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Customer loyalty programs: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Customer loyalty programs: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior — behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.

This book is your ultimate resource for Customer loyalty programs. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Customer loyalty programs right away, covering: Loyalty business model, Loyalty marketing, Loyalty program, Alliance Data, BahnCard, Blue Chip Stamps, Canadian Tire money, CASPIAN, Club Nintendo, DefCom Australia, Electronic Beats, European Youth Card, Everyday Rewards (Australia), Everyday Rewards (US), Fly Buys (New Zealand), FlyBuys (Australia), FreedomRewardz, Green Shield Stamps, HBC Rewards, I Love Rewards, Kachingo, KTX Family Card, Loopt, LoyaltyOne, Magsformiles, Maritz, LLC, My Coke Rewards, Nectar loyalty card, Net Promoter, Next Jump, Payback (loyalty card), PC Points, Pepsi Stuff, Premium (marketing), President's Choice Financial, Prize (marketing), Purehmv, Rebate card, S&H Green Stamps, SCORE! Mountain, Speedpass, Student Price Card, Tesco Clubcard, Total Rewards, Trading stamp, Travel incentive, VOILÀ Hotel Rewards, WorldCard

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Customer loyalty programs. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Customer loyalty programs with the objectivity of experienced professionals.
Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior — behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.

This book is your ultimate resource for Customer loyalty programs. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Customer loyalty programs right away, covering: Loyalty business model, Loyalty marketing, Loyalty program, Alliance Data, BahnCard, Blue Chip Stamps, Canadian Tire money, CASPIAN, Club Nintendo, DefCom Australia, Electronic Beats, European Youth Card, Everyday Rewards (Australia), Everyday Rewards (US), Fly Buys (New Zealand), FlyBuys (Australia), FreedomRewardz, Green Shield Stamps, HBC Rewards, I Love Rewards, Kachingo, KTX Family Card, Loopt, LoyaltyOne, Magsformiles, Maritz, LLC, My Coke Rewards, Nectar loyalty card, Net Promoter, Next Jump, Payback (loyalty card), PC Points, Pepsi Stuff, Premium (marketing), President's Choice Financial, Prize (marketing), Purehmv, Rebate card, S&H Green Stamps, SCORE! Mountain, Speedpass, Student Price Card, Tesco Clubcard, Total Rewards, Trading stamp, Travel incentive, VOILÀ Hotel Rewards, WorldCard

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Customer loyalty programs. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Customer loyalty programs with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

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Customer loyalty programs


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High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Customer loyalty is determined by three factors: relationship strength. if there are few satisfactory alternatives.[1] In it. This model then examines the link between relationship strength and customer loyalty. and if there are bonds keeping them in the relationship. customer commitment to the relationship. economic bonds (dependence). if switching costs are high. This model then looks at the strength of the business relationship. It is claimed by Reichheld and Sasser (1990) that a 5% improvement in customer retention can cause an increase in profitability between 25% and 85% (in terms of net present value) depending upon the industry. it is priced low to reflect the mediocre quality). The relationship can terminate if: 1) the customer moves away from the company's service area. it proposes that this strength is determined by the level of satisfaction with recent experience. or if the performance provides value (that is. • Long term customers tend to be less inclined to switch and also tend to be less price sensitive. If the recent experience exceeds prior expectations. claiming that they result from faulty cross-sectional analysis. Carrol and Reichheld (1992) dispute these calculations. ideological bonds. The fundamental assumption of all the loyalty models is that keeping existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones. geographical bonds. knowledge bonds. 6) unexplainable change of price of the service provided. including: legal bonds (contracts). and bonds between the parties. Likewise. • Account maintenance costs decline as a percentage of total costs (or as a percentage of revenue). customer satisfaction is first based on a recent experience of the product or service. social bonds. which leads to profitability. the service quality model.Loyalty business model 1 Loyalty business model The loyalty business model is a business model used in strategic management in which company resources are employed so as to increase the loyalty of customers and other stakeholders in the expectation that corporate objectives will be met or surpassed. There are several types of bonds. However. a customer can be dissatisfied with the service encounter and still perceive the overall quality to be good. This can result in stable unit sales volume and increases in dollar-sales volume. psychological bonds. which leads to customer loyalty. According to Buchanan and Gilles (1990). The final link in the model is the effect of customer loyalty on profitability. overall perceptions of quality. This assessment depends on prior expectations of overall quality compared to the actual performance received. . 5) the company handles a critical episode poorly. the increased profitability associated with customer retention efforts occurs because: • The cost of acquisition occurs only at the beginning of a relationship: the longer the relationship. cultural or ethnic bonds. 2) the customer no longer has a need for the company's products or services. perceived alternatives and critical episodes. technological bonds (shared technology). A typical example of this type of model is: quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction. The existence of these bonds acts as an exit barrier. is more detailed than the basic loyalty business model but arrives at the same conclusion. 4) the relationship strength has weakened. Tore Strandvik. and planning bonds. if they are committed to the relationship. Customer satisfaction can also be high even with mediocre performance quality if the customer's expectations are low. This occurs when a quality service is priced very high and the transaction provides little value. • Long term customers may initiate free word of mouth promotions and referrals. 3) more suitable alternative providers become available. the lower the amortized cost. The service quality model A model by Kaj Storbacka." A single disappointing experience may not significantly reduce the strength of the business relationship if the customer's overall perception of quality remains high. Customers are said to have a "zone of tolerance" corresponding to a range of service quality between "barely adequate" and "exceptional. time bonds. and Christian Grönroos (1994). customer satisfaction is likely to be high.

happy employees feed back into higher customer satisfaction in a virtuous circle. customers. and the board of directors. This will likely result in superior service delivery and customer satisfaction.Loyalty business model • Long term customers are more likely to purchase ancillary products and high-margin supplemental products. For this final link to hold. making market entry or competitors' market share gains difficult. shareholders. employees. • Long term customers tend to be satisfied with their relationship with the company and are less likely to switch to competitors. 2 Expanded models Virtuous Circle Schlesinger and Heskett (1991) added employee loyalty to the basic customer loyalty model. improved sales levels. Striving to maintain the loyalty of unprofitable customers is not a viable business model. Effort spent in selecting and training employees and creating a corporate culture in which they are empowered can lead to increased employee satisfaction and employee competence. He looked at the benefits of obtaining the loyalty of suppliers. distributors. an investment in your employees’ ability to provide superior service to customers can be seen as a virtuous circle. bankers. This calculation is hindered by the difficulty in allocating costs to individual relationships and the ambiguity regarding relationship cost drivers. Some of these profits can be reinvested in employee development thereby initiating another iteration of a virtuous cycle." A useful calculation for this is the patronage concentration ratio. That is why it is important for marketers to assess the profitability of each of its clients (or types of clients). require less "education. and terminate those relationships that are not profitable. In the cycle of success. each customer's "relationship costs" are compared to their "relationship revenue." and are consistent in their order placement. and higher profit margins. Fredrick Reichheld (1996) expanded the loyalty business model beyond customers and employees. the relationship must be profitable. • Increased customer retention and loyalty makes the employees' jobs easier and more satisfying. . They developed the concepts of "cycle of success" and "cycle of failure". In turn. In order to do this. This in turn will create customer loyalty. • Regular customers tend to be less expensive to service because they are familiar with the processes involved.

(1991) "Breaking the cycle of failure in service". F. no 4. Techniques and Practices" AMA Workshop Event(s). 1990. 2006. 17-28. 1992. Fornell. 1991. Dawkins. pp 105-111. F. Verstraeten & Van den Poel (2006). and Reichheld. Schlesinger. F. T. San Diego. 1990. and Gronroos. F. and Reichheld. no 5. P. (1990) "Value managed relationship: The key to customer retention and profitability". C. J. and Wernerfet. 1996. B. (1987) "Defensive marketing strategy by customer complaint management : a theoretical analysis". and Sasser. 1990. vol 63. Journal of Business Ethics. (2006) "Winning Your Customer’s Loyalty: The Best Tools. W. References • Buchanan. pp. Journal of Retail Banking. (1992) "The fallacy of customer retention". C. . L. " Predicting customer loyalty using the internal transactional database (http://econpapers. spring." Expert Systems with • • • • • • • • Applications. Reichheld. no 4. vol 13. (1990) "Customer retention as a competitive weapon". P. Geert Verstraeten. pp 21-28. (1996) The Loyalty Effect. Misc. Carrol. K. can be used for better customer retention and to know his/her needs in better way.repec. materials distributed related to event(s). vol 8. no 4.. Strandvik. European Management Journal. (2006) "Clearing Up the Egoist Difficulty with Loyalty". vol 14. R. Boston. Sloan Management Review. However. Chris X.org/paper/rugrugwps/05_2F324. no 1. Notes [1] Storbacka.htm). Harvard Business Review. and Gilles. Lifestyle is also a very powerful tool. 32 (1). Sept-Oct. and Dirk Van den Poel (2007). James A. (1994) "Managing customer relationships for profit". Stieb. C. 1994. International Journal of Service Industry Management.Loyalty business model 3 Data collection Typically. loyalty data is being collected by multi-item measurement scales administered in questionnaires. and Heskett. • Buckinx W. This approach is described in Buckinx. Journal of Marketing Moloney. vol 5. Harvard Business School Press. Reichheld. other approaches sometimes seem more viable if managers want to know the extent of loyalty for an entire data warehouse. (1990)"Zero defects: quality comes to services". All historical trends for different segmentations and their standard of living may also be very helpful in developing customer retention strategy. Directors and Boards.

hotel frequent guest programs and credit card incentive programs are the most visible customer loyalty marketing programs.to late-1990s. Branding. product marketing and loyalty marketing all form part of the customer proposition – the subjective assessment by the customer of whether to purchase a brand or not based on the integrated combination of the value they receive from each of these marketing disciplines. based on strategic management. many airline miles programs. have claimed a strong link between customer loyalty marketing and customer referral. In recent years. Some of the newer loyalty marketing industry insiders." To the general public. such as Fred Reichheld.Loyalty marketing 4 Loyalty marketing Marketing Key concepts Product • Pricing Distribution • Service • Retail Brand management Account-based marketing Marketing ethics Marketing effectiveness Market research Market segmentation Marketing strategy Marketing management Market dominance Promotional content Advertising • Branding • Underwriting Direct marketing • Personal Sales Product placement • Publicity Sales promotion • Sex in advertising Loyalty marketing • Premiums • Prizes Promotional media Printing • Publication Broadcasting • Out-of-home Internet marketing • Point of sale Promotional merchandise Digital marketing • In-game In-store demonstration Word-of-mouth marketing Brand Ambassador • Drip Marketing Loyalty marketing is an approach to marketing.[2] .[1] The discipline of customer loyalty marketing has been around for many years. in which a company focuses on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives. a new marketing discipline called "customer advocacy marketing" has been combined with or replaced "customer loyalty marketing. but expansions from it merely being a model for conducting business to becoming a vehicle for marketing and advertising have made it omnipresent in consumer marketing organizations since the mid.

gas stations and later supermarkets. the Grand Union Tea Company gave tickets to customers that could be exchanged for merchandise in the company catalog of Grand Union stores. as the company was commonly called. came with certificates that could be collected and redeemed for color lithographs.Loyalty marketing 5 History Retail merchandising Premiums Premiums are items that a retail customer can receive by redeeming proofs of purchase from a specific product or store. it was announced that the Betty Crocker Catalog was going out of business and that all points needed to be redeemed by December 15. In 2006. 2006. where stamps affixed to booklets could be redeemed for store products. Over 2. and it continued the premiums through advertising on the labels and foil tops of Ovaltine that could be collected to exchange for Captain Midnight premiums and offering membership to the "Secret Squadron". kitchen items. started in 1896 in Jackson. the Blue Stamp Trading System. A.[3] The Sperry and Hutchinson Company.s returned from World War II the trading stamps business took off when numerous third-party companies created their own trading stamp programs to offer to supermarkets and other retailers. opened its first redemption center in 1897.[7] Boxtops In 1929.S. The early sponsor of Captain Midnight was Skelly Oil. and personal items. Customers could take their filled booklets of "green stamps" and redeem them for household products. merchant started giving out copper tokens which could be collected by the consumer and exchanged for items in the store. Kelloggs changed the book give-away to a premium mail-in offer for the cost of a dime.I. Babbit Company. and parents could get forms to mail-in for radio premiums at the gas stations. and later the Betty Crocker points program produced a popular reward catalog from which customers could pick rewards using their points.[5] But in 1909. Kellogg's Corn Flakes had the first cereal premium with The Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures Book. radio was a big player in the promotion and distribution of premiums. Early premium programs Beginning in 1793. Trading stamps The first trading stamps were introduced in 1891. With it. The book was originally available as a prize that was given to the customer in the store with the purchase two packages of the cereal. S&H Green Stamps. In 1937 the coupons were printed on the outside of packages.[6] At the beginning of the Second World War. but Captain Midnight was one of the best known. one of the earliest loyalty programs ended a 77 year tradition. Ovaltine became the sponsor of Captain Midnight. a U. Michigan. This practice caught on and was used by many merchants throughout the 19th century.[8] . Sweet Home laundry soap.5 million copies of the book were distributed in different editions over a period of 23 years.[4] Marketing through children Marketers of retail products used programs targeted at children to sell to their parents through the use of premiums. was the first third-party provider of trading stamps for various companies. including dry goods dealers. Beginning in 1872. This was one of the first loyalty marketing programs. usually toys that were closely related to the radio program. There were many radio shows that offered premiums to their listeners. a product of the B. When the G. Later. Betty Crocker issued coupons that could be used to redeem for premiums like free flatware.

distributed by the American Tobacco Company in 1909 that is considered by collectors to be the most popular set of cigarette cards. After that collectors of prizes from retail products took to collecting tea cards in the UK and bubble gum cards in the US.S.[19] Frito-Lay is a world icon in the field of in-package prizes. a couple years later.[9] By 1900.[17] Bowman Gum of Philadelphia issued its first baseball cards in 1948 and became the biggest issuer of baseball cards from 1948 to 1952. a sporting goods company that manufactured baseball equipment. known as the T-106 tobacco card set. and British company W. popcorn confection [20] Frito-Lay also regularly includes tazos and tattoos in packages of Lay's chips brand known for the "Prize Inside".K. to mail order. lithograph pictures on the cards with an encyclopedic variety of topics from nature to war to sports — subjects that appealed to men who smoked. Peck and Snyder trade cards featured the first professional team. Goudey Gum Company of Boston issued baseball cards with players biographies on the backs and was the first to put baseball cards in bubble gum. In 1869.D. trading cards.[11] Trade cards to trading cards The first baseball cards were trade cards featuring the Brooklyn Atlantics produced in 1868 by Peck and Snyder. worldwide. Tobacco inserts Some of the earliest prizes were cigarette cards — trade cards advertising the product (not to be confused with trading cards) that were inserted into paper packs of cigarettes as stiffeners to protect the contents.S.Loyalty marketing Prizes Prizes are promotional items—small toys.[22] Together Ward and his [long time] competitor Sears changed the direction of the American marketplace by introducing the concept of individuality with the term consumption. Allan and Ginter in the U. The marketing strategy that he established has produced thousands of different cereal box prizes that have been distributed by the tens of billions. in 1886. In parts of Latin America. Pennsylvania.[13] American Caramel Company. and other small items of nominal value—found in packages of brand-name retail products (or available from the retailer at the time of purchase) that are included in the price of the product (at no extra cost) with the intent to boost sales. and after the war cigarette cards never really made a comeback.O.[18] W.[21] 6 Direct marketing pioneers Ward: the father of mail order By creating a direct marketing industry through his mail order catalogue. which includes a licensed prize (from movies. collectables. games. Modern packaged foods The most famous use of prizes in the United States (and the word "prize" in this context) is Cracker Jack brand popcorn confection. Aaron Montgomery Ward would unknowingly enable the creation of a powerful global network that would include everything from mailing.[12] Most of the baseball cards around the beginning of the 20th century came in candy and tobacco products produced by such companies as Breisch-Williams confectionery company of Oxford. allowing therefore the generations of today to take full control of their consumption behaviours and all of this in . trade cards were produced by manufacturers of other products and included in the product or handed to the customer by the store clerk at the time of purchase.[15] In fact it is a baseball set.[14] and Cabañas. Wills in 1888. Frito-Lay has even introduced a brand called Cheetos Sorpresa (English: Surprise). were the first tobacco companies to print advertisements and. Prizes have been inserted into every package of Cracker Jack continuously since 1912. a Cuban cigar manufacturer.[9] World War II put an end to cigarette card production due to limited paper resources. and video games) in every 29–gram bag. the U. to telemarketing and lastly to social medias.[16] In 1933. Kellogg was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal.[10] Following the success of cigarette cards. there were thousands of tobacco card sets manufactured by 300 different companies. television. & H. the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada. Besides being the current owner of Cracker Jack. the Red Stockings.

. Similarly.[25] This revolutionary program was the first to reward "frequent fliers" with reward miles that could be accumulated and later redeemed for free travel.9 million jobs either directly related to marketing industry or dependent upon it. Within a few years. dozens of travel industry companies launched similar programs.[22] The term "direct marketing" was coined long after Montgomery Ward`s time. In 1967 Lester Wunderman identified. and defined "direct marketing".[23] Today. Loyalty Rules!.[27] In recent years. The AAdvantage program now boasts over 50 million active members. the competition for high income customers has led many of these loyalty marketing program providers to provide significant perks that deliver value well beyond reward points or miles.[23] and generates over 2 trillion only in [incremental] sales and supports till this day an estimated 10. research from Chris X.[24] 7 Modern consumer rewards programs Frequent flyers On May 1. These perks have become as important to many travelers as their reward miles according to research. Both American's AAdvantage program and Starwood Hotels' Preferred Guest program have received industry awards.[22] Wunderman: direct marketing genius Mail order pioneer Aaron Montgomery Ward knew that by using the technique of selling product directly to the consumer at appealing prices could. named.[26] Loyalty marketing impact Many loyalty programs have changed the way consumers interact with the companies from which they purchase products or services from and how much consumers spend. Moloney has presented new findings ((Loyalty World London 2006)) that showed a magnetic value to a company to promote and measure customer referrals and advocacy via research and marketing. the mail order catalogue industry Montgomery funded is worth approximately 100 billions of dollars. the magazine subscription card. In his book. is the strongest single measurable correlation between customers and corporate performance. revolutionize the market industry and therefore be used as an innovative model for marketing products and creating customer loyalty. and the American Express Customer Rewards program. hotel or car rental program. Many consumers in the US and Europe have become quite accustomed to the rewards and incentives they receive by being a "card carrying" member of an airline. Wunderman — considered to be the father of contemporary direct marketing — is behind the creation of the toll-free 1-800 number[22] and numerous mail order based loyalty marketing programs including the Columbia Record Club. Many airlines and travel providers saw the incredible value in providing customers with an incentive to use a company exclusively and be rewarded for their loyalty. Fred Reichheld details the value to customer referral on the growth and financial performance of dozens of leading US firms. Moloney shows that nearly half of all credit card users in the US utilize a points-based rewards program.Loyalty marketing complete privacy. Reichheld purports that the measurement of company advocates. In addition. called "Freddie Awards" by Inside Flyer Magazine and its publisher Randy Petersen for providing perks that customers value highly. 1981 American Airlines launched the first full-scale loyalty marketing program of the modern era with the AAdvantage frequent flyer program. if executed effectively and efficiently. or promoters. Chris X.

aa. Jeff R. shtml). 2007. . [8] Fred Reichheld (1996) The Loyalty Effect. relying upon word-of-mouth and advertising to draw upon the positive experiences of those exposed to loyalty business model inspired ventures to attract new customers. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 1" (http:/ / www. . shtml) [17] The History of Goudey Gum Company (http:/ / www. ISBN 0814472958 [26] American Airlines AAdvantage | Frequent Flyer Points | Airline Mileage | AA. [9] The History of Cartophily (http:/ / www. stevetalbot. 2005." Academic Search Complete. Loyalty marketing is an extension of that effort. (1998). com). James F. (2007) "No Such Thing as Loyalty". psacard. [4] Lonto. Damon. but gaining additional benefits through referring their friends.[29] The most recent loyalty marketing programs rely on viral marketing techniques to spread word of incentive and inducement programs through word of mouth. Ideafinder. ideafinder.com. 2009. htm). Hallmark did this through devising a program that directly rewarded customers not only for buying merchandise and utilizing Hallmark. [5] Phil Ament. chtml?artid=3886& type=1) [18] Cracker Jack Collectors Association . blogtalkradio. com/ 1800s/ trade. According to Kotler: The World's Foremost Authority on Marketing Answers Your Questions.com. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Fred Reichheld makes the point in his books that one can leverage the "power of extension" to draw new customers. (2004a). asp?cardsetID=1004) [15] 1909 Cabañas (http:/ / www. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 2" (http:/ / www. which leads to profitability. htm) [13] Baseball Caramel Cards E107 Breisch-Williams (http:/ / www. htm) [11] Cigarette Card Guide (Collectibles) History and Grading (http:/ / reviews. oldcardboard.[28] The rapid expansion of frequent-flyer programs is due to the fact that loyalty marketing relies on the earned loyalty of current customers to attract new loyalty from future customers. . [23] Root. 2001. Boston. com/ Cabanas. . "Captain Midnight — History" (http:/ / www.com (http:/ / www.Invention of Kellogg's Corn Flakes" (http:/ / www. com/ content/ AAdvantage/ programDetails/ main. Incentive programs that are exclusive must strike a balance between increasing benefits for new customers over any existing loyalty plan they are currently in and keeping existing customers from moving to new plans. Retrieved 2010-12-27. com/ cjcahistory. historic-uk. cycleback.History (http:/ / www. com/ history/ inventions/ kelloggcf. html) [14] 1912 C46 Imperial Tobacco (http:/ / www.D1-D4 "The Next Generation of DIRECT MARKETING.no. . html) [21] Cheetos Sorpresa trae para ti una congelada y divertida sorpresa: Le Era de Hielo 3 (http:/ / www. EBSCOhost.1. [7] Widner. Retrieved 2010-12-27. [2] Fred Reichheld (1996) Loyalty Rules!. Boston.Loyalty marketing 8 Loyalty marketing and the loyalty business model The loyalty business model relies on training of employees to achieve a specific paradigm: quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction. studioz7. References [1] Evans. [3] Lonto. jhtml) . which leads to customer loyalty. com/ cm_history. STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING. iclployalty. com/ food-beverage/ food-industry-food-mfg-snack/ 7052133-1. Old Time Radio. caramel-cards. php) [10] A Social History Lesson Up In Smoke — Cartophily (http:/ / www. 1996. p. com/ Cigarette-Card-Guide-Collectibles-History-and-Grading_W0QQugidZ10000000000792783) [12] Early Trade Cards (http:/ / www. "Corn Flakes History . crackerjackcollectors." Academic Search Complete. Timelines. multipress. "Marketplace of Ideas. com/ cards/ history. (2004b). shtml). com/ campaigns/ marketing_good_old_days/ [20] Frito-Lay Company to Acquire Cracker Jack (http:/ / www.36. otr. allbusiness. mx/ articulos. [6] "Kellogg's Offers First Cereal Premium Prize" (http:/ / timelines. baseball-almanac. com/ foreign/ canada/ c/ c46/ c46. EBSCOhost. htm) [19] http:/ / promomagazine. com/ stamps1.com (http:/ / www. com/ advertising/ marketing-legend-lester-wunderman-live-alan-levy-show/ ) [25] Philip Kotler. com/ 1910/ kelloggs-offers-first-cereal-premium-prize). com/ articles/ article_view.6. cubanbaseballcards. ebay. studioz7. shtml). com/ e107. Jeff R. html) [16] Tobacco Baseball Cards (http:/ / www. [24] Marketing Legend Lester Wunderman Live on ‘The Alan Levy Show’ (http:/ / blog. com/ treasure/ autont005.com. com. iclployalty. Stuart. Harvard Business School Press. Harvard Business School Press. com/ CultureUK/ CigaretteCards. com/ stamps2. STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING. php?id_sec=10& id_art=7078& id_ejemplar=0)(Spanish) [22] Brandweek 50. 2009.p.

or club card is a plastic or paper card.g. in Canada a rewards card or a points card. and some are even chip cards. F. P. visually similar to a credit card or debit card. and in the United States either a discount card. Loyalty cards are a system of the loyalty business model. advantage card. no 4. Small keyring cards (also known as keytags) which serve as key fobs are often used for convenience in carrying and ease of access. rewards card. or whether he or she is a vegetarian. loyal buying behavior — behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm. the card is the visible means of implementing a type of what economists call a two-part tariff. or for other membership privileges (e. (1992) "The fallacy of customer retention". 1992. Claire Brand.[1] In marketing generally and in retailing more specifically. and therefore encourage. . using a frequent flyer card). [28] Carrol. Misc.Loyalty marketing [27] Chris X. The card issuer requests or requires customers seeking the issuance of a loyalty card to provide a usually minimal amount of identifying or demographic data.. McGraw-Hill Professional. [29] Scott Robinette. access to a club lounge in airports. that identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program. Vicki Lenz. the purchaser is typically entitled to either a discount on the current purchase. typically non-disclosure (by the store) of non-aggregate data about customers. vol 13. and Reichheld. a club card or a rewards card. a loyalty card. Journal of Retail Banking. points card. Techniques and Practices" AMA Workshop Event(s). San Diego. the loyalty card may also be used to access such information to expedite verification during receipt of cheques or dispensing of medical prescription preparations. Emotion Marketing: The Hallmark Way of Winning Customers for Life. a given customer's favorite brand of beer. In the United Kingdom it is typically called a loyalty card. 2006. for example. Moloney (2006) "Winning Your Customer's Loyalty: The Best Tools. 2000. such as name and address. ISBN 0071364145 9 Loyalty program Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward. The store — one might expect — uses aggregate data internally (and sometimes externally) as part of its marketing research. materials distributed related to event(s). Hence. By presenting the card. A retail establishment or a retail group may issue a loyalty card to a consumer who can then use it as a form of identification when dealing Various loyalty cards with that retailer. Where a customer has provided sufficient identifying information. Cards typically have a barcode or magstripe that can be easily scanned. or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases. These cards can be used to determine. Application forms usually entail agreements by the store concerning customer privacy.

Cards from other. from large chains to independent retailers. Choice Hotels. Wal-Mart does not have a loyalty card plan (though someone who purchases a gift card can generally get a 3 cent discount per gallon of gas at the fuel stations located on Wal-Mart premises). In a few cases (e. a customer receives a one-time percentage discount upon reaching a specified purchase level. Many of the stores allow accumulation of fuel discounts. most American retailers have not implemented club cards. Holiday Inn.S. and CVS/pharmacy. a bookseller's loyalty card program might provide a customer with a 10% off coupon once the customer has spent $200. An example of a consumer-centric card (without cost. Some supermarket customer loyalty cards inadvertently work at the scanners of other non-affiliated stores. but stores generally will not allow this since it will not allow a customer to be tracked. and operating a club card program. Even though this will work to receive the advertised loyalty price. Albertsons. and Office Depot started issuing club cards in 2005. see Loyalty marketing history. Tops. Also. However. several major supermarket and fish market chains and at least one major pharmacy require the cards in order for customers to receive the advertised loyalty price. For example. For now. a Kroger card has been successfully recognized as a respective loyal club member at stores in the Food Lion. future stays or other prizes) or airline miles (Hilton's HHonors program allows guests to earn both points and miles on the same stay. Inc. and thus already has a direct relationship with the consumers most likely to shop at its stores.g. The practice is also common among book and music retailers. the customer purchases the card and receives a percentage discount on all purchases for a period of time (often one year). though a customer can make it work if they use a self-checkout.Loyalty program 10 History For information on historical loyalty programs. Giant Eagle.. In addition. or have another customer's phone number entered) or if the customer is new and agrees to sign up right away. (For example. In some instances. while in other instances. even competing chains will generally work at other stores to receive the advertised loyalty price. Other travel related reward programs include SeaMiles. All major US Airlines also offer rewards credit cards. Marriott. Harris Teeter. though the card is not required to receive their advertised price in most cases. and some agree to donate a percentage of sales to a designated charity. because only a few companies make the cards. These include Smith's. Super 8 Motels. any points and/or future discounts someone may be trying to earn from using the card at another store will not be added since a different chain would use a tracking system with a database independent of the other chain. Pathmark and Winn-Dixie chains. some stores may also allow a customer to use the store's card if a customer does not have theirs on hand (Kroger does not allow this although customers can enter their phone number to bring their card up if they forget it. Kohl's) this is because the retailer already issues its own credit cards. Kroger and Safeway (each through both their own name and many of their regional chain names). Most notably.. with points that can be redeemed for cruises.00 at the bookseller. Ingles. many retailers are simply not large enough to justify the cost of creating. promoting. registration. etc. or . the only program to date that does so). Almost all of the major hotel chains (Best Western.) have similar cards that allow guests to earn either points (redeemable for discounts. Federated Department Stores. office supply retailers Staples. Some have tie-ins with airline frequent-flyer programs. By continent and country North America United States In the U.) Best Buy's loyalty program similarly offers points redeemable for dollar-amount discounts after accumulating a set number of points along with other discounts from time to time. Winn-Dixie. Independent hardware stores such as Ace Hardware and True Value added customer loyalty programs in order to compete more effectively against larger chains as well as gather customer data.

While some do give a 10% discount for having the card while others won't accept them at all. Cardmobili and Shopkick providing new ways for consumers and businesses to communicate. Rainbow Foods in Minnesota ended its loyalty card program after being acquired by Roundy's. retail (miles can be earned at Sobeys) and travel sectors. Originally beginning as Air Canada’s frequent flier program. Another large Canadian loyalty program that has been around for a long time is the HBC Rewards/Club Z program first started by Zellers. and Citizens Financial Group. representing more than 150 brands in the financial (CIBC’s AeroGold Visa). The iRewards program is Canada's largest loyalty program for booklovers. in which the Canadian Tire company gives out coupons which look like currency.. guests are periodically given additional rewards by way of free items added to their loyalty card electronically. which rewards drivers for fueling up by giving them points that can be used for purchase inside the store. Several banks also have rewards programs. or 15%. a lot of attention has been paid to the loyalty programs due to companies like Foursquare. state of California are subject to the Supermarket Club Card Disclosure Act of 1999. For example. while others charge an annual fee. Schoolpop. Guests are rewarded based on their number of visits by either 5%. members get a pre-determined discount on any item in the store that displays a PetPerks tag under the regular price tag. including three of the Big Four (Wells Fargo being the lone exception. The Bank of Montreal offers an Air Miles-sponsored program.[5] The Air Miles reward program is Canada's largest loyalty program . offering everyday discounts and special coupons at Chapters. Max & Erma's has a loyalty program called Good Neighbor Rewards.Air Miles can be earned at more than 100 different sponsors and there are almost a thousand different rewards to redeem for.). CapitalOne.[3] and Shopkick gives users points for scanning barcodes of popular products at 11 locations like BestBuy.Loyalty program information-tracking) is the MyJoeCard. Although it can be used for general merchandise. the World's Biggest Bookstore and chapters.. Recently.[4] Canada The oldest loyalty program in Canada is probably Canadian Tire money. PetPerks is PetSmart's reward program.S. PNC Financial Services launched a program in 2009 as a direct result of its acquisition of National City Corp. The largest of these are Memolink. Indigo Books and Music. supermarkets in the U.Foursquare partnered with AMEX to provide Foursquare points when using an American Express card. FatWallet and Ebates. none of the McDonald's locations at Pilot redeem the points. Truck stop chain Pilot Travel Centers has a loyalty program for truck drivers called Driver Payback Points. Tulsa.ca. due to McDonald's leasing space from Pilot and operating those separately. A few states have begun regulating club cards. which advertises the business members through the website in Kansas City. The BSP Rewards Network and iGive. these include Upromise. SmithBooks. Some retailers run their own rewards programs. has over 70 partners. Many programs are free to join. leaving Minnesota with no major grocers that use such cards. which National City did have along with a mortgage division (two things PNC didn't have) before the PNC deal. Loblaws offers the President's Choice Financial program where users of the service get PC Points towards free groceries. Aeroplan is a loyalty program that has been around for a while – 25 years. and Denver. the program is specifically targeted to be redeemed at the restaurant chain located inside each location. Some online loyalty programs focus on "other-directed" consumers. Coles. . Shoppers Drug Mart's Shoppers Optimum Card and Staples Business Depot's easyRewards Savings Card (formerly Dividends). in 2002 it was spun-off.indigo. There are a few online loyalty programs that offer rewards for being a loyal shopper. such as The Body Shop's Love Your Body Card. All three companies focus on using smartphones such as the Android and iPhone .com. Mypoints. 10%. Locations with McDonald's vary. Additionally.[2] Some grocery chains have dropped their loyalty card programs. Today Aeroplan is owned by Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

which was launched in partnership with other major brands. Perkler is a website launched in Australia in August 2009 which lists 1.[9] Among other Australian retailers. or a coupon that grants the customer 3. Millers Retail Club (apparel). Petro Points at Petro-Canada.[11] One of the first loyalty cards backed by a major chain is believed to be the Sainsbury's Homebase Spend and Save Card in 1982. Tesco launched its Clubcard program.[6] It has more than 10 million cardholders in over 5.5 cents off per litre of fuel purchased at Sobeys Fast Fuel locations that can be used at a Sobeys banner store.[7] In a survey conducted by Monash University in December 2009. Sainsbury's launched its Reward Card in 1996. A report in The Economist suggested that the real benefit of loyalty cards to UK outlets is the massive database potential they offer.000 associated perks.[13] After trials in 1994. only Sainsbury's and Tesco operate loyalty cards. Europe United Kingdom The loyalty card market in the UK is one of the most significant in the world. Amcal Club (pharmacy).[10] All major Australian banks offer credit cards with reward programs.7 million linked to the Qantas frequent flyer program. the Priceline Club Card (health. This was replaced by the Nectar card in 2002. Save-On-More at some Chevron stations in BC. The largest online rewards program is RewardsCentral. they roughly equate to a 1% discount. Bras n Things. Loblaws. Canadian Tire money at Canadian Tire gas stations. Some retailers with banking operations also award points for every pound spent on their credit cards. Sanity. and the BB Retail Capital (formerly Brazin Limited) Pulse Rewards program (Virgin. Many hotel chains also offer some sort of loyalty program. HMV. in 1995 with dunnhumby. and SX sunglasses). with 2.[8] Rival retailer Woolworths launched its Everyday Rewards fuel discount card nationally in 2009 and by August 2010 had 5.800 loyalty programs and their 280. Many offer points collection with the Qantas frequent flyer program or conversion to points for Virgin Australia's Velocity Rewards program. dusk. Both Nectar and Tesco's Clubcard scheme have been criticised for not offering value for money. as well as bonus points for purchasing financial services. beauty. New Zealand The largest loyalty program in New Zealand is Fly Buys. Other significant programs include the New Zealand Automobile Association AA Rewards Card and Countdown supermarket's Onecard.5 million Australian households.[12] When Clubcard or Nectar points are used for money off supermarket shopping. . FlyBuys was ranked as "most worthwhile joining" among major Australian loyalty programs. Passcard has been claimed to be the first reward scheme or discount card. to be replaced with Sunoco's own Performance Points reward program. and Real Canadian Superstore grant a 5 cent a litre coupon that can be used at their stores. Of the "big four" supermarkets. established in 1994 and owned by Coles. Atlantic Superstore. Sunoco's CAA reward offering ends at the end of 2007.1 million cardholders.Loyalty program Almost every gas station in Canada offers some sort of program such as Esso Extra at the Esso gas stations. with most major chains operating some form of reward system. created around by Gary Wilson in 1981 and later known as Passkey. although offers can increase this discount by as much as 4 times for certain rewards. home). the UK's first nationwide supermarket-only loyalty card scheme. the largest programs are Myer's MYER one program (department store). Pulse has more than a million members. 12 Oceania Australia The largest loyalty program in Australia is FlyBuys.

when Superquinn introduced its SuperClub loyalty card scheme. including in-store discounts. adopted by several larger co-operatives.[14] Airlines. however. Best Buy recently launched their first store at Thurrock. shortly after its purchase of Power Supermarkets. with Shell using Dunnes' scheme. the Boots Advantage Card. launched in 1997. and the third-largest retail loyalty scheme in the U. but building a CRM-focussed loyalty program. which was gradually withdrawn as margins declined.50 to redeem in the store. Republic of Ireland In the Republic of Ireland loyalty cards have been in operation since 1993. the first retail betting loyalty scheme in Europe. Dunnes Stores responded with the introduction of their own ValueClub scheme in June 1997. which was merged with Electronics Boutique's programme following the separation of their northern European stores into the hands of GAME. With an investment in excess of 30 million GBP. Customers earn points on each bet which can be redeemed for bonus jokers and free bets. both of which operated on the principle of getting items from a gift catalogue.4 million cardholders using the card online and in store and at 3rd party retailers.6 million members in the UK. Tesco Ireland's petrol stations still. My Best Buy is a tiered. one gets £2.K. when Tesco Ireland introduced its Clubcard scheme. Hotels and other loyalty schemes also offer cards.Loyalty program Boots The Chemist first began planning a loyalty card in November 1993. or online. GAME. loyalty cards did not expand until 1997. more than twice as generous as Tesco.cards for this are physically identical to those used by Tesco in the UK and they can be used in both countries. Safeway's ABC Card was discontinued in 2000. The UK's largest retail bookmaker Ladbrokes launched the Odds ON! loyalty programme in late 2007. in terms of cards issued. and do not issue separate loyalty cards. 13 . Ladbrokes Poker also operates a loyalty program for its online poker players where players are able to exchange their poker points for gift & prizes. all of these schemes ended by the end of 2005. HMV has a reward card called purehmv which allows the customer to claim a variety of rewards. Essex. This was essentially a simple expansion of the UK scheme (see above) . Texaco using the SuperQuinn system. "Premium Club". and Statoil operating a cash-back system. GAME has a reward card scheme for which every pound spent a customer is rewarded 10 points. give Clubcard points. is / was the largest smart card retail loyalty card scheme in the world. although ValueClub has been withdrawn from Dunnes' Northern Ireland stores. The loyalty card concept was used by some co-operatives to restore dividend payments at the turn of the 21st century. Today these are three main schemes operating in Ireland. This is regarded as having been the prototype for such schemes in Europe. All five major petrol station chains in the country operated a scheme during the late 1990s . The patronage dividend rewarded the loyalty of the owner members of Britain's retail consumer co-operatives since the Rochdale Pioneers of the 1840s. Marks and Spencer and the John Lewis Partnership have credit cards which give vouchers in return for spending. Paper record-keeping transformed in the 1960s into a trading stamp scheme managed by the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS).Esso had "Tiger Miles" (with Tesco ClubCard points offered as an alternative). for every 1000 points that one collects.[16] Maximiles also operates online programs in France. which was replaced by The Co-operative Membership card program. Coinciding with the store launch. Spain and Italy. digital loyalty and customer engagement program that is designed to build a life-long relationship with the customer by providing a personalized experience through which they can manage their digital and technology needs. Maxol had "Points Plus". they also launched the customer engagement program called My Best Buy. Preorders earn a customer 20 points per pound. The Advantage scheme currently has 16. Due to increasing oil prices and tightening of margins. However. a major computer game and hardware retailer also operate a cashback card scheme. The scheme returns one-fortieth of the spend. Maximiles[15] is an online coalition program claiming 1. notably by the CWS's "Dividend" card.[16] UK Websaver is a loyalty card designed to encourage communities to use local businesses.

known as the MTR Club. Bonuspoints was launched in early 2008 and offers incentives for shopping at 70 different online stores.[19] The Husa Plus program is currently offered at approximately 145 Husa Hotels. the Octopus cards can be used to earn points in certain shops. launched originally in 2005. which started as a chip based smartcard for transport and now. Migros and Coop prominent. including McDonald's and Wellcome supermarket. Burger King. SportXX. In terms of shopping or purchasing groceries. Claiming to be Switzerland's first online bonus program. are also joining the market with loyalty cards and store-based incentivised credit cards. The M-Cumulus card can be used at the Migros supermarkets. Ex Libris (books. online loyalty programs have also started to target the Swiss. Other stores such as Interio. Other stores such as Interio. As at March 2009 it had more than 4." a co-branded loyalty program for Husa Hoteles. Italy Loyalty programs are popular in Italy. Asia Miles. the coalition program DeutschlandCard was launched by Arvato. The Coop Supercard earns points on purchases at Coop and a variety of other associated stores. Esselunga and Il Gigante.65 million/day) MTR railway system in Hong Kong.5 million active cardholders. [18] 14 Asia Hong Kong Hong Kong offers many loyalty programs which include Octopus Rewards. In March 2008. . are also joining the market with loyalty cards and store-based incentivised credit cards. OMV. DVD's). a furniture retailer. ALSA (transport leader company in Spain) Customer retention strategy is done mainly through Bus Plus. one can the MoneyBack card at PARKnSHOP supermarkets. with the Shell ClubSmart program as third most popular with 13%. In the transport sector. with the two main supermarket chains.[17] 61% of German households have a Payback card. Photo hall. Hungary Two coalition loyalty programs in Hungary are SuperShop and Multipoint. which was launched in 2000. In recent years. According to a study in August 2007 by GfK. First to make an offering in Switzerland was German-based Webmiles. with the two main supermarket chains. Spain VOILÀ Hotel Rewards launched in June 2008 with "Husa Plus . the first loyalty program in the field of road transport in Spain. It listed the HappyDigits program as having a 42% share. Another loyalty program is for travelling on the heavily patronaged (3. which was part of Cathay Pacific. OBI. primarily located in Spain. Switzerland Loyalty programs are popular in Switzerland. and other retailers. leading the field with their offerings.Loyalty program Germany The largest loyalty program in Germany is Payback. a furniture retailer. SuperShop was established in April 2000 and is backed by premium partners hu:SuperShop Spar.

Malaysia In Malaysia. Iran Credit Card Group launched Zarrin Card (or Advantage Card). fashion. German loyalty program Payback took a controlling interest in i-mint. It provides V-Kad members to collect V-Points to redeem gift and exchange services with the participating merchants. the Singapore Airlines rewards program. Bhd. The Body Shop People card is the loyalty card for The Body Shop stores in Indonesia. launched in association with Citibank and Indian Oil had 370. Jusco also has its own loyalty card.5 million. known as J Card.Loyalty program Iran In 1995. WorldCard (aggregate program of Genting Resorts.It is the most generous FFP in Airlines Shopper's Stop has been offering a loyalty programme called First Citizen for well over a decade for regular customers. WorldCard (same as mentioned below) that is primarily used to gain points in Genting Highlands' Resorts and Attractions. The largest online rewards program is EmailCash. it can also be used for Starbucks. The LinkPoints Programme has more than 1 million members and over 600 participating merchant outlets.[24] The Maruti Suzuki AutoCard.[21] Hero Honda's passport program claims over 3 million members.[23] Indian Oil's fleet card program XTRAPOWER and retail program XTRAREWARDS claim a combined customer base of 2. . namely Malaysia (where Genting Group is based). claiming 9 million members[20] and 1500 network partners.[22] BPCL's PetroBonus fuel card program has 2 million members. Other notable programs in Asia include KrisFlyer. Genting Highlands Resort has its own loyalty card. The BonusLink program is coalition with earning and redemption partners allowing members to earn points at a number of Malaysian retailers. Indonesia Centro Friends card is a loyalty card for Shoppers of Centro Department Stores. and also earn additional points for all purchases made using a Carrefour branded credit card. V-Kad has actively joint by various industries such as F&B.000 cardholders as at October 2008. Maxis and MBF. with 120 billion INR of sales generated through i-mint-cards in 2009. India i-mint is India's largest coalition loyalty program. launched it V-Kad at North Malaysia especially in Penang state. Star Cruises & Indigoz)and SAFRA Card. In early 2008. saloon and optics. Coffee Bean and Häagen-Dazs and it is valid in three countries. However. Parkson. Other retailers like Lifestyle (The inner Circle loyalty Programme) & Reliance Retail also have their own loyalty programmes. Carrefour has recently introduced a new loyalty scheme whereby customers can earn and redeem points for purchases made in the store. Iran's first loyalty program.Kingfisher Airlines FFP King Club had 2 million members as on October 2010. 15 Taiwan The French retailer.[21] In June 2010. Singapore The three largest loyalty programs are LinkPoints. Singapore and Hong Kong. ValueClub Marketing and Services Sdn. Suntec City Mall. the BonusLink program was introduced in a joint venture between Shell.

. 25 September 2006. Other critics see the lower prices and rewards as bribes to manipulate customer loyalty and purchasing decisions. com/ 2010/ 08/ 16/ best-buy-shopkick-257-stores/ ) [5] "Canadian Tire Money loyalty program" (http:/ / www. asp?action=read& bid=1989). com. Retrieved 27 February 2011. html). html). Colloquy. given the size and complexity a loyalty program entails. each time they take the subway. regarding RFID technology being introduced to loyalty cards. Retrieved 31 August 2010. bus. cinemas. businessinsider. edu. 18.[27] Criticism Companies complain that these loyalty program discount goods to people that are buying their goods anyway. or taxi. au/ centres/ acrs/ research/ whitepapers/ hidden-side-of-loyalty. html). [7] "Australia: FlyBuys launches iPhone App" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-11-23.e. creative and communication. bookstores. and that the expense of doing these programs rarely pays. . 473-86. this can be one of the purposes of the loyalty card. thewisemarketer. The advent of Web 2. 60-1749. Sport100. The Wise Marketer. Program managers are typically agencies with specialist skills in loyalty consulting. 14 (5). Retrieved 17 August 2010. com. Byron and Anne Sharp (1997). com/ cacodes/ civ/ 1749. there are many free and open source alternatives such as UserInfuser [25] to manage user awards and incentives. lp. canadaloyalty. CardStar.Loyalty program Shanghai The Smartclub program allows all Shanghai residents to earn SmartPoints free. and other SmartClub partner retailers. It is highly likely that consumer purchases are tracked and analyzed towards more efficient marketing and advertising (in fact. buseco. Cardmobili. Members Discount Card. . . Retrieved 27 August 2010. . An employee who needs to buy something (such as a hotel room or an airline flight) for a business trip but who has discretion to decide which airline or hotel chain to use has an incentive to choose the payment method that provides the most credit card rewards or loyalty points instead of minimizing cost for the organization. Australian Food News. data analytics. asp?xd=7379).[26] Loyalty cards are becoming mobile (i. International Journal of Research in Marketing. December 2009. ausfoodnews. . Moreover. findlaw. pdf). com/ foursquare-and-amex-launching-big-partnership-next-week-at-sxsw-2011-3) [4] Shopkick and BestBuy (http:/ / techcrunch. . monash.[28] There has also been concern expressed Loyalty and credit card reward plans might be viewed as modern day examples of a kickback. au/ 2010/ 08/ 26/ woolworths-reports-solid-profits. au/ news/ nation/ coles-supermarket-to-overhaul-flybuys-scheme/ story-e6frg6nf-1226007126615). 66. p. participating in a loyalty program (even with a fake or anonymous card) funds activities that violate privacy.) To some. 16 Program management Across the globe loyalty programs are increasingly finding the need to outsource strategic and operational aspects of their programs. Monash University Business & Economics . or in the case of infrequent-spenders. The Australian. CanadaLoyalty. [10] "Brazin's Pulse goes over the 1 million mark" (http:/ / www. com/ briefs/ archive. colloquy. 26 August 2010.0 and SaaS online-based services has provided lower-cost options for small businesses to offer and manage their own loyalty programs. com/ Programs/ canadian_tire_money. "Loyalty Programs and Their Impact on Repeat-Purchase Loyalty Patterns". CardBank and Loopt). 17 February 2011. a means of subsidizing frequent-spenders. [8] "The hidden side of loyalty programs" (http:/ / www. FindLaw.com. Commercial use of the personal data collected as part of the programmes has the potential for abuse. [9] "Woolworths reports solid profits" (http:/ / www. [6] "Coles supermarket to overhaul FlyBuys scheme" (http:/ / www.[29] References [1] Sharp. Those SmartPoints can be combined with points earned at McDonald's. 29 June 2010. Retrieved 2007-07-25. eLong. loyalty software. [3] Foursquare partners with AMEX (http:/ / www. com/ breaking_view.Australian Centre for Retail Studies. theaustralian. and back end operations. Retrieved 2007-07-25. [2] "Supermarket Club Card Disclosure Act of 1999" (http:/ / caselaw. .

InfoWorld. [25] http:/ / code. Retrieved 2007-11-23. Retrieved 2007-07-25. html?keywords=loyalty). . husaplus. Retrieved 2008-05-15. . 15 October 2009. Retrieved 17 August 2010. The Economic Times. e-consultancy. . com/ news-blog/ 361397/ maximiles-acquires-ipoints-to-create-europe-s-no-1-online-coalition-loyalty-company. [16] "Brochure" (http:/ / www. 19 July 2006. uk/ personal_finance/ loans_credit/ article305643. co. "Why getting a shopper card under a fake name is not the answer" (http:/ / www. com/ breaking_view. maximilesgroup.com. 17 . . [29] Blau. html?hpw).Loyalty program [11] "Reward for Young Scot" (http:/ / news. cms). cfm?story_id=4247169). . pdf). COLLOQUY. 1 online coalition loyalty company" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-09-10. Colloquy. . com/ 2010/ 06/ 01/ technology/ 01loopt. Maximiles Group. asp?xd=7353). Retrieved 21 February 2010. about. com/ article_view. "Cool Tool of the Week" (http:/ / sbinfocanada. Katherine. asp?uid=5230). Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion And Numbering. indiatimes. [17] "Studien" (http:/ / www. [21] "i-mint and Payback team up in India" (http:/ / www. . . . The Hindu. htm).000. google. com/ world/ europe/ displayStory. 2010-05-31. hindu. bbc. Retrieved 2006-07-19. asp). Retrieved 9 March 2010. co. [13] "How Tesco is changing Britain" (http:/ / www. htm). The New York Times. please" (http:/ / money. Loyalty Partner. Retrieved 9 March 2010. About. [14] "Safeway scraps loyalty card" (http:/ / news. [18] http:/ / www. shtml). E-consultancy. London: The Independent. org/ essays/ nofakes. [22] "Dua speaks the growth story of Hero Honda" (http:/ / economictimes. ece). [12] "A trip to Alton Towers? That'll be £2. . uk/ 1/ hi/ business/ 735835. html). loyaltypartner. 14 August 2005. John (2004-03-01). 4 August 2005. Retrieved 2007-07-25. . com/ auto/ Dua-speaks-the-growth-story-of-Hero-Honda/ articleshow/ 2653535. com/ award2009. [28] Albrecht. Retrieved 2007-11-23. . com/ 2009/ 10/ 15/ stories/ 2009101555751600. google. . com/ b/ 2008/ 11/ 16/ cool-tool-of-the-week-stickystreetcom. . "The Promise of India" (http:/ / www. . com/ breaking_view. [15] "Maximiles acquires ipoints to create Europe's no. asp?xd=7035). Retrieved 17 February 2010. . 27 December 2007. 5 May 2000. XTRAPOWER. The Glasgow Herald. [23] "BPCL celebrates PetroBonus 10th anniversary" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-07-25. infoworld. [24] "Indian Oil does a hat-trick at the 3rd loyalty summit" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 9 March 2010. BBC News. com/ images/ mxmpdf. The Economist. 17 June 2010. 29 August 1989. economist. es [19] "Voila launches Husa plus loyalty Program" (http:/ / www. com/ p/ userinfuser [26] Susan Ward (2008-11-16). colloquy. [20] Hlavinka. [27] "Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card" (http:/ / www. independent.4676178). com/ presse/ studien/ #c390). Kelly (5 March 2010). com/ newspapers?nid=2507& dat=19890829& id=hBI1AAAAIBAJ& sjid=waULAAAAIBAJ& pg=3396. nocards. stm). com/ article/ 04/ 03/ 01/ HNmetrostore_1. colloquy. nytimes. iocxtrapower. "Metro Store bows to pressure from anti-RFID activists" (http:/ / www. Colloquy (free registration required). . colloquy. Retrieved 18 June 2010.

1996 Headquarters Plano. for $250 million. coalition loyalty programs. Ed Heffernan was promoted to president and CEO of Alliance Data in February 2009.791 bn Ytd dec10 $194 mil Ytd dec10 $8. 1996 merger of two entities: J. after being with the company since 1998.[8] Alliance Data headquarters in Plano. Canada Ed Heffernan.[7] The deal gave Alliance Data two valuable business enhancements.272 bn Ytd dec10 Approx. and direct marketing services) derived from the capture and analysis of transaction-rich data that provides insight into how and why consumers make certain purchases. leading provider of loyalty and marketing solutions (such as private label credit cards. Texas. Alliance Data and The Blackstone Group (a private equity firm) announced plans for Alliance Data to be acquired by The Blackstone Group. 7. named World Financial Network National Bank.Alliance Data 18 Alliance Data [1] Type Industry Founded NYSE ADS Loyalty marketing services December 2. Penney's credit card processing unit and The Limited's credit card bank operation. 2007. United States Area served Key people Products Revenue Net income Total assets Employees Subsidiaries USA. History Alliance Data was formed from the December 2.C.400+ [3] 37% 32% 2% [2] [2] [2] LoyaltyOne Epsilon Alliance Data Retail Services [4] Website Alliance Data NYSE:  ADS [5] is a publicly traded.[13] [14] [15] .[9] Alliance Data terminated the merger agreement with Blackstone Affiliates. then-branded The Loyalty Group Canada.[11] [12] In April 2008.TX [10] On May 17. Canada's Air Miles Rewards Program and the company behind the popular Air Miles program. President & CEO Air Miles $2.[6] In August 1998 Alliance Data acquired LoyaltyOne. LoyaltyOne.

and hospitality industries. analytics. data services. loyalty programs. Web development. Alliance Data headquarters in One Legacy Circle located at 7500 Dallas Parkway in Plano. LoyaltyOne LoyaltyOne. travel. LoyaltyOne Consulting.[22] [23] These customers were on banks' and retailers' mailing lists. petroleum. Ad Age ranked Epsilon among their top marketing services firms and direct marketing agencies list for several years: in 2006. and Direct Antidote. financial services. Hewitt Associates named LoyaltyOne in their "2010 List of the 50 Best Employers in Canada. among others. Epsilon suffered a significant security breach resulting in many customers' names and email addresses being stolen. located in Canada. grocery. history. in which approximately 2/3 of Canadian households participate in the national program. co-brand and commercial credit card programs.Alliance Data 19 Businesses Alliance Data Retail Services Retail Services is a provider of integrated credit and marketing services including private label. direct mail. provides loyalty marketing programs for North American brands in the retail. 2011.[24] and the breach was identified by Reuters as potentially one of the largest in U. retail. email marketing. and strategic consulting."[17] Epsilon Epsilon provides a broad range of loyalty marketing services spanning database marketing.S. 2009 and 2010.[18] [19] [20] It sends millions of email ads every year.[21] Companies affected by the security breach include:[25] [26] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1-800-Flowers AT&T Universal Citi Card Ameriprise Financial Ann Taylor Barclays Financial Beachbody Bebe Best Buy Brookstone Capital One Chase / J P Morgan Citi College Board Disney Destinations Eddie Bauer Hilton Home Shopping Network . Precima.TX Five businesses make up LoyaltyOne: AIR MILES Reward Program.[21] On March 30. 2008.[16] Colloquy. 2007.

[33] Company News • • • • February 22. Wall Street Journal: Alliance Data Signs Pact To Provide Card Services For David's Bridal [38] August 9. secinfo. co. 2011. Businessweek: Alliance Data Systems OKs $400M stock buyback [37] August 26.[28] 2005: Bigfoot Interactive was acquired by Alliance Data. 2004: Epsilon [27] was acquired by Alliance Data. 2010. com/ about/ listed/ lcddata. Businessweek. Dallas Business Journal: Alliance Data Signs on with J. [7] "The Value of Loyalty" (http:/ / www. Businessweek: Alliance Data completes new $221 million facility [39] References [1] http:/ / www. uk/ loyalty. . r1atr. 2002: Colloquy was acquired by Alliance Data. 2010. htm). corporate-ir. Retrieved 2010-07-01.Alliance Data • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • JCrew Kroger LL Bean Visa Card Lacoste Marks & Spencer Marriott McKinsey & Company / The McKinsey Quarterly New York & Company Ritz Carlton Scottrade Soccer. com/ about/ listed/ quickquote. [3] "Alliance Data Systems Corp .com TD Waterhouse Target TiVo US Bank Verizon Victoria's Secret Walgreens 20 Company acquisitions and divestitures • • • • • • • • • 1998: Air Miles was acquired by Alliance Data.[29] 2006: DoubleClick Email Solutions. com/ [5] http:/ / www. html?ticker=ads [6] "The InfoTech 100 Companies: Alliance Data Systems Profile" (http:/ / www.[32] 2009: Fujitsu America acquired Alliance Data's Information Technology Services Division. 2010-02-01. com/ it100/ 2006/ 99. . nyse. doc).Jill [34] [35] [36] September 13.com. SEC Info. roystephenson. 2007: Abacus was acquired by Alliance Data. Retrieved 2010-07-01.10" (http:/ / www. nyse. . 2008. net/ phoenix. zhtml?c=120991& p=irol-newsArticle& ID=1522647& highlight=). html?ticker=ADS/ [2] "Alliance Data Reports Record Full-Year 2010 Results" (http:/ / phx. businessweek. Inc. [4] http:/ / www. com/ d14D5a. . alliancedata.[31] 2008: Vertex acquired Alliance Data’s Utility Services Business.[30] 2008: Heartland Payment Systems acquired Alliance Data's Network Services.10-K EX-10. was acquired by Alliance Data. 31 December 2009. htm). 2006-05-31. 2010. c. .

php?news_id=EpAZlFlAppCYiQnkUB). Retrieved 2011-02-22.com. reuters.Managed Services news from Channel Insider" (http:/ / www. [24] http:/ / www. 2007 (2007-02-01). com/ 2008/ 04/ alliance-data-t. com/ common/ Ad_Age_Top_20_Digital_Agencies_2008. . com/ ap/ financialnews/ D9I763IO0. Feb 1.update" (http:/ / www. . com/ article/ 2011/ 04/ 03/ us-citi-capitalone-data-idUSTRE7321PI20110403). . paymentsnews. creditcardsloans. coverleaf.April 26.com. Retrieved 2010-07-01. tradingmarkets. pdf [20] "Advertising Age . com/ story. com/ csn/ technology/ article_display. 2011-04-04. . site/ news/ TOP STORY/ 2183236/ ). com/ news/ Alliance-Data-Systems-Takes-Over-Credit-Services-for-J-Jill70791). com/ 2008/ 02/ 09/ business/ 09data. Retrieved 2010-11-22. businessweek. [17] http:/ / www. riskcenter. . html). jsp?vnu_content_id=1003800649). com/ article/ 2011/ 04/ 04/ idUSL3E7F42DE20110404). Shashana (2010-01-10).Alliance Data [8] "U. 2008-02-09. html). . com/ Technology/ epsilon-email-breach/ story?id=13291589 [23] "Analysts undeterred by data breach at Alliance Data unit" (http:/ / www. vml. forbes. htm 21 . aeis. [22] http:/ / abcnews. channelinsider. directagency. [12] "Alliance Data Terminates Merger Agreement with Blackstone Affiliates" (http:/ / www. go. .com/dallas/. Crm2day. com/ . "Mass e-mail breach: Just how bad is it?" (http:/ / money. clickz. com/ article/ jjill-teams-alliance-data-private-label-credit-card-services).com. html). 2010-04-26. Csnews. com/ advertisingage/ 20100426?pg=34). com/ content/ t6_librarynews_1. com/ massive-breach-epsilon-compromises-customer-lists-major-brands [25] Goldman. . . nytimes.edgl. Retrieved 2010-07-01.com.com.com. com/ dallas/ news/ 2011/ 02/ 22/ alliance-data-signs-on-with-jjill. html). ca/ articles/ magazine/ 19980803/ 22356. "Blackstone to buy Alliance Data for $6. "Alliance Data'S Epsilon To Acquire Abacus. idahostatesman. Retrieved 2010-07-01. [15] "Alliance Data promotes CFO Edward Heffernan to president. Paymentsnews. tradingmarkets. edgl. Retrieved 2010-11-22. CEO.Vertex Acquires Alliance Data Utilities. [29] http:/ / www. Reuters. htm [38] http:/ / www. . [9] Michael Flaherty and Caroline Humer (2007-05-17).com. html [27] http:/ / www. strategyonline. . Entrepreneur. php?id=16835).com. Michael Parks to continue as chairman . 2010" (http:/ / adage. [31] "Convenience Store News" (http:/ / www. html). reuters. . "Fujitsu Inks First Deal in North American Outsourcing Push . . com/ c/ a/ Managed-Services/ Fujitsu-Inks-First-Deal-in-North-American-Outsourcing-Push-739430/ ). paymentsnews. [37] http:/ / www. . [36] "Alliance Data Systems Takes Over Credit Services for J.S. com/ dallas/ stories/ 2010/ 01/ 11/ tidbits1. bizjournals. Retrieved 2010-07-01. [33] Carolyn April (25 June 2009). com/ 2011/ 04/ 07/ 1595794/ breach-could-send-phishing-emails. 1998-08-03. 2009-02-18. Aeis.76 billion" (http:/ / www.bizjournals. [10] "Alliance Data To Be Acquired by The Blackstone Group" (http:/ / www. Reuters. html). Apparel. Retrieved 2010-07-01." (http:/ / www. database specialist buys The Loyalty Group" (http:/ / www. [34] http:/ / www. "Alliance Data CEO Ed Heffernan taps into his M&A expertise to take big risks in a tough economy" (http:/ / dallas. businessweek.Jill teams with Alliance Data for private label credit-card services" (http:/ / www. Inc" (http:/ / www. .com. html [35] "J.com. Riskcenter. . Retrieved 2010-11-22. com/ profile/ edward-j-heffernan/ 3109). Retrieved 2011-02-23. Paymentsnews. com/ tradejournals/ article/ 157931512. hewittassociates. com/ article/ idUSWNAS180020070517). Adage. html). com/ [28] "Alliance Data Systems to Acquire Epsilon Data Management. CNN. epsilon. com/ _MetaBasicCMAssetCache_/ Assets/ Press%20Release%20PDFs/ 2010/ Hewitt_50_Best_Employers_2010_en. com/ 2010/ 08/ alliance-data-signs-pact-to-provide-card-services-for-davids-bridal-wall-street-journal [39] http:/ / www. [21] "More customers exposed as big data breach grows" (http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 04/ 06/ technology/ epsilon_breach/ ?section=money_latest). com/ airmiles/ fastFacts_EN. Retrieved 2010-07-01. . ChainStoreAge. The New York Times. Retrieved 2010-07-01. com/ 3547231 [30] Worldwide Databases  . cnn. an Interview with John Hall @ RiskCenter: A Financial Risk Management Media Company" (http:/ / www. crm2day. reuters. Retrieved 2010-07-01. [32] "Energy Risk . bizjournals. [14] Pearson-Hormillosa. Channel Insider. . .com. [26] http:/ / www.Jill" (http:/ / apparel. . Forbes. pdf [19] http:/ / www. pdf [18] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-07-01. com/ 2007/ 05/ alliance_data_t. chainstoreage. www. csnews. Reuters. com/ ap/ financialnews/ D9HG4TVG0. [13] "Forbes Profile on Ed Heffernan" (http:/ / people. [16] "AIR MILES Corporate Incentives | Fast Facts" (http:/ / www. [11] "Alliance Data Drops Suit to Force Deal" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ may052008.com. securityweek. Retrieved 2010-07-01.coverleaf. entrepreneur. David (2011-04-06).

The first two variants allow passengers to get 25% and 50% discount respectively on standard long distance rail fares. which consists of card price (a fixed cost). not on the total cost. which is also characterised by high fixed costs. this pricing structure proved uncompetitive with driving. Unlike airline loyalty programs.[2] . Deutsche Bahn priced a trip between any two points in direct proportion to the distance travelled. In 2007 there were 4.Alliance Data 22 External links • AllianceData. Once a passenger has bought a card. Motivation The main motivation for introducing the BahnCard was to increase competitiveness against the automobile. Like most contracts in Germany. and an optional travel insurance can be included. its price becomes a sunk cost and this makes the train more like the automobile.[1] [1] More than half of Apart from entitling the holder to discounts. unless they are cancelled with sufficient notice. [3] The effect of the BahnCard was to shift the marginal cost of the train journey below that of the car journey for many customers. mobile phone tickets. The decision whether to take a car or train for a particular journey depends mostly on the marginal price per kilometer.com (http://www. Bahncard contracts are automatically renewed each year. [2] The card allowed a two-dimensional pricing schedule. but similarly to the UK Young Persons Railcard. the BahnCard entitles the passenger to a discount price and must be purchased prior to travel. Bahncard holders can also call a discounted hotline printed on the cards. and the An example of the BahnCard 50 Mobility BahnCard 100. the German national railway company. Three variants of Bahncard are sold by Deutsche Bahn: The BahnCard 25.alliancedata. and ticket price (a variable cost).01 million BahnCard holders in Germany(~5% of Germany's population). the BahnCard also functions as an ID card for the validation of online tickets. the BahnCard 50. and for purchasing tickets on vending machines. Prior to the BahnCard. while the Mobility BahnCard 100 is a type of annual ticket that allows free unlimited travel on most of the German railway network for a fixed price. the passenger revenue of Deutsche Bahn comes from tickets sold to BahnCard holders.com/) BahnCard BahnCard (German Bahn – Rail) is a loyalty card offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB).

000 were sold by May 1996 instead of the projected 1. only 390. called "better Bahncard" was criticised by the newspaper Die Zeit in June 1996. valid for journeys longer than 51 kilometres (32 mi) (reduced to 31 kilometres (19 mi) later). In exchange. but at Christmas 1992 the BahnCard First for the first class was launched along with gift vouchers for the new product. A major advertising campaign was started by the (then called) Bundesbahn. a BahnCard with Visa payment and credit card function a BahnCard with Visa Electron payment (a rechargeable debit card). One million Bahncards were sold by 20 January 1993. In 1995. the then Minister for Family Affairs.[4] Initially the card was available for second class travel and 50% discount only. The customer data and photographs were processed in the USA. A 40% discount on all local train.[7] The partnership with CitiBank was terminated on 31 March 1999. which raised privacy concerns with some groups.[4] In July 1995 a BahnCard with credit card functionality was introduced in cooperation with Citybank. a luxury service that gained wider customer acceptance than previous intercity trains. and the eligibility pass became known as "The Wuermeling". the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund was the first local public transport network outside Deutsche Bahn to join the Bahncard system. where the card was marketed under the slogan travel for a year for half the price. and entitling them to a discount of 50% on long-distance train tickets. Discounted train tickets became available for families with many children. The credit card Bahncards were valid for a period of two years. In 1975 a Senior rail pass was introduced by the Bundesbahn. The TV advertising campaign for the new product won several awards. valid for men older than 65 years and women older than 60 years.[6] Two new versions were now offered in addition to the original card.5 million. and included in promotional tickets such as the Guten-Abend-Ticket.BahnCard 23 History Predecessors: 1955-1992 A predecessor of the present-day Bahncard was introduced in 1955 by Franz-Josef Wuermeling. BahnCard 25 First without photograph Introduction and growth: 1992-2002 Red BahnCard 25 for minors The Bahncard itself was introduced on 1 October 1992. This campaign. which reported that customers were tricked into buying the credit card version against their will and that organisational errors lead to delays of several months and the delivery of incorrect cards. and a dining car voucher worth €5 was included with new cards. customers largely rejected the "better Bahncard". By the end of the year. and the regular card still for a period of one year. it was bought by 650. Despite a high profile marketing campaign. The DM 50 (€25) fee for replacement cards (in case of loss) was abolished. In June 1996 the magazine Focus reported that "CitiBank must improve Bahncards". .000 clients. normal student ID cards entitled students to a discount of 50% on all journeys and 75% if the journey was between home and university. which was later merged with the Bundesbahn. The new cards now also included a photograph of the customer. In the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR). [5] The introduction of the BahnCard coincided with the launch of the high speed InterCityExpress trains. This pass was offered until 1999. The validity of the cards was altered from the exact day to the end of a month. Later similar passes were introduced for minors and families. the East German rail company. tram and bus tickets was offered to Bahncard holders. Long distance DB tickets with Frankfurt as a destination also allowed a single free connecting journey for non-Bahncard customers.

Eurocity. Current tariff structure Bahncard prices in 2010[13] Class Bahncard 25 Bahncard 50 Bahncard 100 Second € 57 First € 114 € 230 (€ 118) € 460 (€ 236) € 3. Deutsche Bahn plans to increase this number to five million by 2011. This reform proved highly unpopular with customers.400 price in brackets denotes discount rate . Though the old fare system for standard tickets was kept largely unchanged.01 million. the pricing model was modified again in August 2003. The original 50% discount Bahncard was reintroduced alongside the 25% Bahncard.[11] Between 2004 and 2008 the number of BahnCard holders grew by one million to 4. limited number of seats). however its price was increased from €120 to €200. 100 million rail tickets with "City-ticket" function were sold by the beginning of 2008. On 12 December 2004. and the individual local transport companies.[12] the highest in the history of the card. In 2007 DB announced that it plans to reintroduce a BahnCard with credit card functionality. a degree of yield management[3] was introduced for discounted tickets. and InterCityExpress trains in the Rhein-Main area for a small surcharge. booking more than 3 days in advance. another 13 cities joined the scheme. The non-transferrable Bahncard 100 was also introduced to replace the previous (partially transferrable) network cards. As a part of this reform the discount offered to Bahncard holders was reduced from 50% to 25%.[9] [10] After passenger protests and declining passenger numbers. on 11 December 2005 (coinciding with the new DB timetable) another 19.BahnCard Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund customers were able to use Deutsche Bahn Interregio (regional) trains for free. on 1 April 2007 another 16. The linear pricing model (where ticket prices were fixed and proportional to distance travelled) that had existed for over a century was partly replaced with a new model. The justification was that the Bahncard discount was now valid on top of the new saver fares (called Plan-und-Spar) that offered discounts of up to 40% on the standard fares but were only available under certain conditions (non-exchangeable. Deutsche Bahn undertook a major reform of its pricing strategy. Deutsche Bahn. On 14 December 2003 the City ticket (see below) was launched in 44 cities in cooperation with the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (Union of German Transport Operators). and on 10 December 2007 yet 7 more.800 € 6. Commuters who held season tickets of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund could now also use Intercity.[8] 24 New tariff model and diversification: 2002-present Towards the end of 2002. return journey required. "weekeend rule".

comfort.8 million Bahncard 50 in circulation. bicycle hire. and other services. It also entitles to group discounts. such as hotel reservations. like free baggage collection from home. The Bahncard 100 automatically qualifies the passenger for Deutsche Bahn's VIP program called bahn. it has [17] been criticised for violating privacy rights. which are meant to make rail travel more attractive to groups of passengers who would have travelled by car otherwise. car sharing. that are available under certain constraints such as advance purchase. Sleeper trains and special "Sprinter trains" (trains that travel non-stop between metropolises) are excluded from the card. which can be used to unlock carsharing vehicles parked near train stations. Bahncard 100 customers receive a free Bahncard 25 for a partner or family member. according to Deutsche Bahn. Bahncard 25/50 holders who travel over 100 kilometres (62 mi) with a standard ticket are eligible for one free connecting journey by local public transport at their destination. In 2006 there were 1.[14] and a Bahncard 25 passenger undertakes an average of 10 journeys a year. in all cities participating in the program. offering discounts on other transport related services. The card itself is valid as a ticket. Some German employers issue the Bahncard 100 as a substitute for a company car[16] and this function is intended to make the card a more attractive alternative. and Bahncard 50 passengers undertake an average of 50 train journeys a year. but can be used for a small surcharge. not only the ones with carsharing capability. Since the RFID chip is automatically included in all cards.[14] Bahncard 50 The Bahncard 50 enables a 50% discount on standard walk-on fares.[14] The Bahncard 50 can be purchased for a concessionary price by students under 27 years of age. Families can purchase additional Bahncard 25s for household members for about 1/5 of the price. no additional paper ticket needs to be issued. An electronic key based on RFID technology is integrated into the card. and since the passenger's photograph is printed on the card. car rental. and access to VIP lounges at train stations. Card holders enjoy a number of privileges. The Mobility Bahncard 100 is aimed at business travellers and heavy train users who make more than 30 long distance journeys a year. City-Ticket The "City-ticket" is currently available in 109 German cities. but not the discounted fares (SparPreise 25/50). the Bahncard 25 also entitles the passenger to 25% discounts on top of fares already discounted by 25-50%. according to Deutsche Bahn.BahnCard 25 Bahncard 25 Unlike the Bahncard 50. The number of Bahncard 25 holders is growing faster than the number of Bahncard 50 holders. and DB received the 2007 Big Brother Award as a result. Minors can purchase a card for €10 that is valid for three years instead of one. It is aimed primarily at frequent travellers who want the convenience and flexibility of being able to hop on a train without making prior arrangements. Mobility Card Deutsche Bahn is in the process of expanding the Bahncard to a fully fledged "mobility card". The return journey to the railway station is also free for a return . called SparPreise 25/50.[15] Mobility Bahncard 100 The Mobility Bahncard 100 allows unlimited travel on the entire Deutsche Bahn network and 109 local public transport networks across Germany. public transport. The car sharing service offered by Deutsche Bahn can be used at discounted rates by card holders.

Japan Railway & Transport Review 38: 54. [2] Simon. regardless of whether they book a DB long distance journey or not. de/ site/ shared/ de/ dateianhaenge/ publikationen__broschueren/ holding/ image__broschuere__2008." (in German). "Kein schöner Zug" (http:/ / www. 168.2 MB). Bahncards with the Railplus option have the "R+P" logo printed on the back. In: Der Spiegel online ersion. de/ i/ view/ USA/ en/ prices/ germany/ bahncard. bahn. spiegel. 1995. [14] Bahn baut Funktionen der Bahncard aus (http:/ / www. 55. The same discount of 25% applies both to the BahnCard 25 and the BahnCard 50. in some it is valid beyond the city limits. de/ dlf/ sendungen/ computer/ 680584/ ). 2008-01-26. bahn. [17] Preisgekrönte Schnüffler (http:/ / www. de/ 2003/ 22/ Kolumne) (in German). 1993. and in a some only for certain operators. "PEP-A Yield-Management Scheme for Rail Passenger Fares in Germany". Robert J Dolan. 1995. References [1] "Bahn verkauft mehr Bahncards" (http:/ / newsticker. . ZUG (Magazine) (Deutsche Bahn) (5): 24. 13 October 2007 . 26 BahnCard and Bus operators Many bus companies in Germany.5 Juli 1996 [8] (in German)ZUG (Magazine) (Deutsche Bahn) (4): 10. Berlin: Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung. dradio. [3] Link.[14] This allows passengers to purchase international tickets to 24 European countries with 25% discount. Before December 2007 this option was only available for journeys to Austria and Switzerland under the TEE Rail Alliance. [9] Schmid. [12] Deutsche Bahn AG: Deutsche Bahn: Menschen bewegen – Welten verbinden (http:/ / www. 1. Retrieved 2010-02-07. [6] "Die BahnCard. de/ themen/ steuern-recht/ meldung/ -Weg-zur-Arbeit/ 1288660/ 1288660/ 1288661/ ) (in German).1518. [10] Franz. shtml). In most participating cities. welt. Hermann. Volker (2002-11-01). pdf) (PDF. pp. making it valid as a local transport ticket. Railplus Since 9 December 2007 the Railplus function is automatically included in the price of the Bahncard 25/50. Volker. 9. p. this ticket is valid on the entire network (rail+bus+tram). [5] "Jahresrückblick 1992: Personenverkehr" (in German). p. db. Deutsche Bahn website. ISBN 3875840550. Die Zeit. Achim Heine (2002) (in German). die mehr kann. Klaus-Peter (2003-05-22). de/ leben/ bahn/ bahn_sj_19) (in German). April 2008. Marketing Management (American Marketing Association) 7 (3). Mobility BahnCard 100 holders are eligible for unlimited public transport travel in the City-ticket zone of participating cities. [11] Neue Rekorde bei der Bahn. shtml). and the Mobility BahnCard 100 is valid as a full ticket. In: Deutschlandfunk. US Deutsche Bahn Website as of 2010-10-08 [16] "Jobticket" (http:/ / www. In Berlin and Frankfurt the City-ticket is only valid in the central tariff zone. depending on what train station the passenger arrives in. . 2005-09-01. . "Die Bahnpreisreform: Ein kundenfreundlicher Gegenvorschlag" (http:/ / www. html). 27 November 2007 (in German) [15] "BahnCard Offers" (http:/ / www. zeit. as long as the journey begins in Germany. test. [4] Albus. php?channel=wir& module=dpa& id=16745654) (in German). accept the BahnCard. Die Zeit. (in German) [13] "Preise und Informationen zur BahnCard" (http:/ / www. Die Welt. pp. de/ index. zeit. Die Bahn. 31. The Deutsche Bahn-owned bus operators in Sachsen and Brandenburg do not accept the BahnCard.BahnCard ticket. Test (Stiftung Warentest). de/ p/ view/ bahncard/ ueberblick/ preise. 32–40. In: mobil (magazine). Heike (March 2004). Berlin 2008. including most of the regional bus routes operated by DB. . Die Deutsche Bahn. [7] Heilbronner Stimme. The text "+City" is printed on the DB train ticket. Positionen der Markenkultur.00. In Hamburg the City-ticket is only valid in certain parts of the city. . de/ reise/ aktuell/ 0.519967. "Price Customization".

a lawsuit filed by Blue Chip Stamps was decided by the Supreme Court in the opinion Blue Chip Stamps v.S. I felt I had finally found a sure thing. Warren (February 28. Text (http:/ / supreme. References [1] Blue Chip Stamps v. 2006 Annual Chairman's Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders (http:/ / www. 1983 Annual Chairman's Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders (http:/ / www. to 60% in 1979. berkshirehathaway. pasted into books.920. 1972. the United States government began an antitrust action against Blue Chip Stamp.5 million in 1990. 421 U. html).[3] Acquisitions On January 3. Blue Chip had 1970 sales of $126 million as about 60 billion of "stamps were licked by savers. com/ letters/ 2006ltr. berkshirehathaway.5% in 1977. .shtml) Blue Chip Stamps Blue Chip Stamps started as a trading stamps company called "Blue Chip Stamp Co. "When I was told that even certain brothels and mortuaries gave stamps to their patrons. justia. A sheet of Blue Chip Stamps In 1975. 2007). 1984). Wesco Financial Corporation is currently an 80.co." He also said.[1] This ruling helped establish the precedent that only buyers or sellers of securities can file suit for damages due to deceptive practices. According to Buffett's 2006 letter to Berkshire shareholders. Berkshire Hathaway. com/ us/ 421/ 723/ ) [2] Buffett. com/ letters/ 1983. Blue Chip later acquired 100% of See's for an overall price of $25 million.4 million in 1980 and $1. the parties agreed to a consent decree which led to the creation of a new company "Blue Chip Stamps". Warren (March 14. In 1967. the investment vehicle of Warren Buffett.1% owned subsidiary of Blue Chip Stamps. Manor Drug Stores.BahnCard 27 External links • Description at the Deutsche Bahn website (in English) (http://www. 723 (1975). Berkshire's investment in Blue Chip went from 36." They were a competitor to S&H Green Stamps. History and background In 1963. pdf). [3] Buffett." Sales dropped to $19.uk/db_uk/view/products/ bahncard. Manor Drug Stores. Blue Chip obtained a controlling interest in See's Candy Shops. revenues came in at $25. and taken to Blue Chip redemption stores. and finally merged in a stock swap [2] in 1983. In 2006.bahn. began investing in Blue Chip Stamps in 1970.

) The "Money" can also be used to cover the sales tax on the purchases. even if a purchase was made entirely in CTM. but was subsequently lowered to 3%. and can be used as scrip in Canadian Tire stores. then 1. (Older CTM coupons state that they are redeemable at Canadian Tire stores and gas stations. as a response to the promotional giveaways that many gas companies offered at the time. but is not considered a private currency. and was inspired by Muriel Billes. the merchants were in essence breaking Ontario law when they failed to include the discount in the value of the goods being calculated for being taxed. CTM coupons produced during at least the last 15 years lack this wording and are therefore redeemable in the stores only. Royal Canadian Mint Canadian Tire money (CTM) is a loyalty program by Canadian Tire. but then were not calculating and remitting the sales taxes.com/) commercial site with pictures of Blue Chip Stamps. and now is 0. Billes. and other businesses in Canada $ $1 5¢. Customers can use Canadian Tire Money to buy anything in the store. since the owners of many such businesses shop at Canadian Tire.J. as required by law. based on the pre-tax total.4%. the wife of Canadian Tire's co-founder and first president. however. since it is accepted as cash after the taxes are calculated. By submitting them to other merchants.kozersky.4%. British American Banknote Company (BABN) and Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN). Some merchants were accepting CTM as a discount. It consists of coupons. it is also considered as a cash purchase and more CTM will be calculated and paid out.[1] The print on the 'notes' officially refers to them as cash bonus coupons. issued by the company. which resemble real currency (although the coupons are considerably smaller than Bank of Canada notes). and much information Canadian Tire money Canadian Tire money argent Canadian Tire (French) User(s) Symbol Coins Banknotes Canadian Tire. The notes are printed on paper similar to real Canadian currency.Blue Chip Stamps 28 External links • William J Kozersky Stamp Company (http://www. In Ontario the Retail Sales Tax law and Bulletins stated that the "coupon must be reimbursed by the franchisee". and then were getting fined . $1 & $2 Central bank Canadian Tire Printer Mint Canadian Bank Note Company & British American Banknote Company. The coupon rate earned was initially 5% of the eligible purchase price. but was so successful that in 1961 it was extended to the retail stores as well. 50¢. 25¢. and has become the most successful loyalty program in Canadian retail history. 10¢.[1] Some privately owned businesses (in Canada) accept CTM as payment (see history below). A. Canadian Tire "Money" is given out for purchases paid for by cash or debit. and were jointly produced by two of the country’s long established security printers. History and dynamics CTM was introduced in 1958. It was only available at Canadian Tire gas bars. excluding labour and shop supplies costs. Also.

[2] CTM coupons are currently produced in 5-cent. 50-cent. the store will deduct the amount off the return. 50-cents. • Contrary to popular belief in the United States and other countries outside Canada. including 35 and 60 cents. 25-cent. run by the student engineering society at Carleton University. 25-cents. 29 Denominations In 1958. • Canadian Tire's return policy states that customers must return the issued CTM along with returned product. a man in Germany was caught with up to $11. Canadian Tire Money can be earned electronically on Canadian Tire credit cards and the Canadian Tire Options MasterCard. • Culturally. 10-cents. If you were to spend 40 dollars you could receive this coin. If an item is bought with cash or card and is returned for a refund the customer receives the refund less the value of the CTM issued on the item unless the CTM is also returned. S&H Green Stamps. and was caught with over 45 million in counterfeit coupons. and $1) were issued. the lyrics claiming it is more stable and a better investment than the Canadian dollar. and two-dollar denominations. Canadian Tire money is sometimes referenced by comedians: perhaps as a national version of "Monopoly money". It was recovered before he left for Canada to redeem it. They had another similar deal in 2010 (coinciding with the 2010 Olympic Winter Games) with a three coin winter collection. The latter can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted and earns Canadian Tire Money no matter where it is used to make a purchase.[6] . several customers at a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ATM were dispensed a total of 11 bills of Canadian Tire money instead of real bills. If not. Ottawa.000 in counterfeit Canadian Tire money. the "Leonardo's Lounge" coffee shop. Ron James' comedic reference to the person depicted on the bill as "our king").000. accepts CTM as payment. dollars. If an item bought with Canadian Tire Money is returned the customer receives either Canadian Tire Money back or is given the amount on a gift card. Facts and Figures • CTM is accepted at face value by the occasional private merchant in Canada. Macdonald. the man on the "money" is not Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. Ontario. The coin being part of an advertised deal. one-dollar. 10-cents. and the 3 cents was dropped in 1991. five different denominations (composed of 5-cents. For instance. You can use these coins the same way as CTM. this has been an ongoing issue. Until present. anywhere in the world.[3] • In late 2004 in Moncton. 50-cents. An Armenian man from the country of Georgia also had [5] similar ideas about counterfeit scrip. 5-cents. 2009. In the 2009 Trailer Park Boys movie. In addition. CTM is treated as real currency by the franchise and cannot be directly exchanged for real Canadian currency for customers. • Canadian Tire money used to be a form of payment allowed for use by sellers on the Canadian version of the online auction site eBay • In the mid 1990s.Canadian Tire money for the practice. 10-cent. New Brunswick. A sequence of six denominations was introduced in 1985 including the 3-cents. or perhaps as a misunderstood exotic element of Canadian society (cf. he is actually a fictional creation named Sandy McTire. For this reason. and $1. another loyalty programme provided in the 1960s.S. A $2 note was added in 1989. Canadian Tire had handed out the first Canadian Tire coin. 40-cents. and 12 higher denominations. They were compensated by the [4] bank. On December 2. among others.[1] • Canadian Tire money is the main topic of the song "La Chute du huard" (Loonie's fall) by Quebec singer Mononc' Serge. "Countdown to Liquor Day" Jim Lahey offers Julian $700 in Canadian Tire money for his trailer. 25-cents. was terminated within the province. perhaps invoking a pejorative comparison of the value of Canadian dollars against U. The revision of 1962 included the introduction of four lower values (1 to 4 cents).

ca/EN/AboutUs/Pages/ History.com) • Canadian Tire money rates explained (http://canadaloyalty.ctv. [5] Shannon Montgomery (2006-12-21). December 2006 [2] "Canadian Tire Scrip".canadiantire. [4] "ATM gives customers Canadian Tire money" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-06-14. ca/ marketplace/ funny_money/ ) External links • Canadian Tire 'Money' . "Liquor store rakes in Canadian Tire Money" (http:/ / www. 041201." External links • Official CASPIAN Web Site [2] • CASPIAN's Anti-RFID Web Site [3] . CASPIAN refers to RFID tags as "Spychips.64. Volume 119.Select 1958 expand dash symbol (http://corp.CrappyTireCash. Harold Don Allen.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/ 20061222/liquor_store_061222/20061222?hub=Canada) • A website offering to exchange Canadian Tire money for cash (http://www. Retrieved 2010-04-09. The report states "between 0. Volume 119. 2004-12-02.Canadian Tire money 30 References [1] "Canadian Tire Scrip". cbc. ca/ canada/ story/ 2004/ 12/ 01/ CanadianTire-ATM. Numismatist Magazine.ca/userfiles/page_attachments/Library/3/ Rsie_511.ca) • Alberta liquor store accepts Canadian Tire money (http://www. cbc.D. CASPIAN released a research report Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006 by Katherine Albrecht. p. CBC News. html).8% and 10. CASPIAN's efforts are directed at educating consumers. CASPIAN also spreads information and opinions that purport to warn the public about the privacy risks associated with universal adoption of RFID technology. Number 12. and encouraging privacy-conscious shopping habits. carleton.2% of laboratory mice and rats developed malignant tumors around or adjacent to the microchips.gov. . Retrieved 2007-06-14. html).com/Programs/canadian_tire_money. Ed.ctccc. . • Canadian Tire Currency (http://numismondo. .htm) • The official website of the Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club (http://www. com/ articles/ canada/ 2006/ Canadian-Tire-Money. on the Canadian Tire website. Microchips and Cancer Report In November 2007.html) CASPIAN Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN) is a USA grass-roots consumer group dedicated to fighting supermarket "loyalty" or frequent shopper cards. p." CASPIAN was founded in October 1999 by Katherine Albrecht. 1958–2003 Issues • Ontario Retail Sales Tax Guide 511 (http://www.65.com/pm/can/index_0900. lilith-ezine. [6] CBC Marketplace Funny Money? (http:/ / www. Harold Don Allen. ca/ services/ leos/ ). "Carleton Student Engineering Society: Leonardo's Lounge" (http:/ / cses. Number 12.on.fin.htm) — Canadian Tire Currency Picture Catalogue Index. Numismatist Magazine. December 2006 [3] Carleton University (2007).aspx) — History. [1] which is a meta-study of previous research. condemning marketing strategies that invade shoppers' privacy.trd.

and warranty extensions on select Nintendo products. antichips. downloadables. and can also be obtained by . html [2] http:/ / www.[1] Australia In Australia Club Nintendo was a magazine that started in 1991 & was released by Catalyst Publishing in Melbourne. The loyalty program is free to join and is committed to providing rewards in exchange for consumer feedback and loyalty to purchasing official Nintendo products. Points are also awarded for the purchase of select third-party titles. The magazine was founded in December 1990 by José "Pepe" Sierra and Gustavo "Gus" Rodríguez. Greece. Club Nintendo was the name of three magazines which started publishing in 1989. and there were separate publications for Germany. All were later discontinued and eventually replaced. Publications Official logo of the Club Nintendo program Mexico and Latin America Club Nintendo is the name of the official Nintendo magazine in Mexico and Latin America. The European version was published in several languages. Scandinavia and Finland. org [3] http:/ / www. nocards. Rewards include objects such as playing cards and tote bags. com/ cancer/ index. It was the first magazine in Mexico about Nintendo made by fans of video games. Australia eventually received their own version of Nintendo Magazine System by which time this magazine had ceased. Members of Club Nintendo may earn credits or "coins" by submitting codes found on Nintendo products and systems. Slovenia. the program is also commonly known as the Stars Catalogue. Europe In Europe.CASPIAN 31 References [1] http:/ / www. Loyalty program The Club Nintendo loyalty program offers rewards to members who collect points (sometimes referred to as "Stars" or "Star Points". Catalyst Publishing later took over Nintendo Magazine System in 1996 from the previous publisher. spychips. the North American Club uses "Coins") which are gained primarily by purchasing and registering certain first-party hardware and software titles by Nintendo. which may be traded in for special edition items only available on Club Nintendo. com Club Nintendo Club Nintendo is the name of several publications and a more well-known customer loyalty program provided by Nintendo. and quickly became the leading game magazine in México and Latin America. The last German issue was published in August 2002. A thin magazine that was roughly 31 pages it featured very few screenshots of games.

However. to premium items such as soundtrack albums and game controllers. Some of the premium rewards are even Club Nintendo exclusive video games. The Japanese Club Nintendo offers rewards such as Wii Remotes with television remote control functionality. Upon registering as a member on Nintendo of Europe's website. a maximum of two Wii Points Cards per day per account was available for purchase. Nintendo of Europe offered anyone who purchased these either 1000 Wii [9] [10] In addition. These video games can be either digital content (WiiWare. Germany. 32 Japan Club Nintendo (Japanese: ク ラ ブ ニ ン テ ン ド ー ) is an official Nintendo club for Japanese fans. 300. music and mobile phone ringtones. on a game by game basis. 500 and 1000 Points. Italy and later Portugal. In March 2007 during a test of the new Wii Points purchasing system. There was also some consternation that very few items were added to the site for an extended period of time.[5] Originally. Many reward items are exclusive to particular Club Nintendo territories.[6] Since September 2008. At the time of writing. this later changed to one a day. members can choose to receive special emails from Nintendo.com. Daily visits to the website also once earned members 5 stars per day. These can range from 100 to 1000 stars in value. inviting others to become a Club Nintendo member or even simply visiting a web site. 2002. calendars. the exclusive features could be often found elsewhere on the internet. previews and forums to members. upon the official launch of the Wii Points Cards offer. which often causes difficulty for customers who are attempting to make purchases. Spain. but this was later removed. 1000 Wii Points accidentally appeared in the stars catalogue for a price of 789 stars.[8] After registering. France. game soundtrack CDs and exclusive accessories such as a Super Famicom style Classic Controller for the Wii. and for Wii Points to use in the Wii Shop Channel. Criticism Some criticism comes from the fact that the Nintendo of Europe Stars Catalogue is only available to members in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[4] To coincide with the release of the Wii. because released titles are often delayed in European countries (usually due to localization). exclusive and unreleased games such as Tingle's Balloon Fight DS and Exclamation Warriors Sakeburein. and physical items are sometimes only available in limited quantities. The Club Nintendo of Europe features a Star Points system where members can exchange stars earned by registering games and consoles for items in the Stars Catalogue. Nintendo of Europe's website is notorious for becoming easily overwhelmed by traffic when quantities of the more valuable items are added. the Netherlands.[3] Europe Club Nintendo in Europe was launched as Nintendo VIP 24:7 on May 3. It launched on October 31. Belgium.Club Nintendo participating in surveys.emusu. Encouraging other people to register with Nintendo of Europe earns members 250 stars per sign-up. to coincide with the European launch of the Nintendo GameCube. which are available only in sets of 100. they are offered. reviews. June 2010. music download vouchers no longer appear in the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue. 2003[2] and was the second Nintendo reward program to be set (Coming after the European Nintendo VIP 24:7 program) but was the first to be called Club Nintendo. Rewards range from digital content such as computer wallpaper. one is rewarded with 250 stars. It promised exclusive news. . In addition. to physical items such as keyrings. VIP 24:7 was renamed to Club Nintendo and adopted the Japanese Club Nintendo logo. with the frequency of larger batches of non-digital items being added becoming quite rare. DSiWare) or a physical item (Wii. which can include surveys which also reward members with stars. DS) depending on how. stars can also be used to buy singles and albums at the music online store emusu. t-shirts and other clothing items. the website Points or a refund of their stars. and the actual download site www.com/backstage is unavailable[7] Members enter PIN codes found on inserts included with certain games and hardware to earn stars.

with the website. Gold members were sent a calendar featuring characters from a variety of Nintendo games. called Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!. Perrin Kaplan stated that the inclusion area of the US is much larger than all the other Club Nintendo countries. 2008. 2008. and so it can be hard to get hold of them at times.[12] North America Club Nintendo for North America was announced on October 2. Previously. catalogue and product registration going live on March 11. they will make drastic changes to their privacy policy. All games either distributed or published by Nintendo Australia after Mario Kart Wii will contain a card that allows buyers to register their games for Club Nintendo points. meaning very few people could login and take advantage of the Wii Points trade on offer. However. questions were raised over Club Nintendo's conspicuous absence in the region.[17] The program's rewards feature a combination of Nintendo character-themed items like Japanese sensu fans and hand towels. was made available as one of two possible rewards for Platinum members. one of the company's most successful pre-video game products. and any stars earned after that date will disappear two years after earning them. Program participants who meet 300-Coin "Gold" or 600-Coin "Platinum" benchmarks within the the Club Nintendo year also receive exclusive items. The original WiiWare title Grill Off! with Ultra Hand. Club Nintendo Australia is for both Australians and New Zealanders. and games that celebrate the company's history. 2006. resulting in login problems and slow load times for users. December 8. reopening almost a week later on December 30 with noticeable infrastructure improvements. then-vice president of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America Inc. a special standalone WiiWare version of Punch-Out!!. are not affected. Kaplan also said that the company considered the pre-order bonuses and game . the Australian service uses Stars instead of Coins . 2007. and that the program was considered prohibitively expensive to set up. and the Club uses Coins instead of Stars for points.[16] It was taken offline on December 24. Members who registered after the Wii's European launch date. In 2009. The system has also been criticised because the Wii Points Card codes are only available in limited stock. and was developed in conjunction with Nintendo of America. was made available to program participants on March 31.[14] [15] The site experienced high traffic at its initial launch. In 2007. Platinum members were given a plastic statuette featuring characters from the Mario "Mario" hat. Nintendo of Europe revealed that starting July 1. which pays homage to the Ultra Hand. 2010. 2008. South Africa Club Nintendo launched in South Africa in June 2008. as there is no Nintendo of New Zealand. The North American catalogue was developed in conjunction with Nintendo Australia. and Game & Watch Collection 2 is also available. At the beginning of June 2007. Members who choose not to accept the new privacy policy will lose all their stars instantly and have their account locked. 2008 to coincide with the release of Mario Kart Wii.[13] and launched on December 15. [20] games. retiring the My Nintendo registration program. 2008. exclusive Club Nintendo branded accessories. 33 Australia/New Zealand Club Nintendo in Australia was launched on April 24.Club Nintendo was swamped with traffic. In both 2009 and 2010. Any stars that members have earned before then will vanish from their accounts on July 1. unlike its North American counterpart.the same as its European counterpart.[11] Nintendo Australia has asserted that the Australian Club Nintendo reward catalogue will be unique from that of Club Nintendo Europe and Club Nintendo Japan.[18] The first such game to be made available for the North American Club Nintendo was the Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS. along with a red plush [19] In 2010. 2009 using the same system offered by Nintendo of Europe.

Retrieved 2009-11-19. not stars (http:/ / gonintendo. "Wii Points Card Shop" (https:/ / wiipointscard.nintendo. jsp) • Club Nintendo North America (http://club. html) [7] Europe: stars for music . com/ faq/ uk_faq. silius. http:/ / wii. com/ features/ AcrossthePondEuropeanGamec.full details (http:/ / gonintendo. [6] Wii Points Card Shop FAQ (https:/ / wiipointscard.nintendo. co. html). com/ home) [16] Kotaku:Club Nintendo Is Live. nintendo. com/ ?p=65329) [18] (https:/ / club.jp/) Club Nintendo Australia (http://club. wired.com/) • Club Nintendo Europe Magazine contents (http://retromags.[22] 34 References The NES Fountain (http:/ / nesfountain. archive. shtml) [5] Nintendo Europe Wii Points Card Shop (2007-12-07).nintendo.uk/NOE/en_GB/club_nintendo/club_not_logged_in. php?module=article& id=13839) [12] Nintendo News (http:/ / www.S. com/ wiipointtransfer/ php/ index. net/ modules.com. com/ news/ 2009/ 07/ take_on_doc_louis_in_a_club_nintendo_exclusive_punch_out_game) [20] http:/ / multiplayerblog. nintendo.com/) Club Nintendo Finland (http://www. Slow & Buggy (http:/ / kotaku.nintendoklubi.com/wiki/index.au/) Club Nintendo South Africa (http://www. com/ articles/ 455/ 455458p1. shtml) "Club Nintendo Kicks Off This Month In Japan" (http:/ / www. gamingworldx. nintendo-europe.Club Nintendo registration promos it offered were an alternative to Club Nintendo. net/ clubnintendo. com/ rewards. com/ 2008/ 10/ 02/ joystiq-live-from-nintendos-fall-media-summit/ ) [1] [2] [3] [4] External links Club Nintendo UK (http://www. ign.za/NOE/en_ZA/club_nintendo/club_not_logged_in. . nintendo. jsp [9] Go Nintendo » Blog Archive » Nintendo makes good on Euro points/stars mistake. php) [22] (http:/ / www. com/ 5111883/ club-nintendo-is-live-slow--buggy) [17] Club Nintendo coming soon . nintendo-europe. nintendo-europe. php?title=Club_Nintendo_Magazine_(EURO)) • • • • • • . mtv. com).What are you waiting for? (http:/ / gonintendo.nintendo. html) [14] Club Nintendo is up and running…brings Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS and other goodies along for the ride (http:/ / gonintendo. html Gaming World .we deal with coins.co.co. za/ NOE/ en_ZA/ news/ 2008/ the_new_nintendo_of_south_africa_website_launches_8752. nintendo-europe. do) [19] Take on Doc Louis in a Club Nintendo Exclusive Punch-Out!! Game (http:/ / wiiware.clubnintendomx. .jsp) Club Nintendo Mexico (http://www. com/ 2010/ 07/ 01/ club-nintendo-reveals-its-2010-elite-status-rewards/ Super Mario collector figurine [21] (http:/ / kotaku. Nintendo. com/ NOE/ en/ GB/ register/ index.nintendo. 2005 (http:/ / web. joystiq. com/ ?p=57554) [8] http:/ / www. nintendolife. ign. com/ ?p=15317) [10] http:/ / ms. com/ games/ 2008/ 10/ liveblog-ninten. Press Conference (http:/ / blog. com/ articles/ 835/ 835801p1.X Clusive Across the Pond: European Gamecube Launch Special (http:/ / www. cube.fi/) Club Nintendo Japan (http://club. html) [13] Liveblog: Nintendo's U. com/ ?p=66410) [15] Nintendo's Home Page as of February 13. com/ gaming/ nintendo/ why-there-is-no-club-nintendo-in-america-314873.[21] Nintendo of America ultimately relented due to customer demand. org/ web/ 20050213010313/ www. php [11] Club Nintendo Australia goes live (we're not kidding) (http:/ / vooks.

the organisations and people participating as members was opened up to 'protector' organisations. ambulance and emergency response personnel including the Wireless Institute of Australia's emergency response amateur radio personnel. History The Government of Australia established the scheme instead of establishing an organisation similar to the US' Base/Post exchange shops. • family members of the above (fee may apply). Known as the Defence Force Privilege Card scheme. The Defence Force Discount Buying Scheme commenced operations in April 1990. State and National Companies. it was developed by Defcom Pty. The member presents the membership card at the time of purchase and claims the discount. Scheme DefCom establishes discount relationships with franchise groups and individual businesses in areas of high concentration of Defence and similar personnel.New & Used Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa card) Holidays Finance and Investment services Leisure & Theme Parks Merchants . Members use an annually issued directory. Haggling may follow this.[1] Later. and (fee may apply): • Defence civilian staff. Merchandise and services Merchandise offered includes: • • • • • • • • Accommodation Cars . etc. their families and former members of the ADF the opportunity to buy a wide range of goods and services at discount rates. Online marketing Wine club . to find a participating business selling the item they require. and • certain other categories of people similar to these.Local Traders in each area. or the scheme web site.DefCom Australia 35 DefCom Australia DefCom Australia is a loyalty card purchasing scheme for: • regular and full-time Reserve members of the Australian Defence Force. • certain 'Protector' organisations. (private enterprise) and is designed to give ADF members. such as firefighters. Ltd.

au) Electronic Beats Electronic Beats is a T-Mobile funded lifestyle concept which is composed of four projects: • Magazine: Electronic Beats Magazine is a quarterly publication. there are additional articles. au/ Library/ pubs/ bp/ 1997-98/ 98bp06.defcom. • Website: Electronicbeats. Foreign Affairs. com/ label/ Electronic+ Beats [2] http:/ / www. Defence and Trade Group. festivals and club nights. "Background Paper 6 1997-98 . eb-slices. net . gov. discogs. htm). Retrieved 2008-04-30. David (10 November 1997).DefCom Australia 36 References [1] Anderson.The Challenge of Military Service: Defence Personnel Conditions in a Changing Social Context" (http:/ / www. hosted in several European cities. External links • Electronic Beats on Discogs [1] • Electronic Beats Website [2] • Slices Website [3] References [1] http:/ / www. net [3] http:/ / www. • DVD: Slices is the DVD Magazine of Electronic Beats. External links • DefCom official site (http://www. electronicbeats. an event calendar and audio/video features available. revolving around music. culture. .net has the same focus as the magazine. travel and lifestyle issues. Parliament of Australia: Paliamentary Library. fashion. It is free of charge. • Events: The Electronic Beats live music events are a series of concerts.com. aph.

The co-branded The European Youth Card (front and reverse) card can be issued with various partners . shopping and services in most European countries. or living in a country where there is no national card organisation. Slovakia. The card costs between EUR 5 and EUR 19. a municipality or a local government.000 discounts that the card offers – you don’t have to be a student or a resident of a European country. a cultural institution or other. European Youth Card is managed by the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) that represents 40 Youth Card organisations in 38 countries. The card is usually issued for one year. . the card is still known as EURO<26 but with the change of the age limit (from 26 to 30). depending on the country or region) can become a cardholder and benefit from 80. Carnet Joven). more and more it is called the European Youth Card (in English or the local language – Jugendkarte. it always carries the EYCA logo and offers the same benefits as the classic card. In many European countries. The design of the co-branded card can be very different from the classic card. Young people coming from Logo of EYCA outside of Europe.European Youth Card 37 European Youth Card The European Youth Card is a card for young people offering a large number of discounts on culture. have the possibility to buy the card online through the Kiosk shop [1] that is managed by the EYCA headquarters. Carta Giovani. All EYCA Member organisations issue the European Youth Card in their territory and develop local discounts individually. a student card or a so called co-brand card. The European Youth Card can be purchased through the national card organisation (see the list in a table below). EYCA has its official seat in The Netherlands and its office in Bratislava. Everyone under the age of 30 (or 26. but a cardholder will always be able to use it wherever they see the European Youth Card logo. travel. however. depending on where it is purchased. The European Youth Card is issued in three versions: a classic card (as pictured). accommodation. a railway company.a bank.

CYID CJP vzw Carte Jeunes Wallonie-Bruxelles Jugendbüro der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft EURO<26 Foundation Bulgaria Croatian Youth Hostel Association EURO<26 Hrvatska Youth Board of Cyprus. de [3] http:/ / www. hr http:/ / www. cjp. fi http:/ / www. Alternatively they can call or e-mail the place for more information. ee http:/ / www. euro26. carnetjove. eyca. hu http:/ / www. jugendbuero.000 discounts on the online geo-tagged map on the card’s official web site. at https:/ / www. ad http:/ / www. euro26. li . info http:/ / www. euro26. az http:/ / www. When the users have found the discount(s) they were looking for. euro26. It is possible to narrow down the search by choosing a category. be http:/ / www. adukacyja. o. euro26. cy http:/ / www. org. Eesti Euroopa Liikumine (European Movement Estonia) Finnish Youth Cooperation Allianssi Euro26. European Youth Card Austria European Youth Card of Azerbaijan Centre for Youth Information and Documentation .de Institute for Youth EURO<26 Hungary Associazione Carta Giovani EURO<26 Jaunatnes Attistibas Asociacija (JAA)-Youth Development Association EURO<26 Jugendkarte Liechtenstein http:/ / www. EYCA has recently launched a brand new iPhone application called GeoDiscounts [2] that is designed to help cardholders when traveling with the European Youth Card. euro26. euro26. they can access detailed info as well as the exact location on a map.Karta Neon EURO<26 Sdružení Karty mládeže. or typing in keywords. euro26. jugendkarte.cc. it http:/ / www. be Armenian Junior Chamber / EURO<26 jugendinfo. euro26. euro26. s. be http:/ / www. Κάρτα Νέων .European Youth Card The cardholders have the possibility to easily search all the 80. Thanks to the GPS it shows the user a number of EYCA discounts closest to their current location. cz http:/ / www. cartagiovani. Moreover. cartejeunes. am http:/ / www. 38 Screenshot of EYCA's iPhone application [2] GeoDiscounts Country ANDORRA ARMENIA AUSTRIA AZERBAIJAN BELARUS BELGIUM Flemish speaking BELGIUM French speaking BELGIUM German speaking BULGARIA CROATIA CYPRUS CZECH REPUBLIC ESTONIA FINLAND GERMANY GREECE HUNGARY ITALY LATVIA LIECHTENSTEIN Carnet Jove Andorra Member Web Page http:/ / www. lv http:/ / www.

es [7] http:/ / www. jovenmania. lt http:/ / www.Student & Youth Travel Cardul European pentru Tineret Ferijalni Savez Crne Gore CJP Netherlands Polish Youth Projects Association Movijovem Asociatia EURO<26 Romania Russian Union of Youth Young Scot EURO26 Serbia Association CKM SYTS MOBIN. ru http:/ / www. youngscot. pt http:/ / www. net Web Page CASTILLA Y LEON CATALUNYA CEUTA EXTREMADURA GALICIA . portaljovenclm. euro26. com http:/ / www. jaunimas. Deportes y Nuevas tecnologías Instituto de la Juventud de Extremadura Xunta de Galicia Dirección Xeral de Xuventude e Voluntariado [6] http:/ / www. org. ch http:/ / www. euro26. mk http:/ / www. sk http:/ / www. com/ [8] http:/ / www. pl http:/ / www. lu http:/ / www. org. euro26. nsts. org. com. euro26. Promoció i Immigració Institut Balear de la Joventut Dirección General de Juventud Gobierno de Cantabria Dirección General de Juventud Instituto de la Juventud de Castilla-La Mancha Junta de Castilla y León Instituto de la Juventud de Castilla y León Secretaria de Joventut Agencia Catalana de la Joventut Consejería de Juventud. euro26. euro26. ejkartica. cjp. ro http:/ / www. ua http:/ / www. euro26. juventudcanaria. me http:/ / www. ceuta. org 39 |+ European Region ANDALUCIA ARAGON ASTURIAS BALEARES CANARIAS CANTABRIA CASTILLA-LA MANCHA Youth Card Association Member Organisations Member Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud Instituto Asturiano de la Juventud Consejeria de Cultura Comunicación Social y Turismo Govern de les Illes Balears . es http:/ / www. xuventude. org [4] http:/ / www. carnetjove. cat http:/ / www. org http:/ / www. rs http:/ / www. euro26. Institute for Youth Mobility and Information Instituto de la Juventud (Injuve) EURO<26 Schweizer Jugendkarte AG EURO<26 Zarevo Young Scot http:/ / www.Conselleria d'Afers Socials. nl http:/ / www. si [5] http:/ / www. carnejoven. carnetjoveib.European Youth Card LITHUANIA LUXEMBOURG MACEDONIA (FYROM) MALTA MOLDOVA MONTENEGRO NETHERLANDS POLAND PORTUGAL ROMANIA RUSSIA SCOTLAND SERBIA SLOVAKIA SLOVENIA SPAIN SWITZERLAND UKRAINE UNITED KINGDOM SCOTLAND Zigzag Travel Centre National d’Information pour Jeunes Aurora Turs Skopje NSTS . youngscot. es [9] http:/ / www. euro26. aurora. cartaojovem. com http:/ / www.

castillayleonjoven. com [11] http:/ / www. carnejovenmurcia. gr [4] http:/ / www. es 40 |+ Youth Card Organisations in Spain External links • European Youth Card . injuve. net [13] http:/ / www. ivaj. es/ patiojoven [7] http:/ / www.European Youth Card LA RIOJA MADRID MELILLA MURCIA NAVARRA PAIS VASCO VALENCIA Instituto Riojano de la Juventud Comunidad de Madrid Dirección General de Juventud Consejería de Deporte y Juventud. andaluciajunta. carnetjovenasturias. es [11] [12] http:/ / www. europeanyouthcard. irj. gazteaukera. es [8] http:/ / www. org/ . md [5] http:/ / www. carnejovenmadrid. es http:/ / www. juventudextremadura. europeanyouthcard. eyca. item. action?id=261748382 [6] http:/ / www. europeanyouthcard. com/ us/ app/ european-youth-card-geodiscounts/ id410013871?mt=8 [3] http:/ / www. com [9] http:/ / www. com [12] http:/ / www. es/ contenidos.Official website [13] References [1] http:/ / kiosk. apple. euskadi. carnetjovennavarra. com [10] http:/ / www. org/ [2] http:/ / itunes. Viceconsejería de Juventud Instituto de la Juventud de la Región de Murcia Instituto Navarro de la Juventud Dirección de Juventud y Acción Comunitaria Institut Valenciá de Joventut http:/ / www. melilla. es [10] http:/ / www.

Woolworths stated in By August 2009 there were 3. Everyday Rewards would be rolled out nationally.4 million cards "registered". beginning with South Australia and Northern Territory in mid-February. Qantas Frequent Flyer points. the Woolworths Everyday Money credit card. Additionally.[10] .000 cards were issued to customers.7 million had been linked to a Qantas frequent flyer account.[4] In February 2008. Earned fuel saving offers are stored electronically on the Everyday Rewards card. thus eliminating the need for shoppers to retain paper coupons previously used for this purpose.[2] This followed Woolworths' announcement that is was planning to launch a general purpose credit card in 2008.8 million cards "registered". with more than three million cards on issue. Woolworths announced that following the NSW trial.1 million cards registered. Big W.[8] By early May 2008 the scheme had been extended to Victoria.[9] By August 2010. Everyday Rewards Card June 2008 that "well over a million" shoppers had taken a card and registered their details.2 million were linked to a Qantas frequent flyer account. of which 2.[6] In July 2008.Everyday Rewards (Australia) 41 Everyday Rewards (Australia) Everyday Rewards Entity: Established: Owners: Loyalty program 2007 Woolworths Limited Major retailers: Woolworths supermarkets. Fuel Discounts are redeemable at Caltex Woolworths/Safeway outlets.everydayrewards. with 2. and to other states by the end of May 2008.com.au [1] Everyday Rewards is an Australian loyalty program operated by Woolworths supermarkets. Woolworths stated that the program had exceeded expectations.[7] By August 2008 there were 3. History Everyday Rewards was first trialled in central west New South Wales from September 2007. 50. Caltex Woolworths/Safeway Major rewards: Website: Fuel saving offers. of which 1.[3] During the NSW trial. Western Australia and Queensland and by the end of May 2008 to all mainland states (excluding Woolworths and BWS stores in Tasmania. cardholders can collect Qantas frequent flyer points for purchases at participating Woolworths Limited brands.[5] ).8 million cards "on issue". special offers www. there were 5.

Woolworths Limited.00. 11 February 2008. html) . Retrieved 2009-06-07.[14] From October 2009 cardholders could collect one point per dollar for every dollar over $50 spent in one transaction at Dick Smith and Tandy. net/ media_files/ irol/ 14/ 144044/ asx/ 08presentation. [6] "Fuel's gold as a million people play cards with Woolworths" (http:/ / business. theaustralian. Sydney Morning Herald. au/ business/ story/ 0. [13] "Battle for loyalty intensifies" (http:/ / business. . au/ discountterms.[16] References [1] https:/ / www. . html). 26 August 2010. [10] "Woolworths reports solid profits" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2 June 2011. html). html). [12] "Qantas Frequent Flyer points for Woolworths" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-08-29. smh. Sydney Morning Herald. Everyday Rewards Site. Retrieved 2007-09-06.28124. . com. Big W had withdrawn the fuel discount benefit for cardholders in Western Australia and South Australia. . pdf) (PDF). Woolworths Petrol. Australian Financial Review. . Lifehacker Australia. 2009). com. October 26. com. Australian Financial Review. Retrieved 2009-10-26. au/ Business/ 20080226-Woolies-booming-standby-for-a-rate-rise. p. . details of the points collection were announced.[12] In June 2009. html). ausfoodnews. [11] "Terms and conditions" (http:/ / www. com. 42 Frequent Flyer Program In December 2008.24789490-643. Dick Smith Soon" (http:/ / www. au/ fuels-gold-as-a-million-people-play-cards-with-woolworths-20080604-2lxs. everydayrewards. com. [8] "Full Year Results Presentation" (http:/ / media. 5 June 2008. net/ media_files/ irol/ 14/ 144044/ fy00presentation. Retrieved 2008-06-05. . [15] "About Everyday Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer" (https:/ / www. Woolworths Limited. [14] Kidman. Retrieved 2009-09-17. Australian Food News. pdf). au/ CLCS-Web/ [2] Fuel change on the cards.15 [5] "Everyday Rewards . Woolworths and Qantas announced an alliance which would allow Everyday Rewards cardholders to collect Qantas frequent flyer points for purchases. Sydney Morning Herald. Frequent flyer fees were to be waived for new members. com. with Frequent Flyer points being earned at one point per dollar for every dollar over $30 spent in one transaction at Woolworths Supermarkets or Woolworths Liquor stores. html). 2008-12-08. . The Australian. 6 September 2007. crikey. html). au/ news/ national/ now-its-woolworths-the-credit-card-people/ 2007/ 08/ 27/ 1188067034518. 2009-06-02. news. com. theage. lifehacker. smh. corporate-ir. au/ business/ battle-for-loyalty-intensifies-20090601-bt1s. . .Everyday Rewards (Australia) By June 2010. corporate-ir. com. au/ edr/ wps/ portal/ rewards/ aboutqantasfrequentflyer). Retrieved 2009-06-07. The Age. [9] "Full Year Results Presentation" (http:/ / media. stand by for a rate rise (http:/ / www. 27 August 2007. Retrieved 2008-07-17. . "Frequent Flyer Points From BWS. pp. Angus (October 7. au/ edr/ wps/ portal/ rewards/ !ut/ p/ b1/ 04_SjzQyMDA1MTYyMtCP0I_KSyzLTE8syczPS8wB8aPM4t0NzZ1MXExNDNwtLQwMPEMDnM29fc0M3X0N9P088nNT9XOjHBUBREkm4g!!/ dl4/ d5/ L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2X0cxN0I0RDU0MEc5ODAwSVVQQzdLTTYxRzUx/ ). Melbourne. smh. com. [16] Crikey .[13] The program was later expanded to include some of Woolworths Limited's other stores including Big W and BWS. Retrieved 27 August 2010. woolworthspetrol. com. com. everydayrewards. 20 [3] "Now it's Woolworths the credit card people" (http:/ / www. Woolworths Limited.Woolies booming. [4] Woolies revs up discount petrol war.[11] In August 2010 Big W had withdrawn from the fuel discount benefit for cardholders to all of Australia (except Tasmania).Earn Points" (http:/ / www. 2008-07-16. au/ 2010/ 08/ 26/ woolworths-reports-solid-profits. 1. . Retrieved 2009-10-18. 2009. everydayrewards. Retrieved 27 August 2010. html). com. [7] "Woolies reports sales rise" (http:/ / smallbusiness. au/ starting/ finance/ woolies-reports-sales-rise--911138328.[15] Criticism Everyday Rewards has been criticised because the information tracked using the card could be a potential privacy problem. au/ 2009/ 10/ frequent-flyer-points-from-bws-dick-smith-soon/ ).

Notes [1] "Free member sign-up" (http:/ / www.com) . . Retrieved 2008-07-17. Earned Shopping Rewards and Rebates are recorded and stored in the Everyday Rewards portal by card holders and remitted on qualified shopping transactions. com/ join_free_member. Everyday Rewards.Everyday Rewards (Australia) 43 External links • Everyday Rewards (https://www. OCAccess is an online non-profit school fundraising company launched in 1998. However.com (US) (http://www.com.[1] History Everyday Rewards was launched in 2006 as a new division of OCAccess. It is unrelated to and pre-dates the Australian Everyday Rewards program.everydayrewards.au/CLCS-Web/) Everyday Rewards (US) Everyday Rewards is a US online shopping loyalty program operated by the Quivex Corporation and OCAccess. as of July 2008 membership of the program appears to be blocked. External links • EverydayRewards. asp). everydayrewards.everydayrewards.

fuel (Shell) and liquor (Liquorland).Fly Buys (New Zealand) 44 Fly Buys (New Zealand) FlyBuys (New Zealand) Entity: Established: No. Everyday shopping categories include food (New World). these participants have more than 2.1 million household members as at November 2006 (over 2. travel www. accommodation. .7 million (active) Loyalty New Zealand Major retailers: New World.[2] Members collect points from over 35 participating retailers. It is administered by Loyalty New Zealand Limited. Foodstuffs. The program had over 1. General retailers from whom points can be collected include stationery. carpet. optometry.[2] History Fly Buys was launched in New Zealand in 1996. travel. Additional points can be collected from transactions on Bank of New Zealand credit cards. furniture. pharmacy. and by completing online surveys with Colmar Brunton.000 households joined the program in the first 89 days.flybuys. Shell. Contact Energy.[3] Point collection and value Fly Buys points can be collected across a wide range of household expenditure categories. 300. IAG New Zealand and Shell New Zealand. Loyalty New Zealand was established by its owners to operate the program under license from Loyalty Pacific (which established the FlyBuys program in Australia in 1994).nz [1] Fly Buys is New Zealand’s largest loyalty program. The structure of the program very closely matched the structure of its namesake program in Australia at the time. Between them. The program attracted great interest at launch and quickly established a very strong membership base. which is jointly owned by Bank of New Zealand.200 outlets and cover more than 70 per cent of everyday household expenditure categories. members: Cardholders: Owners: Loyalty program 1996 1.co. hardware. merchandise. State Insurance Major rewards: Website: Gift cards. Typical household services such as energy (Contact Energy) and insurances (State) are also covered. car servicing and others.7 million individual cardholders) which represents over 80 per cent penetration of New Zealand households.1 million (active) 2.

In August 2010.[4] Telecom New Zealand withdrew from FlyBuys at the end of 2008.[5] In 2009. allowing members to buy digital music with their points[6] and launched a communities channel. flights. The exchange rate of 300 Fly Buys points for 48 Air New Zealand Airpoint Dollars suggests a Fly Buys point is worth about 16 cents (an Airpoint Dollar translates to one New Zealand dollar) although the equation varies with other rewards. FlyBuys expanded its relationship with Air New Zealand.Fly Buys (New Zealand) Most retailers offer one point for every $20 spent. 45 Rewards Fly Buys rewards include merchandise.[7] Participants See [8] for more information Automotive • • • • • • • • • Avis Beaurepaires Frank Allen Tyres Goodyear Auto Service Centres Northfuels Shell (including Shell Distributors and Mini Tankers and Shell Gas) Shell Vehicle Servicing Southfuels VTNZ Banking & Insurance • Bank of New Zealand • State Food & Drinks • Henry's • Liquorland • New World Home and garden • • • • • • Carpet One Contact Energy Elgas Mitre 10 and Mitre 10 MEGA Noel Leeming Palmers Gardenworld General Retail .[4] Recent activity In 2008. The value of redeemed rewards at September 2008 exceeded $500 million. Fly Buys launched a program for small to medium sized businesses. Members can also exchange points with Air New Zealand's frequent flyer program. Fly Buys launched Fly Buys Music. enabling members to redeem for any available seat on any Air New Zealand flight. while members of Air New Zealand's Airpoints program could earn points from purchases at Fly Buys participating businesses. entertainment and accommodation.

Inns. Inns. Suites and Resorts DFS Galleria Fly Buys Travel Insurance Quality Hotels. Suites and Resorts United Travel Blackwoods Paykels Case IH Gilmours NZ Safety Ltd Packaging House Protector Safety Shell Card Summit Quinphos Toops Trents United Travel Corporate For Business Former Participants Food • Burger King Telecommunications • Telecom Clothing • Postie+ .Fly Buys (New Zealand) • • • • • • • Amcal Avanti Plus Colmar Brunton Kodak Express Paper Plus Unichem Pharmacies Visique Optometrists 46 Telecommunications • 2Degrees Mobile Travel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Air New Zealand Holidays Clarion & Clarion Collection Hotels Comfort Hotels.

. New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 2007-01-14. https:/ / www. co. nz "Loyalty New Zealand Information (Fly Buys website)" (http:/ / www.unlimited. 2006. asp). nz/ whatIs/ companyInfo. co. co. Retrieved 26 August 2010. nzherald. Sunday Star Times. flybuys. co. co. cfm?c_id=323& objectid=10597753).nsf/ 056728e0db46903bcc2569e70013f891/6ff9c617e360597ecc256e5a00109bd0!OpenDocument) .flybuys.co. p. html).co. co. "Fly Buys rewards business" (http:/ / www. nz/ national/ air-new-zealand-and-fly-buys-announce-new-partnership/ 5/ 59540). nz/ business/ news/ article.nz/) • "Buying Loyalty" Review of NZ loyalty programs (http://www. nz/ placesToCollectPoints/ CollectPoints. voxy. . "Air New Zealand And Fly Buys Announce New Partnership" (http:/ / www. nzherald.Fly Buys (New Zealand) 47 Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www. . nz/ sundaystartimes/ 4707109a6445. 20 August 2010. flybuys. 2008-10-28. "Telecom pulls out of Fly Buys" (http:/ / www. 2008-09-28. asp?Cat=ALL External links • Fly Buys (New Zealand) website (http://www. "Loyalty card to take on heavyweight Fly Buys" (http:/ / www. co. stuff. flybuys. Voxy. nz/ software/ news/ article. 22. Retrieved 26 August 2010. cfm?c_id=3& objectid=10539736). Fly Buys at 10 Years. 17 September 2009. Retrieved 2008-09-29. Balasoglou Books. New Zealand Herald.nz/unlimited. Retrieved 2008-10-28. . .

with standard points issuance for participating Coles Group brands increased to 2 points for $5.flybuys.[4] Members collect points from household consumer purchases (and through credit card use) and subsequently exchange points for gift cards. Kmart. Shell relinquished its one-third ownership of the program.[5] History FlyBuys began in 1994 as a joint venture of Shell.5 million Australian households.com. the program was revamped. Coles Myer (now Wesfarmers) and National Australia Bank.000). but standard points issuance only increased fourfold (from 1 point for $20 to 1 point for $5). having created the Telstra Visa Card with ANZ (later to become the ANZ Qantas Telstra Visa Card). this time with the offer improved for members.[6] Telecom Australia (now Telstra) joined the program in 1995 but withdrew after two years.au [1] FlyBuys is Australia's largest loyalty program.FlyBuys (Australia) 48 FlyBuys (Australia) FlyBuys (Australia) Entity: Established: No. with over 10 million FlyBuys cardholders[2] in over 5. This change was accompanied by revised branding and a minor name change from “Fly Buys” to “FlyBuys”. In a survey conducted by Monash University in December 2009. major changes were made to the program. although this was unnoticed by members as Shell continued to issue points through its service station network.[3] It is owned by Coles. In 2003. The offer to members was diluted as the points currency was devalued to increase points required for rewards 20-fold (from a minimum 550 points to 11. FlyBuys was ranked by respondents as "most worthwhile joining" among major Australian loyalty programs. merchandise www. . flights and other rewards. merchandise. Loyalty Pacific licensed the FlyBuys brand to a consortium in New Zealand. cardholders: Owner: Major retailers: Major rewards: Website: Loyalty program 1994 over 10 million Coles Coles. The program met with substantial interest at launch. which has operated a similar program since (see Fly Buys (New Zealand)). In 1996. BI-LO Gift cards. In 1998. Target. with a million Australian households joining within the first six weeks. At the same time.

[10] [11] Rewards Initially. Travelworld. This allows in some circumstances for points to be gained from two sources for the one transaction. Coles acquired National Australia Bank's 50 per cent interest in FlyBuys. Myer. and general merchandise items followed. Points have a life of 3 years. the only FlyBuys rewards were flights.000 was required to be spent to gain a reward with a value of around $100. By 1999. no rewards were available for less than 11. Other former participants include Michael Hill Jeweller and Elders Real Estate.[9] EziBuy (which purchased a former Coles Myer brand. Primary Layers. and most points are issued by the major Wesfarmers brands – food (Coles Supermarkets and BI-LO). Loyalty Pacific was cited as a potential purchaser of the Qantas frequent flyer program. Megamart.FlyBuys (Australia) In December 2006. such as accommodation. Jetset. The participating retailers also issue additional bonus points on a promotional basis. withdrew from FlyBuys at the end of January 2007.500 points." FlyBuys varied this policy in 2006 to enable information to be passed to Coles Group and National Australia Bank. with NAB remaining as a major participant in the program. South Cape and Gifts To Go were short-lived Coles Group brands long discontinued. Several brands not associated with the joint venture also issue FlyBuys points.000 points.[16] FlyBuys also attracted concerns regarding privacy of information and the ability for the operators to track members’ shopping habits. Myer Direct). the owners of the program. while Sports Direct.[15] For many years. planning. each of Coles and NAB would issue points for the one transaction.[12] According to FlyBuys.[4] 49 Collecting points FlyBuys points collection is directed largely at regular consumer purchases. encouraging critics to claim that $55. meals and entertainment.g. discount department stores (Kmart and Target).[7] In February 2011. unless directed otherwise by members. FlyBuys' responsible privacy practices were recognised with the conferring of an Australian Privacy Award. left the program in March 2008. liquor (Liquorland) and car servicing (Kmart Tyre & Auto Service). a $100 Coles Myer shopping voucher reward was introduced. gender.[17] [18] In 1994 FlyBuys adopted a privacy policy based on OECD principles [19] in which it advised members it may use personal information such as name. However. Budget Rent a Car. most rewards taken were gift cards or credits to credit card balances and flights were a small proportion of rewards taken. this was extended by 1996 to include other rewards with a travel or leisure theme. since 2006. awards have been available from 2.[13] [14] Criticism FlyBuys has been criticised regarding the perceived effort required to collect enough points to gain a reward.[19] . E. product development. including Best Western. By 2009. if a member pays for grocery purchases at Coles Supermarkets with a NAB credit card. Newmart and Pulse Energy are now-defunct businesses which were once FlyBuys participants. FlyBuys account administration and fraud and crime prevention and investigation. research. Officeworks and Harris Technology withdrew in 2009. over ten million rewards have been redeemed by members and there are over 800 reward choices. employment status and age of family members "for marketing. Curves and Solar Shop Australia.[8] In most cases points accrue at the rate of 2 for every $5 spent. having been sold by Coles Group in June 2006. fuel (Coles Express).[20] In 2009. Traveland. Others such as Red Rooster and Katies were businesses divested by then Coles Myer. However. Additional points can be collected from transactions on selected NAB credit cards or the Coles Myer Source MasterCard (issued by GE Australia) if they have been “linked” to a FlyBuys membership. age.

21985. au/ couriermail/ story/ 0. html). [6] Butler C. 12 November 2009. . htm). au/ export/ sites/ default/ flybuys/ content/ information/ mediacentre/ FlyBuysFastFacts. com. edu/ go/ case-study/ come-fly-with-us-fly-buys). com. com. . "Threats to Your Rights" (http:/ / www. au/ centres/ acrs/ research/ whitepapers/ hidden-side-of-loyalty. com. Weill P (1995). Retrieved 2007-01-10. 2005-02-17. . buseco. pdf). . au/ c/ Solar-Shop-Australia/ Solar-Shop-Australia-announces-partnership-with-FlyBuys-shopping-rewards-program-n891411). 16 February 2011. FlyBuys. theage.20983408-664. Melbourne: The Age. com. [9] Ife. au/ heraldsun/ story/ 0. Retrieved 31 August 2010. 18. Daniella (1 February 2010). smh. Inside Retailing. . . angelfire. . html). . flybuys. au/ business/ coles-goes-cold-on-frequent-flyer-scheme-20090512-b20y.Australian Centre for Retail Studies. Retrieved 2007-01-10. au/ Latest/ tabid/ 53/ ID/ 10102/ Coles-buys-out-FlyBuys. infolink. . Come Fly with us: Fly Buys (http:/ / www. net/ review/ harris-technology-www-ht-com-au/ ).au/) . Monash University Business & Economics . mbs. . html). 2010. . com.Rewards" (https:/ / www. au [2] Miletic. [13] "Fast Facts" (https:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-01-11. pdf). news. [18] Australian Civil Liberties Union (2000). [12] "Coles goes cold on frequent flyer scheme" (http:/ / business. news. ausbusiness. au/ articles/ 2005/ 02/ 26/ 1109180166113. gov.00. . . au/ flybuys/ content/ information/ faq. "Qantas bidder options open" (http:/ / www. Infolink. flybuys. . com.20713434-662. Melbourne Herald Sun. [14] "Frequently asked questions .00. The Age. com.23739.flybuys. monash. 2006-12-16. html). George (2006-12-29). Retrieved 8 March 2010. au/ flybuys/ content/ information/ privpol. html). Retrieved 2009-04-06. insideretailing. [16] "Rewards Deals Miss The Point" (http:/ / www. [19] "FlyBuys' privacy protections recognised in Privacy Awards" (http:/ / www. com.00. html). 2009-05-13. Retrieved 16 February 2011. p. flybuys. Retrieved 1 February 2010. flybuys. com. "Bank happy with revamped loyalty scheme" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-01-10. [17] "How to protect yourself from telemarketers in Australia" (http:/ / www. Melbourne Business School. html). au/ national/ consumer-loyalty-gets-short-shrift-20100131-n6k2. theage. . com.20933046-5003417. com/ folk/ aclu/ freespeech2000. AusBusiness Review. [5] "The hidden side of loyalty programs" (http:/ / www. External links • FlyBuys (http://www. Australian Privacy Commissioner. Herald Sun. ausbusiness. . au/ materials/ types/ media/ view/ 6964). FlyBuys. [10] "Officeworks" (http:/ / www. au/ issues/ tm/ ). The Courier Mail. [7] Lekakis. Holly (2006-11-06).000 gets you a free frying pan" (http:/ / www. . net/ review/ officeworks-www-officeworks-com-au/ ). news. au/ heraldsun/ story/ 0. AusBusiness Review. com. Retrieved 1 February 2010. com. firstpr. [3] "Fast Facts" (https:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-01-10. Retrieved 2007-06-20. aspx). Melbourne. Retrieved 2007-01-10. pdf). [15] "$55. [8] "Solar Shop Australia announces partnership with FlyBuys shopping rewards program" (http:/ / www. [20] "FlyBuys Privacy Policy" (https:/ / www. December 2009. privacy. Retrieved 2009-05-22. FlyBuys.com. "Consumer loyalty gets short shrift" (http:/ / www.21985. The Sun-Herald.FlyBuys (Australia) 50 References [1] http:/ / www. [4] "Coles buys out FlyBuys" (http:/ / www. au/ export/ sites/ default/ flybuys/ content/ information/ mediacentre/ FlyBuysFastFacts. . flybuys. . html#rewards). Retrieved 2007-01-15. edu. Retrieved 9 March 2010. com. Retrieved 17 August 2010. [11] "Harris Technology" (http:/ / www.

Electronic items Family. launched for State Bank Group Debit Card customers. . merchandise and services. Home. • FreedomRewardz members can accrue two and a half FreedomPoints for every Rs. etc. Loylty Rewardz FreedomRewardz is managed by Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd. • FreedomRewardz members can earn & accumulate FreedomPoints for all their Spends at Point of Sales (POS) using your State Bank Group Debit Card. What can the member do with FreedomPoints FreedomRewardz members can redeem their FreedomPoints to get gifts. 100 spent at the POS. members need to activate the FreedomRewardz account by visiting the website or by calling the FreedomRewardz Service Centre towards redeeming their points. Bus tickets. Membership into FreedomRewardz All State Bank Group Debit Card holders are pre-enrolled into FreedomRewardz. merchants and services associated with FreedomRewardz – the Program Network Partners. including: • • • • • • Personalized products Airline tickets. on an individual basis. Fashion & Beauty products Music and Sports products Limited-time Seasonal Rewardz. • FreedomRewardz members can earn FreedomPoints at an accelerated rate for their Spends at the Program Network Partner organizations. • There is a large network of brands. How can a member earn FreedomPoints • Every member of FreedomRewardz is eligible to accrue FreedomPoints.FreedomRewardz 51 FreedomRewardz FreedomRewardz is an Indian loyalty program. Each member will have only a single membership with FreedomRewardz. irrespective of the number or types of accounts held with the State Bank Group. However. Movie tickets Entertainment products.

Sperry & Hutchinson began offering stamps to United States retailers in 1896. They bought stamps from S&H and gave them as bonuses with every purchase based on the amount purchased. British consumer co-operatives' dividend stamps. Founding chairman and managing director Green Shield Stamps were a sales promotion or incentive loyalty scheme using trading stamps. Richard Tompkins purchased the name Green Shield from a luggage manufacturer and founded Green Shield Trading Stamp Co in 1958. Green Shield Trading Stamp Company Industry Fate Founded Defunct Trading stamps ceased trading 1958 1991 Headquarters United Kingdom Key people Richard Tompkins.Green Shield Stamps 52 Green Shield Stamps A typical Green Shield stamp. the shopper claimed merchandise from a catalogue or S&H Green Stamps shop.[1] [2] . Competing trading stamp schemes included Pink Stamps (a UK operation of S&H Green Stamps). corner shops and supermarkets. History Trading stamps first became popular in the United States. Blue Chip and the short-lived UK operation of King Korn. When the customer had collected sufficient stamps in collectors' books. along similar lines to S&H Green Stamps. They were popular during the 1960s and 1970s. designed and deployed in the United Kingdom and Ireland to encourage or reward shopping. by being able to buy gifts. and the stamps were withdrawn in 1991. The stamps were given away at filling stations. Green Shield Trading Stamp Company was founded in 1958 by entrepreneur Richard Tompkins.

oireachtas. [2] "TOMPKINS. . then had a short revival in 1987 involving 2. and encapsulated in the album's title. and Tesco became one of the company’s largest clients. Who Was Who 1897-2007.html) • 1975 debate in the Irish Parliament re monopolistic practices (http://historical-debates.500 shops. External links • ‘Tompkins. saving £20m a year and helping to finance price reductions. so large numbers of stamps had to be stuck into the books.com/view/article/5134).co.Green Shield Stamps Tesco founder Jack Cohen was an advocate of stamps. Richard Davenport-Hines. Jethro Tull another progressive rock band. which was about a town on the Scottish Isle of Skye which band leader Ian Anderson lived near: ""We'll take pounds. This was part of a comic theme related to supermarkets. At a later stage. .scotsman. [1] 53 Green Shield Stamp issue value One stamp was typically issued for each 6d (2. which somewhat alleviated this problem.197507150003. CredoReference.ie/S/0082/S. But Cohen was a fan of pile it high and sell it cheap. the value of the stamps was going down. In popular culture Genesis in the song Dancing with the Moonlit Knight from their 1973 album Selling England by the Pound invented the “Knights of the Green Shield” to allow the pun "Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout". (Granville) Richard (Francis)" (http:/ / www. The company suspended sale of stamps in 1983.retrowow. And stamps from the Green Shield". 0082. 2004 • Green Shield Stamps at RetroWow (http://www. Green Shield Stamp catalogue shops were rebranded Argos in July 1973. As sales slowed and other retailers abandoned the scheme. "Tompkins. (Granville) Richard Francis (1918–1992)’ (http://www. Oxford University Press. price-cutting aimed at countering the new discounters such as Kwik Save.[1] In light of a price war. francs and dollars from the well-heeled.5 new pence) spent on goods. In 1977 Tesco launched Operation Checkout. consumers prices were rising to cover costs and as inflation was high. he signed up in 1963. finally ceasing in 1991. 2008. credoreference. com/ entry/ 7403667). and higher prices where the stamps were sold. Oxford University Press. com/ view/ article/ 51347). a second denomination of stamp was added.oxforddnb. Retrieved 2008-06-19. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.com/index. and in the mid-1970s faced cost problems associated with not integrating its stores. also mentioned Green Shield stamps in the song "Broadford Bazaar". oxforddnb. shortly after his competitor Fine Fare adopted S&H Pink Stamps. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.html) • Scotsman article on the "House of Cards" (http://living.uk/retro_britain/green_shield_stamps/ Green_Shield_Stamps. Retrieved 2008-09-16.cfm?id=1760122005) . A decision was made to abandon Green Shield stamps. References [1] Richard Davenport-Hines (2004). (Granville) Richard Francis (1918–1992)" (http:/ / www. worth 10 of the original stamps.

com. Dollar Rent A Car. the HBC Rewards program was born in April 2001. Starting in the 1990s. Home Outfitters. Travelodge and MotorPlus. for selected items in the catalogue. The HBC Rewards website details the exchange rates. HBC Reward Points can also be exchanged using the Third-party service offered by points. and with the opening of another chain of stores. HBC Rewards card Every year in August a new catalogue for HBC rewards comes out with various products that you can redeem HBC Rewards Points for. History The rewards program was first introduced by Zellers in 1986 and was known as Club Z (pronounced Club Zed). Shoppers earned 'Club Z points'. The Bay offered Air Miles reward miles to their customers as a rewards program. HBC Rewards Points can be redeemed for items found in the HBC Rewards catalogue and on the rewards website. External links • Official site [1] • CBC story on program launch [2] References [1] http:/ / www. In an effort to offer more choices to customers at both Zellers and the Bay. HBC Rewards points can also be exchanged for Esso Extra Points at a predetermined rate and Esso Extra Points can be exchanged for HBC Rewards.000 points is the equivalent of a $10 gift card. com [2] http:/ / www. including Zellers. HBC Telecommunications. cbc. ca/ money/ story/ 2001/ 04/ 30/ bay_tmc010430. and hbc. Due to The Bay previously offering Air Miles. HBC Reward points can be collected at Esso. Thrifty Car Rental. Some third-party businesses also offer HBC Rewards Bonus points for purchasing their merchandise and/or services. The Bay. customers can redeem their HBC Rewards points for Air Miles instead. They can also be redeemed immediately in-store for gift cards and trade-and-save promotions where a certain amount of points will give you a set amount off your purchase. Every 80. Home Outfitters. money can be combined with redeemed points to purchase the product. their online store. html .HBC Rewards 54 HBC Rewards HBC Rewards is a loyalty program where customers earn points for purchases at Hudson's Bay Company's various chains of stores in Canada.com. hbcrewards. In addition to HBC companies.

com [2] "Reasons for Selection. Razor initiated his own business model and began selling branded athletic apparel to campus groups and clubs. To reflect this new direction.com [1] Fastest Growing 2008 Company by Profit Magazine. Upon graduation. . [4] "I Love Rewards Press Kit" (http:/ / www.[4] In 1999. .[3] I Love Rewards is a Toronto-based company that builds and manages employee recognition and rewards programs for other organizations. which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper. eluta. Razor's Edge merged with another company and formed Snap Promotions. Razor became aware that branded promotional products were becoming a less effective solution for businesses to motivate their clients and customers. com/ rankings/ profit100/ list. ON. As a result. While working with a large corporate customer. As a floor representative for his dorm. iloverewards. pdf) (PDF). .[4] References [1] http:/ / www. [3] "Profit 100 List" (http:/ / www. Razor was responsible for sourcing the residents’ athletic apparel. 2002. Razor traded his campus clientele for small businesses and large corporations. Snap Promotions shifted its business model from branded merchandise to points-based online rewards programs. 2009 Greater Toronto's Top Employers Competition" (http:/ / www.I Love Rewards 55 I Love Rewards I Love Rewards Inc. I Love Rewards was created and incorporated on October 15.[2] It was also named Canada's 12th History In 1995. Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Employees Website Private Incentive Marketing 1995 Razor Suleman Toronto. Razor Suleman was a first-year business student at Wilfrid Laurier University. . jsp?pageID=list& type=p100& listType=& year=2007& page=1& content). I Love Rewards. After doing this successfully. I Love Rewards was named one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc. In October 2008. com/ downloads/ onlinePressKit. Canada 50 www.. creating branded apparel and merchandise for their employees. spawning his first company. Razor’s Edge.iloverewards. canadianbusiness. iloverewards. ca/ top-employer-i-love-rewards).

htm).000 associated with the demise of the program. Staff at the store could also check for winners by using their Point of Sale system. html). The Kachingo website rapidly became one of the most frequently visited in the country. co. Originally Kachingo included 3 draws from the one ticket. In order to win the top prize the ticketholder needed to get all six numbers and the power number. Strathmore Group announced a write-down of NZ$492. Woolworths. html). Retrieved 2008-04-27. [2] "KFC pulls out of Kachingo" (http:/ / www. com/ doc/ 1G1-97900852. operator Global Online claimed that the concept was to be launched elsewhere[5] .[6] References [1] "Kachingo's number is up in NZ" (http:/ / tvnz. Scoop Business. this appears not to have come to fruition. [5] "Kachingo! to stop issuing tickets in New Zealand" (http:/ / www. In April 2003. 14 March 2003. Coke and Cadbury Creme Eggs. 15 March 2003. Kachingo ceased operations in New Zealand in March 2003.000.Kachingo 56 Kachingo Kachingo was a customer rewards programme in New Zealand run by Global Online systems. Retrieved 2008-04-26. $20 and $1000.[4] In announcing the demise of the program. the first draw was a daily draw for $1000. In April 2002 the daily and weekly draws were dropped and the weekly draw was now for $100. nz/ stories/ BU0303/ S00137. . com/ coms2/ summary_0286-22734552_ITM). com/ doc/ 1G1-84995980. Progressive Enterprises and BP[3] . highbeam. . . Retrieved 2008-04-26. Retrieved 2008-04-27. The Dominion Post. the customer could receive additional game lines by spending a higher amount or purchasing certain items in store. Big Fresh. accessmylibrary. [3] "BP disappointed by demise of Kachingo" (http:/ / www.000 and then a monthly draw for at least $250. Price Chopper and KFC (Auckland North only) all joined the Kachingo programme offering rewards to customers shopping at participating stores. . . TVNZ. Each Game Line gave the customer a chance to win money.[1] This followed the withdrawal of KFC[2] . on Teletext and in the store of any participating retailer. Retrieved 2008-04-26. [4] "Kachingo struggles as redemption rates soar" (http:/ / www. Every time a customer spent over a certain amount at any one the participating retail outlets the customer would then receive a ticket with a Game Line on it. accessmylibrary. smaller prizes were for $5. In October 2001. Retrieved 2008-04-27. Some stores had self checkers that customers could use to check tickets themselves prior to redeeming any winning tickets at the counter. nz/ view/ page/ 423466/ 175488). . 17 March 2003. co. scoop.000 each week. highbeam. [6] "Strathmore loses on Kachingo" (http:/ / www. . and rumoured financial problems as redemptions rates increased. Food Industry Week (NZ). BP. com/ coms2/ summary_0286-22876459_ITM). Food Industry Week (NZ). The Dominion Post. Checking tickets could be done on the Kachingo website. 23 April 2002. As a bonus sometimes shoppers received instant prizes when making a Kachingo purchase these prizes included chocolate bars. The programme was first trialed at Super Liquor outlets across New Zealand in December 2000. 3 April 2003. the second a weekly draw for $10. 21 February 2003.

KTX Family Card Benefits • 5% mileage for the money spent on rail ticket • Mybi·T-money transportation card service (X-cash. Although the quick-ticket machine had many benefits. In 1998. jsp [2] http:/ / www. korail. This membership card only had a 10-digit membership number on it. subsidiary of Korail. This card is issued by Korail Networks. All Mybi area and Seoul Subway. AREX accepts this card. the machine and new card were not widely used. ktxfamily. Buses. the National Railroad Administration started to issue Railroad Membership Cards. History In the 1980s. a part of KS transportation card system. com . com/ fs/ index.KTX Family Card 57 KTX Family Card KTX Family Card is the loyalty program and membership card of Korail. The current version of KTX Family Card with IC chip (Smart card) was introduced in 2004. quick-ticket machines and a new membership card with a magnetic strip were introduced. this type of card is widely used until 1998. and KTX Family Lounge in selected station External links • Official Homepage [1] • on-line reserve [2] References [1] http:/ / www. 1% discount) • ‘SMS Ticket’ service (1% discount) • self-printing ‘Home Ticket’ service (1% discount) • ticket home delivery service • free admission for the Railroad Museum of Korea.) • e-ticket service (X-ticket.

2008.[4] Loopt board members include TiVo-founder Mike Ramsay and Greg McAdoo of Sequoia Capital. Phones supporting Loopt include iPhone. including Facebook and Twitter. Loopt announced support for most GPS-enabled Blackberries on June 13.com's The Middle Show with host Dave Price. Boost Mobile featured Loopt in a series of commercials that are most known for the “Where you at?” tag line[7] In August 2007. Loopt Mix. Sam Altman presented the Loopt application for the iPhone. Android and Windows Phone. Inc. CEO www. Stanford sophomores Sam Altman and Nick Sivo worked to build the first prototype of Loopt. That summer. 2008. Loopt produces mobile Location-based services that allow users to discover the world around them. In February 2008. At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2008. Loopt for the iPhone became available to US customers of the Apple iTunes App Store on July 11. They were later joined by Alok Deshpande as well as two of Sam’s childhood friends.[6] a venture firm specializing in early stage startups. Location-based services 2005 Headquarters Mountain View. The application is not yet available in other countries.[5] History Loopt began with seed funding from Y Combinator. and find and enjoy the friends. .25 million in Series B funding in July 2007. Loopt applications offer a variety of privacy controls.[9] Seven months later. BlackBerry.Loopt 58 Loopt Loopt. Loopt sponsored Black20. Rick & Tom Pernikoff. Type Industry Founded Private (venture-backed) Geosocial networking. Loopt expanded the service to select Sprint phones. In addition to the core features of Loopt.[8] Loopt received US$8. California Key people Website Sam Altman.loopt. The Loopt services have more than five million registered users and partnerships with every major U. The company was founded in 2005 and received initial funding from Y Combinator.S. Loopt and CBS did a deal to deliver location based advertising. users also have the ability to integrate Loopt with other social networks. California.[10] In the summer of 2008. which uses location-based services to enable iPhone users to find and meet new people nearby. places and events around them.com [1] Loopt is a company based in Mountain View. United States. mobile phone carrier.[2] Loopt received US$5 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates and struck a deal to launch the service on Boost Mobile devices in September 2006. Loopt released an opt-in feature in Loopt's iPhone application called.[2] Loopt has completed Series A and B financing led by Sequoia Capital[3] and New Enterprise Associates. to Verizon. and in June 2008.

networks. Privacy Loopt is permission-based and users share location information only with their selected friends. Loopt sits on the CTIA's WIC Leadership Council and was an active participant in the creation of the CTIA LBS Best Practices. advisory committee).0 for the iPhone ships in summer 2010. show users where friends are located and what they are doing via maps on their mobile phones. and brightkite. and Cyber Safe California by the California Office of Privacy Protection (member. bringing in content from ZVents. which featured a completely updated design 59 Products and services Loopt's geosocial networking services. buzzd. making it the first service since SMS available across all major networks.[12] In February 2009. In March 2010. Loopt Star was removed from the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace). Loopt works regularly with select organizations that focus on privacy & security including: The Family Online Safety Institute (board member). Loopt was sued by Earthcomber for patent infringement. and MetroPCS. Apple announced iOS4. and SonicLiving.0 ships . discover places and get rewards/deals. • Twitter and Facebook integration: Status updates with a location link can be sent via Loopt to a user's Twitter status or Facebook status. Ponemon Institute.[16] In April 2010.[18] In late 2010.0 Announcements . Users can update location and status and share with friends. • Loopt Star is a mobile game that rewards people for frequently checking in to particular places. exclusively designed for the iPad. Verizon. all Loopt Star functionalities were rolled into the core Loopt app on the iPhone and Android [19] (accordingly. Loopt users can turn location-sharing on or off at any time on a friend-by-friend basis or for all friends at once. With Loopt. Boost Mobile.Loopt's Perspective [17] • Loopt for the iPhone and Android: This is Loopt's core application—the most updated and versatile. • Facebook application: The application was developed in 2008 for users to share location with friends in the Facebook network. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Loopt launched a product called Loopt Pulse. Loopt launched an upgraded version of its iPhone app. National Network to End Domestic Violence. • Website: Loopt provides a web portal which is synchronized with the mobile version of the service. which will allow background real-time location updating on Loopt iPhone app. ConnectSafely. Loopt is currently supported on over 100 different phones across all major carriers.[13] incorporating place and event information to its Pulse database. Loopt launched Loopt version 4. AT&T. . Zagat. Loopt launched an upgraded version of its BlackBerry app. Mobile application: the Loopt software provides real-time location updating (with the exception of the iPhone until OS4. Android and the BlackBerry. Internet Education Foundation.Loopt In October 2008. Apple's OS 4. Progress & Freedom Foundation's Center for Digital Media Freedom. similar to the likes of whrrl.0.0.[11] The case was dropped by Earthcomber in March 2009.org. Loopt has indicated they will support this as soon as Apple ships OS4. In March 2010. These are added to existing content partnerships with Citysearch.[15] The upgraded version includes the same places and events upgrade previously launched in March 2010 for iPhone users. In December 2010.see below).[14] In April 2010. Loopt expanded service again to select AT&T phones. and services. you can find friends. Metromix. and Bing. It is available on select devices across Sprint/Nextel. as well as the iPhone.

html?_r=3&ref=technology&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin)." (http:/ / www. loopt. looptblog. loopt. [5] "Loopt Board of Directors" (http:/ / www. I never asked for this. [24] "Loopt In: Get new version of Loopt for iPhone now!" (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 06/ 01/ technology/ 01loopt.. com/ 2010/ 03/ looking-for-something-fun-to-do-try-the-new-loopt-pulse." (http:/ / www. Loopt posted to its blog that the mass invites could be attributed to a confusing user interface. Mobile Ads Find Users" (http://www." (http:/ / www. . com/ 2009/ 03/ 23/ earthcomber-drops-patent-lawsuit-against-techcrunch-loopt/ ). html). html). [21] "getsatisfaction. . html). it seemed. Wall Street Journal. The comments. Loopt's privacy notice states that users can control who receives geo-location information via privacy settings.com/2008/02/ 06/technology/06mobile. html). [4] "New Enterprise Associates provides funding to Loopt" (http:/ / www. com/ phones). com/ loopt/ 2008/ 07/ iphone-invite-c. com/ PortfolioCompanies/ IT/ ConsumerTechnology/ ). "I'm getting SMSs from Loopt users asking me to be their friend or whatever. com/article/SB120666235472370235. [6] "Crunchbase Profile of Loopt" (http:/ / www. [14] "The Vision Behind Loopt Pulse. . [10] "Loopt in Oz" (http:/ / getsatisfaction. com/ 2008/ 02/ 06/ loopt-cbs-mobile/ ). .[23] and on July 17. • Amol Sharma and Jessica Vascellaro (2008-03-28). com/ company/ loopt/ ).wsj. com/ 2010/ 12/ 06/ loopt-advances-communication-and-discovery-tools-re-designs-application/ [20] "Loopt Privacy Policies" (http:/ / www. More upsetting." On July 14. [15] "Plan your next move on the new Pulse on Loopt for BlackBerry. "Phones Will Soon Tell Where You Are" (http://online. point out they continue to ignore STOP messages[22] (a command that automated text-message services use which is supposed to allow people to control whether they receive messages). Loopt" (http:/ / www.[21] Merlin Mann complained. html). . com/ 2008/ 06/ loopt-is-now-su. When Loopt released its native iPhone application on July 10. loopt. html). com/ about/ privacy-security). New York Times. . com/ loopt/ 2008/ 07/ sorry-everyone. [22] "Loopt In: iPhone Invite Confusion" (http:/ / loopt.html?mod=googlenews_wsj). nytimes. [13] "Looking for something fun to do? Try the new Loopt Pulse.[24] References [1] http:/ / www. 2008. the SMS service failed to respond to the industry required STOP message. [19] http:/ / about. youtube. looptblog. . . com/ watch?v=ew94okDkCwU). crunchbase. com/ 2010/ 04/ plan-your-next-move-with-the-new-pulse-on-loopt-for-blackberry. techcrunch. typepad. html). typepad. 2008. [9] "Loopt and CBS Mobile Partner for GPS Location-Based Ads" (http:/ / mashable. com/ 2008/ 07/ get-new-version. SMSs cost money. html?hpw). Retrieved 2008-06-10. com/ [2] "Loopt: How it all began. nea. "In CBS Test.nytimes. [17] http:/ / www. techcrunch. .com: How can I never receive another Loopt SMS invitation ever?" (http:/ / www.. 2010-05-31. . Respect for STOP was announced July 15." (http:/ / www. [3] "Sequoia Capital provides funding to Loopt" (http:/ / www. loopt. . 2008. the software quickly gained notoriety for sending Short Message Service (SMS) invites to users' address books without. Holson (2008-02-06). • Laura M.[20] 60 SMS invitation issues Users of Loopt must register their cell phone number. . and date of birth. however. Loopt released an updated version which addressed the issues with the confusing user interface. sequoiacap. [16] "Loopt Supported Phones" (http:/ / www. html [18] "Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card" (http:/ / www. com/ about/ history). .Loopt More details are on Loopt's privacy pages. . the user's knowledge. Retrieved 2008-06-10. and they are working on an improved invitation flow. com/ company/ loopt). informationweek. com/ 2010/ 04/ apples-os4-announcements-loopts-perspective. . . . looptblog. loopt. looptblog. [23] "Loopt In: Improved iPhone Invites" (http:/ / loopt. . The New York Times. looptblog. "Boost Loopt Commercial" (http:/ / www. . html). . 2008. com/ about/ board). com/ blog/ main/ archives/ 2008/ 07/ loopt_social_ne. com/ 2010/ 04/ the-vision-behind-looptpulse-for-the-ipad. com/ 2008/ 10/ 03/ earthcomber-cries-patent-infringement-against-loopt/ ) [12] "Earthcomber drops patent lawsuit against TechCrunch. loopt. [8] "Loopt now supports Blackberry" (http:/ / www. full name. . looptblog. [11] Earthcomber Cries Patent Infringement Against Loopt (http:/ / www. com/ loopt/ topics/ loopt_in_oz). [7] .

[9] LoyaltyOne has received a substantial number of awards covering marketing. human resources.com/) LoyaltyOne LoyaltyOne. It is the official loyalty partner of the Direct Marketing Association and the Canadian Marketing Association. aspx?cp-documentid=922748). In July 2008 the consulting practice of COLLOQUY became LoyaltyOne Consulting. 2006-11-14.000 subscribers. Retrieved 2007-01-12.html). TechCrunch.[5] Established in 1990.time. "The Cheaper. Colloquy produces research articles.com. LoyaltyOne was named one of Canada’s 50 Best Employers and one . 61 External links • Official website (http://www. including industry-specific reports. the Air Miles Reward Program. Retrieved 2007-01-12.com/2008/06/04/ location-technologies-primer/). Inc. Time.Loopt • Josh Quittner (2008-06-09). News. petroleum retail.com/Mobile+ phones+that+track+your+buddies/2100-1039_3-6135209.com/ story/54244. white papers. With over 10 million collectors.msn. travel.technewsworld. Colloquy magazine offers updates and analysis of loyalty issues and best practices for 32.[10] [11] [12] [13] In 2010. • Eric Carr. Built in late 2009. Air Miles is the most recognizable of LoyaltyOne’s lines of business.[2] The most notable of LoyaltyOne’s offices is its Customer Care Centre in Mississauga. "New Ways to Keep in Touch by Cell Phone" (http://tech. financial services.com/products/article.500 employees in offices in Toronto. • "Startup Offers Cell Phone Mapping Service" (http://www. Retrieved 2008-06-09. and hospitality industries to change consumer behavior and create customer loyalty programs. training and leadership.[8] Direct Antidote is a loyalty marketing agency specializing in data-driven creative campaigns.html).au/news/Technology/ New-service-tells-buddies-locations-on-a-cell-phone/2006/11/14/1163266537262. which designs and implements loyalty marketing strategies. Retrieved 2008-06-10. is a North American company that works with brands in retail.com. Ontario. Sydney Morning Herald. Precima develops and executes customer-centric retail strategies.com. Precima. It was originally the in-house analytics arm of the Air Miles reward program and has helped retailers make better decisions using shopper-based insights for over 15 [7] years.com/time/business/article/ 0.techcrunch.html). • Marguerite Reardon (2006-11-14).[3] [4] There are currently seven interrelated businesses under the LoyaltyOne umbrella.[6] Colloquy’s research division develops consumer and business to business research projects and white papers. "Location Technologies Primer" (http://www. Calgary. Air Miles is the largest Canadian loyalty program.00. grocery. PC World. this building features the largest solar array in Canada and has over 800 solar panels. • May Wong. AIR MILES for Social Change. contact centres.1812954. Faster iPhone" (http://www. LoyaltyOne Consulting.[1] LoyaltyOne has been owned by Alliance Data Systems Corporation since 1998 and has approximately 1. Retrieved 2007-01-12. sizing studies and insights into the drivers of consumer behaviour.8599. TechNewsWorld. Retrieved 2006-01-12. dotz and Direct Antidote. • May Wong (2006-11-14). "Start-Up Offers Cell Phone Mapping Service" (http://www.smh. "Mobile phones that track your buddies" (http://news. It is a coalition loyalty program that offers consumers reward miles for their everyday purchases that they can redeem for more than 800 rewards. including Colloquy.loopt.html). Montreal and Cincinnati. and holds educational events on topics in the loyalty marketing industry.

"50 best employers in Canada" (http:/ / www. pdf).LoyaltyOne of Canada’s Greenest Employers. theglobeandmail. positive mileage balance may receive direct mail informing them of the opportunity to redeem their miles for magazines. com/ emaw2009/ 9-AirMilesReward. asp [6] http:/ / colloquy. CBC News. asp?WCE=C=47). Retrieved 2009-09-29. com/ article41154The_High_Toss_Factor______of_Canadian_Consumers_Give_Loyalty_Program_Member_Communications_Low_Scores_for_Relevancy__Direct_A html [10] "Awards and Recognition" (http:/ / www. theglobeandmail. [15] Brearton. customerthink. . Contact Centre Employer of Choice. jsp). Members of frequent flyer programs with an active. The Globe and Mail (Toronto). . . Retrieved 2009-09-29. . Retrieved 2009-09-29. xhtml [2] http:/ / www. com/ WorkForUs/ WorkForUs. carbon49. Since then. hoovers. loyaltyone. . Opportunities to redeem miles for magazines are also available on Airline websites. 2008-08-11. html). . com/ the-loyalty-group/ --ID__126705--/ free-co-factsheet. com/ about. com/ press_release_airmiles. . com/ company/ precima [8] "Flights will cost more Air Miles as of Feb. the-cma. ccemployerofchoice. asp [7] http:/ / www. marketingsherpa. loyaltyone. a program run by CAP Systems. Marketing Sherpa. theglobeandmail. Steve (2009-12-30). . "The top 50 greenest employers" (http:/ / www. 2007. com/ report-on-business/ managing/ the-top-50-greenest-employers/ article1543083/ ). Magsformiles MagsforMiles. [12] "Best Triggered Personalized Email" (http:/ / www. Loyalty One. com/ WhoWeAre/ Awards. htm). The Globe and Mail (Toronto). com/ media. [13] "Winners in 2007" (http:/ / www.[14] [15] 62 Notes [1] http:/ / www. [9] http:/ / www. [14] Jermyn. History CAP Systems began allowing people to redeem miles for magazines in about 1995. htrends. over 50 billion miles have been redeemed for over 50 million magazine subscriptions. 12" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-09-29. aspx [3] Kryhul. The Globe and Mail (Toronto). org/ awards/ awards. [4] http:/ / www. com/ report-on-business/ rob-magazine/ 50-best-employers-in-canada/ article1415568/ actions. ca/ consumer/ story/ 2010/ 02/ 02/ consumer-air-miles.[1] allows people to redeem frequent flyer miles for magazine subscriptions. [11] "Air Miles reward program receives the silver contact centre employer of choice certification award!" (http:/ / www. aspx). . 2010-02-02. "Call centre embraces solar solution" (http:/ / www. com/ report-on-business/ call-centre-embraces-solar-solution/ article1349139/ ). Diane (2010-04-22). cbc. Canadian Marketing Association. Angela (2009-11-03). com/ 2010/ 06/ canada%E2%80%99s-largest-solar-rooftop-case-study-part-one/ [5] http:/ / colloquy.

Television Week. britannica. Frontier Airlines. 2004). magsformiles. eight different times he was told that an 'overwhelming response' meant that title wasn't available. [3] "US Airways: No Mags For Miles. This caused him to not receive the magazines he ordered. "Magazines for miles seems like something for nothing" [6]. Randy (September 7. Mark (October 30. at which time Cutts was informed that he had not updated his frequent flyer profile information after moving from NC to CA. Criticism Mark Dominiak of TelevisionWeek had a bad experience in 2006. Cutts was contacted by both US Airways and MagsforMiles. MattCutts. American Airlines. a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Inc and is headquartered in Stamford.[2] Google SEO expert Matt Cutts had a similar experience. including Delta Air Lines. 2006). United Airlines. Connecticut. com/ blog/ us-airways-frequent-flyer-miles/ #comments-content). of the eight magazines and newspapers Cutts tried to order. "Mixed Messages Hurt Your Brand" (http:/ / www. synapsegroupinc. . mattcutts. . com/ travel/ flights/ miles/ 2004-09-03-askrandy_x. September 15. and others. [3] External links • MagsforMiles website [4] • Synapse Group Inc. he received zero. com [6] http:/ / www. Midwest Airlines. com/ bps/ additionalcontent/ 18/ 23061920/ Mixed-Messages-Hurt-Your-Brand). com [5] http:/ / www. USA Today. But Here's A Credit Card" (http:/ / www. Instead. Hawaiian Air. htm . never receiving the promised magazines. usatoday.Magsformiles 63 Current Partners CAP Systems works with almost all of the major United States domestic airlines. [4] http:/ / www. a week later.com. However. Notes [1] CAP Systems is a business unit of Synapse Group Inc. [5] • Peterson. US Airways. [2] Dominiak. 2009. and by the time he realized it his miles had expired.

Travel.[3] -Over the next three decades. a wholesaler and manufacturer of fine jewelry and engraved watches.C. is a sales and marketing services company that designs employee incentive and reward programs (including incentive travel rewards[2] ) and customer loyalty programs. plans corporate trade shows and events.[3] . the company was concentrating on wholesaling imported watches and became one of the first in the nation to sell wristwatches. Each year.[3] -During the late 1990s and into the new millennium. Research Steve Maritz http:/ / www. com [1] Maritz. training and meeting production.[3] History -In 1894.[3] -By the 1920s. Maritz Research. Its programs are designed to help its clients improve workforce quality and customer satisfaction.L. Maritz began to diversify with new divisions that laid the groundwork for ventures in communications. Maritz Jewelry Manufacturing Company. the sales incentive business flourished. Maritz is the largest source of integrated performance improvement. Maritz branched out again. formed Maritz Canada and added offices throughout Western Europe. Maritz built communications and marketing research businesses.[3] -Through acquisitions starting in 1981. LLC 64 Maritz. and offers traditional market research services such as the creation of product launch campaigns. L. and it began to sell watches.began as a jewelry company Headquarters Fenton. Subsidiaries and segments include Maritz Loyalty and Motivation. marketing research.[3] -With the purchase of a small Detroit travel company in the 1950s.[3] -As the 1960s ended. under the leadership of Steve Maritz. and Maritz Travel. Maritz continued to establish itself as the leader in loyalty reward and incentive travel through strategic partnerships with companies such as American Express. The crisis forced Maritz to look for a new direction. adding group travel as an incentive award.[3] -When the stock market crashed in 1929. travel and market research services globally. Chairman and CEO. LLC Maritz Type Founded Private 1894 by Edward Maritz . the company nearly failed. Maritz also became a leader in automotive marketing research. MO Industry CEO Website Incentives. established a presence in Europe and opened a travel office in Mexico City. Maritz became a major supplier of corporate travel services. jewelry and merchandise to large corporations as sales incentives and service awards for employees. Edward Maritz started the E.[3] -The 1970s ushered in an era of growth and further diversification. maritz.[3] -Today. Maritz produced an increasingly elaborate merchandise awards catalog and added services to promote and administer sales incentive programs.Maritz.

Jim Maritz and his son. "After that. In a very tense series of negotiations. Steve Maritz exercised the terms defined by his father and demanded the surrender of stock owned by his brothers Peter and Phillip. Phyllis.49 billion Number of employees worldwide: 3. with wholly owned offices in the United States. Jr. After Bill Maritz’s death in 2001. Edward Maritz – James A. ill from cancer. to chief operating officer. with fifty percent ownership of the company (following Jim Maritz’s divestiture of assets) questioned Bill Maritz’s leadership of the company. Canada. who had mostly run the incentives business. the United Kingdom and Germany. they divided the company and went their separate ways. the Hoblers agreed in 1994 to sell their stake in Maritz. two sons of company founder. left the company and the two brothers never spoke again. and the legal process dragged on for several years. LLC 65 Generational family problems and internal struggles In the late 1940s. [6] With Bill Maritz and his immediate family sole owners of the company. • World Headquarters: St. ending in a settlement in 2007. Louis campus: 174 acres[13] • • • • • • • • • . Louis. surprised observers by picking the traditional. and Lloyd Maritz – were at odds over the business model for the company.063 [10] Ranked as a Top 15 finalist in the 2008 St. they differed in opinion over how to manage the business. Peter and Phillip Maritz (their sister. had sold her interest in the company two years earlier). Jean Maritz Hobler. James was left with the incentives business. “Maritz”. Asia Pacific and the Americas. The two brothers were struggling with each other for control of the corporation. Sr. wholesale jewelry operation. [5] Several years later. Africa. They soon were competing for a project with General Motors. both under the name. for $62 million. Jean chose a consultant to pick the best leader. In 1998. Mo. – Bill Maritz and Jim Maritz. alliances and preferred suppliers in Europe. Steve Maritz. 1983. On May 31. divorced in 1991). Louis Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” Maritz has a worldwide presence. Lloyd.658 Number of employees in the United States: 3. as did their sister.[7] [8] [9] Facts Maritz does business with 30 of the world’s FORTUNE 50 companies [10] Ranked 305 in the most recent Forbes listing of the “500 Largest Privately Held Companies” Ranked 26 on the 2008 InformationWeek Elite 100 and Top Innovators 250 Award [11] Selected for the 2007 InformationWeek 500 List of "Masters of Technology"[12] Revenues for fiscal year 2008: $1. drafted a will that made it impossible for the brothers to resist Steve’s leadership without jeopardizing their stock holdings in the company (Bill Maritz and his wife. the James Maritz and Lloyd Maritz families no longer spoke with one another. • St. The brothers signed undated resignation letters and the consultant set about studying the company. They sued Steve over valuation of stock. They each controlled one third of the stock. and associates. Alice Maritz Starek. Maritz. As sales rose after World War II. Inc. In 1950. the sons of James Maritz. he began planning for the eventual change of leadership at his retirement. James Maritz III. [4] In 1982. There was dissent from Steve’s brothers. Sr. Jean Maritz Hobler. MO. he promoted his middle son. James Maritz’s company won the project. Bill Maritz." Bill Maritz wrote in his memoir. At their urging. – were in a similar situation as their father and uncle Lloyd had been in 1950. he announced his decision to the brothers in the Maritz boardroom in Fenton.Maritz. He had chosen the plans made by Bill Maritz.

Maritz. Informationweek.jsessionid=KUJ0JAQJP53M5QE1GHPCKH4ATMY32JVN?sortby=Rank). SuccessCare. regardless of the number of points that this represented. "Bon Voyage as a Bonus" (http:/ / travel. com/ 2007/ 03/ 13/ business/ 13incentive. Inc.com . (2007-03-13). [13] "Maritz at a Glance" (http:/ / www. 2009-11-18. html). . Answers. 2009-11-18. . . com/ topic/ maritz-in).nytimes. Participants enter the code number that is located under the bottle cap earn a total of 250 . [12] "InformationWeek 500 Ranked 2007 List" (http:/ / www. bizjournals. [3] more than one million prizes had been redeemed. html). Retrieved 2010-02-18. Retrieved 2010-02-18. .[1] The program was first launched in 2006. retrieved 2010-12-06 [5] Bailey [6] Maritz. . Funding Universe. com/ iw500/ 2007/ top250/ index.Hoover's Corporate Profile. jhtml.bizjournals. com/ document. com/ company-histories/ Maritz-Inc-Company-History. Funding Universe [9] Greg Edwards. retrieved 2010-12-06 [7] Bailey [8] . 2011. retrieved 2010-12-06 [10] Greg Edwards (2008-04-11). These codes are converted into virtual "points" which can in turn be redeemed by members for various prizes or sweepstakes entries. Louis Business Journal (Stlouis. The program has since been extended every year for the past 5 years with the current extension until December 31. The New York Times (Travel.Category 5 . under this system. St.maritz. Limitations The program has always featured limits on the number of codes and points that could be redeemed at one time. com/ stlouis/ stories/ 2008/ 04/ 14/ focus15.com/) . Retrieved 2010-02-18. "In Depth: Best Places to Work . successcare. html). Members who entered 10 codes from 32-can packages could. cfm?documentid=302& categoryID=70). Customers enter codes found on specially marked packages of Coca-Cola products on a website. LLC 66 References [1] http:/ / www. com/ stlouis/ stories/ 2007/ 03/ 05/ story2. .[4] My Coke Rewards official logo. Maritz.com.com.[2] By November of that year. bizjournals. Retrieved 2010-02-18. informationweek. com/ about-maritz/ company-overview/ maritz-at-a-glance. answers.maritz. Fierce Feud Threatens Strong Family Venture (http:/ / www. maritz. [3] "Encyclopedia of Company Histories" (http:/ / www.com My Coke Rewards My Coke Rewards is a customer loyalty marketing campaign for the Coca-Cola soft drink. [4] Jeff Bailey-Wall Street Journal. com/ iw500/ 2008/ top250/ index. Informationweek. com/ [2] White.www. Codes can also be entered "on the go" by texting them from a cell phone. St. Louis Business Journal. . jhtml).2nd: Maritz Inc. . nytimes. External links • Maritz Official Site (http://www. [11] "InformationWeek 500 Ranked 2008 List" (http:/ / www. Prior to February 17. (http:/ / www. members were limited to entering 10 codes per day. Retrieved 2010-02-18. Retrieved 2010-02-18. Martha C. 2009. informationweek.com.com). html)." (http:/ / stlouis. . Steve Maritz Moves On (http:/ / assets.com). aspx). fundinguniverse. maritz.

and whether they have reached the 120 point-per-week limit. points expire after 90 days of user account inactivity. By contrast. or 1. Coca-Cola's online marketing techniques are included in a 98-page report issued in May 2007 by the center and the American University called "Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing: Targeting Children and Youth"[6] [7] which criticizes the program for collecting personal information from children and for promoting obesity. They have been distributed through email. including Powerade. Powerade Zero and Dasani water that are available for those who do not wish to consume high amounts of high fructose corn syrup or caffeine. the participant is told to "hold on to that code". Currently. On February 17. but dropped her lawsuit a few weeks later. an advocacy group interested in regulating how food products are marketed to children. The first assumption—that those who have Coke codes must purchase the product in order to redeem them—was shown to be untrue.820 (an 87% . multi-use codes are identified by being all numeric and may be entered by multiple users. as Coke stated they took into consideration that users may obtain codes from others.020 points (a 41% increase). entering 10-point code once you have accumulated 119 points) do not cause overflow. MyCokeRewards features an expiration date of codes that are entered. 2009. Attempts to enter codes that exceed the limit (for example. and the price of a GPX docking station went up from 975 points to 1. as well.My Coke Rewards points per day. since there was a misinterpretation as to what was required of a user in order to accumulate Coke points and obtain the currently available reward prizes. if they have been entered in any account they will not work again. regardless of the number of codes redeemed per day. a $75 Blockbuster gift card which used to cost 722 points went up to 1. This represented that maximum rate at which points could be accrued without the use of bonus points and similar promotions. meaning a customer must either add points to their account or claim a prize within 90 days to ensure their points do not expire. Single-use codes like those found on Coke products contain a mix of letters and numbers. Bonus points and promotional offers such as "Double Points Days" are still not subject to this weekly limit. Second. including during the 2006 Christmas holiday season.[5] Code reuse There are two types of codes: single-use and multi-use codes. Some items have experienced steep unexpected price increases. Some customers have further accused Coca-Cola of utilizing "bait-and-switch" tactics in the program.[8] Childhood obesity was also a concern for weight-loss instructor Julia Griggs Havey who sued Coca-Cola over the program in 2006. as well as through direct mail and print advertising campaigns in various magazines and other publications. Members are now limited to entering 120 points per week. In addition. Controversy The program is one of several marketing campaigns that have come under fire from the Center for Digital Democracy. My Coke Rewards now has a meter that tells the member how many points they earned during the current week. it was pointed out that the CocaCola Company has other products besides Coca-Cola. These codes can only be used once.[9] The lawsuit was dropped for the specific reason of it being frivolous.750 per week. for example the coupons for a free 20 ounce bottle of Coke increased 25% (from 24 points to 30). 67 A bottle top that could be used for My Coke Rewards. They claim that the prizes for which they had been saving are either constantly out of stock or are no longer available. Both Blockbuster and Disney (with Pirates of the Caribbean) have participated in such special promotions. this system was changed. Thus far the multi-use codes have all started with the digits 10008.

com/ index. [4] http:/ / www.cokezone. . November 9. pdf). For its part. it should be noted. PR Newswire.+ 2006& author=& pub=PR+ Newswire& desc=My+ Coke+ Rewards+ Celebrates+ Redemption+ of+ One+ Millionth+ Reward+ and+ Offers+ 20+ Million+ Free+ Bonus+ Points+ for+ the+ Holidays& pqatl=google). com."Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing" (PDF) (http:/ / digitalads. a customer may redeem points for a "free 20 oz.com/) (KO version) . html).co.com/) (United States) • iCoke (http://www." What the customer receives is a manufacturers coupon.icoke. mycokerewards."Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing" (PDF) (http:/ / digitalads. These increases. sparkling product. Some prizes are advertised as "free. mycokerewards. Coca Cola has maintained that all prizes in the My Point Rewards program are available "while supplies last. [7] Full report -.uk) • Cokeplay (http://www. jsp?adParam=1#windowType:help/ helpID:2/ Skin:true/ SkinType:pillar/ SkinID:home)." For example.ca/) (Canada) • (UK version) (http://www.20. which can be frustrating to customers." and that there is no guarantee expressed or intended that a given prize will either continue to be offered or continue to be offered at the same price. pqarchiver. com/ Protecting+ kids+ from+ online+ food+ ads/ 2100-1025_3-6184479. org/ documents/ digiMarketingFull.lockergnome. mycokerewards. These coupons are not accepted at all retailers who sell Coca-Cola products. com/ ). [8] Stefanie Olsen (May 17. sptimes. CNET news. [3] My Coke Rewards Celebrates Redemption of One Millionth Reward and Offers 20 Million Free Bonus Points for the Holidays (http:/ / pqasb.750 per week to 120 per week). pdf). he or she is responsible for sales tax on the retail price of the product plus any state container deposits. shtml). org/ documents/ digiMarketingBrief. thecoca-colacompany.com/jfk/2009/11/08/ coke-rewards-coca-colas-rewards-and-sweepstakes/) • My Coke Rewards (http://www. redeeming a "free" coupon for a 20 oz. 2006. The Coca-Cola Company press release. for example. took place at the same time as Coca-Cola was taking drastic measures to decrease the number of points awarded (through its February 2009 rule changes which reduced the maximum number of points from 1. Retrieved May 17.My Coke Rewards increase). com/ mobile/ faq. 68 References [1] Official FAQ (http:/ / www. 2007. do?category=1 [5] My Coke Rewards (http:/ / www.mycokerewards. Also. html?dids=1159181731:1159181731& FMT=ABS& FMTS=ABS:FT& date=Nov+ 09. com/ 2006/ 08/ 02/ news_pf/ Business/ Woman_drops_suit_agai. St. External links • Coke Rewards: Coca~Cola’s Rewards And Sweepstakes (http://www. [6] Marketing brief . 2006-02-28. Petersburg Times. [2] Coca-Cola North America Announces Launch of "My Coke Rewards" Largest Program of Its Kind in Coca-Cola History (http:/ / www. com/ prnewswire/ access/ 1159181731.cokeplay. when a customer finds a retailer who does accept the coupons. com/ presscenter/ nr_20060227_americas_mycokeawards. html). 2007). 2006-08-06. [9] Woman drops suit against Coca-Cola (http:/ / www. In California. "Protecting kids from online food ads" (http:/ / news. beverage will cost the consumer $.

the Nectar scheme was made available in Italy as well as in the UK. during the night. and at least 24 hours earlier. Benefits to consumers Points are normally collected at a rate of 2 points for every £1 spent. Nectar also awards points for purchases made through certain online retailers. Sainsbury's shoppers effectively receive just under 1% discount on goods purchased there. the customer must have collected Nectar points in that store within the previous 12 months.5p back for every point collected. This is in contrast to the Sainsbury's till system.citation needed]. cardholders must visit the Nectar website prior to completing their shopping with a given online retailer. collects points at a rate of 1 point per litre. One must collect at least 500 points to be eligible for any offers. This allows cardholders to save up for more expensive rewards. The number of points on offer can vary. as these retailers operate web-based till systems that can communicate with the Nectar system as and when required. The rewards of the scheme were repositioned as treats at this time. or by calling the Nectar helpline. Nectar also sends quarterly Point Update promotional mailings to selected collectors. and the petrol distributors BP. Nectar announced that they had overtaken Tesco Clubcard to become the UKs most popular loyalty card. where cardholders can enter their card number at the checkout. The Nectar Helpline is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Mumbai. After spending £250 (with each receipt rounded down to the nearest pound).50 to be redeemed at the next shop. The Nectar scheme was launched by the founder of Air Miles. Redemption To be eligible to redeem at a given Sainsbury's store. Providing the card is used to collect points at least once in any 12-month period. The same applies at Homebase. The Nectar Card scheme was relaunched in Summer 2007 to celebrate 5 years of the card.[1] From 2010. as well as for reusing old shopping bags at Sainsbury's stores. usually collectors get 0. where Nectar operates as an affiliate for a particular retailer. fuel for instance. These rewards can be ordered on the Nectar website. Nectar also offers a range of rewards that customers may choose in place of money off in store. This does not apply to online shopping with Sainsbury's. Therefore. which translates to a rebate of £2. now part of Groupe Aeroplan. 500 points are earned. and only downloads cardholder information to a store if the card has been swiped in that store in the past 12 months. Extra points may be earned when buying certain products or during particular promotions. This is achieved through affiliate marketing. Points may be redeemed at any Argos or Homebase store without the cardholder having shopped in that particular store before. As a thumb rule. Nectar points do not expire. It was launched in the autumn of 2002 [it was earlier for Sainsbury's only in 1996 . India.Nectar loyalty card 69 Nectar loyalty card The Nectar loyalty card is a loyalty card scheme in the United Kingdom issued by a partnership of suppliers including the supermarket chain Sainsbury's. In 2010 . such as Eurostar tickets and money off holidays with Expedia. however. . the credit card American Express. which communicates with Nectar just once per day. Sir Keith Mills and is operated by the privately held Loyalty Management Group UK.

e. Online: Collect only) Jokers' Masquerade [2] British Gas plc Joined 1st February 2011 The following stores are not members of the Nectar scheme. This reduces the chances of disillusionment or fatigue • More sophisticated offers. 70 Benefits to retailers • Estimated initial 50%-250% return on investment • Increased retention — Due to the nature of the Nectar scheme. via the Nectar website: • • • • • • • • • • Amazon Apple Store Dell Dixons.com Sky viagogo Ticket Exchange Virgin Media . a customer who shops regularly with more than one partner company can gain points faster. (to use the Sainsbury's example again) to turn a customer who buys just the essentials at their local store into a customer who does the main shopping at that store Current members Launch members: • Sainsbury's • BP Other members (in the order they joined): • • • • • • • • • • • • Vision Express Ford Expedia Hertz American Express (Co-branded credit card) The AA Thomson Directories TNS mysurvey.co. Nectar points accrued through purchases under 250 pounds sterling which are subsequently refunded.uk ebay F. for example a frequent customer of a BP filling station who joins Nectar may be tempted into a nearby Sainsbury's where they otherwise would not shop (and vice versa) to gain rewards faster • To turn "tertiary" or secondary buyers into "primary buyers" — i. but points can be collected by shopping with them.Nectar loyalty card At sainsburys store. points out that in many cases Tesco is spending several hundred pounds giving discounts to customers who would be loyal in any case • "Overlap" — The collaboration increases the chance of attracting new customers.com Homebase Argos (In store: Redemption only. Hinds Play. stay on the card holders account.

shoppingday.com [3] http:/ / www.nectar.Nectar loyalty card • Vodafone (joined 2003 . nectar. com/ dynamic/ estores/ retailer/ jokersmasquerade) nectar. however membership ended on 31 August 2005) EDF Energy Stopped issuing Nectar points as of December 31st 2010 Debenhams (Was a launch member. marketingweek. uk/ nectar-trumps-clubcard/ 3009705.nectar. 71 Former members • • • • • • • • • • • • • Barclaycard (Was a launch member. com/ collect/ entertainment.it/) . co.uk/) Loyalty Points Calculator (http://www. however membership ended on 15 February 2008) ebookers (Membership ended on 1 June 2009) Gala Bingo (Membership ended on 1 June 2010) Magnet TalkTalk (Membership ended on 31 August 2009) Threshers Winemark (Northern Ireland only) D&A Brewers Fayre (Membership ended on 1st Feb 2011) Beefeater (restaurant) (Membership ended on 31st Jan 2011) Table Table (Left scheme at End Jan 2011) References [1] (http:/ / www.co. article) [2] Jokers' Masqerade join Nectar Points (http:/ / www. points External links • • • • Nectar homepage (http://www.php) Nectar Italy homepage (http://www.uk/loyalty-points. nectar.loyalty. Gadgets and Games and "Going Out" activities like days out and tickets.co. left 2005 . rejoined 2009) The Nectar scheme also offers the ability to discover entertainment activities through the Nectar Entertainment [3] page.com/) Loyalty Management UK homepage (http://www. These include "Staying In" options such as Movies.

It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research. In addition. customers are categorized into one of three groups: Promoters (9–10 rating). The percentage of Detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of Promoters to obtain a Net Promoter score (NPS). Examples include comparing businesses . and Detractors (0–6 rating). Bain & Company.[10] Criticism of NPS Despite its popularity among business executives. and learn more so they can coach account representatives.[5] Allianz. and increasing interpretability of changes in customer satisfaction trends over time. Hayes (2008) found no scientific evidence that the "likelihood to recommend" question is a better predictor of business growth compared to other customer-loyalty questions (e.Net Promoter 72 Net Promoter Net Promoter is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. providing a stable measure of business performance that can be compared across business units and even across industries. likelihood to purchase again).[3] Local office branch managers at Charles Schwab Corporation.[9] and Westpac Banking Corporation. solve problems.[12] Environmental factors may exert an influence on customers' response to the "recommend" question—making comparisons across business units or industries difficult in certain cases. It has also emerged as a way to measure loyalty for online applications. Philips. GE.[1] Overview Net Promoter is a customer loyalty metric developed by (and a registered trademark of) Fred Reichheld. and an NPS of +50 is excellent. Passives (7–8 rating). does not measure anything different from other conventional loyalty-related questions.[11] Furthermore. It was introduced by Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article "The One Number You Need to Grow".e.[6] P&G. and "Answering the Ultimate Question" by Richard Owen and Laura Brooks. Research co-authored by loyalty consulting competitor IPSOS Loyalty disputes the claims of Reichheld concerning Net Promoter. and Satmetrix. soliciting the reasons for a customer's rating of that company or product.[8] American Express. obscure or hard-to-understand satisfaction metrics or indices. They further claim that a company's Net Promoter Score correlates with revenue growth. An NPS that is positive (i.[2] The most important proposed benefits of this method derive from simplifying and communicating the objective of creating more "Promoters" and fewer "Detractors" — a concept claimed to be far simpler for employees to understand and act on than more complicated. Hayes found that the "likelihood to recommend" question. higher than zero) is felt to be good. as well as social game products.g. instead of correctly using "+" or "-" to show the result. The Net Promoter Score is obtained by asking customers a single question on a 0 to 10 rating scale. Discussed at length in The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth by Fred Reichheld. including E. call back customers to engage them in a discussion about the feedback they provided through the NPS survey process. for example.. These reasons can then be provided to front-line employees and management teams for follow-up action.[4] Proponents of the Net Promoter approach claim the score can be used to motivate an organization to become more focused on improving products and services for customers. the Net Promoter approach has been adopted by several companies.ON. the Net Promoter concept is controversial in academic and market research circles.. Companies are encouraged to follow this question with an open-ended request for elaboration. where 10 is "extremely likely" and 0 is "not at all likely": "How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?" Based on their responses. overall satisfaction. The NPS is not a percentage but some people wrongly put a "%" sign after it.[7] Intuit. NPS can be as low as -100 (everybody is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everybody is a promoter). Specifically. proponents claim the Net Promoter method can reduce the complexity of implementation and analysis frequently associated with measures of customer satisfaction.

Jon (2007): "Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Improving the 'Net-Promoter' Score". [13] Schneider. com/ success-stories/ intuit.39. Berent. Promoters. pdf) [8] Intuit Success Story (http:/ / www.[9] 73 Industry examples General Electric uses NPS to evaluate process excellence for its customers. 2006 (http:/ / www. Frederick F. Daniel Schneider." (http:/ / hbr." Quality Progress. Randall.3.345 [2] Reichheld. Krosnick. hbsp.g. and that the practical benefits of the approach (short survey. . [12] Hayes (2008). and plans to use NPS as a metric to decide the compensation of its leaders. Proponents of the approach also counter that analyses based on third-party data are inferior to analyses conducted by companies on their own customer sets. "A Longitudinal Examination of Net Promoter and Firm Revenue Growth" (http:/ / www. (http:/ / www. 2011. jhtml?id=R0312C& referral=2340). Thomas. delivery services as compared to gyms). "The One Number You Need to Grow" (http:/ / harvardbusinessonline. Harvard Business Review. Symantec and Intuit. harvard. paper presented at the Annual Conference of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR). netpromoter. G. 39). Daniel.[6] and Verizon Wireless uses NPS in all business channels including their call centers and retail stores. pdf) [7] P&G Investor Day presentation. significant information is lost and statistical variability of the result increases. Reichheld. eBay. "The True Test of Loyalty. Bruce Simpson. August 16. (December 2003). htm?chan=db) [10] "Net Promoter Score for Social Gaming. but fail to address the practical benefits of the approach. the 11-point scale advocated by Reicheld had the lowest predictive validity of the scales tested. allianz.. where customer attitudes may be likely to change over time. Jon Krosnick. net/ library/ 10/ 104/ 104574/ items/ 224938/ PGHandOut-Final2. simple concept to communicate) outweigh any statistical inferiority of the approach. By Real Bergevin. other independent research confirms the fundamental claim of a relationship between relative competitive Net Promoter Scores and competitive growth rates. edu/ hbsp/ hbo/ articles/ article.E. 2006 (http:/ / library. com/ AMA/ doi/ pdf/ 10. claiming that by collapsing an 11-point scale to three components (e. [3] "The One Number You Need to Grow: Key Ideas From the Harvard Business Review Article by Frederick F. nytimes. com/ 2006/ 08/ 16/ business/ 16place. . harvard. (http:/ / radoff. June 2008." February 28. html?_r=1& oref=slogin& adxnnlx=1198818120-sAmGN9h3mR8zmqucY4hqA& pagewanted=print) [6] Allianz Capital Markets Day presentation. Tor Wallin Andreassen. php) [9] "Would You Recommend Us?" Business Week. Confronts the Curse of the Conglomerate. Berlin (Germany) .[9] References [1] Call Centers for Dummies.[17] Other companies using NPS include American Express.1509/jmkg. com/ magazine/ content/ 06_05/ b3969090. 71.71. hbsp. found that out of four scales tested. Lerzan Aksoy (July 2007).[9] The validity of NPS scale cut-off points across industries and cultures has also been questioned. which are at the heart of the argument Reichheld and Satmetrix put forth.[14] On the other hand.Net Promoter with an associated social stigma (e. Passives. doi:10. jsp?articleID=R0312C& ml_action=get-article& print=true) HBR In Brief. Afshan Kinder. January 30. Journal of Marketing 71 (3): 39–51. Keiningham. 2006 (http:/ / www. cigarettes or online dating) and businesses with different levels of service fulfillment (e. determining when the survey should be delivered may be more obvious in some cases than in others (such as in the case of a gym). Detractors). atypon-link. 20-26. edu/ b02/ en/ common/ item_detail. 2006. December 16. et al." New York Times. Bruce Cooil. corporate-ir.. com/ blog/ 2011/ 02/ 28/ net-promoter-score-social-gaming/ ) [11] Timothy L.[16] Procter and Gamble uses NPS to measure consumer reactions to its brands.. p. businessweek. retrieved 16 December 2008 [4] "Closing the Customer Feedback Loop. Moreover.[15] Proponents of the Net Promoter approach point out that the statistical analyses presented prove only that the "recommend" question is similar in predictive power to other metrics. December 2009 [5] "With Its Stock Still Lackluster.[13] Others have taken issue with the calculation methodology.g. 1509/ jmkg. 3.[7] Allianz uses NPS to maintain what it calls "customer-centricity". Matt. July 13. com/ migration/ images/ pdf/ saobj_1190832_06_07_13_capital_markets_day___presentation. org/ 2009/ 12/ closing-the-customer-feedback-loop/ ar/ 1) Harvard Business Review.g. BearingPoint." (http:/ / harvardbusinessonline. Winston Siegel.

(http:/ / www. Andreassen. (http:/ / www. General Electric 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report (http://www. 2007.ge. com/ ar2005/ letter_common.com/en/company/companyinfo/nps/nps.com/company/ citizenship/downloads/pdf/webonly/net_promo_score07. ge. retrieved December 23. pdf) [16] GE Letter to Stakeholders. admapmagazine. December 2003 External links • NPS on GE's website (http://www. "On the Hot Seat: Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam" Fierce Wireless.netpromoter.com) — including resources for additional learning about the concept — requires JavaScript for most pages • Net Promoter Score Loyalty Partner (http://www.71.com/AMA/ doi/pdfplus/10. fiercewireless. 2005 (http:/ / www. lse.Net Promoter [14] "Customer advocacy metrics: the NPS theory in practice" Admap.atypon-link.com/ReadArticle. and Aksoy • Official Net Promoter web site (http://www. asp?MagazinesIssueDatesID=62) [15] Advocacy Drives Growth: Customer Advocacy Drives UK Business Growth. Fred.ge.3. htm) [17] Marek.39) by Keiningham.com/) A webbased Net Promoter survey tool . October 30. has an in-depth section about the Net Promoter score. February.pdf) • Industry Week (http://www.1509/jmkg. September 5. Harvard Business School Press. • Reichheld. "The One Number You Need to Grow”.com (http://www. uk/ collections/ pressAndInformationOffice/ PDF/ AdvocacyDrivesGrowth_5-9-05.com/net-promoter-score/) Canada's first Net Promoter partner.wouldrecommend. Harvard Business Review.corsential.htm) — also see Net Promoter Score. how it is calculated and has a blog explaining how to implement and best practices • wouldrecommend. com/ contents-previous-detail. com/ story/ hot-seat-verizon-wireless-ceo-lowell-mcadam/ 2007-10-30) 74 • Reichheld. ac. 2008. Sue. Cooil. 2007.industryweek. 2006. The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth. Fred.aspx?ArticleID=11964) — covers GE's efforts to implement NPS (Link accessed on 6 July 2006) • A Longitudinal Examination of Net Promoter and Firm Revenue Growth (http://www. 2005 Annual Report (http:/ / www.

[2] [3] Headquartered in New York City.NextJump.000 corporations. Spanish [1] Employees Website Type of site Available in Next Jump is an e-commerce company. New York. and institutions including more than 84% of the FORTUNE 100 and nearly 60% of FORTUNE 500 companies. LivingSocial announced a partnership with Next Jump. Boston.[2] The company handles loyalty programs for Dell.com eCommerce English. [4] On June 9. United States Area served Key people Worldwide Charlie Kim Ram Shriram Kevin Parker Phillip Riese 200 www. [5] . Borders and Hilton Hotel. San Francisco and London. the company has over 28.000 merchant partners. and people also get rewarded with WOWpoints every time they buy something.com. On OO. The new alliance will allow LivingSocial to present its daily offers to the 100 million consumers in the Next Jump network. Next Jump has offices in New York City. affinity groups.com . Partnerships Partnership with LivingSocial In April 2011.the first fruits of its partnership with LivingSocial. 2011. with over 90. Next Jump acquires its users through a B2B model.Next Jump 75 Next Jump NextJump Type Founded Founder Private 1994 Charlie Kim Headquarters New York City. Next Jump introduced OO. AARP. people enter their zipcode and are presented with a map filled with LivingSocial deals. both retailers and manufacturers.

Steve (December 5. .com: Local Deals Powered By LivingSocial. techcrunch.com) • OO.com) • MasterCard MarketPlace (http://www. "In addition to Fortune 500 companies." April 13. Retrieved Jun 9. January 14. Next Jump acquired a start-up called FlightCaster that looks to help people predict flight delays — before the airline even tells people about them. Hilton.com) . Retrieved June 9.Next Jump 76 Acquisitions In Jan 2011. TechCrunch. [6] References [1] http:/ / www. New York Times." Jun 9." Jan 10. "The Data That Turns Browsing to Buying" (http:/ / www. [5] Erick Schonfeld. Borders. Dell. com/ 2011/ 01/ 10/ next-jump-acquires-flightcaster-the-flight-delay-prediction-engine/ ).com (http://www. com/ 2011/ 06/ 09/ next-jump-oo-com-livingsocial/ ?utm_source=feedburner& utm_medium=feed& utm_campaign=Feed:+ Techcrunch+ (TechCrunch)). 2010. TechCrunch. nextjump. AARP and the American Federation of Teachers" [3] "Everything You Want To Know About The Most Secretive Startup In The World (Next Jump)" (http:/ / www. it also runs rewards programs for the AARP. . 2011. 2011. com/ 2010/ 01/ 14/ next-jump/ ). 2011. 2011. " Next Jump Introduces OO. Plus Points (http:/ / techcrunch. dailydealmedia. Daily Deal Media. 2011. and Mastercard. Retrieved 2010-01-15.nextjump. Retrieved 2010-01-15. "Next Jump also runs rewards and loyalty programs that offer deals to customers and associates of companies like MasterCard. com [2] Lohr. 2011. Retrieved Jun 9. " LivingSocial Partners with Next Jump to Turn Up the Volume on Sales (http:/ / www.oo. com/ 342livingsocial-partners-with-next-jump-to-turn-up-the-volume-on-sales/ ). Borders and Hilton Hotels. and reaches consumers directly through Overwhelming Offers (which is also an iPhone app) and small businesses through Corporate Perks" [4] Kris Ashton. html?_r=1). com/ 2009/ 12/ 06/ business/ 06unboxed. nytimes. The Flight Delay Prediction Engine (http:/ / techcrunch. Dell. [6] Jason Kincaid. " Next Jump Acquires FlightCaster. External links • Official website (http://http://www. NEA. TechCrunch. 2009).mastercardmarketplace.

1000 PC Points equals $1.000 points or more banked. prescription medication and milk in Quebec. lottery tickets. com?set_language=de) (in German).payback. bigbrotherawards. Retrieved 2008-10-01. • paying for PC Insurance products with a PC debit card or MasterCard. though Quebec residents can not apply for this debit card. As of May 31. Extra PC points can also be offered using coupons or multiple PC points can be offered if the store flyer advertises multiple points for that PC product. . External links • Homepage in German (http://www. or insurance products. Retrieved 2008-08-31. Points may be redeemed once a customer has 20. Customers must also have a second form of payment once points are redeemed (as customers can only use points in multiples of 10. The stated rate of points acquisition is 10 points for every dollar spent on the PC MasterCard. banking services. [2] "In the press" (http:/ / www. PC Points is no longer an exchange partner with Petro-Canada's Petro-Points program. loyaltypartner. [3] "Award winners" (http:/ / www. a bonus of 10 PC Points can be earned for each PC Green shopping bag used at a Loblaw-affiliated store and paying with a PC Financial debit card or PC MasterCard.de/) PC Points PC Points is a rewards program offered by President's Choice Financial when users utilize their MasterCard. . Debit card holders accumulate points at Loblaws stores. com/ en/ company/ in-the-press/ ). html). 2006-08-28. Points can be earned through: • use of a PC Financial debit card at a participating Loblaw Companies-affiliated store. Points may not be redeemed for items such as alcohol. In 2000. Payback was awarded the Big Brother Award in category business and finance. . metrogroup. Retrieved 2008-10-01. • purchases with a PC MasterCard.[3] References [1] "One Card With Double Advantage" (http:/ / www. de/ servlet/ PB/ menu/ 1000176_l2_ePRJ-METRODE-MAINPAGE/ index-checked.[2] It had a turnover of 190 Million Euros in 2007. de/ 2000/ . 2007. Promotions are sometimes used to give bonus points on specific products[1] . or 5 points per dollar spent on the debit card wherever PC products are sold (excluding Quebec). • banking transactions and mortgages with PC Financial.000. depending on the total or amount of points the customer has banked). Points can be redeemed for free groceries or other rewards.Payback (loyalty card) 77 Payback (loyalty card) Payback is a loyalty card scheme launched in 2000 by Metro AG in Germany[1] and has the largest market share. . For example. tobacco.

the first Pepsi Stuff campaign significantly outperformed The Coca-Cola Company's much-anticipated Atlanta Olympics Summer with growth 3 times larger than Coca-Cola's and 2 points of share gained by Pepsi. Deion Sanders. featuring premiums — such as T-shirts. . Celebrities like Andre Agassi. first in North America on March 28. print. bags and mountain bikes[1] — that could be purchased with Pepsi Points through the Pepsi Stuff Catalog or online. In response to the campaign. According to some sources. 2008.[2] History The Beginning The premium-based loyalty program of Pepsico called Pepsi Stuff was launched in the United States on March 28. and the Spice Girls appeared in TV. John Lee Hooker.PC Points 78 External links • http://www. and an extensive line of free merchandise. Derek Jeter. 2000 by PepsiCo and Yahoo! Yahoo! powered the web presence of the Pepsi Points premium program. David Beckham. billions of Pepsi points. hats.ca/ References [1] PC Points promotional website: About PC points (http:/ / www. Jeff Gordon. and a new logo was placed on Pepsi products with the line "Pepsi Stuff. Powered by Yahoo!"[4] Pepsi Stuff was one of the first major consumer promotions to feature a dedicated interactive Web site. asp) Pepsi Stuff Pepsi Stuff was a major loyalty program launched by PepsiCo. Partnership with Yahoo! A five month promotion was launched August 1. 1996[1] and then around the world. and into many international markets. The Coca-Cola Company accelerated and extended its discount pricing programs. the latter mainly enabled by eBay. Other Pepsi campaigns In the years after the initial Pepsi Stuff promotion. 1996. Britney Spears. both Pepsi and Coca-Cola have introduced other promotions in a similar vein to the original campaign. Customers could acquire points from specially marked Pepsi packages and fountain cups. The Pepsi Stuff promotion ended December 31. denim and leather jackets.[1] Points were distributed on 4 billion packages[3] and billions of cups and millions of consumers participated. Also in 2006. Shakira. ca/ en/ unsecure/ about. pcpoints. Jimmy Fallon. Pepsi introduced Pepsi Access in Canada to compete with iCoke. Cindy Crawford. while others involved specific products. Some promotions involved a variety of merchandise. Pepsi's 2002-2003 iTunes campaign fizzled when only 500 cap codes were redeemed. Pepsi Stuff continued to run throughout North America due to consumer and bottler demand. Additional points were sold both by Pepsi and by consumers. Beyoncé. and was eventually expanded to include Mountain Dew and other drinks.com. and Internet advertising promoting Pepsi Stuff. Shaquille O'Neal. PepsiCo produced over 200 million catalogs each year. although that campaign ended in 2007.pcpoints. such as Cash or MP3s.

Retrieved December 31. single bottles generally had one point while can 12-packs had two and 24-packs had four. (http://kdanieli. 1996.php?or=pw.pepsistuff. 2010. March 27. 2010. 2010.[2] Point Values Different products had codes worth different point values. Retrieved December 31. This promotion ended on December 31. 2006. 2009. Items available for redemption through the promotion ranged in value from 5 points (MP3 song download) to 175 points (Vintage Pepsi logo hoodie sweatshirt). . Codes on the inside of the labels allowed consumers to purchase MP3s on Bandit. loyalty program and biggest promotion ever. External links • Pepsi Stuff 2008 promotion home page (http://www.[5] Rebooting Pepsi Stuff In 2008. com/ www_pepsistuff_com_official_website_pepsi_stuff_enter_pepsi_stuff_sweepstakes_use_your_pepsi_stuff_points). . 1996. . March 27. Retrieved December 31. Retrieved December 31.com/entertainment/tv_ads/index. thefreelibrary.1038) • Danieli Consulting (http://kdanieli. [3] "Drink Pepsi Get Stuff" (http:/ / www. Codes from Pepsi NFL Kickoff 12-packs were worth four points. this time in partnership with Amazon MP3 and with a dedicated website that provides a "shopping" experience modeled on the Amazon website. thecoca-colacompany.com . a premium program that is managed through four-billion unique codes that consumers can enter online to redeem over $50 million worth of premiums. My Coke Rewards. The Free Library. February 28. html?res=9904E6DD1539F934A15750C0A960958260). com/ ReleaseDetail. 2010. March 22. The Coca-Cola Company. xomba. cfm?ReleaseID=173768). com/ DRINK+ PEPSI+ GET+ STUFF-a018131943). 2008.xomba. 2000. html) .com/id1. Yahoo!. Pepsi Launched a similar rewards system in New Zealand on 1. www. where the option to pay for certain designated items with Pepsi Points instead of traditional payment methods. Retrieved December 31.fm References [1] "The Media Business: 'Pepsi Stuff' Campaign Set" (http:/ / query. January 1. com/ presscenter/ nr_20060227_americas_mycokeawards. On February 28. nytimes. 2010. [4] "Pepsi-Cola Company And Yahoo! Team To "Power" Pepsi With Yahoo!" (http:/ / yhoo. [2] "www. html). Amazon's partnership follows to Amazon's actual website. client. [5] "News Release: Coca-Cola North America Announces Launch of "My Coke Rewards"" (http:/ / www. 2006 — nearly ten years after the first Pepsi Stuff promotion began — The Coca-Cola Company responded with the launch of its first U.5 litre bottles. shareholder.com. .com/) Principal is the originator of Pepsi Stuff. Pepsi relaunched the program.S.com) • Pepsi Stuff 2008 Super Bowl Ads (http://www. Customers could also redeem points for entry in various sweepstakes. a very similar program to Pepsi Stuff in which consumers collect points printed on packages in Canada. com/ gst/ fullpage. The Coca-Cola Company launched iCoke. is available.pepsiusa.pepsistuff. including a Super Bowl spot starring Justin Timberlake and featuring Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live.The Official Website of Pepsi Stuff" (http:/ / www. In February 2010. Pepsi once again relied on celebrities to advertise the promotion. The New York Times. .Pepsi Stuff 79 The competition In 2005.

Premium (marketing) 80 Premium (marketing) Marketing Key concepts Product • Pricing Distribution • Service • Retail Brand management Account-based marketing Marketing ethics Marketing effectiveness Market research Market segmentation Marketing strategy Marketing management Market dominance Promotional content Advertising • Branding • Underwriting Direct marketing • Personal Sales Product placement • Publicity Sales promotion • Sex in advertising Loyalty marketing • Premiums • Prizes Promotional media Printing • Publication Broadcasting • Out-of-home Internet marketing • Point of sale Promotional merchandise Digital marketing • In-game In-store demonstration Word-of-mouth marketing Brand Ambassador • Drip Marketing Collecting Collectable • Antique • Antiquities Terms Ephemera • Memorabilia Premium • Prize Souvenir • Special edition Topics List of collectables List of hobbies Premiums are promotional items—toys.[1] [2] The consumer generally has to pay at least the shipping and handling costs to receive the premium. souvenirs and household products—that are linked to a product. collectables. . and often require box tops. although historically the word "prize" has been used to denote (as opposed to a premium) an item that is packaged with the product (or available from the retailer at the time of purchase) and requires no additional payment over the cost of the product. or proofs of purchase to acquire. Premiums are sometimes referred to as prizes.

customers benefit from savings and convenience through coupon-free discounts. and parents could get forms to mail-in for radio premiums at the gas stations. Beginning in 1872. the Grand Union Tea Company gave tickets to customers that could be exchanged for merchandise in the company catalog of Grand Union stores. The book was originally available as a prize that was given to the customer in the store with the purchase two packages of the cereal. as the box tops stated. Premiums hit home Betty Crocker products.[10] To avoid confusion with cents-off coupons. New Hampshire. and personal items. opened its first redemption center in 1897. Babbit Company. The early sponsor of Captain Midnight was Skelly Oil. gas stations and later supermarkets. Kelloggs changed the book give-away to a premium mail-in offer for the cost of a dime. where stamps affixed to booklets could be redeemed for store products.[4] The bottom fell out of the trading stamp business in 1965.[6] Childrens premiums Kellogg's Corn Flakes had the first cereal premium with The Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures Book. when supermarkets stopped issuing stamps altogether and started spending more money to advertise lower prices. Ovaltine became the sponsor of Captain Midnight. owned by General Mills.[11] General Mills retired the Betty Crocker Catalog in December 2006 and ended the premium program after . instead of premiums. came with certificates that could be collected and redeemed for color lithographs. was the first third-party provider of trading stamps for various companies. the economy was robust. including dry goods dealers.[7] But in 1909.[3] The business of premium redemption The Sperry and Hutchinson Company. A. and it continued the premiums through advertising on the labels and foil tops of Ovaltine that could be collected to exchange for Captain Midnight premiums and offering membership to the "Secret [9] Squadron". the premium program was renamed "Betty Crocker Catalog Points" in 1992. This practice caught on and was used by many merchants throughout the 19th Century.[8] At the beginning of the Second World War. and home accessories.Premium (marketing) 81 History Early premiums A merchant in Sudbury. had one of the best-known premium programs when the company started inserting coupons in bags of flour in 1929 which consumers could collect and use to purchase Oneida flatware at a reduced price. but when the G. The customer could then exchange the tokens for products in the store.s returned. In 1932. Michigan. kitchenwares. Later. as the company was commonly called. The first trading stamps were introduced in 1891. started giving out tokens made of copper when a customer made a purchase in 1793. for 25 to 75 percent savings. Customers could take their filled booklets of "green stamps" and redeem them for household products. There were many radio shows that offered premiums to their listeners. S&H Green Stamps. Beginning in 1937. started in 1896 in Jackson. the Blue Stamp Trading System. World War II put the trading stamps premium business on hold for awhile. Over 2. radio was a big player in the promotion and distribution of premiums.[5] Trading stamps have gone by the wayside of the modern retail marketing method of loyalty cards used widely in supermarkets where. usually toys that were closely related to the radio program. the coupons were printed on the outside of the box with point values and could be redeemed through the Betty Crocker Catalog in exchange for cookbooks. and the trading stamps business took off like a storm when numerous third-party companies created their own trading stamp programs to offer to supermarkets and other retailers. Sweet Home laundry soap.I.5 million copies of the book were distributed in different editions over a period of 23 years. but Captain Midnight was one of the best known. a product of the B. the popular coupon program was improved so that consumers could redeem coupons for an entire set of flatware — the pattern was called "Friendship". kitchen items.

ISBN 0-313-33527-3. it is comparatively stricter in several other countries. com/ earn/ clip/ coupons.[12] (Now that the premium program is no longer in effect. (http://books. Norway. Retrieved 2010-12-27. (2004a). Principles of marketing (13th ed. (2008). Andrew F.com/ books?id=4jIOEZ5F9fAC&lpg=PR1&dq=junk food&hl=es&pg=PR1#v=onepage&q&f=false). (2004b). pdf) Phil Ament. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 1" (http:// www. Boxtops4education. ISBN 9780415772617. [10] Fred Reichheld (1996) The Loyalty Effect.studioz7. Hair & McDaniel 2008. . Timelines. Minnesota Public Radio. and Scandinavia have strict consumer protection laws regulating the use of premiums.Invention of Kellpgg's Corn Flakes" (http:/ / www. Charles W. . Jeff R. International marketing: strategy and theory (5th ed. boxtops4education. Food and Fun (http:/ / www. • Lonto. org/ docs/ media/ bg/ loyaltymarketing. Carl (2008). Pearson Education. Lonto 2004a. Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food.[14] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Lamb. Boston. Philip.)[13] 82 Legality Whilst the law in the United States and the United Kingdom governing premiums is relatively lax. (2004c). (2006) (in English). Taylor & Francis. Harvard Business School Press. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 3" (http:// www. Retrieved 2010-12-27. fmi. Armstrong. 504. Cengage Learning. ideafinder. USA: Greenwood Press. pp. ISBN 9780137006694. CT. ISBN 9780324591095. John J. STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING. STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING. the law governing premiums is so strict that they are effectively banned. "Betty Crocker retires her catalog" (http://minnesota. Kotler & Armstrong 2010. In Finland. William (2006-12-14). . [13] "General Mills Coupons" (http:/ / www.shtml). • Onkvisit. aspx). com/ 1910/ kelloggs-offers-first-cereal-premium-prize).com/stamps1. • Lonto.com/stamps2. Jeff R. Austria.com. Lonto 2004c. the value of a premium is restricted to being no more than 10% of the value of the product that is purchased in order to obtain it.com. htm).publicradio. mycereal. "Promotion strategies". Hair.com/stamps3. • Wilcoxen. [14] Onkvisit & Shaw 2008. it is illegal to describe a premium as a free gift.com. • Smith. and Venezuela. pp.org/display/ web/2006/11/28/bettycrocker/). In Japan.studioz7.. STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING. Ideafinder. Bibliography • Lamb. pdf) [12] Wilcoxen 2006. 540. Marketing (10th ed. Shaw. [11] General Mills: 75 Years of Innovation.shtml).. Retrieved 2010-12-27.). pp. Belgium. Sak. Germany. Lonto 2004b.google. Invention. 526. In Argentina. consumers can clip "Box Tops for Education" that are printed on Betty Crocker products to help schools pay for educational supplies. .). "Promotion and Communication Strategies". 1996.studioz7. • Kotler. Westport. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 2" (http:// www.shtml). Joseph F. com/ corporate/ company/ hist_SearchableBook. com/ history/ inventions/ kelloggcf. • Lonto.Premium (marketing) 75 years. Jeff R.). premiums may not be made conditional upon the purchase of a third product. In France. Gary (2010). [8] "Kellogg's Offers First Cereal Premium Prize" (http:/ / timelines. McDaniel. [9] Widner 1998. "Corn Flakes History . Loyalty-Marketing Programs In the Retail Food Industry (http:/ / www.

2008. both wholly owned subsidiaries of Loblaw Companies.shtml). clients perform transactions on the Internet. while MasterCard services are provided by President's Choice Bank. Adweek's Marketing Week: 26–27. and mortgages. and insurance is provided by PC Financial Insurance Agency Inc.D. Services are available in all Canadian provinces. President's Choice Financial was ranked by J. "Captain Midnight — History" (http://www. Any Customers with cheques with the old Amicus number on them can continue to use them. its bank number is the same as CIBC (010). customer interactions are carried out over the Internet.. Old Time Radio. ISSN 0892-8274. There is a number of distinct organizations under the President's Choice Financial umbrella. loans. lines of credit. the telephone. PC Financial has no branches. banking services were provided by the direct banking division of CIBC. there are 234 pavilions in Canada. but when they order new cheques. (1998). Elaine (1992-05-11). James F. Outside of those dates. or by telephone. except Quebec. 2009. RRSPs. President's Choice Financial President’s Choice Financial (French: Services financiers le Choix du Président) is a financial institution that offers banking services through a joint venture between Loblaw Companies (a supermarket chain) and CIBC (a major Canadian bank). Because PC Financial is part of the direct banking division of CIBC. loans) are provided by CIBC.3 million customers. . PC Financial accounts are all located under one transit number as well (30800). "The Premium Lure". savings accounts. at ATMs or at clientcount pavilions located inside Loblaw-affiliated stores.Premium (marketing) • Widner. logo of President's Choice Financial Most standard bank products (cheque accounts.otr. Power and Associates as having the highest customer satisfaction among mid-size Canadian banks in 2007. they will now be under the direct banking division of CIBC and have bank number 010 with transit number 30800 on their new cheques.JD President's Choice Financial The joint venture between Loblaws and CIBC started in 1996.com/cm_history. Amicus is now a division of CIBC Retail Markets and is no longer a separate legal entity. "no-fee" structure. rather. banking services for PC Financial were provided by Amicus Bank. Between January 2001 and October 2005. To benefit from its low-cost. As of January 2009. at an automated banking machine. Applying clients under the age of 18 can apply but visit a pavilion in order to open an account. 83 Further reading • Underwood. PC does not offer business banking services. a wholly owned subsidiary of CIBC. The bank has clientcount approximately 2. and 2010. Amicus Bank used bank number 326 with transit number 30800 for all PC Financial Customers. PC Financial banking offers insurance products.

although cash advance fees are waived at CIBC bank machines.President's Choice Financial 84 Memberships PC Financial. paypass .FREE for family members With the PayPass feature on the PC MasterCard you can just tap your card. • • • • Your purchases are automatically insured if stolen. is a member of the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) and registered member with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). PC Financial MasterCards are embedded with PayPass technology. through CIBC. As of November 2010. a federal agency insuring deposits at all of Canada's chartered banks. a subsidiary of Loblaws. lost or damaged in the first 90 days The manufacturer’s regular warranty is doubled for up to one additional year You can get up to 4 additional cards on your account . PC MasterCard has no relationship to CIBC. get your receipt and check out faster. Services offered • Deposit accounts • No Fee Bank Account • Interest First Savings Account • Interest Plus Savings Account • Lending • Lines of Credit • Borrowing Account • Secured Borrowing Account • Loans • All-Purpose Loan • RRSP Loan • Other lending • Mortgage • Registered Products • Daily Interest Investment Account • Registered Interest Plus Savings Account • Registered GIC • Tax-Free Savings Account • Investments • GICs • Mutual funds (through CIBC Securities) MasterCard The President’s Choice Financial MasterCard credit card is issued by President's Choice Bank.

g. setting up direct deposit to a PC Financial bank account. ca/ RocEn/ cardApp/ contentPG/ no_signature_required_frm. jdpower. ca/ a/ helpful/ dailyBanking. the previous partnership with Aviva came to an end. pcfinancial. PC Insurance's current promotion is as stated: • Put your monthly premium on your President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® or bank card and you’ll get 2x PC points for every premium dollar paid: • When you use your President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard®. com/ Business/ article/ 431454 http:/ / businesscenter. renewing insurance. home and auto insurance are offered only in Ontario and Alberta. During this time. asp?WT. you’ll earn 20 PC points per $1 premium • When you use your President’s Choice Financial® bank card. page#2b https:/ / www. making purchases on the PC MasterCard.) PC Points are provided by President's Choice Bank. Footnotes 1. 4. etc. pcfinancial.ca/) President's Choice Financial MasterCard (http://www.Quebec (http://www. underwritten by SecuriCan General Insurance Company. As of November 2010. aspx?ID=2010123 http:/ / www. you’ll earn 10 PC points per $1 premium PC Points President's Choice Financial products offer reward points (called PC Points) through various channels depending on the product (e. pcmastercard. Their home and auto insurance products returned under a separate "broker model" in January 2010.pcfinance.pcfinancial. 3. ac=MCT1 External links • • • • President's Choice Financial (http://www. com/ news/ pressrelease.pcinsurance.President's Choice Financial 85 Insurance President's Choice offers auto insurance and home insurance.. pet insurance. [1] [2] [3] [4] BMO closes supermarket locations [1] 2010 Canadian Retail Banking Customer Satisfaction Study [2] President's Choice Financial FAQ [3] [4] http:/ / news.ca/) . guelphmercury.pcmastercard.ca/) President's Choice Financial . underwritten through a broker model by a number of selected Canadian Insurance companies. and travel insurance by Travel Guard Canada as managing general underwriter and agent for American Home Assurance Company. President's Choice discontinued their home and auto insurance offerings to new customers in 2009 for a brief period as structural changes were made. banking. Currently.ca/) President's Choice Insurance (http://www. 2.

games. trade cards. candy. plastic mini-spoons. drink. as a loyalty marketing program. laundry detergent. jokes. tazos. trading cards. and soft drinks. and other retail products to increase sales through repeat purchases from collectors. pin-back buttons.Prize (marketing) 86 Prize (marketing) Marketing Key concepts Product • Pricing Distribution • Service • Retail Brand management Account-based marketing Marketing ethics Marketing effectiveness Market research Market segmentation Marketing strategy Marketing management Market dominance Promotional content Advertising • Branding • Underwriting Direct marketing • Personal Sales Product placement • Publicity Sales promotion • Sex in advertising Loyalty marketing • Premiums • Prizes Promotional media Printing • Publication Broadcasting • Out-of-home Internet marketing • Point of sale Promotional merchandise Digital marketing • In-game In-store demonstration Word-of-mouth marketing Brand Ambassador • Drip Marketing Collecting Collectable • Antique • Antiquities Terms Ephemera • Memorabilia Premium • Prize Souvenir • Special edition Topics List of collectables List of hobbies Prizes are promotional items—small toys. The types of prizes have included comics. models (made of paper or plastic). and small toys (made from injection . key rings. Prizes have been distributed through bread. in food. fortunes. magic tricks. trading cards. and other small items of nominal value—found in packages of brand-name retail products (or available from the retailer at the time of purchase) that are included in the price of the product (at no extra cost) with the intent to boost sales. Collectable prizes produced (and sometimes numbered) in series are used extensively. cereal. popcorn. collectables. temporary tattoos. chips. puzzles. crackers. stickers. riddles.

a Cuban cigar manufacturer. started inserting trading cards into bubble gum packs in 1950 — with such topics as TV and film cowboy Hopalong Cassidy. were the first tobacco companies to print advertisements and. & H. Goudey Gum Company of Boston issued baseball cards with players biographies on the backs and was the first to put baseball cards in bubble gum.[7] American Caramel Company.[3] Following the success of cigarette cards. Allan and Ginter in the U. trade cards were produced by manufacturers of other products and included in the product or handed to the customer by the store clerk at the time of purchase.[2] Other inserts in tobacco included tin litho prizes.. not only in sports cards. Wills in 1888. Children would stand outside of stores to ask customers who bought cigarettes if they could have their card. the Red Stockings. produced by Topps in 1952.. ceramics. Many of the top selling non-sports cards were produced by Topps. when the gum became a thing of the past and the cards were sold without the gum. After that collectors of prizes from retail products took to collecting tea cards in the UK and bubble gum cards in the US. cardboard. paper. the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada. and All-American football cards.O. Topps introduced the topic of baseball in trading cards in 1951.[13] Topps purchased the Bowman Gum company in 1956. Star Wars (beginning in 1977)[14] and Garbage Pail Kids (beginning in 1985). there were thousands of tobacco card sets manufactured by 300 different companies. Prizes are sometimes referred to as premiums. and British company W. now known as The Topps Company. or pot metal). and tobacco silks (popular from 1910 to 1916) that could be collected to put in quilts were inserted in or attached to tobacco tins and sometimes catalogued as cigarette cards.[12] The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card is one of the most desirable baseball cards for collectors. in 1886. known as the T-106 tobacco card set. tin litho.[16] . Inc.[9] In fact it is a baseball set. complete with playing record and statistics. Topps in cards Topps Chewing Gum. and Sy Berger created the first modern baseball card. 1973–1977). called tobacco tags (in plug tobacco).[11] Bowman Gum of Philadelphia issued its first baseball cards in 1948 and became the biggest issuer of baseball cards from 1948 to 1952. "Bring 'em Back Alive" cards featuring Frank Buck on big game hunts in Africa. and after the war cigarette cards never really made a comeback. Pennsylvania. including Wacky Packages (1967.Prize (marketing) molded plastic. lithograph pictures on the cards with an encyclopedic variety of topics from nature to war to sports — subjects that appealed to men who smoked. Peck and Snyder trade cards featured the first professional team. distributed by the [10] American Tobacco Company in 1909 that is considered by collectors to be the most popular set of cigarette cards.D. Inc. a sporting goods company that manufactured baseball equipment.[5] The home run of prizes The first baseball cards were trade cards featuring the Brooklyn Atlantics produced in 1868 by Peck and Snyder. In 1869.[4] World War II put an end to cigarette card production due to limited paper resources. Topps was the leader in the trading card industry from 1956 to 1980. although historically the word "premium" has been used to denote (as opposed to a prize) an item that is not packaged with the product and requires a proof of purchase and/or a small additional payment to cover shipping and/or handling charges. In 1933.[8] and Cabañas.[2] By 1900.[1] 87 History Smokers become collectors Some of the earliest prizes were cigarette cards — trade cards advertising the product (not to be confused with trading cards) that were inserted into paper packs of cigarettes as stiffeners to protect the contents.S.[6] Most of the baseball cards around the beginning of the 20th century came in candy and tobacco products produced by such companies as Breisch-Williams confectionary company of Oxford.[15] Topps inserted baseball cards as prizes into packs of gum through 1981. a couple years later.

That's what you get with Cracker Jack!" Although Cracker Jack sales are not what they used to be. microphones.K.[24] In 1909. This greatly improved design flexibility as well as the strength and finish of manufactured parts while reducing [27] production time. Pep pins have included U. could be exchanged for premiums. and much more cheaply. through the prizes (comics) and the premiums (mail-order merchandise).[17] "A Prize in Every Box" The most famous use of prizes in the United States (and the word "prize" in this context) is Cracker Jack brand popcorn confection.000.[25] In 1945.[20] [21] In 2004.[26] Other manufacturers of major brands of cereal (including General Mills. and Quaker Oats) followed suit and inserted prizes into boxes of cereal to promote sales and brand loyalty. or plastic rings. Thermoplastics could be used to produce toys and other plastic objects much more rapidly. and the comics prizes doubled as coupons that. Prizes have been inserted into every package of Cracker Jack continuously since 1912. weight and waste. There have been numerous kids (and adults) who have collected the Bazooka comics as prizes for over 50 years. or both? Bazooka Joe appeared on comics in Topps' Bazooka Bubble Gum beginning in 1953. . Nestlé. cost.[18] A familiar jingle to people who watched television in the United States in the 1960s and '70s goes "Candy-coated popcorn. Technical advances The invention of a screw injection molding machine by American inventor James Watson Hendry in 1946 changed the world of prizes forever. when collected in certain quantities. Kellogg was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal. Topps sells a half a billion pieces of Bazooka Bubble Gum a year. Bazooka Bubble Gum has been shipped to over 100 different countries and it has been translated into over 50 different languages. injection-molded plastic prizes began to appear by the millions in boxes of Cracker Jack and breakfast cereal. because the plastic is not completely melted before being injected into the molds. peanuts and a prize. The marketing strategy that he established has produced thousands of different cereal box prizes that have been distributed by the tens of billions. Bazooka started issuing premium catalogs in 1956. Army squadrans as well as characters from newspaper comics. which permitted the production of complex. There were 5 series of comic characters and 18 different buttons in each set. Bazooka Bubble Gum has a successful loyalty marketing program. injection molding for plastics required much less cool-down time for the toys. Hendry also developed the first gas-assisted injection molding process in the 1970s. Post Foods.[19] The most valuable prizes found in Cracker Jack are the baseball cards distributed in 1914 and 1915. with a total of 90 in the collection.[22] Cereal prizes W. Kellogg inserted a prize in the form of pin-back buttons into each box of Pep cereal. the prize is what keeps loyal customers buying more.[23] The first breakfast cereal prize was The Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures Book given to customers in the stores by merchants at the time of purchase of two packages of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Kelloggs changed the book give-away to a premium mail-in offer for the cost of a dime.Prize (marketing) 88 Prize or premium coupon.S. because recycled plastic could be remolded using this process. In the late 1940s. a complete set of 1914 Cracker Jack baseball cards — including the highly sought after "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Ty Cobb cards — was sold for a record $800. In addition. Over the years. such as bikes. hollow prizes that cooled quickly. with much more competition in the snack industry. Malt-O-Meal.

. television. com/ abouttopps/ history. asp?cardsetID=1004) [9] 1909 Cabañas (http:/ / www. caramel-cards. fabrics. stevetalbot. com/ e107. Retrieved 2010-12-27. and video games) in every 29–gram bag. html) [13] Kendrick's baseball cards find way to Hall (http:/ / mlb. KY. com/ cards/ history. com/ campaigns/ marketing_good_old_days/ [24] Phil Ament. . com/ mlb/ story/ 7946720). cbsnews. fundinguniverse.com. com/ history/ inventions/ kelloggcf. npr. colorful injection molded plastic cucharitas (mini spoons) — in the shapes of different characters from movies. crackerjackcollectors. com/ Cabanas. . A key promotional aspect of Chocopunch since 1997[30] has been. (http:/ / books.Invention of Kellogg's Corn Flakes" (http:/ / www. popcorn confection brand known for the "Prize Inside". USA: Greenwood Press. net/ LauretteTobaccoQuilts. .[29] Usefulness and collectability Winter's. com/ treasure/ autont005. [21] Michele Alice. The injection molded plastic mini spoons come in 12 different shapes and five different colors. com/ 1800s/ trade. php) [3] A Social History Lesson Up In Smoke — Cartophily (http:/ / www. "Collector's Corner: Cracker Jack" (http:/ / www. Andrew F. a Peruvian brand of chocolates owned by Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú S. com/ books?id=4jIOEZ5F9fAC& lpg=PR1& dq=junk food& hl=es& pg=PR1#v=onepage& q& f=false).History (http:/ / www.[28] Frito-Lay also regularly includes tazos and tattoos in packages of Lay's chips worldwide. cbssports. Geoffrey T. html) [20] Brian Marren. htm) [4] Textile Tobacco Inserts and Premiums Used in American Quilts.A. Retrieved December 27. Cheetos Sorpresa Era de Hielo (available in Mexico) included plastic ice molds with characters from the film Ice Age 3 in 45–gram bags. com/ CultureUK/ CigaretteCards. and video games — that are collected as prizes. Collector Books. . baseball-almanac. and Related Household Articles (http:/ / www. CT. html) [10] Tobacco Baseball Cards (http:/ / www. Besides being the current owner of Cracker Jack. com/ cab/ abu/ y205/ m08/ abu0148/ s06). "Corn Flakes History . mlb. television. ISBN 1-57432-289-3 [15] Garbage Pail Kids World (http:/ / members. shtml) [18] Cracker Jack Collectors Association . com/ company-histories/ The-Topps-Company-Inc-Company-History. htm). htm) [19] NPR: Cracker Jack (http:/ / www. topps. cycleback. com/ Cigarette-Card-Guide-Collectibles-History-and-Grading_W0QQugidZ10000000000792783) [6] Early Trade Cards (http:/ / www. Paducah. tripod. References [1] Smith. Retrieved 2011-03-11. auctionbytes. [2] The History of Cartophily (http:/ / www.[30] has a confectionary product called Chocopunch that is a cream chocolate in small individual packages. com/ news/ article. (2006). oldcardboard.. html) [17] Bazooka Joe Turns 50 (http:/ / www. Packaged with Chocopunch El Chavo are mini spoons in the shape of characters from the syndicated cartoon television series El Chavo del Ocho. "Antiques Road Show: 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards" (http:/ / www. Inc. 2010.S. com/ stories/ 2003/ 12/ 24/ earlyshow/ living/ main590162. psacard. asp) [5] Cigarette Card Guide (Collectibles) History and Grading (http:/ / reviews. jsp& c_id=mlb) [14] Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book Identification and Values.Prize (marketing) 89 Modern prize giant Frito-Lay is a world icon in the field of in-package prizes. historic-uk. html). com/ articles/ article_view. which includes a licensed prize (from movies. Retrieved 2011-03-11. Westport. com/ foreign/ canada/ c/ c46/ c46. History (http:/ / www. Ideafinder. google. ebay. htm) [7] Baseball Caramel Cards E107 Breisch-Williams (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-03-11. Chocopunch El Chavo comes with two flavors (chocolate and vanilla) combined in one 17 gram container. . Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food. shtml) [11] The History of Goudey Gum Company (http:/ / www. org/ programs/ morning/ features/ patc/ crackerjack/ index. [22] "CBS Sports: 1914 baseball card set sold for record price" (http:/ / www. jsp?ymd=20100422& content_id=9498860& vkey=news_mlb& fext=. com/ garbage_pail_kids/ ) [16] The Topps Company. html) [8] 1912 C46 Imperial Tobacco (http:/ / www. Frito-Lay has even introduced a brand called Cheetos Sorpresa (English: Surprise). ISBN 0-313-33527-3. cubanbaseballcards. com/ cjcahistory. In parts of Latin America. [23] http:/ / promomagazine. chtml?artid=3886& type=1) [12] Topps History (http:/ / www. ideafinder. pbs. with a total of 60 different items in the collection. org/ wgbh/ roadshow/ archive/ 200803A48. packaged with the product. the U. Carlton.

mx/ articulos. Timelines. . injectionmoldingchiller.A.html) • The Cracker Jack Box (http://members. (http:/ / www. com/ campaigns/ marketing_good_old_days/ ) [27] Injection Molding History (http:/ / www. com/ history. Retrieved 2010-12-27.cox. html) [29] Cheetos Sorpresa trae para ti una congelada y divertida sorpresa: Le Era de Hielo 3 (http:/ / www. php?id_sec=10& id_art=7078& id_ejemplar=0)(Spanish) [30] (Spanish) Inicios de la Good Foods S.com/CerealPrems. retrieved 21 December 2010 90 External links • Cereal Premiums (http://astronit. php).tripod. com. multipress. com. html) [28] Frito-Lay Company to Acquire Cracker Jack (http:/ / www. allbusiness.net/jeepers/CJBhome.Prize (marketing) [25] "Kellogg's Offers First Cereal Premium Prize" (http:/ / timelines. creditosperu. com/ 1910/ kelloggs-offers-first-cereal-premium-prize). pe/ pp-good-foods-s-a.html) . [26] Good Old Days: Will Keith Kellogg (http:/ / promomagazine. .com. com/ food-beverage/ food-industry-food-mfg-snack/ 7052133-1.

php?id=1919/ ). [5] purehmv Terms and Conditions (http:/ / www. and promotional items redeemed through a point system purehmv [1] purehmv Canada is a entertainment customer rewards program implemented by HMV Canada Inc. .[6] Marketing exclusivity The brand works to build cachet through offering exclusive item which can only be redeemed with the program's reward points. [7] "purehmv: Getting Even Closer" (http:/ / www. [3] "hmv gets customers closer to the stuff they love with new rewards program" (http:/ / www. films. newswire. games.Purehmv 91 Purehmv purehmv Industry Founded Retail loyalty program Toronto. embodied in their marketing tagline: "cool stuff money can't buy". Canada (July 14. newswire. Retrieved 14 April 2011.000 customers join HMV's customer loyalty program in first four months" (http:/ / www. "HMV Offers Rewards and Discounts" (http:/ / www. paymentsbusiness. urbanologymag. ca/ [2] Mattos. fazermagazine. html/ ). Marketing. com/ new/ viewPost. strategyonline. fazermagazine. include limited edition collectibles and autographed merchandise. Retrieved 30 November 2010. which offers music.[7] Such items.[4] Method The program rewards customers (who pay a $3 CAD fee) with points given for purchases made at HMV stores and websites.com. 2010. purehmv. Retrieved 30 November 2010. Retrieved 30 November 2010. ca/ en/ releases/ archive/ June2010/ 14/ c4248. History purehmv Canada officially launched on June 14. britannica. htm/ ). ca/ articles/ magazine/ 20100701/ upfronthmv. 2010) Area served Canada Products Website Music. aspx/ ) [6] "Discount or Die?" (http:/ / www. [8] "HMV Rolls Out PUREHMV" (http:/ / www. 2010. . purehmv. July 26.ca. June 14. 2010. .[8] References [1] http:/ / www. Melinda.000 customers joining the program in its first four months. games. paymentsbusiness. strategyonline.com. ca/ News/ Nov2210_hmv. ca/ Terms. films. com/ 2010/ 07/ purehmv-getting-even-closer.[5] Customers can then redeem their points at purehmv's website. html). and promotional items. the memberships are separate and not interchangeable.[3] with more than 300. November 22. 2010. Retrieved 14 April 2011. . com/ bps/ additionalcontent/ 18/ 44287011/ Discount-or-die). html/ ).ca.ca. Retrieved 30 November 2010. . [4] "More than 300. The loyalty program is modeled off of the rewards program of the same name currently active in the UK HMV stores. . .[2] Though Canada and the UK program share the same name. distributed throughout the four categories of reward items. urbanologymag.

purehmv. com [8] http:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2009/ 09/ 28/ when-a-rebate-isnt-a-rebate-its-a-ripoff/ ?icid=main|htmlws-main|dl9|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww. eBay [8]. com [9] http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ Dec-05-Fri-2008/ opinion/ 25524752. [10] Laws regarding rebate cards Use of the term "rebate card" has been outlawed in Canada[11] . NBC. com%2Fblog%2F2009%2F09%2F28%2Fwhen-a-rebate-isnt-a-rebate-its-a-ripoff%2F [5] http:/ / www. While some rebate cards are valid anywhere where a major credit card is accepted. such as certain companies[1] . craigslist. com/ id/ 14382609/ [6] http:/ / www. cardpool. . msn. Some deduct a certain amount from the card as time passes during their life[6] . or for loyalty to a company by accumulating a certain amount of money or number of points worth of purchases from a particular company. most consumers do not get every penny that can be found on a rebate card. html [7] http:/ / www. With many of them. walletpop. To combat these problems. com/ id/ 14382609/ http:/ / www. ebay. msnbc. "Solution to Lousy Rebate Cards" (http:/ / www. org [10] Kuperstein. where consumers can receive cash or cash equivalents for their rebate cards. They are often offered to those who make a specific purchase. msnbc. com/ id/ 14382609/ http:/ / www. it is impossible to know exactly how much is remaining on the card at the point of sale. [11] http:/ / www. A purchase for less than the amount remaining can be made with the card. html http:/ / www. walletpop. html). msn. Criticism of rebate cards Rebate cards have been criticized for not offering consumers the full amount of their value. startribune. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www.Purehmv 92 External links • Official site (http://www. and the companies offering them pocket the remainder[4] . or Craigslist [9]. or at participating retailers. pahrumpvalleytimes. msnbc. Due to the likelihood of a purchase being equal to the remaining amount being so low. nbcmiami. others can be used at a more limited number of locations. com/ news/ business/ Solution-to-Stinky-Gift-Cards-88004057. com%2Fblog%2F2009%2F09%2F28%2Fwhen-a-rebate-isnt-a-rebate-its-a-ripoff%2F . Adam (March 22. but a purchase for even one penny above this amount will be declined. walletpop. business types[2] . msn. or localities[3] . critics recommend consumers exchange their rebate cards on websites like Cardpool [7]. allowing very little time for consumers to use them[5] . com/ local/ 17961349. Rebate cards often have expiration dates. and some other form of payment for the remainder. Very few stores will allow split-tender transactions (transactions in which the rebate card is used for part of the purchase.ca/) Rebate card A rebate card is a debit card that provides funds promised by a business as a rebate. walletpop. 2010). com/ blog/ 2009/ 09/ 28/ when-a-rebate-isnt-a-rebate-its-a-ripoff/ ?icid=main|htmlws-main|dl9|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.

S&H Green Stamps had several competitors. but a series of recessions during the 1970s decreased sales of green stamps and the stamp programs of their competitors. including Triple S Stamps (offered by Grand Union Supermarkets). An S&H Green Stamp History Sperry & Hutchinson began offering stamps to U. Green Stamps were one of the first retail loyalty programs. making their popularity vary substantially from state to state. and fifty "points"—-were perforated with a gummed reverse.S. The books contained 24 pages and to fill a page required 50 "points". and as shoppers accumulated the stamps they moistened the reverse and mounted them in collectors books. and shops) bought the stamps from S&H and gave them as bonuses to shoppers based on the dollar amount of a purchase.S&H Green Stamps 93 S&H Green Stamps S&H Green Stamps (also called Green Shield Stamps) were trading stamps popular in the United States from the 1930s until the late 1980s. Postal Service. however. and gasoline stations among other retailers.S. Some shoppers would choose one merchant over another because they gave out more stamps per dollar spent. including housewares and other items. They were distributed as part of a rewards program operated by the Sperry and Hutchinson company (S&H). and was purchased from a holding firm by a member of the founding Sperry family in 1999.[3] Some states equated the green stamps to gambling and required merchants to obtain an expensive "trading stamp" license. Few did. founded in 1896 by Thomas Sperry and Shelly Hutchinson. Sperry and Hutchinson was sold by the founders' successors in 1981. only about 100 U.[5] . Blue Chip Stamps. Gold Bond Stamps. During the early 1960s. gasoline filling stations. from the local Green Stamps store or catalog. and Plaid Stamps (a project of A&P Supermarkets). the rewards catalog printed by the company was the largest publication in the United States and the company issued three times as many stamps as the U. which were provided free by S&H. Shoppers could then exchange filled books for premiums. Eventually. so each book contained 1200 "points". retailers in 1896.[4] The program had its greatest popularity during the mid 1960s. stores were offering Green Stamps. department stores. Each premium was assigned a value expressed by the number of filled stamp books required to obtain that item. ten. it initiated S&H Pink Stamps in the United Kingdom. having been beaten to their green shield trademark during 1958 by Richard Tompkins's Green Shield Trading Stamp Company.S. At that time. During the 1960s. The retail organizations that distributed the stamps (primarily supermarkets.[2] retailers purchased the stamps from the operating company and then gave them away at a rate determined by the merchant. The company also traded overseas.[1] Customers would receive stamps at the checkout counter of supermarkets. the company modified its practices with the advent of the Internet and now offers "greenpoints" as rewards for online purchases. which could be redeemed for products in the catalog. The stamps—-issued in denominations of one.

In popular culture Stephen King attributes his first original short story idea to his mother's use of S&H Green Stamps. Germaine realizes that the women are. six. Gage does tell Kelly that they brought back half a book of stamps. the episode did exemplify a common response at the time to mass closures of trading stamp redemption centers. Germaine. and are stealing the stamps instead of pasting them into the booklets. Green Stamps. On December 7. Pay by Touch has since become bankrupt. five. hey. 1975. . By now I would've had enough for that sailboat. Jesus saves — S&H Green Stamps. In the 1962 hit "Speedy Gonzales" by Pat Boone. Chester "Chet" Kelly (Timothy "Tim" Donnelly) and John Gage (Randolph Mantooth) are seen licking stamps. it was announced that S&H Solutions was purchased by San Francisco based Pay By Touch.[8] Although this episode did not specifically reference S&H Green Stamps. The purchase price was in excess of $100 million in cash and stock. Furthermore. but their sense of compromise eventually prevails when they buy a portable color television set. In 1964. The bailiffs continue the joke. "Four. down at the cantina they're giving green stamps with tequila!" In the 1961 first episode of Mister Ed. fellas! We got enough for that barbecue. However. come queeck. "Sure. The girls win. the girls and boys fight over 94 books of trading stamps. As time passes. Don L. Jesus saves. so on your way back why don't you just bring it back?" But the Station Fifty-One personnel do not get a barbecue grill. On November 8. the girls want a sewing machine). among other things. in fact. Lee)" references "trading green stamps for brownie points". on Season 5. say. with Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) asking Marsha Warfield as Rosalind "Roz" Russell. The Genesis song "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" contains the line. Ed the talking horse instructs his new owner Wilbur to get him some oats at the feed store. eight--hey. Lee published a poem on Ebony magazine [9] which finished with the sentence "Jesus saves. each wanting to trade them in for different premiums. In "54-40 and Fight.S&H Green Stamps 94 S & H Solutions The company operated Solutions [6] a sales training and incentives program developed for its own sales force but run as a separate profit center offering services to other employers. [11] "Hey Rosita.[7] In a 1987 episode of Night Court titled "A Day in the Life". In March 1969. "Can you imagine degrading yourself for Green Stamps?" Roz replies. the final words of the song."[10] The 1965 Canadian play Les Belles-soeurs is about a group of women who get together one evening to help organize the trading stamp collection (the fictitious Gold Star Stamps of Quebec) of a friend. wait a minute. jealous of her windfall. comedian Allan Sherman released the album "Allan in Wonderland" that contained a parody of the song "Green Eyes" called "Green Stamps". After attempts to reach a compromise fail (the boys want a rowboat. seven. reminding him that "they give green stamps" to loud laughter by the laugh track. 1970. neither side will give in. in the Speedy Gonzales voice. Carol and Mike allow their children to compete to build a house of cards with the winner to decide. Episode 09 of Emergency!. Gage gets diapers for a little baby girl he and Roy DeSoto {Kevin Tighe} had delivered at the start of the show. instead." episode 15 of the TV sitcom The Brady Bunch that originally aired January 9. they must decide in short order since the trading stamp company is going out of business." A Charles Addams cartoon features a mortician offering Green Stamps. The unpublished "Happy Stamps" is about the counterfeiting of (the fictitious) Happy Stamps in order to purchase a house. an elderly prostitute admits to the court that she did it for. 2006. Kelly tells Gage as they are about to leave the station. "Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout!" The poem by Nikki Giovanni "Our Detroit Conference (For Don L.

and sent the list to five friends.shsolutions. oxforddnb. wikipedia. Retrieved 2008-06-19. com/ history.com/) YOU Technology (http://you. The victim was then supposed to send the person on the top of the list. [11] http:/ / www. The victim then removed the top name. com/ remember/ ci_13470567) Richard Davenport-Hines (2004). [5] S&H greenpoints> (http:/ / www. References [1] [2] [3] [4] S&H Solutions | About S&H (http:/ / www. Google Books (http://books. The basic idea for any such scheme was simple: A victim received a letter with 5 names on it. html) Advertising Age "Redeeming Qualities by Jennifer Lach" (http:/ / adage. ydr. or 3905. google. shsolutions. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. . com) [6] http:/ / www. 2001 [8] http:/ / en. org/ wiki/ List_of_The_Brady_Bunch_episodes [9] http:/ / books. 1969. who (unbeknownst to the original victim) also became victims.com) Federal Trade Commission v. March. and offering a bonanza in S&H Green Stamps was one of the schemes that would surface from time to time.S&H Green Stamps 95 Lessons in pyramid schemes In the early 1960s. . com/ americandemographics/ article?article_id=42382) York Daily Record "Remember: S&H Green Stamps By Melissa Nann Burke" (http:/ / www.com/books?id=JeIDAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA1&lr=&rview=1& pg=PA80#v=onepage&q=&f=false) Ebony magazine. google. com/ books?id=JeIDAAAAMBAJ& lpg=PA1& lr=& rview=1& pg=PA80#v=onepage& q=& f=false).greenpoints. a book of S&H Green Stamps. wrote his or her name and address on the bottom. youtube. Sperry & Hutchinson Trading Stamp Co. Pocket Books. com/ books?id=JeIDAAAAMBAJ& lpg=PA1& lr=& rview=1& pg=PA80#v=onepage& q=& f=false [10] Black Don Lee: Ebony magazine (http:/ / books. books in return. greenpoints. "chain" (actually pyramid) letters were common. com/ view/ article/ 51347). "Tompkins. or send each person on the list. (Granville) Richard Francis (1918–1992)" (http:/ / www.net) company website S&H Solutions (http://www. then an individual could receive 3125. com/ watch?v=mcFydf2W1RY External links • • • • • S&H greenpoints (http://www. The mathematics were seemingly simple--if each recipient played along. This was the first introduction of the baby boomers to the sort of pyramid scheme swindle that unscrupulous people could set up if the victims did not understand the limits to growth of such schemes posed by the finite population of possible payors. Stephen: "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft". shsolutions. com'''S& H [7] King. Oxford University Press.google.

The boy could fill in his progress with a felt marker on a picture depicting him riding a bicycle up and over the mountain. Cycling up the mountain represented learning phonetics and how to sound out words. a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. Books In May 2007. and installed it in Menlo Park. commissioned by the founder of SCORE! Educational Centers. science. silver. Kaplan. later built a SCORE! Mountain sculpture in each of its centers. a loyalty marketing professional in Palo Alto.SCORE! Mountain 96 SCORE! Mountain Score Mountain (commonly SCORE! Mountain Challenge). silver. The first SCORE! Mountain was created on paper in 1993 for a first grade boy who was struggling to learn to read. in 2008 there were 165 learning centers serving 82. spelling. a line of educational books for students grades K-6.. When the students attained their goals. The loyalty marketing professional who created the mountain soon thereafter commissioned a large wall version designed in plastics by a local artist. then tracked their progress with felt markers on paper versions of the mountain. Students could affix moving game pieces with their names along the mountain. SCORE! Mountain Challenge is also the brand name of a K-12 series of educational workbooks. Inc. It encapsulates a long-term "goal program that rewards completion. conceived of in 1993 by Ingrid Stabb. Loyalty program SCORE! Mountain also served as a loyalty program with structured marketing efforts that rewarded students. language arts. and their names were placed on SCORE! Mountain. advancing them up a wooden mountain to the summit. California in a SCORE! Educational Center."[1] Wooden sculptures of SCORE! Mountain can be found in SCORE! Educational Centers around the United States and Israel. helping students to set and pursue academic goals: students attain bronze. California. and even 'top of the mountain' goals when they complete a certain number of sessions. or writing. According to the company website. whereas the rest of the path “would be all down hill from there” as he prepared for second grade reading. mathematics. The next iteration was a modern wooden sculpture that represented a mountain. is utilized to visualize and track a goal based on goal-setting theory. keyboarding. and gold award ribbons. The boy enjoyed using the mountain as a motivational metaphor and started reading paragraphs by himself in no time.000 children per year. Reaching the pinnacle represented reading his very first paragraph by himself.[4] . gold. they would receive bronze. students K-10 set goals in reading.[2] The series includes 12 workbooks and dynamic content on the Internet that adheres to standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of English. and therefore encouraged repeat visits to learning centers— behavior which was as a benefit to SCORE! Educational Centers profit model. Kaplan Publishing released a brand extension of SCORE! Mountain with The SCORE! Mountain Challenge Workbook Series.[3] The business model for SCORE! Educational Centers was documented in Harvard Business School Case Studies in 1999 and 2000. There.

nytimes.html?res=9C04E7D71639F931A15751C1A96F958260 • Adler. hbsp. edu/ b01/ en/ search/ searchResults. October 13. and Profits.Helping Students Climb the Learning Curve (http:/ / www. "New Workbook Series Aims at Avoiding the Academic 'Summer Slide'" NYMetroParents. Christine.html • Wyatt. nytimes.SCORE! Mountain 97 References and sources [1] Education Update . It was originally developed by Verifone. May 2007. Emily.educationupdate. Speedpass was one of the first widely deployed consumer RFID payment systems of its kind. and the RFID/EPC (Electronic Product Code) privacy controversy. http://www.nymetroparents. Speedpass was deployed experimentally in fast-food restaurants and supermarkets in select markets.scoremountain. http://query. jhtml?userView=CORPORATE& Ntx=mode+ matchallpartial& Ntk=main_search& Ntt=SCORE+ EDUCATIONAL& x=0& y=0& N=102) • Sherwood. html?res=9C04E7D71639F931A15751C1A96F958260) [4] Harvard Business Online (http:/ / harvardbusinessonline. com/archives/2007/MAY/html/spec-helpingstudents. and Profits. Stop & Shop grocery chain tested Speedpass at their Boston area stores and removed the units in early 2005. . (which merged with Exxon to become ExxonMobil in 1999) for electronic payment. educationupdate. in a Poor Locale" The New York Times. which can be used at approximately 10. Mobil and Esso gas stations worldwide. html) [2] New Workbook Series Aims at Avoiding the Academic “Summer Slide” (NY Metro Parents Magazine) (http:/ / www. com/ gst/ fullpage. 2007. http://www. 1999. "Helping Students Climb the Learning Curve: From Base Camp to Summit with Kaplan’s Tutoring Company. com/ archives/ 2007/ MAY/ html/ spec-helpingstudents. SCORE!" Education Update Online. debuting nationwide in 1997 far ahead of today's VISA and MasterCard RFID trials. Speedpass has also been previously available through a Speedpass Car Tag and Speedpass-enabled Timex watch. harvard. The test was deemed a failure and McDonald's removed the scanners from all their restaurants in mid 2004. "A Learning Center Thrives. Edward.cfm?colid=8868 External links • (http://www.com/newarticle. McDonald's alone deployed Speedpass in over 400 Chicago area restaurants. As of 2004. Additionally.com/gst/fullpage. nymetroparents.New York Times (http:/ / query. December 22. in a Poor Locale . At one point. Ph.D.000 Exxon. com/ newarticle. more than seven million people possess Speedpass tags.com/): Kaplan Publishing description of SCORE! Mountain Challenge Workbook Series Speedpass Speedpass is a keychain RFID device introduced in 1997 by Mobil Oil Corp. cfm?colid=8868) [3] A Learning Center Thrives.

speedpass. and despite each unit having a Verifone logo and being encased in boxes showing the Verifone logo. Rather. 1997 [5] (Retrieved May 30. They were later found. USA to a Verifone office in Florida. the units turned up via a query for "flying red horse". CA. com/ forms/ frmDynPage. External links • ExxonMobil Speedpass site [3] • ExxonMobil Speedpass Location Finder site [4] • Business Week. Mar. money forms that span the history of the United States. 2007) References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. htm . Security of the Mobil Speedpass The ExxonMobil Speedpass uses a cryptographically-enabled tag with a Digital Signature Transponder (DST) which incorporates a weak.Speedpass 98 Technology behind the Mobil Speedpass The ExxonMobil Speedpass is based on the Texas Instruments TIRIS RFID platform. com/ http:/ / locator. businessweek. apparently since the units displayed a small Mobil logo—and the Mobil logo was and is a red Pegasus. speedpass. htm& pgType=N https:/ / www. one intended for installation inside the fuel dispensing "pump". com/ 1997/ 10/ b3517110. speedpass. proprietary encryption scheme to perform a challenge-response protocol. the shipping company had nothing in their lost goods database showing that name. rfidanalysis. The internal codename for the project was thus changed to "Flying Red Horse". Speedpass users are now required to enter their zip code into scanners at some gas stations. 10. Speedpass with Spanish Pieces of Eight. org https:/ / www. The units did not arrive on time and were thought to be lost in transit. USA. RSA Security and a group of students from Johns Hopkins University broke the proprietary encryption algorithm used by the Exxon-Mobil Speedpass. aspx?pPg=ZipVerification. In an attempt to prevent fraud. It was originally designed by Verifone in two configurations. [2] During the 1998 development of the RF250 convenience store reader some prototype units were shipped from Verifone in Rocklin. [1] They were able to successfully copy a Speedpass and use the copied RFID tag to purchase gas. On Jan 29th 2005. and a convenience store model known as the Verifone RF250 (which was a redesign of the SC250 reader for smart cards). com/ http:/ / www.

000 members and 120 participating retail chains. also known as SPC Card. The VIP card is used solely for promotional work and therefore is not sold in stores anywhere. spccard. is a student loyalty discount program in Canada. and travel and more. SPC Card also has a VIP version of the card. Offers vary by participating partner locations. shoes. Each year a new SPC Card must be purchased. The program has a reported 650. food. The expiry date is printed on the front of the SPC Card and does not change regardless of the date of purchase.Student Price Card 99 Student Price Card The Student Price Card. The term SPC Card is an example of RAS Syndrome (Student Price Card Card). The program's membership include high school and college students throughout Canada. costing $9. Students can double their benefits with a BMO SPC MasterCard. offering discounts and deals on items such as fashion. Cardholders receive SPC Card discounts plus their choice of Air Milesreward miles or cash back rewards without paying an annual fee. ca . SPC Card also has a MasterCard with Bank of Montreal.00 CAD plus tax for 12 months. but can be used by those who are not students. External links • SPC Card Official Website [1] References [1] http:/ / www. It retains all the features of a normal SPC Card. The SPC Card is a fee-based loyalty program. The SPC Card is valid from August 1 until July 31 the following year. Students show their SPC Card at participating locations to receive instant savings every time they shop.

and operates in . 1995[3] . forcing the introduction of the previously trialed discount card. although they were fictionalised by performance poet Alexander Velky as The Marketing Genius of Frank Riolfo[5] ."[2] In January 1995. the effect that Clubcard had on Sainsbury's sales led to the reversal of that decision. Poland and several other countries. Ireland. Threatening to inject AIDS-infected blood into stock. with the launch of the Sainsbury's Reward Card in June 1996.Tesco Clubcard 100 Tesco Clubcard Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of leading British supermarket chain Tesco.[6] After two slight amendments to the design of cards in the 1990s by Evans Hunt Scott's creative team. In 1994. Frank Riolfo. Grant Harrison. a former member of the Royal Army Medical Corps. The company. attended a conference where Clive Humby from dunnhumby was speaking. The initial team led by Grant Harrison. Successful trials throughout 1994 led to the Tesco board asking Harrison and Humby to present to the annual Board strategy session. after appeal[4] . and in the UK market in particular has been highly successful. The cards. The first response from the board came from Tesco's then-Chairman Lord MacLaurin. the man responsible for Tesco's trials. Riolfo demanded the company make loyalty cards available to customers. The Tesco Clubcard logo. rather than swiped. History In 1993 Terry Leahy asked the Tesco Marketing team to investigate the potential of loyalty cards. the scheme had a major relaunch in 2005 with all members being sent personalised cards and key fobs which could be scanned at the checkout. were to contain magnetic strips allowing them to secretly function as ATM cash withdrawal cards. The key change since the days of Green Shield Stamps was Clubcard Key fob the ability to cost effectively track individual customer behaviour using a magnetic stripe card. with over 15 million members as of 2010. Frank Riolfo pleaded guilty and was jailed for six years. who said "What scares me about this is that you know more about my customers after three months than I know after 30 years. In the past Tesco had run Green Shield Stamps as a promotional tool which rewarded people for visits and spend but gained no customer information. then chairman of J Sainsbury plc. The scheme was again relaunched in 2008 with all seven million members once again being sent new design cards and key fobs. The Tesco Clubcard scheme was introduced into the Republic of Ireland almost immediately after Tesco's acquisition of Power Supermarkets Limited (now Tesco Ireland). Little coverage of these events remains online. David Sainsbury. The Clubcard scheme operates in the UK. Hundreds of customers. However. offering marketing services. researched programmes across the world and developed a proposal which showed that a loyalty card could be very A new Tesco Clubcard alongside an old-style effective. including Riolfo's wife. Terry Hunt's advertising agency. rejected the idea of introducing a similar scheme. attempted to blackmail Tesco. The loyalty card scheme was not discontinued. had already signed clients such as Cable & Wireless and BMW. Clubcard was subsequently launched nationally with a Direct Marketing campaign by Evans Hunt Scott. Coded copies of the PIN code were published under his instruction in National newspapers. he specified. Riolfo and his wife then toured the country withdrawing cash until they were eventually caught on April 22. signed up to the scheme and collected a card. Dunnhumby had been [1] founded in 1989 by Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn.

[8] Clubcard holders are also entitled to free access to the Clubcard clubs which include: wine club. if a customer brought in a £6 Clubcard voucher.K and up to four times their face value in the R. customers were able to take Clubcard vouchers into stores and 'double them up' for a number of departments. Clubcard was launched in the Czech Republic and Hungary in August and September 2010[7] . . Vouchers can be spent instore on shopping or used on Clubcard Deals where they can be worth three times their face value on selected Deals in the U. if a customer brought in a £5 Clubcard voucher. not a separate scheme. currently mobile phones and ink cartridges.Tesco Clubcard similar fashion. Though operating in a similar fashion to the UK scheme it is independent. so Irish Clubcards can be used in UK stores. Green Clubcard points Green Clubcard points are earned when customers re-use bags when shopping in store (one point per bag). from 17 August 2009. Tesco Clubcard was first introduced in all Tesco Extra stores in Malaysia and later in all Tesco stores. They can also be earned by recycling a limited number of products. After two weeks from the launch of Clubcard in all Tesco stores in Malaysia. similar to a Christmas savings scheme. every two Ringgit Malaysia spent is 1 Clubcard point. or opt out of receiving bagged products when shopping online (one point per ten items delivered). As part of the Clubcard 2 launch. so Irish and British Clubcards can not be used in Slovak stores. While normal Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years. The Tesco Clubcard scheme was introduced into Polish Tesco Stores in 2008. and the remaining £1 (100 points) would go back onto the Clubcard holders account. Cosmetics Skincare and Fragrances. double up vouchers were valid to 3 months. Double up worked in multiples of five pounds. these markets have 1. For example. and SR Slovakia at the end of 2009. Holders can also get double points on special offers and receive one "Green Clubcard Point" for every carrier bag they re-use (UK only).I. These departments included Clothing.000 applications. there were over 800. magazines.O. as part of Tesco's green initiative. These points are stored and built up and four times a year the holder receives a statement and vouchers to the value of points they have saved. 101 Benefits When shopping at Tesco or using Tesco services (such as services from Tesco Finance). it would still double up to £10. Wine and Champagne.5m and 850. In August 2009. Tesco Delivery Charge (grocery) and Tesco Opticians were added on. Flowers and Plants. 'Double up' As part of the major Clubcard relaunch. all instore and online purchases would attract double points (2 points per £1). It is an extension of the UK scheme. These can be used to obtain discounted day trips. In 2007. baby and toddler club. restaurant tokens and many more great offers. Tesco Mobile Top-Up. healthy living club and food club. the Back to School range.. Tesco Instant Travel insurance and Tesco Instant Breakdown cover. In Slovakia every one euro spent is 1 Clubcard point (excluded petrol).Reports indicate that this initiative was successful in increasing the number of active cardholders from 14 million to 15 million in the market year 2009/10. but are listed separately on receipts and Clubcard statements. Toys. this would double up to a £10 voucher. As of September 2010. Green Clubcard points are equal in value to normal points. it was announced that. Clubcard holders receive two points for every £1 (€1 in Ireland) they spend.000 cardholders respectively[7] . You could not double up for groceries. hotel breaks. whilst the Flowers and Plants range was taken off. However. Once earned. through Tesco-branded recycling services. In Malaysia. There is also a facility to save vouchers to be sent near Christmas.

Tesco Clubcard Double Up has been relaunched under a different name, The Big Clubcard Voucher Exchange. The departments are slightly different. The promotion lasts until September 5.


Services that take part in the Clubcard scheme: • • • • • • • • • • • • Tesco stores Tesco.com TescoDiets.com TescoEntertainment.com Tesco Petrol stations Tesco Direct Tesco Bank Tesco Telecoms The Nutri Centre @ Tesco AVIS E.ON UK Marriott Hotels - Earning Points Ended 1 April 2008[9]

• National Tyres • Nationwide Autocentres Double Points are now available across most services, and products.

Privacy concerns
Some Clubcard users have concerns about the information Tesco and dunnhumby hold and what they do with it. Every time a Clubcard is used, a copy of the store shopped in, products purchased and price paid are stored against the Clubcard account. Applicants are asked to provide personal details such as name, address and children. Tesco have stated that this is to help them pick vouchers that are relevant to the holder and also monitor trends to help product availability.[10]

Mobile phone applications
Tesco have recently launched both an iPhone, BlackBerry and a Nokia Ovi applications so points can be collected by presenting a barcode on the handset instead of a keyfob or card. This application may in future offer more functionality including point balances and possibly special offers.[11] . An unofficial Android application is also available. [12]

[1] "About us" (http:/ / www. dunnhumby. com/ uk/ about-us-history-of-success). www.dunnhumby.com. dunnhumby Limited. 2008. . Retrieved 2008-10-12. [2] Mesure, Susie (2003-10-10). "Loyalty card costs Tesco £1bn of profits - but is worth every penny". The Independent. [3] "AIDS blackmail man is jailed" (http:/ / www. heraldscotland. com/ sport/ spl/ aberdeen/ aids-blackmail-man-is-jailed-1. 656568). www.heraldscotland.com. The Herald. 1995. . Retrieved 2010-09-04. [4] "FRANK RIOLFO, R v. [1996 (http:/ / www. bailii. org/ ew/ cases/ EWCA/ Crim/ 1996/ 225. html) EWCA Crim 225 (26th April, 1996)"]. http:/ / www. bailii. org/ . 1996. . Retrieved 2010-09-19. [5] "Alexander Velky ...Has Doubts - The Marketing Genius of Frank Riolfo" (http:/ / hasdoubts. blogspot. com/ 2011/ 01/ marketing-genius-of-frank-riolfo. html). 2011. . Retrieved 2011-03-24. [6] Randall, Jeff (1996-06-23). "Sainsbury plays its loyalty card". Sunday Times (Times Newspapers). [7] "CZECH REPUBLIC: Tesco to launch Clubcard programme" (http:/ / www. just-food. com/ news/ tesco-to-launch-clubcard-programme_id112325. aspx). . Retrieved 2010-09-19. [8] http:/ / sixthsense. yougov. com/ retail-reports/ supermarkets/ loyalty-cards. aspx?target=loyalty

Tesco Clubcard
[9] "Marriott Rewards Members can earn points with partner programmes" (http:/ / www. marriott. co. uk/ Channels/ globalSites/ rewards/ earn/ programs. mi?country=UK). www.marriott.co.uk. Marriott International Inc. 2008. . Retrieved 2010-02-08. [10] Rory Cellan-Jones (2007-06-18). "A journey into personal privacy" (http:/ / news. bbc. co. uk/ 2/ hi/ technology/ 6763307. stm). BBC News on bbc.co.uk. . Retrieved 2008-06-09. "Privacy campaigners are convinced that big companies, from Google to Tesco, know too much about us - and are not careful enough with our data....While call centre staff don't have access to your data, details of all purchases on Clubcard are stored for up to two years." [11] "Nick Lansley's Technology for Tesco.com Blog" (http:/ / techfortesco. blogspot. com/ 2010/ 02/ tesco-clubcard-iphone-app-launches. html). techfortesco.blogspot.com. Nick Lansley. 2010. . Retrieved 2010-02-08. [12] "Tesco Clubcard - Android App on AppBrain" (http:/ / www. appbrain. com/ app/ tesco-clubcard/ com. clubcardapp). appbrain.com. AppBrain. 2010. . Retrieved 2010-10-09.


External links
• www.dunnhumby.com (http://www.dunnhumby.com) • www.tesco.com/clubcard (http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/clubcard/)

Total Rewards
Total Rewards (Europe/North Africa: Player Rewards[1] and South Africa: Emerald Rewards[2] ) is a casino loyalty program at nearly all Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah's Entertainment) locations.

• Began as Total Gold, then re-launched at Total Rewards II, now referred to as Total Rewards • In 2005 after Harrah's Entertainment bought Caesars Entertainment Harrah's announced that the "Connection Card" program (Caesars loyalty program), would be merged into the Total Rewards program. Transferring former Caesars properties from the Connection Card loyalty program to the Total Rewards program began in December 2005 with Flamingo Las Vegas and was completed in May 2006. • Members earn both Reward Credits and Tier Credits based on play at slot machines and table games. • Reward Credits may be used towards meals, merchandise and other items. • Tier Credits are used to determine annual Tier Score.

Properties transferred to Total Rewards
Caesars Entertainment Connection Card: • • • • • • • • • • 12/6/05 - Flamingo Las Vegas 1/17/06 - Bally's Las Vegas 1/17/06 - Paris Las Vegas 2/7/06 - Bally's Atlantic City 2/14/06 - Caesars Palace 3/7/06 - Horseshoe Southern Indiana(formerly Caesars Indiana) 3/21/06 - Harrah's Casino Tunica(formerly Grand Casino Tunica) 4/4/06 - Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel (formerly Sheraton Casino and Hotel Tunica) 4/19/06 - Caesars Atlantic City 6/07 - Caesars Windsor

Other Acquired Properties: • April 2010 - Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Total Rewards


Accumulating Credits
Total Rewards is a credit-based loyalty system. The credits can be accumulated to comp any service, from a hotel room to a round of golf. A guest may accumulate rewards credits at any Caesars property, whether it is by slots or tables. The rate of accumulation is for every $5 spent on a reel slot machine (the traditional slot machine), a credit is earned. For every $10 spent on a video poker machine, a credit is earned. Table games (blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc.) are accumulated differently. The rate is based upon length of play, average bet, and type of game. Also, credits may be accumulated through the Total Rewards Visa credit card. For every $1 spent, 1 credit is earned.[4]

Using Credits
100 rewards credits is equal to $1 in comped value. For example, if a player has 10,000 rewards credits, he or she can use them to get $100 in comped drinks or towards a room. Comping using reward credits is dollar for dollar, meaning if the value of the item the guest wants to comp is $20, they'll need $20 in reward credits in order to fully comp the item. If they do not have enough credits, they can partially comp it. For tier credits, $5 is equal to 1 tier credit.

• Gold - The entry level card that is free to all 21 years or older.[5] • Platinum - Higher tier requiring 4,000 tier credits earned in a calendar year.(Raised from 3,000 tier credits earned in a calendar year in 2007) [6] • Diamond - Higher tier requiring 11,000 tier credits earned in a calendar year. (Raised from 10,000 tier credits earned in a calendar year in 2008). • Seven Stars - The highest tier, requiring 100,000 tier credits. Members are not automatically enrolled as they must be invited by their casino host. Some qualifications, aside from tier credits, include not having any outstanding markers (credit), and not being a security issue at any Caesars property. Guests at this level are the priority for all casino workers. Seven Star guests are provided with priority lines and first available service at participating Caesars properties. Seven Stars members are also entitled to up to four nights complimentary at any Harrah's property, given at least 48 hours notice is provided. Also, Seven Stars receive 25% off spa services, and complimentary entry into spas and health clubs at Harrah's, as well as gift shops. These guests are also entitled to one free trip to any Caesars property per year. Included is complimentary airfare, hotel stay, food, and television viewing. Alternatively, they may also take a complimentary annual cruise. All Seven Stars guests are entitled to complimentary hotel stays and television viewing (including adult entertainment) at any Harrah's property. Also, they are entitled to a birthday dinner at the property and restaurant of their choice, with up to three additional guests. Furthermore, they are entitled to one complimentary spa service per year, up to $100 in value. There is also a separate booklet of merchandise only available for purchase by Seven Star guests, including luxury automobiles. Finally, all Seven Star members are eligible to have one companion member per year. These companion members are entitled to the same amenities as a regular Seven Star guest. However, they are excluded from redeeming the annual trip and other larger amenities. Other perks vary from property to property. • Chairman This level was created for Terry Watanabe, superseding even the Seven Star rank. Perks of this level included "tickets to the Rolling Stones, $12,500 a month for airfare and $500,000 in credit at the gift stores. Harrah's also offered 15% cash back on table losses greater than $500,000, special high-limit games and other [7] incentives." It is unclear if any other Chairman-level player is likely to emerge, for Watanabe's level's of play, resulting in a $189 million loss[8] at CET properties is unlikely to be approached by other gamblers.

Lvrj. html). Nevada. com/ total_rewards/ benefits/ benefits. At Caesars Windsor. but not from any other Caesars property. a few other brands do not participate in the program.com" (http:/ / online. The casino is now closed. jsp) [7] Berzon. One reason for its exclusion may be that this recently-acquired property is. Alexandra (2009-12-05). was the only Caesars property to date to be converted away from Total Rewards. Non-participating properties Although owned by Caesars. Retrieved 2011-02-09. wsj. • Another non-participating property. com/ http:/ / www. jsp) [6] Harrah's Total Rewards: Casino Rewards Benefits (https:/ / www. com/ diamond-club/ [1] [2] [3] [4] External links • Total Rewards (http://www. slated to close down and eventually be demolished to make room for expanding adjacent sister properties. These patrons will also receive direct mail offers from Caesars Windsor. harrahs. lvrj. za/ gaming/ rewards-programme/ http:/ / www. com/ article/ SB125996714714577317. Bill's Casino Lake Tahoe in Stateline. com/ deathwatch/ ) [10] https:/ / www.Total Rewards 105 Caesars Windsor Caesars Windsor (formerly Casino Windsor) has fully converted over to the Total Rewards system and now uses Total Rewards cards. lvrevealed. com/ USCCapp/ Ctl/ entry?sc=FAAS3J& mc=A0000025WU) [5] Harrah's Total Rewards: Casino Rewards Benefits (https:/ / www. Caesars has taken some precautionary measures to ensure no one under the age of 21 attempts to gamble at a US Caesars property. harrahs. billslasvegas. the Property now has Diamond Tier of its own program that allows members to visit any Las Vegas Total Rewards Casino as they would if they were Diamond Total Rewards member and share the same perks as Total Rewards Diamond [10] .News . their card is issued with a special red bar on the card.caesars.com/total_rewards/overview/overview. • Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon in Las Vegas. Notes http:/ / www. Nevada. "The Gambler Who Blew $127 Million . regardless of the guest's age. as they cannot be legally redeemed. Online. However.WSJ.wsj. However. co. com/ news/ 2010/ feb/ 19/ harrahs-officially-takes-over-planet-hollywood/ Credit Card Application | Total Rewards Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card (https:/ / wwwn. .com" (http:/ / www. [8] "High roller strikes deal with Harrah's over debt . com/ news/ high-roller-strikes-deal-with-harrah-s-over--14-7-million-gambling-debt-98034649. Retrieved 2011-02-09.jsp) . due to the minimum legal gambling age in Canada being 19. the tiers and benefits are the same at any other property. Once the guest turns 21. html). . com/ total_rewards/ benefits/ benefits. lasvegassun. This is designed to alert employees on the casino floor if they see anyone with these cards attempting to gamble in the United States. as part of a general overhaul in 2006. playerrewardscard.com. [9] Las Vegas Casino Death Watch (http:/ / www.ReviewJournal. they may be issued a normal Total Rewards card without the red bar. according to much speculation. if a guest is over the age of 19 yet under 21.[9] Although the property doesn't participate in Total Rewards. as opposed to 21 in the United States.com. emeraldcasino. applyonlinenow.

Texas be loyal to the merchant. Merchants would pay a third-party trading stamp company for the stamps. the S&H Green Stamps company boasted that it printed more stamps annually than the number of postage stamps printed by the US government.Trading stamp 106 Trading stamp Trading stamps are small paper coupons given to customers by merchants in loyalty marketing programs that predate the modern loyalty card. "Gold Bond Stamps". and merchants found it more profitable to award them to all customers. housewares. the most popular brand of trading stamps was "S&H Green Stamps". and "Gold Strike Stamps". "Blue Chip Stamps". . such as toys. so that they would continue shopping there to obtain enough stamps to redeem for merchandise. sometimes informally simply known as "green stamps". and take the books to a trading stamp company redemption center to exchange them for premiums. at first given only to customers who paid for purchases in cash. In the early 1960s. Customers would fill books with stamps. The intent of this was to get customers to Plaid Stamps sign at Cracker Barrel restaurant in Lubbock. "Plaid Stamps". It grew with the spread of chain gasoline stations in the early 1910s and the then-new industry of chain supermarkets in the 1920s. These stamps had no value individually. "Texas Gold Stamps" were given away in their namesake state mainly by the H-E-B grocery store chain. Trading stamps were at their most popular from the 1930s through the 1960s. to reward those who did not purchase on credit. In the United States. and Mahalo stamps in Hawaii. Other larger brands. A typical book took approximately 1200 stamps to fill.00 in purchases. Books could also be sent to the trading stamp company in exchange for premium merchandise via mail order catalogs. personal items. included "Top Value Stamps". 1980s where the typical rate issued by a merchant was one stamp for each 10¢ of merchandise purchased. or the equivalent of US $120. An example of the value of trading Gold Bond trading stamps were dispensed in strips at the time of purchase and pasted into stamps would be during the 1970s and books for saving. they could be exchanged with the trading stamp company (usually a third-party issuer of the stamps) for premiums. and then would advertise that they gave away trading stamps with purchases. History The practice started in the 1890s. furniture and appliances. but when a customer accumulated a number of them.

Entrepreneur Richard Tompkins established Green Shield Stamps in the United Kingdom (independent of S&H Green Stamps. episode 20 of the TV cartoon The Yogi Bear Show that originally aired October 7. but with a similar trademark).[8] • In "The Merger". the British co-operative movement was offering trading stamps as a new means of allocating patronage dividends to its consumer members. written around 1957. The girls win. We'll get you the best lawyer green stamps can buy. (Plaid trading stamps was a loyalty program of A&P supermarkets. • In "54-40 and Fight".[6] • In "A Hard Day's Night" (1964).Trading stamp By the 1960s. 2006. • Les Belles-Soeurs. trading stamps had spread to other countries. such as grocery "Preferred Customer" cards. After attempts to reach a compromise fail (the boys want a rowboat. selling stamps at filling stations. 1961." • In 1964.[1] By 1965. • "Homer's Phobia".[5] Their role has been subsumed by rewards programs offered by credit card companies and other loyalty programs. episode 23 of the sitcom Mama's Family that originally aired on December [9] 22. the girls want a sewing machine). • In "Stamp Scamp".[2] [3] [4] The bottom fell out of the trading stamp business in 1965. episode 15 of the TV sitcom The Brady Bunch that originally aired January 9. Fred calls and makes a very small offer just to be able to get trading stamps — a pile of them are seen near the phone. features a group of women sticking Gold Stamps in booklets as its setting. and signing up Tesco supermarkets to the franchise in 1963. musical parodist Allan Sherman had a song "Green Stamps". but the wind keeps blowing the stamp away from them. • In "The Mama who Came to Dinner"." on his album Allan in Wonderland in which the singer describes buying immense quantities of unneeded groceries in the desire to collect trading stamps. She ends up saying that she will use her six books of trading card stamps on a baseball mitt for her nephew's birthday. 1983. unpublished novels by noted science fiction author Philip K. They offer Blue Chip Stamps to anyone who makes an offer on a car. to the tune of "Green Eyes. episode 168 of the TV cartoon The Simpsons that originally aired February 16. Furthermore. 1974. references trading stamps. episode 76 of the TV sitcom Sanford and Son that originally aired December 20. an important two-act Révolution tranquille play by Québécois Michel Tremblay in 1965. when John Lennon enters the 'Baggage Car' scene to play cards.) • "Everybody Hates a Liar". when supermarkets stopped issuing stamps altogether and started spending more money to advertise lower prices. the girls and boys fight over 94 books of trading stamps. he says. Mary receives free trading stamps from a date. 107 Modern cultural references • Nicholas and the Higs is one of several early. Chopper gives Yakky a trading stamp so his book will be completely filled. 1971.[7] • In "Just a Lunch". At the end Fred is at the kitchen table sorting all of the trading stamp books he's collected. episode 17 of the TV sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show the originally aired January 16. "Don't worry. Naomi used three books of trading stamps to buy four TV tray tables for a dinner party. each wanting to trade them in for different premiums. episode 4 of the TV sitcom Everybody Hates Chris that originally aired October 23. Atomic Mite creates a real version of comic book superhero Jackal Lantern and is tricked into covering himself in Plaid trading stamps to send him home. they must decide in short order since the trading stamp company is going out of business. Fred watches a car dealership TV commercial. about a future society wherein trading stamps have replaced currency. • In SFA'S Atomic Mouse issue 3 published in 2001. 1997. centers in part around Chris' father running to redeem the trading stamps before the trading stamp company . Dick. but their sense of compromise eventually prevails when they buy a portable color television set. son. Carol and Mike allow their children to compete to build a house of cards with the winner to decide. neither side will give in. 1970.

pdf). . Retrieved 2008-06-19. wikipedia. com/ p/ articles/ mi_qn4159/ is_20020922/ ai_n12666598). .Trading stamp closes. org/ wiki/ List_of_Everybody_Hates_Chris_episodes [11] It's sweltering hot out (http:/ / blogs. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ List_of_The_Brady_Bunch_episodes [8] http:/ / en. ac. ac. pdf) on 2008-05-28. "CORPORATE STRATEGY IN UK FOOD RETAILING.[10] • Film critic and blogger Roger Ebert nostalgically discusses redeeming Green Stamps for metal book shelves during his boyhood in his essay "It's sweltering hot out" written in 2009. Retrieved 2008-06-19. "THE TRADING STAMP STORY (or When Trading Stamps Stuck) Part 3" (http://www. in 1963 and became one of that company’s largest clients. [3] Geoffrey Owen (February 2003). . wikipedia. oxforddnb.. Retrieved 2008-06-19. "1965 Dividend Stamps introduced as an alternative to the traditional methods of paying the 'divi'. but Rochelle wants a new refrigerator. archive.. The Co-operative Group. and as a response to the adoption of trading stamps by other food retailers.shtml). (Granville) Richard Francis (1918–1992)" (http:/ / www. html) Bibliography • Lonto. org/ web/ 20080528051811/ http:/ / cep. org/ wiki/ List_of_The_Mary_Tyler_Moore_Show_episodes [9] http:/ / en. "Tompkins. [6] http:/ / en. 1980-2002" (http:/ / web. (2004). STUDIO Z•7 PUBLISHING.Background paper by Geoffrey Owen. "Tesco. . individual societies operated their own stamp schemes. issuer of Green Shield stamps. CWS launched the national Dividend Stamp scheme in 1969. wikipedia. Julius wants to get something fun with his trading stamps. uk/ seminarpapers/ 24-05-04+ -+ Background+ paper+ by+ Geoffrey+ Owen. wikipedia." [5] Lonto 2004c. suntimes.[11] 108 References [1] Richard Davenport-Hines (2004). org/ wiki/ List_of_Mama%27s_Family_episodes [10] http:/ / en. com/ view/ article/ 51347). . Oxford University Press.signed up with Sperry & Hutchinson. Jeff R. studioz7. lse. com/ ebert/ 2009/ 06/ its_sweltering_hot_out. co-operative. "Rear window: In the grip of Green Shield mania" (http:/ / findarticles. Archived from the original (http:/ / cep.com/stamps3. coop/ aboutus/ ourhistory/ 1951-2000/ ). [2] David Randall (2002-09-22)." [4] "Our history: 1951–2000" (http:/ / www. org/ wiki/ List_of_The_Yogi_Bear_Show_episodes [7] http:/ / en. lse. Retrieved 2008-06-19. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The Independent on Sunday. uk/ seminarpapers/ 24-05-04 .

Oxford Economics USA. Business Travel". according to the Incentive Research Foundation. rather than just the impact to the department that is sponsoring the incentive.5%. Appeal The anticipation of a reward inspires incentive program participants to change their behaviour to receive the reward. The anticipation of the experience drives behaviour in a way that other rewards can't.S. pdf "The Return on Investment of U.Travel incentive 109 Travel incentive Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive. When an organization properly designs an incentive program.3.[3] . an employee’s total base compensation would need to be increased by 8. • 9. cash flow. http:/ / theirf. However. org/ sites/ default/ files/ 09-10-09_Oxford%20Economics. September 2009. Travel Association. ustravel. employee engagement and customer engagement. the return on investment can be proven.2 out of 10 (2009) agree that "I gain value from incentive travel programs by networking and interacting with other attendees and hosts" • 9.5 out of 10 (2009)agree that "Travel is Appealing as a Reward" [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / theirf.[1] Economic impact Incentive trips. which includes looking at all departments which will be affected. a travel incentive reward contributes to behaviour change because of its appeal. A cash reward is often absorbed into the participant's day-to-day budget and is then forgotten about. meetings and events account for 15% of all travel spending.7% of motivational event marketing budgets are targeted towards sales programs and 57. [1] Incentive travel investments yield a return of investment of more than $4:$1. $240 billion in spending and $39 billion in tax revenue.[2] The economic impact and the AIG Effect have negatively affected incentive travel programs. with spending on incentive travel being reduced. recognition or a loyalty program.S. [3] The Incentive Research Foundation released a study "The Anatomy of a Successful Incentive Program" [4] in 2010. they successfully merged acquired organizations into their company and that they successfully merged their incentive programs. A travel reward is unique from other types of rewards because it is experiential. org/ research/ content/ 6000112/ anatomy-of-a-successful-incentive-travel-program/ Uses 83. which is a business tool used to change behaviour to improve profit. org/ research/ topic/ 440048/ roi/ http:/ / www. Incentive travel generates about $13 billion a year. which creates 2.[2] and executives state that in order to achieve the same effect of incentive travel.1 out of 10 participants (2009) agree that the "Opportunity to earn incentive program encouraged me to increase my efforts" • 9. This study follows the steps that this organization took to ensure that they received a return on their investment.1% of motivational event marketing budgets targeted to Non-Sales Programs. according to the U.4 million jobs. p.

com) Incentive Travel Exchange (http://www. siteglobal.com/) AIBTM (http://www.au/) Motivation Show (http://motivationshow. and 73.[4] ==Associations for Incentive Travel Professionals== *Incentive Travel Council#http:/ / www#incentivemarketing#org/ displaycommon#cfm?an=1& subarticlenbr=297# a Strategic Industry Group within the Incentive Marketing Association *site global#http:/ / www#siteglobal#com# *BTT#http:/ / www#businesstravelteam#co#uk# == Associations pour Incentive Voyage d'affaire == * Voyage de motivation Conseil (http:/ / www#incentivemarketing#org/ displaycommon#cfm?an=1& subarticlenbr=297) une industrie stratégique du Groupe au sein de l'Association Incentive Marketing * site global http:/ [ / www.8% strongly agree to the statement "Trends indicate the focus on Return on Investment measurement is increasing". com/ Portals/ 0/ Research/ SiteIndex_ROI-ROO_FINAL. com/ 2010/ 02/ 16/ aig-business-travel-leadership-meetings-10-corporate-conferences. usatoday. 45% of respondents believe it is likely that firms who do not track results will cease using motivational events. siteglobal.com] *] BTT http://www. com/ Portals/ 0/ Research/ SiteIndex_ROI-ROO_FINAL.org/) • Site International Foundation (http://www.aime.9% of respondents agree and 38.eibtm.com/) Research foundations • Federation (http://incentivefederation.siteglobal.Travel incentive 110 Future of Incentive Travel The latest research the Society of Incentive and Travel Executives (http:/ / www.com/) AIME (http://www.aibtm. com/ money/ companies/ management/ 2009-02-26-travel-incentives-cut_N.com/) CIBTM (http://www. htm [3] http:/ / www.com/Foundation/AboutFoundation.imex-frankfurt.com.5% of respondents want to learn how to build ROI/ROO into the program design and that.com/) GIBTM (http://www.com/) EIBTM (http://www.gibtm.uk [ [Réceptifs du Monde http://www#receptifs#fr] References [1] http:/ / www. pdf [2] http:/ / www. com) (SITE) indicates that 46.businesstravelteam. siteglobal. html [4] http:/ / www.aspx) .incentivetravelexchange.siteglobal.org/Incentive) • Incentive Research Foundation (http://theirf. forbes. pdf External links Trade shows • • • • • • • • IMEX (http://www.cibtm.co.

The VOILÀ Hotel Rewards program was created in 2008 for frequent guests of boutique hotels and independent hotel chains. Centaurus tier members earn an additional 50 percent point bonus [4] .vhr. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is free to join and enrollment in the program is offered online at www. United States Barcelona London Dubai Singapore Shanghai Number of locations 250 hotels (worldwide) Area served Products Parent Website Europe. North America. Middle East. The program relies on repeat guests and rewards frequent stays with increased status and additional privileges. . Every member earns a base rate of 10 points per US$1 spent. Orion and Centarus elite tiers offer additional benefits including increased point earnings. Membership Levels There are three levels of membership in VOILÀ Hotel Rewards: Phoenix. LLC voilahotels. Earning Points Members earn points contingent upon their program tier status.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards 111 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards VOILÀ Hotel Rewards Type Industry Headquarters LLC Travel. Orion status is achieved after 10 night stays are completed in a rolling 12-month period. CA. room upgrades. Centaurus tier members also enjoy no blackout dates on reward reservations. Orion and Centarus.com [2].[3] Phoenix is the introductory level and is awarded to anyone who joins the program. Members can earn and redeem points at participating hotels regardless of brand or location. Asia. These include double point and extra earning offers for stays typically within a one to two month period. Points are collected in a member’s account and can be used to purchase hotel nights. South America Loyalty Program. Orion members earn an additional 25 percent point bonus. Hospitality Newport Beach. Cantaurus status is achieved after 20 night stays are completed in a rolling 12-month period. and access to exclusive lounges. Customer Relationship Management Hospitality Marketing Concepts. Other Earning Opportunities VOILÀ Hotel Rewards offers members a number of promotions.com [1] VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is a hotel loyalty program operated by Hospitality Marketing Concepts.

Ciudad Juarez and Hermosillo. Suceava [18]. Hotel Partners Partner hotels co-brand their programs with VOILÀ Hotel Rewards marketing materials and become active members of the program’s network. Sibiu [17].VOILÀ Hotel Rewards 112 TopGuest November 23. Australia. and 122 cities currently belong to the program. Mexicali. Nearly 300 hotels on 5 continents. Jordan. conferences. United Arab Emirates and Yemen. 2009 with Hoteles Lucerna [11] a Mexican hotel group with five-star properties in Tijuana. Saudi Arabia. The Husa Plus program is currently offered at approximately 145 Husa Hoteles throughout Spain. Oman. Swiss-Belhotel International manages approximately 30 hotels are in China. Swiss-Belhotel International VOILÀ has a loyalty program partnership with Swiss-Belhotel International [23] [24] . Twitter or other participating location-aware applications. Continental Hotels Rewards [13] on June 10. Hoteles Lucerna The VOILÀ loyalty co-branded program Lucerna Rewards [10] program launched May 25. The Hadaya program is offered at nine Coral Hotels and Resorts in the Middle East throughout the UAE. Portile de Fier [19]. 2010 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards announced [5] a partnership with TopGuest [6]. Qatar. 2009. Kayumanis Ubud. Kuwait. Continental Hotels Continental Hotels [12] the first Romanian hotel group. and Tirgu Mures [22]. Vietnam. launched their VOILÀ network hotel loyalty program. Husa Hoteles VOILÀ Hotel Rewards launched in June 2008 with Husa Plus [18]. Arad [15]. . Turnu Severin [20]. in Indonesia. such as Facebook Places. Argentina. Continental Hotels offer accommodation and full facilities for business meetings. a co-branded program for Husa Hoteles [7] . Continental Hotels [12] properties are located in the city centre of Bucharest [14]. VOILÀ members receive 50 VOILÀ points for every virtual Topguest “check-in” on Facebook Places. trainings and also to corporate or private events. and in 13 countries. Topguest is a service that rewards users with loyalty points and perks for virtual “check-ins” via major location-based-services applications. The Philippines. Indonesia. Andorra. Oman and KSA [9] . Egypt. Timisu de Sus [21]. Culiacan. France and Belgium. Coral Hotels & Resorts Coral Hotels & Resorts joined in December 2008 with a co-branded program called Hadaya [8]. was voted as the winner of the 2009 Crystal Award Asia Pacific for the Best Boutique Hotel Spa [25] . Twitter and Foursquare. Kayumanis Kayumanis is a collection of intimate villa retreats located in on the mystical island of Bali as well as a provincial China. Malaysia. Oradea [16].

TheFirstClub. They will then access TheFirstClub. The partnership between VOILÀ and MexicanaGO means VOILÀ members will receive 500 MexicanaGO Points for every 2. 2011 in Rio De Janerio. as well as larger properties in Brazil’s major cities as well as those abroad such as Buenos Aires. 2009 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards announced [33] a partnership with TheFirstClub. Othon Hotels offers over a diverse portfolio of 2. MexicanaGO May 13. Portugal and the USA. The partnership between VOILÀ and Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club means VOILÀ members will receive 150 Qmiles for .com [34] to offer music. members may reedem their accumulated points with program partners. midscale and economy class properties in nine Brazilian cities. and mobile content as part of its VOILÀ’s global loyalty program redemption offerings. Today. Amari Hotels and Resorts VOILÀ has a loyalty program partnership with Amari Hotels and Resorts [29]. enter their unique code and redeem a download of their choice from a library of over 2 million types of content.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards 113 Hotéis Othon Othon [26] now manages a variety of small hotels in some of Brazil’s most beautiful destinations. the present focus being the refurbishment and modernization of all existing properties. In 2003 the Othon Suites brand was developed to offer apartment-style hotels for longer-stay guests. Through this partnership.com October 7. Delta SkyMiles As of October 13. Othon's loyalty program with VOILA was launched on January 20. 2009 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards members may redeem 9 VOILÀ points for each Delta SkyMiles mile. VOILÀ members are able to redeem their points in exchange for TheFirstClub. Redeeming Points for Room Nights Points accumulated in a member’s account can be exchanged for stays at any hotel in the VOILÀ Hotel Rewards network. and Petropolis.500 VOILÀ points they convert. Cabo Frio. The number of points required for an award night varies per hotel [32] .000 rooms across 28 properties and five brands.com download platform. Lisbon and San Francisco. part of the ONYX Hospitality Group [30] [31] . PC games. Hotéis Deville Deville Hotels [28] was founded in 1974 in the city of Curitiba. 2010 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards announced [35] a partnership with MexicanaGO [36].com vouchers. such as Buzios. southern region of Brazil. Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club November 9. in Brazil. It has a total of ten luxury. Redemption Partners In addition to exchanging points for stays at hotels. Future plans include the development of more resorts in the Northeast. supported by many local languages. Brazil [27] . 2010 VOILÀ Hotel Rewards announced [37] a partnership with Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club [38].

VOILÀ partnered with Worldreader. External links Continental Hotels [12] Continental Hotels Rewards [44] Coral Hadaya [8] Coral Hotels & Resorts [45] Hospitality Marketing Concepts [43] Hoteles Lucerna [11] Husa Hoteles [46] Husa Plus [18] Kayumanis [47] Lucerna Rewards [10] Othon Special Guest [48] Deville Star Club [49] Amari's Chorus Rewards [50] MexicanaGO [51] .org In December 2010. Program Awards In 2008 and 2009.org is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring e-readers (like Amazon. HMC currently has offices in North America. HMC has operated turnkey paid membership loyalty programs and developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and proprietary operational technologies for global hotel chains since 1988. InterContinental Hotels Group. 114 Worldreader. South America. Instead of giving children one book. Europe. Skyteam and Star Alliance. the Middle East. and have proven to be a great tool in the classroom. increasing status through frequent stays. Hospitality Marketing Concepts VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is operated by Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC) [43] of Newport Beach.com’s Kindle™) to children in developing nations where illiteracy rates are highest .org [39] to provide members with an opportunity to convert their VOILÀ points into a cash donation [40] . [41] Competition Features of VOILÀ Hotel Rewards including earning points. and redemption of points for hotel stays are similar to the hotel loyalty programs of Hilton Hotels Corporation. and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Worldreader. The devices use cell phone networks to access areas the Internet can’t.000 VOILÀ points they convert. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards received silver Adrian Awards for excellence in Web Marketing by Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) [42] . The structure of the program is similar to frequent flyer airline alliances including OneWorld. e-readers can place entire libraries of books in children’s hands. California.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards every 1. and Asia. consume little power. Central America.

[25] "Kayumanis Ubud was voted as the winner of the 2009 Crystal Award Asia Pacific for the Best Boutique Hotel Spa" (http:/ / www. coralhadaya. aspx). VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. thecrystalawards. hoteis-othon. colloquy. [6] http:/ / www. continentalhotels. Colloquy (free registration required). Retrieved 2010-11-23. The Number One Loyalty Program for Independent Hotels . com. lucernarewards. com/ Press/ PressVOILÀPARTNERSWITHSWISSBELHOTEL/ tabid/ 419/ Default. voilahotels. . com/ breaking_view. voilahotels. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. Retrieved 2010-11-09. [33] "VOILA Hotel Rewards partners with TheFirstClub. . colloquy. continentalhotelsrewards. hoteleslucerna. com/ breaking_view. continentalhotels. voilahotels.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards TheFirstClub [52] TopGuest [53] Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club [54] VOILÀ Hotel Rewards corporate website [1] VOILÀ Hotel Rewards member website [55] 115 References http:/ / www. com/ [24] "VOILÀ Partners With Swiss-Belhotel International. com/ Press/ TopguestPartnerswithVOILÀHotelRewards/ tabid/ 564/ Default. com "VOILÀ member website: Member Benefits" (http:/ / www. thefirstclub. aspx?p=79). com/ [31] "Onyx Hospitality Group Launches New Customer Loyalty Program. com/ [9] "Coral Hotels launches loyalty program" (http:/ / www. . aspx). continentalhotels. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. . MexicanaGO. com/ [11] http:/ / www. The Crystal Awards. aspx). VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. ro/ Continental-Drobeta-Turnu-Severin/ [21] http:/ / www. com/ default. voilahotels. . com/ Press/ OthonSpecialGuestVOILÀProgramLaunch/ tabid/ 567/ Default. aspx). Retrieved 2008-09-10. asp?uid=5230). "VOILÀ Membership Benefits" (http:/ / www. ro/ [13] http:/ / www. continentalhotels. onyx-hospitality. . com/ default. com/ [12] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-03-13. com/ Press/ PressVOILÀpartnerswithMexicanaAirlines/ tabid/ 478/ Default. br/ [27] "Rewards in Rio: VOILÀ Expands Into Brazilian Market with Launch of the Othon Special Guest Hotel Loyalty Program" (http:/ / www. com [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] . ro/ Continental-Tirgu-Mures/ [23] http:/ / www. . colloquy.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards Enters Thai Market" (http:/ / www. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. Retrieved 2009-10-07. continentalhotels. continentalhotels. Chorus Rewards. asp?xd=6518). voilahotels. ro/ Continental-Motel-Portile-de-Fier/ [20] http:/ / www. com [35] "VOILÀ Takes Flight with Its Newest Redemption Partner: MexicanaGO" (http:/ / www.Partnership Gives VOILÀ Members More Perks Worldwide" (http:/ / www. [34] http:/ / www. [28] http:/ / www. asp). VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. [8] http:/ / www. . continentalhotels. . com/ [30] http:/ / www. [26] http:/ / www. ro/ Continental-Gaiser/ [22] http:/ / www. vhr. com/ Press/ AmarisChorusRewardsVOILÀEntersThaiMarket/ tabid/ 562/ Default. ro/ Continental-Forum-Oradea/ [17] http:/ / www. topguest. [10] http:/ / www.com" (http:/ / www. asp?xd=5792). aspx). aspx?p=45). vhr. Retrieved 2011-03-24. Retrieved 2010-05-13. com/ winners. [32] "VOILÀ Redemption Options" (http:/ / www. ro/ Continental-Suceava/ [19] http:/ / www. com. com/ default. Retrieved 2010-06-02. com/ http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-08-13. Retrieved 2011-01-20. com/ breaking_view. ro/ Continental-Forum-Arad/ [16] http:/ / www. ro/ Continental-Forum-Sibiu/ [18] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-02-01. . ro/ [14] http:/ / www. amari. [36] http:/ / www. . com [7] "Voila launches Husa plus loyalty Program" (http:/ / www. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. vhr. Retrieved 2011-03-24. continentalhotels. Announces Increased Earning Opportunities In Asia-Pacific" (http:/ / www. At 2010 World Travel Market . continentalhotels. swiss-belhotel. . deville. Colloquy (free registration required). br/ [29] http:/ / www. vhr. "Topguest Partners with VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. continentalhotels. voilahotels. ro/ Grand-Hotel-Continental-Home/ [15] http:/ / www. aspx?p=45). Colloquy (free registration required).

aspx). . vhr. chorusrewards. Retrieved 2008-11-01. topguest. aspx?p=95). com/ [46] http:/ / www. Singapore and Hong Kong. HSMAI. adrianawards. vhr. voilahotels. continentalhotelsrewards. Suntec City Mall. [42] "Adrian Awards Winners Gallery" (http:/ / www. othonspecialguest. Retrieved 2010-12-15.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards [37] "VOILÀ Hotel Rewards Announces Partnership with Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club Program . Retrieved 2010-12-15. Retrieved 2009-05-09. . com [39] http:/ / www. .org. org/ [40] "VOILÀ Partners" (http:/ / www. TheFirstClub. [38] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-11-09. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. org/ ). com/ [51] http:/ / www. com/ [54] http:/ / www. F&B group King Parrot. before being extended to other partners. com/ [48] http:/ / www. . com/ [55] http:/ / www. com/ [50] http:/ / www.[1] References [1] "About Us" (http:/ / www. com/ [53] http:/ / www. com. devillestarclub. kayumanis.3 million cardholders throughout Asia and over 2. . [43] http:/ / www. com/ [52] http:/ / www. Awana Resorts. Singapore and Hong Kong. coral-international. com/ default. asp). worldcard. com/ gallery/ gallery. aspx?p=45& lang=1 [45] http:/ / www. Jurong Point Shopping Mall and others.VOILÀ Hotel Rewards Members Can Now Exchange Their Points for Qmiles and Stand a Chance To Win Seven Free Nights in Any VOILÀ Hotel Around The World" (http:/ / www. br/ [49] http:/ / www. com. hmcloyalty. mexicanago. com/ 116 WorldCard WorldCard is a consumer loyalty network which operates out of Malaysia. aspx). Worldreader. WorldCard. WorldCard claims to have over 2. VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. The program started as Genting Resort's membership program in 1984. worldreader. com/ [44] http:/ / www.org website" (http:/ / www. ro/ default. com/ Press/ PartnershipwithQatarAirwaysPrivilegeClub/ tabid/ 561/ Default. [41] "Worldreader. qmiles. worldreader. qmiles. . Genting Group.300 participating merchant outlets throughout Malaysia. my/ v4/ membership/ default. husa. es [47] http:/ / www.[1] It unites individual membership programs of Star Cruises.

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org/w/index. Ethan97.Article Sources and Contributors WorldCard  Source: http://en. SilkTork. Murtoa. RayAYang. Fabrictramp.wikipedia. Macarenses. IPedo. 9 anonymous edits 119 .php?oldid=435604015  Contributors: Avalon. Pascal666. DJ Clayworth.

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TheDJ File:Full Logo Large.php?title=File:Club_Nintendo.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Plaid_Stamp_sign_at_Cracker_Barrel.org/w/index.php?title=File:Fly_buys_logo.wikipedia.0  Contributors: Billy Hathorn Image:VOILA_Hotel_Rewards_-_logo.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Navy Blue. Sadgirl80. User:Murtoa File:FreedomRewardz.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Licenses and Contributors Image:Virtuous circle in management. Spinboy Image:Ilr logo. Shyam.org/w/index. 1 anonymous edits File:Cokecaps.png  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:European_Youth_Card.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Tescoclubcard.JPG  Source: http://en.svg  License: unknown  Contributors: Sarang File:Alliance Data's Plano.org/w/index.php?title=File:Kundenkarten.php?title=File:Nectar_loyalty_card.org/w/index. Skier Dude Image:PC Financial logo.php?title=File:Full_Logo_Large.org/w/index. Lubbock.JPG  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en._TX_IMG_4691.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.

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