Analytical Problem Solving & Decision Making


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Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Penang (PG) Singapore Indonesia Vietnam Thailand China Philippine Mauritius Australia Middle East

This program provides the participants the skills to organize and analyze data inside as well as outside their expertise or troubleshoot a problem systematically. • At the end of the program, participants shall be able to: • Clarify & recognize situations requiring actions. • Clarify specifically the problems. • Set priorities. • Establishing effective solutions to the problems by assessing the threats from the solution. • Anticipating future threats after the solutions being carried out so as to prevent them from occurring. Who Should Attend This workshop is beneficial for managers, engineers, and supervisors from QA, materials, production, maintenance, and engineering. Workshop Methodology Participants will be stimulated to participate with active interaction in team activities like group discussions & presentations, business games & modeling and Harvard business case studies.

What You Will Learn 1. Introduction to 4 Analytical Approaches of Problem Solving & Decision Making. • Logical approaches in thinking. • Definition of process. • What is a problem? • Effective questioning skills. 2. Occurrence identification • Identifying occurrences. • Clarification. • Set order of importance. • Set next processes. • Involvement planning. 3. Problem evaluation. • Problem statement. • Explain the problem. • Possible causes identification. • Possible causes evaluation. • True cause ratification. 4. Analytical decision making. • Decision statement – define purposes. • Identify objectives. • Designate objectives. • Check various alternatives. • Check degree of risks. • Make best balanced decision. 5. Future threats evaluation. • Define action statement. • Predict future threats. • Likely causes of future threats. • Engage preventive measures. • Take contingent measures. • Activators. Duration: 2 days (16 hours) For more Information, please kindly call us at 604-6467110 or Email us at Website:

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