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farali puranpoli

farali puranpoli

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Published by: Shiriish Contractor on Aug 01, 2011
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Farali Puranpoli recipe | Tarladalal.

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Farali Puranpoli
by vaishnavdhara
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This is very innovative recipe and again all when there is no fasts.

ingredients are handy and one can eat this

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Upload a photo 400 gms potatoes 250 gms ghee

Auto Play

400 gms rajgira flour
sugar as per taste

2 tbsp cashewnuts (kaju)



kaju . with water like that of the 4. Then make a roti out of that dough pu again dipping in the rajagra flour. Then heat ghee in a vessel and add th grated potatoes and fry them for 10 m badam.Farali Puranpoli recipe | Tarladalal.Pa t Ha lw a Ka ju . To the flour add 1 tsp oil and make a d Other Related Recipes C ar rot H a lwa Doodh P aa k E y e C atc h in g Ca rr ot H alw a J ha t. Click Here Farali Puranpoli has not been reviewed Tried this recipe?.tarladalal. seal it and make th 8.com/Online-Shopping Ads by Google Method 1. And make a tight puran. Boil the potatoes. of the filling inside. 2. On a tava roast it on both the sides wi This recipe was contributed by vaishnavdhara on 09 Mar 2002 Know more about this member. Post a review! Let everyone know how it turned out.B ar fi M ala i Ped as M an go V an illa B ar f i P otato C h aa t P u ra n P oli R as agoolla M an go M ar v el S ago S ou p 7.com | Member Contributed | #11764 Page 2 of 3 69 new reviews 116 new photos 4 to 5 cardamoms (elaichi) 2 tbsp almonds (badam) QUICK LINKS Ingredients Paneer recipes Mushroom recipes Oats recipes Health Recipes Pregnancy recipes Diabetes recipes Zero Oil recipes Healthy Salads Course Recipes Breakfast recipes Cake recipes Snack recipes Kids recipes Pasta recipes Cuisines Indian recipes Gujarati recipes Chinese recipes Punjabi recipes Italian recipes Microwave recipes Myntra. not be soft.elaichi an 5. 3. the puran sho 6. help of ghee. Grate them.com/Farali-Puranpoli-11764r 01/08/2011 . Then to this add sugar. No critical reviews posted for this recipe http://www.

All rights reserved http://www.tarladalal.com/Farali-Puranpoli-11764r 01/08/2011 .com | Member Contributed | #11764 Page 3 of 3 TARLA DIGITAL OTHER FEATURES WHAT'S LATEST HELP ASSOCIATE WITH US FINE PRINT Tarla Dalal Blog | Fan Tarla on Facebook | Follow Tarla on Twitter Ask Tarla | Recipe A To Z | Post A Recipe | Recipe Contest | Glossary | Contribute Promotional Offers | Tarla Dalal's Recently Launched Cookbooks | Latest Members Cooking Tip of the Day | Godrej Microwave Section | Membership FAQ | Magazine Help | Recipe Contributing Help | Shopping Help | Cookbook Help About Tarla Dalal | Advertise With Us | Work With Us | Join Associate Program | Corporate Deal Terms Of Use | About Copyrights | Privacy Policy | Shopping Policy | Disclaimer | Credits © Sanjay & Co.Farali Puranpoli recipe | Tarladalal.

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