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Published by: selvijai on Aug 01, 2011
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SAP Note 1009567 Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/Smart Forms

Note Language: English Version: 32 Validity:
Valid Since 15.09.2010

At the moment, several functional differences exist between the solutions Smart Forms and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. This note lists the functional limitations of the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe solution when compared to Smart Forms.

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Adobe Document Services, Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Reason and Prerequisites Solution
When choosing a forms solution, ensure that you compare your requirements with the features offered by the respective forms solution. The following functional differences exist at this time: 1. Page numbering of the print job There is no page counter for the numbers of pages in a print job, but only one for the pages of a form. 2. Page numbering mode Settings such as "Initialize Counter" or "Increase Counter" are set in a different way, scripting may be required. 3. Copy window and copy counter Not supported. 4. Final window Final windows as such are not supported. Often, however, the concept can be realized using scripting and the different events. 5. Styles Styles such as the ones in Smart Forms cannot be defined in a central location and used in multiple forms. 6. Large documents There is currently a limit for the document size: on Microsoft Windows platforms approx. 1,000 pages, on Unix or Linux systems approx. 2,000 pages. SAP and Adobe recommend to generate no more than 800 and 1,800 pages, respectively in one document. This depends on the complexity of the form and the data. Generating large documents can even cause problems with only a few hundred pages, because the data stream is transmitted as part of a SOAP message, which can result in memory bottlenecks during the
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orientation of fields (for decimal separators using tabs.0 Support Package 12 for a separate ABAP Java installation. To prevent memory bottlenecks during transfer. See. The numbering is always part of the text. you can change the type of data transfer as of Netweaver 7. 894389 and the online documentation. control characters. it is not possible to define the numbered margin independently of the left margin of the text.02. see SAP Note 993612. Background graphics Background graphics are not supported in the same way as Smart Forms. Using graphics stored in the SAPscript graphic administration (transaction SE78) Not supported. Tabs It is not possible to set tabs in static texts.SAP Note 1009567 Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/Smart Forms parsing of the XML document. page protection. this should be included in the application program. 13. SAP Notes 1008550. In particular. If possible. for example. 1. SAP characters. Fields cannot be used if they originate from tables. These are some of the limitations: SAPscript styles.0 Support Package 6 for a double stack installation or as of NetWeaver 7. 9. automatic calculation Not supported. Note that the form output terminates during the output of unknown fields. 8. 12.000 pages depending on the platform) per document will remain. It may make sense to use tables. 863893. Outline paragraphs Outline paragraphs in Smart Forms text modules or SAPscript Include texts are only partially supported. It is not possible to initialize the numbering in the form context. the limit of approx. system symbols. for example). 10.000 pages (up to 2. 11. page protection can be set for subforms level.2011 Page 2 of 5 . SAPscript Include texts and Smart Forms text modules Not all SAPscript or Smart Forms functions are supported. 7. Page protection Among others. For information about the roles and table entries to be used. Page protection based on paragraphs ("Paragraph protected" or "Next paragraph same page") in Smart Forms text modules or SAPscript Include texts is not supported. The default tab step width is ignored. You must use scripting for calculations that must be made 17. Sorting. In either case. however. There is no support for all types of tab orientation.

DPL.0 older than Support Package 14. the font is required for the design time and at runtime.406522).0. Coding nodes in the context Not supported. 16.406522). 21. the design is more flexible: You can adjust the duplex printing in Adobe LiveCycle Designer for the relevant form.0 are described in the XDC Scenario Guide. 22.2011 Page 3 of 5 . Other print formats: Prescribe. 18. See Note 766410. Explicit page break in the context Not supported. 20. 19. Duplex printing Supported in NetWeaver 2004 as of Support Package 18.20070708051308. Bar codes You can find a list of supported bar codes in the documentation of Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Print controls Not supported. Printing is possible using PDFPRINT (see Note 1444342). IGP Not directly supported. As of NetWeaver 7. An XDC adjustment is required. The supported formats are PostScript.0 Support Package 14 (ADS Version >= 800.SAP Note 1009567 Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/Smart Forms based on the page break (page subtotals.20070708051308. In particular. It may be possible to realize a solution using scripting. 14. 15.02. Prerequisite is Adobe LiveCycle Designer as of Version 8. for example). OTF output format Not supported. The XDC files must be adjusted for this. adjustment options are described in the XDC Scenario Guide. For this and for releases of NetWeaver 7. Paper trays Not supported in NetWeaver 2004. 23. Adjustment options for NetWeaver 7. Fonts OCR and MICR Supported. Support Package 14 is required (ADS Version >= 800. ASCII output format Not directly supported. PCL and 17. However. dot matrix printers are not directly supported. 17.

Printing is possible using PDFPRINT (see Note 1444342). The direction of the text flow from right to left is supported for Hebrew and Arabic as of NetWeaver 7.SAP Note 1009567 Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/Smart Forms ZPL. However. 25.40". then page 2. 31. 33. en_US etc. See Note 1291734. You must call the send interface (BCS) separately. the layout is not automatically reflected as it is in Smart Forms. Callbacks to other programs during form output Not supported. and so on. The certificate is "BC-XFP 6. Before you execute the application. To output a decimal figure or a date. first three times page 1. Grouping copies You cannot group the output of copies. XSF or XDF Not supported. 29.02. the technology uses only the locale information passed to the form at runtime. there is a similar interface called XFP.09. 26. Cover page Not supported.g. Fixed user values The decimal and date display in the user defaults is ignored. 28. 32. 24. 27. for example.2010 07:49:23 Page 4 of 5 . Forms in languages in which the text flows from right to left. However.2011 Released for Customer 15. HTML output Not supported. Sending and downloading ADS requests from SP01 Not supported.0 Support Package 6 (see Note 886572). de_DE. Output medium (DEVICE) MAIL/TELEFAX Not supported. 30. Header Data Release Status: Released on: 17. e. Partial printing It is not possible to print only parts of a form (neither directly when calling the template nor later from the spool overview). you must request a PDF.

0 .0 Interactive forms: Release restrictions (NetWeaver '04) Flexible Real Estate: Features and release restrictions 17. Restr.Adobe Document Services Adobe document services: Central Patch Note for NW 7.2011 Page 5 of 5 .: SAP NW 2004s .Installation Limitations on floating fields in Adobe forms Rel.02.SAP Note 1009567 Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/Smart Forms Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Secondary Components: BC-CCM-PRN Print and Output Management BC-SRV-SSF Smart Forms XX-PART-ADB-IFM Adobe Interactive Forms Maintenance German Recommendations/additional info Consulting BC-SRV-FP Forms Processing The Note is release-independent Related Notes Number 1444342 1126931 1121176 1008550 894389 886572 863893 517673 Short Text Device type-independent printing of interactive forms PPF: No grouped output for output requests Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.

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