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AVL-500 Spec

AVL-500 Spec

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Published by: aemindia on Aug 01, 2011
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AVL-500 Specification Hardware Specification

Type Memory: Rabbit 2000 SRAM:128KB ROM:256 KB Flash:2MB

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 

Voltage Range Current Consumption with 12V Input


9V-28V (Supported in same unit) 40mA (Sleep mode) 100mA (Average Operational) 250mA (Operational with battery Charging ) Lithium-ion 7.4V /1150mAh 6 Hrs with 1 minute tracking interval 3 Hrs with 10 second tracking interval Tri Band(900,1800,1900 MHz) GPRS: Type B, Multi-slot Class 10 SMS External External L1 Frequency(1575.42 MHz) 50 channels 29 s <1s <1s <1s

Type power

Backup Battery Backup Time Battery(optional)
GSM Modem


Antenna type Antenna Type Receiver Type: Time-To-First Fix: (Sky View) Cold Start Hot Start Aided start Reacquisition


Sensitivity: Tracking & navigation Acquisition & Reacquisition Cold Start (Autonomous) Horizontal Position Accuracy Autonomous SBAS Operational Limits Velocity No. of Port Type Baudrate: Config. Port Aux..Port Digital Inputs Digital outputs Analog Inputs External Buzzer output Size

-160 dBm -160 dBm -145 dBm

< 2.5 m < 2.0 m

515 m/s (1000 knots) 02 ( Config, Auxp) RS232 115200 9600 4 3 (Open collector, 200 mA sink) 2 (12bit, 0 to 24 volt) 1 (Open collector, 200 mA sink) Compact small size 135mm(L)x 100mm(W)x55mm(H) 400Gms Easy to install and rugged






Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

AVL-500 Specification
Operating Temperature: Storage Temperature: Hum. Operate: 0˚c to +60˚c -20˚c to+70˚c 95% RH @ 40˚c

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 



Main Power & Config. Port I/O & Aux. Port 1- Internal battery 2- Handset for voice communication 3- RFID Reader & RFID Tag 4- Interface for connectingTaximeter 5- Fuel Monitoring Unit (FMU) 6- External Buzzer 7- Temperature Sensor 8- Immobilizer

10 Pin, 3mm, Micro-fit 12 Pin, 3mm, Micro-fit (Optional)

    Optional Peripherals

Tank Shape Independent

+ 2˚C Accuracy, -40˚C to +100˚C Range








            Combo Antenna                  (GSM,GPS)  Internal Battery                                   



Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

AVL-500 Specification Software Specification
• • • •

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 

Radio System

Support GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHZ   Support send and receive SMS message during GPRS online session   Two way online TCP-IP connection to send and receive reliable data  GPS L1 frequency 1575.42 MHZ , 50 channels with high sensitivity & accuracy 

• • • • • • • •


Up to 6 Digital input and 4 Digital output   Two serial port(RS232) interface (Config port, Aux. port for RFID/FuelTank/TaxiMeter)   2 analog input interface   Handset Interface for two way voice communication  Power source interface for external device  LED status(Power, GPS,GSM,GPRS,CPU)  Panic Button(SOS) interface  Keypad interface( 5 user defined message keys + two keys for user defined outgoing calls) 

Support Two Way Voice Communication Geo Fence

• • • • •

Support Two Dial Keys(DIAL1,DIAL2) for outgoing calls Accept/Disconnect Keys for incoming calls.

User can define multiple Geo-points Sends Alert packets to server   6 Digital inputs( 2 reserved for IGNITION and External Battery, 4 user configurable inputs), direct interface with car electronic without extra circuit  4 Open collector Digital outputs( 1 reserved for External BUZZER, 3 user configurable outputs)  12 Bits (4096 step) precision analog voltage measurement 0 to 24 volts.  4 channel ADC ( 2 reserved for Internal and External Battery Voltage and 2 for user configurable)  Sends ADC value of 4 channels in every location record to server  Device sends alarm when

Digital I/O

Analog Input Measurement

• • •

Smart Car Security Features

• • • • •

External power being cut off.  Panic button(SOS) pressed  Door Open/Close.   Tracking and immobilize car using webmap or celluar phone   Support Two way online TCP-IP connection support to send and receive reliable data ASCII based text protocol , easy to understand and troubleshooting.

TCP supported •


Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

AVL-500 Specification
• • • • • GPS Track Recording and Resending • • • • • • • • Fuel Tank Level Reading • •

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 

Flexible GPS Tracking

Send by fixed(clock time) , dynamic time(periodic) interval Send by distance travels. Send by user polling. Send by checking IGNITION input in periodic time interval. Built in 2MB large flash memory to store data when out of GPRS radio coverage, data log more than 5000 points. Automatically resend Non-GPRS coverage data when device goes into GPRS coverage No data lost due to radio coverage problem Track remote download supported. No data lost due to power failure.  Sends GSM radio signal level (signal strength) in every location packet to sever Sends GSM network provider code in every location packet Sends Home/Roaming network info in every location packet Fuel reading information with GPS location , time , speed ( gps navigation information ) in every data packet for server analysis  All fuel level reading can be saved in internal flash memory and send back to server without data failure   Sends Fuels alarms (RESERVE, TANK FULL, FUEL ADD, FUEL DROP) with GPS location and time. 

Radio signal level, Network detection

RFID Reader Support

• • •

Support RFID card reader Sends RFID tag data back to server by wireless Very suitable for school bus, driver/passenger/goods ID application 

Temperature Sensor

• • • • • • • •

Support external temperature sensor ( PT100 ) Temperature sensor range up to -40C to 100C Precision up to +- 2C Water proof and support liquid temperature measurement Temperature signal cable can as long as 5 meters Widely deployed in frozen Medicine/Food cargo worldwide  Device offer many features to support air time control. User can define Upload data size(UDS), Device now store data in internal flash as soon as data size reach UDS, it makes GPRS connection and send data to server. Support polling only mode without auto send. Adjustable parameters in protocol to send only required packet.(Disable Periodic position data, Distance based data) Sends location record by checking IGNITION input in periodic time interval Sends Internal battery voltage to server Sends External battery voltage to server Low voltage alarm for Internal / External battery to server 

Air Time Control

• • •

Power source voltage level detection Sleep Mode or Power Save Mode

• • •

When IGNITION is OFF, device enters Sleep mode to save power consumption


Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

AVL-500 Specification
and battery life • • • • • Remote Control for User defined Configuration • • • •

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 

Internal GPS distance meter

Support GPS based distance meter , keep the reading value in flash memory Sends Delta distance (distance between two location records) to server.  Meter reading in every location packet   Reset meter reading from remote SMS/server.  Support remote control setting, send/receive commands from SERVR /Desktop PC, Non Web Solution also supported  Remote configure of parameters through SMS.  Local configuration through Desktop PC.  Open protocol for third party software developer  Integrated with user's webmap system 

Device Sends Alarm packet to server when: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Panic(SOS) button pressed External power cut off GPS Antenna cut off Internal/External Battery Voltage below the threshold value. Vehicle Move/Stop Over speeding Harsh Driving(Acceleration) Harsh Braking (De-acceleration) Device goes out of user defined geo-fence region. Support auto battery charge circuit from external power source   Over charge protection   Over 6 hours internal battery backup in case external power removed /drain out   Device can be powered off remotely when it is working in internal battery to save battery power.   Built in battery charger to support auto battery charge when external power recover The internal battery very easy to change , easy to install backup battery to offer more power by changing battery   6 user defined message keys 2 keys(DIAL1, DIAL2) for user configurable outgoing call number. 2 keys (Accept, Disconnect) for incoming calls. One inbuilt Internal buzzer. User can put one External buzzer. Buzzer sounds when key pressed / incoming call detected/ Over speeding Over Voltage. Over Current Reverse Voltage EMI & ESD (<15KV) Protections

Alarm Function

Battery Operation Support


• • • • • • • • • •

Internal/External Buzzer



Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

AVL-500 Specification

Rel. 1.0 22-Mar-2010 

Optional Accessories

• • • • • • • •

Internal battery Handset for voice communication RFID Reader & RFID Tag Interface for connectingTaximeter Fuel Monitoring Unit (FMU) External Buzzer Temperature Sensor Immobilizer


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