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MOCK @ I20fever MOCK VISA PROGRAM DETAILS Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Task/Phase Counseling Identify Strengths & Weakness of Student Suggestions on Financial Documentation Mock Interview @ 1 Evaluation Mock Interview @ 2 Evaluation Remark Discussion with Student Identify “Selling Factors” Proof Read CA & CE Report Typically 10-15 Questions Identify Areas of Improvement Professional Way Final Advices PROGRAM DURATION • • • • 3 sessions of 30 minute each Session 1 : Initial Counseling & familiarization with VISA questions & answers Session 2 : Mock VISA 1 & evaluation Session 3 : Mock VISA 2 & evaluation All students who register for Mock Interview from I20fever would receive I20fever’s VISA Disk. Call : 040 3058 2255 @ Ask for Mock VISA preparation 2. visa@i20fever. Book your slot anytime between 10 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 6 PM. CE Reports (if possible) I20 Copy + Passport Copy + Final Documentation Copy Mock Interviews are APPOINTMENT BASED and provide your details 3. VISA DISK CONTENTS • • • • • • • Typical Interview Questions Guidelines for Answers VISA officer Expectations Fall 2006 & spring 2007 student experiences Self Mock VISA interviews & Self Evaluation Advices from i20fever team 5 Sample Mock Interviews REGISTRATION Any of the 3 ways (Mock Interview Charge Rs. Visit I20fever office at Vidya Nagar MOCK INTERVIEW DETAILS Session / Mock Guidance / Counseling Mock 1 Mock 2 When (Days before VISA) 10-15 Days 7-10 Days 4-5 Days What to Bring I20 Copy + Passport Copy I20 Copy + Passport Copy + Draft CA. 500) (040) 3058 2255 . Email : Visa@i20fever.

co. know the numbers (Income.REQUIRED DOCUMENTS @ VISA To be carried to Consulate on the day of visa interview Primary Documents Web appointment letter VISA fee receipt issued by HDFC bank Filled and signed DS forms. DS 158 o DS 156 to be printed back to back i20 Signed Copy (Admission letter) Pass port SEVIS fee receipt One Passport Photo Academic Documents Original degree certificates along with individual marks memos (Provisional or degree or Course completion certificate) GRE & TOEFL score cards Financial Documentation Desired CA statement (Financial Summary) Bank Statement Property Evaluation certificate ( given by a charted engineer) Annual income details Parent’s salary certificate Optional Xerox copies of property documents Parents IT returns Bank transactions US Consulate Website: Proof of Liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire first year of education and living expenses as well as proof of readily available funds to cover the remaining year(s) of studies. DS 157. Other Documents Training & Internship certificates Legitimate & fruitful conversations with any professors of the university (hard copies) TIPS that help in securing visa • • • • • • • • • • • Answer to the point (question asked for) Little Research on your University and your specific program (do wikipedia search) Learn the scope of your field you are planning along with few research areas Know Professors (names) in your department & have copies of any conversations with them Speak about your Skills/ Positives when you get a chance Financial (040) 3058 2255 .vfs-usa. Savings and Property) Answer the questions in a precise. For updated information please check the VFS website at visa@i20fever. every question you face is a chance to prove you’re self Show the officer a document only if asked for & make sure that you know the contents of your folder properly Make your body language positive and be bold & please Do not get carried away by myths The information is subject to chance without notice. never practice big sentences Being aggressive with a bold voice than being soft Be confident. DS 156. (040) 3058 2255 .

Why did you select this particular University? a. What are your test scores (GRE & TOEFL) 4. Can I see your CA statement? 4. How did you apply 4. What type of jobs do you do in this program? 9. Why this particular program? 7. How did you chose this University c. What did you find interesting about this University? b. What’s the scope of your program? a. When did you graduate a. how are you doing) 2. F1 student. What will you do if your VISA gets rejected? visa@i20fever.Typical Interview Questions (6-8 questions) Introduction questions/ Comments (1 Q) 1. Do you know where your University is located? Student (2 questions) 1. What’s the purpose of your visit? 3. Will you come back to India after Masters? 4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years? 5. Are you on touch with any professors in your area 8. Who is your sponsor 2. Why this University? 2. Do you have some supporting documents about his income? 6. Show me your BE Mark sheets and Provisional Certificates 2. which University are you headed to? 4. How many admits? 5. How many Universities have you applied? 3. What did you do in the last one year (Earlier Pass out’s only)? Sponsor (2 questions) 1. Which program are you going to? 5. What’s your academic Percentage? a. Greeting Message (Hi. Why are you going to US? School & Program (2 questions) 1. Why lot of backlogs 3. Why this particular University? 6. How much savings do you have / Can you show me your statement Conclusion / Other Questions 1. Do you have family in USA? 2. Can you support your entire education (040) 3058 2255 . What will you do after finishing masters in USA? 3. what is your specialization or Tell me some thing about your Specialization b. Can I see your experience certificate? 6. Which program. What were you doing from then? c. Why low in your GRE/TOEFL? 5. Do you have backlogs b. How are you going to meet your expenses? 5. When will you finish your program? b. What is he? What’s is his income 3.

com visa@i20fever. What did you do since then? d. How can you cope up with such less proficiency in English? 2. i20fever. Not taken GRE: Why did you not take GRE exam? Prepare your own answers for the above (040) 3058 2255 . you can reach us at 040 30582255. It’s good to have unique answer of your own. You already have a Masters degree in India. Already have Masters in India? a. I20fever will be happy to assist you in preparing students for VISA. Is he working some where now? 9. why are you going for a Masters Degree again? b.Student Specific Questions 1. When did you graduate? b. How can you finish your Masters program with these many backlogs and low academics? 3. will he/she also accompany you? b. Do you have enough knowledge to do a Masters in this field 4. What improvements do you have in your documentation 10. GAP after education. Why low scores in GRE & TOEFL? b. Why these many backlogs? b. Father @ Business a. What is your research interest? Or Why this specialization? b. Graduated prior to 2007 (Work Experience) a. Other questions a. In which company? Or Do you have some supporting documents? 7. What kind of business? b. Why are you changing your stream (Reason for the change in department) b. Do you have any changes from previous time? b. What was the reason for your rejection last time? c. Which field are you pursuing your research Or what is the scope of your field? c. Father @ retired a. Brother/ Uncle as main Sponsor: Will they not have any other family commitments? c. Married: What about your spouse. Join I20fever Mock Interview Sessions for help in preparation for VISA. What is his annual income 8. Do you have any supporting documents related to business? c. VISA rejected earlier a. Are you in touch with any professors Or Do you have support from your university? 5. What are you doing from then? c. PhD Students/ Admit in top Universities (top 20) a. Reason for second Masters? 6. Low Test Scores a. High number of Backlogs & Low Academics a. Change in Department a. Team . All the best for your visa. How will he support you? b.

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