Australia] MicrOpay Ingenuity [Australia] MicrOpay Outsourcing [Australia] MicrOpay e-HR [Australia] MIP Fund Accounting My Business NominaPlus • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Practice Manager [Australia] Practice Solution Practice Suite [UK] Premier Plus [UK] Prestige [UK] Pro ERP ProvideX PymePlus Sage CRM (Accpac CRM. Sage Northern Europe Executive Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Executive The Chairman. 2004 and became Chairman in May 2007. Financial forecasting. Accounting & Payroll [Ireland] . E-business. He joined the Board in June. the leading UK disfigurement charity. Payment processing. Business intelligence. Payroll. Tony Hobson is the Chairman of Northern Foods plc[23] and a non-executive director of Glas Cymru (Welsh Water) and eSure.

Oracle. Sage had a 9% market share of total global ERP software revenues in 2008.[25] [26] In the Gartner article. NetSuite and SAP. Chameleon 2000. A major part of the small business ERP market. Oracle's 9%.5 billion in 2009.SalesLogix • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounts Production (Apex Accounts Production) Accounts Production Advanced Accpac ERP [US] ACT! by Sage Best Practice [Australia] Billing Boss BOB 50 BusinessVision BusinessWorks Sage BI (IntelligentApps for Line 200. Sage is increasingly seeing competition from web-based or cloud solutions from companies including Intacct. an analysis by IDC in October 2006 of the small business market estimated Sage's market share at 21% versus Microsoft's 12%. Enterprise)[UK] Ligne 30 [France] Ligne 100 [France] Ligne 500 (Ciel) [France] Ligne 1000 [France] Logic Class • • • • • • • • • • Office Line Pastel Partner [South Africa] • • TAS [UK] Taxation Tetra 2000 [UK] Tetraplan [UK] Timberline Office [US] Timeslips Time+Billing [Australia] TPVplus V-ISAM database Wage Easy [Australia] XRT Treasury [Spain] 130 Pastel Evolution [South • Africa] PayPoint ePOS [UK] Payroll Services Sage My Business online [Australia] Sage Pocket [India] PC-Kaufmann [Germany] Peachtree Accounting [US] PFW (Platinum for Windows) [US] • • • • • • • • Competitors According to the June 2009 Worldwide ERP survey by the Gartner Group. Intuit's 6% and SAP's 3%. However. Microsoft and Infor representing the major competition. CS/3. 49%.[27] [28] . the ERP market was estimated to be worth $23. is served by other providers. Line 500) [UK] Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Classic Line Construction Solutions Corporation Tax (Powered by Abacus) ContaPlus • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • HandiAsset [Australia] HandiBiz [Australia] HandiSecurity [Australia] Sage Instant Accounts [UK] Sage Instant Payroll [UK] Intelligent Reporting (IntelligentApps) [UK] Intergy Jehlen Manage Right package Legend Line 100 (Sovereign)[UK] Line 200 (Sage C/S)[UK] Line 500 (Chameleon.8 billion in revenues in 2008 and $24. With SAP.

reuters. uk/ tol/ business/ industry_sectors/ technology/ article7102209. [11] Sage buys Interact Commerce (http:/ / query. pdf). and has since become a main sight on the River Tyne. . [7] "History" (http:/ / www. [14] Walker to step down as Sage chief executive (http:/ / www. eiu. sage. html). html). redhotcurry. The Sage Gateshead was completed in 2004 at a cost of £70 million. londonstockexchange. 2011-04-20. dailymail. . archive. [3] "About Us" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-04-02. com/ ourbusiness/ aboutus). investors. independent. London: Daily Mail. . Retrieved 2011-04-02. com/ exchange/ prices-and-news/ stocks/ prices-search/ stock-prices-search. Retrieved 2010-09-03. independent. co. "Sage founder retires at 43 to get married and enjoy his £146m fortune" (http:/ / www. sage. com/ [5] "Competitive Profile" (http:/ / www. [13] "Software sages of Newcastle" (http:/ / globaltechforum. redhotcurry. Retrieved 2010-10-30. com/ archive/ money/ 2003/ national_biz_awards2002. org/ web/ 20040404045650/ http:/ / www. 2010-04-20. . a Tyneside music venue designed by Sir Norman Foster. [6] "Arts funding in recession" (http:/ / www. . . html). uk/ our-company/ the-board. [2] "Annual Report and Accounts 2010" (http:/ / www. London: The Independent. com/ files/ financialreport/ 56765/ Performance_Summary_2009. [10] "Sage looks risky in an uncertain business climate" (http:/ / findarticles. html?nameCode=SGE The Sage Gateshead music venue is named after the company. [19] Reuters profile of Sage (http:/ / uk. sage. . sage. 2010-12-01. Sage. uk/ news/ business/ news/ sage-founder-retires-at-43-to-get-married-and-enjoy-his-acircpound146m-fortune-594205. com/ index. sage.[13] In 2008 Sage funded the revival of The Krypton Factor television series for ITV 1 as a part of the Business Brain Training campaign. London: Daily Mail. uk/ news/ business/ sage-buys-tetra-1077870. htm). . pdf). Retrieved 2010-10-31. [23] The Board of Northern Foods (http:/ / www. html?res=9F00EFD7173FF93AA15750C0A9679C8B63) [12] "Business of the year 2002" (http:/ / web. Retrieved 2010-11-03. Retrieved 2010-10-30. co.SalesLogix 131 Sponsorship The Sage Group is a patron of The Sage Gateshead. Retrieved 2010-11-03. . Simon (2010-04-19). Retrieved 2010-09-03. co. com/ p/ articles/ mi_qn4158/ is_20010510/ ai_n14395069). org/ news_campaigns/ article/ arts_funding_in_recession/ ). [8] Vaughan-Adams. Red Hot Curry. sage. Retrieved 2011-04-02. "Sage chief Paul Walker is set to exit with £21m" (http:/ / www. sage. Retrieved 2011-04-02. com/ cms/ s/ 2/ 157ab314-4b7c-11df-9db6-00144feab49a. com/ gst/ fullpage. [26] "Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier 2-Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies" (http:/ / www. . 2009-06-04. com/ files/ news/ 79768/ Final_press_release. asp?layout=rich_story& doc_id=10576& title=Software+ sages+ of+ Newcastle& categoryid=4& channelid=3). nytimes. ism. Global Technology Forum. Retrieved 2011-04-02. investors. but is also used for other events including conferences. Sage Group plc. [22] "Change to Sage’s Executive Team" (http:/ / www. com/ ourbusiness/ aboutus/ ourproductsandservices/ businesssoftwareandservices). html). Incorporated Society of Musicians. [21] "Performance Summary 2009" (http:/ / www. L) [20] "Annual Report 2009" (http:/ / www. sage. Retrieved 2011-04-02. com/ company_information/ market_overview/ competitive_profile/ ). html) [15] "Business big shot: Paul Stobart" (http:/ / business. Retrieved 2010-10-31. com/ files/ financialreport/ 56737/ Sage_R_A2009. investors. 1999-03-02. . 2010-04-19. The Sage Group. Retrieved 2010-11-03. co. uk/ money/ article-1267370/ Sage-chief-Paul-Walker-set-exit-21m. 2010-07-06. com/ ourbusiness/ aboutus/ ourhistory). northern-foods. . com/ news/ press_releases/ ?id=73558). com/ business/ quotes/ companyProfile?symbol=SGE. The Sage Group plc. . pdf). timesonline. . 2002-10-29. investors. dailymail. Retrieved 3 September 2010. Sage. . htm) on 2004-04-04. 2007-04-23. .[29] References [1] http:/ / www. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ microsoft/ vol4/ article12/ article12. ece). uk/ money/ article-1267206/ Sage-CEO-Paul-Walker-stand-26-years-company. . . Retrieved 2011-04-20. Retrieved 2009-03-15. London: The Times. com/ company_information/ directors_bio/ ) [25] "Business Software and Services" (http:/ / www. investors. gartner. investors. htm) [24] Directors' Biographies (http:/ / www. The Sage Group plc. The Independent on Sunday (London). com/ archive/ money/ 2003/ national_biz_awards2002. ft. sage. co. [18] "Group Chief Executive" (http:/ / www. Liz (2003-04-12). [4] http:/ / www. html). co. Gartner. sage. [17] Duke. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. It is primarily used for hosting music concerts. . com/ news/ press_releases/ ?id=93602). Sage Group plc. The Sage Group plc. sage. Sage. investors. [9] "Sage buys Tetra" (http:/ / www. . [16] "Sage CEO Paul Walker to stand down after 26 years at company" (http:/ / www.

.NetSuite's Sage Switch Program Offers Sage Customers Major Discount to Embrace NetSuite Cloud" (http:/ / www. NetSuite. com/ 2009/ 06/ more-sage-insight. blogspot. com/ kryptonfactor/ ). Retrieved 2011-04-23.0 . 132 External links • Sage Group plc website (http://www. shtml). . com/ portal/ press/ releases/ nlpr03-04-09. 2009-03-04. trainyourbusinessbrain. Business Brain Training. html) [28] "Press Release .SalesLogix [27] SaaS 2. [29] "The Krypton Factor" (http:/ / www.sage. Retrieved 2010-11-04.com/) . netsuite."More Sage Insights" (http:/ / intacct.

SalesPage Financial. Michigan. the Product Suite and solutions were refined and improved through a series of pilot projects and enhancements prior to official release in April 2000. providing SalesPage clients direct access to Coates’ office-level data intelligence in their SalesPage Financial client relationship management (CRM) application. In November 2008. LLC is a privately held company. This collaboration integrates SalesPage Financial solutions and Coates’ Managed Money Dashboard. SalesPage was ultimately selected. marketed and supported a flexible client/server-based solution called UNITRAC. the Company formed a new team of experienced developers and began the development of the entirely browsable SalesPage Product Suite. History SalesPage Technologies. the Company developed.[2] . Over the next several years. SalesPage Broker/Dealer delivers Advisor Relationship Management (ARM) tools that broker-dealer firms use to help recruit and retain top financial advisors. Michigan Products Website SalesPage CRM. LLC Type Industry Founded Private CRM Software Michigan 1983 Headquarters Kalamazoo. a PNC Global Investment Servicing company. SalesPage Broker/Dealer www. SalesPage partnered with Coates Analytics. SalesPage partnered with DST Systems to develop an integrated transaction resolution system and provide SalesPage Financial as a hosted CRM solution to DST's client base (product branded SalesConnect). The company has been successful in weathering multiple technological transitions over its lifetime—from the WANG mini-computer to DOS. In early 1997. In 2007 SalesPage introduced SalesPage Broker/Dealer.com [1] SalesPage Technologies is a software development vendor which creates customized enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Advisor Relationship Management (ARM) systems.SalesPage 133 SalesPage SalesPage Technologies. to WINDOWS and client/server and now Web-based technologies. This partnership was the result of a rigorous functional and corporate due diligence review DST completed with multiple generic and niche CRM providers. SalesPage Technologies (formerly Unitrac Software Corporation) develops sales and marketing solutions from its headquarters in Kalamazoo. Through this partnership IFDS offers their Canadian financial services clients an on-demand version of SalesPage Financial. In 2004. under the same ownership since 1983. SalesPage partnered with International Financial Data Services (IFDS) of Toronto. In 2005.salespage. During the 1990s. Canada.

on-premise. In addition to trades coming through TA2000. com/ pr/ pr_docs/ org_releases/ pr_07_salesconnect. The SalesConnect solution features a central repository of firm.[4] Products Editions SalesPage develops CRM software in four editions: • • • • SalesPage CRM SalesPage Financial SalesPage Broker/Dealer DST SalesConnect . prweb. as one of the Top 15 CRM solutions in the world every year since 2002. com/ news/ salespage_crm_wins_real_time_award) [5] DST Introduces SalesConnect Data Management and CRM Solution (http:/ / www. office and representative information that systematically matches trades coming into DST’s shareholder recordkeeping platform. DST SalesConnect also provides a data interface with a hosted CRM component. client hosted Client purchased.[3] First in 2006 and again in 2007. hosted by SalesPage On-demand (SaaS) through partnerships with DST Systems and International Financial Data Services (IFDS) External links • SalesPage Official website [6] References [1] http:/ / www. The database has typically provided a systematic match rate of more than 98 percent. salespage. office and representative data in a context that supports the initiatives of the distribution team. salespage. com . dstsystems. which displays this reconciled firm. to the correct representative.SalesPage 134 Awards The SalesPage Product Suite has been rated by ISM. com/ news/ salespage_crm_ism_top_15) [4] SalesPage CRM Wins Real Time Award (http:/ / www. customerthink.[5] Deployment types SalesPage solutions may be deployed in four ways depending on the needs of the client: • • • • Client purchased. hosted by client’s partner (3rd party hosting services provider) Leased. SalesConnect can accept client transactions that originate from other platforms. htm) [3] SalesPage CRM Software Earns ISM's Top 15 CRM Award for Fifth Consecutive Year (http:/ / www. TA2000. Inc. SalesPage was awarded one of ISM’s Real Time CRM Solutions Awards. com/ releases/ coates_analytics/ pnc_global/ prweb1634544. including feeds from omnibus or third-party providers. html) [6] http:/ / www. com/ [2] SalesPage Integrates with PNC’s Coates Analytics to Provide Comprehensive Sales Intelligence (http:/ / www. customerthink.A software-as-a-service (SaaS) DST Systems offering powered by SalesPage that serves as a central repository of financial representative information that alleviates data scrubbing processes for fund operations and distribution teams.

TopManage was founded by Reuven Agassi and Gadi Shamia. Minneapolis-based Praxis. This functionality will be provided through the Solution Extension Program. Human Resources Module. Structure SAP Business One contains 15 core modules : • • • • • • • • • • • • • Administration Module. Sales Opportunities Module. It caters for business software requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). • E-commerce. The acquisition allowed SAP to reach out to the midmarket through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers. MRP Module. had previously been a SAP Business One partner. where system-default and user-defined reports are generated (as on-screen tables. Sales Module. where orders are entered.SAP Business One 135 SAP Business One SAP Business One is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system written and distributed by SAP AG based in Walldorf. where configuration is performed. where existing customers and potential accounts are maintained. In July 2006 SAP acquired Praxis Software Solutions and plans to integrate the company's Web-based CRM and e-commerce capabilities into SAP Business One. Norway. Financials Module. Service Module. vendors. Financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed. where bill of materials are defined and manufacturing is tracked. as a way of showing dedication to the SME market. Purchasing Module. As a result SAP introduced new reporting and budgeting capabilities in SAP Business One called XL Reporter. Advanced Layout Designer (To be discontinued in 2009 due to purchase of Business Objects). Currently SAP does not offer an eCommerce solution for SAP Business ONE. shipped and invoiced. a privately held software company based in Oslo. • WebCRM. where employee information is maintained. SAP acquired the technology and assets of iLytix Systems AS. where various accounting and financial activities are conducted. History In March 2002 SAP purchased TopManage Financial Systems. where Business Partners (customers. In 2009 SAP sold the Web-based CRM and eCommerce components that comprised the former Praxis Software Solutions. Allows employees to manage customer support cases. XL Reporter and Crystal Reports 2008 Basic (One Free License per customer)). printouts or Excel files: Print Layout Designer. Production Module. salespeople to manage prospects. where purchase orders are issued and goods received into inventory. where purchase and production planning takes place. where cash is received and paid out. Germany. Reports Module. The company also began reporting revenues from the SME space separately from revenues for the larger customers. where Inventory is valued and managed. . an Israel-based developer of business applications and branded their system as SAP Business One. allowing customers to buy and sell online to consumers or other businesses. and leads) are maintained. Banking Module. Business Partners Module. where after-service products are managed. Inventory Module. a private software company. both taken key executive positions at SAP following the acquisition. In December 2004. and customers to submit cases all via a web browser client.

the B1 Mobile solution or the Datev-HR integration and optionally allows the customer to implement the individual integration to his business partners in a high efficient way by the graphical flow designer.1.SAP Business One 136 Integration Integration can be achieved using the SDK component called DI API. DI API Server and UIAPI. By October 2010. The Business One Branch Consolidation (B1BC) is running on top of B1if. You can run B1iSN integrated via SAP XI or with direct connections. sql.8. Financial statements like Balance Sheet. SAP Business One offers a client/server and Microsoft Windows GUI only. Integration needs are present even for small business users. The Solution enables businesses to manage intercompany transactions for more than one company within a group of companies by automatically replicating corresponding transactions across multiple company databases.UIAPI . It is also limited to a single chart of accounts. The SAP Business One Integration framework (B1if) is integral part of the SAP SB ERP system SAP Business One 8. B1iSN is running centrally in the HQ and integrates the subsidiaries into the overall enterprise business processes. the B1i platform is being used for integration with SAP's large enterprise systems R/3. the new web 2. B1if is high declarative with strong focus on reliability. The DI API provides COM based interface to the business objects & business logic of SAP Business One. using them requires software development skills. As those are APIs. sales processes and reporting and allows the implementation of any individual scenario to the customer’s needs. B1iSN comes along with out-of-the-box integration scenarios. SAP XI.k. Profit & Loss statement. Instead of complex. etc. etc are non-customized. the product reached more than 27. standard SAP Business One report to maintain consistency of layout and authenticity of data. it enables strong low-cost. All B1i solutions are based on a common SAP technology layer (B1iP). The term B1i is addressing a bundle of solutions to integrate Business Applications of SAP.000 customers worldwide. B1BC for SAP Business One allows generation of consolidated financial statements considering all group companies. B1BC is automatically synchronizing the business data and provides a strong financial consolidation. SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver (B1iSN) is a special solution for customers. Automating the replication of such transactions significantly reduces the amount of end user effort and manual rekeying of data to maintain intercompany trading financial statements. This layer is a break through innovation in integration to answer the typical nightmare of complexity and diversity with a strict model-driven approach. for master data.g. consolidation of multiple ERP systems and other integration solutions. SAP Business One. ftp. It is an out-of-the-box solution for customers which are running multiple SAP Business One systems connected to each other. It provides all needed connectivity be it the old fashioned like file. . B1i). high-cost implementation. many of the potential users of SAP Business One need integration of their existing websites. The DI API Server is similar to DI API except it provides SOAP based protocol. Trial Balance report. The integration platform enables simple (XML based) definition of integration scenarios.which based on COM too. running SAP NW components in their headquarters and SAP Business One in their subsidiaries. It is used by SAP to enable inbuilt functionality like Dashboards. focus on SAP Business One User Interface.0 technologies or native support for SAP R/3. For example. reliable integration solutions with minimal requirements to resources and skills. A simpler way to achieve integration is by using the SAP Business One integration platform (a. Obviously. Developers that use the SDK can share their knowledge and experience on the SAP Development Network (SDN [1]).a. e. The Business One SDK provides some other components that allow development of addons to the Business One Application.

and with a variety of national packages such as those sold by Sage in many countries around the world. sap. com http:/ / www. Partnership starts at the Certified level. Overview SAP's CRM solution includes several modules that support key functional areas including: • • • • • • • SAP CRM Sales SAP CRM Marketing SAP CRM Service SAP CRM Analysis SAP CRM Interaction Center SAP CRM Web Channel (which includes E-Commerce. Recently new competitors with online offerings have emerged in the marketplace. Competitors SAP Business One competes with Microsoft Dynamics globally. sap. Silver and Gold. a company must be part of SAP's PartnerEdge Program. it can progress through Associate. com/ smallbusiness/ http:/ / www.SAP Business One 137 Resellers & Partners In order to become a SAP Business One reseller. and as higher standards of knowledge and support can be shown. com/ irj/ sdn/ businessone SAP CRM The SAP CRM application is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software manufactured by SAP AG that targets business software requirements of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors. sdn. E-Marketing and E-Service) SAP CRM Partner Channel Management . sap.com (CRM only) offer similar functionality in web based applications. External links • SAP Small Business Solutions [2] • SAP Business One Road Map through 2014 [3] • SAP Business One [4] on SAP Developer Network (SDN) References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / sdn. scribd. com/ doc/ 28217251/ SAP-Business-One-Roadmap http:/ / www. Companies such as NetSuite (CRM & ERP) and Salesforce.

sap.SAP CRM 138 External links • Official site [1] • SAP CRM on SAP Community Network [2] References [1] http:/ / www. sap. sdn. com/ crm [2] http:/ / www. com/ irj/ sdn/ bpx-crm .

com) References . CTO www. selltis. 1999. so the two modified the program for commercial use. several businesses use Selltis’ CRM software.C.selltis.C.com [1] Website Selltis.[2] Sales executive Brian Gardner collaborated with programming specialist Mario Igrec to develop a tool to help employees cultivate their pre-sales customer relationships.L.L. After a successful deployment of the Selltis software. L. Inc. Type Founded Founder(s) Private April. aspx?menuid=3) External links •  The Selltis website (http://www. selltis. Today.C. is a Louisiana-based developer of customer relationship management(CRM) software with a focus on industrial sales teams. History Selltis L.L. President David Erath. was founded in April. by two employees of distributor Breard-Gardner. Louisiana Key people Brian Gardner. Gardner and Igrec were contacted by other companies interested in using it. 1999 Brian Gardner Mario Igrec Headquarters New Orleans. com/ news.selltis. com [2] (http:/ / www. CEO Mario Igrec. References [1] http:/ / www.Selltis 139 Selltis Selltis L.

customer support. Clint Oram and Jacob Taylor created the SugarCRM open source project in April 2004. was started. Jacob Taylor. India.SugarCRM 140 SugarCRM SugarCRM Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Private CRM Software California 2004 John Roberts CEO. vtiger CRM. and founded the company in June 2004. including its commercial website SugarCRM. California Key people Products Employees Website Larry Augustin (CEO 2009 . . Sugar Exchange (for third-party extensions). and user forums. sugarcrm. and Taylor was the CTO & vice president of engineering. Sugar expanded quickly and by September 2004. Sugar Enterprise 150+ http:/ / www. In October [1] 2004. which is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is available in both open source and proprietary. intended to be a fully open-source solution.000 copies of the application. SugarCRM was one of the first commercial open-source-based From left to right. Walden International. With the help of this investment. a development website (SugarForge. then named Sugar Open Source. and New Enterprise Associates.[2] In November 2004. potential users had downloaded 25. History John Roberts originally came up with the idea for SugarCRM on a long. In June 2004. The popularity of the project allowed the company to raise $46 million of venture capital from Draper Fisher Jurvetson. collaboration and reporting. They produce the web application Sugar.com. Sugar's functionality includes sales-force automation. marketing campaigns. the company was named "Project of the Month" on Sourceforge. non-free versions. a fork of SugarCRM. Sugar Professional. Clint Oram VP. California. rainy mountain bike ride in December 2003. Roberts. The software's core development team is based in Bangalore. com/ SugarCRM is a software company based in Cupertino. Josh Stein of DFJ Clint Oram in 2004 invested $2M into the startup and became a board member. Roberts served as the CEO. Jacob Taylor CTO & VP Engineering Headquarters Cupertino. John Roberts and corporations to raise venture capital.present) Sugar Community Edition. also known as SugarCRM. The company operates a number of websites. Oram was the vice president.org).

Apache. SugarCRM employed over 150 people. 2007. . On April 11. mobile support. 141 Products Editions SugarCRM develops CRM software in three editions: • Sugar Community Edition (previously known as Sugar Open Source) • Sugar Professional • Sugar Enterprise Each product derives from the same code tree.0. He was replaced as CEO by SugarCRM board member Larry Augustin. including Dan Farber.SugarCRM In November 2005. expressed some concern over SugarCRM's use of the term "commercial open source" to describe its products. Like SugarCRM.[7] On July 25.[9] The charts module.000 times. The products originated on the LAMP stack of Linux. SugarCRM announced the adoption of the GNU General Public License (version 3) for Sugar Community Edition. MySQL and PHP. customer portal. but intended to run on the Microsoft ASP.[4] In June 2008.NET framework. and MS SQL or Oracle as alternative databases. that has since become an annual conference. Solaris and Mac OS X). some SOAP functions and most of the default theme templates were removed from the AGPLv3 licensed Sugar Community Edition 6.[5] Sugar Open Source has been downloaded over 7. SugarCRM makes Sugar Community Edition available free of charge.[6] and the project remains one of the most active on SourceForge. critics. held in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2007. While users could freely redistribute Sugar Open Source and the license allowed for the inspection and modification of the source code and for the creation of derived works. 2010. who had previously founded and served as the CEO of VA Linux (now known as Geeknet). SplendidCRM produces both open-source and commercial versions of its software.[8] This license took effect with the release of Sugar Community Edition 5. the Sugar Community Edition would be licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3. License SugarCRM initially licensed Sugar Open Source under the SugarCRM Public License (based on the Mozilla Public License and the Attribution Assurance License). In May 2009. co-founder Taylor left the company.[3] By 2008. the offering previously known as Sugar Open Source. editor in chief at CNET. a conference for Sugar users and developers. co-founder and CEO Roberts left the company for unstated reasons. and sells annual subscriptions to Sugar Professional and to Sugar Enterprise. the company SplendidCRM was formed. SugarCRM launched SugarCon. SugarCRM announced that starting with version 6. but also run on other platforms that can deliver PHP (such as Windows.[5] Clint Oram replaced him as the CTO. with Sugar Community Edition containing roughly 85 percent of the functionality contained in Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise. SugarCRM can also use MS IIS as a web server.000.0. on-premise offerings and appliance solutions.0. during what technology website The Register called "a mysterious exodus of senior and experienced business staff" from SugarCRM. which produces software that was initially a clone of SugarCRM. Deployment types SugarCRM offers software as a service (SaaS).

net/ potm/ potm-2004-10.com/ca/app/id376796112) MobileCRM .IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness (http:/ / www.Software . A Misnomer?" (August 29. uk/ 2009/ 05/ 07/ john_roberts_sugarcrm/ ). May 7. com/ 8301-10784_3-9866743-7. com/ 2008/ 02/ 07/ sugarcrm-raises-20m-more-for-open-source-crm/ ) [3] SugarCRM announces SugarCon 2009 (http:/ / www. 2009 [6] SugarCRM lands $20 million venture round | Tech news blog . com/ BTL/ ?p=1787) [8] SugarCRM adopts GPLv3 for Community Edition . crm-reviews. crn. php) [2] SugarCRM raises $20M more for open source CRM » VentureBeat (http:/ / venturebeat. cbronline. co.sugarforge. sugarcrm. zdnet.com) • Sugarforge (http://www. 2005) (http:/ / blogs. html) [7] ZDNet Magazine. asp?guid=62AED6AA-BAA3-4A9E-9A8B-0E4C72B3A3E4) [9] Moving to the AGPLv3 for Sugar 6 (http:/ / developers. com/ news/ sugarcrm-announces-sugarcon-2009) [4] SugarCRM Nets $20 Million Investment .net: Project of the Month (http:/ / sourceforge. com/ wordpress/ 2010/ 04/ 11/ moving-to-the-agplv3-for-sugar-6/ ) External links • Official website (http://www. com/ software/ 206106218) [5] Sudden exit for SugarCRM co-founder and CEO (http:/ / www.apple.sugarcrm.an iPhone application of SugarCRM .SugarCRM 142 References [1] SourceForge.Computer Business Review (http:/ / www. The Register. theregister.org/) — Plug-ins and third-party projects for SugarCRM • MobileCRM for SugarCRM (http://itunes.CNET News.com (http:/ / www. "Commercial Open Source. com/ article_news. Gavin Clarke. news.

TaskHub 143 TaskHub TaskHub Developer(s) Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd Operating system independent Available in Type License Website Multilingual ERP Proprietary http:/ / www. History Synergix Technology was founded in 1990 in Singapore and ventured into the development of a pure accounting software. patient record management. customer relationship management. which complies to Singapore Central Provident Fund regulations. project. meaning users are able to access parts of the system only if they are given access rights to them. . claims management etc. TaskHub has modules for key industries such as: E-Clinical and E-Nursing A hospital management system to help in areas such as appointment scheduling. analytics and trading. com TaskHub is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product from Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd. with solution comprising of finance. together with global players like SAP and Microsoft.[4] TaskHub adopts the Concurrent user License pricing model. WIP monitoring. Modules TaskHub has developed over 20 modules which are integrated with each other. manufacturing. procurement management. companies can choose selected modules to implement. costing. E-Project A management system to help in areas such as project budgeting. logistics. billing management.[3] Features TaskHub provides Payroll and e-submission services. It targets the Singapore ERP market. fully integrated with financials such as billing. The product aims to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with an integrated solution. invoice. synergixtech. According to the company operational requirements.[1] TaskHub is co-funded by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore for its product development.[2] Synergix Technology became the Premier Business Partner of IBM in 2004.

Financial Accounting Real time capture of journal entries.General Ledger drill down.ida.nsf/CS/JKIN-7LAUEC?OpenDocument&Site=default& cty=en_us. Knowledge Management System System consolidates all information from various module for users to perform enquiry such as. work centers. Supplier Management. sg/ et/ pdf/ TechDigest_Sep07. html [3] http:/ / d03bphrb. gov.aspx. pdf [2] http:/ / www. com/ en/ About_us. com/ bpconnections/ bpcms.TaskHub E-Manufacturing A management system used to plan and control the manufacturing activities of a company. synergixtech. E-CRM E-Business Intelligence E-Vertical Extension A management suite to automate human resource operations. partner.com/software/success/cssdb. htm External links • http://www-01. cpf. Procurement Management. Supply Chain Management. Warehouse Distribution Management. IDA success story . accounts receivable. with payroll management and e-leave management modules. This module includes. gov. nsf/ public/ 6B3107EF15AC435E872570E6002BC22D?OpenDocument& NL=en [4] http:/ / mycpf. sales and operations planning. material requirements planning. QA/QC etc.sg/Infocomm%20Industry/20061005131251. for automated management and external reporting of general ledger. sg/ Employers/ ESub-Home/ ESub-Others/ er-Vendor.ibm.gov. E-Trading and Distribution A system used to manage Sales Order Processing. spring. 144 Partners • • • • • IBM Novell Hp Elixir Technology Avnet References [1] http:/ / www. master production scheduling. IBM success story • http://www. ibm. Financial Statement drill down. E-Financial. production orders. accounts payable and other sub-ledger accounts with a user defined chart of accounts. boulder. bills of material. Customer Relationship Management. routings. product costing.

TeleMagic 145 TeleMagic TeleMagic is the name of the earliest known software product for personal computers designed for salespeople and entrepreneurs for the purpose of keeping track of customers and prospects. and completely standalone products. and ultimately Customer Relationship Management software. Netherlands. 3. South Africa. France. 1992. and accounting for Order Entry. Sweden and Russia 1991 .(Feb 14) .Company name changed from Remote Control International to TeleMagic. Add-on products became available using the built-in customizing features. Originally. Inc. etc. then Sales Force Automation software. TeleMagic is sold through a network of VARs Value Added Resellers who provide on-site support. 2007 . Switzerland.expansion into Canada. Ireland. 4. the software was sold into the telemarketing marketplace and quickly evolved into mainstream sales applications.TeleMagic company purchased by The Sage Group 1993 . enabling users to fully record sales without exiting the program.Inc. A Developer's Kit allowed tailoring the product to the specific needs of various vertical markets. Subsequently there were many competitive products which came to market to perform these functions and this category eventually became known as Contact Management Software. 500 Fastest Growing Company (#79) [1] 1992 . August . the Developer's Kit.Computer History Museum in Mountain View. On October 2. Singapore. such as Word Processors (for letter writing). History of TeleMagic • • • • • • • • • • 1985.Microsoft Windows version released 1994 . TeleMagic was designed to be interfaced with other manufacturer's software.Apple Macintosh version created 1987 . October 2 . From the earliest versions of the software. TeleMagic is no longer developed or supported by Sage.DOS version created 1987 . integration services. 500 Fastest Growing Company (#348) [2] 1992. Australia. CA [3] accepts donation of many TeleMagic-related artifacts & software . TeleMagic was invented by Michael McCafferty in 1985 and marketed by his company Remote Control International. the company was purchased by The Sage Group. 2.Unix version created 1988 .Inc. training. TeleMagic is unique in several ways: 1. UK.

MichaelMcCafferty. com/ magazine/ 19921001/ 4337.TeleMagic 146 External links • TeleMagic Official website [4] • Michael McCafferty (TeleMagic inventor) official website [5] • The TeleMagic Adventure: "Software For Success In Business" [6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. inc. com http:/ / www. com/ mmmtm. computerhistory. html http:/ / www. telemagic. inc. michaelmccafferty. com http:/ / www. htm . html http:/ / www. org/ collections/ accession/ 102708216 http:/ / www. com/ magazine/ 19911201/ 6162.

asp.[2] This business model has an obvious resonance with the not-for-profit and self-governing ethos of the arts community. . • There is a strong emphasis within the company on direct business involvement . and almost all come from an arts management background.net Windows English arts enterprise software Proprietary. T-SQL. maintenance and development of the system. One of the most interesting aspects of the Tessitura system. and representative of. The Tessitura Network is effectively a cooperative enterprise. governed via a Board elected by and from. customer relationship management. is the business model chosen by the Metropolitan Opera in order to commercialise what was originally bespoke software. and marketing.0. not-for-profit. • There is a very high degree of user commitment and involvement in the community of users . handles management. the licensees of the system.Tessitura (software) 147 Tessitura (software) Tessitura Developer(s) Initial release Stable release The Metropolitan Opera / Tessitura Network 2000 10.English-speaking. History and Business model Tessitura was originally developed by and for the The Metropolitan Opera. This model has resulted in a number of interesting characteristics for Tessitura Network as a software company. site-based [1] Tessitura is an enterprise application used by performing arts and cultural organisations to manage their activities in ticketing.so much so that one commentator has likened implementing Tessitura to a religious conversion. The Metropolitan Opera maintains ownership of the intellectual property in the original software.0 Development status Active Written in Operating system Available in Type License Website Powerbuilder 10. which distinguishes it from most other commercial software.0. and the annual conference is frequently compared by attendees to a revival meeting.most of the company staff are ex-employees of licencees. and fosters an active exchange of best practices and knowledge sharing within the nonprofit arts and cultural sector. and is one reason why Tessitura has rapidly come to dominate the (deliberately restricted) market in which it operates . fundraising. but established a separate organization called Tessitura Network (as a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)3 status under United States tax law) to manage the ongoing development and support of the system. It refers to itself as "arts enterprise software". The Tessitura Network now licenses users. rather than a IT background • Enhancement requests are subject to a voting process. arts organisations with a need for ticketing and fundraising systems.5 .

Arts and Lectures University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Utah Symphony | Utah Opera (Salt Lake City. CT) Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Washington. DC) Atlanta Opera Atlanta Symphony Orchestra AT&T Performing Arts Center (Dallas. and therefore has a good capacity to be tailored for each organisation. and the direct linking of maintenance fees to expenditures under licencee control. FL) San Diego Symphony San Francisco Ballet San Francisco Opera San Francisco Symphony SFJAZZ (San Francisco) Science Museum of Minnesota • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Seattle Opera Seattle Symphony Orchestra Signature Theatre Company Steppenwolf Theatre Company The Studio Theatre (Washington. including a contractual commitment to taking each upgrade within a 90-day window puts a substantial limit on the costs of supporting old versions. Functional areas include: • • • • • Ticketing Fundraising Constituent (ie customer. has enabled the company to run a very lean operation. MI) The Wilma Theater (Philadelphia) TheatreWorks (Silicon Valley) University of California. and open. donor. TX) Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Berkeley Repertory Theatre Boston Ballet Boston Symphony Orchestra Brooklyn Academy of Music Chicago Opera Theater Chicago Shakespeare Theater Chicago Symphony Orchestra Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Cleveland Orchestra • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dallas Opera Dallas Symphony Orchestra Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Goodman Theatre (Chicago) Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis) High Museum of Art (Atlanta) Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Kaufman Center (New York) Los Angeles Opera Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Portland Center Stage (OR) Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater. DC) The Grand Opera House (Wilmington. UT. or sponsor) relationship management Web API Marketing tools Some users of the system In the USA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5th Avenue Theatre (Seattle) Academy of Vocal Arts (Philadelphia) Arena Stage (Washington.Tessitura (software) • The strong involvement of users in the company. Santa Barbara .) Westport Country Playhouse (Westport. DC) Yale Repertory Theatre . customisable. For example. DE) The Metropolitan Opera Guild The Metropolitan Opera The Whiting (Flint. 148 System Functionality The Tessitura system is designed to be flexible. but would be difficult to sustain in a more usual business model.

Southampton The Sage Gateshead Wales Millennium Centre Wigmore Hall Young Vic Company Old Vic In Ireland • Abbey Theatre In Australia • • • • • • • • • • Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Australian Chamber Orchestra Bell Shakespeare Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne Theatre Company Opera Australia The Seymour Centre Sydney Opera House The Arts Centre The Australian Ballet .Tessitura (software) 149 In Canada • • • • • • • Calgary Opera Harbourfront Centre Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony National Ballet of Canada Stratford Shakespeare Festival Vancouver Playhouse Victoria Symphony In the UK • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • BBC National Orchestra of Wales Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre The Bridgewater Hall Glyndebourne Opera Grange Park Opera Roundhouse Royal Albert Hall Royal National Theatre Royal Shakespeare Company Royal and Derngate Theatres. Northampton Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Southbank Centre The Hallé The Mayflower.

External links • Official website (http://www. com/ network/ About. aspx). Retrieved 4 October 2009.tessituranetwork. com [2] "About the Tessitura Network" (http:/ / www. tessituranetwork.Tessitura (software) 150 In New Zealand • The Edge Performing Arts & Convention Centre References [1] http:/ / www. tessituranetwork. .com/) .

budgets. quotations.NET License .ASP. In 2006. Dutch. Danish.MS SQL Office Integration Supported . pipeline management and website integration. Finnish. hosted (cloud based) platform for customer relationship management (CRM) called webCRM. Mac. UK.[2] In addition to that. & Norwegian. Norwegian. Swedish [3] [4] . the company started producing their web-based CRM software.[1] History WebCRM was founded in 2002 by Erik Maltby and Jørgen Rode as a company specialised in the creation of web based sales applications. webcrm. United Kingdom Products Employees Website webCRM 20+ http:/ / www. iPhone/iPad. Finnish. Jørgen Rode CEO Headquarters Leicestershire.English. Dutch.Commercial or SaaS Database Backend .Cloud-Based Platform . Android.Microsoft Windows. webCRM is available in 8 countries and supports multiple languages including English. German. activity management. Polish. Swedish. Since then the company produces and develops only webCRM . Product details • • • • • • • Type . German. other browser based Implementation Languages .WebCRM 151 WebCRM WebCRM Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Private CRM Software Leicestershire 2002 Erik Maltby CEO. The basic functionalities of webCRM are email marketing.MS Outlook Languages Supported . It provides a web-based. com/ WebCRM is a software company based in Leicestershire.

com/ blog/ webcrm-empowers-small-businesses-to-manage-contacts-and-track-sales-leads/ ) [2] About webCRM (http:/ / www. nl/ saas-crm/ review-webcrm-flexibele-online-software-voor-relatiebeheer-en-sales/ ) [4] Customer relationship management .com is a British company founded in 2007 which provides Web Based / Cloud Computing CRM software. United Kingdom Number of locations 1 Key people Products Website John Cheney (CEO). The Company has raised total of £4m pounds of Angel investment[3] to develop it's Web Based CRM and Business Applications. cloudtools. com/ blog/ about-webcrm/ ) [3] WebCRM Review by Emiel Elgersma (in Dutch) (http:/ / www. Jenny Robb (CFO). cloudtools. webcrm.[4] .com is a startup company based in Reading. nl/ saas-crm/ review-webcrm-flexibele-online-software-voor-relatiebeheer-en-sales/ ) [5] http:/ / http:/ / www. com/ Workbooks. James Kay (CTO). The legal name of the company is Workbooks Online Limited and the company is a Private Limited Company registered under company number 06393851[1] Workbooks Online Limited Type Industry Founded Headquarters Private Limited Software 2007 Reading. founded in 2007 by John Cheney and the management team which previous lead BlackSpider Technologies Limited another UK based Cloud Computing [2] business. UK. webcrm. getapp.WebCRM 152 External links • Official website [5] References [1] WebCRM Empowers Small Businesses To Manage Contacts and Track Sales Leads (http:/ / www. The funding was raised using the Enterprise Investment Scheme.performance growth (in Finnish) (http:/ / www. Berkshire. Edward Berks (VP Sales) CRM software Workbooks. Berkshire.com Workbooks.com [1] History Workbooks.

sales & customer service) • Workbooks Business Edition (which includes the CRM edition + sales order processing. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot. co. collaboration and reporting. cloudtweaks.Workbooks. Retrieved 20 May 2011. Retrieved 20 May 2011. [4] "Cloud Tweets" (http:/ / www.[5] There are now two editions of the product: • Workbooks CRM Edition (for marketing. [2] "Bloomberg Business Week" (http:/ / investing. [3] "Start Your Business" (http:/ / www. channelweb.uk/business/s/ 2050833_business_profile__workbooks_online) • Workbooks. uk/ crn-uk/ news/ 1872363/ workbooks-online-hits-uk). companieshouse.com) . . purchase ordering and Invoicing) Workbooks functionality include sales-force automation. Retrieved 20 May 2011. . customer support. sybmagazine.getreading. [5] "CRN Magazine" (http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 02/ top-25-european-cloud-computing-rising-stars-workbooks/ ). References [1] "Companies House (UK)" (http:/ / wck2.co. gov.com Website (http://www. . . asp?privcapId=98789312). html). com/ Hide/ news-workbooksfunding. marketing campaigns. businessweek.workbooks.com 153 Products The Workbooks product was first launched in the UK in 2009. Retrieved 20 May 2011. uk/ 6cc55e96cbaf1897658e74f35abf4c37/ compdetails). . External links • Workbooks Launch in Reading Press (http://www. Retrieved 20 May 2011.

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0/ .License 158 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported http:/ / creativecommons. org/ licenses/ by-sa/ 3.

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