Inventory Management & Just-In-Time Manufacturing


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Our activity-based & hands on workshop is designed to educate participants the philosophy and core concepts of Just in Time Manufacturing and the techniques to identify and eliminate obstructions in the process flow to achieve the goal of meeting customers demand at low cost. After attending this workshop, the participants will be able to: • Achieve faster response & on time delivery to customers • Optimized resources utilization for cost reduction • Acquire better knowledge on up-to-date inventory and supply chain management system. Who should attend? This workshop is beneficial to managers and executives from Planning, Materials & Inventory Control, Production, Purchasing, Warehouse, and Logistics. Workshop Methodology Participants will be stimulated to participate with active interaction in team activities like group discussions & presentations, business games & modeling and Harvard business case studies.

What You Will Learn? Inventory Management Pull vs. Push System Kanban Inventory Carrying Costs ABC Inventory Analysis Cycle Counting Effective inventory control practice: Continuous Replenishment Program & Vendor Managed Inventory JIT Manufacturing 1. Overview of JIT Manufacturing • Value Added and Waste Elimination • 7 JIT Principles • Concept of Value Added • Identification and Elimination of Waste 2. Lot Sizing • Relationship between Lot Sizing and Setup Reduction • Setup Costs • Holding Costs • Lot Sizing Methods – Lot for Lot /Period Order Qty/EOQ • Effect of Lot-Size on Competitive Criteria 3. Kanban and Pull Production Systems • Pull Systems and Push Systems • Pull Systems for Single/Multiple Products • Can pull system be stockless? • Rules for Pull Production • Mechanisms for Kanban Signal and control 4. JIT in the Supply Chain • Overview of the Supply Chain Management • Supplier Selection • Managing Supplier Relationship • Creative Supply Chain Practice Duration: 2 days (16 hours) For more Information, please kindly call us at 604-6467110 or Email us at Website:

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